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tv   Iraq A Deadly Deception  Al Jazeera  July 28, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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move he's also fired up the base on the other side still ahead on the bulletin but 100 refugees demand guarantees before they're returned home to myanmar. and to keep the lines of communication open for palestinian children arrested by israel. hello again it's good to have you back well here across the south china sea we are watching the potential of a tropical system that is going to be developing over the next few days and as you can see there are some clouds here just to the west of the philippines and so for the philippines we do expect to see some very heavy rain showers across parts of western resign and that will also affect manila as well the circulation is quite week here on monday but as we go towards tuesday you notice that the system makes its way slowly to the northwest begins to develop
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a little bit more and as we go towards wednesday making its way towards high nand with even more development here so by this time on wednesday we could be looking at a tropical storm system that is going to be affecting the southern coast of china as well so hong kong gusty winds and storm surge as well as rip tides could be a major problem along that southern coast as a week away over here towards india has been quite rain across much of the central part of india as you can see on the satellite image much of india is covered with those clouds and rain showers as well that will continue across much of the hour here on monday night per you'll see a break as we go towards tuesday with a temperature of $29.00 degrees and then here across the gulf the temperatures are quite warm as well we're going to sing doha here and the video a high for this time of year with a temperature of 40 degrees up towards abu dhabi we do expect to see $41.00. every reclaiming the cycle brings a series of breaking stories this maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to one
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. $175.00 you joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media donald trump shouldn't be the one deciding who is a journalist and who is a focus on how they would go on the stories that matter the most they move closer and closer to the. shutdown both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories syrian government air strikes have killed at least 17 civilians and raids in the past 48 hours a northwest problem several of the victims are children the u.n.
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is warning that war crimes are being committed. jailed russian opposition leader and that scene of on the has been taken to hospital to be treated for a severe reaction to 7 a 30 day prison sentence after calling for protests in moscow which saw more than 1300 people detained. now hong kong police have fired tear gas and arrested dozens of protesters are gathering near the office of beijing's representatives in the city where thousands from an early a peaceful rallies and march towards police. police roadblocks we have been looking at pictures all over the past hour of police firing multiple rounds of tear gas at protesters police have also used to rob a ball as they have pushed protesters away of china's liaison office in central hong kong we are keeping a close eye on these protests. now demonstrations have been back on the streets.
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saddam's capitol angered by the findings of an investigation into a raid on a protest camp last month the military is blaming a handful of what it calls rogue officers for the violence which the opposition says killed at least 100 people have a morgan has more often neighboring ethiopia. a few offices diverting from their orders and no blame on sudan's military that was the core of the report from the investigation committee set up by the military to look into what happened on june 3rd when security forces attacked a pro-democracy sit in at army headquarters in her home. one of the brigadier's was warned that he's not responsible for the operation yet he disobeyed orders and led the rapid support forces into the sitting area and handed down orders for them to get out of their armored vehicles and force the protesters out it's also stablished that the riot forces led by one of the colonels he alone with his forces moved into the sitting area and some personnel started battling protesters firing
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indiscriminately into. the attack killed at least 100 protesters and injured over 400 others according to the central committee for sudan's doctors which supports the protest movement the raid was lifestream by protesters as they ran for their lives and widely circulated on social media when the internet which was cut off on the day of the attack was restored more than a month later the investigating committee disputed the number of fatalities saying $87.00 were killed and 168 were wounded. the attack halted talks between the military and the opposition coalition known as the forces for freedom and change which represents the protest movement talks resume to months later as protesters continue to demand accountability and an initial power sharing agreement was signed earlier this month the sudanese professional association part of the opposition coalition and the body which has been leading the calls for protests since december
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insists the committee was not independent. says it should not affect the talks to form a transitional government hours after the report was released people protested against its findings. i don't believe what happened today undermines the political process unless the military council looks for excuses to prisoner goes asians or procrastinate the process what happened today is a natural response let the military council see this is a strong message that the people cannot remain silent as the investigation commission was formed not to establish the truth but to conceal the truth. as the 2 sides continue to try to form a transitional government protesters on the streets continue their demand for justice but some analysts believe the investigation report could end up obstructing that justice from the justice perspective there is they need to be independent report. and i think the problem and also the information about this
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is not. true the witnesses. the victims who have been attacked. this how this went on for what. we do 3rd attack was the most violent the start of the protest in december many see that the justice and accountability they demand cannot be achieved without a civilian government and a change in the system the reason why they started the revolution in the 1st place people morgan on just their own. delegation from myanmar has failed to convince 100 refugees and to return home 2 days of repatriation talks hundreds of thousands of people have been sheltering in camps that. 2017 well they're fed a crackdown by military refugee said they want to return home tomorrow without citizenship papers and a security guarantee well let's get more on this we're joined by tom can president
