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tv   South Africa Toxic City  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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but you know. some women are like. hello i'm director paul and let me take you through our main stories south korea says pyongyang has fired 2 ballistic missiles and they appear to be different from the ones previously launched japan has reacted sharply to those developments saying any bill istic missile launch by the north will be in violation of the u.n. resolutions right explains the significance of the timing message at the moment seems to be their own happiness to the forthcoming exercises that are going to be held here in august between south korean and u.s. forces now just to be said that during the period of reconciliation these exercises
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have been scaled back it doesn't involve the kind of troops and the kind of weaponry that we have seen in the past they are almost a simulated classroom type exercises nonetheless north korea isn't happy about that it's also interesting the timing given a regional conference that's due to get under way in bangkok they are attending this conference will be the foreign ministers of south korea japan and also the u.s. counterpart mike pump. so that's really military gentile suspended schools across the country until further notice the announcement comes out to security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas at protesters mass rallies are being held against monday's killing of 5 students the head of the ruling military judge has blamed the opposition for tensions in the country. when have you heard of this protest has deviated from its course the group the called for the protest had exploited the students and other groups in the text the market one of the banks and
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looted some of its property some people say they were people on top of the building of khartoum bank who started shooting others say security stationed in front of the bank are the ones who shot. sanam basters from the u.n. security council had delivered a petition to the secretary general on syria they want a done a good terrorist to launch an investigation into the bombing of hospitals in the the u.n. humanitarian chief has also pleaded with the world leaders to end what he called a bloody onslaught in adlib mark local warns that continued violence may create the worst humanitarian disaster of the 21st century a 2nd case of a bell has been confirmed in one of the democratic republic of congo's biggest cities goma 2000000 people live in the city which is on the heavily traveled border with rwanda the world health organization has declared the bill outbreak in the d.r. c. global emergency. demonstrators have surrounded
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a police station in hong kong after 40 people who rallied at the weekend were charged with rioting in the past 8 weeks protests have turned recently violent they actually started after an attempt to introduce a controversial extradition bill that have turned into a wider call for democracy india's parliament has criminalized instant divorce practice by some muslims in the country it comes to years after the supreme court ruled that the constitutional rights of 170000000 women were being violated or than 20 countries including neighboring pakistan and bangladesh have already banned it u.s. democratic presidential candidates have taken center stage in detroit for their 2nd televised debate they're expected to highlight donald trump's recent string of racist tweets also trying to sell their vision for the country. now the u.s. civil rights lawyers say that more than $900.00 migrant children have been separated from their families at the borders since last year the american civil
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liberties union found that nearly one out of every 5 children taken away from their parents is under the age of $5.20 a judge ordered that the practice of splitting families must be halted and russian opposition leader alexina vonnie will have to serve his full prison sentence after an early release appeal was rejected his lawyers argued prison was unsafe as they believed he was poisoned while inside somalia serving a 30 day sentence for organizing illegal protests the relatives of 57 inmates killed in a brazilian prison riot have gathered to identify the victims 16 prisoners were beheaded authorities say it was a targeted attack between rival gangs. those are the headlines up next south africa toxic city stay with us.
