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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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for people who have been traumatized over a long period of time 10 years and then something was may seem that the situation is over or the bad days are over and then but quite unpopular again for them it's difficult to deal with their living day by day through this mess that is unfolding in the northeast of nigeria and elsewhere in nigeria one soldier has been killed and 5 others injured in an attack on military forces fighting. the military is blaming isolate for the attack which happened near lake chad a spokesman said around 30 isis fighters were involved in the raid 10 of whom were killed. still ahead on the bulletin supporters of kremlin critic. poison. day in prison and iraq's government starts a plan to attract investment. industry.
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looks like a tropical storm is developing possibly becoming something more than that you can't see very much yet in the cloud but this is the area to watch and that's where the energy is coming out of the atmosphere otherwise what's happening in china not a lot in you know and we've seen flooding in sichuan we see in flooding i think we'll see that kerio but this circulation they were comes in rather something rather more import does it drifts slowly up through the south china sea with the edge rain and wind catching hong kong on wednesday there where it goes after that i don't know but it does look quite significant does it not however there the rains the seas no rains are still on the higher ground it western china running up to some parts of the yangtze and the same time we've got more activity in the monsoon clothes just fading in now is the current picture of the satellite and you see
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a good part of india's covered not so much the northeast or buying today so this is a concentrating area we've seen flooding in russia stan recently quite surprisingly you wouldn't think the much rain there but there you go this is for the next couple of days a much more pleasing shot of monsoon rain is slow progress and it's throwing off all its west brom a vast amount of cloud over amman and the empty quarter in saudi. because this week south africa is late companies need a bailout before they cripple the economy we'll take a look at taylor swift with big business over who owns her music plus we find out why radio kurds are looking for work at both of. the cost 00.
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it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories saddam's opposition has called for more protests over the killing of activists in north kordofan state doctors and 8 people including 4 students were shot dead by security forces during a demonstration they were protesting against the findings of an investigation into last month's crackdown by the military judge. china's government has reiterated its support for hong kong leader carry land following weeks of mass protests the hong kong policy office in beijing says the demonstrations are
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a challenge to the rule of law and britain's prime minister isn't backing down from his that ultimatum to that during his visit to scotland that is despite fierce opposition and talk of another independence referendum in scotland boss johnston's told is that you know only discuss breaks that when they are ready to shift their position. now missing the airport in libya's capital tripoli has stopped all the air traffic off to be. by rocket fire the attacks took place as a plane was preparing to take off bound for to nazir mexico is the only working airport in tripoli it has been attacked several times since april now the united nations security council has been discussing the ongoing violence in libya fightings increased around tripoli after warlord khalifa haftar has libyan national army launched a new offensive against the u.n. recognize government our diplomatic editor james bays has more from the united nations the u.n. special representative just sons the law says that for months now after the start
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of the offensive by general haftar he sees 2 big risks one is an ongoing low intensity conflict or even worse an escalation into out right war that's why he's come up with this new plan. will be declared food aid to other. which would fall on or about or with the dense the drews should be accompanied accompanied by confidence building measures between the 2 include the exchange of prisoners the release of those i've literally been deigned to order back that and exhaustion change of more to live in me so that's the truce and he wants that truce to be followed by a meeting of all concerned countries to get international support for the way forward in libya i'm very he wants a meeting of all the key libyan personalities to come together he says that he
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hopes that he can get the consensus that he thought was merely being built ahead of the plans national conference that never took place because of course the start of that offensive by general huffed. strikes are intensifying in syria's edna province despite a u.n. warnings that war crimes are being committed 8 civilians have been killed in the latest round of fighting and the bombings have left few hospitals to treat the engine and say the hall has more from montauk and turkey near the syrian border. the intensive care unit is full of the war wounded this remote filled russian backed syrian government offensive in northwest syria has left at least 2000 men women and children with injuries many of them severe and there aren't many hospitals still operating in the rebel held province of it lip that's because health facilities have been destroyed in airstrikes that international aid agencies say seem to be targeted attacks in breach of international humanitarian law. there