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all the. organization that you. ok and he's joining us live from london very good to have you with us on al-jazeera before we talk about security guarantees of things like citizenship if we look at the latest satellite imagery from myanmar it shows no reconstruction of the areas which were destroyed in 2017 so doesn't have the infrastructure ready to take revenge or refugees back. first thing we need to look at why burglaries delegation is visited to the very food you can do you know this is the 1st thing if they want to divert international pressure they want to be sure that they are doing something to international community but they have no willingness at all they have not done any preparation to return. to the origin of villagers and you know we have to look at for us what is the situation of growing your 500000 people in this period right now where their
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lives are at risk they have no right to go to the hospital to go to be viewed from one village to another they have no right to a to go to universities and so gentle side. is on goal we stayed in a sort of you have situation of how can these people can return rights as you say there are and turn in the displaced or ahead to who remain in myanmar does the government actually need to guarantee their safety their security before it can convince them as and under they should have a 10. yes exactly you know we've been seen since 2012 where there is about 120000 id if you can see to it there is not such talk about to return the origin of police to these i.d.p.'s you know masa trustees again for the guys it's ongoing so we have not seen there are given full citizenship
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instead they are trying to give and receive cognition of the very few kitchen cop who issued general site cop we call it and you know these gentle psychotics magically taken away fundamentally wrong citizenship from the identity of land we need to take note of that this is there is no such you know law a willingness and. tree and got the man still ongoing genocide to practice it against roving gives various nor way to return which doll full citizenship with growing identity and we've got to return in the our origin and please and you know with protection from international community we need to rebuild or norse issues we've done better there is no way to return to the prison camps in burma this is what we really don't want we really don't want to see international community taking extreme pressure and prosecutor burma's military eyes to i.c.c.
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and you know pressure to enter the government dulces which again military to respond the full citizenship rights you know we are not demanding you know we are not asking them to relativity we demanding stronger full citizenship rights we are negative people of our god we are all he got people and we have our own identity or culture we have our land they have taken our land so we want to return back to our land in our kind of state with international protection and by restoring full citizenship rights let's not want to hide out here you know efforts really burnt means by ms military and governmental. are gone. are the people of our kind of the ego we live in. dream systematically. dream. away from burma thank you thank you for your time i'm afraid we have run out of time but thank you as always to mr 2 and can live in
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london. now and the israeli human rights organization is pushing for young palestinians to be allowed to make phone calls than detention $210.00 palestinians under the age of 18 are being held in israeli jails as detainees or prisoners 2 of them are under 14 that's according to the rights group bits of them this is most children report physical and verbal abuse from the moment of the rest as well as coercion and read steering interrogation many are told where they go in or out of contact with their families or lawyer now a group called home or care does petitioning the courts for that to change now that abraham has more from a college kid leah and the occupied west bank. thought of as he missed his little sister the most israeli authorities held the 15 year old under arrest for 3 months last year charging him with throwing stones at israeli soldiers he says he was
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questioned without any good counsel or member of his family being present and he only saw his mother once from a distance while he was detained. my friend was a restart with me the israeli interrogator told him that i confessed against him that he threw stones they wanted him to confess against me as well he came back to the prison room angry and shouting thinking that i did that to him he almost hit me via palestinian prisoners associations say that teenagers like thought and even younger children are often arrested late at night or during confrontations with the israeli army in the occupied west bank they are tried in military courts and around half face charges of hurling stones that carry a prison sentence of around 6 months now the israeli human rights organization how good is petitioning the courts to allow minors to have access to phones the phone contact with the pick families is doubly important i mean of course it's a basic right but also when you look at everything these kids are going through
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it's very important for them to have some sort of support from their families. you know i meant to try to fill that void he spent 2 years in jail until his release a few weeks ago and looked after young this unease while he was there he says some inmates whereas youngest 12 and found him the only consolation. some of them start crying they tell me i want my parents i want my mom but i know there's little i can do so i'm force a lot of them i say you'll be able to talk to mom soon and should visit in 10 days just so they can calm down and start adapting it usually takes more than 2 months for parents to get a visitor's permit but sometimes they never do they're allowed to attend their children's military trial but they're asked not to touch or talk to each other in the gaza strip many palestinians say the situation is usually worse now. just as his 16 year old son yousif was arrested 3 months ago he's accused of trying to smuggle himself into israel ruppert says he doesn't know much about what's happened to his son since his arrest and is worried he won't be able to visit him. more
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often it was a wrist in the past so i might be banned from visiting him as they would deem me a security threat these really are misses the juvenile military court is designed to improve the rights of minors but according to those representing them many young inmates suffer physical and psychological harm in jail and having no contact with their families makes that worse. the occupied west bank. pushing ahead where the new taxes are big technology firms despite the u.s. president threatening to put retaliatory levies on french wines finance minister burnell amir says trance response was a mistake but u.s. president only a criticize what he called president a man you might call. for implementing the tech tax which will affect u.s. firms like google and facebook. now every polluting industry is a given to much of the blame for climate change but scientists say livestock and