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at 1st glance they could be the remains of an ancient civilization. or an eye catching natural phenomenon. these strange hills surround john is. the largest city in south africa. but their beauty is deceptive and toxic. in fact the dunes are made up of mining waste. from. the leftovers of south africa's most profitable industries. and within the law some disturbing secrets. now it seems that heart wrenching journalists must time to do has uncovered the shocking truth of exactly
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what's in the mind types and just how deadly they may be. sunrise america river basin. one of south africa's largest freshwater reserves. bridget corrigan is a botanist. and a specialist in the region's biodiversity. this is a very special catchment for a lot of reasons if it's a unique but a very city from not just the terrestrial but also the 1st one of our diversity is very special it's got about 14 species of fish and
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a lot of really endemic species of invertebrates and aquatic insects that contribute to the health of the sort of this river system. there are about $200.00 tree species in america. that's 17 of them. and about $400.00 in the bed spaces. it is a national treasure and the north west doesn't have a lot of these river systems a lot of the systems in this province are heavily degraded. the crown jewel of this not true treasure lies just a few paddle strokes upstream. a sanctuary hidden at the heart of the reserve. this is america i we're at the source of america river. and the water bubbles up from big underground what to kevin's at that point of the day the water is clear is anything very low conduct 70 which means there's no salt is not
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pollutants in this in the system it's really very very pure. the water is crystal clear but it might not stay that way. recently the mining industry has become interested in the area's subsoil which is full of precious minerals regarded as a 10 mining payments for things like. compass over gold in the region so does pose a risk yeah this place is definitely at risk and it's you know we would like to see those places as an absolute no guy for mining if you pollute the this area this this underground aquifer. you can't just get that back it's not going to come back . so could the marco river basin one day resemble the of the desolate landscapes left behind by the south african mining industry. like these flat lands dyed red by chemicals. or these mine tailings
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in the midst of south africa's forestalling and. some of them date back to 1886 when gold was 1st discovered and understood motown culture comes back. from that point on the mining industry began to deposit its to breed all around the city . more and more waste piles of beheading often only a few dozen metres from residents homes. some of the may look as innocent as sunday and see but they are mine tailings the slag heaps of years of extraction and digging for gold i don't go over there to scare. the day goes there is here a whole year it's run as was the day i. suppose i was out to disable the p.c.'s with. the project i would prefer interest over i don't have
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a response but with the same. sort of at the foot of the tree onto the road is brutal. core still to discuss and mature enough to do. so what does it mean for those living next to these dunes. like yeah that's me. so does the wind come from the minds earnings it flows this side of the rose this side or this side from just a tiny dylan mimi is a mother of 5 she spent all her life in the shadow of one of the largest mining dumps in the country its residue is everywhere. so the neighborhood has become one huge psalm. 22 your quote from the. sun times yes your eyes becomes ok this is not
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if you go to the to new day this choice is some mix some chemical in the act so i'm advising you today not to go to mine because it's too big it's unhealthy at the same time to go you must think it or. leave it to go busy. a few months ago tiny dylan meanly wanted to find out how many people in her neighborhood of over a 1000 residents were unwell so she knocked on almost every dual this house had as keith. this house the model the owner of this house as i just told them this morning you come here often here each and every man no women or child around here is coughing has appropriate of coughing as appropriate to skin some of them up only take from the man who. says. he the minute the. question that needs.
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over one and a half 1000000 south africans live in townships like this. at the foot of mine tailings mountains. that's the south of it gets into our 4th week this past week the brink this that so that is why so many people here this is the silence. 7 this dust doesn't just make people vomit or cough several children in the neighborhood suffer from severe neurological disorders. or who you are for years you know if you. believe. that it. is 6 years old. she suffers from a paralyzing brain disease are you doing well lately however her family saying the
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tondo was born perfectly healthy the problems arose soon after the roof of the house was under repair at the time and the dust from the mine heaps cotton specially this dust you pull your kid in the piece that before you sleep you must face. that and everyone kids oh yeah a few weeks later the 1st signs of illness appeared in the years since the tundra has been unable to. communicate with her. when she she was to be changed. yeah and then she she kicks it is ok you know maybe way she wants you to go i say richie she kisses him and she screams all. day you know she has to go say you want to. poverty has always prevented the family from being able to prove a link between attenders illness and the mind dust but they are no doubt if there
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are other peers like under her own i was the same symptoms same health issues yet i do know and they there's a danger to them it's going to be the only problem is that they are ashamed of their kids all and here they don't want anybody knowing how by day kids in this situation there's 2 of them open houses in the in the same street you're going to have them there many of them you know personally personally strangers one thing that have made you only find them here this is actually centered it in my angel to them out today taking them to the to dig a little bit so but if you go outside of any distance from here believe you me you never find this key. to find out whether the dust from the nearby mine tailings really is the cause of peace illnesses thomas climb snake park hill. it has been abandoned ever since the mine was closed. access is supposedly forbidden there's nobody guarding the site
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which extends over 4 square kilometers while them all busy all succeeding from a soldier's each. day since then to me it turned to this it. was a major. crisis. must take 500 grams of the sun. the dust that's blowing over the village below. on the way down he finds a green lake at the foot of the slope. it's used mostly to arrogated adjacent farmland or residents also give it to their livestock sometimes their children even bay the net of the songs were. ok or if i could put in will do. middle
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of some of them to the. killer. was a funny thing you have put it. frankly linda is professor of environmental studies at northwestern university in south africa can see me. linda is also an expert on mining illusion the government the world health organization writes with his help has developed a scientific her took a test kit for different wood to pollutants yes so i'm at the bottom of the mine turnings there's some water all around i was wondering which parameters fish do you think i should analyze 1st in the water mining. elevate. the tracks translate to. elevate. ok. i.
