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in that area in that report something that was not you know. appointed boko haram as. they can for 40 attacks that is to gather food. animals from the groups if that is. the village just decided to seize that attack and they were able to inflict a heavy casualty on the book. killing 10 members of the world and collecting 10 summer apples from them which was going to be handed over the office to the police now it is this attack i think that boko haram came to. their communities who might think. into some defense to defend themselves. a challenge to the rule of law that's how china's government has described weeks of protests in hong kong beijing has reiterated its support for the terror translated carry lamb and rare public comments after another night of street battles in the city sarah clarke reports from hong kong. after weeks of mass rallies and violent confrontations between
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police and protesters beijing's chief policy officer managing hong kong's affairs had this response. we call on all the people in hong kong regardless of their social backgrounds to unequivocally oppose in boycott violence the recent developments especially the acts of violence by a small number of radical elements have seriously undermined the broad interests of hong kong for prosperity and stability. this is the 1st time china's state council has responded to the demonstrations prompted originally by a proposed new extradition to the office bax hong kong government wants protests to stop and behind the violence to be punished they pose a serious challenge to the rule of law and public order in hong kong and to life and property of hong kong residents they've also crossed the red line of the principle of one country 2 systems. and by no means should be tolerated. the
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extradition law would have allowed people from hong kong to be sent to the mainland to stand trial that bill has been suspended but the anger has deepened and widened into a broader movement with calls for greater democracy in hong kong and chief executive kerry lamb to resign the state council have the right to appoint and this me is the chief executive and the state's callisto had just. to do so that means that of course we're very disappointed and also it means that the say council refilled strang knowledge what is happening in hong kong and what is the root cause of. the whole extradition bill campaign and what home people need hong kong was a city under siege over the weekend there were dozens of arrests and many injured as police and protesters clashed after intense standoff china's yaser office in the former british territory despite calls to abandon the protests pro-democracy groups
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are defiant refusing to withdraw all the demands this week there are more rallies planned parts of the city's trying system on strike on tuesday and pro-democracy groups are holding demonstrations on friday and over the weekend it's a deepening political crisis that's yet to be resolved sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. now stephen bonds is a political commentator and author of hong kong china's new colony and he says the rallies are clear display of hong kong struggle against a beijing's influence. this is the great cry for hong kong to be allowed to have the autonomy that it was promised in 1997 when it was handed out from british control people here seem to feel that that looks on me as being eroded almost by the day and when the extradition will came up people said oh my god this is something to do with the rule of law which is absolutely cause value of tongue and
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that's going to go to so i think what people are essentially saying is look let's do our best to preserve what is left of hong kong's old on me and then we get on to the details of what that means but there's that overwhelming feeling that hong kong is being dragged into. incorporation into what after all is a communist dictatorship i think what. is in the back of everybody's mind is already you have a government that more or less only answers to beijing it doesn't have the people and there's this clinging to this code that everything that was promised before the hand might possibly be realised free elections you actually have a legislature that speculated that sort of thing i mean these are quite ambitious objectives in the context of a chinese state run by a very very oxford area leader in president xi xing to me. still ahead on the
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bottom but not enough hospitals to treat the wounded syrian government airstrikes on the rebel held in the province destroying much needed healthcare facilities and supporters of kremlin critic lexan obama say he was poisoned during his latest stay in prison. helo's a little front of colder air coming down across the caspian that you just about see it running through turkmenistan and ahead of it the air is to quite warm in touch qantas to 38 degrees and maybe showers developing if you're lucky but most likely stay dry since sort of temperature regime down towards terra and of the sea otter down the rock temperatures very thing start to rise in once more the next day or so and always cool for the west you are at least it close to the coast now there are changes afoot for the science the show will disappear on tuesday you've got
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a strengthening southwesterly so therefore if it's in certainly the clouds pretty extensive through amman and it runs up through yemen it's a good part of western saudi arabia now around you from tuesday to wednesday late in the day showers develop sunders to rome and certainly the entocort are parts of yemen and to leave a much clearer picture and the likelihood is we'll see humid and then dry heat in doha and probably bahrain as a result of the changing wind directions over the next couple of days. right complete change of season place southern africa once again becomes trading on the western cape so that looks quiet at the moment coming into the western cape is another active system a frontal system that gives cape town 16 on tuesday. and wednesday. a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humor. and a chair in crisis. after this. is.
