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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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people looking like doctors carrying him away they say they will come back to approximate us. resident because we have seen how people are dying and benny night and day the 2nd worst outbreak in the country's history was declared a year ago and has since claimed the lives of 1700 people it's 2nd only to the outbreak in west africa that killed 11000 people 5 years ago health workers trying to come back to the outbreak having to deal with militia groups and communities both hostile to them as well as poor infrastructure in vast regions where villages are hard to reach. for to mark a humble is an airball a survivor who spends her time taking care of children whose parents are the sick or dead she also talks to people and have believed in the town of benny about the importance of health care some congolese want to know about a new ball a vaccine they've hired about from other funds people are saying the new proposed
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vaccine isn't good enough workers need to seem surprised people so they can understand because this virus needs to go away the proposal by the world health organization to use a vaccine for clinical trials is controversial critics say the drug is experimental and shouldn't be tested on congolese people w.h.o. says vaccination is important for research expect. very clear we need to. try to get more information on the. effectiveness of recommendations the best way because. back in go my doctors try to work out how to stop the disease from spreading health workers in goma say the wall prepared to deal with the situation they've set up hand washing points in different parts of the city they say the treatment centers are well equipped and they have enough personnel but they're also warning people to
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keep vigil avoid unnecessary contact with each other not to worry about people that we've been speaking to in goma a telling us it's very difficult to keep calm at this moment. and there's a lot of political uncertainty as we speak especially in the health ministry elizabeth the former minister for health has just resigned we don't have a minister for health right now the former minister resentfully resigned saying that the government is not handling the ball out well and also saying that there is this push for this 2nd neuvirth seen to be deployed to d r c 4 clearly called trialled so he says that he is opposed to that so all this issues creating even more uncertainty in this fight against the border catherine thank you very much for that catherine soil with the latest live in nairobi. still ahead on the bulletin the top u.s.
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and chinese diplomats may 20 trade and security on the agenda but have the details from bangkok and why the u.s. central bank has cut its main interest rate for the 1st time and an 11 year is. out of the still get more rain to cover the flooded area of what is effectively siberia so it's just really just as the top of your screen but this whole other area this is the seasonal rain front which should really be near a science career even japan but now is over north korea and this part of the charter including beijing where some useful big thunderstorms might be around could even cause some flash flooding in the city now it's going to warm the cannot move very far away from north korea reason to leave south korea completely dry as the picture on sunday is much the same as it was on friday occasional showers seem
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likely in home shoe is just the green shade here but typically we're in the low to mid thirty's moved to be humid as well but mostly dry through art japan because all the actions for the sars. tropical storm we froze it was now tropical depression i will fall apart as a mass of rain in the southwest of china still be an onshore breeze for hong kong optically strong it will bring quite often rainy weather with it so the whole of southern china is turning turning green if you like wet cloudy and to some degree windy but the tropical nature is really going to be in the running which by this time has gone to the north and now to the south of that so much quieter picture almost all of malaysia and indonesia are dry. where there is water there is life but finding it than australia's arid deserts it is a skill few still possess they took us to
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a small what spartans those were and this was this is a very important place that they've been telling us about for the last 5 days the plaintiff. in the orders against all odds an ageing population this policy on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback. josie. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories 2 attacks on security forces in southern yemen have killed dozens of people just say they targeted a man the trick captain aided and used by m. a russian forces.
