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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2019 10:00am-10:33am +03

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ah those. kind. set up differently. even newborns are suffering and before the war this new need 2 units usually cared for around 10 babies now there aren't enough enqueue beaters to house the ailing infants on the way. i may lack it over something like all good ima say heaven may lend a muttered to himself i had. this mother brought in her baby last night her 5 month old girl is fighting for life and said that. survives. all the. while hilarious answered our questions. get a bit of a having. a baby stuff. in the you know you.
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love. to read it you he says santa did to address a las type. o. man the i. will. sit. in the can see again in my den ink well i'm a helical but. i sent it through on fever my very 1st. since the war in yemen started $85000.00 children have reportedly starved to death according to the un it's the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. in 2018 the un appointed a panel of experts to examine the coalition blockade on yemen and the impact of the thousands of airstrikes launched against civilians there. it concluded that these practices could qualify. why as war crimes it's pointed not only at saudi arabia
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and the u.a.e. but also of the parties supplying the coalition with weapons based on a multilateral treaty regulating arms sales that has been enforced as 2014 the arms trade treaty or the a.t.t. stipulates dot's a state party shall not authorize any transfer of conventional arms if it has knowledge at the time of authorization that the arms are items would be used in the commission of attacks directed against civilians objects or other war crimes. but whose weapons are used in these alleged crimes the filthies are keen to put forward their evidence. after air strikes the rebels scour the rubble for bomb remains to identify where they came from.
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the start of the remains at sites like this. this bomb cemetery in sanaa holds both american and european bombs. the manager of the storehouse says these bombs are u.k. maids. have you know. maybe it up. yeah i found another violation go and i see you're not ok i have you idea lock outs are of on a rally in. so we're all equal if. you look if i have to know how that bit funny so i know but i think they're not mosshart more. than well on but i must say your mountain want me to get out. of a stock for. well good. for our british. intermission
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is to get mail how they. want to me back out. of their little while how they have all about me not another one. but a sub more given that about the other 2 to. hear but i don't have them you know if you go lucky. one cluster bombs like this have the ground they become landmines which have been outlawed since 2010 by the also convention. and the only sort of but these remains were shown to us by who thiis one of the parties in this conflict we have no way to corroborates where they came from there are very few independent sources in yemen human rights watch is one of the few independent n.g.o.s investigating on the ground.
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that. if you're in a place where they won't let you take photos but you want to get the g.p.s. and you the phone that has to can take g.p.s. coordinates sometimes if you just take a photo of the floor then you can get the g.p.s. coordinates at the secret site 25 members of the engine or not and i have come together for the 1st time in human rights watch experts are training them on how to gather evidence most prefer to remain anonymous for their own safety and that of their families. we're trying to do something like a human rights memory for the violations that happening in the ground to keep it for the future for in the accountability and legal steps. we are all. saved by accident. many of our foes are such as has detained more than once and want to know is receiving
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a lot of firsts and we are facing a lot of hate campaigns from all parties to the conflict what is the 1st way you would try and find information about what happened with the air strike. was. ok. what do you mean when you say oh. ok. so my now you sound this point is a really good reminder the accuracy of the information collected on the ground is vital it will be used by international organizations in their reports or videos of the strike site they also talked about renditions and physical remains of the types of weapons that were used rates and physical evidence can be very very important. human rights watch has only been able to look into tasks that would be deemed
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illegal under international law in $24.00 of those attacks it managed to pinpoint where the munitions came from. this is a u.k. manufactured weapon guided bomb produced in may 2015 and the reason the dates are important is because it's months after the cited coalition military campaign as well as human rights organizations in the u.s. and others are raising concerns about the way in which the coalition was operating in yemen so by continuing to sell weapons to saudi arabia or other members of the coalition that are likely to be used in unlawful coalition attacks in yemen the u.k. and france themselves those states are risking complicity in future unlawful coalition attacks. aware of this risk of complicity the european parliament's began calling for a suspension of arms sales to saudi arabia 2 years ago. 5 e.u.
