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where we've seen violent clashes between police and protesters place of blood several rounds of t.v.'s and rubber bullets on the demonstrators but a lot does demonstrate is refusing to let. the tense stand off went on for several hours but after midnight protesters were eventually face to retreat this rally began with tens of thousands marching in opposition to a proposed extradition bill that's now been shelves after months of rallies it's become a broader movement calling for greater democracy in hong kong some fear the situation will only escalate we won't give up until the last war we won't give up until the child. trying to attack us it is a massive discontent it is a massive amount as a result of poor government i don't think is going to happen unfortunately is paying was. escalating violence and looking at possible
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tasso to use or even fatalities. on monday china's top policy advisor is expected to respond to the political crisis that's gripped the flow of british territory for months the hong kong government and protest is refusing to budge this rally is unlikely to be the last sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. though the hong kong government has accused some of the protest as a violent and putting public safety at risk and in a statement it said we strongly condemn the radical protesters who disregarded the law and order and violently breach the public peace we will continue to give full support to the police to strictly enforce the law to stop all violent behaviors with a view to resuming public order a soon as possible. well still ahead here on al-jazeera we'll tell you if a delegation from the amar has convinced writing the refugees to return to the country plus. i want all the garbage in basra and i'll tell you what's being done
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to upgrade iraq gas improper care person rely more on production rather than import . hello it is back you stand it's quite hot you may think that's not a surprising statement but actually average even here on the high side tashkent showing 41 l. masses it's 38 degrees so about the same as terrace again been above average there for several weeks always the hotter weather is further down from the high ground of iran sort of baghdad 46 quite possibly will start to rise next as a further south in iraq and certainly in the southwest of iran we've been seeing the 40 knots the fifty's there for days on end and obviously cooler near the coast
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beirut represent such a such degrees whereas aleppo not really that far inland as this scale shows is near the 40 mark once again the breeze has changed down through the gulf the circulation now appears to be something of the empty quarter so much cash moisture and bring it back towards doha it could be a sticky 40 would equally it could well pick up rather a lot of light sandra not empty quarter this is often a dusty direction 41 suggests don't be too humid it could well be dusty but look at the amount of cancer spread everywhere a hint maybe asunder storms in western society certainly how do you feel be persistent or maybe exaggeration some good but a drizzle it started to turn probably agree once again. the weather sponsored by category. every reclaiming cycle brings a series of breaking stories is maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to 175 years during the listening paste as we turn the cameras on the media donald
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trump shouldn't be the one deciding who is a journalist and who isn't to focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most they move closer and closer to the tire shut down both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera with me to hold robin a reminder of our top stories. at least 3 people have been killed in a shooting at a food festival in gilroy california a city councilman says at least 12 people were also wounded. and
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as many as $65.00 people have been killed in suspected boko haram attacks in northeastern nigeria the raid happened during this funeral in borno state and protests in hong kong have ended violently with tear gas fired at demonstrators for a 2nd day tens of thousands protested that perceived police and mob violence as well as interference. u.s. president all trump is once again being called racist after launching a blistering twitter attack on an african-american democratic congressman and the district he represents the comments have sparked widespread outrage especially from residents of baltimore was in jordan as well. the president of the united states donald trump is the president of the entire united states but residents of baltimore maryland are angry trump has called their city quote a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess he's a horrible president. and says he's racist and he's roger land.