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and the whole thing is claimed to have fired a ballistic missile on them to saudi arabia they say they have had a military position in the mom the capital city of the oil rich region. as imposing border restrictions for the democratic republic of congo because of the ball of crisis a one year old girl is the 3rd patient to test positive for the virus in the congo a 6 city of goma close to the rwandan border her father died of the disease on wednesday. now the americans have imposed sanctions on iran's top diplomats as the latest escalation in tensions between washington. they had armed foreign minister mohammad job and zarif is accused of promotion what the americans call the reckless agenda of iran's supreme leader was that he has said the us acted because it considers him a huge threat the minister said sanctions on his us s. it started to affect him because he doesn't have any now iran's president hassan
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rouhani is accusing the u.s. of childish behavior especially after iran proposed unconditional talks recently and another development germany has rejected a u.s. request to join a british and french mission to help secure the strait of hormuz the german government says it wants to avoid escalating tensions in the gulf rosalind jordan reports from washington. the u.s. is maximum pressure campaign against iran has claimed a new target foreign minister zarif american educated comfortable in front of the cameras and the one who negotiated the 2050 nuclear deal with world powers. but the trumpet ministration says the wreath is no honest broker and has imposed sanctions on him we consider javid zarif the foreign minister an illegitimate spokesman for iran are and iran itself is a government you consider illegitimate do not well exactly it is
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a state sponsor of terrorism it is the world's central banker of terrorism biggest finance or biggest arm are the sanctions come at a time of great tension between chalfant in washington whether in the waterways of the gulf or in proxy conflicts around the middle east any assets zarif might have in the us are frozen these approvals to visit un headquarters in new york are no longer guaranteed and the top administration says it's no longer obligated to talk to zarif since the us quit the iran nuclear deal last year on this point one expert says the u.s. is recognizing the real source of power in town brought on the managed power is not mr rouhani the president is not was a star of the foreign minister it is the superior leader ayatollah ali home and he was in charge of the armed forces that judiciary a course of after august intelligence agencies ministries and so on and so forth and not not to say that he is
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a nice old power broker power maker in the country but by far the most important and all the armed forces special of the revolutionary guards that you dish surely sourness so forth are most loyal to that end but another expert says this isn't why the u.s. is targeting zarif the troponin astray sion or at least the faction that is behind this decision is not interested in the plum a c they want to prevent it at all cost this is an effective measure towards at least making it much much more difficult for us and iran to talk and if the us and iran cannot talk that increases the likelihood of a military confrontation which is the explicit desire of john bolton the national security adviser even as the us was rolling out its sanctions and else meant as a reef was reacting on twitter thanking the trumpet ministration for considering him a threat to its agenda. rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington now the united states as the playing down north korea's latest missile tests state media n.p.r.
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and says kim jong un watched wednesday's launch of 2 short range missiles that u.s. national security adviser says they don't violate a pledge to stop testing long range weapons from mcbride has more from seoul. the weapons system north korea says it tested is very different to the 2 short range ballistic missiles 1st described by south korean officials on wednesday in an official statement from its state run news agency north korea says that it was in fact a multiple guided rocket launcher system a test that was overseen by north korean leader kim jong un he was said to be pleased with the test a system which it said would cause inescapable distress to whoever was on the receiving end the fact that it doesn't seem to be a ballistic missile makes it less of a provocation but it also seems to indicate that if a rocket could be mistaken for a missile than it does show
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a significant advance in north korea's rocket technology and still this is a system that would put much of south korea within range the timing of this test is still significant it comes just ahead of planned exercises between south korean and u.s. forces in its statements north korea made no specific reference to south korea but in another editorial wednesday it has criticized the south for so-called double dealing in being involved in these exercises meanwhile the u.s. national security advisor john bolton has been speaking on u.s. television playing down this test saying it doesn't break with kim jong un's promise that he made to donald trump not to test long range intercontinental ballistic missiles but as far as the working level talks are concerned that are meant to get under way between north korean and u.s. officials that they agreed on in their meeting on the d.m.z.
