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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 209  Al Jazeera  July 28, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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c.f. forces in this part of syria well much more to the east of the country but the united states has a traditional hasn't historic role as being the holder if you like of rules and regulations globally but that clearly is a position that is now being vacated. by trump but also not just trump of course because of course the former administrations well absolutely are right i think the united states has become specially after the invasion of iraq very much. that the lack of interest of the not this is in the region has gone after the dark and the failure of the invasion of if you have the americans you don't want treaties to get relief and want to enlist their vital interests are. affected and whether in syria on another place and in the region and especially under this administration that from administration we don't see any concern about human rights we don't see any concern about human lives and i believe that the president from his has been very open many times actually and saying that the united states will not be interfering
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anywhere in the want and less on vital interests are affected so we can there stand the u.s. position actually from this perspective and no coming back to you what would you like what would you expect outside is particularly the members of the security council the permanent 5 members to be doing to stop this hell in which you and the other people of italy are having to india i'm sorry nothing in 201-4000. and $1.00 and $1.00 comment about the u.s. . if there is one or 2. wells of oil and if you see. from there we would have liked like the eastern part of. syria so the security customs very if it comes up obviously in the hands of the 5.
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countries. cannot issue. by. aleutian they. respect the every team or the russian. we are not speaking about now the opposition and the reason we're speaking about russia and usa with. you weeks ago that some of the military factions in the city are saying that he says we cannot give you an see across with him because that's really a direct war with russia turkey the freight the fear the same with the u.s. may. these super powers are controlling syria now at that. i called the doc you know of nigeria ok. is there any level of dialogue currently going on involving you or even other elements of the
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syrian people i get back to to to this but particular point but let me just put it to it what you need what needs to be done or what can be done actually the russians have taken the security council hostage all this time during the syrian tragedy they used the v to over 12 times in order to protect this brutal regime. there is an article in the un charter article number 27 and it talks about a certain member of the security council of the 5 who is a partner to a certain conflict who is. influential party to a certain conflict that should be denied the voting when this particular conflict is the discussed and this particular thing hasn't been discussed talked about till now those 4 other members should present their case and here comes the dialogue we
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are sending really letters to the security council counsel to the you on your secretary mr materialists and to other influential countries in the world about this particular think so this tragedy should stop right this is one thing that can be done and another yeah i just wanted to bring you back to the issue of of dialogue i mean we understand that there is possibly a move towards trying to create some sort of say say in northern syria but that's being worked out between the united states and turkey where are the syrian components of dialogue with with regard to the future a particular. well just to be frank and honest the. syrian element within all what is happening in syria. be it the position be it other guys ations it is quite minor syria is
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being subjected to different kinds of key patient at least 5 of them now and they are the ones that have the say in what goes on in particular russia the united states turkey iran israel and others now if they have any influence over that it would be with the with the the outcome of such a conflict with regard to those who are being displaced from their country who are homeless now and to to the victims to the martyrs to those who are still in jail and this is a very important weapon in addition to that the documentation that we have all over the world about the brutality of the gene as such the. s.n.c. syrian negotiations commission is trying to send a message and to to be a quite effective in whatever goes on with regard to the political process and with regard to the northeast inside concerning safe zone being created we are in
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continuous this caution with the turks about this particular thing and we were taken to go station the city. of syria and democratic forces that. there are discussions between them and those who are partners to then the americans and we know that we hope and we work for that syria one day would be free from all those occasions and free them from that brutal brutal regime that has been suppressing for years and years ok and say is it the tantalizing prospect then of some sort of safe then being negotiated between the tents in the americans is this the any sliver of hope. for the people of italy but the at this moment and i think it's the contrary just just one word on the syrian component in this whole issue think this year the component exists only on the ground with this blood being
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split a split in well as negotiations are taking place between the bad times there and the regional powers in fancy offices. and live in this case is being used as a forced as a post office or a post box actually to exchange messages between these different players as far as the sea and democratic forces. zone on the eastern or they are with these i think it's i believe it's one problem it's one cause of this conflict because we all nor the russia is using actually in order to put pressure on turkey the russians they are very much upset with the new was talking about. the possible agreement between turkey and the united states on the establishment of a cvs on the eastern part of syria in the east of the euphrates and they are very angry about it and in my opinion they are trying to punish tookie whereas they are punishing the syrians because both sides those who are dying actually without the
