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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 27, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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this judge said and you specifically cited what amala you said look you've given me no evidence that guatemala is a safe country that even capable of cure caring for these migrants and until you prove that that's breaking the law saying congress gets to set these policies not the president so he's facing an injunction on that from the u.s. side for the guatemalan side he's going to try to appeal it in the u.s. courts but he's been fairly and successful when it comes to immigration in the u.s. courts indeed posse it washington thank you palestinian protesters have clashed with israeli security forces following friday prayer as you know jerusalem in full is the demolition of almost $100.00 palestinian homes it was the al hamas on monday the homeowners that lost a 7 year legal battle to overturn an israeli even a train addiction and several human rights organizations and the un have criticized the demolition of matheson as more. just a few moments ago the prayers here in what a whole most ended and the violence began it started when
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a group of palestinian protesters who also been holding prayers further up the hill started to make their way down carrying palestinian flags the group on this side of the fence which is the occupied east jerusalem side of the fence started to make their way towards the fence as well in order to try to meet the opposing group in the middle as the security forces came down and attended to stop the 3 protesters from throwing rocks and stones into the road a number of rocks began to increase we saw some tear gas being fired further up the hill the whole process of the demolitions has been provocative since monday since the houses here in what he homes were destroyed by the israeli military and there has been a tremendous concern that what have up until now being peaceful protests against these demolitions is going to turn into a situation like this. hundreds
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of algerians of marched through cities across the country for the 23rd consecutive week in protest against the government president flicka resigned in april after 20 years in power the demonstrators are pushing for greater change to the country's ruling elites presidential elections planned for earlier this month were cancelled because of a lack of candidates the interim president and sana announced on thursday that a special panel would meet to oversee plans to hold an election as soon as possible . for us still ahead on the program files of south african gold mine is the contract to touch a fatal lung disease it's are was it $350000000.00 in compensation. the americans defined the high cost of prescription drugs by crossing the border into canada.
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hello the weather continues to be. sections of australia the cloud give you an idea as to where the rain is likely to be as well and in fact what we will be saying through the weekend is a reduction of how much of the year in sydney for a gone and those consecutive days of $21.00 degrees 19 is the best you'll see probably on saturday cloudy skies no real sign of any rain and out towards the southwest into perth we got 18 degrees on saturday and again no real showers in the forecast but quite a mix of cloud over the next couple days. sunday 17 degrees and pretty much day the average in melbourne with 13 but a little bit above in adelaide with a high there of the 17 degrees celsius and then into new zealand on a weekend ahead there is some rain around but it should stay just about offshore quite a cloudy few hours into the north and south a 15 degrees with
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a mix of cloud and sunshine sinister waiting cry. sunday that is some rain but it really should say just to the west so you should be dry at 12 degrees and assume a 15 degree celsius in oakland then up towards the northeast of japan we will be seeing an increase in the rain and this is actually all tied in with the system now heading in that generation so what we can with a high of 30 celsius in tokyo. on counting the cost this week south africa's debt laden companies need a bailout before they cripple the economy take a look at taylor swift with big business. using the find out why arabian. cost.
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welcome back our minds at the top stories on al-jazeera an increasing number of children are being killed as syrian and russian warplanes bombed it led to $33.00 children have died in the rebel held province this month alone that is more than 2080. libya's coast guard says it's recovered the bodies of dozens of refugees and migrants who died in what the u.n. has described as the worst mediterranean tragedy this year around $120.00 others including women and children are missing feared at. the u.s.