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a month ago he had no news on that saying it was up to north korea to respond that basically it was for them to make the next move. the u.s. secretary of state has criticized china for what he called its. the havior in the south china sea like pompei are made the comments after meeting china's foreign minister in thailand is also meeting leaders from the regional organization in bangkok is the 1st stop in a weeklong trip which also includes a stray and micronesia scott hardly has moved from bangkok. the details of those talks particular between the united states and china not much came out of it there a lot of platitudes a lot of niceties if you will on the big topic south china sea. tension on the korean peninsula and the situation of the trade war between the united states and china nothing really advancing the any of those issues but at least out of that both leaders coming out both foreign minister and the secretary of state coming on
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saying these were discussed will continue to work toward a goal like the chinese foreign minister said that they were going to continue to work with the united states and we hope the united states will continue to push for more discussions same thing about the south china sea that they're going to continue discussions about the disagreements over territory there and then also the trade war we know there were discussions negotiations in china chang high earlier in the week and nothing really came out of that but they said the leader said that they're still discussing it this is something that's been ongoing dialogue here in austin and a lot of the times at the meetings like this and the particular the summits that take place later in the year what is really being focused on now because you have the superpowers economic superpowers china and the united states and they have specific and very different strategies and how they're dealing with. so a lot of the leaders here feel as though they gravitate for financial reasons for alliances gravitate toward one of them and a lot of leaders say that they feel as though they have to pick sides now we spoke with an analyst earlier today the very interesting because of that it really
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threatens what aussie on is all about and that's supposed to be essential body for these countries these 10 countries in southeast asia they feel as though they're being pulled apart because of the united states demands or china's demands. the frontrunner in the race to be the democratic party's nomination challenge donald trump has had a tough night former vice president joe biden faced attacks from 9 other presidential hopefuls during a 2nd litel debates john hendren reports. from troy to. the front runner spot was joe biden's to lose any plan to win or go down fighting in debate one comolli harris attacked biden got a boost in the polls. on the way in to debate to easy minutes later on question one he has sailed her plan for publicly funded health care the senators had several plans for you can't be president trying with
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double talk on this plan we are now paying 3 bill a trillion dollars a year for health care in america over the next 10 years it's probably going to be 6 trillion dollars we must then inside detroit's fox theater came an avalanche of counterattacks on immigration it looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't on criminal justice because you stood up and use that tough on crime phony rhetoric that got a lot of people liked it but destroyed communities like mine and on climate change washington state governor jay inslee called biden's plan in adequate his disagreement with his response with me it did. when he said. there's no working this out this is our last chance in the next presidency we had to move our house on fire we're going to put it out. as well it had a target on his back it was hit again and again by his critics on the day each time
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he struck back over the next few days the polls would determine whether those repeated attacks left a lasting mark to win against president democrats will have to win in states like michigan which won in 2016 detroiter mario moral hazard vice come here often work hard to make sure they connect with the voters make sure there is some type of connection with issues. just black issues black folks like everybody else want to talk about those issues that are going to. yes when the future student loan thing in his closing remarks biden bungled his own fund raising phone number he meant to say text joe to 30330 instead he said go to joe 30330 and help me in this fight the repeated attacks it apparently randall the leading candidate john hendren detroit now richard
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johnson is a lecturer in u.s. politics and international studies at lancaster university and he says that democratic voters the divided between those they see as electable and those who are purists we're looking at people who want a candidate who can be electable and that's against donald trump and that's where joe biden is profiting from you have some candidates who want. you want to have voters who want candidates who are sort of purists and that's where sanders and warren are doing well and i think that you know booker and harris are really trying to appeal to both that heart and mind constituency which is somewhere somewhere in the middle and i think that maybe the next debate we could see booker and harris potentially squaring off against each of these american campaigns in the united states and you know i think if someone was designing the electoral system to appeal to political junkies and this would be the one they would design but it is i think
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for the electorate can be very exhausting and i think it's also worth noting that many many voters. maybe are just tuning in for the 1st time now and many more won't be really paying attention until the primary campaign starts up in china if every time so we got a long way to go yet. the u.s. central bank has cocked its main interest rate for the 1st top and 11 years in an effort to boost spending the head of the federal reserve says he's concerned about the global economic slowdown and the trade war between the u.s. and china the outlook for the u.s. economy remains favorable and this action is designed to support that outlook it is intended to insure against downside risks from weak global growth in trade policy uncertainty to help offset the effects these factors are currently having on the economy and to promote a faster return of inflation to our symmetric 2 percent objective.
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hello again i'm in as a problem in doha but the headlines on al-jazeera 2 attacks on security forces in southern yemen have killed dozens of people put the fighters said they targeted a military camp in aden used by m. iraq he trained forces separately a police station was attacked in the city center meanwhile filthy rebels say they fired a ballistic missile into saudi arabia they came to have had a military position in the eastern city of the mom the whole things have recently been targeting airports and military installations inside saudi arabia they say it's in response to the solve the amorality coalition's military campaign in yemen and other news rwanda is imposing border restrictions for the democratic republic of congo because of the boulder crisis one year old girl is the 3rd patient to test positive for the virus and the congolese city of goma close to the rwandan border her father died of the disease on wednesday iran's president has dismissed u.s.
