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tv   The Cure Revisited 2018 Ep 5  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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has observer status here and they will be in fact they have arranged talks with the s.n.c. delegation to talk about the overall political position but of course the political position some resolution of that and how new government effectively can be formed in damascus is still on hold it dates right back to january the 2018 when the 1st agreement was made to opt for a constitutional committee there's a lot of issues still surrounding that arrangement which is 50 members of the syrian regime 50 members of the opposition 50 from civil society still no agreement there it was hoped that this meeting would see a final settlement there but we keep going back to this awful onslaught on the civilians of live in which so many have died and in which so many people have tried
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to get out 3000000 syrian civilians in that region many of them are fled there for safety this was remember one of the deescalation zones which the start of talks one of the major agreements the start of talks actually came to to have these deescalation zones but of course that region is anything but a deescalation zone right now briefly and root we're seeing representatives there as well from iraq and lebanon at this stage in the game what can they bring to the table. very questionable have you all has a vested interest in these talks there are so many interested parties of course these talks just to remind you of sponsored by iran and also turkey. and russia and then others have observer status of the opposition here has full status but the observer status goes towards countries like lebanon here for the 1st time its
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interest is a return of refugees so many of them have fled to lebanon they want to see a settlement involving the return of refugees the opposition say that's can't even be thought about right now unless there is a whole range of issues are such as the exchange of prisoners the exchange of bodies and indeed that return of refugees to safe places with guarantees they won't be harmed and there is also of course iraq involved also has observer status also jordan these are neighboring countries that all have an interest in seeing some resolution and i don't end to this war which still drags on after more than 8 years and thank you very much anderson as our correspondent there in north seoul tom the u.s. central bank has cut its main interest rate for the 1st time in 11 years in an effort to boost spending ahead of the federal reserve says he's concerned about the global economic slowdown and the trade war between the u.s.
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and china the outlook for the u.s. economy remains favorable and this action is designed to support that outlook it is intended to insure against downside risks from weak global growth in trade policy uncertainty to help offset the effects these factors are currently having on the economy into promote a faster return of inflation to our symmetric 2 percent objective she have returns he has more now from washington. the chairman of the federal reserve cited 3 main factors for the rate cut the weakening global economic outlook the weakening outlook for u.s. trade around the world as a result and weak inflation in the united states his argument seems to be look the u.s. economic indicators are humming along why don't just give them a little bit of a boost with this quarter percent rate cut he denied any political pressure but we do know the dog trump has been pushing for rate cuts from the fed larger than this one that is because clearly don't trust once the economy to keep on expanding into
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the 2020 economic cycle drone pilot 1st saying that he didn't see this is a long succession of rate cuts but then he clarified that suggested that there may be more rate cuts to come perhaps all truck will get hit more rate cuts simply because of his economic policy the uncertainty over trade as a result of his trade wars and trade rhetoric but also the economic policy to prioritize enormous cuts for the wealthy and corporations and not sustainable investments into the u.s. economy itself so he may yet get his these rate cuts that he wants so much. has reopened to business in the kenyan capital 6 months after an attack by al shabaab 4 gunmen and a suicide bomber stormed in killing 21 people welcome has that story for us from nairobi. good to see hotel in kenya's capital nairobi wants the world to know it's open for business once again. because it was a different picture 6 months ago gunmen from the somali armed group al-shabaab
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attacked it says it wants kenya's army to leave neighboring somalia. one of them detonated a suicide bomb i just saw something like that got like a gas explosion tracy $10.00 so it always was something i saw like an explosion from here so i saw a hind that i don't know whether it was a hand or it was a leg for you down there so she hid inside the hair salon where she worked into police came but since that day i have feel like you want to do and i came in i just said it's because they act like i so how could risk mean to just such an emotional moment for me. but the message of the hotel management and politicians is defiant. and this. is about. nobody.