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and guatemala have signed an agreement to restrict asylum applications from central america it comes just days after president donald trump threatened to impose tariffs on the central american country if it didn't agree to the deal of. the hot air that smashed temperature records in europe this week appears to be moving towards greenland where it could cause record levels of melting greenland's ice sheet covers 80 percent of the island's territory and is the 2nd largest in the world but it's been losing ice us an accelerating pace since the turn of the century the ice loss in 2012 was 4 times the rate in 2003 and there are fears that this summer's heat could break that record the extent of the melt in june has been 4 times the average between 19812010 this month alone greenland has already lost 100 $60000000000.00 tons of ice through surface melting that is roughly
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$64000000.00 lympics size swimming pools why should we worry well the total volume of the ice sheet is 2900000 cubic kilometers if all of us eventually melts it will raise global sea levels by 7 meters devastating most of the world's coastal cities . how to cloak is the natural hazards were such at the university of reading she says action can still be taken to slow down the race of melting and limits the effects of climate change this lots of things we don't know about the melting so it's very concerning the rate of melting and when you see this year after year we really do need to start to worry about what's happening and because the melting can influence so many other things around our planet it can raise sea levels and the connections that we get across the planet in both the atmosphere and also the ocean so there's definitely some things that we can't stop now we are on a trajectory which is very worrying when we will see more heat waves but there's
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definitely things we can do now we can really think about stopping emissions we can think about protecting our rain forest which is a really important kind of long of the planet i am keeping keeping those rain forests as stable so there are practical things that we can do with that with the right place school will. the process is taking place across colombia violence against social leaders and human rights to say hundreds have died since the peace agreement was signed between the government. and the sun's run p.r.t. joins us live now from explain to us why these people are. well felicity as you were saying more than 450 have been killed since the signing with the peace deal with spike rebels in q 2016 many of them are being targeted because they're trying to work with the government in implementation. that peace
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deal or are trying to get back at their land that they lost the loot during the conflict or arrested will criminal gangs or killing them to control a scary story because they want to profit from drug trafficking illegal mining in other cases. paramilitary groups often connected to local political elite that don't want this peace deal to be implemented and that's why these people are again heal because they are fighting for the rights of their people for their land and for substitution programs and the print sample growing coca crops are the main ingredient for cocaine and work with the colombian state that you find substitutes door create a new economy in these areas so that people out here today here in bogota in another 50 cities across colombia and in more than 50 cities across the world are
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asking the government to do more to protect these people to guarantee their life besides those that have already been killed another 1300 have been. this year alone there are sacking the government to any community most of these cases are investigated by the own goal behind the investigation phase and finally they want the government to recognize that the killings are systematic in many regions of colombia something that the right wing government the president has so far a boy doing. here he reporting live there from bogota with the protesters thanks so much. at least 2 people have been killed by boko haram fighters in northeast nigeria the government attacked one of the region's biggest camps said turly displaced people near my degree of thursday they shot at soldiers nearby military base and to the camp set fire to tents and raided food supplies about 50000 people
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are living in the camp archimedes' dress has more now from of you jeff. their taekwondo laurie cam came amid continuing efforts by regional militaries from child nigeria and cameroon as they stepped up their operations against boko haram especially the book on a collection affiliated with i swear or the islamic state in west africa province or seen such daring attacks becoming so rare over the past 6 months or so across the northeast of nigeria however boko haram has never completely disappeared they have continued their operations of sins but abductions also have been the tool of trade of boko haram for a very long time long before the triple goals were taken from the school in 2014 goals were taken from several schools in borno state and in towns and cities across the state as well as neighboring states so virtually is still active in parts of
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north east nigeria despite the claims by the nigerian president say that they have been defeated and we will expect to see more of such desperate attacks by boko haram in the coming months or so as the military stepped up its operations against it one thing that came out of the attack on down already come on 1st and i had was that they raided the camp and took away food items meant for internally displaced persons which will show or which signifies that the operations to cocktail supply of food items and other logistics may be walking forcing them to take such a daring actions of raiding places that are considered too dangerous for them for food and other materials separately nigeria's government says this negotiation to free aid workers being held hostage by an armed group affiliated with eisel 6 members of the french charity action against hunger well abducted last week when their convoy was ambushed near the border with. a driver was killed be attack by
