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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 30  Al Jazeera  July 29, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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percent against a 45 percent for independence but just last week nicolas sturgeon wrote supporters johnson saying she would start preparations for a new independence referendum again and she knows that the whole idea his whole approach is unpopular boris johnson has little support here as an individual but more than vote the idea of a no deal break city is very unpopular scotland like northern ireland voted remain in the 2016 e.u. referendum and she's now able to say to the people of scotland well look at the way the future relationship with the e.u. is looking it might be a no deal it might harm our economy we might be looking at severe disruption and lots of people here starting to wonder whether that will sway the nationalist movement not just here in wales now we're seeing an opinion poll saying that the nationalist party there are the leading party in voting intentions in northern ireland people like the the nationalist party saying that moves towards
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a no deal it will strengthen their push for a united ireland of course things which the government in london certainly don't want to see thank you for having porting ny from hamburg. community groups in sudan say 6 protesters have been shot and killed by security forces to his work protesting against the findings of an investigation into last month's crackdown on a sit in outside on the headquarters in hard to miss sudan's military council is blaming a few rogue officers for the violence which the opposition says killed more than $100.00 people. demonstrators in guatemala are demanding the resignation of president jimmy morale is for signing a migration agreement with the united states the protests at the presidential palace followed fight is agreement and president trump threatening to impose tariffs on grass mylan exports the deal means migrants passing through guatemala must seek asylum in the central american country rather than continue on to the
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u.s. . in india hindu pilgrims looking for in light mints are flocking to a cave inside indian administered kashmir in growing numbers but environmentalist say the way staley's behind is threatening the environment charlotte betis has a story. of a high in the himalayan mountains an indian administered kashmir these 100 who grooms a travelling 14 kilometers of a hostile terrain they're heading for one of their fates holiest shrines inside ominous cave in past decades just a few 1000 pilgrims made the journey each year now this hundreds of thousands. i would pray at the cape that peace and tranquility should remain in our country and everyone should live in a brotherhood but the environmental costs are severe. but this is such a beautiful holy cave but programs have to listen to
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a picnic spot pilgrims should give a contribution towards the environment and prevent pollution there is not much waste management here rubbish is littered everywhere on this western tip of the himalayas locals have set up small restaurants and kitchens with lou. government regulation the waste they produce is dumped in glassy is streams in gorges it pollutes the tributaries that flow into the light and sound rivers kashmir's main water so it's then this the human waste the impact of. that number of polygamists undergo looted number of pilgrims into the system is that there are impact adverse impacts on every aspect of the ecosystem there and we have to keep in mind that this of course assumes very frail. but poverty here is pervasive and those supporting the programs say they need to make money outweighs the costs on my body as if the number of pilgrims is restricted and we don't work for these 3
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months it will have an impact on our livelihood we earn for only a few months and then must live off that for the rest of the year. the government believes it's doing enough to counteract any environmental damage we have a preview of the pilgrims we have welcomed them weird them o.b.l. we have educated them and every year he said that after the. good images over. the older groups will to top it was done and what so what garbage is there you're disconnected by the sideboard authorities and is disposed of we the shrine is only accessible for 6 weeks this year amid all this the weather will close in a date environmentalists here say conch come quick enough dallas al-jazeera. india's prime minister is hailing the latest count of why as an historic achievement the government says nearly 3000 are in tiger reserves nationwide that's
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a 30 percent increase in 4 years by poaching for chinese traditional medicine and habitat destruction remain major threats to the world's biggest banks are still ahead on the news hour in sports the weight lifted from venezuela who got very excited by the pan american strong reaction to the.