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thought it would be recently gone by. so. many done but in point of missouri. ok i think we just. put it back. so i think it's likely. that your son community college just so you know it was example of what that says all thinkers you know the maximum and they're going to continue to pose for then. it's impossible to analyze everything there and then so must takes another sample to check for more pollutants later. but the tests have already thrown out some serious questions. after some
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convincing one of the country's top 3 gold produces agrees to a meeting. the 1st of the. goldfields 8750 kilograms of gold was mined at the site last year. the team can't go underground into the mine itself the company will only allow them to film surface operations we get a lot from from the stuff. but i know you will see it on the front end there's some . business presently we are doing a plus minus $5500.00 tons. a day i mean we have reaching around 30 on a ton of balance depends on the order availability and how many grams of coal is there. so there or that you see on the still fall is what i mean at the boss minus 5 days but done that's always currently. only 5 grams of gold each tonne of
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mind that's a remarkable ratio. and it means a huge amount of residue to be disposed of. the precious metal is separated from the rest of the and then heated in these killings. nothing to make goes there we used to i'm i sit in the sun that's still pretty nice i can make those you know prices i know he put it make a nice instead he got. the concession that c.t.r. so you add all of these together with these with the ball. the last stage is the cost at $800.00 degrees celsius for 40 minutes.
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the end result gold falls. at 84 percent purity each weighs in at just over 16 kilograms and is worth around $538000.00. goldfields makes 5 of these gold balls a week. producing 16200 tons of residue you equivalent to the weight of 2 of france's eiffel towers. the company has wasted human lives here on this he said constantly 24 hours a day by these pipelines connected to the factory. within a few years this hail will become another steep mountain of debris reaching up to 70 meters high. andrew paulson's and stephen joseph are its grand architects. what's in there. what is it's. well it's it's what's left over from there from the extraction process it's the rock that. held the gold. and what's left behind off
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the gold has been removed so it's silica and other materials it's a sand. and. and other metals but many silica is there and you have the missiles for example there. would be trace amounts but but very small concentrations of some olds and some of the gold ores there is your random sauce deep has very little you're on your minutes or so. there's very little uranium and in this in the stomach you. can really. not offhand i think the numbers around about 40 to 50 grams of 10 to 15 annually south african mining companies extract 10 times more uranium than gold the uranium is then abandoned leaving behind radioactive mined tailings so the kind
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of control you do the simple as you were talking about this on daily basis the gold from both of them. but the radiation 5th of may be. ok or. over time the waste produced by south africa's gold industry has formed increasingly large radioactive heaps dumped outside in the open at. according to official estimates the mine tailings surrounding johannesburg now contain an astounding 600000 tons of uranium the quantities are so high that in reality the mountains of waste should be classified by the state as nuclear installations they should be confined and secured and kept at least 500 meters away from any residential area but those rules are routinely ignored as here into the shaft a township with over 20000 residents.
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of. bruno sherry ron is an engineer in nuclear physics and an expert from korea ratched a research association in radioactivity when i was i was government only. going to think that they were. when i visit us. let me just quote she can do what she was. seduced and there will be a little bit. also paul not just on the well you know office all the moves you want to take to sort of you know i'm a quidditch sort of group on television i mean to depict it. i know my point of view the scene i just shot there young men get much it even to be able. to do is to that you're in you do risk. deployed in your she thought of us of a young mom and she's. going to join in our i don't is wrong but you don't want your little girl does win this point 300-0000 because you
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owe and you cannot sell gounder tickets for 3 years. in a cell with a contract on let's work on the us because you will see for. just one. and only because you want to force the daughter to try. and they said. this. to you to find us. do you think it was only. 4. 100 would be too close only let it go to the. master has discovered that radioactivity levels here are close to those in the exclusion zone around the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster he follows the grazing animals to eric from
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gomez nearby farm. era keeps around 40 goats and a few sheep none of which seem to live very long lead them up about if they last week that's week by 01 month 11 months of all yeah well yeah and do you do you have a lot of baby though most because of your money why do these old ones that has a for success this is as the. eric wants to show us the most common symptom amongst his flock. they want to. know who's behind. them but i mustn't know what it must be. but this is the fungible what is. it in. the mind so all. i want to learn and it cost. and i met. so when you see this every day what do you think. was the motion and.