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a group which calls itself islamic state west africa province local residents say the aid workers and the capt as well later seen passing through the village of gets her thing. thousands of south african miners who are suffering from potentially deadly diseases have reached a historic legal settlements worth $350000000.00 in a class action lawsuit mine workers sued 10 major companies for compensation many have been afflicted by lung disease or other illnesses as a result of a work 6 of the company's accepted a deal which has now been approved by court in johannesburg up to 100000 miners all their dependents could benefit which is spurs a human rights lawyer who's been working on the case for many years he says the court's decision is a landmark in the history of minus rights in south africa well the president was sitting few years ago in the constitutional court for the 1st time affirmed the
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right of mineworkers suffering from occupational lung diseases to take civil actions to institute proceedings against employers before then there was no such right in south africa and there was no civil accountability on the part of employers towards workmen who suffered from occupational diseases so that was the big breakthrough treaty 11. but the last 78 years of in spades litigating against the mining companies and the last several years in parallel with their litigation process. set of negotiations that culminated in the settlement that was approved today hundreds of activists took over the main terminal of hong kong's airport on friday as they continue their call for greater democracy. was chanting against hong kong's leader crowds gathered in the main arrivals area to show that message to international visitors that angry at what
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they see is china's growing influence on hong kong affairs and the government's response to weeks of mass protests demonstrations began in march 8th a planned extradition all of which has since been cancelled. a decision by india's top court could allow millions of home workers access to government benefits the supreme court ruled that a garment firm must pay pensions to women who work from home in the mighty ninety's the ruling could help millions of women not given employee status the garment industry employs more than 12000000 people in factories but millions more work from home home workers get little to no benefits from employers and a virtually no other you to seek help for unfair conditions. greece's band imports of pork from its northern neighbor bulgaria due to outbreaks of african swine fever more than 20 cases were detected in pigs on industrial farms involved areas north of $50000.00 animals there have been colds outbreaks have also
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been reported in countries across asia including china north korea and cambodia african swine fever is a highly contagious disease that affects pigs and wild boar it's not affects humans . the u.s. government is investigating the rising costs of priests prescription drugs high prices of forced many diabetics and others need in long term treatment to cross into canada to buy medication where it's cheaper our correspondent daniel lak followed one of the groups across the border. activist quinn nystrom shares the good news with fellow u.s. diabetics a drug that they need to survive is available at the local wal-mart store for less than a 10th of what they pay in the united states their caravan crossed 3 u.s. states to make a purchase i decided to bring this today because this kind of shows like in my
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everyday life the diabetes looks sight and this is kind of basically one or 2 months of my survival for me also along for the ride nicole smith holt who doesn't have the disease but she's here for a very special and personal reason i am part of this care van in memory of my son alex smith who passed away on june 27th of 2017 from diabetic ketoacidosis as a result of rationing because he cannot afford it the group came to canada to buy cheaper insulin but mostly this is a gesture aimed at u.s. political leaders in the pharmaceutical industry insulin prices are so high that one in 4 diabetics in the u.s. has to ration the insulin they can afford putting their lives in danger. we need a long term solution this just isn't isn't the solution this isn't the fix to what's going on in america but if it's temporary prices for life saving drugs in canada are regulated by
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a government appointed body organizers of the caravan say that should happen in the us too we are from a developed country. we are from a great country but we are not taking care of our citizens after buying their lifesaving drugs the diabetics from the united states will come to the home of frederick banting 1920 came up with the idea that lead to man made insulin. banting sold the patent for insulin for a dollar intending it never be used to earn a profit but that hasn't happened and diabetics from the united states say it's time to honor the wishes of the man who helped make sure they could survive a disease that used to be a death sentence daniel lak al-jazeera london ontario. and reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera more than $100.00 civilians have been killed in syria in the past 10 days including $27.00 children they are increasingly becoming the victims of
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a government and russian assaults on have led 33 children have died in the rubble hell province this month alone that's more than all of 2018 or before 100000 people have been displaced from the region the un human rights chief says those targeting civilians should be charged with war crimes libya's coast guard says it's recovered the bodies of dozens of refugees and migrants who died in what the u.n. has described as the worst mediterranean tragedy they see here as many as $350.00 migrants were on board the boats that cuts capsized off the town of homs east of tripoli on thursday around $120.00 people including women and children are missing feared debt. the secretary general is deeply saddened by the news that some 150 refugees and migrants lost their lives after the boats they were in capsized off the coast of libya on the 25th of july children and pregnant women are among the missing he is also concerned by reports that many of the survivors rescued by the