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this was his way home probably thank you very much the need to go to france champion again by now will dominate the years to come but according to the man that discovered him following the final ceremonial stage into paris he was congratulated
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by the team in the us both by royals for the man who sold but now to anyone else johnny savio gave the 22 year old his 1st major award for the italian team the only objective only so very well says the colombian is the best rider he's seen in 25 years and cycling is witnessing the start of the better now era era even something is colorable separator. i come back next year. trying to again i think you know you say for the moment i think you need to enjoy the moment you have a party celebrate. try and realize what he's achieved you know i think he's simply new storage facility very very important i think and i'm very very happy to help him achieve his goals well but no house from the small city kid on the place is ready for love with startling facts of the new tour de france champion. explains. well the level of excitement is just extraordinary here and see for the whole town
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again hundreds of people rode their bicycles from as far as the capital bogota to here and shared this story they at the 1st time that a colombian the 1st time that a latin american won the tour de france but they're now list also the youngest writer to win in more than a 100 years so you can imagine what all this means for a place like cuba and i recall cheryl towne him but not as many here comes from a family of well this means and still maybe it's true his humbleness is perseverance he made it to the pinnacle of the sport's we spoke to a number of cycling but these from the think it's just unbelievable that one of them made it to paris wearing that yellow jersey. for the sister this is a look we're happy so happy it's unbelievable he's a 22 year old that rode on our same streets with the same friends and we're seeing
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him now wearing the yellow jersey arriving at the shops elisei it's astonishing it gives us goose bumps our car away from the cycling sunday formula one german gold free will certainly live long in the memory rats won it was lewis hamilton final score a single point but it will be perhaps best remembered for an absolutely stunning drive by the. reports. in formula one where it can mean wild and the incident packed german chrome pre-surgery provided plenty of distraction from the rain a slippery hockenheim track drivers in a spin in tearing red bulls max to stop and wait to do this so far as here. in the pits the teams worked overtime to find the right tie is with the changing conditions. but drivers still have a problem staying on track for always charlotte clerk was one of them and say these victory hopes unravelled when posted to lewis hamilton spun twice before teammate
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valtteri bottas came up completely ending his race in the wall. out in front much the staff and kept a cool head to win his 2nd race of the season and ferrari sebastian vettel drove an incredible race from last place to finish 2nd in front of his home crowd had a little moment that made a nice 36 years it was nice and joined up but of course to come out on top here it was all about trying not to make too many mistakes and he really tricky conditions but it was amazing to where it was oh right i mean at some stage felt like and there was a lot of fun it's very tough but the conditions very tough to read what's that the smartest move but. yeah i'm just happy to stop and swim leaves him 3rd in the championship standings but despite all the ups and downs of the race hamilton still leads a half way stage of the season joining us on just. 3 worth at hockenheim or more as
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a one also wet conditions at the u.s. outlet it's trouble chips in our iowa but that didn't stop dahlia mahomet's mashing the world record for the 400 meter hurdles running in line full knowledge as you can see it right up to stagger all the athletes outsider and he finished while playing all of the field from janet in the remarkable 52.20 seconds that 0.14 seconds. faster than the previous best interest that you lived back in 2003 rushes into kino and i decide you want to watch the world athletics championships in doha tell your patients and. just. do. whatever they find american gangs in peru the u.s. women's gymnastics team won gold despite the absence of main stuff in mind but now doubt about that while the celebrations of the day they come from venezuela why if the genesis of rodriguez have a look at this is the moment she took gold in the 55 kilogram event at the site
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this park place. i. have a chart for you just keep on coming for the world's best golfer brooks kept this time he's won the st jude invitational in memphis he shot a round of 65 to win by 3 shots with his playing pollard rory mcilroy never really mounting a serious challenge on the final day kept his 3rd victory on the p.g.a. tour to go with his 4 majors which is one of less than 2 years to get there with a stick of $1700000.00 and a $2000000.00 bonus for winning the regular season. also somewhere you guys that can't get to reach the hearts of tom watson who is now officially played his last hall of competitive golf. after a long and illustrious career which featured 8 major victories golfing great hold out for the last time at the senior open championship in england 6 weeks prior to the 70th he says he no longer has the tools in the tool box to be competitive
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15 are open championships 3 masters and the one usa. it's amazing i just look back at it. that's a lot of golf over a period of time but that's just a passage and there will be others. play great golf an excited crowd well considering the theme of major way to south korea's gin young cars clinched her 2nd major of the season too far the final round 67 to win the evian championship in france by 2 strikes are also one the inspiration in. our coverage of the teenage star who burst onto the scene at wimbledon is out of again the 15 year old american who's qualified for the city art in washington it's the 1st time in her career that she's reached the main draw of a singles event became the youngest woman since 9091 to reach the 2nd week of wimbledon the teen idol losing to eventual winner simona halep in the last 16