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i would go and talk about to you but it's just the bins. it seems as though eric's goats have radiation sickness but evidence is needed. because we are close to the mind savings farm that money will look really sick i mean according to you do you own or do you think we should just have some bowl of the animals. just like you. have to take 5 samples from 2 goats intended to be used for meat consumption including one who is blind.
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i come up with the result of the show in the factory or the instructor thanks for you but i. must turn takes the samples to be tested at south africa's council the scientific and industrial research. your views the water from the failings just across the. it is used as a recursive water jesus immigration also for almost a drink we also learn some more small samples treasure understand whether the soil was contaminated low make good pets and so what can you what can you look for years almost all day then the man goes by did and then contentment i was like oh you know now i'm your lead you know what a cynic which are very toxic. basically when. we don't expect to get them in order once we get them then that reason on our group right. as he waits for the analysis
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time returns to the investigation in part 2. as the shocking results come in he shares the news with some of those affected and comes face to face with an industry insider what i found particularly scandals to take the worst possible material which is you radium grind it into dust comparable to flour and make a hill out of it and put it into a place where people live with is a colossal bad idea. a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many did not all have to die behind this horrible stock his heart says all are really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south a case in interest. yemen war
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profiteers on al-jazeera it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the country has a fight each other and we've been told that we can still hear this is the largest demonstration that's been held by the refugees since over 700 hours here some of the nicest most of the fun here or they think that they could be part of that here . just here in. recipient of the new york kristen's courthouse to be. combining into. the challenge soviet era methodologies. through making creating and performing. turning a generation of children. into the trailblazers of tomorrow.
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after school. because of the rebel education series. on al-jazeera. and these are main stories this hour south korea says pyongyang has fired 2 ballistic missiles and they appear to be different from the ones previously launched japan has reacted sharply to those developments saying enable istic missile launch by the north will be in violation of u.n. resolutions brought mcbride explains the significance of the timing. message at the moment seems to be their own happiness that the forthcoming exercises that are going to be held here in august between south korean and u.s. forces there has to be said that during the period of reconciliation these
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exercises have been scaled back it doesn't involve the kind of troops and the kind of weaponry that we have seen in the past they are almost a simulated classroom type exercises on the less north korea isn't happy about that it's also interesting the timing given a regional conference that's due to get on the way in bangkok there attending this conference will be the foreign ministers of south korea japan and also the u.s. counterpart mike pompei are sudan's ruling military gentle suspended schools across the country until further notice the announcement comes after security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas at protesters mass rallies are being held against monday's killings of 5 students the head of the ruling military judge has blamed the opposition for tensions in the country. said ambassadors from the u.n. security council have delivered a petition to the secretary general on syria they want to turn you the terrorist to
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launch an investigation into the bombing of hospitals in the. demonstrators surrounded the police station in hong kong after 40 people who rallied at the weekend work charged with rioting in the past 8 weeks protests have turned increasingly violent they initially started after an attempted use a controversial extradition bill but have turned into wider calls for democracy. democratic presidential candidates in the u.s. have taken center stage in detroit for their 2nd televised debate they're expected to highlight donald trump's recent string of racist tweets while also trying to sell their vision for the country well those are the headlines we'll have more news in our desire after south africa toxic city that program of next.