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sanctions on its top diplomat calling them childish the americans say foreign minister mohammad job and zarif is promoting what it calls the reckless agenda of iran's supreme leader i said baker has more from ted on. it's later sanctions come among after donald trump signed an executive order imposing sanctions against the supreme leader here and that's all a part of what washington calls its maximum pressure campaign and this is going on since you at the united states unilaterally pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal last year now these latest sanctions are seen by many people here as an indication that the fact that the united states doesn't understand how the islamic republic works if the u.s. thinks that they could negotiate with anyone high almost seen it in the foreign minister they greatly mistaken and it will affect future negotiations a frontrunner in the race to be the democratic party's nominee to challenge donald trump has had a tough night former vice president joe biden faced attacks from 9 other
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presidential hopefuls those are the headlines inside story is coming up next. it's been controversial in india for years the use of the so-called triple tulloch by a man to divorce his wife is now outlawed a new law replaces the centuries old islamic practice but will it protect muslim women and is it politically motivated this is inside story.
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we. follow into the program i'm adrian finnegan a muslim man in india can no longer divorce his wife by simply uttering taluk the arabic word for divorce 3 times if a husband tries to do that he can now be jailed for up to 3 years the so-called triple tulloch method of instant divorce has been criminalized by india's parliament the upper house passed the bill on tuesday 2 years after the supreme court declared the practice unconstitutional but it's sharply divided lawmakers and campaigners those in favor say the new measure protects muslim women opponents those say it's unusual to criminalize divorce and that the punishment is too harsh others argue that marriage problems should be reviewed by community leaders and not by the government or the ruling bharatiya janata party b j p managed to pass the law after it had been blocked by the opposition for more than
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a year india's prime minister narendra modi celebrated what he called a victory on twitter he said an archaic and mediƦval practice has finally been combined to the dustbin of history parliament abolishes triple telecom corrects a historical wrong done to muslim women this is a victory of gender justice and will further equality in society india rejoices today he says but opponents of the bill accuse his hindu nationalist b j p of targeting muslims. as of the day in a way see a member of parliament for the opposition all india. muslimeen party said this law is against muslim women a marginalizes them even more well or forces a woman to stay in a marriage with an imprisoned man who'd verbal e. and emotionally abused her it puts the burden of proof on muslim women and forces her into impoverishment so what is the instant triple tahlequah practice as we've
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mentioned allows muslim men to divorce their wives just by saying the word it can happen anytime and by any means including telephone text message or by social media post the measure isn't used universally among muslims around the world different islamic schools of thought prefer the divorce process to be carried out over a period of 3 months allowing time for reflection and reconciliation more than 20 countries including neighboring pakistan and bangladesh have banned the practice the custom was prevalent among muslims in india which doesn't have a standard civil code. so let's bring in our guests for today's discussion from new delhi we're joined by desh rather nigam who's a lawyer associated with the legal wing of the russian tria swam setback sang a hindu nationalist organization joining us from london gareth price from chatham house research and current affairs institute and via skype from new delhi come on through he has founder of the or india muslim personal law border non-government
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organization which supports the protection of muslim personal law in india deseret and if we can start with you are right in thinking that you are very much in favor of this bill if so why when it's a discriminatory bill is needed unfairly criminalizes muslim men all those from other faiths who leave their wives commit only a civil offense. so that tell you let us be very very clear this bill is for busy the rights of mary he muslims of men and also gender equality and gender justice it has nothing to do with religion now criminalization is on account of instant triples the luck not to belittle an instant to put a lock which is. one in one sitting by the of electronic means whatsapp s.m.s. is email striking letters or spoken words that is what busy has been criminalized now women who still live in constant fear and they were treated as slaves and
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property that they can be thrown out any time not this instant ready to put a lock has no basis in islamic law also it is illegal and void under islamic law also in this baghdad on not of these instant i would says what taking place in women's women were being thrown out now you have to make a distinction with abandonment not abandonment in other religion does not lead to divorce legal status of a person does not change but here despite the fact it is an islamist this practice this inhuman practice was going on in our society and therefore this initiative was not a started by hindu men it was a started by misleading muslims themselves they signed a petition 1000000 muslim men and women in india and most of them of women signed this petition and this process was initiated in the supreme court and the supreme court held the supreme court of india held that it is unconstitutional and illegal and despite the supreme court ordered this practices were continuing and women were
