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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 211  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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so we certainly don't think it's a luxury i don't think privacy and security is a luxury so repairs are no more luxury than saying having a lock on your front door. over the last few years the number of v.p.n. services has boomed. hotspot shield express. cyber ghost these are just a few of the most popular names on the market by each v.p.n. says it offers something different the underlying principle is the same food all of them it's about setting up i mean to me due to a distant one between you and the website you want to access so the way the p.p. and works is it's essentially a computer elsewhere in the world so you 1st connect to before going to the end so if you are in trying to connect to. the country us and then go to facebook and then that way you can actually access these services they also encrypt traffic as well so anyone in the same work with us on your home or if you work. a public or
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even your internet service provider they will not be have to see the websites that you are going to protect as well and effective v.p.n. 1st is a v.p.n. that works because not all v.p.n. work in every country some countries actually block access to v.p.n. and 2nd to get 50 p. and that the secure it means that the telecommunications and the information that transmits between you and if you can is encrypted it means that they don't use that information or share that information with 3rd parties one you want to make sure that they have strong encryption protocols since encryption is the key way that protect your security secondly you want to make sure that a v.p.n. has the right policies and measures in place to ensure that no none of your internet activity is logged and a v.p.n. it's out there in server itself making sure that you know you're not. posing
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yourself the additional risks and. the jumping v.p.n. use hasn't gone unnoticed by governments in countries like iran and russia for instance the peons are subject to heavy destructions they don't even some laws in place banning them increasingly the peons are coming onto authorities radars and getting targeted in turkey use which is not criminalize so it is not illegal to use services however turkey amended its internet law in february 2014 and there's a provision which states that the authorities could request access working to prepare and services several of these. services are inaccessible from turkey and if you manage to access their websites or have an account with them then they don't work in china for example a number of the peons don't work and there were actually at some point and that was
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saying that it would bounce or v.p.n. and they did remove a lot of v.p.n. from the apple store and google play and so on however banning all v.p.n. would also affect the economy of a country it would affect how a number of business can actually operate in a country so it wouldn't be really what is for a government to ban all v.p.n. but it is indeed a concern that especially the most efficient peons are the most secure all rights respecting v.p.n. might be the. chinese authorities on just blocking many foreign b.p. and services be been actively pushing the use of state approved and created b.p.'s users have to register to use them and explain why they need them the service is guaranteed neither privacy not anonymity and in a country where censorship is stringent i descend to scorched unsecure v.p.n. . that come with the genes seal of approval leave many people exposed. but it isn't
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just state sponsored or state approved b.p.'s that have holes in their security. it's a case of downloader is be there generally speaking users can't really trust free v.p.n. means they may create a log of all the websites and visited and then sell them to a for part or perhaps an advertiser or another source of agency so a painful thing p.r. which is really the only way to ensure it's chilling is in some ways a luxury good it can cost anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00 to $20.00 a month to have this sort of additional security before shown that the vast majority of people probably are too and pay for that things the barrier of entry for v.p.n. says dramatically decrease you no longer have to be a technologist news than you can download an app into rowing low powered android and that can provide a high level of protection as well. as have come along when we were initially used
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just by large corporations them to be in the online tool of choice for journalists campaigners and political dissidents however as online tracking geo blocking web shutdowns at random and unsecured public web collections have increased the peons have become used in some of the most unexpected ways turkish internet users are technologically savy i would say young about the older generation and so are now parents teach their children how to access the computer year to recant so that they can do their homework from turkey you know are seeing. students logging into a server in a different time zones that had to get their test results early or capon fans around the world like india korean servers that you can vote for a favor ban an online poll so some of the more esoteric use cases are surprising but when it comes to government and state blocs that is something that we've been
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seeing all around the world for the past decade and while they continue to increase . and finally britain has a new prime minister and it's safe to say that not everyone is thrilled about the news but boris johnson can count on journalists like toby young cometh the hour cometh the man is a gushing 5000 word essay that young wrote about johnson on his student years his political career his so-called skill set even his physique the feedback on twitter ranged from its bizarre to disturbing to it reads like some erotic fantasy we asked you on what he made of that and he came back with a quotation from oscar wilde the one that goes there is only one thing in life worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about it will leave you now with some snippets from young's essay read by a voice artist so brace yourself see an x. time here at the listening post i 1st set eyes on boris johnson in the autumn of
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1983 when we went up to oxford at the same time. with his huge mop of blonde hair his tie askew and his shirt escaping from his trousers he looked like an overgrown schoolboy yet that is imposing physical build his thick neck and his broad germanic forehead there was also something of nature about him you could imagine him in later hose and wandering through the black forest with an axe over his shoulder looking for opus to kill this same combination a state of advanced a shovel mint and a sense of coiled strength of an almost tangible will to power was even more pronounced in his way of speaking in boris i finally encountered the real opt platonic ideal britain's veteran political commentators are for the most part pessimistic about boris his premiership the rational part of my brain is still full of doubts and uncertainties but it a more primitive level a level impervious to reason i cannot help but believe from the 1st moment i saw him i felt i was in the presence of someone special. the next 3 months will reveal
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whether that was a historical premonition or a softer more an illusion. al-jazeera exposes controversial allegations about the bahraini government. written by idea they told when you're a member of al qaeda you can stop the advance of the shia. and it's good luzhin with al qaeda to conspire against and assessing a key opposition figure 20 years left. playing with fire on al jazeera in the. her. or. her.