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really an investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia the coalition fighting a war in the south the case in. yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories saddam's opposition has called for more protests over the killing of the activists of north quarter fun state doctors in sudan say 8 people including 4 students were shot dead
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by security forces during a demonstration they were protesting against the findings of an investigation into last month's crackdown by the military judge. burton the prime minister is not backing down from his brakes that ultimatum to the e.u. has this had to scotland that's despite fierce opposition and talk of another independence referendum in scotland boss johnston's told e.u. leaders he'll discuss except only when they are ready to change their position and china's government has reiterated its support for hong kong's leader carry lab following weeks of mass protests the hong kong policy office in beijing says the demonstrations are a challenge to the rule of law. and strikes are intensifying in some areas of the province despite u.n. warnings that war crimes are being committed 8 civilians have been killed in the latest round of fighting and the bombings have left few hospitals to treat the injured say in a hall that has more from montauk in turkey near the syrian border. the intensive
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care unit is full of the war wounded this remote filled russian backed syrian government offensive in northwest syria has left at least 2000 men women and children with injuries many of them severe and there aren't many hospitals still operating in the rebel held province of at lib that's because health facilities have been destroyed in airstrikes that international aid agencies say seem to be targeted attacks in breach of international humanitarian law. they leave thank you think of the number of this is really an injury is coming to us and we cannot cool wizzy this number of patients because this number is they're being pleasing and the kinds of injuries is different. and some like one year old jada but there we are now maimed for life civilians medical workers and health centers have all been targeted in the offensive the strategy appears to put pressure on the opposition
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support base in an attempt to force the rebels to surrender. after almost 8 weeks of military operations the syrian regime has been able to retrieve parts are huge chunks of the demilitarized zone and if not they have proven to be quite inefficient in holding ground so after 8 weeks they've been only able to get around 1.5 percent of the demon try still on the other hand opposition's been able to get 30 square kilometer of areas that were under regime control. it's not clear if the hind the scenes negotiations between the backers of the warring sides russia and turkey are responsible for the changes on the ground but for the 1st time in weeks syrian government troops advanced into rebel held territory in northern hama they reversed the opposition's gains and this time without facing much resistance. is military support to the rebels is believed to be behind the repeated failures by
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the pro damascus alliance to take ground this gave turkish officials leverage over russia which recently used its own card by intensifying bombardment of civilian areas the question is whether a compromise has now been reached ahead of a new round of syria peace talks between russia turkey and iran later this week and the capital nor silt on the opposition says the cease fire needs to be revived in its lid before there can be any progress on the political front that troops can't come soon enough for the syrians in the rebel held province who have already lost so much so much for their on talking. the united nations security council has been discussing the ongoing violence and libya fighting is increased around tripoli after one of those libyan national army launched a new offensive against the un recognized government our diplomatic editor james bays has more from the united nations the u.n.
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special representative got sons alarmist says that for months now after the start of the offensive by general haftar he sees 2 big risks one is an ongoing low intensity conflict or even worse an escalation into outright war that's why he's come up with this new plan. i call for the troops to be declared for their aid the other which would fall on or about or with. the druze should be a company accompanied by confidence building measures between the 2 include the exchange of britain and the release of those the danes order back that and exe jayne's or more live in me so that's the truce and he wants that truce to be followed by a meeting of all concerned countries to get international support for the way forward in libya and then he wants a meeting of all the key libyan personalities to come together he says there he
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hopes that he can get the consensus that he thought was nearly being built ahead of the planned national conference that never took place because of course the start of that offensive by general haftar airstrikes on a market in yemen's northern sagar province have killed at least 10 people 27 others have been injured in the attack by the saudi amorality coalition and qatar the district hospital spokesperson says 2 children are among the dead there's been a confirmation of the attack from the coalition. now demonstrators in guatemala are demanding the resignation of president jimmy morales the signing an agreement on migration with the u.s. the protest of the presidential palace followed friday's agreement and president trump threatening to impose tariffs on guatemalan exports the deal means migrants passing through must seek asylum in the central american country rather than