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libyan coast guard were placed in that that you are a migrant detention center which is close to a military facility and was hit by an airstrike on the 2nd of july that resulted in more than 50 deaths. the secretary general reiterates that libya is not a city of country of asylum and that refugees must be treated with dignity and respect and in accordance with international law north korea's economy shrank in 2018 for the 2nd straight year as it was battered by sanctions and droughts the contraction of 4 point one percent is the worst in more than 2 decades according to figures compiled by south korea's central bank the north's international trade was almost cut in half last year a sanctions reduced exports by close to 90 percent the news just in the u.s. supreme court has cleared the way for the trumpet ministration to use 2 and a half $1000000000.00 in pentagon funds to build a border wall the barrier along the southern border was a main campaign promise of president donald trump but had been fiercely opposed by democrats and mexican government and those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera
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next up counting the cost looks at the looming economic crisis in south and south africa thanks for watching a by. the songs continue. and the last 20 democratic presidential candidates take to the stage for the 2nd us democratic debate. join us in a conference from detroit and tonight. on al jazeera. hello i'm adrian finighan this is counting the cost when i was ill your week to look at the world of business and economics this week south africa's debt laden companies are too big to fail without a bailout could cripple the economy. from paul mccartney to taylor swift sake
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a look at the decades old struggle by artists to control their work. and job seekers in iraq only they're not iraqis we find out how us sanctions against iran of forcing people to cross the border in the hunt for jobs. south africa has a problem some of its biggest state owned companies pose a threat to the economy due to the huge debts chief executives have resigned frustrated by red tape or have been fired due to corruption and president still run oppose the recently one another with the help of powerful unions has shelved plans to fix problem companies now if the state was a step in to bail out 2 of the biggest firms power company s common ports operator trans net government debt would shoot up from 57 percent to 68 percent of g.d.p. escola said it doesn't need a 3rd of its $48000.00 employees and for unions and run opposed that's a problem south africa's unemployment rate is at 27 percent with or without
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a bailout power blackouts in march were behind south africa's economy contract in the 1st 3 months of the year eskom has been given an extra 4 point. $9000000000.00 to keep operating and to pay down some of its debts which transnet which runs the company's ports and rail freight is also at the center of numerous corruption allegations from overpaying for locomotives to paying advisory fees for non-existent businesses south african airways which employs $5700.00 people is another company that's been without a chief executive for the last few months in his resignation letter c o o. complained that his plans to turn around the loss making airline were undermined by a lack of funding he'd requested $1500000000.00 well there's little prospect of the government allowing the big state firms to fail as that would damage the economy but right now a high profile commission is looking into alleged rampant state corruption presided
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over by former president jacob zuma al-jazeera has reports. presidents all wrong a person came into office promising to fight corruption last year president jacob zuma resigned under a cloud of corruption scandals which filtered down to government departments and officials the government has since set up a commission of inquiry to investigate those allegations well revelations around corruption at state owned companies have shocked south africans critics are concerned that the inquiry won't amount to any prosecutions with zuma at one point withdrawing from the inquiry saying he was under attack well. it is corruption should be tackled the public protector a corruption watchdog accuse the president of lying to parliament about a $35000.00 campaign donation he received when he was running for president of the african national congress the president says the public protector's report is
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unfounded and is taking her to court meanwhile the public protector is there when kabbani is facing increasing criticism especially after the constitutional court in another case read that she'd lied under oath and go bonnie has been accused of undermining rama posters fight against corruption and parliament has indicated it may investigate a competency for many south africans for straighted by the extent of corruption the fight against it appears to be overshadowed by the fight for power for many an unnecessary distraction the chairman of this comes board a job who testified at the commission of inquiry saying the power utility was the main theater we can rupture an in-state capture taken place much of this comes woes are related to a $42000000.00 payment to a coal company which was owned by the gupta family friends of jacob zuma the
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national energy regulator says political meddling and corruption as some. of the reasons that the power utility is in crisis is going to struggling with more than $31000000000.00 a day it needs government intervention to continue operating officials at state owned rail company transit of also being accused of corruption with employees they implicated in the payment of kickbacks and media reports say millions of dollars were paid on contracts that went to china south and china in north wales according to the bureau for research economic research undesigned must lead a ship south africa's economy lost $70000000000.00 analysts say under jacob zuma political decisions were made that negatively affected the economy the south african rand tanked and investors sold of 93000000 dollars worth of government bonds allegations of corruption have been made against government owned companies
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from the state broadcaster to the national airline now hoping to aid the fight against corruption a government units in sets up to include lifestyle towards of public officials ordered through test whether the lifestyle of an employee is in line with their income while the president has made promises to turn things around many still wonder if there is a lack of political will especially given the extent to which the governing a.n.c. may be implicated from either millar counting the cost. let's talk more about some of the challenges facing south africa right now joining us from london peter out i've been told peter is the head of capital markets research at south africa based in teletext good to have you with us peter so south african airways trans net many of south africa's state owned firms facing huge financial and banishment troubles just how much of a threat to they and others pose to south africa's economy and massive buildup of