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hundreds of strange mounds lie scattered around johannesburg south africa's most populous city but they aren't a natural phenomenon they are mine tailings waste heaps left over from south africa's hugely profitable gold industry. many are also said to be dangerously toxic awash with heavy metals and poisons and radioactive debris. with expert help the french journalist must time to do is getting that content scientifically analyzed. but one night while he waits for the results he gets a mysterious voicemail message a lot lot of your. money where your around. in a month well i worked at an environmental geologist period for a while and i would really much appreciate you you know you're going to have a word about it thank you very much. the message is from
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a geologist. eagle club chick after a 20 year career in the mining industry and he's now left it disgusted by the industry's failure to have his warnings about dealing with its waste i'll tell you what i found particularly scandals to take the worst possible material which is you radium grind it into dust comparable to flour and make a hill out of it and put it into place where people live that is a cause colossally bad idea when you when you said what was the only way you doing reports where you listened at that time i will have written lots of reports i must have some sort of a record in emails probably over the over 100 so after a while you know i was explaining look what you are proposing costs money i mean 1st of all you have to because the contaminate. the land that is number one number 2 you can actually pump tailings all the way back where you got them from greeks
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than with up just a few percent of cement and you can get rid of tailings this way israel basically put it to normal you put it back to where it was how does it make you feel when you see it is local communities complaining about that or their health problems what does it make you fear makes you feel like a murderer. what we have done like us said we have created an enormous and we're mental disaster if we were you know growing potatoes and we made and won a mental disaster along the side it would be different we would say ok we are feeding the nation why did gold mining industry do it in reached a small percentage of people so we have produced gold which is the most useless thing you know whole world it feeds human greed it has no uses and yet we have made and probably one of the biggest and one mental disasters in the world. so yes i do i do feel like like a murderer as eagles disturbing would sing head master heads back to sea from
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everett from goma. his current century possible signs of radioactive poisoning now the test results for the animals are being delivered to him plus and by frank bender. the janice but professor of studies also one of them of what we're joined by name is frank frank and. the professor has come to see eric's livestock for himself. you see here. is. the test results a clear material from the nearby mine tailings has contaminated erik's foam 02 and uranium isn't the only problem. for example manganese would be quite significantly elevated in your and you'll want to sample over 2 cells times what would what one would find in natural water sources we do have we do have an ego being elevated to
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solace in times of authentic this elevated 50 times and seeing guessable 1500 ok the most let's say indicative mental form binding impact and that is you are a new in those tailings that is about 10 times what you would see it in the natural environment 10 times as much so what you what you analyzed in your water you did the bud 100 times more than one would find in unproduced did that show pristine water source of. the farm surrounded by pollution changed. its animals badly contaminated and. it's disturbing news. the health of your goat yeah shows the highest level go for. all and. you see uranium is 60 times for elevated but all the lead is that elevated to 80 times meaning almost $100.00 times above what's normal that's the same was cobalt that's the same was also in a and
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a 600 times one nickel but maybe you didn't know if you know dishonest ok all right i can have all of the yes you can have it's all yours but soldiers. for nailing him down for you fly me. my lifestyle died prematurely townships which children have neurological disorders and suffer from terrible coughing fits. all the medical links between poor health and mining and so clear cut. stoff at the screen open health clinic might have some odd sense. among their patients is to me. it's the 3rd time this month that my youngest son has taken an l. . ok .
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all right there is no. need to let him use. too much of it was it was a lesson by. not to let it go to the left is wonderful. because of them don't know. so how he got there. their baby has called brocade she's. i was just into school and both science sometimes receive worst so you get a child with a cough like the one that i just saw. she was having a test in drawings consider those because of the dust is something that you will see on daily average yes your behavior here but number of clues is not to really
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there should be a study like you are mentioning is that everybody who are living lives through their minds if we get a lot of those patients i think definitely we have to do realize that. astonishingly the south african state has never conducted a study to understand the impact of mine tailings on the population. but can. he catches up with the work and back in the township at the foot of the mine down and out connecting with. cameras go oh it's. very heavy so you have to do this every day. this is your house ok tunisia's the small shack with her 4 children. in langley. is ignorant as saying oh i live by the
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bible is a. claim and i'm up on the corner quinola is it a corner quinola feel good telepictures and they were this tiny cabin provide some shelter from the rain but not from the pollution. and her children live only a few doesn't need to is from the mind where earlier i had measured radioactivity levels 28 times higher than the norm. she agrees to provide has samples to test what level. contamination of the student of ok i'm going through that it knew all along some pinay director of the institute for research and scientific expertise and comes online. to mean you know. will come on tell you come on then he's commotions to pull. it in yeah if you blow it was he killed you gale norton i just you know me. so me i don't.
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know she. is one of the sort. of want to put anybody. see what i'm into there yes you could fall in on that is disputed kind of move. you plead guilty get your lucky breaks you're still. national. love that they don't pay you well that's. right you can turn. it all right that should be more than enough. to more than you would put. we have to be more. like this i want to. go next.