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continuing on to the u.s. . the lawyer for russian opposition leader alexina riley says his client was poisoned and prison of all these doctors says he was suffering from a severe rash and other symptoms caused by an unknown chemical substance the high profile kremlin critic was taken to hospital on sunday he's serving a 30 day sentence after calling for demonstrations in moscow on saturday where more than a 1000 people were detained you know almost. everything has been done to removed so the nothing is seen he has been injected prednisolone in huge amounts of course to edema is practically gone but what is next or how does the body react is unknown this is a poisoning by some unknown chemical substance what it is where it was nobody can tell now has not been determined for now. i urge my colleagues that he should be left under medical supervision for at least 3 more days when the key tests and research is ready however sadly by order from above he was just discord by police
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to the detention room to iraq now where the government wants to see a big increase in oil production that makes up 90 percent of the country's revenue but years of war and new environmental challenges and making it difficult to attract a vital international investment asama been reports from the much new an oil field . these engineers are practicing how to respond to an emergency involving the hazardous to a scarce. they work at the central processing facility of the mage known oil field in southern iraq what makes their operation unique is that after oil joined shell left iraqis took over and for the 1st time they were running oil and gas extraction on their own. after shell pulled out and 2018 bus for oil company took charge with the same standards and criteria bus company in cooperation with other consulting companies also proved that it has the ability to manage much oil
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field despite the challenges that we face. one of those challenges a splitting from marshlands around the mage noon field this oil is below the nearly 5 metre high flood waters around the united mental risks mean new oil grid general will need to be elevated engineers say they have been able to reinforce dikes but one flooding could submerge their operation much new means crazy in arabic some say the name is in reference to the large amount of oil in one location the reserves of an estimated 38000000000 barrels this field produces 240000 barrels a day and that capacity is expected to go up to 450000 in 3 years the company says it's able to find investors even when the world is moving towards alternative energy sources there is no and the risk for investment in iraq iraq is very respectful of government. and the company. even with
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a shortage in financing and 201-425-2050 here are committed to. cost our budget within the agreed time when they invest when they buy and the cost back their payment after 3 months oh in the state. of their main. a.r.g. if you. want to fortify. the oil companies know that iraq is coming out of years of war the recent crises in the gulf increases risk and baghdad needs investment sources within the oil ministry told out there that some companies want to use that to their advantage brought names i don't want to mention names but. i am a firm believer in 11 the relationship that come up to blackmail us and we don't want to twist their arms they are our partners and we want to have good relations
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but on the other hand we are monitoring their activities we are watching that cause we have managed to reduce the cost if you look now at the. cost per barrel you see there was hiking up but with time it was decreased iraq plans to expand its overall oil production to $5.00 and a half 1000000 barrels per day but as a member of the oil exporting countries of opec it has to reduce its oil output iraq's economy is hinged on oil and faces a tough balancing act the government has to generate much needed revenue while abiding by opec agreements which i'm a big job with out of the euro but all field near iraq's border with iran. hello again all of the problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera there are several protests across saddam after the killing of activists and north korea fallen state doctors in sudan say 8 people including 4 students were shot dead by
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security forces during a demonstration they were protesting against the findings of an investigation into last month's crackdown by the military. in other news britain's prime minister is not backing down from his brics that ultimatum to the e.u. during his visit to scotland that's despite fierce opposition and talk of another independence referendum in scotland boss johnson told e.u. leaders they will discuss breaks it only when they are ready to change their position. is that we can get a new deal worked aiming for a new deal but of course michael is absolutely right that it's responsible for any government to prepare for no deal if we absolutely have to and that's the message i've been getting across to our european friends that there is a big incentive on both sides to get this thing done and we're going to come out deal although deal october the 31st china's government has reiterated its support
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for hong kong's leader kerry land following weeks of mass protests the hong kong policy office in beijing says the demonstrations are a challenge to the rule of law nigeria's president has ordered a military operation to hunt down suspected gunman who attacked a funeral at least 65 people were killed near my degree the capital of borno state in the northeast airstrikes on a market in yemen's northern province have killed at least 10 people 27 others have been injured in the attack by these are the immorality coalition and the other district a hospital spokesperson says 2 children are among the dead there's been no confirmation of the attack from the coalition. the lawyer for a russian opposition leader who says his client was poisoned in prison the vollies doctor says he had a severe rash and other symptoms caused by unknown chemical substance the high profile kremlin critic was taken to hospital on sunday he said in