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i mean visitors. to see. soldiers and police arrived within about half an hour of the attack starting they swept through the buildings they rescued hundreds of people killed the remaining attackers and the whole thing was over in less than 24 hours the security agencies with bones within is much more effective than in previous attacks. when i sent gunmen to the westgate shopping mall 6 years ago the attack lasted hours but security forces besieged it for days shops were looted by soldiers dozens died. the bloodiest attack in kenya by al-shabaab was a university in 2015 nearly 150 students were killed repeated requests for security at the campus had been ignored. the attacks began when
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kenya's army entered somalia 8 years ago along with its allies it controls the major cities a terrorist group could be degraded their military power could be diminished as been consistently done in somalia but that does not mean that the they cannot mount attacks inside somalia in kenya and other places to carry out attacks to announce that they are still relevant. to do city maybe back up on its feet the security is now tighter here. kenya's conflict with is far from over. still.
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it's going to be in serious trouble peter thank you very much the latest installment of one of sports all this and fiercest rivalry just getting underway in england hosting australia in the 1st of 5 ashes test matches of australia all the trophy holders but have a want to series in england since 2001 the 3 australian players including former captain steve smith just completed bans for ball tampering are making their test returns at a distance or strongly as current captain tim payne one that's also decided to bat 1st the other 2 players making their returns after serving bans already outs david warner and cameron bancroft both dismissed by stuart broad australia currently 17.
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meanwhile in colombo sri lanka completed their 1st one day series clean sweep since 2016 bangladesh by 122 runs to win the 3rd r.b.i. batting 1st made 294 fight of their 50 overs the series angela matthews top scoring with 87 the bangladeshis were bowled out for just 172 in reply to a 5th successive one day defeat that's their 1st runs in 24 straight. football manager marriage to reporter tina i seen a much happier man on wednesday a day after he seemed to suggest that he had noticed in the buying and selling of players were the players he does have certainly looked far too good for for an hour at least in the audi cup final in munich lamela and christian eriksson giving spurs a 2 no lead over the alianza arena on hold to go back to 2 minutes later on the home fans are really giving something to shout about with this task to keep the
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larger from the hearty rated canadian teenager alfonse sorry davies what to say was how it finished there on to penalties winning the shootout 6. also in munich our round madrid karim benzema scoring a hat trick of round the turkey of science and about 253 once again much of the focus was on a striker who wasn't there. has officially missed a trick duty injury a transfer to china fell through in a danger dan wasn't really impressed with a report that the doubts i've been spotted out playing golf back in spain i know that it was. well we'll have to see what the situation is when we return i want to get in from playing goal still have had his reasons we'll have to see what he's done in madrid but it's also his private life he stated to train by himself and i have to believe that's what he's done. we may remember 73 of our neighbors at leisure kerry last week in a pre-season game with diego is to me any steam handed out another beating on the
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us told this time too and unless all star side that included the likes of abraham of its rooney and nani all the majesty are probably coming to the end of their careers one player looks like having a fantastic career ahead of him as you're out felix but let's look at benfica $130000000.00 for the 19 year old in the off season the world's 2nd most expensive teenage footballer scored here on land with a goal that let's be honest probably should have been saved i think i'm going to win this 13 now. so many as lawyer says the 800 meter world champion is being discriminated against by the athletics world governing body so many are has been blocked from defending her title at next month's world championships in an ongoing legal case new rules applied so many have to take medication to reduce naturally occurring testosterone levels a south african is refusing to comply while a pill is being. at the heart of the case is that the i have once to ban castor and
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other female athletes with naturally high testosterone levels from competing internationally unless they submit to these humiliating examinations and take drugs to change their natural body ready they are being banned simply for who they are now this fellow is about to turn 42 and through an interest 20 a season with the new england patriots of course talking about court about tom brady he says he's focused on earning a new contract very rather than contemplating retirement brady has led his team to the last 3 super bowls winning 2 of them its 1st training camp with the patriots coming back in the year 2000 i was trying to make the team at that point so. to do it 20 years later is pretty unreal to me. but i'm enjoying it every year has it's different challenges and. you know it's like a day like this you know we just got to keep going through it so it's you know we've been at it for a week or 2. we've got to find ways to make improvements lots of floor to cover for
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our feet of rubble thanks very much lots more news on the web site it's always there for you al jazeera dot com is the address you need up next is here with 30 minutes of al-jazeera well i will see you from celtic uplink.