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he's an embarrassment to what our country thinks that we stand for having been overheated and you know it makes me you know a bit embarrassed for the country trumps lamp baltimore and economically and socially diverse city near washington as part of an attack on its longtime congressman elijah cummings cummings leads the committee investigating the president's political and financial ties he's also criticized the president's immigration policy trump called cummings corrupt and quote a brutal bully there is nothing racist and stating plainly what most people already know that a larger cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district and of baltimore itself he also attacked the house speaker nancy pelosi the daughter of baltimore's former mayor on sunday the baltimore sun called the president quote the most dishonest man to ever
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occupy the oval office and said it's quote better to have a few rats and to be one the mayor also weighed in. we're not going to ignore anyone degrading almost like the leadership no one even the house is only black republican condemned trump's attack allies are cummings and chairman cummings is someone who i have worked with closely on all kinds of legislation he is someone that cares passionately about his community and has been working tirelessly his entire adult life on behalf of his his country and his community and he is someone that he can defend himself a senior white house official defended the president's attack on cummings i understand why but that doesn't mean that it's racist the president is pushing back against what he sees as wrong it's how he's done in the past and he'll continue to do in the future but in baltimore the public's not having it because you downgrade everybody else. to fix the problem is. a message to the
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man who was supposed to be promoting unity as part of his job rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. now the death toll after a powerful explosion in the afghan capital has risen to 20 another 50 people including the president's running mate in the upcoming election which injured there's going to be a ministry says the attackers were targeted in. office in a busy part of kabul became the 1st day of official campaigning for the presidential vote. britain has sent a 2nd warship to the gulf to protect u.k. flying vessels crossing the strait of hormuz. has joined a british frigate already stationed warships we have vessels sailing through the strait the deployment follows of a u.k. flagged oil tanker more than a week ago. that iran's nuclear negotiator says an emergency meeting in vienna over the fate of the iran nuclear deal has been constructive but the bars are our chief
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says tehran will continue to reduce its nuclear commitments if europe fails to salvage the pact the vienna meeting between the remaining signatories on the deal was called as tension saw between iran and the west the european parties have been trying to keep the deal alive after the u.s. withdrew from it last year after the media are accused britain of breaching the nuclear deal by seizing one of its oil tankers off gibraltar earlier this month to her answers under the agreement is entitle to export oil without any impediment but britain says the iranian tanker was in breach of e.u. sanctions against syria kurds in bahrain of taking to the streets once again to protest the execution of 2 men they were killed by firing squad on saturday after being convicted on terrorism charges a mock funeral has been held for she activists and. they've been widespread international condemnation following the executions rights groups amnesty now and
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amnesty international says the men were beaten and tortured in custody to obtain confessions. protesters in sudan's capital have returned to the streets to her voice their anger over the investigation into last month's brutal crackdown on a sit in it demonstration saddam's military council is barely a few robot forces for the violence which the opposition says killed at least $100.00 people. bringing refugees are refusing to return to me and despite 2 days of talks with diplomats from 6 southeastern asian countries hundreds of thousands of rango remain in cannes in bangladesh after fleeing violence from me and malls military 2 years ago. reports coaxes bazaar in southern bangladesh. they came to the camps in bangladesh to convince the hundreds of thousands of rohingya to return to me on march that country's government sent a 14 member high level delegation for the job but many refugees here say they're
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not willing to go back without full citizenship and security guarantees definitely will not be considered. issue for us because we'll be granting them as an national and then eventually we will be providing them with the id cards where there will no longer be the issue of race or the issue of the their citizenship but for the few him the refuge is there seems to be a window or folks. who are very grateful to the bangladesh government if the letter was we'd like to return to myanmar the delegates told is they'll give us back our land and property however the best majority of their own don't seems to know what was discussed in the meeting they came here looking for safety after me and mars army launched a crackdown that the u.n. has called an ethnic cleansing. and i understand that a delegation is here to solve the crisis and i feel good about it but i don't
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really know what they will say and discuss though. several community leaders say me and most delegation was unwilling to give citizenship to their anger even at the meeting me and my this government has never recognized the rowing as a community often treating them as immigrants from bangladesh in response to a question asked by al-jazeera in regard to the citizenship issue this is what the representative ministry of foreign affairs had to say of course according to the law it may not be. the full fledge citizenship but they are entitled naturalized citizen and eventually their sons and daughters grandsons and daughters will be entitled to citizenship citizenship nearly 2 years into the crisis there has not yet been any remarkable progress regarding their repatriation of nearly a 1000000 regular refugees living in what is now the world's largest refugee camp
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the latest talk between i me and my delegation and community leaders for owning a refuge is here in cox's bazar have ended without any major breakthrough wildside a grid that dialogue should continue in an attempt to resolve critical issue is still causing concern thunder childfree al-jazeera could apollo. the jailed russian opposition leader alexey novelli has been taken to hospital with severe facial swelling and rushes after suffering what's believed to be an acute allergic reaction the valley was arrested on wednesday after calling for an authorised until government demonstrations he was sentenced to 30 days in prison his spokeswoman says that he's in a stable condition but he's never suffered a similar reaction before and the cause isn't known him and can't has more. not only his lawyer was given access to her client but only after an argument ensued with the hospital and then they weren't allowed to meet in private this all comes