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member states have stopped sending more weapons to saudi arabia but does exclude the kingdom's biggest suppliers led by the united kingdom. since the outbreak of the war in yemen uki arms manufacturers have sold more than 5000000000 euros worth of weapons to saudi arabia this support has sparked an arm precedented wave of protest from both the british public and parliaments. british arm sales of sharply increased and british military advisers are directing the wall it cannot be right that her government this is pretty good aid cannot be right that her government is colluding in want to be united nations says' is evidence of war crimes. 3 months after that speech troubling revelations heightened the criticism over arms sales in the united kingdom arms
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export permits are in theory granted on a case by case basis specific licenses must be approved by the government. and n.g.o.s the campaign against arms trade investigated the permits granted to export to saudi arabia. is good information and when i think of people who know about as well that was really help him. they discovered that the british government had loosened the licensing process to speed up arms exports we find out free freedom of information requests that bombs and missiles are going to be forces under open license open licenses are meant to be for goods which are not but which are not particularly sensitive then 5 these are some of the most sensitive exports that can be made we're talking about bombs we're talking but missiles in fact government has hidden for true value of u.k. arms exports to saudi arabia.
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even a member of the u.k. parliament's committees on arms export controls said that he is powerless. as n.p.r. member of the committee has been able to know how much i mean nation have been sent open licenses to saudi arabia you know we have no idea because the government just does not record they are open tickets to send as much of that particular item to that particular country so saudi arabia in this case as that country wants and the company wants and that's a real problem because it could be hundreds of millions of rounds to saudi arabia the saudi case is an interesting difficult one because the amount of money involved
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so you're always going to come up to the front page of ethics is economics. france faces the same dilemma during the saudi crown prince mohammed bin said man's last visit to paris president emanuel home was asked about the issue. the british one of the clare blessed with a security lobby so would. go on the existence of the many again the populace from . the french president is pursuing the same policy embraced by his predecessors on both ends of the political spectrum. between 20122017 the volume of weapons supplied to saudi arabia has tripled from 400000000 to 1300000000 euros. in 2015 when the war
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intensified in yemen it didn't slow arms exports quite the contrary. it covers your bus your leisure yes even if you go to check on the french government has continued to approve arms exports to a country accused of possible war crimes by the un. this sparked uproar in the french parliament in the only other muffled about for it this is all i can juggle really obvious to me ruling the old enough also you just got going to devolve even having said. no only of our buddies are going to come with only by get the last leg claire 2 to vaunted damage done to deeds solf otoh is as you express
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it said oh tories are still x. yes and if we then examine x. time i'm not he who would give us a zombie resuming his net if you have only to piss is a moment of silliness i don't know me notional but. x. . according to flaunt sparkly question during a closed door meeting of the defense committee officially saudi arabia may use french made arms only to defend itself. can our weapons had an impact on the population. to my knowledge the ground equipment sold to saudi arabia is not being used offensively defensively. was.
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just going to get us in a final and if you show the best value it got a shock you don't like l.a. galaxy illustrate the actually another. threat. but how does france monitor the use of arms that it sells. like you. with the french government fail to respond to repeated questions on the matter. its sole official response to the issue of arms exports. i report to parliament issued every year. since you left do you visit down south to see that. seal so you get to the we can't tickle me down with the stuff with the stuff he was going to say but that would be a catalyst to nearly triple i suppose a point i made. because i don't necessarily journal the issue i went on i did offer
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muscle but she recovered but i pulled i just shot this ocean polluted us i want you to call the south koreans and all of us but who want us for that is what we said yeah sure but the city is it will point to it we're safe and a company. that will question you asked me whatever you know the longest walk. every other year french arms manufacturers gather outside paris in veal ponds to show off their newest and best armaments. along with us u.k. and german manufacturers they supply the saudi arabia led coalition in yemen with the bulk of their equipment.