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a 30 day sentence after calling for demonstrations in moscow on saturday. those are the headlines on al-jazeera stay with us inside story is coming up next. it's almost 2 years since more than 700000 ranger fled a military crackdown in ian knox since then they've been crammed into squalid camps in bangladesh but mere miles government is under pressure to take them back so what are they offering and is it enough this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm martin dennis the range of people have been called the most persecuted minority in the world me a mob doesn't even recognize this mainly muslim ethnic group as citizens and in 2017 it began a crackdown after attacks on its army by some ranger that the un labeled what followed a textbook example of ethnic cleansing soldiers were accused of killing and raping ranger and destroying their villages will than 700000 of them managed to escape to bangladesh saying they wouldn't return until near guarantees a safety and gives them citizenship a government delegation has spent 2 days trying to convince them to leave the world's largest refugee camp and to go home to record states from where they fled 2
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years ago. at least those who live in treaty and regions they are entitled to apply for the what we call naturalized citizenship once parents apply for their natural citizenship. sons and daughters their offspring are entitled to apply for their citizenship so we are trying to explain to them what are the possibility of citizenship so of course according to the lot they may not be entitled for the full fledged citizenship but they are entitled to naturalized citizenship and eventually their sons and daughters and grandsons and daughters will be entitled for the citizenship full fledged citizenship foundering. definitely will not be consider it as an issue for us because we'll be granting them as an nationality of myanmar and then eventually we will be providing them
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with the id cards. all right let's introduce our guests now in dhaka in bangladesh we have ranger recession and writer. in ny fiddle in mia ma via skype we have phil robertson deputy director of the asia division at human rights watch and from london we have ronan levy visiting scholar at the international state crime initiative at queen mary university of london welcome to you all thought i want to ask you 1st. from what you heard from that senior government official who's currently in coaxes bizarre trying to persuade the range of refugees to go back home from what you heard did that fill you with confidence does that make you think that you would like to go back home to me amal. i want to say that they're not coming to come is this they've. they're coming to enclose this room which is number one
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number 2 i think there gentleman did not read the 982 citizenship law in 9 days as it did through zillionaire law to read on or a sandwich or timothy became the citizen full citizen of the country because i wanted as is and as. for the lies it is there are certain general turner will be automatic full fledged agency but he's now he's saying that that he didn't originally only never lie city agents that is dave brown with the 982 cities on law and he's. ok his isp is ok i'm on senate and sorry coming to coming to you you know i am i not come back to you in just a just a moment let's now go to to phil robertson who's in one of the capital of me and more from what you've heard is there anything new in what the government is
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offering to the. i'm on clearly thinks that there's not much involved until that compas way people back. they have a very hard road to hold to get these people to go back because there's no trust whatsoever. of these promises that the myanmar government officials are making to those people in the camps the reality is that people want to return and have citizenship guaranteed they have heard these promises they've heard that they can go through these procedures the 1902 citizenship law is something that has been on the books and basically been discriminatory and hurtful to the road and they are not trustful of it and they're not trustful of what the government is promising here so i think that the government myanmar has to do a lot better there i persuade people to go back and rein and said what the government seems to be offering the nub of it seems to be some sort of pathway to
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citizenship or the possibilities of citizenship is what they're calling it all the range of for the most part right not to trust the government. they're 100 percent right not to trust the myanmar government has government has on a number of occasions over the last 50 years violently forced hundreds of thousands of or he get out of the country and then when this international pressure for them to be returned they've allowed a fraction to return usually with diminished rights so the situation in northern rakhine state that we can see today hasn't improved over the last 2 years you could argue i think quite strongly that it's that it's gotten worse but whether or not there is goodwill on the part of the me and mar authorities i think is demonstrated by the actions in and around sit way where there are 10120000 drinking or living in camps that they were forced into in
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2012 they're still there i mean these are concentration camps there's no violence in that area this is an area that me and i would describe as peaceful yet they've heard ripping into camps right i think there he go right do not trust the ok and a man i mean ronan has already indicated that the persecution of the ranger goes way beyond 2017 doesn't it which is the the period of time that we're looking at now you had to flee miramar many years before 1985 tell us about the circumstances that led you to leave your country. as i leave from bar my own dignity. because of us fear of earth by the government out of the before the school days of the for about 15 years those of the school in as to the
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schools. so in 19 people and in and from and they made defoe there look they're trigamy to address so i have to do comparable to to flee from my country in 1985. and and ever since then you've been in bangladesh have you presumably still stateless presumably without any kind of travel documents identity documents am i right yeah soon them i was not i have no legal status i have and what and what sort of problems does that present for a person to have no legal status what does it mean for your life on a daily basis i can i stay here in the under the sun embraces but if anyone is me i cannot do anything i'm on their way arrested.