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as he was taken to hospital with an allergic face reaction around 9 30 am is condition is said to be stable but anything that happens this man really concerns the opposition activists sued view this man through a different prism perhaps a lot of people internationally do he is seen as a very key figure within the opposition movement but there are some discrepancies over the amount of people protesting out on the streets in moscow the police say there are about 3500 people protesting and on the streets the opposition activists say it's much closer to 10000 we don't know what the exact figures are also the figures for the arrests have been disputed as well they say about 1000 police say about 1000 people were arrested the protesters say is much closer more closer to 1400 people being arrested now many of those according to the police have been released they were detained not arrested so they've been through the administrative process processing but why are they protesting what they're protesting because they're very worried about upcoming moscow city council elections and they're very
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worried that some opposition leaders may not be able to get on the ballot and the kremlin will try and stuff these elections full of people loyal to them years of war and instability have damaged iraq's oil infrastructure leaving it dependent on energy imports and that's despite it having huge reserves now it wants to attract overseas investment to help turn it around a solid binge of it reports of. claims like this one. across iraq electricity is in high demand specially during the summer and power plants rely on gas most of it comes from fields like the basra gas field in the south and because it's associated gas with oil provides both oil and gas but iraq doesn't produce enough gas for its power stations a 3rd of what it needs is imported from iran. in the 1980 s. to most of iraq's oil and gas infrastructure and the sanctions that followed saddam
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hussein's invasion of kuwait stalled any development. now iraq's economy is weak the u.s. is an important ally and both saudi arabia and iran on its neighbors it is a burden on baghdad stretched budget and a loaded issue for domestic and regional politics prime minister he wants to make iraq energy independent his oil minister has already signed multibillion dollar deals with international companies such as honeywell eggs on and shell unfortunately because of those who want to delay it and that's why really. he was lagging behind. we are concentrating on this and the possible use to burn one 5th those 2 years 2 or 3 years ago. 55. $45.00 i want to be realistic or to 5 years will be i would dare to say
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there are because. you know ok and this of course will lead to many advantages one of course a whiting gods for power generation that will definitely make. energy independent we don't need to import and of course. you know all that. maintaining a gas field under $46.00 degrees is anything but easy but these iraqis are making sure that they continue to pump the gas which helps run their country besides the gas needed for electricity these gas fields also produce other types for domestic use and export 75 percent. of the facility which is more than 25 years old. it's electric instruments. to do these upgrades requires major investment government says
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despite obstacles like corruption and an unstable region investors are coming to baghdad. but you know gas is the primary resource in the southern region especially to generate electricity most of the old power plants were motive from liquid fuel operations to cast power plants as there was an urgent need for investment and to upgrade production as tensions escalate between us and iran iraq wants to diffuse so it can attract more companies to help achieve baghdad becoming energy independent. way down to 0 hold as a bear buster. of all top stories. at least 3 people are being killed in the shooting at a food festival in gilroy california
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a city councilman says at least 12 other people have been wounded. in the 1st time i thought it was fireworks. and i saw my peers go and we all started running and we were pretty we heard distinctly i just saw. the 1st round was. getting closer. so i just started running i left everything around. i was i couldn't run any more and i thought he's coming behind me and i'm going to get hit because i can run anymore . for washington d.c. . now we have seen in this country a mass shooting at a food 1st of a music festival a club elementary school a college campus a movie theater. a bar church synagogue mass shootings are becoming very common in the united states and if you look at the statistics the level of hate
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crimes has risen over the last 2 years it shows no signs of ending this is going to become a political issue obviously the war in the beginning of a presidential campaign as many as $65.00 people have been killed in nigeria in a suspected boko haram attack on a funeral it happened in the northeastern city of my degree in borno state prison muhammadu buhari has condemned the attack and ordered a military operation to hunt down those responsible for the death toll are very powerful explosion in the afghan capital has risen to 20 another 50 people including the president's running mate in the upcoming election were injured the afghan interior ministry says the attackers were targeting sellers office in the busy part of the capital it came on the 1st day of official campaigning for the presidential vote protests in home and did a violent thing with tear gas being fired at demonstrators for a 2nd day tens of thousands protested at perceived police of more violence as well
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as interference from beijing before those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com more news in half an hour but next it's the listening post do stay with us. the faceoffs continue. as the last 20 democratic presidential candidates take to the stage for the 2nd us democratic debate. join us for coverage from detroit and united and fancy fast on al-jazeera. the justice minister said to one of my heart. sank this. one. i think it's tricky. part of my. actual process. hello i'm richard despard and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week brazil