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demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennessee a. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire. how weapon of choice. and intimate look at what inspires one of tuna's his most popular comedians to make people. might in asea pass on al-jazeera. they call this bleeding the tree. for a substance the world is addicted to now at the center of a global trade war. it's latex in its purest form found in tires phones
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toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element in daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest where you had a book goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid trump is imposing $200000000000.00 in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods china in response imposes tariffs on synthetic rubber the west produces while in the short term this is bad for african producers in the long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war i know where of the global trade war and despite falling prices at opa calls rubber white gold at least for now. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relies on education i'm treatment in equal measure on following him bloody early you know disability yet jail the movie wait until 3 year old 4 year more he'll have this ability to play it
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again and in no way the next generation of antibiotics may just be way taking place at the bottom of the ocean may be mistaken to have it this hope so good to have revisited on al-jazeera. a lot of has them seeker in the headlines on al-jazeera celebrations that began in sudan after the announcement of a constitutional agreement between the military and a protest alliance deal paves the way for a civilian led transitional government it also limits the power of paramilitary forces that the agreement has not yet been signed and talks will continue on saturday that. we have a delegation of the forces of freedom and change and the transitional military council met on the constitutional document and i'm very pleased in the name of the
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african mediation and to respect to delegations to declare to the sudanese people and the international community that the 2 delegations have fully agreed on the constitutional project they are continuing their meetings this evening to make the technical arrangements for the signing protocols in the presence of all the sudanese people and our international friends syria's government and the opposition have agreed a ceasefire in the last rebel held province of idlib it was announced that talks in kazakstan the opposition says it's already pulled out its heavy weapons and will abide by the cease fire as long as the government doesn't violate the terms more than 400 civilians have been killed in northwest syria since late april yemen's hoti rebels have for the 1st time released images of the ballistic missile system they've used to target saudi arabia the fighters say the medium range bird missile is domestically produced in yemen they say they'll continue launching attacks until the saudi u.a.e. coalition stops its airstrikes the democratic republic of congo says only half of
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ebola cases may have been identified the government fears the epidemic could last 3 years health workers are trying to contain the virus in goma an important transit route on the border with rolonda it is the 1st time ebola has spread to a major city 4 cases have been confirmed in government hundreds have been vaccinated. puerto rico has a new governor lawyer pedro louis c. has been sworn in but his appointment still has to be confirmed by the u.s. territories senate crowds have been out celebrating in the streets after ricardo selo stepped down he was forced to resign after a text message scandal and corruption allegations those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now it's back to yemen war profiteers.
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in a. every other year french arms manufacturers gather outside paris in veal pods to show off their newest and best armaments. along with u.s. u.k. and german manufacturers they supply the saudi arabian that coalition in yemen with the bulk of their equipment. both the coalition led by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and the hope the rebels have been accused of war crimes raising the possibility that their suppliers are also complicit. at the last arms trade show the cesar how would serve was on display used by the saudi national guard it has a 40 kilometer firing range and the one meter strike accuracy this powerful weapon
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has been a big seller for the next tour group. none of the groups are presented to its would answer the filmmakers questions. but an extra worker spoke out. with a clear bush only holaday on you want to know to not make their nobleman if you don't was already sort of human because they go speak to the others or eric bruni is a union delegates at next are driven by his convictions and protected by his union mandates he travels around france telling arms industry workers how french maid arms are being used in yemen was. she no notice i just was a different is it really is that all you are is that but i hear there was enough of oculus that you are afraid that your government is that there are more so see the. but what we as the us wish real good and just one of us i can only imagine who says
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about the protests of. the orders continue with more expected soon. in late august 2018 another next to employees is that a new contract has just been negotiated with saudi arabia. to protect our stores this dialogue has been reenacted.
