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countries and countries without coastal borders receive a sham. when founding the i s a states agreed to make environmental regulations as strict as possible for deep sea mining in international waters because no one knows its effect on the merits of the ecosystem . so the i say has no standing in the continental shelf commission it's not an observer to the commission it has no right to object to a recommendation of the commission. the commission's recommendations go only to the coastal state that is making the submission and not to anybody else. the ocean compass ever 360000000 square kilometers almost 3 quarters of the earth's
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surface. and. over 40 percent of this area has been assigned to legal continental shelves. claims on expanded geological continental shelves make up another 10 percent of the ocean. it is now projected that around 57 percent of the oceans will eventually be under the control of the coastal states. in the year 2000 and that's the latest set of figures that we have the international seabed authority which is based in jamaica they came up with an estimate as they saw that governments were starting to work through this more recent component for a lot of the sea for the extended continental shelf they have a figure just just below $12000.00 u.s. trillion dollars is the in-situ estimate of seabed resources in the expanded
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continental shelf. estimates about the quantity of natural resources buried in the seabed are highly speculative but if the figure of $12000.00 trillion u.s. dollars is white it would be enough to every person on earth a check for one and a half $1000000.00. for this is one of the country's leading the charge to claim a piece of the pie current nothing has a leg over many other states a colonial past. please leave. blues. in a realm of. say. a flea she. do or do we do. not want to feel at least one of.
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the. well out. of the. famous to its colonial past france administers islands in almost every ocean of the world now it stands to gain substantial maritime territory in which. currently france just 11 claims pending the continental shelf commission. says it is on t.v. . i know it is. declan written to do not print says is. different.
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the army does he did was this is such a young. france has claimed territories amounting to some 12000000 square kilometers around 20 times the size of continental farms if the claims are. it will become the world's 2nd largest maritime nation its sovereign wide stretching over an area of the ocean almost as large as the entire arctic less yours also. you know there are a little him all this limo and bulldog. us a good. leader of our blood to want you. if you could just remodel a bit more now because i do security doing it don't drive or. duplicate control so
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someone put his dick not back up plus. we're going to switch don't you not a have a city dish not your. girly. man at your daily look at the courts not bad or laugh disease do put in his shell see the guy off or send decision t o. s to that button off that there's the down to the ball saunders going to cost compared to what's not out of the on the shelf here. for 70.
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something for. the sort of sabbatical to want their machine are better may i mean. don't walk a few steps do some unity bus was shocked it is a boat different base support force only got to be shocked even. when a boarding is you also when you see forces not best. serve you 4 sets up off. the islands where present a crucial trump card in the battle to control the world's oceans it's all about geometry because islands are surrounded by water there's software in territory
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extends around them in a circle or even if an island were just a small block it's maraton so it would be larger than germany. if a group of islands forms an alkie pelican in the common baseline around the entire cluster violence is used to calculate the maritime territory. this man is japan's hope in the race to claim the won't oceans he cracks the genetic code of a life form the could help japan i'd say 400000 square kilometers to its territory . is a geoscientist in the university of tokyo he specializes in coal. isms that display characteristics of both animals and plants. going to the mall all of them up on a lot they get it up in
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a little step that we all. yet kayani has delved further into their biology into the secret of their reproduction and found a method for breeding them on a large scale. aussies on the go to the mall. at the bottom of it it's akin to what i mean out of the often this is a car the argument about thought there were numerous. mass produced coals $60000.00 tiny coal babies are being artificially bred to farm on a small island off the coast of okinawa but for what purpose. book a neutral wish him a is located 1700 kilometers south of tokyo it is
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a small cold battle during high tide he clears the surface by a mere centimeters japan regards it as an island but the existence of a q notorious under threat. all 6 journey. and he just said. yourself with a lot of us going to the mall this will not. but we're going to. it's all you kenya it s. . just decided that kinda true or not but it's maritime area which presents a massive territorial expansion bringing with it so when whites over fish and other natural resources. to get. them. there. and so you begin to hide that. nothing's.
