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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2019 6:00am-6:33am +03

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the central doctors committee says at least 4 people have been killed and dozens of those have been wounded as a result and protesters are demanding that the opposition pollution which represents them in the talks between the military council to form a transitional government hold all kinds of negotiations they're saying that there should be justice and accountability for the 2 sides the opposition coalition as the forces of freedom and changed and the plans of military council have met so this evening but on thursday morning the opposition coalition said also that differences between the 2 sides have been ironed out and that there is a few points remaining before a final deal is reached about an argument. we have agreed on the mechanisms of forming liesl from to council the powers given to the council conditions of slighting its members in addition to the reasons leading to the loss of membership we've also agreed on forming a government the government powers on the reasons leading to the loss of the ministerial post we've also agreed on the parliament and its powers. but protesters
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are saying that any deal that was reached between this was sites has to be preceded by justice and accountability they're saying that so many lives have been lost since the world since began in december and that if the transitional government is funk without any just it's a little bit then they will continue with their protests and they will continue with their revolution hiper morgan reporting there we're joined on the phone now from khartoum by one of the protesters and we're not going to name or identify him for his own safety so sir thank you for joining us welcome to al-jazeera you are in khartoum 1st of all give us a picture a sense of what is happening in the city and they are now among the protesters especially in light of the attacks that we've seen during the marching on the amman . argot thank you so much for allowing the to be on. the. people that live today went on marsh's. 1000000 which which calls for many people
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to on the street we call for the transition of the government to be civilian and therefore went out in the different parts of hostile matilda's a hostile north how to perform. more of the marshes and i was the protesters we went as usual as ever we went as peaceful as we have always been to december till now and nothing happened in the bar the protocol north and had a storm but unfortunately. they've been attacked by riot police. recently like believe that what people said. we got was shot and then the you live ammunition and there were like a lot of injuries but the confirmed deaths were 4 by the. by but judy daughters they confirmed that they were as peaceful as the world was nothing was used against the forces and they had no right to kill these people before people and of course
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were protestors like you are protesting for what you are asking for is a civilian the formation of a civilian led the government and certainly for negotiations towards that to continue and obviously those negotiations have been going on quite a while now how either optimistic are you or how much fear is there among the protesters now that that really pressure needs to be kept up otherwise this civilian led government may never happen. so that's something that's boring things like everything that calmly told them that the tunnel we actually just think that we've done the skull is just a facade next every single time we think it's the end is near nothing happens betrayed and then we go few steps back so like for my pain. i'm optimistic i think it's going to be anytime soon but i think it's like no one can use your time like not to give any time no one knows a lot people like becoming president of the protesters the closer to the port. of
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protest. are giving them back hope no one can actually tell when this is going to end like we can look at or we can look at the duration of the ear another like few months. or like a year no one knows all of them but how would you describe the atmosphere among the protesters because of this insecurity this uncertainty about where all of this will either how would you describe the feeling. when people go out on the street it really like everything the tango on the street you have a feeling or you get this because it could be you that day you could die but everything but that's not stopping people from going out actually people congress are actually increasing my my my reach every single week we've also out on court to see the numbers of people actually freezing even by the way the nash's but there's not the solution that's just the only way to fight this that's the only way we can
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actually talk to the world that we want the government to be a civilian government that we want the transitional council to give us their government and for it to be the civilian sir thank you so much for having shared your thoughts with us we're not identifying you for your own safety obviously but you are one of the protesters in there too right now sir thank you. now coming up on this news hour from london a baby infected with a bowl in the democratic republic of congo as the country marks a year since the epidemic began last will tell you why mexico's murder rate is still alarmingly high despite political pledges to change the cycle of violence and are several pull off the e.p.l. is most expensive signing this preseason more details coming up in sport.