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this contract was signed while the un was raising the possibility that the coalition committed war crimes the and none of the details of these contracts have been made public it's not the 1st controversial defense contract between france and saudi arabia. yet. in 2014 france signed a contract to sell 2400000000 euros worth of military equipment to saudi arabia officially the saudis were supposed to give them to their ally lebanon to help it fight so-called terrorists. but
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2 years later the saudis decided to keep the weapons for themselves with france's approval they claim the situation in lebanon had become too unstable. but this decision appears to have been premeditated. the day. he said. purportedly instead of helping lebanon saudi arabia was preparing its war in yemen with help from friends the filmmaker spoke with one of 24000 sources. the informant still works in the arms industry and
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prefers to remain anonymous in 2015 he or she helped prepare the communications systems for the vehicle sold to saudi arabia. source that the french arms maker knew the weapons would be used in yemen. i mean sure that he's been so bigoted left stones songs so plentiful bill dreamed he did a paper said a year to do people see pursuit and hard to nuss. each being the false sound yet no 0.02 said year. 0 mark
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and hold was prime minister when the donors contract was negotiated he was then appointed foreign affairs minister and held the position when the military weapons shipments to saudi arabia began. his arm of the orchestra was of your view if you. need to point to the super circles resource it was about 0 is true that egalitarian brokers had a base because it includes a government you have to preserve the book because it if you don't see it in casualties will pollute these archives when he said the connection is understood element of only nuclear development that he might die and the only question you haven't examined on the question to be able is because it was simply. a thief in a window you will say. you see because some piece of opposite where put it. it was very difficult to. miss it is the deck of a cigar coming from want to know what i want to come out in
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a lab so we base it up see what i think about service and property a check for than exam oak up of growth the quirkily good as you like to do only lounge also a while but all that delivers good as usual now you know he comes. string do nothing so we are off it that afghans each as you move. as you know on jail or 2 or 3 or you men can't win but you know. so for all of you that met. the dulness contract provided for the delivery of munitions 1st is there how would series $24000.00 spotted them in footage filmed by a saudi t.v. crew at the border with yemen. i see don't walk. long jones volunteered the situation fletcher said
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for most value you sit down the defensive some city. home to let you know we're going to go more of a d.v.d.-a. but i wonder what your birthday to conceal neighborly lee. says. thanks to his inside sources and social network sites that focus on armaments he identified french weapons and youth on the frontline. all up. on next you're going to pour. the data you men read about it it was it was on the pulse of the un you terry. 14 counted a total of 11 weapons that could have been used against civilian populations but couldn't get anyone to officially confirm his list.
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it is classified information deemed top secret. no one can check on the executive branch's arms deals not even members of parliament who are supposed to monitor the government's actions see kettle's well. i'm a nice sauce. best rocketeer story and the hottest. they are due to get us as outsiders for the event go into business have a turn against questionable cases don't work there destroy. all up with the occasional that is you can change the content asking they didn't and that was a day in which is that this all see that but he. says he saw it all to fix your way from dell you're left want yeah me presentational president remember and i haven't wanted to defame a fish the best you're feeling really sure is going to use it all when you sit by
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the me shortly only to propose to my own force of assuming that and then also there's an admission he says our song and that's how it was or did what he had to wait on i spent time with that quite a few ways as his role of almost nobody montel noble but because i was out. to increase transparency in july 2018 a deputy proposed creating a committee to investigate the use of french weapons in the war in yemen fabian good to fast oppose the move the committee of inquiry never got off the ground. one arguments used to justify the contracts these arms sales helped france maintain its strong geopolitical foothold in the region. the 2nd argument is a canard make the arms industry employs 165000 people in france.
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this center in france is looking region has been set up to train saudi soldiers on how to use our lands purchased from france it was subsidized by the local government and is expected to employ 100 local workers just last longer senator for new muse supported the project while serving as french defense minister in 20112012. he increased french trade with saudi arabia substantially you have known good into an on camera interview but had this to say be a telephone. at issue. as an issue that's. the recipient of all. all except a little to take. a quick look and as i said going to get i'm going to have you know it's a good and fresh again. to me but it's going to be. all
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. nothing seems to have slowed down the sales not the accusations of war crimes nor the thousands of civilian deaths not even the murder of a saudi dissident in october 2018. isn't that his good german question to treat best actually gets rid of answer that i did so to taste accurate history because i had to demarcate loudly so did. german i should be again it is true it goes something through the ice storm.


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