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where there is water there is life but finding it in australia's arid desert is a skill few still possess they took us to where the small spark those are and this was this very important place where they've been telling us about for the last 5 days to clean it. and under orders against all odds an aging population is passing on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback on a jersey you know. i'm
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come all sun summary here in doha these are the headlines on al-jazeera at least 32 people killed in a roadside bomb attack on a bus in afghanistan's far province we understand the bus was traveling on the kandahar herat highway and there are women and children are amongst those 32 people killed the other headlines north korea says i'm sorry south korea says the north has launched 2 ballistic missiles off its east coast the missiles flew 250 kilometers south korea's foreign minister said to such tests won't help ease tensions on the peninsula and an emergency meeting has been held in seoul more from seoul with rob mcbride. this latest missile firing is being viewed with deep concern here in south korea it's the 2nd double launching of short range ballistic missiles in less than a week and the 3rd missile launch to take place since may in direct contravention of the landmark military agreement signed between north and south korea last
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september during the period of improving relations that was meant to have put an end to testings like this one south korea's defense minister has said that if the north continues with threats and provocations like this then it would have to be considered an enemy so there has been some very strong words used by south korea contrasting with all of the period of reconciliation that we've had over the past year and a half or so north korea said when it launched missiles last week that that should be considered to be a solemn warning to south korea being very careful not to direct any of its anger all wrath at the americans and that u.s. president donald trump in particular but this does seem to be a reminder from them about the size of their nuclear and missile arsenal that yes this is only a short range missile but it is
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a reminder that they are serious about getting the u.s. back to the negotiating table and eventually getting some relief from the crippling sanctions. now sudan's ruling military giunta has suspended schools across the country until further notice that announcement comes after security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas at protesters mass rallies are being held against monday's killing of 5 students the head of the ruling military junta has blamed the opposition for tensions in the country 10 ambassadors from the u.n. security council have delivered a petition to the secretary general on syria they want to turn a good turkish to launch an investigation into the bombing of hospitals in it lip trade talks between the u.s. and china have resumed after they stalled in may of the issue of tariffs the world's 2 biggest economies of impose taxes covering more than $360000000000.00 worth of imports more than 40 people over here to court in hong kong on allegations of rioting this is the 1st time such serious charges have been brought against
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anti-government protesters rising usually carries a jail term of up to 10 years protesters have been battling rain as they stand outside the court supporting those inside. now the fukushima nuclear power complex is to be shut down according to japanese media say newspaper killed or says the owner tokyo electric power company or tepco is to close all 10 nuclear reactors at the site over the next 40 years for consumer of course badly damaged when a tsunami struck japan in 2011 killing nearly 16000 people a 2nd case of ebola has been confirmed of one in one of democratic republic of congo's biggest cities goma 2000000 people live in the city which is on the heavy lee traveled border with rwanda the world health organization has declared the a dollar outbreak in d r c a global emergency. democratic candidates hoping to take on donald trump in the 2020 presidential race of clash in the 1st of their 2 televised debates this week bernie sanders elizabeth warren better were all clear
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on one of the contenders on center stage in detroit a lot of heat as well as they shared their views on a range of issues like health care climate and immigration. and finally the relatives of 57 inmates killed in a brazilian prisoner riot have begun identifying the victims 16 prisoners were beheaded authorities say it was a targeted attack by a rival gang the up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera iraq a deadly deception its next.
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september 11th. in the ruins of new york america vows to defeat terrorism but this promise is quickly betrayed. george bush changes enemies some of bin laden is replaced by saddam hussein. as he had this sudden turn to love is the result of an extraordinary deception with devastating consequences for the world. everything begins less than 6 hours after the attack at the pentagon which was also strong secretary of defense donald rumsfeld scans the rubble and he issues his
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instructions stephen campbell and one of his advisors takes notes rumsfeld's intentions are unequivocal. the evening of the tragedy president bush addresses america and the world. today our fellow citizens our way of life are very freedom came under attack. we will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them. we will make no distinction this is sensu detail it was inspired by a key figure in the pentagon richard powell. on the afternoon of 911.


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