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but 1st the syrian state media says a cease fire agreement has been reached in the rebel held province but there's been no response yet from the opposition at least 2 children were killed in fighting in . this video per person purportedly shows syrian and russian bombardment of villages nearby hama the wave of violence in northwest syria since late april is killed more than $400.00 civilians and forcing hundreds of thousands to flee their home well the united nations will investigate attacks on un supported facilities in northwest syria the secretary general antonio good parish announced the inquiry after 2 thirds of the security council petitioned for it mike hanna has more now from the un. the focus of the inquiry will be attacks on. a number of them hospitals the secretary general was kicked to establish his legal right to call for the investigation. that would be questioned by a few security council members russia was quick to condemn astri's decision to sink
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that it was a mistake. and regrets that there was a pressure on the secretary general from from the parts of the countries that really don't want to bring peace to syria there is a lot of fake news about this a lot of fake situations like the recent ones so without very much that this is for the sake of investigation this is for the sake of blaming syria and russia of the things that we do not do i fully respect the rights of the russian federation to these agree with me as i also respect the position of 10 other members of the security council that the opposite opinion and i believe that this inquiry can produce an important result and they can get into that every single be done to make sure that these board of inquiry acts with full objectivity not to prove anything but to simply say what the truce is
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earlier this week the un a cheap mark locata raise the possibility that information provided by the un was being misused by some parties the un director of human rights watch has now addressed that directly in a written statement to lose charbonneau says and i quote the inquiry should determine whether russia and syria have used coordinates provided by the un to target hospitals he continues to be effective the investigators should attribute responsibility for any war crimes and make their report public many the push for transparency is another point of controversy in the already tense debate about this inquiry mike hanna al-jazeera united nations xx. the mayor of the somali capital mogadishu has died in hospital 8 days after he was seriously wounded in
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a suicide bomb attack abdirahman omar's man has been treated in hospital in katherines capital doha where he was airlifted after the bombing 6 more people were killed in the attack by the al shabaab armed group but it missed its primary target the united nations official james swan. mozambique is formally at peace again after an agreement between the government and the opposition renamo president philippe news c and renumber leader or so for the moment they shook hands and hugged after signing a historic peace deal there are now more armed groups for a 16 year war with the government between 176 and 992 before renouncing violence and entering politics but his resume 6 years ago after an army raid on the headquarters. for wonder has reopened its western border with democratic republic of congo after briefly closing it to prevent the latest people outbreak from spreading to more cases have been reported in the border city of goma the one year
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old child and the wife of the man who died of ebola on wednesday catherine soy has more details. on a normal morning this main border crossing between the democratic republic of congo and rwanda is busy with people going back and forth 15000 people use this crossing daily as families visit relatives and traders stick their goods to the market millions of dollars a maid in buda treat every year but for a few hours on thursday the barriers were closed the rundown government wanted to evaluate the situation in the congolese city of goma. but we haven't. crossed over yesterday and we didn't have any problems we bought a large quantity of corn but this morning we came back to get our goods and before bidders from crossing into the customs office was not working. because.
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health workers in goma say they are well prepared and are continuing to trace people who could have made contact with a ball of victims when the wild health organization declared a bola in the d.r. c. a public health emergency of international concern of the souls want countries against closing borders saying people may start using informal crossings where there are no proper medical check points and this could just make things west we're talking hundreds of process if not more. so let's cover is counterproductive because it interferes with that and then secondly find another way or more remote areas where if you can go across the knee border you can find a different way. a vaccination campaign is underway and other regions in the eastern d.r. c but a controversial proposal by the world health organization to deploy
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a new 2nd vaccine for clinical trials is raising concern this new maxin that's being discussed is one that requires 2 doses about 56 days apart so there's a lot of discussion about if we know we have an effective vaccine that's being used and has taken so long to get acceptance by the population if there's enough of that dexie and we know it's effective why introduce another vaccine into into this outbreak for now at the border travelers are relieved that operations are back to not one but many people in the city of around 2000000 are afraid that the disease that has arrived on the doorstep may spread catherine sorry al-jazeera nairobi kenya. olivola has been around for 43 years and in that time it's claimed 15000 lives the disease is easy to catch hard to contain and has no cure you