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a new scandal relating to the carwash corruption case a judge turned politician now faces a journalistic brand of justice an exposé by reporters in puerto rico brings down the governor there taking of a civil action while on line the enduring and rising popularity of b.p.'s and comfy hour come with the man boris johnson takes office in the u.k. setting at least one media heart aflutter it's not often that an investigation into a corruption scandal becomes a scandal in and of itself but that is exactly what is unfolding in brazil last month an online news outlet the intercept brazil began publishing a series of exposé about the wheeling and dealing of the minister of justice moore in a previous life morell was a judge in charge of operation carwash an investigation into the biggest case of political corruption in the country's history it resulted in the arrests of hundreds of politicians and business figures hasten the fall of one president and
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landed another former president behind bars morals work on that case and his depiction in the brazilian news media as an anti. corruption crusader helped get him the job of minister of justice appointed by president bush. now the news outlets that helped create moral were having some serious 2nd thoughts on the journalists at the intercept who broke this latest moral story are starting to feel the heat from the brazilian authorities our starting point this week is rio de janeiro. the cast of characters in this case of corruption is along the terminology confusing but the story is simple back in 2014 the judge appointed to preside over the operation car wash investigation the case brazilians call love a shuttle was sergio more the probe uncovered money laundering bribery and
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corruption at the state owned energy company petrol price several members of the ruling party under leftist president dilma rousseff were jailed for their part in the scheme. back to morrow was cheered on lionized by brazil's mostly right wing media any. t.v. channels like global and. magazines like fish or he was seen as a future president now he is fighting for his political life because of an investigation into his investigation known as vast as shocked and a series of text messages between him and prosecutors that strongly suggest that legally speaking the fix was in. the most important revelation is that certain moral wasn't with the prosecution it's entirely for a bit to have a judge who is in constant conversation with the prosecution in order to arrange
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all the other media the media didn't create more of the superhero it just gave invisibility put a flashlight and a judge she was indeed doing a rather heroic job by resilient standards however surgery did have a party ideology and he was manipulating the investigations rather than taking a step back and being impartial which is what we expect of a judge or jury but as you said. brazil found itself in a historic moment where it could clean itself up and the media really bought into the image that moral himself was constructed they absorbed it they deliberately boarded this ship because strategically it was good to join the right side the side of the people fighting corruption. sergio morrow's reputation as an anti corruption crusaders scrubbing brazil queen of graft was demolished by the intercept its
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secret brazil archive includes leaked. sent over the telegram messaging app between moral and prosecutors investigating the car wash case the messages are explosive and potentially game changing they clearly show a judge legally required to be neutral working with prosecutors in some cases advising them on how to present various legal cases to him they also appear to confirm the suspicion that throughout the carwash investigation morrow and the prosecution were trying to manipulate press coverage to turn it against members of the p.t. party moros work in golf the government of president dilma rousseff hastened to add downfall and led to the jailing of. the silver party colleagues considered the favorite to win the next presidential election. behind bars legally prevented from running a path was cleared for right wing populist. he won last year's election.
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then made more of his minister of justice which in light of all of that collusion in the carwash case was the least he could do what this whole of us out of campaign as a media campaign produced was a devaluation of institutional politics of party politics and to a degree in which the electorate became so skeptical in the. stream right wing of the side of also now so both. in his election should be seen as a product of the. institutional politics having contributed to the rise of an anti politics anti establishment rhetorical that in the end did not just criminalize the left but started to criminalize the whole of the political system and started to also weaken the legislative and the congress powers basically saying
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that we need someone from outside of politics to take this so it very much pave the way for the rise of the right extreme right and for also nado specifically so it has had not just political implications have had political economic and social. brazil's media system hasn't fared much better the most powerful broadcaster in the country is global it has a history of supporting right wing governments even the military dictatorship from 1964 to 85. global went all in on the carwash story which was justified to an extent by the scale of the corruption but the partisan tone of much of global coverage rang alarm that. global's conference of the fans i shuttle leaks has been more selective and less exuberant version is brazil's best selling news magazine
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a right wing publication that was pro morrow and has now swung the other way partnering with the intercept on the leaks vicious change of tact followed by a change in their mission meaning brazil is mostly private and they all belong to traditional families powerful families. on top of that they are all conservative very belonged to a tradition one of these traditional family so until recently very was some sort of fox news and brit vitriolic giornale is right and they went bankrupt and they sold to a businessman and this guy apparently wants to give the news magazine a different orientation dettori intonation so i think that's the main reason that vase is now collaborating with the intercept them egypt the reaction of the media was incredible lots of international outlets followed up on our reporting with articles of their own but others such as the global group made