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their methane emissions are another huge factor so researchers in the u.k. are trying to find grain a ways to feed the planet jessica baldwin has more from devon and western england. despite their cheerful disposition and inquisitive nature these animals get a lot of bad press that's because they release huge amounts of me think. it's a greenhouse gas that damages the environment. cows and sheep are responsible for 14 percent of global greenhouse gases that's the same as all the cars trucks and planes in the world also some of the land they graze could be used to grow cereals and grains for human consumption. scientists at this research institute in western england are looking for ways to reduce the animal's carbon footprint they vary the animal's diet trying different grasses or even see wheat they selectively breed
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choosing the ones that emit less gas into the air the air is continually monitored to see what works and what doesn't. the high tech farm includes a brand new shed 1st specific experiments to carefully measure employed and output all designed to see of cows and sheep can exist in an environment at risk grasslands can incorporate clovers and lagoons that concoction not to animals naturally would serve the norse to fertilize those plants so just to say because i was produce meat is a not sustainable it's too simplistic the institute amasses $9000000.00 datapoints every year it's a unique facility that attracts researchers from around the world even if researchers are able to find the most efficient way of raising livestock with a growing world population some scientists believe the only solution is to greatly
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reduce the amount of money we eat we have a very serious climate emergency on our hands while production side measures will play a part actually we need to address what it is that drives our production and that is our consumption patterns livestock farming that doesn't harm the environment can't exist with a daily diet of steaks and how burgers a healthy planet may mean a return to traditional farms hills and bogs that can't grow cereals are ideal for cows and sheep just go baldwin al-jazeera devon england. hello again elizabeth problem and with the headlines on al-jazeera syrian government air strikes have killed at least 17 civilians a northwest province and many of the victims are children and they hear what is warning that war crimes are being converters. police in hong kong have fired
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several rounds of tear gas to disperse protesters gathering near the offices of beijing's representatives. in the city they've also arrested dozens of people over the past hour as they try to clear the streets sarah clarke has the latest from hong kong. but is great resistance from the protests front they've come from. this really started as you mentioned hong kong and china split into 4 locations now those other locations adjoining this point and that's simply because these protesters want to show their support to the other ones who have been. by the police in this area which is essentially hong kong behind me the very tall building is the international finance center so if anyone knows. we are right in the thick of it. there's a number on every single street i mean on my left and right hand side trying to clear these protesters out before the end of the notch. the rounds as it considers
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the u.k. seizure of its oil tanker off gibraltar a breach of the 2015 nuclear agreement around the deputy foreign minister made the comments in vienna at an emergency meeting aimed at saving that do you earlier this month british authorities detained the iranian tanker accusing it of breaching e.u. sanctions on syria the senior iranian negotiators said the meeting was constructive but that iran would continue to reduce its commitments to russian activists say more than a 1000 people were detained in central moscow during a crackdown on a demonstration they were protesting against the exclusion of opposition candidates from local elections meanwhile jailed russian opposition. has been taken to hospital to be treated for a severe allergic reaction and serving a 30 day present sentence after calling for an authorised protests in moscow. those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us listening post is coming up next thank you for watching. the faceoffs continue.
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as the last 20 democratic presidential candidates take to the stage for the 2nd us democratic debate. join us for coverage from detroit on july the 30th and 31st on al jazeera. america is divided like never before inside is so convinced that they're absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous people in power investigates how partisan politics all raiding the civil norms vital to american democracy every indicator shows america to be the least well functioning democracy of any established. one of the strange death of american civility announces their. justice minister said one of my heart. sank said.
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one. of his church. for a couple. action project watch hello i'm richard just put in you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week brazil a new scandal relating to the carwash corruption case a judge turned politician now faces a journalistic brand of justice an exposé by reporters in puerto rico brings down the governor there taking of a civil action while on line the enduring and rising popularity of v.p. and come of the hour cometh the man boris johnson takes office in the u.k. setting at least one media heart aflutter it's not often that an investigation into a corruption scandal becomes a scandal in and of itself but that is exactly what is unfolding in brazil last month an online news outlet the intercept brazil began publishing
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a series of. about the wheeling and dealing of the minister of justice moore in a previous life morell was a judge in charge of operation carwash an investigation into the biggest case of political corruption in the country's history it resulted in the arrests of hundreds of politicians and business figures hasten the fall of one president and landed another former president behind bars morals work on that case and his depiction in the brazilian news media as an anti corruption crusader helped get him the job of minister of justice appointed by president are both now the news outlets that help create moral were having some serious 2nd thoughts on the journalists at the intercept who broke this latest moral story are starting to feel the heat from the brazilian authorities our starting point this week is rio de janeiro.