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all. this territory be lost if the relief disappears. coals being used to save the i told thousands of them have been shipped to a canoe tory to preserve that we've been making those launches possible a pilot project on the island taiwan is studying what might one day look like thanks to coles. soon ok notorious could become a real island like the pilot project. which consists entirely of cars. is not being welcomed by everyone however it's you maritime claims of tensions with his powerful neighbor
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china which is still a face currently involved in island territory disputes with a whole array of countries. states attempts to extend their maritime zones as far as possible many international conflicts. require. in the south china sea 8 countries to fight info on the business value to $100000000000.00 as. there is no part of the world that is safer than others in other words with 53 percent of all maritime boundaries within the easy. we're seeing conflicts raising up to volatile levels driven predominantly from by resource development for the off shore typically will end up having
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a coastal frontage area that looks like this and let's say that we have a land boundary we're country a is sitting here and country b. is sitting here back in the seventy's when we were moving from oil and gas exploration on land to the marine area they may have negotiated a provisional boundary that sort of allowed them for country a to issue offshore oil and gas blocks and country b. and let's say in a so in a more recent scenario an extremely large discovery is made and let's say the neighboring country country b. then all of a sudden size we'd like to have some of that so they are starting to propose new boundaries as this initial line was not even a modern day accepted boundary lines. have become contestants territories the well. everyone wants a piece of the design new boundaries of being tooling for to finding
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a piece which is powerful industries only move in the deep sea no one can predict the consequences of this industrialized nation of the wilds patients. there the consequences of a whiff aleutian that began years ago and has mostly gone on noticed the ocean is being defined you don't like it and. you also have to realize that the oceans are future so we need to have some weight. deciding who is responsible for what and where and when. and so. at this point in time this is maybe not the ideal solution but this is this who she. was created with the convention. the world's oceans saw more than its continents bill with a cohesive ecological system a sensitive continuum in which what happens to one area can affect the office.
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it is now up to the world's nations whether they want to take responsibility of a new unity a quiet maritime territories. out of the summer weather threat north america's or less settled than to wait expected to be occasional thunderstorms nice that it was nothing to extreme there has been significant down for rain in utah has produced
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a certain amount of flooding but you can get at it he's thunderstorms are going out again the midwest is the focus the sun by the temperatures rise again the east coast so he 2 to 33 and while you may not think it was san francisco at 21 there's a bit of a warmth heat warning from the central valley of california for the next day or so static stream is just that no where else is picking that up because it's near or near as hot as it was but that's potential for quite big thunderstorms i think on their way through towards chicago. and further south into the ohio valley by the start of next week the rain in florida is more or less died out with significant rain and in fact there are in the forecast for the south through kubert has been yoda but there are plenty of rain through the smaller islands look at this this is bridge town just representing barbados covered. big rains on their way through and of course the wind comes over gets to higher ground the high ground off places like
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jurors nicaragua right across to rica where there were plenty right the next day. on counting the cost this week south africa's debt laden companies need a bailout before they cripple the economy we'll take a look at taylor swift with big business over who owns her music plus we find out why radio and kurds are looking for work in both of the. counts of the cost on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome i'm giving up paula and you're watching the news hour live from doha and it's good to have your company coming up in the next 60 minutes. fury in
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saddam after the investigation finds only a handful of military officers responsible for a deadly crackdown on protesters. strikes on syria province killing least 13 civilians just a day after the u.n. warns of war crimes in the last rebel strongholds. more than a 1000 demonstrators arrested in moscow as opposition candidates are excluded from local elections. and hong kong police fired tear gas. pepper spray on thousands of people who defied a ban on rallies near the border with mainland china. so protesters are back on the streets in sudan expressing their anger at an investigation into last month's brutal crackdown on demonstrations and khartoum sudan's military council is blaming
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a few rogue also cers for the violence which the opposition says killed at least 100 people here but morgan has more details from neighboring ethiopia. a few offices diverting from their orders and no blame on sudan's military town that was the core of the report from the investigation committee set up by the military to look into what happened on june 3rd when security forces attacked a pro-democracy sit in at army headquarters in her room with them. i mean one of the brigadier's was warned that he's not responsible for the operation and yet he disobeyed orders and led the rapid support forces into the sitting area and handed down orders for them to get out of their armored vehicles and force the protesters out it's also established that the riot forces led by one of the colonels he alone with his forces moved into the sitting area and some personnel started battling protesters firing indiscriminately into. the attack killed at least 100 protesters and injured over 400 others according to the central committee for
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sudan's doctors which supports the protest movement the raid was lifestream by protesters as they ran for their lives and widely circulated on social media when the internet which was cut off on the day of the attack was restored more than a month later the investigating committee disputed the number of fatalities saying $87.00 were killed and 168 were wounded. the attack halted talks between the military and the opposition coalition known as the forces for freedom and change which represents the protest movement talks resume to months later as protesters continue to demand accountability and an initial power sharing agreement was signed earlier this month the sudanese professional association part of the opposition coalition and the body which has been leading the calls for protests since december insists the committee was not independent but says it should not affect the talks to form a transitional government hours after the report was released people protested against its findings. i don't believe what happened today undermines the political