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can get the virus either by eating animals that have been infected or through contact with other people's bodily fluids the symptoms are severe they include high fever muscle pain organ failure as well as internal and external bleeding on average half the people who get infected do not survive the latest outbreak has an even higher mortality rate of 66 percent well joining us now via skype from the capital kinshasa is heather kerr she's the head of the charity save the children in democratic republic of congo madame thank you so much for joining us here. to talk about this incredibly important story or c n n and of course the region right now to give us your assessment of what the situation is now when it comes to the spread of ebola within d r c have occurred can you hear me hello. hello thank you so much for
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joining us could you please tell us what the situation is like in the or c. right now when it comes to the spread of ebola. well as you know there have been no more confirmed cases in goma and goma is a big city on the edge of lake right on the rwandan borda so many people in goma really worried by the fact that there are new cases and one of those cases traveled a really long way all the way from the cheery about 500 kilometers back to go mo so he came in contact with a lot of different people on the way so it's really vital that contact is made with his contacts so they can all be vaccinated and followed up so we don't see many more cases in goma and for that victim his immediate family has been quarantined the band how difficult is it going to be is going to be possible at all to try to contact the people that he's been in touch with or at least spread the word that
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you know he did have the disease and people should look into vaccination of that have come in contact with him. i mean it could be in the city of goma itself i think it will be will be much easier but the distance that he traveled and he i know because i'm a different bike so it might be really difficult to. find all those different people that he traveled with but it's vital that they get vaccinated and remind us what the challenges are in the r.c. particularly which has its own set of challenges beyond bola one of the difficulties in i guess spreading education about the disease and getting people to vaccinate. it is difficult as you know this is taking place in a very insecure area active complex going on you've got a really mobile population who are on the move across borders or within diaz see
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itself and then you've got many people who actually don't believe that it exists and this is the thing we've got to we've got to crack i mean more people understanding what it is but i've even come across doctrines. even among them which is deeply worrying so this is our biggest challenge is really to get people to understand what a boat is but they've also got you know problems of their own they've lived in a really in secure area for a long time and what they really want is peace and security for their families so it's hard to convince them about it but we simply have a few that have their current head of the charity save the children in the democratic republic of congo madam thank you so much for having joined us thank you . and this plenty more still ahead in this news hour including why iran says washington's latest sanctions are quote childish and will have no effect
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. and teams of trump's supporters gathered to watch his reelection rally in cincinnati will be live in the city of a high yield plus the surf competition in california that's a landmark event for women far will have better and more in sport. have the flood risk is gone now from northern england that was a surprise after sunday for late july early august that the remains are still in the north you might well find that some of that rain is significant in southern sweden denmark or northern germany in the trailing frontal system it also delineates sort of cup of cold rain which is rude shown itself in moscow 16 degrees which is the case on thursday is about 8 below normal it doesn't get much better on
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friday or saturday to be honest so that's cold have to say for the time of year some cloud a little bit of rain showers more light being potentially sundry further west as has been the case all now for a long time now from the southern outs through slovenia down to the northern balkans it looks ok in greece and turkey and improved in remain here and most of france and iberia are enjoying the sunshine as it should be at this time the now london's 24 still was a touch of a north place and maybe feel won't be quite what it should be and this green is expanded rather more all the way showers through central europe creeping down to north greece now it's dry along the shores of north africa we rely on wind direction again for temperatures it's already forecast to be 40 into nice nice george warming up but just slowly in are jews. following 2 fatal crashes and the past year boeing decided to brown the brand new 7
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through 7 max but this wasn't the 1st time they grounded a new aircraft back in 2013 the 77 dreamliner ran into trouble when the battery caught fire but is out of the year as investigative unit discovered there was more to the problem the just smoking batteries. rewind broken dreams the boeing 787 on al-jazeera. and potentially more dangerous that's the best way to describe what's happening with the smoking alternative known as favorites i enjoy the taste of it and the harmful effects of what smoking does between 2013 in 2014 alone we start tripling in use among us high school students and head to head comparison versus conventional cigarette which one do you think it's healthy for my opinion i think they're both dangerous takes no one else's in.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera who the rebels in yemen have claimed 2 major attacks on saudi and iraq's he backed forces the biggest was on a military camp in the port city of aden where $36.00 people were killed 4 people have been shot dead at a rally in the sudanese city of on the run it happened during a march demanding justice for the killing of at least 6 protesters. and the united nations says it will investigate attacks on you once supported for. he's in northwest syria that's up to 2 thirds of the security council petitioned for the investigation. now the south korean military says north korea has carried out