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the cast of characters in this case of corruption is along the terminology confusing but the story is simple back in 2014 the judge appointed to preside over the operation car wash investigation the case brazilians call love a shuttle with sergio more the probe uncovered money laundering bribery and corruption at the state owned energy company petro but ice several members of the ruling party under leftist president dilma rousseff were jailed for their part in the scheme. back to morrow was cheered on lionize by brazil's mostly right wing media any. t.v. channels like global and. magazines like fish or he was seen as a future president now he is fighting for his political life because of an investigation into his investigation known as vast as shocked and a series of text messages between him and prosecutors that strongly suggest that
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legally speaking the fix was in. the most important revelation is that certain moral wasn't cahoots with the prosecution it's entirely for a bit to have a judge who is in constant conversation with the prosecution in order to arrange outcomes the media the media didn't create more of the superhero it just gave invisibility put a flashlight and a judge she was indeed doing a rather heroic job by brazilian standards however surgery did have a party ideology and he was manipulating the investigations rather than taking a step back and being impartial which is what we expect of a judge or jury but as you said. brazil found itself in a historic moment where it could clean itself up and the media really bought into the image that moral himself was constructed they absorbed it they deliberately
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boarded this ship because strategically it was good to join the right side the side of the people fighting corruption. sergio morrow's reputation as an anti corruption crusaders scrubbing brazil queen of graft was demolished by the intercept its secret brazil archive includes leaked. sent over the telegram messaging app between moral and prosecutors investigating the carwash case the messages are explosive and potentially game changing they clearly show a judge legally required to be neutral working with prosecutors in some cases advising them on how to present various legal cases to him they also appear to confirm the suspicion that throughout the carwash investigation morrow and the prosecution were trying to manipulate press coverage to turn it against members of the p.t. party moros work in golf the government of president dilma rousseff hastened her
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downfall and led to the jailing of. the silver party colleague poster is considered the favorite to win the next presidential election. with behind bars legally prevented from running a path was cleared for right wing populist. he won last year's election. then made more of his minister of justice which in light of all that collusion in the carwash case was the least he could do what this whole of us out of campaign as a media campaign produced was a devaluation of institutional politics of party politics and resume to a degree in which the electorate became so skeptical the in the. stream right wing outsider also now so both. in his election should be seen as a product of the. institutional politics having contributed to the rise of an
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anti politics anti establishment rhetorical that in the end did not just criminalize the left but started to criminalize the whole of the political system and started to also weaken the legislative and the congress powers basically saying that we need someone from outside of politics to take this so it very much pave the way for the rise of the right extreme right and for also nado specifically so it has had not just political implications have had political economic and social. brazil's media system hasn't fared much better the most powerful broadcaster in the country is global it has a history of supporting right wing governments even the military dictatorship from 1964 to 85. global went all in on the carwash story which was justified to an extent by the scale of the corruption but the partisan tone of much of global coverage rang alarm
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that. global's coverage of the shuttle leaks has been more selective and less exuberant version is brazil's best selling news magazine a right wing publication that was pro morrow and has now swung the other way partnering with the intercept on the leaks vicious change of tact followed a change in their mission meaning brazil is mostly private and they all belong to traditional families powerful families. on top of that they are all conservative views of belonged to a tradition one of these traditional family so until recently very was some sort of fox news and brit vitriolic giornale is right and they went bankrupt and they sold to a businessman and this guy apparently wants to give the news magazine a different orientation dettori intonation so i think that's the main reason that
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vegas is now collaborating with the intercept them egypt the reaction of the media was incredible lots of international outlets followed up on our reporting with articles of their own but others such as the global group made a point especially in the 1st few days to emphasize the perspective of the justice ministry and to set your moral himself and someone of us out there will minister the business just a social model. will sell a lot dearly for you. may blow up because she was a male sizing static it presented all the possible things that could be wrong in our revelations in brazil there exists a section of right wing media that invested a lot in the car war story and there was no way they will ever let go of that narrative. ringback to global end to version with questions on their approach to the shuttle links vision declined to comment on its editorial about face global
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road back with a detailed defense of its. average especially the significant amount of air time it is devoted to the legality of the journalism ringback this past wednesday a judge ordered the arrest of 4 people on charges of hacking sergio morrow's phone the 4 are accused of being the sources of the material as global put it it would be considered bad journalism in any part of the worked including in qatar to ignore that the cell phones of the authorities were hacked even though back in march of 2016 when morrow released a tape of a private phone call between dilma rousseff and lula da silva global was less concerned about the journalistic ethics it ran with that story as did vasher and so many other brazilian news outlets ringback though i could you took you in a story of such magnitude as was a jato which involves the hacking of several authorities including the most famous
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judge and brazil the current minister of justice the biggest news is not the content of the alleged conversations but rather the hacking of these conversations this is very serious well much more serious was when morally a conversation between. presidents this was not in the public interest moreover the chance of a lifetime to go down in history as someone who has combat corruption had all the power disposal all the media attention all the public support and no instead of that you chose a political project you told to align yourself to a particular group. sergio mauro can complain all he wants about the latest leaks and the news coverage he now receives but having done what he did leaking information and manipulating the media a stance oblique in the name of justice and been exposed by an act of journalism he is no longer in a position to judge. we're