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leading clear think of the number of the civilian injured is coming to us and we cannot call wizzy this number of base and because this number is there being pleasing and the kinds of injuries is different. and something like one year old jada but there we are. now maimed for life civilians medical workers and health centers have all been targeted in the offensive the strategy appears to put pressure on the opposition support base in an attempt to force the rebels to surrender. after almost 8 weeks of military operations the syrian regime has been able to retrieve parts are huge chunks of the demilitarized zone and if not they have proven to be quite inefficient and holding ground so after 8 weeks they've been only able to get around 1.5 percent of the demon try still on the other hand
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opposition's been able to get 30 square kilometer of areas that were under regime control. it's not clear if the hind the scenes negotiations between the backers of the warring sides russia and turkey are responsible for the changes on the ground but for the 1st time in weeks syrian government troops advanced into rebel held territory in northern hama they reversed the opposition's gains and this time without facing much resistance. is military support to the rebels is believed to be behind the repeated failures by the pro-democracy alliance to take ground this gave turkish officials leverage over russia which recently used its own card by intensifying bombardment of civilian areas the question is whether a compromise has now been reached ahead of a new round of syria peace talks between russia turkey and iran later this week in the capital nor silt on the opposition says the ceasefire needs to be revived in
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its lid before there can be any progress on the political front that troops can't come soon enough for the syrians in the rebel held province who have already lost so much so now for their own untucked. to iraq now the government wants to see a big increase in oil production more than 90 percent of the country's revenue comes from oil and gas but years of war and new environmental challenges are making it difficult to attract why all international investment a solid been reports from the large through an oil field. these engineers are practicing how to respond to an emergency involving the hazardous each to escape us . they work at the central processing facility of the mage known oil field in southern iraq what makes their operations unique is that after oil joined shell left iraqis took over and for the 1st time they were running oil and gas extraction on their own. after shell pulled out and 2018 bus for oil company
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took charge with the same standards and criteria bus company in cooperation with other consulting companies also proved that it has the ability to manage much oil field despite the challenges that we face. one of those challenges a splitting from marshlands around the mage noon field this oil is below the nearly 5 metre high flood waters around the united mental risks mean new oil grid general rule need to be elevated engineers say they have been able to reinforce dikes but one flooding could submerge their operation much new means crazy in arabic some say the name is in reference to the large amount of oil in one location the result of an estimated 38000000000 barrels this field produces 240000 barrels a day and that capacity is expected to go up to 450000 in 3 years the company says it's able to find investors even when the world is moving towards alternative energy sources there is no and the risk for investment in iraq iraq is very
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respectful of government. and the company. even with a shortage in financing and 201-425-2015 here are committed to. cost our budget within the. time when they invest when they buy and the cost back their payment after 3 months 0 in the state. of their main. for you. to fortify. the oil companies know that iraq is coming out of years of war the recent crisis in the gulf increases risk and baghdad needs investment sources within the oil ministry told out there that some companies want to use that to their advantage. names i don't want to mention names but. i am
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a firm believer and 11 the relationship that come up to blackmail us and we don't want to twist their arms that our partner nuts and we want to have good relations but on the other hand we are monitoring that activity is watching that cause we have managed to reduce the costs of. course but but will you see the tours hiking up both with time because decreased iraq plans to expand its overall oil production to 5 and a half 1000000 barrels per day but as a member of the oil exporting countries of opec it has to reduce its oil output iraq's economy is hinged on oil and faces a tough balancing act the government has to generate much needed revenue while abiding by opec agreements which i'm a big driver down to 0 much oil field near iraq's border with iran. the lawyer for a russian opposition leader says his client was poisoned and prisoner of ali's doctor says he was suffering from a severe ration of the sentence caused by an unknown chemical substance
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a high profile kremlin critic was taken to hospital on sunday he was serving a 30 day sentence after calling for demonstrations in moscow on saturday where more than a 1000 people were detained almost assured that there were nearly everything has been done to removed so the nothing is seen he has been injected prednisolone in huge amounts of course to demonize practically gone but what is next or how does the body react is unknown this is a poisoning by some unknown chemical substance what it is where it was nobody can tell now has not been determined for now. i urge my colleagues that he should be left under medical supervision for at least 3 more days when the key tests and research is ready however sadly by order from above he was just discord by police to the detention room. now facing allegations of racism donald trump has attacked the us civil rights leader reverend al sharpton the president fired off new tweets