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regime or opposition are syrians nobody is dying in syria or syrians so so the russians actually are using it live in order to put pressure on the in the talks in order to prevent any sort of agreement between turkey and the united states on the affinities and don't forget also that this round of conflict started right after the failure of the latest at the atlanta talks between the russians and the turks so in one way or another we are being actually used between these different powers trying actually to to negotiate between them but turkish specific interests in terms of the northern part of italy which of course borders on onto its territory surely it's within turkish interests to have things as calm as possible otherwise i suppose it's worst nightmare is a flood of desperate people rushing towards its border it's over. he taken around 3000000 syrian refugees and i think this is i don't think that this is the right approach to solve the syrian conflict because we have to take the sudan conflict in
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its totality. trying actually to teach a political settlement to this conflict not only for the east and if we tease not only for 2 key to take its interest in into account we need actually as c.d.'s to look after our the interest of our own people and of the interest of 2 key or iran or russia or the not just the us so that the creation of the seeds on the north of syria actually does she's a smart cookie but it doesn't actually solve the syrian conflict because it's going on people are getting killed as we can see actually on t.v. life on t.v. and facts and nobody is doing anything in order to stop this conflict and no i know that you've got at least one child i think your daughter is about 3 years old now what sort of life is she had up until now and what did she tell you about the impressions that she's had of the early part of her life in italy well your love i can bet my daughter. the rocket from the sky by the. fire was
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me and her mother combat with my daughter and my baby that when they hear the voice of an aircraft. i feel i right given that i know that. maybe they will be alive or coming. i think. they have a really a psychological problem just quiet hearing the sounds of a rocket or aircraft coming closer some of them they have a problem with their eye then they have other psychological or physical problems. i mean something to this conversation if the province population in 2000 was 1w1w 400000 now we have. and there's
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a police boom 1000000 people in this province that they they all want to stay at the regime areas so attacking or the regime controlling it live means mass killing. huge number of people will be either killed or if they are that they were run away 30 of them your of them died in the line so if nearly impossible that the regime controlled live without killing right out of the thousands right and yeah we know that ultimately there is no military solution is there to this problem is going to be a political one do you see that. i mean i would suggest that maybe a star has been put to one side the whole process has been put to one side for now the do you say any glimmer of hope by which a new a new round of dialogue can be resuscitated if you like do you think that there's
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any hope of of dialogue restarting. well i do i really do because i have all along been quite optimistic about certain things as it has to be there are otherwise we would vanish. the part of the part of the reason for why this war this war against live now against the civilians there is to gain some jerk offical grounds in order to translate them into political gains but if you've got cards that could be translated into something important in the political process concerning the implementation of 2254 especially also before a stunna right just expect that something could happen before the 1st or 2nd of august 1 a stand being held there's no other way for russia but to the to implement
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$2.00 to $54.00 there is no other way to gain any political have any political gains on the part of russia running pressure to get such a such a thing without the political process yeah technique or the tactics i have to jump in there thank you very much indeed because we are running out of time and let's not get them all right and i'd like to give the last word then to mao and here with me yeah feels that there is at least some hope with regard to the next stage of dialogue in a stana he says that the russians have no option but to implement as security council resolutions regarding syria i mean do you agree logically i mean the russians should try to find an exit strategy because they cannot carry on like this for whatever about i'm not sure whether we are going to see this exit anytime soon no income and i thank you very much indeed thank you all 3 our 3 syrian guests mullen cover land here in the studio with me nor hala in it live and yeah every day
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in istanbul thank you very much indeed and as ever thanks. watching the program you can see it again any time you live by going to the web site al-jazeera dot com if you want more discussion you can always go to our facebook page facebook dot com for was such a genius i story and there's always a to it it's fair you can talk to us at a.j. inside story i'm at team down i say for me and the whole team here in doha by. the war on terror begins with but it does not in there no terrorist state poses
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a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein's regime that has something to hack they had their a significant propaganda machine and guess what not one w m d's site was found in iraq since 1991 iraq deception on al-jazeera. al-jazeera exposes controversial allegations about the bahraini government. they told me you're a member of al qaeda you can stop the advance of the shia. and its coalition with al qaida to conspire against and assessing. opposition to 20. bahraini playing with fire on al jazeera. demain the
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intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennessee a. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire how weapon of choice theater. and intimate look at what inspires one of china's year's most popular comedians to make people laugh. my tune is yeah. on al-jazeera. hello i'm elizabeth rodham in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera a syrian government strikes have killed at least 13 civilians in northwest province many of the victims and he has city a children russian backed government forces launched an offensive to recapture the