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what do you mean if somebody challenges seem to mean if there's a notification or a dispute you're not protected by law maybe and then yeah that damn i have no. right no i gotta stay here and work here. even i can meet some of the authority of this county but if someone makes anything against me no protection. and failure for police and us me i have no protection right ok fill your currently in ny fedora i mean that the me and my government has been. has been noted for its lack of cooperation for its lack of infusing as him to engage with the outside well presumably human rights watch now being in the capital is quite a rare thing what do you hope to achieve and what do you what are you picking up about the need music while still there well you know we hope that the government will ultimately recognize that it has to do right by the road it has to all to
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mentally ensure accountability for what has happened to the road in addition to allowing them to come back to have security guarantees to have citizenship to have freedom of movement all the things that the kofi anon did commission called for in rakhine state and we hope that this will be something that the international community will see through as well that they will continue to pressure me on my intil those goals are achieved because i think ultimately the reason that we're actually having this delegation going to caucuses bazaar is because the pressure has been unrelenting on the myanmar government that they have to bring these people back and they have to bring them back in a way that is dignified voluntary and safe for them and no one has talked about the security guarantees either the i mean this is a big issue for the rowing as well i mean they don't want to return to an area where the security is provided by the same army and police. that were involved in
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the violations against the crimes against humanity that occurred in 2017 right and ronan's so so phil's of the opinion that international condemnation is building up a certain head of pressure and that's led to this delegation go to cups is bizarre but it apparently hasn't yielded in anything substantial in terms of the substance of the offer or the substance of of of of what they're putting on the table for these refugees many of whom seem already to be saying no way we're not going back with the substance of the office exactly the same as they were offered before they left which is very little it's the ability to participate in a discriminatory citizenship process and to live in a part of the country where there is quite frankly an apartheid regime designed to discriminate against them what me and mark is changing at the moment i think because of the international pressure is its international messaging and i would
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consider the decision to visit in the camps in bangladesh not as part of an attempt to convince rethink it to return but as part of a messaging to the international community it's an attempt by me and mars authorities to demonstrate that he is doing something to encourage to return and what they say is that the international community now needs to increase the pressure on me and man we've seen very little in terms of holding perpetrators to account for their actions to me during 2017 i mean there was there were crimes against humanity committed in against the regime at that time and no perpetrators have been held to account for that to some travel bans. generals won't be able to visit the united states for instance sent and facebook means that they're not able to be on facebook so they can't pay. holiday pictures
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as as as people sort of often describe. what the penalty is for them but but nothing in terms of seriously holding perpetrators to account right that's what now needs to happen the needs to be support i think for the international criminal court ok good thought to go back to phil way so phil when we're talking about the international community stepping up the pressure upon the government of of me a man who we specifically talking about because obviously that's a huge. world community isn't it and i think was specifically talking about its neighbors for instance assy and you to be meeting in bangkok in the next week you'll say china of course the biggest the biggest defender if you like of of the memo government action is this where the pressure really needs to come from in order to affect some change fell well i think obviously i see on is a critical part of this but they are hopeless when it comes to applying a pressure to any sort of member state all they've done so far is done a bit of
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a survey of the repatriation regimen and what would possibly happen if people came back you know they put out a report that leaked last month that frankly was very inadequate didn't address any of the issues about why the running a fled bangladesh in the 1st place it just glossed over that and immediately went to the operational aspects of that and that's not enough but i think what we need to do is we need to have the united states and the e.u. and also the u.k. to press much harder on sanctions against the top generals i think the u.s. treasury has to follow through on that travel ban by the u.s. state department you know and really go after the generals and their assets i think also we have to be looking at the 2 major corporations that operate under military control in myanmar the union of myanmar economical dings and there are economic corporation these are huge conglomerates with
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a great deal. you gauge when the international community and their pressure points that the international community needs now to push on in order to get some accountability here to sort of get some political commitment from the government of myanmar that they will in fact hold top military people accountable right i'm on coming back to you and your life as a stateless person in bangladesh is exceedingly precarious we can get that from from from what you've told us already are you not in the least bit tempted go back to again what you me and food was saying in cups is bizarre he was saying pretty soon that there will be id cards where there will no longer be the issue of race or the issue of citizenship it will only be like social security cards in the united states with names and some digits do you think that that is something that you and the people you know would be interested in exploring and perhaps going home and
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getting an ear id. murders are not legal this is. there at all or is. lying to the people and have to do more when in 9091 the un or. the bombing of the government to give an identity card they give a year look at it here they are say that it is the process step to the citizenship now on the good into there and b. c. no they're saying that is that has stopped 2 of their plight so you didn't see. now in burma there was no us citizens. riya all are holding the national school tomorrow is as good a nice card not citizens it got even aus and susie when me and you know i'm lying right in the ny minute to do citizens and there's no as good don't ask out the national id card are no one here still right has an id that's an important so they
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aren't always playing with the color of card and right yeah i'm other than that i'm on we all are already will get our citizens the right to tell us what our life in nehemiah is like when you have a yellow college or an id card but you don't have citizenship what does that mean for the life of a person in me in law who is ranger here not in do do you have the no right to move and the right to a family value right to 0 right to do gays and right to have. here is a no on the only hears to give texas not a month access and the style of the united texans their government whenever they did the there are people has to be of them if you study the tests that are of the country we peoples are the most.