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a point especially in the 1st few days to emphasize the perspective of the justice ministry and to settle your moral himself now some of us out there will minister of business just a social model. daily for. blew up because she was a male sizing static it presented all the possible things that could be wrong in our revelations in brazil there exists a section of right wing media that invested a lot in the car war story and there is no way they will ever let go of that narrative. to global end to version with questions on their approach to the past 2 links vision declined to comment on its editorial about face global wrote back with a detailed defense of its. average especially the significant amount of air time it is devoted to the legality of the journalism this past wednesday a judge ordered the arrest of 4 people on charges of hacking sergio morrow's phone
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the 4 are accused of being the sources of the material as global put it it would be considered bad journalism in any part of the worked including in qatar to ignore that the cell phones of the authorities were hacked even though back in march of 2016 when moro released a tape of a private phone call between dilma rousseff and lula da silva global was less concerned about the journalistic ethics it ran with that story as did venture and so many other brazilian news outlets though i could you do q in a story of such magnitude as was a shock to her which involves the hacking of several authorities including the most famous judge and brazil the current minister of justice the biggest news is not the content of the alleged conversations but rather the hacking of these conversations this is very serious well much more serious was when morally a conversation between. ringback presidents and this was not in the public interest
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moral had the chance of a lifetime to go down in history as someone who has combat corruption you had all the power and your disposal all the media attention all the public support and no instead of that you chose a political project you chose to align yourself to a particular group. sujit or moral can complain all he wants about the latest leaks and the news coverage he now receives but having done what he did leaking information and manipulating the media a stand simply in the name of justice and been exposed by an act of journalism he is no longer in a position to judge. we're discussing one other media story on our radar this week with one of our producers full of celebs flo the governor of port authority corby kummer daughter say you know was announced that he's resigning next week as a result of a scandal exposed by local journalists who are these journalists and what did they
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reveal richard russell is down for is in large part a result of an exposé by puerto rico's center for investigative journalism the centro de petit a dismal investigate tivo or c.p.i. it's a not for profit news organization that relies on donations similar to the american outlet pro publica it's produced a number of big stories over the years but nothing quite like this one on july 13th c.p.i. published nearly 900 pages of leaked messages chats that much like the story in brazil took place on telegram between the governor and his in a circle now i would read out examples but many of them are pretty obscene sexist homophobic exchanges about political opponents celebrities like ricky martin even some journalists including the c.b.s. reporter david begnaud and puerto rican journalist benjamin torres gotye and what was the reaction to these revelations on the puerto rican streets i mean it was
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huge which had hundreds of thousands of people hit the streets to protest calling for resignation for years now put a reconsider been dealing with alleged government corruption mounting debt prolonged recession and a number of natural disasters 2700 hurrican maria among them more than a dozen government officials have resigned in the wake of c.p.i. as exposé will say oh himself however took his time this past wednesday 12 days after the protests began he took to facebook live to announce his resignation and then across all of the us we're told that there this when you tell him see in the school the ritual and leave it the other place you where you see him talking didn't want to get up as you see him represent don't know if you could but but i can actually talk i'm so the dude and without the work of a group of journalists at the c.p.i. i would almost certainly still be in the job ok thanks larry. here at the listening
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post we've sometimes wondered how many of our online viewers are watching us over a v.p.n. how many of you are discussing your location changing it from beijing to boston from riyadh to reykjavik to cover your tracks virtual private networks have been around for more than 2 decades and they were not originally developed to circumvent surveillance and censorship they were tools for corporations and governments to connect their offices in different countries to make it easier for people to work together but as the monitoring and control of the web have grown a market has emerged and expanded for people to work around internet blocks and to hide their location online particularly popular and countries with authoritarian tendencies such as iran china and turkey v.p.n. so are now getting downloaded in more and more countries like sri lanka across the arab gulf as well as the u.s. as data theft online tracking and web blocking grow increasingly common listening
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posts meenakshi ravi now on the use and uses of. 3 months ago in sri lanka social media platforms including facebook whatsapp instagram and you tube was suddenly inaccessible. c.d.'s of data tax across the city of colombo had security forces on high alert. the government said the online docs were necessary to prevent misinformation from spreading this was the 2nd time in just over a year that social media access was cut off across the country and it did not work very well she lankans rely on social media as a primary mode of communication so about a 1000000 of them turned to their v.p.n. rebooting their way brutally back onto those platforms. we peons virtual private networks 1st. came into use in 1906 and they are among the most enduring
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innovations in online browsing popularity on the rise around the world countries like vietnam indonesia and turkey rack up some of the highest numbers of software downloads turkey is notorious for its internet censorship over 240000 websites are currently blocks from turkey and in addition to that all were 150000 euros of well known newspapers and online news media outlets like. a live b.b.c. news new software site to more it. and others so if you're trying to access alternative news you can not see them from turkey unless you hear it has become part of the daily internet use which very recently for example during the protest in sudan the authorities issued an internet shut down and a lot of people were using v.p.n.