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last rebel stronghold in april. in other news protesters have returned to the streets in saddam expressing their anger at an investigation into last month's military crackdown and through the military report blames rogue soldiers for the raid on a protest camp in which dozens of people were killed. police in hong kong have fired tear gas to disperse protesters mia mainland china. tens of thousands of protesters returned to the streets on sunday the mass rally has split into several groups across the central district clock has the latest from hong kong. the 1st rounds of tear gas. this is down the. high school so i want this is this whole area there are a number of protesters there probably a small a. 1000 people. it's called. the busiest. of the streets
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a block. and the stretch i could see i would be from all right through the westin which is where the. iran says it considers the u.k. seizure of an iranian oil tanker a breach of the 2050 nuclear agreement iran's deputy foreign minister made the comments in vienna ahead of talks aimed at saving the do the remaining parties to the agreement france germany russia china and the u.k. are attending earlier this month british authorities detained an iranian tank in the age of brawl to accusing it of breaching e.u. sanctions on syria. meanwhile the head of iran's atomic energy organization says activities will restart the arctic heavy water nuclear reactor that's according to local media heavy water plays a part in the production of plutonium a fuel used for both nuclear power and nuclear weapons. talks on the gun stands
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future are expected to be held in europe within weeks afghan officials said the taliban will be involved in direct talks with the taliban is it denying that comes after several rounds of talks this year between the u.s. and the taliban and cutter afghan officials say the taliban will be involved. so this is not the 1st time the government has announced that they will go into direct talks with the taliban and perhaps this is not the last time and every time they have talked about going into direct talks with the taliban the taliban have flatly rejected it indeed this statement that came out from the taliban was basically saying that all of those people who were. who will be from the government and the europe. dialogue will be there in their personal capacity as it looks like the taliban have livery as far as this whole peace process is concerned they are talking to the americans directly and the african government feels left out on
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the other side you have president danny who is focusing on the elections this priority is elections to ensure that he comes to power for another 5 years i don't know if demand to be due to show that they are involved but i think president gandhi wanted to show dad peace has some some level of priority as well as just not the elections russia that to miss a more than a 1000 people were detained in central moscow during the crackdown on the demonstration they were protesting against the exclusion of opposition candidates from local elections. u.s. president donald trump has been accused of racism after his attack on a prominent african-american politician and the district that elijah cummings represents tween came out and democrat cummings criticized trump's mexican border policies tramecourt cummings a brutal bully and described baltimore as
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a quote disgusting rodent infested mess. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us al-jazeera world is coming up next thank you for watching. the stream in iraq. al-jazeera recently conducted an investigation into events in bahrain occurring several years
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ago. it uncovered evidence of a secret deal between the bahraini national security agency and members of al qaida . it's alleged they targeted opposition figures jeering the 2011 protests part of the so-called arab spring. al-jazeera arabic reporter tom i'll miss hell conducted the investigation on one of his findings was secret video recordings made by several leading al qaeda figures. but the head of the internet son mohammed saleh was closely linked to al qaeda in bahrain. you know see john lewis the. year. looking around at a very innocent. is a bahraini national who registered at
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a military training camp for the soldiers of allah linked to al qaeda. the recordings of these men had been kept secret since july 20th levon and have only recently come to light. as are so served out here for months before alba lucia recorded this statement on the streets of bahrain had been the scene of violent clashes between the offshore it is and opposition protesters the question is why did mohammed saleh. choose to make these secret video recordings at that time i also do other mark but . i don't know who or what he was going to. be dark or not. and why i remember him and it has only been about.
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the only way. well that's not of my mother are your hopes will not let me now watch a lot of the candles in the ground reality. and i saw that the. following on rest in to near 0 and egypt opposition demonstrators took to the streets of the capital manama in february 20th 11. the protests quickly gathered momentum. and the authorities responded with military force. me.
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distort. the demonstrators occupied pole roundabout in manama demanding greater democracy and an end to discrimination against the majority shia muslim community by the sunni regime. the protesters were driven out in march 27th one king hamad declared a state of emergency and brought in the peninsula shield for the military wing of the gulf cooperation council. this is left tenant colonel yes i'll jalopnik. he was the commanding officer of the force that cleared the whole roundabout on the 16th of march 20th levon. luck mate left bahrain in 2015 but when tom i'll miss how much i mean june 2019 he talked for the 1st time about what happened just a little roundabout with this i can lift on
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sure if it was a we're going to have to we're out of the field are you not somebody with a shot the country the look at that is that the image of the body on the end of the level of a set of the other had a shot at yes. it would. be me and what. if it would be in here at the end of the interview with alger left me raise the question as to whether the thora he's deliberately demonize the opposition and demonstrators by promoting the idea that the confrontation was with so-called terrorists groups planning to overthrow the government i would note that the government. made it clear to us that they had evidence. of attempts by iran and hezbollah to to finance train and supply. small groups inside bahrain for the purposes of
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let's call it what it is terrorism the fact is that the behind the government has used this same claim for the last.


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