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desperate people in the in burma right i'm coming coming to you phil what is the situation now in record stay there recently some satellite pictures released by an australian group which apparently showed the remnants of villages that had been razed completely to the ground i mean what do the authorities present as he will tentative accommodation for these people should they decide to take up the offer and and go back home. well what we're seeing is in some cases villages that people abandoned because of the atrocities who fled into they fled into bangladesh and there they're standing villages are now being destroyed we've seen other instances where partially destroyed villages are completely destroyed and just flattened the question is what is being offered to to
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these people who would go back and they're talking about going back to the same area or they're talking about somewhere nearby but again these are just promises that have not been fully explained you know people want to go back to their areas but the problem is even if they go back are they going to be allowed freedom of movement are they going to be allowed access to basic essential services like access to health access to education will they be able to move about and pursue livelihoods i mean the freedom of movement issue and the security issue is the core of the major problem here that if they're able to return will they be able to survive or will they return to the de facto apartheid situation that we see in the i.d.p. camps in the central part of the state where you know ronan said very clearly you know they could have done something to improve that situation they have not done so and that really raises some questions about the political commitment of the
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authorities to allow true freedom of movement and real rights for the running of people right and rain and it i suppose it's useful to remind ourselves that mia mary is a. a country medium size country with 135 official ethnic groups that's a hell of a lot isn't it in terms of reckoning state we're concentrating on the plight of the range of people but there are other ethnic groups as well who feel themselves to be marginalized and quite often brutalized as well by the mia most artists. will they are the united nations human rights council investigation team highlighted crimes against humanity committed by me and miles military against groups in the chain state shan state and rakhine state so it's a major international report highlighting that serious crimes by me and mars military not just against the rigor but against other groups and that the key point
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here is that me and mars military is constitutionally above the law there is no one in the government who can hold them to account so it's really now up to the international community to do that now you could argue that aung san suu kyi as the civilian leader of the country has some i think moral authority to hold the military to account but she's demonstrated that she's not interested in doing that right he has absolutely no interest in calling out the military so it's really left up to the international community run this film as phil suggested the what a key way to do that is to take away their sources of income. all right phil in naypyidaw in recommends stayed there seems to be several axes of conflict it's not just the military is it. attacking the ranger there are also monks there are also ordinary civilians who are who are nationalists of one
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order or another so it seems as though there are many different layers of violence that the particular record in the north west of the state could face so the security guarantees are essential for these people if if indeed they're going to go back home. that's absolutely true and the reality is that people are also going to face discriminatory restrictions from the state authorities and from the local authorities this is why i think if you talk to the ruling on cox's bazaar they're talking about international security guarantees they want international people being access allowed access to northern rakhine state you know they've even talked about u.n. peacekeepers which i think is unrealistic but the fact is that even humanitarians or people like monitors from the un refugee agency are not able to get into the areas where mars proposing to send these row into without
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international access and some sort of protective mandate for international staff to be able to go in these areas and monitor what happens i think it's to be very difficult for the government of myanmar to persuade the running going to go back right and i'll get the last word to you. having listened to all of this do you think you will ever ever be able to go back when you've been outside of your country for more than 20 years will you ever be able to go home. at the moment in burma the power will is of the army she she can do an undo of really do anything any time in any means the governments are not going to do the end of the government is only like food let's try again with dollars to buy lehman. and then on call me that to me. the anime then something and. so.
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at present and i didn't do it can go back to hold on leaves and i'm living down as an economy in the. evolves their security. will see the area and the the lead the rule of. don't have a common did too broad player like ours who are not brought over here in our own country write laws i was a group the umbrella in our country so we need international community to protect us all right ok i'm done as i'm the calm we did in the provoker hours there right and a family having to live in their man were 2 of the i'm afraid we have to leave it there i'm on thank you so much indeed a man talking to us live from dhaka bangladesh thank you very much
2:46 am
a ranger he's been out of his country for more than 20 years phil robertson talking to us from the me i'm our capital naypyidaw thank you very much indeed phil from human rights watch and rein in lee of queen mary university in london thank you all very much indeed for an interesting conversation today thank you for watching the program as ever if you want to see it again you can go to our website al-jazeera dot com if you'd like more discussion remember there's a facebook page facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story and there's the choices for our handle is at a.j. inside story i'm at dennis a for me in the whole team here in doha is by finale.