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that's more later on thank you very much for that that's it for this news. to stay with us. thanks so much. going behind the scenes of one of mexico's most love soaps using fiction to mirror the struggles of real life. this week the story line focuses on the bridge bays if systematic violence in mexican society and issues close to home for the producers and actors alike as they struggle to portray in fiction the maquis face of reality
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so clocks mexico every day maffia on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks it has long campaigned against what it calls attempts to undermine the state of israel from within. with detailed coverage called power being replaced by an equal friendly plants all over the world environmentalist fear the pulse of what's going to. from around the world those doubts is just as visible on the ground than on the surface and under all. america is divided like never before inside is so convinced that they're absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous people in power investigates how partisan politics are raiding the civil norms vital to american democracy every indicator shows america to be the least well functioning democracy of any establish democracy
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. one of the strange death of american civility on al-jazeera. i know. that you know. some other like. beijing describes weeks of protest in hong kong as horrendous and says they've severely damaged the rule of law. and how he did this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up nigeria's president orders the army to hunt down gunman who killed at least 65 people at a funeral. please. 3
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people are shown that the u.s. food festival police say a suspect has also been killed. and after years of war we'll look at iraq's efforts to revive its creaking oil industry. a challenge to the rule of law that side of the chinese government has described weeks of protests in hong kong beijing has reiterated its support for the territories leader kerry lamanna in rare public comments after another night of street battles in the city a chinese government spokesman says the demonstrations are no longer peaceful and cannot be tolerated. we call on all the people in hong kong regardless of their social backgrounds to unequivocally oppose and boycott
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violence the recent developments especially the acts of violence by a small number of radical elements have seriously undermined the broad interests of hong kong for prosperity and stability they pose a serious challenge to the rule of law and public order in hong kong and to life and property of hong kong residents they've also crossed the red line of the principle of one country 2 systems and by no means should be tolerated here sarah clarke has the latest from hong kong. well is a rare appearance by china's top policy office which oversees hong kong's state of the fear is they've condemned these violent protests and so that they far exceeded the scope tolerated by the chinese authorities they said beijing fully supports kerry land whose hong kong's chief executive said china will not allow hong kong to undermine or be used as a platform to undermine china it said china will stick to that one country 2 systems policy but it's urgent call for hong kong to punish those people behind all
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those protesters behind the weeks of violent clashes we've seen here in hong kong that have lasted for about 2 months and now we also have more demonstrations planned this week the pro-democracy groups have said they will go ahead with these rallies despite china's calls to end the demonstrations we've got tomorrow a strike tomorrow being choose say here in hong kong the mass transport. which is the empty outran railway system it mobilizes millions of people here in hong kong there are strikes planned for the morning during peak hour we also have more protests and a rally planned for friday saturday and sunday and the government's response is they're prepared to potentially mobilize their own anti right vehicles which have not been used as yet and they were commissioned back in the occupy hong kong protests which paralyze parts of the city back in 2014 those particular vehicles could be deployed if this violence and if these clashes continue to escalate. well
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tom grundy is editor in chief and founder of hong kong free press and independent publication he says beijing will continue to take a hands off approach on hong kong's political crisis. it's very rare that this office would speak out or have a press conference rather in fact it's the 1st time since the 1907 handover usually beijing's tentacles operate and in more shadowy ways in hong kong but their statement basically reiterated what they've been saying for some time saying that they hope on congress will oppose violence uphold the rule of law and end the political conflict the red line we always hear about is this notion of sedition or the probing dependence movement and certainly when when activists through income the chinese and when this was seen as a challenge to chinese sovereignty but these murmurs of military involvement we've been hearing lately there's no real proof of that happening any time soon if anything the police have other toys that they can break out to suppress these
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protests such as water cannon so now it seems to me from their press conference that they're going to continue to be hands off and allow hong kong to handle this having said that the local governments have been pretty absence if this was a any of the city you might be seeing daily briefings on the situation meetings with protesters or reactions to what's going on but we seem to be stuck in this loop whereby there are escalating protests that we can see there will be some condemnation by the government and the police and then they tend to disappear for days on end and you don't see any of the officials until there is yet more protest as we go into the following weekend. nigeria's president turns ordered the army to hunt down gunman who killed at least $65.00 people in the north eastern borno region the victims had been attending a funeral there's been no claim of responsibility but boko haram and a rival armed group regularly carriers attacks in this part of the country priyanka