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partnership. 80 percent of the visually impaired could be cured without access to treatment. and
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where there is a will there is a way. over $77.00 countries. but if this person is seen today every little pakistan. provides free treatment over 1000000 patients. revisited. iraq. dozens killed in 2 attacks in the yemeni it says he of age. hello and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me and is with product also ahead fears of an above the outbreak courses or want to shut down
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part of its border with the democratic republic of congo and so. we consider serif the foreign minister an illegitimate spokesman for iran. new u.s. sanctions this time against iran's top diplomat iran's president accuses the americans of childish behavior and. you stood up and use that tough on crime family rhetoric we got a lot of people liked it but destroyed communities like mine of questions to former u.s. was president joe biden in the democratic party's race to replace donald trump. we begin with breaking news from southern yemen where dozens of people have been killed in 2 separate attacks on security forces both that were in the port city of aden the largest was on a military cabin which is the base for m. rashid trained and supported forces. at least 30 were killed including
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a senior commander. well what the fighters say they carried out that attack with the drone and ballistic missiles. but there's been no claim of responsibility for a separate attack on a police station in the center of aden which killed at least 10 when all of this unfolded as the whole thing is claimed to have fired a ballistic missile into saudi arabia they say they had a military position in the mom the capital city of the oil rich eastern region who have recently targeted airports and military installations inside saudi the group says it's in response to solve the iraqi military campaign in yemen mohammed has
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more from santa. this incident at least the death toll all for the. on the military parade in the military can as read so far over 30. per military personnel we have received many fodor's that confirmed yet has targeted the the near. this military parade. where many soldiers have been killed many others injured including the command a commander. of the year he's the his name is known as the. one of the commanders of the wall being assigned by the united arab emirates. and is a security fence in the united arab in the aden so far also the other side which has
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taken place in a share of man where the suicide bombing had targeted the police station there at least 10 people have been killed the number of from both incidents is expected to rise as the those who have been seriously injured are in a big number at least 2 people as i mentioned 10 people were killed dozens others injured. to. the 1st one. their 1st one was these are side bombing and all the 2nd one was the how these attack on the military personal and military camp well our senior correspondent who has covered the region extensively for us will start with the attacks that are taking place inside yemen you know the whole thing showing just how capable they still are here they do it's obvious a show of force by the truth is by targeting this military installation in. right
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and the whole things were kicked off i did in 2015 however this is a controlled areas in in the oscars of of ties and i think they can easily use the military installations of those areas to target. them and i think it was a show force that by almost more than 4 years since the start of there was a campaign this to remain the most powerful group in yemen and what about the timing of this attack attacking this military camp when the m of rashi is liberace's have trained forces here are actually pulling out it's quite obvious that the pullers by the end is creating a power vacuum in that particularly in the southern part of the because that's the place where the u.a.e. has maintained a significant military presence since the start of the campaign in 2015 so they had their own soldiers it hardware their own military helicopters but they also managed
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to build alliances with local groups which they call the belts security belts which are militias backed financed and equipped by the by the u.a.e. but the moment it is signed it because i think they didn't the all the as that is absolutely no way out to this crisis in yemen they decided to pull out of international sentiment was opposed to the campaign decided to pull out and this is creating a vacuum in the country and how concerned are the saudis going to be not just by the attack here in aden but also the one in the mom i think they should be really concerned the u.a.e. discover they were in a quagmire and there is no way from this is just by recognize that they messed up and therefore a dignified exit strategy was pulling out the saudi face a different scenario because they say they will continue until the whole thing is undermined but the whole thing is a more powerful than ever this is a controlled huge area of the stretches from saddam all the border with saudi