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on an identified short range projectile launch from the country's eastern coast it's the 3rd such launch in one week or so korean state media says the leader kim jong un oversaw the previous test firing over a new rocket launcher system on wednesday but south korea says it fired 2 short range ballistic missiles u.s. president don trump says he's not concerned by the missile tests. well speaking of him in a few hours time trump will outline his pitch for reelection in 2020 a campaign rally in the city of cincinnati america's economic strength is likely to dominate the event even as worries remain over the trade war with china the trumpet ministration is reportedly frustrated the talks are not progressing as fast as it wants and has now announced a new set of tariffs well it is your caster is live for us in cincinnati be good to see you what do we actually know about these new cars. even
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brazil these areas were actually announced by trying to be a twitter a few hours ago he said that this will be a 10 percent tariff on an additional $300000000000.00 of chinese goods and it would take effect in september and the reason that trump gave was that china he said has not fulfilled its promise to buy more american agricultural products and it has not done enough to limit the export is spending on free for service to the u.s. now this effectively puts an end to that temporary trade groups that we start taking effect in june when both sides had agreed to start asking leading this trade war while talks were ongoing in fact the u.s. trade representative's just returned from another round of talk. it's in china and trump's content just a few days ago was that these talks were progressing he said they were constructive and that he was looking forward to a more positive dialogue so today's development is something that certainly takes
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another turn and escalates tensions further the president spoke for reporters earlier. what would you say when china for the last 20 years has been taken hundreds of billions of dollars out of our country and we had a president that would never do anything a number of presidents that never would do anything about it what would you say for many years china has been taking money out by the hundreds of billions of dollars a year we have rebuilt jai that so now it's time that we change things around if they don't want to trade with the city for that would be fine with me would save a lot of money. the president speaking a little earlier and heidi behind you trump supporters a streaming into the rally that will start quite soon that in cincinnati where you are what can we expect from trump at the rally tonight. was round the day today mara trump has been attacking the democrats who really were
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the headliners in the news cycle for the last 2 days because those 20 candidates vying to be the democratic nominee for president were debating on stage the last 2 nights of trump today said that is that foreign adversaries of the united states would want any of those candidates to win because they would in his words make it easier for never serious to revive the united states he also went on to attack democrats saying that no one among the pack of 20 hopefuls would be able to sustain the economic progress that the u.s. has seen while he's been in the white house and so that is the talking point that is expected to be further here when trump takes the stage in about an hour or two's time and that is certainly what his advisors are hoping he will sell that story of economic success which has resonated not only with his base but also with americans in general however because of the unpredictable nature of this president we know he
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likes to talk a lot off topic off of the script for these rallies there is some expectation he may again go into that to this of language a has these racial undertones that has been criticized by democrats at this last rally the happen to leeds ago there when the crowd erupted in send her back to chance if you recall that was targeting a somali i'm bored congresswoman from minnesota a trump has attacked for her progressive ideas so the crowd here i've spoken with sound they say that that kind of stuff doesn't bother them trump did say that he disavowed the. chance but he also seemed to revel in the moment 2 weeks ago at the last rally so it remains to be seen whether that happens again tonight barbara and you will of course be monitoring all good all the developments from that rally had to show castor life for us in cincinnati for the moment thank you. well meanwhile a rat has accused the u.s.
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of being quote childish for imposing sanctions on its foreign minister mohammad javad zarif assets in america have been frozen washington says he promotes the reckless agenda over iran's supreme leader has more now from the iranian capital iran's president taking center stage at an event in azerbaijan province but his speech was yet again dominated by foreign politics attacking the united states decision to impose sanctions on iran's top diplomat foreign minister mohammad javad zarif on. the shows that they got frustrated and now if they say we want to negotiate well the path for that is with the foreign ministry and the foreign minister as the head of that ministry they're afraid of the ministers interviews this shows that the white house is shaken and it is afraid of the logic of an intelligent deployment. zarif is the latest victim of the u.s. maximum pressure campaign on iran it's freezing his assets in the u.s.