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process unless the military council looks for excuses to prison a go she asians or procrastinate the process what happened todays a natural response let the military council see this is a strong message that the people cannot remain silent as the investigation commission was formed not to establish the truth but to conceal the truth. as the 2 sides continue to try to form a transitional government protested on the streets continue their demand for justice but some analysts believe the investigation report could end up obstructing that justice from the justice perspective the reason they need to be independent. and i think the problem and also the information about this is. true. is. this how this went on for. the june 3rd attack was the most violent
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the start of the protest in december many say that the justice and accountability they demand cannot be achieved without a civilian government and a change in the system the reason why they started the revolution in the 1st place . sorry the girl is the president of the sudan doctors union u.k. and she says the report is not surprising because sudan lacks a proper judicial system it has been always request an independent investigation we are all very aware that any inquiry commission other biggest investigation commission that has will be appointed by the transitional of the council will not be independent in addition to that the infrastructure of the legal the design of all those. all the same and
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therefore this report today was the prize as you are expecting well you know nation . trying hard facts and it came very very controversial was that for us there are weaknesses and we are aware of the law on monday the 3rd to do evil does that in the u.k. working closely with our colleagues down there are aware of the degree of the massacre that they were thousands of militia and they did. at least 13 civilians including 5 children have been killed in syrian government airstrike in a dalit province the attacks came just a day after the un human rights chief sounded the alarm over the latest wave of killings and warned that those responsible could be charged with war crimes gupta has this report. i seem all too familiar for the people of northwest syria
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homes reduced to rubble i families ripped apart. that i was here i really united nations there are no armed people no headquarters only unarmed civilians armed people. the syrian government backed by its russian ally launched an offensive to capture it live in late april since then markets schools hospitals have all come under attack children have not been spared more than 200 were killed in just 3 months more than $800.00 civilians have now died. but it was like i'm going to assad is targeting us because he wants us to give up and become displaced but where can we go there is nowhere to go with forced to remain here despite the bombing. it is the last may just syrian opposition stronghold nearly half of its population is internally displaced people from
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different parts of syria have sought shelter here in september russian turkey agreed to designate it lip and surrounding areas as a deescalation zone civilians were meant to be protected but the airstrikes haven't stopped and the bloodshed continues and there were 4 songs and as good as the talent to be deescalated with the various should be escalated 3 of them were there one after one the only specialty about it live that is the last place where people could be deported to and it's got that it was the turkish border which could be cleared refugee problem for turkey or for the e.u. and hence where there is some pressure on russia related to it led by who actually did not respect the 1st 3 for the escalation zones we don't believe is going to respect the 4th. on friday the u.n. human rights chief michel accused the world of indifference to the plight of syrians for activists on the ground the carnage an adlib in hama represents yet
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another brutal but all too familiar stage in the 8 year war priyanka gupta al-jazeera. so russia now or more than a 1000 protesters have been arrested and authorized march in moscow they were demonstrating against the barring of opposition candidates from local elections so negate the reports. they chanted this is our city as they came up against the power of the russian authorities it was supposed to be a rallying call for banned opposition candidates to be allowed to run in local elections in moscow. but it was met with baton carrying the right police soon after the arrests began. i believe this is political pressure to make the independent candidates is just standing there in the street at the road today that. we of great walking around
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the streets of oil. this is nonsense it's a shame. the un authorised protest had been called by the jailed opposition leader . authorities had banned local election candidates from running because they said the candidates in question had not collected a sufficient number of genuine signatures in their support a charge rejected by the opposition movement who say the candidates are being unfairly excluded for. all that is being done is an attempt to intimidate and we need to show that they cannot intimidate as with these methods the protest also comes at a time of serious questions over president vladimir putin's popularity discontent and anger over falling incomes under rise of the national pension age appeared to have caused a slump in putin's approval ratings that have been denied by the kremlin. but the
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opposition sees this latest crackdown as a struggle for its right to challenge what it says is a legislature loyal to the president and attempt to be seen heard and represent those who want to change in moscow's political scene sony vaio al-jazeera. hong kong police have again far drawbar bullets and tear gas at protesters after thousands of people defied a government ban and rallied in a small town near the chinese border a group of men had attacked protesters at a train station there last week where the crowds refusing to leave on saturday it led to an intense hours long standoff with police sarah clarke was there. they surrounded the police station in new long a town in the new territories on the outskirts of the city they targeted this time was the police. are to says of accused of failing to respond to the calls for help last sunday
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a group of people wearing white shirts attacked them at the local train station. is the people's cry against the corrosion of police and dangers that allowed the attack on the 21st of july so people are not staying for a thorough investigation and independent investigation on this incident. thousands joined saturday's demonstration of lock streets in a tense standoff that went on for hours but eventually police lost their patience and moved in to disperse the crowds. they fired several rounds of tear gas used a sponge denied and pepper spray some protesters fled others refused some volunteers also attempted to negotiate an end to what started as a peaceful rally that they had been. going on we hope people come peacefully push the opinion on their wishes so please i hope to protest as a police cars fake all the crowds then move to your long trying station where last
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sunday's attacks occurred protesters had in the building and use fire extinguishers on police to resist.


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