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financial stress of the state owned. enterprises and you can always tell when the back is about to stop when people stop paying wages and that's when finally things start happening normally in terms of bailouts in terms of hopefully some semblance of reform but each month now we have a number of an s.o.s. who are basically trying and then sometimes failing to pay wages in full and hence now we have money coming forward from the budget which is going to be bailing out a number of the us so he's most notably has gone they've given an extra $26000000000.00 rand this year and they've been around next year about $4900000000.00 in order to keep the show on the road and ensure their house going concern that are in the old it is the sign of the accounts which will come out next week so a lot of these are so he's really right on the edge of requiring significant amounts of taxpayer support president rather poser wants to split into 3 given all that
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you've just said why does the not appears to be the political will to see that through well this is actually the point is it is it policy or not to do this on bundling into different entities it's certainly been a presidential proclamation from various speeches but actually it's not widely accepted across government even even within cabinets there are restrictions being put on this trying to redefine its meaning as basically ideological and also personality and ego battles come to the fore between different cabinet ministers and so that's really the worry here is we need to have movement on this unbundling is shown to work globally to help. energy companies and state electricity companies in distress and we need actual movement for there's basically no other option apart from to do this and it will be further stressed further low setting for the blackouts that means to come i think before we really see movement on that front in the next year or so but these companies really too big to fail should the government therefore the taxpayer keep having to rescue them what about the option
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of privatizing them south african airlines for instance i mean surely that's right for privatization. what we have to split i think in the too big to fail argument has come on the one hand keeping the lights on member as calm is producing 90 percent of all interest in south africa is simply not an option not to having it to fill out role that is too big to fail and hence political games i logical games can be played around it but none of the others i would say are too big to fail and say indeed should be allowed to go into business rescue basically insolvency process which would allow the best bits to be cherry picked off there is a certain amount of interest in some of the assets of essay by the private sector besetting as a whole the whole entity has a huge number of issues particularly technical department days and we don't know the number of v.m. widgets and other things that they have to say much corruption over the years but there is some interest began ideological blockages where some parts of government are happy for that to be the minority stakes in things like i say but not the
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majority of stakes there any particular strategic investor would really look for to have control to be able to turn around those entities by having management control but about the political will 57 percent at the moment of g.d.p. is is what south africa's debt is running as the government simply can't afford to keep rescuing these as always i mean when will reality bites so this is the fascinating thing we're working with investors on the moment and you know discussions with government and others as well is we're in a sort of very strange slow moving story and there are a number of reasons for this the 1st is there are exchange controls in place in south africa still one of the few countries really to restrict or developed market countries to to actually really restrict investors in what they can do so the large amount of capital trapped on shore that means people have to buy government bonds the equity markets underperform so much people are buying a lot of government bonds and also remember the lack of blackouts now since march
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as well has taken the pressure off slightly there those blackouts are likely to come back through the end of august probably into september so there has to. and so the weird mix of carbon is not forget as well with the federal reserve cutting about to cut rates the e.c.b. as well global market sentiment and the sort of pushback from markets as well as also being more muted maybe that would otherwise have been so this has allowed some breathing space but ultimately you know the end point is still inevitable as we heard south africa's former president jacob zuma is giving evidence to the commission set up to investigate corruption allegations during his time in office the inquiry into states can show just how damaging has all of this been this process even for south africa and its economy so the zonda commission process is fascinating and has taken a long time is going to be going on probably for another year at least and then more time while they actually produce or a natural report and there's been
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a lot of criticism of the commission they have taken relatively easy lines on the knee of the witnesses that have appeared you know the process that has gone relatively slowly but that the zoomer appearance of all those on the commission was fascinating you know the general consensus rightly say was that a lot of what he said was completely sort of you know out of kilter with reality and with the truth of what's happened in south africa but actually his purpose of appearing there was ultimately political and was focused within the a.n.c. and on those terms actually i think he was quite successful in terms of driving a wedge was his desire inside the party and so i think you have to treat him very carefully and ultimately a lot of this stuff is internally focused within the a.n.c. and that internal focus means that they can be distractions from dealing with some of the big issues the structural forms yes so easy great to talk to pieces many thanks for being with us and counting the cost. of our iraq imports $12000000000.00 worth of iranian gas and goods every year while.


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