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just hours before sharpton was due to speak in baltimore the mostly black city trump is derived as a rodent infested mess out of one tweet reads i've known al for 25 years as a con man a troublemaker always looking for score must have intimidated comcast n.b.c. hates whites and cops can really help it has the latest from washington d.c. . u.s. president donald trump is defending his criticism of the city of baltimore the congressman that represents in the lives of cummings his latest tweet now attacking civil rights leader reverend al sharpton in the city of baltimore as well as bernie sanders a democratic presidential candidate who the president claims has also criticized baltimore in the past the question becomes why is the president doing this now well it's no secret that democrats have been criticizing donald trump since day one of
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his presidency alija cummings the congressman is share of a very powerful committee investigating the president as at times been participating in discussions about potential impeachment it appears the president is swinging back as part of a political strategy in order to try and win the 2020 alexion he already knows that cities like baltimore other cities he's criticized in the past like chicago are typically liberal strongholds they do not for the most part like donald trump they do not support his platform so he has in terms of political strategy donald trump has nothing to lose and everything to gain by criticizing these cities it appears to galvanize his base particularly in rural areas and this is an electoral strategy that helped donald trump win in 2016 and it appears will potentially he believes
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helped him win in 2020. now growing numbers of one is a flocking to a cave in and in administered kashmir on their annual pilgrimage environmentalist the waste then even behind shallow ballast reports. high in the himalayan mountains an indian administered kashmir these 100 pilgrims a traveling 14 kilometers of a hostile terrain they hitting one of their fates holiest shrines inside ominous cave in past decades just a few 1000 pilgrims made the journey each year now these hundreds of thousands. i would pray at the cape that peace and tranquility should remain in our country and everyone should live in a brotherhood but the environmental costs are severe. me already here this is such a beautiful holy cave but pogrom september sent to a picnic spot pilgrims should give a contribution towards the environment and prevent pollution there is not much
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weiss management here rubbish is littered everywhere on this western tip of the himalayas locals have set up small restaurants and kitchens with little government regulation the waste they produce is dumped in glassy is streams in gorges it pollutes the tributaries that flow into the light and sound rivers kashmir's main water so it's then this the human waste the impact of. that number of polygamy is undergone looted number of pilgrims in the system is that there are impacts adverse impacts on every aspect of the ecosystem there and we have to keep in mind that this of course assumes very frail. but poverty here is pervasive and those supporting the programs say they need to make money outweighs the costs on my body as if the number of pilgrims is restricted and we don't work for these 3 months it will have an impact on our livelihood we earn for only
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a few months and then must live off that for the rest of the year. the government believes it's doing enough to counteract any environmental damage we have a preview of the bill welcomed them read them or we are to be have to get rid of them and every year. that after the. bill good images will work. all the groups are visited and what sort of garbage is the earth does collected by the board authorities and is disposed of. the shrine is only accessible for 6 weeks this year by mid august the weather will close in a date environmentalist's hearsay can't come quick enough charlotte dallas 0. hello again album is a problem and are hard with the headlines on al-jazeera saddam's opposition has called for more protests over the killing of activists in north kordofan state
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doctors in sudan say 8 people including 4 schoolchildren were killed by security forces who opened fire on a demonstration they were protesting against the findings of an investigation into last month's crackdown by the military jointer. in other news the chinese government has reiterated its support for hong kong's lead to carry lamb following weeks of mass protests beijing's top office on hong kong policy also called for the violence to stop after another night of street battles in the city but pro-democracy groups have the government did not address any of their issues britain's prime minister has told leaders that he'll discuss breck said only when they are ready to shift their position and if they don't bars johnson says oppression believe the e.u. without a deal is as it in scotland for the 1st time as prime minister. my sumption is that we can get a new deal work aiming for a new deal but of course michael is absolutely right that it's responsible for any
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government to prepare for no deal if we absolutely have to match the message i've been getting across to our european friends that there is big incentive on both sides to get this thing done and we're going to come out deal although deal october the 31st medical airport in libya's capital tripoli has stopped all air traffic after being hit by rocket fire the attacks took place as a plane was preparing to take off message as the only working airport entropy and it has been attacked several times since april the nigerian president has ordered a military operation to hunt down suspected gunman who attacked a funeral at least 65 people were killed near my degree the capital of borno state in the northeast the lawyer a russian opposition leader alexina romney says he's been poisoned with an unknown chemical while in prison and on these doctors says he's been released from hospital
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and is being taken back to jail the opposition leader was hospitalized on sunday with signs of an acute allergy he's been serving a 30 day sentence those are the headlines counted the cost is next. hello i'm adrian finighan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week south africa's debt laden companies are too big to fail without a bailout could cripple the economy. from paul mccartney to taylor swift we say can