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or a perfect. master has also taken to has song from the time to whom we matched. the little girl suffering from year old to suit a moving look. this is one of a lot of thinking so done most of. you still look beautiful. ah. and then more 10 in total from other residents living near the mine tailings and sent them via express mail to professor pinay in france. once again they'll be a few days of waiting for the results. in the meantime goes looking for gold. some of south africa's most profitable export is used in the electronics industry some of it is used for investment but most of it ends up as drury yet to the
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websites of the world's major luxury brands a curiously silent about the sources of the gold. on the boat you know jennifer was going to pull those that off. nor are any of them keen to respond to questions show then there's one of them called just how to yell matilda clearly because as i don't know how good the flow of their lives can for the job business on this one i'm on this one as of almost local financiers but again in a community called book review don't you know for the mother was one time was a good move when the mongia federal police each of them to come from the city to indeed not one jewelry brand agrees to provide details of whether gold comes from. medicare and then who can you compose one question the poison. italian brand is the 3rd largest jeweler in the world and it certainly seems to be using a lot of gold. it's time to go shopping. to greece
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headquarters and. johannesburg located in sun city among some of the most expensive real estate on the african continent in a luxurious shopping mall made by the company displays one of its finest pieces a gold and diamond necklace costing almost 70 $8700.00. but again no one hand seems to know where that gold had been sourced and we wanted to know whether. here in an area of the gallery you knew whether gold comes from if you can talk about it it's a call to gold yeah the gold you use in your jewelry. and you know i you know the idea that are ok don't you think it is kind of a surprising that you don't know where to go comes from the directors of the e.u. leaders. tell you you know ok i've heard of the. of the consequences of mali of the mines as i forgot it for example the mind savings this is what you burn
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injuries better for your eternal job or that's just are is a measure stuff by product of the 1st word where you know. it's her thank you very much for you i'll come. back in a world overshadowed by the waste dumps of south africa's a vast gold mining industry. people are gathering in a church hall. tiny the activist has come to syria to exist and allied their drugs on people with here. so to have all the children whose has something smashed on has taken for testing.
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much has spread and even the national media present. everyone wants to know what the scientists have concluded. for thank you so much again for being here today i really appreciate the fact that you've come quite a long way to be here must all run through the results gleaned from soil and guts samples and then you cools off and sap the name and stress plant in charge of analyzing the levels of heavy metal spout in the human head that's been gathered more recover somewhat only we don't know it and i was always a huge fan of the go to play bill saunders. who. was a very good as you don't know it was a hoax or it is. if you will. surely it was a residual job or always will be you should tell you who it. was issued to you will do it don't do. it.
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said 7 just don't do do this for so forward when you would expose your post and go this was on when you were exposed to it without people. that cough it up today and don't do. no one is you'd see them as in the preview i don't think it is the least was rule yet it really orders it will take yard you know these findings could help south african doctors give me a tandem better diagnosis for her disease. so it's all people just like western. people which. i don't think and all those who will focus on it for civilians if you do. more harm to you next time soon i don't need ok taken together the result a deeply disturbing. the soil gathered by my. from the mine tailings is full of
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heavy metals the level of all snake for example is $330.00 times higher than the norm the water is full of uranium $100.00 times the international limit the goats are infected their fur contains 83 times more lead than those living far away from the mine tailings and as for the residents some of the children show 64 times more exposure to lead 5 times more exposure to your ania and 4 times more exposure to us nic than the average french person even jesus into easy to mean we eat is dangerous for it. can cause celeb can we do. it. but usually we don't. even know she'd miss it you know you feel.