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and these approvals to visit united nations headquarters in new york will no longer be guaranteed. in a tweet he said the u.s. reason for designating me is that i am iran's primary spokesperson around the world it has no effect on me or my family as i have no property or interests outside of iran thank you for considering me such a huge threat to your agenda the western educated diplomats is one of the architects of the 2015 nuclear agreement with world powers. but now he's fighting to keep the deal alive following the united states withdrawal from it last year ago u.s. national security adviser john bolton says the foreign minister is no honest broker we consider job and zarif the foreign minister an illegitimate spokesman for ron r and iran itself is a government you consider illegitimate do not well exactly it is a state sponsor of terrorism it is the world's central banker of terrorism biggest
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finance or biggest arm or the sentients come at a time of heightened tensions between tehran and washington be it in the waterways of the gulf or in proxy conflicts in the middle east the united states says it doesn't recognize the reefs authority in leading the goshi. many here see that as ironic given zarif is known to be very close to iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and if anyone has the authority to engage with the west it will be him but washington says it also doesn't want to engage with anyone from iran's government the foreign minister is now the latest on a long list separating officials under u.s. sanctions and with each new designation any real hope of resolving the conflict between tehran and washington gets bleaker there are such a pari al-jazeera to her on. violence by drug cartels and criminal gangs is pushing mexico's murder rate to a record high that's this fight a pledge by the president and the rest find
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a way. to make the country safer there were 17608 killings across mexico from january to june that's worse than the peak of mexico's drug war in 2011100 people are killed every day nationwide the figures from mexico on a course of more martyrs in 2019 than any other year the current record stands at $29111.00 murders in 2008 run well it has more now from state one of the worst hit regions. a cycle of violence has gripped the mexican state of bear crews once a thriving economic hub for mexico it appears as though insecurity here has spiraled out of control not only has there been an increase in homicides and drive by shootings but also other crimes like extortion and kidnappings. in the coastal city of. the perception of insecurity many residents feel has led to
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a sharp economic decline forcing business owners to close shop and leave town a kidnapping is a what really of. making news headlines about kidnappings has also been bad for us it's had a devastating private investment in the city but. the escalating violence and vera cruz is just one example of the deteriorating security situation across much of the country there were 17608 murders recorded in wide in the 1st half of the year a 10 percent increase from 2018 which happened to be a record setting year for homicides in mexico. i worry about homicides i worry about kidnappings and robberies against people. the mexican president's strategy to combat violence has been the creation of a national guard. critics say this militarized response by the government has until now failed to deliver its intended results the almost that they have been seen by
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the main strategy of this government has been the national guard which has not even finished being established so it's difficult to evaluate if they are even fulfilling their goals. and much of mexico in security is rooted in the splintering of drug cartels who fight over control of territory that violence however frequently spills into the community we're walking along the boardwalk in quotes a bit a cruise a part of town that would normally be full of people enjoying the beach in the sun as you can see there's hardly anyone here afraid of becoming the next victims of extortion or kidnapping or murder many of chosen to leave but resident. what's a better cruise. italy's that pretty prime minister met their son vinnie has warned that authorities will seize a mediterranean rescue vessel if it enters italian waters the allen currency owned by the german aid organization the cia is heading for the talon island of lampedusa the crew pulled 40 people out of
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a rubber dinghy making it making the dangerous crossing from libya on wednesday including a pregnant woman and 3 children so he says the rescue operation took place took place closer to tunis here than lampedusa and so the migrants should be taken there . russia's prime minister has ordered an investigation into whether wildfires in siberia could have been started the liberally the flames have swept across more than 30000 square kilometers of land that's an area roughly the size of belgium military transport planes and helicopters have arrived in the region to help fight the fires there are no reports of any injuries or evacuations as the region is so remote but smoke is beginning to threaten some cities and has also crossed into mongolia. and the state of emergency has been declared in 6 provinces it over indian easier where a series of wildfires have destroyed more than 300 square kilometers of land satellites of so far the tech did it 96 separate blazes on track and borneo islands
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it's believed that many were deliberately started by farmers to clear land for planting. the red cross says more than 100 people have died and 7000000 more a risk from flooding in bangladesh the disaster has left many stranded while to wrench rains have destroyed crops as the waters receded foresees are now concerned about the spread of disease tanveer chadri reports now from ford in the southwest of bangladesh. thousands across bangladesh have lost their homes due to heavy flooding and landslides over 7000000 people have been affected and 163000 hectares of cropland damage in 28 distinct according to bangladesh red crescent society families have been struggling with the impact of the floods the worst in 2 years many are now facing the elements without any kind of protection shilpi mother.


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