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look at the decades old struggle by artists to control their work. and job seekers in iraq only they're not iraqis we find out how us sanctions against iran are forcing people to cross the border in the hunt for jobs. south africa has a problem some of its biggest state owned companies pose a threat to the economy due to the huge debts chief executives have resigned frustrated by red tape or have been fired due to corruption and president still run oppose the recently one another with the help of powerful unions has shelved plans to fix problem companies now if the state was to step in to bail out 2 of the biggest firms power company eskom imports operate a trans net government debt would shoot up from 57 percent to 68 percent of g.d.p. as coma said it doesn't need a 3rd of its $48000.00 employees and for unions and run opposed that's a problem south africa's unemployment rate is at 27 percent with or without
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a bailout power blackouts in march were behind south africa's economy contracting in the 1st 3 months of the year eskom has been given an extra 4.9. $1000000000.00 to keep operating and to pay down some of its debts transnet which runs the company's ports and rail freight is also at the center of numerous corruption allegations from overpaying for locomotives to paying advisory fees for non-existent businesses south african airways which employs $5700.00 people is another company that's been without a chief executive for the last few months in his resignation letter c o o. complained that his plans to turn around the last making airline were undermined by a lack of funding he'd requested $1500000000.00 well there's little prospect of the government allowing the big state firms to fail as that would damage the economy but right now a high profile commission is looking into alleged rampant state corruption presided
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over by former president jacob zuma al-jazeera has reports. presidents all wrong a person came into office promising to fight corruption last year president jacob zuma resigned under a cloud of corruption scandals which filtered down to government departments and officials the government has since set up a commission of inquiry to investigate those allegations well revelations around corruption at state owned companies have shocked south africans critics are concerned that the inquiry won't amount to any prosecutions with zuma at one point withdrawing from the inquiry saying he was under attack well run more poor so says corruption should be tackled the public protector a corruption watchdog accuse the president of lying to parliament about a $35000.00 campaign donation he received when he was running for president of the african national congress the president says the public protector's report is
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unfounded and is taking her to court meanwhile the public protector is there when kabbani is facing increasing criticism especially after the constitutional court in another case read that she'd lied under oath and go bonnie has been accused of undermining reporters fight against corruption and parliament has indicated it may investigate a competency for many south africans for straighted by the extent of corruption the fight against it appears to be overshadowed by the fight for power for many an unnecessary distraction the chairman of this comes board job who testified at the commission of inquiry saying the power utility was the main theater we can rupture an in-state capture taken place much of this comes woes are related to a $42000000.00 payment to a coal company which was owned by the gupta family friends of jacob zuma the
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national energy regulator says political meddling and corruption as a. of the reasons that the power utility is in crisis is going to struggling with more than $31000000000.00 a day it needs government intervention to continue operating officials at state owned rail company transit of also being accused of corruption with employees they implicated in the payment of kickbacks and media reports say millions of dollars were paid on contracts that went to china south and china in north wales according to the bureau for research economic research and design was leaders ship south africa's economy lost $70000000000.00 analysts say under jacob zuma political decisions were made that negatively affected the economy the south african rand tanked and investors sold of 93000000 dollars worth of government bonds allegations of corruption have been made against government owned companies from the state
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broadcaster to the national airline now hoping to aid the fight against corruption a government units in sets up to include lifestyle towards of public officials for all its will test whether the lifestyle of an employee is in line with their income while the president has made promises to turn things around many still wonder if there is still a lack of political will specially given the extent to which the governing a.n.c. may be implicated from either miller counting the cost to him as well let's talk more about some of the challenges facing south africa right now joining us from london peter out i've been told peter is the head of capital markets research at south africa based in teletext good to have you with us peter so south african airways trans net many of south africa's state owned firms facing huge financial and management troubles just how much of a threat to they and others pose to south africa's economy and massive buildup of
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financial stress of the state owned. enterprises and you can always tell when the back is about to stop when people stop paying wages and that's when finally things start happening normally in terms of bailouts in terms of hopefully some semblance of reform but each month now we have a number of an s.o.s. who are basically trying and then sometimes failing to pay wages in full and hence now we have money coming forward from the budget which is going to be bailing out a number of the us always most notably has come they've given an extra $26000000000.00 rand this year and they've been around next year about $4900000000.00 in order to keep the show on the road and ensure their house going concern there in the old it is the sign of the accounts which will come out next week so a lot of these are so he's really right on the edge and requiring significant amounts of taxpayer support president ronald poser wants to split into 3 given all