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to circumvent the censorship in reading and neighborhood thousands and thousands of people to have access to social media to share pictures videos to communicate between each other but also with the world about what was going on in the country and one side you have to assume that journalists are using g.p.s. to get information as we country then you have ordinary users who just want to watch pornography or sports and people do that all the time i don't know if there's a legitimate use of obviously some legality but people use weekends for all different sorts of reasons n.p.r. news to be quite complicated and difficult to set up now it's a matter of they're downloading your app pushing a button and even the best services are just a few dollars a month so we certainly don't think it's a luxury i don't think privacy and security is a luxury so we peons are no more luxury than saying having a lock on your front door. over the last. last few years the number of b.p.
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and services has boomed. hotspot shield express tunnel their cyber ghost these are just a few of the most popular names on the market by each b.p. and says it offers something different the underlying principle is the same food all of them it's about setting up i mean to me due to a distant one between you and the web site you want to access so the way the p.p. and works is it's essentially a computer elsewhere in the world so you 1st connect to before going to the end so if you are in trying to connect to. the country us and then go to facebook and then that way you can actually access these services they also encrypt traffic as well so anyone in the same work be that in your home or if you work. a public or even your internet service provider they will not be have to see the websites that you are going to protect so as well an effective v.p.n. at 1st is a v.p.n.
1:40 pm
that works because not all v.p.n. work in every country some countries actually block access to v.p.n. and 2nd to get a v.p.n. but the secure it means that the telecommunications and the information that transmits between you and if you can is encrypted it means that they don't use that information or share that information with 3rd parties one you want to make sure that they have strong encryption protocols since encryption is the key way that protect your security secondly you want to make sure that a v.p.n. has the right policies and measures in place to ensure that not one of your interactivity is logged on a v.p.n. it's out there in server itself making sure that you know you're not exposing yourself to additional risks and. the job to b.p. and use hasn't gone unnoticed by governments in countries like iran all mine and russia for the. instance the peons are subject to heavy destructions they don't
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even some laws in place banning them increasingly the peons are coming onto authorities radars and getting targeted in turkey use which is not criminalize so it is not illegal to use services however turkey amended its internet law in february 2014 and there's a provision which states that the authorities could request access working to prepare and services several of these. services are not sensible from turkey and if you manage to access their websites or have an account with them then they don't work in china for example a number of the peons don't work and there were actually at some point and that was saying that it would bounce or v.p.n. and they did remove a lot of the pins from the apple store and google play and so on however banning all v.p.n. would also affect the economy of a country it would affect how
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a number of business can actually operate in a country so it wouldn't be reading what is for a government to ban all v.p.n. but it is indeed a concern that especially the most efficient peons are the most secure rights respecting v.p.n. might be the. chinese authorities aren't just blocking many fought in the p. and services they've been actively pushing the use of state approved and created b.p.'s users have to register to use them and explain why they need them the services guarantee me their privacy not anonymity and in a country where censorship is stringent i descend to scorched unsecure v.p.n. that come with beijing's seal of approval leave many people exposed. but it isn't just state sponsored or state approved the peons that have holes in their security with freebie. it's
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a case of download or is be there generally speaking users can't really trust. they may create a log of all the websites in visited and then sell them to a for particle haps an advertiser or another source of agency so a painful thing p.r. which is really the only way to actually do it's chilling is in some ways a luxury good it can cost anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00 to $20.00 a month to have this sort of additional security precaution that the vast majority of people probably are prepared to and pay for that being so the barrier of entry for v.p.n. says dramatically decrease you no longer have to be a technologist to use them you can download an app into reading. low powered android and that can provide a high level of protection as well. as have come a long way they would initially used just by large corporations to them they became the online tool of choice for journalists campaigners and political dissidents however as online tracking geo blocking web shutdowns at random and unsecured