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take the worst possible material eurabia grounded into dust comparable to flour and makeup. and put it into place where people live in physical. as well so many people are thinking this is the silent heat. but doesn't make you feel like a movie we have created an enormous normal mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera following 2 fatal crashes and the pasta bowl and decided to ground a brand new 7 through 7 bags but this wasn't the 1st time that grounded a new croft back in 2013 the 77 dreamliner back into trouble when a battery caught fire but as allen of the u.s. investigative unit discolored there was more to the problem than just smoking
2:48 am
batteries. rewind broken dreams the boeing 787 on al-jazeera. the faceoffs continue. as the last 20 democratic presidential candidates take to the stage for the 2nd us democratic debate. join us for coverage from detroit on july the 30th and 31st on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters and let me elizabeth peron i'm coming up in the next 60 minutes school students are among the
2:49 am
dead in sudan but security forces accused of using snipers to break up a protest on monday. the top stories from europe including. its go to get there with it's got to go u.k. prime minister blair as johnson warns e.u. leaders to change their position on. the block with no deal. describes weeks of protests in hong kong as horrendous as and says they have severely damaged the rule of law. and order supporting creating millionaire level completed 16 year old has become $3000000.00 richard just for playing a computer game. they have been more protests across a dharna after the killing of activists and north kordofan state doctors say at
2:50 am
least 5 people were killed by security forces who opened fire on a demonstration funerals have been held for 4 schoolchildren who are among the dead they were protesting against the findings of an investigation into last month's crackdown by the military jumped or they also angry at increases in the price of fuel and bread let's go to our correspondent have a morgan she is joining us live from addison ababa in neighboring ethiopia worrying development here with at least 5 people mostly school students killed by security forces how did this happen what more are you hearing. well elizabeth what we do know is that this morning when the high school students went to school and found that there was a short as a certain age or friends coupled with the hides in the whites of our transportation due to lack of fuel they were took to the streets to protest in anger as that anger was coupled with the fact that they did not accept the findings of the investigation committee which was released some days ago say to you about the
2:51 am
military and the ruling military didn't it's not to blame for the killings of protesters on june 3rd and it's in front of the army headquarters until students came out and read demanding justice and demanding better living conditions which incidentally is what triggered the revolution in sudan in december last year seen in fact it was shortage of bread and hikes enough fuel prices and shortage of food so protests the streets and they say that with the forces opened fire is at least 5 people killed now that has to get eaten white reaction the opposition coalition known as the forces for freedom and change has called for protests nationwide for people to condemn that violence and they see that they believe the ruling which we've been dealt with the deaths of the protesters is this fierce of force surprising given that the military is under a lot of scrutiny following last month's raid and watch dozens of protesters were killed again and this is why the people of north korea from. continuing their
2:52 am
protests. well it was it will be exactly surprising this is not the 1st time that the military is being held responsible for killing the protesters since june said there were protests on the 30th of june as well condemning the violence and demanding that the building government at least 10 people were killed in those protests so people are saying that they do expect that the military team so will to use force if they're condemning those that quite wants nonetheless and they're demanding that the police who sets the protests is that something that the opposition has also demanded saying that the military does and the police forces should not be attacking protesters should not be opening. like images on who it says as a whole is their anger and demand a civilian government now in talks between the military teams and the opposition coalition are supposed to be resuming and they're expected to reach some kind of deal but protesters on the streets are saying that there would be no an equal stations with the military council and so there is a possibility and justice exactly how does this all boiled fall talks between the
2:53 am
military and the 78 opposition that in fact the transition of payment between those 2 potties. well it sounds like an agreement is yet to be signed in fact it's yet to be agreed upon and what we do know is that there are a delegation and there are members of the delegation the opposition coalition on their way so a little we look in non-school to find more items because that's theirs as well as talk to the security forces there it's a common situation down we've heard from the city's professionals that this issue just 2 days ago saying that there is lots of the findings. in fact the talks to call on social governments and people are expecting that the talks will continue but they're saying that the opposition should not be received in so we're going to have to wait and see how much pressure it is ready we actually have on the opposition coalition is elizabeth will says that it's a presence that looks as though themselves have a thank you very much for that for now that's have
2:54 am