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the need. to know now you. need. to know. i think the only. is this normal and this is not. people doesn't really. lose money our sympathy the scientists who can be sending us think we've had enough of this man's exposing us all so we are building now to elude you once again to make sure that you cited the vision there was a. you know we've lost because of insufficient evidence but now we're dead documented in the you're doing now so you'd lose the universe. will know what's. do
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you very much want to see him. as residents begin planning their next move. including a possible legal claim against the mining companies. matha obtains an interview with the chamber of mines. the industry's association for some of south africa's most powerful mining concerns. on the often really pretty dull success if the sean what they mean look good enough and you should someone just as soon as your eminence extend to put on the recent clones now. almost 120 years later stefano moved out runs the lincoln i's ations anti-pollution department on
4:52 am
a string for those issues because the gold producing families do not want to address individually or getting the environmental impact of the mining industry and do you think it's it's going in there on the right track on the gridley. yes there is significant good progress achieved this far in terms of my many companies dealing effectively with environmental impact how does the chamber of mine every convicted human health impact assessment regarding the tellings the mine tunings not it's not that i'm way off ok so we don't some. bench shows the same scientific analysis that he has shared with the residents back in the township you never heard about that and i don't know ok. what does that make you think now it's quite concerning for me and i think something should be done do you think that the mining industry that you represent have
4:53 am
a responsibility in this numbers. i think it is with our member companies mind we do have the responsibility. do you leave close to the mind. why not even me. i mean most of the it's i mean most of the i mean those guys they follow the table as not the other way around they choose to go and stay there thing that people believe are on the tape these tapings this huge paintings are on drugs producing they're saying they're not safe. at all there's a lot of. environmental risks as well a safety of risks and why do you think you've been clean over all these years of yes to something should be done for the tailings that our own. when it when you say something do you think it's something a lot of what is it about eating the media and of the have built in of those should
4:54 am
get rid of the yes i think we need an all vote all management strategy as the industry and obviously in public with government. so what does the government have to say. south africa's environment minister declines to be interviewed. and his office says that the subject is not his area of expertise. the ministry of health on the other hand is very interested. i don't believe a book. is director of the national institute for occupational health $1006.00. 100 mentally this is of great importance to demonstrate that the levels are so much
4:55 am
high and that there would be negative health effects on the children and at least one of the real tragedies that the study said and why the money has not been prioritized we need to make sure that mines and other workplaces don't could. new to contaminate the living embodiment for communities and so on. would you like a copy or we would absolutely love to have a copy because you see we don't have this we don't have it in and then we can go in with our medical teams and perhaps have a sample of those who have got higher levels. of these different heavy metals and uranium and go in more physical examination do blood tests do urine tests and monitor their. the
4:56 am
south african government will soon begin a major study on the health impacts of mining pollution. but time is of the essence in 2017 mining companies extracted 130 tons of coal from south african soil. producing 27000000 600000 tons of supplementary waste. more ways to be produced next year and the next one and the one after that. there are still 35 years remaining of exportable gold reserves in south africa. how many move it dims will have to be in that time the food people realise that life is more precious than gold.
4:57 am
hello there it's the eastern side of united states i was saying most of the weather this line of cloud is bringing with us a line of rain thunderstorms some of those quite heavy at times is taking its time working its way eastwards and in fact ahead of this system up to the northeast we have actually got some above average temperatures are some heat advisories in effect for the northeast but it will be probably a wednesday new york 30 degrees celsius some scattered thunderstorms into d.c. with you see that rain train right there down into the southeast so similar story across in atlanta and then. on wednesday 28 degrees celsius we've had some fog that should stay quite cloudy as you can see out across the great plains and then we had
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3 of the day new york but it should be a dry day with on a high there of 29 degrees celsius fairly widespread across much of the caribbean in fact becoming quite widespread really spreading right the way across the hispaniola and also pushing on even tools western areas of cuba so 32 celsius in havana wednesday and that will likely come in. pretty definitely we'll see those say that rain is a working its way further westwards and then on both days quite a bit of rain into southern mexico but it should stay mostly dry in mexico city 23 degrees celsius is your high and 32 in kingston. 80 percent of the visually impaired could be cured without access to treatment. where there is a will there is a way from a state of the art hospital to cover it over 77 countries talbott every these patients be seen today in every bottle and in pakistan one man's passion provides
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free treatment for over 1000000 patients a year to cure revisited al-jazeera. al-jazeera . where every. al-jazeera exposes controversial allegations about the bahraini government. written by they told me you're a member of al qaeda you can stop the bowels of the shia. and it's good lucian with
5:00 am
al qaeda to conspire against and assassinate keen shia opposition figures 20 left bahrain playing with fire on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. ellen malcolm i'm giving you. watch in the news hour live from doha it's good to have your company coming up in the next 60 minutes south korea says north korea has fired 2 ballistic missiles into the sea off the country's east coast this just days after a similar launch last week. sudan's military gentle orders all schools to be shut down and affably after crowds of students protest again.


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