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public web collections have increased the peons have become used in some of the most unexpected ways turkish internet users are technologically savy i would say young about the older generation and so are now parents teach their children how to access. to read can so that they can do their homework from turkey you know i've seen. students logging into a server in a different time zones that had to get their test results early or capon fans around the world like india korean servers that can vote for a favorite band in an online poll so some of the more esoteric cases are surprising when it comes to government and state blocs that is something that we've been seeing all around the world for the past decade and only continue to increase. and finally britain has a new prime minister and it's safe to say that not everyone is thrilled about the
1:45 pm
news but boris johnson can count on journalists like toby young cometh the hour cometh the man is a gushing 5000 word essay that young wrote about johnson on his student years his political career his so-called skill set even his physique the feedback on twitter ranged from its bizarre to disturbing to it reads like some erotic fantasy we asked you on what he made of that and he came back with a quotation from oscar wilde the one that goes there is only one thing in life worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about it will leave you now with some snippets from young's essay read by a voice artist so brace yourself see an x. time here at the listening post i 1st set eyes on boris johnson in the autumn of 1983 when we went up to oxford at the same time. with his huge mop of blonde hair his tire skew and his shirt escaping from his trousers he looked like an overgrown schoolboy yet with his imposing physical build his thick neck and his broad
1:46 pm
germanic forehead there was also something of nature's about him you could imagine him in later hose and wandering through the black forest with an axe over his shoulder looking for opus to kill this same combination a state of advanced a shovel mountain a sense of coiled strength of an almost tangible will to power was even more pronounced in his way of speaking in boris i finally encountered the real platonic ideal britain's veteran political commentators are for the most part pessimistic about boris's premiership the rational part of my brain is still full of doubts and uncertainties but it a more primitive level a level impervious to reason i cannot help but believe from the 1st moment i saw him i felt i was in the presence of someone special. the next 3 months will reveal whether that was a historical premonition or a soft illusion. in south korea around 2000000 dogs are
1:47 pm
eaten every year but now animal rights groups want the engine tradition taken off the menu when no one at least investigates korean darg friends. on our jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told we must feel guilty about how we're died last week and most of the mexico you know stay with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports they can move according to their mission their life it is a section al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring more room woodwind documentaries and allied news. on counting the cost this week south africa's debt laden companies need a bailout before they cripple the economy we'll take a look at taylor swift with big business over who owns her music plus we find out why radio and kurds are looking for work in both a new book. culture the cost on al-jazeera. america
1:48 pm
is divided like never before inside is so convinced that they are absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous people in power investigates how partisan politics are raiding the civil norms vital to american democracy every indicator shows america to be the least well functioning democracy of any establish democracy . one of the strange death of american civility on al-jazeera. i. was there was. 3 people are reported dead and many others injured in a shooting at a food festival in california. hello
1:49 pm
i'm single roman your challenges are life my headquarters here in doha also coming up at least 65 people are killed in northeastern nigeria in attacks carried out by suspected boko haram fighters also. hong kong city center under siege as police fired tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters and the opposition leader jailed for calling protests in moscow is rushed to hospital after suffering an acute allergic reaction. welcome to the program we begin with breaking news coming out of the u.s. certainly. 3 people have been killed in a shooting in california it happened at a food festival in the city of gilroy around 120 kilometers south of sub francisco here's the moment it happened.
1:50 pm
i watched someone. walked out almost like police uniform. just. started spraying rounds all around. me i was one of them want to be pieces of the climbing of the plane apart me. and started spreading and going across a field. he was going like place on like he wanted to get stuff done and they were. going to work on the hour i was working for. what happened there make sure.