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discussing one other media story on our radar this week with one of our reproducers full of celebs flo the governor of port authority called because of the last say you know was announced that he's resigning next week as a result of a scandal exposed by local journalists who are these journalists and what did they reveal richard russell is down for is in large part a result of an exposé by puerto rico's center for investigative journalism the centro de petit a d a small investigate tivo or c.p.i. it's a not for profit news organization that relies on donations similar to the american outlet pro publica it's produced a number of big stories over the years but nothing quite like this one on july 13th c.p.i. published nearly 900 pages of leaked messages chats that much like the story in brazil took place on telegram between the governor and his in the circle now i would read out examples but many of them are pretty obscene sexist homophobic
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exchanges about political opponents celebrities like ricky martin even some journalists including the c.b.s. reporter david begnaud and puerto rican journalist benjamin torres gotye and what was the reaction to these revelations on the puerto rican streets i mean it was huge which had hundreds of thousands of people hit the streets to protest calling for resignation for years now put a reconsider been dealing with alleged government corruption mounting debt prolonged recession and a number of natural disasters 2700 hurrican maria among them more than a dozen government officials have resigned in the wake of c.p.i.'s exposé well seo himself however took his time this past wednesday 12 days after the protests began he took to facebook live to announce his resignation of the us which would get there this i could tell him see in the school ritual i don't even know it but it's
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you know you see him talking complete wanting it up as you see him represent don't know if you could but but i can actually talk i'm so the dude and without the work of a group of journalists at the c.p.i. i would almost certainly still be in the job ok thanks larry. here at the listening post we've sometimes wondered how many of our online viewers are watching us over a v.p.n. how many of you are the skies in your location changing it from beijing to boston from riyadh to reykjavik to cover your tracks virtual private networks have been around for more than 2 decades now and they were not originally developed to circumvent surveillance and censorship they were too for corporations and governments to connect their offices in different countries to make it easier for people to work together but as the monitoring and control of the web have grown a market has emerged and expanded for people to work around internet blocks and to hide their location online particularly popular and countries with authoritarian
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tendencies such as iran china and turkey v.p.n. is are now getting downloaded in more and more countries like sri lanka across the arab gulf as well as the us as data theft online tracking and web blocking grow increasingly common listening posts i mean actually ravi now on the use and uses of . 3 months ago in sri lanka social media platforms including facebook whatsapp instagram and you tube was suddenly inaccessible. c.d.'s of data tax across the city of colombo had security forces on high alert. the government said the online docs were necessary to prevent misinformation from spreading this was the 2nd time in just over a year that social media access was cut off across the country and it did not work
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very well she lankans rely on social media as a primary mode of communication so about a 1000000 of them turned to their v.p.n. rebooting their way virtually back onto those platforms. we peons virtual private networks 1st. came into use in 1906 and they are among the most enduring innovations in online browsing with popularity on the rise around the world countries like vietnam indonesia and turkey rack up some of the highest numbers of software downloads turkey is notorious for its internet censorship over 240000 websites are currently blocked from turkey and in addition to that all were 150000 euros of well known newspapers and online news media outlets like. a live b.b.c. news new software site to more it would be appearing every once and others so if you're trying to access alternative news you can not see them from turkey unless
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you hear it has become part of the daily internet use the very recently for example during the protest in sudan do you authorities issued an internet shutdown and a lot of people were using v.p.n. to circumvent the censorship in reading and neighborhood thousands and thousands of people to have access to social media to share pictures videos to communicate between each other but also with the world about what was going on in the country and one side. to the journalists who are using v.p.n. to gain information as we country then you have ordinary users who just want to watch pornography or sports and people do that all the time i don't know it has a legitimate use for the peons obviously some legality but people do see plans for all different sorts of reasons n.p.r. news to be quite complicated and difficult to set up now it's a matter of they're downloading your app pushing
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a button and even the best services are just a few dollars a month so we certainly don't think it's a luxury i don't think privacy and security is a luxury so we peons are no more luxury than saying having a lock on your front door. over the last. last few years the number of v.p.n. services has boomed. hotspot shield express tunnel their cyber ghost these are just a few of the most popular names on the market by each v.p.n. says it offers something different the underlying principle is the same for all of them it's about setting up i mean to me due to a distant one between you and the web site you want to access so the way the v.p. and works is it's essentially a computer elsewhere in the world so you 1st connect to before going to the end so if you are in trying to connect to. the country us and then go to facebook and then that way you can actually access these services they also encrypt traffic as well
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so anyone on the same work we've got on your home or the work. public or even your internet service provider they will not be have to see the websites that you're going to protect as well an effective v.p.n. at 1st is a v.p.n. that works because not all v.p.n. work in every country some countries actually block access to v.p.n. and the 2nd biggest recipient at least secure it means that the telecommunications and the information that transmits between you and if you're in is encrypted it means that they don't use that information or share that information with 3rd parties one you want to make sure that they have strong encryption protocols since encryption is the key way that if you checked your security secondly you want to make sure that it. has the right policies and measures in place to ensure that no none of your internet safety is large and a v.p.n.