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being you know thrown out of the houses and therefore there was a lot of quiet to criminalize it and to make it as a deterrent you also have such kind of laws and in other islamic countries which is which is penal nature and people are sent to jail if they do not follow the lead down procedure so opposition by certain sections of people is on account of that would bend. attacks which they are playing and kind of creating a fear mongering you know fear among the muslims in india that there are legion is being affected their society is being affected but end of the day this is about being their fundamental rights uploading their fundamental rights and other rights that the busy constitution of india gives them come out for ok in new delhi you're opposed to the bill of people like you and he women has as has been claimed many times in the debate leading up to the passing of this bill. subtle thank you very
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much across a highly sensitive matter the new government of dave sad to say something about that and prostitution so i have to do one thing if you only one who says that it is illegal in islam i think you need to go away for the teaching of islam and muslims but it is not a d.v.d. again yes it has not been seen as the most fervent belief and of things will announce the divorce but it does not leave and it's not going to stop me this is well a part separately just for 10 of them and it is being used that i had only in this country by the end of useful up are so you must understand if this is not in understanding of all this is not not illegal in their stance yes it does not be if you are and if you believe that most of the bible it is seen it is not just one of the backing in fact but it is not always said if their own if the husband in their time not to get together and the other thing but what was certainly going to set in fact is that when found that and i think that that's point will be it will shine
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and if you see that's a medium of events and men have something they're going to perdition it's absolutely the home the genesis of the whole case is that and it's a very unique kind of situation in my country where and on there's been so important jeffs right here by the senate leaving a lot of. judgment on it in all women today on people who are deep unfortunately that they did to him and not get that way it is fatal for this kind of things give us the judgment that one of the other didn't matter and one of the definite says that having about that he did is this not or if it's just back end of the day but by the end of the judgment not just can he sat there and we have also come to not or going to court except trying to do that even if indeed there are some of you have also come across that it was stupid and what's will be some pretty bizarre media saying so look we want. 5 b. and 5 b.
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again he says the just man and the last 2 lines and he said they'd is proper for us to have fun things aren't who. are not is not on the basis of the me as all of the events of argument because i've been at the same it is in fact on the ship you often occupants of new order and it is unique it has come and often to do so up to 6 months not this year is so deadly that let's not. stop it making the appeal of mark up into his mind of every other 5 judgment is in fact and the there is a new kind of judgment in the name and not the if of one of the unit that cannot let live i have to just because i don't know what i'm going to interrupt you to come i will come to the detail a little bit later in the program i notice that you didn't submit my question that people like you anti women. no absolutely not no muslim can be undocumented and he will not be a muslim if you give him any because it's some gives the islam of the one of the
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1st religion in the word which gives the equal right to do but. if you meant what and it gives it definitely later in to provide given that it had been given that it also gives it i don't remember what all about them maybe if she feels that she's not being treated properly it would be just garbage and it demands it then of course it procedure would be that it should be given in the t.v. . months that be there and then or not but if there is an option that was an option but just r.b.c. then it wouldn't absolutely break the same that the plot was also given but it does being but it is in the other letters what they did and you can find out in our website also that we have discussed it is and of the law it is the guide but to be discredited that is that is in fact m.p.'s not know mr gandhi and the woman who does get consent of argument so that it is that all of that got out of the system
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but that i mean by gareth price in london why was the government so determined to push this bill through and the government would make the case that. in the past certain anomalies in the personal law have benefited what you would describe as the minority community muslims and i think there clearly is a long term trend towards some kind of uniform civil code i think the ability for. muslim men and get a divorce than their wives by saying the last 3 times which is as he pointed out is isn't. allowed in many other actually islamic majority countries is something i think it's quite hard to defend sir i think it's become a sort of this is the. the touchstone of a reordering. the personal codes so it's not in itself anti muslim it's just the
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government doing what it said it was going to do when it came to power it sits in the government's manifesto i mean i would point out there are many things that are illegal within india that don't necessarily have that has not necessarily made a difference so for instance diaries have been illegal in india since 1961 but they're still quite prevalent and marriages in there so i think this is this is something where the government the government doesn't have a majority in the upper have enough lawmakers of other parties were able to. to support this particular measure ok rotten is not the case that what's actually required in the india as gas was saying there was a uniform civil code that treats all citizens regardless of their religion their race their gender equally.


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