1:51 pm
i heard at least 15 or 20. hours. after that i just had under the trailer and waited and. i was told i'm running and i ran. you know i had a coworker run up to me and he was with a column and he was like no we got to get in. and we all head in there and how we were going to be able to do what bridles our correspondent following about force for los angeles and of course we are expecting a police press conference shortly but this remains an active situation. that's right so and you can hear the shock and the fear in the voices of those eyewitnesses this event took place at a food festival in a small busy busy rural agricultural town called gilroy california you mentioned south of san francisco. about 42 kilometers from the sand or they according to
1:52 pm
our broadcast arc or n.b.c. network news 3 people have been killed and at least 12 injured we hope to get more information and more confirmation on the events from police when they do give their press conference so far they've been very sparing with any details i spoke to police dispatcher with the santa clara county sheriff's office just a few minutes before we went on air he said that it is considered an active crime scene at the moment so they are not giving out any information we do have some fragmentary reports from eyewitnesses. one eyewitness unconfirmed reports saying that bystanders tackle the gunman. nother a report from a local politician a city council member saying that the suspect was in police custody we don't know that for certain yet this festival draws thousands of people to
1:53 pm
every year many of them with children and you can see in the. radios from cell phones posted on twitter and elsewhere on social media the terror as people began trying to figure out what's going on and running away trying to shield their children from any harm now as i said we're waiting for the police to give us some more information but active reports from the scene indicated some people saying there was only one shooter others said there may have been more the police. they are considering this an active crime scene so they've been canvassing the area searching through the area i was in gilmore so just about a month or so ago for a story about the china trade tariffs issue and i can tell you it's it's a small pleasant town and it's certainly one of the last places you might think that something dreadful like this would happen but in the united states these days
1:54 pm
dreadful things happen just about everywhere and schools. rock concerts at synagogues and churches so while california has rather strict gun laws it is still possible to buy weapons here and it is a course possible to buy weapons elsewhere and carry them into the state of california so all many think still on answer at this moment but we do have from our broadcast partner again. word that 12 people are in hospitals and that is confirmed by the santa clara county health department and unfortunately the report is that at least 3 people have lost their lives in the shooting incident. and of course gilroy farms is a very popular a sort of an event as you say because it produces garlic and onions it's very popular for that scenario and they have a theme park around it based on those vegetables yet it's just off highway one
1:55 pm
between los angeles san francisco a great detail for a family certainly in the middle of the summer in the middle of the school holidays and that would be perhaps a concern about how many young people might have been at this event during this period of time. definitely a family event with rides and carnival type of tractions as well as the food and the garlic seemed a food item so yes it was a warm sunday late afternoon evening it was about 530 local time full daylight at several hours more than about 5 hours from go as we stand now but certainly this place would have been full of families. parents with young children grandparents perhaps and everyone having you know a good time out in the country and that was cut short by.
1:56 pm
some extreme violence and terror indeed we will of course continue to follow that active scenario. certainly join the press conference as and when it happens for the moment rob thank you thank you as many as 65 people have been killed in a suspected bucca rom attack on a funeral in nigeria it happened near the northeastern city of made a good 3 in bowling state president mohammed who bihari has condemned the attack and ordered a military operation to hunt down those responsible priyanka gupta has more. on these shod remains are what's left of what once was someone's home this village in northeast nigeria is now the sea off the last attack on civilians in the region this yeah the gunmen attacked mourners gathered for a funeral on saturday in the button that took them to get it yet it may take you
1:57 pm
into a. wendy if you look at the many people. i voted and it went up to them this is just the villages have gathered again this time to remember this staggering number of flights lost in just one day plus another kenyatta condone them. and said we're just going to interrupt this news bulletin to go straight over to california us the police spokesperson is now talking about that shooting in gilroy let's just listen in to what he has to say briefing followed by norm no more than 3 to 5 questions we are planning a press conference 1st thing tomorrow morning which will be pushed out via our social and digital media player here my name is captain pedro spinoza e.s.p. and 00 thank you.
1:58 pm
thank you all for being here. first let me say that. i want to express my. my extreme shock. and sadness for what has happened today. this is an active investigation. i want to ask for the thoughts and prayers of the community. as our police officers continue to investigate this tragic and senseless crime. also our thoughts and prayers are going out to. the victims and their families. we are. again continuing the investigation. we plan on being out here all night and as was said earlier there will be another.
1:59 pm
press conference tomorrow. as the investigation continues. our local law enforcement and their partners will investigate every aspect of this crime. and. later you will receive additional information. from the chief regarding reunification and ways for individuals to. to contact the city and reconnect with their loved ones all right thank you. you've just been listening the role of alaska he's the lawyer very short statement just saying that obviously they'll be a much fuller press conference given in the morning it's very late told sunday evening early monday morning in gilroy and of course before that it was the police
2:00 pm
senior police officer adrian spinoza let's just listen to another police officer. sure. this is one of those press conferences you never want to have to give in your community. you know it's sort of i have nightmare of the g.o.p. you never have to live in reality but unfortunately find ourselves in the circumstances where we have to live this way. i am going to give you some brief information with the information that i have right now we have literally dozens of officers working on this as we speak so a lot more information will be coming to light that evening and into the morning tomorrow if we have additional information to share or will will point out to our social media platforms. it will set up another press conference that we can share that information with you. this incident tonight started about 540.


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