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it's out there in server itself making sure that you know you're not exposing yourself to additional risks and. the job to b.p. and use hasn't gone unnoticed by governments in countries like iran all mine and russia for the. instance the peons are subject to heavy destructions there are even some laws in place banning them increasingly the peons are coming onto authorities radars and getting targeted in turkey use which is not criminalize so it is not illegal to use services however turkey amended its internet law in february 2014 and there is a provision which states that the authorities could request access working to prepare and services several of these. services are inaccessible from turkey and if you manage to access their websites or have an account with them then they don't
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work in china for example a number of the peons don't work and there were actually at some point and that was saying that it would balance or v.p.n. and they did remove a lot of v.p.n. from the apple store and google play and so on however banning all v.p.n. would also affect the economy of a country it would affect how a number of business can actually operate in a country so it wouldn't be really what is for a government to ban all v.p.n. but it is indeed a concern that especially the most efficient peons are the most secure rights respecting v.p.n. might be the. chinese authorities aren't just blocking many fought in the p. and services the been actively pushing the use of state approved and locally created d.p.s. users have to register to use them and explain why they need them the service is guaranteed neither privacy not anonymity and in
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a country where censorship is stringent and dissent a scorched unsecured d.p.'s that come with beijing's seal of approval leave many people exposed. but it isn't just state sponsored or state approved the peons that have holes in their security with free v.p.n. so. it's a case of download or is be there generally speaking users can't really trust free v.p.n. means they may create a log of all the websites and visited and then sell them to a 3rd party perhaps an advertiser or another source of agency so a painful thing p.r. which is really the only way to actually do it's chilling is in some ways a luxury good it can cost anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00 to $20.00 a month to have this sort of additional security precaution that the vast majority of people probably are prepared to and pay for that being so the barrier of entry for v.p.n. says dramatically decrease you no longer have to be a technologist use them you can download an app into reading. low powered android
11:44 pm
and that can provide a high level of protection as well. as have come along when they were initially used just by large corporations to them they became the online tool of choice for journalists campaigners and political dissidents however as online tracking geo blocking web shutdowns at random and unsecured public web collections have increased the peons have become used in some of the most unexpected ways turkish internet users are technologically savy i would say young about the older generation and so are now parents teach their children how to access we compete year to recant so that they can do their homework from turkey you know i've seen. students logging into a server in a different time zones that had to get their test results early or capon fans around the world like the entire korean servers that you can vote for a favor ban an online poll so some of the more esoteric cases are surprising when
11:45 pm
it comes to government and state blocs that is something that we've been seeing all around the world for the past decade and while they continue to increase. and finally britain has a new prime minister and it's safe to say that not everyone is thrilled about the news but boris johnson can count on journalists like toby young cometh the hour cometh the man is a gushing 5000 word essay that young wrote about johnson on his student years his political career his so-called skill set even his physique the feedback on twitter ranged from its bizarre to disturbing to it reads like some erotic fantasy we asked you on what he made of that and he came back with a quotation from oscar wilde the one that goes there is only one thing in life worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about it will leave you now with some snippets from young's essay read by a voice artist so brace yourself see in x.