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gupta reports. these shard remains are what's left of what once was someone's home this village in northeast nigeria is now the scene of the worst attack on civilians in the region this year gunmen attacked mourners gathered for a funeral on saturday in the battle that took them the day yet images acute into a. one day he will remain if you will. but. then they went up to the city children the villagers have gathered again this time to remember the staggering number of lives lost in just one day plus another coming out to khandala them arjun said is sympathise with the palm of his on me all of my talents in pune i do is dump. them to not of those a 1000000 pomalyst they are deported to top it does leave out of the last no one
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has claimed responsibility for the attack but the armed group is suspected to be behind saturday's carnage local government officials say armed villages fought of a boko haram ambush 2 weeks ago 11 fighters were killed preston mahmoud abbas hari has ordered the air force and army to hunt down the attackers. borno state is the epicenter of the armed rebellion by boko her arm tens of thousands of people have been killed millions have been displaced after 10 years of violence book on her arm has been largely driven out of the areas they once held. but the attacks continue and this time. even funerals have not been spared priyanka dar al jazeera doctors in sudan say 5 protesters have been shot and killed
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by security forces activists were protesting against the findings of an investigation into last month's crackdown on a sit in demonstration sudan's military council is blaming a few rogue officers for the violence which the opposition says killed more than $100.00 people. meanwhile the vice president of sudan's transitional military council is seeking support from neighboring egypt it's the 3rd visit by representatives of sudan's military jensen in 3 months general mohammed comes on his visit to carlo follows a visit to sit on where this all comes as talks on a pair or sharing agreements between military leaders and opposition groups has been postponed to tuesday. yes police have shot dead a gunman after he killed 3 people as a food festival in california police in the city of gilroy south of san francisco are looking for a motive vance a potential 2nd suspect 15 people needed hospital treatment for injuries some critical stephanie decker has more but. it took
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awhile for the reality to sink in. the unmistakable sound of gunfire at a popular food fair the 3 day gilroy garlic festival in the small city south of san jose. really scary i was i couldn't run anymore and i thought he's coming behind me and i'm going to get hit because i can run anymore those of a burst of supers like he was really like you reloaded i don't know how many maybe . maybe 15 each time i don't know those rapids that's a section so. pretty severe did you see the shooter or did you hear anybody who did see them i didn't see him the woman that jumped in the back of the truck with me she saw and so that he he was in fatigues and he had a machine gun the shooting started just after half past 5 in the evening police say
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the gunman cut through a fence to gain access to the festival grounds officers confronted him within a minute of him starting to shoot they say and he is now dead and we have one suspect we know that is down right we have some witnesses reporting that there may have been a 2nd suspect but we don't know if that says backwards encaged in any shooting or whether they may have been in some sort of a support role for that person that we have accounted for there is still no motive no more detail on who the gunman was or why he opened fire on people enjoying a food fair on a late summer afternoon but these kinds of shootings are becoming a regular occurrence in the united states they've happened at a music. 1st of all in schools places of worship offices and shopping malls this latest incident may again reignite the debate about gun control and gun rules in the u.s. program with a powerful gun lobby most people don't expect anything to change stephanie decker
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al-jazeera. presents foreign secretary has warned iran it must follow international rules if then dominic's robb's words it will succumb it's off the dark his t.v. interview coincides with the arrival in the gulf of h.m.s. duncan the destroyer is joining a british frigate sea sports u.k. flying vessels in the strait of hormuz the protection force was ordered after iran's revolutionary guard captures a british isles tanker 10 days ago. while iran's negotiator says sunday's emergency meeting in vienna over the fate of the nuclear deal was constructive but it's a bus iraq she says iran will continue to reduce its nuclear commitments if europe fails to salvage the packs the remaining european signatories have been trying to keep it is alive after the u.s. withdrew last year in the past one month we had several developments. regarding the implementation of the aegis if your way some of them was regarding.
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you know the duction of. commitments which reported by the. i.a.e.a. and also we have some complaints about. you know proper implementation of the missiles by the other side i mean the europeans in particular well after the meeting iran accused person of breaching the nuclear deal by seizing one of its all time because of to prosser earlier this month so iran says under the agreements it's entitle to export all without any restrictions but britain says the iranian tanker breach to ease sanctions against syria. iraq's government wants to see a big increase in oil production makes up 90 percent of the country's revenue but years of war and new environmental challenges are making it difficult to attract vital international investments some of binge of aid reports from the in all fields . be the engineers are practicing how to respond when.


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