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arabia all the way to b.n. and. all the way to a 1000000000 and on the outskirts of of ties this is number one number 2. the southern part of the yemen is now be said by briberies and the group which is calling for the need to speed breakaway from the north the potential for the south and for the whole of yemen to fragment is higher than ever which is conducive for groups like al qaida to build its base that it lost over the last few years i think this is a really delicate sirrah scenarios for the saudis but also the saudis do understand that if they pull out today it's going to be a huge humiliation for them and therefore i think they will have now to talk with the americans in particular and with the united nations about a political roadmap for for yemen where the hope is we'll definitely have a bigger say senior al jazeera correspondent thank you very much. now catherine shot down as they head of yemen department at the next century foundation that's a piece of building thing tag and she explains the rationale behind the hope the
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attack. there's a lot of unpacking to do i think we need to look at the allaire years you know through to this military action by the hearst you know i think that one of the 1st things that they wanted to do is that at a moment in time when the release actually withdrawing from i don't know i think they wanted to show the saudi duck when they are losing support and there and allies there has to be all quite capable of actually hitting them and he didn't quite haulage where they felt there was calls to go where they felt that they had a stronghold and number 2 they showing that the on not on who would be deciding over succession in yemen and that they would do everything that they can to actually quell this al than movement in yemen that they would not agree with a breaking up of yemen i think this is quite clear they also icing trying to sound i would say a tribal message in a way to mohamed bin hammam and telling him that the northern tribes of yemen are
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united they are quite strong militarily they can hurt the saudi when they are at the weakest point and i think there's a lot of perception now in sanaa that this saudi are losing their grip not just on their military christian the critically speaking in terms of the international consensus to was this when yemen that they are being seen as being weak economically speaking as well and so for them it is the time to strike and show. we're going to move on to other news now rwanda is imposing a border restrictions with the democratic republic of congo because of the bowler crisis a one year old girl is the 3rd patient to test positive for the virus in the congolese city of goma close to the rwandan border the latest outbreak in the d.r. c. is still spreading a year since the 1st case was reported in north kivu province let's go now to our correspondent catherine sawyer she is monitoring the developments for us from the
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kenyan capital nairobi a lot of confusion not just today over the last few days about the status of the border the rwandans now saying that they have to close a part of it catherine. yes it's been very chaotic this morning very uncertain at the border as we speak we've been speaking to people on both sides of the border who are stuck in elizabeth this is a very busy border more than 50000 people use it every day mostly for trade we have it's also who work in n.g.o.s in the u.n. in goma and go back home in the evening who have run to have set up businesses in rwanda in goma as well who are stuck in affected so huge implications we're talking about and that's why when the world health organization was declaring a ball in the r.c. a public health emergency of international concern they asked that countries should not close the borders because this is just going to make the situation worse because what's going to happen now people are going to use the more informal
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crossings where there are no medical check points so this is a big concern and this all comes at a time when this a one year old has been confirmed to have a bullet she's now at a treatment center her mother is in an isolation unit where she's waiting for her results her father died on wednesday. this is the clinic in goma where the man sought help before he died he fell sick days after returning home from an infected area where he was working in a mining area the clinic is now closed sampling missions have been vaccinated and health workers are trying to trace people the victim made contact with more than a 1000000 people live in this city on the border with rwanda. and we did not know what was happening we just saw people looking like doctors carrying him away they said they will come back to approximate us. we are free and resident
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because we have seen how people are dying it would term burn beni night and day. the 2nd outbreak in the country's history was declared a year ago and has since claimed the lives of 1700 people it's 2nd only to the outbreak in west africa that killed 11000 people 5 years ago health workers trying to combat the outbreak are having to deal with militia groups and communities both hostile to them as well as poor infrastructure in vast regions with villages are hard to reach for to mark a humble is an airball a survivor who spends her time taking care of children whose parents are the sick or dead she also talks to people in have been in the town of benny about the importance of health care some congolese want to know about a new a ball a vaccine they've hired about her and other. people are saying the new proposed vaccine isn't good health workers need to seem surprised people so they can
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understand because this virus needs to go away the proposal by the wild helpful guide.


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