11:46 pm
time here at the listening post i 1st set eyes on boris johnson in the autumn of 1983 when we went up to oxford at the same time. with his huge mop of blonde hair his tie askew and his shirt escaping from his trousers he looked like an overgrown schoolboy yet with his imposing physical build his thick neck and his broad germanic forehead there was also something of natures about it you could imagine him in later hose and wandering through the black forest with an axe over his shoulder looking for opus to kill this same combination a state of advanced a shovel mountain a sense of coiled strength of an almost time double will to power was even more pronounced in his way of speaking in boris i finally encountered the real platonic ideal britain's veteran political commentators are for the most part pessimistic about boris his premiership the rational part of my brain is still full of doubts and uncertainties but it a more primitive level
11:47 pm
a level impervious to reason i cannot help but believe from the 1st moment i saw him i felt i was in the presence of someone special. the next 3 months will reveal whether that was a historical premonition or a soft allusion. just off one of caracas his main highways the media the family collects as much water as possible from the mountain above. a nationwide blackout left millions without power a regular water supplies. but this water is not portable the health ministry is recommending people treated with chlorine but with none available are the enemy hopes the boiling at 1st will make it safe for her family to drink. a lot but says the increased consumption of the untreated water in the last 3 weeks is making an already catastrophic situation worse now than they were going on when all right i think we don't have the precise numbers yet but we know that in the public and
11:48 pm
private hospitals there's been an acute increase of cases of severe diarrhea that require hospitalization including children under 2 years of age which could be fatal. and international public health experts describe the crisis as a complex humanitarian emergency. al-jazeera. fully back to go this is a news hour live from my headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. a 2nd night of violence in hong kong a city reeling from weeds 70 government protests that show no sign of ending. and
11:49 pm
strikes in syria is the last rebel stronghold or it may be intensified despite u.n. warnings of war crimes being committed also this hour the president is as he usually is or often is disgusting and racist president trumps latest twitter outburst problems a strong reaction from democrats. peace a little bit of a sports. to become the 1st colombian to win the tour de france the lives of the 22 year old hometown of super cuba later this news. thank you for joining as we begin in hong kong where protesters are holding out against rounds of tear gas and advances from ahmed's police as demonstrations turn into a battle for control of the streets these are live pictures right now from the city dozens of arrests have been made as police try to clear crowds thousands of people
11:50 pm
have taken to the streets for the 2nd day of protests over police and mob violence as get the latest samsara kroc was in hong kong for as sour bring us up to speed with what's been how. pening is the situation as stand says it was a few hours ago. and it is it is not anything new to get school icing out when we are is in central hong kong the rally stuff and instance are long gone but it split went to 4 different like patients now most of those purchases of come back here and where we are it's the shared one area in the central district in front of the hub up on my left we have the western police station this is where all these protests is started to have a season and stop their protests led to the south and then now the police have moved in trying to clear them out but they're resisting as you mentioned earlier they're holding off they're holding out from being played in the streets they're also firing back with bricks pipes and where i am i'm under a highway as well they're telling things over the top on to the place and of course that's only angry those places we have thousands of place here on the streets not
11:51 pm
including but the right place and we have the tactical response unit and they've been behind me as much of a c. this is the right place to try to push the practice out on my left we also have the protesters on the other side of bridge fighting here was not the right place have been on top of this bridge or the eye of a posse trying to clear those protesters out but not much some of the other big demonstrations the body clashes that we've seen in hong kong the prentices really are resisting they're really holding off and refusing to leave the streets but now the protests indeed have been largely peaceful until a few weeks ago sour but we're increasingly seeing now these clashes between protesters and police what's been the hong kong government's reaction and what about the central government in beijing what are they saying about this escalating situation. well as far as the process is concerned the home called government is not doing enough which is why these
11:52 pm
protests have continued. months now it's about a 7 i like to have instructions not to mention the level of escalating and which. so that last weekend we saw somebody clashes between police and protesters which has been rubber bullets spawn for nights we're talking about rounds of rounds of tear gas not to not i don't know how many rounds of tear gas the same but more than i think most participants in the last few weeks the level of violence i mean is escalating because of the frustrations of these protests against the police they're also accusing them of using excessive force all of these what most of them peaceful rather. and how is a central government in beijing holiday reacting to the escalating violence. well there's been relative silence for some time now tomorrow which is monday in beijing the chief policy adviser to live to see his own home grown and because of
11:53 pm
the chinese policy advisor that is there holding a press conference at 3 pm local time everyone will be watching that and no matter what they say it will no doubt attribute more anger here that might suggest that they're going to interfere which to intervene in hong kong is a bit but that's what they do say are the way and the hong kong people here it's not just the families and residents it's it's the students it's the radical groups that are driving a lot of these. protests at night time. in hong kong where the protests continue into the night thank you very much for bringing us up to date with the situation in other world news airstrikes are intensifying in syria's able a province despite u.n. warnings that war crimes are being committed this was a scene in the town of rehire earlier on sunday morning a market was bombed killing at least 4 people and wounding many others the number of i mean no no money civilians we have nothing to do with those children women old