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that you've just said why does the not appears to be the political will to see that through well this is actually the point is it is it policy or not to do this on bundling into different entities it's certainly been a presidential proclamation from various speeches but actually it's not widely accepted across government even even within cabinets there are there are restrictions being put on this trying to redefine its meaning as basically ideological and also personality and ego battles come to the fore between different cabinet ministers and so that's really the worry here is we need to have movement on this unbundling is shown to work globally to help. energy companies and state electricity companies in distress and we need actual movement for there's basically no other option apart from to do this and it will be further stressed further low setting for the blackouts that means to come i think before we really see movement on that front in the next year or so but these companies really too big to fail should the government therefore the taxpayer keep having to rescue them what about
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the option of privatizing them south african airlines for instance i mean surely that's right for privatization. what we have to split i think in the too big to fail argument as come on the one hand keeping the lights on member as calm is producing 90 percent of all the tryst in south africa is simply not an option not to having it to fill out role that is too big to fail and hence political games ideological games can be played around it but none of the others i would say are too big to fail and say indeed should be allowed to go into business rescue basically insolvency process which would allow the best bits to be cherry picked off there is a certain amount of interest in some of the assets of essay by the private sector setting as a whole the whole entity has a huge number of issues particularly on a technical department they said we don't know the number of you widgets and other things that they have to say much corruption over the years but there is some interesting again ideological blockages where some parts of government are happy for that to be the minority stakes in things like i say but not the majority of
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stakes there any particular strategic investor would really look for to have control to be able to turn around those entities by having management control but you talk about the political will 57 percent at the moment of g.d.p. is is what south africa's debt is running as the government simply can't afford to keep rescuing these as we said we were when will reality bites so this is the fascinating thing we're working with investors on the moment and you know discussions with government and others as well is we're in a sort of very strange slow moving story and there are a number of reasons for this the 1st is there are exchange controls in place in south africa still one of the few countries really to restrict or developed market countries to to actually really restrict investors in what they can do so the large amount of capital trapped on shore that means people have to buy government bonds the equity markets underperform so much people are buying a lot of government bonds and also remember the lack of blackouts now since march
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as well has taken the pressure off slightly there those blackouts are likely to come back through the end of august probably into september so there has to. and so the weird mix of carbon is not forget as well with the federal reserve cutting about to cut rates the e.c.b. as well global market sentiment and this sort of pushback from markets as well as also be more muted maybe that would otherwise have been so this has allowed some breathing space but ultimately you know the end point is still inevitable because as we heard south africa's former president jacob zuma is giving evidence to the commission set up to investigate corruption allegations during his time in office the inquiry into states can show just how damaging has all of this been this process even for south africa and its economy so the zonda commission process is fascinating and has taken a long time it's going to be going on probably for another year at least and then more time while they actually produce or a natural report and there's been
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a lot of criticism of the commission they have taken relatively easy lines on the knee of the witnesses that have appeared you know the process it has gone relatively slowly but that the zoomer appearance of all those on the commission was fascinating yet the general consensus rightly say was that a lot of what he said was completely sort of you know out of kilter with reality and with the truth of what's happened in south africa but actually his purpose of appearing that was ultimately political and was focused within the a.n.c. and on those terms actually i think he was quite successful in terms of driving a wedge was his desire inside the party and so i think you have to treat him very carefully and ultimately a lot of this stuff is internally focused within the a.n.c. and that internal focus means that they can be distractions from dealing with some of the big issues the structural forms the u.s. always except through great to talk to pieces many thanks for being with us and counting the cost. per rock imports $12000000000.00 worth of iranian gas and goods every year while baghdad has
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a 3 month waiver from washington to continue buying iranian exports that are concerns about the economic impact for both nations once sanctions kick in already many iranian kurds are crossing the.


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