a more than all the latest developments live and add a stop of our thank you. going to move on to other news now in nigeria's president has ordered the army to hunt down the gunman who killed at least 65 people in a remote village in the borno state the victims have been attending a funeral there's been a claim of responsibility but boko haram and a rival group regularly carry out attacks in this part of the country but address reports. this charter means what's left of someone's home in this village in northeast nigeria is now the scene of the worst attack on civilians in the region this year gunmen attacked mourners gathered for a funeral on saturday in the battle that took them to yet the music you into a. when the people there are many people and. then they went. to. the villages have gathered again this time to remember the
2:55 am
lives lost in just one day. to condone them i sincerely sympathize with the palm of his i mean one of my to do is dump. them to not to put those i made a promise b. i departed to talk. out of the last no one has claimed responsibility but the armed group boko haram is suspected to be behind the attack local government officials say villages 40. 2 weeks ago 11 fighters were killed security forces have recently stepped up their operations against the fighters but. for series of losses by changing their tactics recruiting new fighters and changing their choice of targets and many vulnerable communities are forming vigilante groups to better protect themselves. president obama has ordered the air force an army to hunt down the attackers but it is the epicenter of the rebellion by boko
2:56 am
haram tens of thousands of people have been killed millions have been displaced after 10 years of violence boko haram has been largely driven out of the areas they once held but the attacks continue and this time even funerals have not been spared . al jazeera. is a retired nigerian air force captain who explains but hey believes was behind the latest attack. it is very important to note that what led to this attack 2 weeks ago a community in that area in not a part of something that was not you know a little ported boko haram as easily do they can fall for it attacks that is to gather food. or animals from the groups if that is called but the villagers corage your silly decided to this is that attack and they were able to inflict a heavy casualty on the book for agent patton killing 10 members of the book and
2:57 am
collecting 10 summer apples from them which was going to be handed over the office to the police now it is this attack i think that boko haram came to surprise on and to shore their communities who might think of a sort into self-defense to defend themselves the u.k.'s new prime minister says the bracks it with the troll agreement is dead that's castanet clarke was standing by and i you appear centered neck yes i very much elizabeth johnson is calling for an entirely new trade pact with the e.u. and has said he will leave the block without a deal if he doesn't get it. johnson made the comments during a trip to scotland where he was booed by members of the public as he met the scottish 1st minister nicola sturgeon surgeon has accused johnson of driving the u.k. towards disaster in his willingness to leave the e.u.
2:58 am
without a deal for scotland voted to remain in the block back in 2016 but johnson insists that britain must be out of the by the end of october no matter what. what we want to do is to make it absolutely clear that the backstop is no good it did it's got to get there with broad agreement is did it's got to go but there is scope to do a new deal or let's cross to our correspondent in the barber who's outside. the official residence of the 1st minister of scotland so 1st up how did the meeting go . well mick i don't think anyone predicted any particular warmth between the pair between prime minister johnson and 1st minister nicola sturgeon at her official residence here in edinburgh you heard the year the boos there from some of the public there was a small amount of applause as well but by and large the perception here is vice
2:59 am
prime minister johnson is heading britain towards what some people call crushing out a no deal breaks it nicola sturgeon who had already warned boris johnson if he did that he could become the last prime minister of the united kingdom and after that meeting she she said that although he reiterated in the meeting that he wanted some kind of a deal there's no clarity on how he'll get that and she said he was pursuing a hard line on that withdrawal agreement and particularly that backstop that those are the conditions to stop there being a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland in the absence of a trade deal between the u.k. and the you so she thinks that his ultimate wish deep down he really does want to take votes it out without a deal what they call hard bricks that she says there's no wish for that here in scotland which voted to remain back in 2016 as did northern ireland where he'll be
3:00 am
going very soon as well so of course that was courtesy there were handshakes but really the 2 do not see eye to eye on where the country goes next and not even generally speaking how much opposition is there to his plans in scotland. it's a good question because of obviously nicolas sturgeon is a nationalist they want independence from the u.k. and they had a referendum back in 2014 and failed but nicholas sturgeon is looking at calling another one perhaps in the near future she's she believes and many people here believe that actually a hardline approach to brecht's it will boost the independence campaign but so do the conservatives here in scotland the scottish conservative leader ruth davidson says while she supports boris johnson she cannot back his approach to a new deal breaks it and they have 30 members of parliament of scottish conservatives in west mint.


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