11:54 pm
people and young people are not terrorists muslims and arab nations there bombarding us every day every day strikes killings blood the blood covers all streets with swimming and books. the united nations says at least 450 civilians have been killed since april when the syrian government and his russian allies began an offensive to take back the last rebel held province local monitors but the death toll much higher at more than 700 aid groups are calling the escalation a nightmare with schools medical centers and homes coming under real lentulus bombardment al-jazeera is in a harder has a report from istanbul. another lifeless body pulled from the rubble another syrian child a victim of the airstrikes by russian and syrian warplanes the town of a rehab has been repeatedly hit in recent days and yet again residential buildings have been targeted no you don't really know what the no rebel place is all fighters here this is
11:55 pm
a residential neighborhood look children live here what is their crime the syrian people are being bombed by planes and the u.n. remained silent. as opposition controlled towns across the southern countryside of it live and northern hama are under fire people there say they are being bombed into submission but that surrendering is not an option since they have nowhere else to go this is the last rebel held territory in syria people going to. do all this year of people need to die so that she can stay in power is everyone at their wrist except we moved closer to the border with turkey but how do we know the players want to hit us here are. the recent escalation in violence is worsening the displacement crisis according to the united nations many people are living in the open air because there is overcrowding in camps and reception centers more than 440000 syrians have been made homeless in the last 3 months how long the.
11:56 pm
building was bones and all our belongings are under the rubble we came out and didn't know where to go we have nothing there's no water. no bathrooms no tents for the children there under the sun. many people have been displaced more than once and many towns and villages are now empty. our hosts income for zito was hit so we left a hoss and again we were targeted we survived but our neighbor was killed it was too dangerous to stay so we came here we hope this place will be safe. that will depend on russia and turkey russia which backs the syrian government and turkey which supports the opposition co-sponsored a cease fire and last year the deal collapsed when russia supported a syrian government offensive in april blaming turkey for not fulfilling its commitments to an agreed demilitarized zone around the province turkey repeatedly said it needed more time because forcing some will groups from the zone would have
11:57 pm
put civilian lives at risk there is nothing that indicates the ceasefire will be revived soon. i just want to be able to play i just want to go home i just want to go to school that is no longer an option for many children 7 year old son has become another statistic in the escalating violence and despite criticism by the un over the international indifference nothing has been done to stop the bombing campaign. istanbul. techie hosts more than 3 and a half 1000000 syrians have been arriving since the war began 8 years ago but refugees any soundboard now have an august 20th deadline to return to the turkish province they're registered in those unregistered will be sent to camps near the border explains why. 24 year old but still mohamed arrived in turkey illegally 8 years ago he managed to get
11:58 pm
a turkish id but when you brought his wife to the hospital to deliver a baby a few years ago he was told the documents were fake. i don't have the id i'm scared when i'm going to work and going home my wife and son don't have turkish i.d.'s either when i go to immigration they tell me to go and register in a different city but there aren't many jobs there. according to the latest operational data there are at least 3600000 syrians in turkey off that 103000 live in camps while over health a 1000000 more live here in a stumble but officials believe the numbers are much higher syrians in turkey were given a temporary protection status under the assumption the war would have ended by now and that they will be able to return home. under this policy they are allowed to stay in specific cities or provinces in which they are registered and have access to health care and education but officials have stopped registering syrian refugees
11:59 pm
in big cities like a stumble on car or on top. after syrians in actors in the field understood this crisis will not easily be over syrians began to seek permanent solutions to their needs that let them to move to cities where they can find more jobs and work the interior ministry says it wants to keep the number of unregistered refugees under control and is sending some of them to camps it also insists turkey will not become a center for illegal migration he stumbles governor's office has set a deadline of august 21st syrians to return to the cities where they. all registered following that decision rights groups gathered in istanbul for a news conference and said it was unfair to force syrians to go back to the cities where they are registered in and that they should have been informed earlier to make plans families now risk being split their victims are single our state is trying to preserve public order you can't really party them to syria but you can send them to a 3rd country that the foreign protection
12:00 am
a low hours you too turkey is facing pressure on many fronts from a declining economy to political and regional prices the government says it does not want any potential risk from unregistered syrians or those with a criminal record but what's groups and others urge to do authorities to look into reports of syrians being forced to leave and accusations of police mistreatment the i fear nationalists disrupted saturday's news conference they say they want all syrians to leave turkey. al-jazeera stumble. or for more let's speak now tomorrow in kabul on who's head of policy analysis at the arab center for research thank you so much for being with us on the al-jazeera is our the syrian government backed by russia has intensified its.


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