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drones in the sky so a little bit like spying but it's a great way to observe whales that we normally would be able to see and we don't really disturb them at all. most times when you see images from a drone something is exploding usually devastation from the air these are the military drones in service around the world. closer to home in california they're also used for important peacetime missions like assisting firefighters by mapping out hot spots during raging wildfires and much has been reported about the use of drones especially when it comes to military applications drones may even become the delivery system for consumer goods but today off the coast of san simeon california researchers using drones like this one here behind me for spectacular use all in the name of science this is the peters walk of life station this is a very unique piece of property because it sticks out into the migratory corridor
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or of the northbound gray whale cows and calves a picture perfect location for researchers to fly a science drone to get an unprecedented bird's eye view of what swims below right at it. but in the distance on guard. for 22 years wayne perry men and a team from noah have been here from march until may counting and collecting data on great whales migrating north from the breeding grounds of mexico to the arctic a trip of 6800 miles this point is kind of a focal point for them and we're able to see them very very well they passed often within 100 meters of the beach so it's a great place to count animals great whales swim close to land as protection against their main predator killer whales even so it takes a sharp eye and strong binoculars to spot the northern migration once they do it's go time for a one of a kind unmanned aircraft. named mobley. to the rights
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to the right now move there in the middle of the frame the right keep on going out on hold of the service economy of the frame good come down a little that i'm doing to the right as i'm underwater know a scientist and pilot john durban is tracking a mother and her calf from a distance of about 3 quarters of a mile out from where he stands john's wife and co researcher holly fernbach is under the towel that shades a control panel giving her a real time video feed that aids in guiding the flight so when they come up next i'm going to move out of the matter taking out markel but the very right adds to be perfect so now it's split 2nd timing for john to remotely trigger the camera to take high definition photographs of the whales are going to be around the corner they went through there really quickly we got there we did well the.
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this is really it's all we have a flying a camera and we're trying to make inference about size and shape of whales by taking photographs of school photogrammetry so this is a camera and we want to get above the whales. mobley was built by dom of oil at a cost of $25000.00 it may look like a hobbyist stream project but in fact it's packed with many high tech systems to do science so it's called a house a car because it has 6 motors and 6 rotors if it's not being told what to do wants to see how we're going to be stable in the air. behind a finish and photos taken from the eye in the sky give scientists a better look at the overall health of the whales a female who has been eating a lot and she spat her whip relative to her link will be different than a female who hasn't eaten very much. so we can take just those 2 measurements and
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with those 2 we can get an index of condition index of that miss for that female peri min says this season many of the northbound lactating female gray whales observed appeared more robust than in previous years data that is important for many reasons will health give scientists a snapshot of the balancing act between food sources natural predators even climate change we're getting to the point now where we really can talk about how climate change in the arctic is impacting this population now there's less ice and it's thinner there's more photosynthesis going on in the wintertime because like can penetrate and what we want to do is kind of understand that dynamic of what's going on. recently john durban and the know it's team took mobley to canada to study killer whales taken from 100 feet above this video the 1st of its kind give scientists a clearer picture of the health of northern resident killer whales in these images
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the whale on the right appears robust and in good condition while the whale on the left is then and in poor health scientists believe this will later died because it was no longer spotted with its pod. killer whales are important because the competing with this fish we're trying to understand all the getting enough food as this technology becomes available to more people we're going to see more research is using it safer research say for the animals i think it's a win win. from an emotional perspective just being able to see these incredibly beautiful species out in their natural environment we'd never be able to do that and we don't have to disturb them to see them but in terms of the overarching story i mean a scientist you can collect data on 2 things what is and what's changing and it seems like this method allows them to collect data that's sort of speaking to both of those objectives they're studying what is now and when. things change well no
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yeah and i mean that also speaks to the importance of having these long term data sets right because you have to be able to establish a baseline which i think they're doing very well we know with 22 years' worth of data and now with with the changes of climate change you know that that's a really powerful set a date it to to give us a sense of what's what's on the horizon. you are going to tell us about a unique to where you took of a little unusual lab into trade here you know it's basically a lab full of trash and for invited us to check out the ways that they're making the auto industry a little bit greener so clearly a lot of environmental incentives here at play and you know obviously when you use recycled materials over new ones are going to be saving a little bit of money but they also found some new ways to solve some old problems using some very cool methods so saying look. it's taken over a century but today car manufacturers are getting into high gear when it comes to
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killing green from hydrogen fuel cell cars to electric plug ins and hybrids mileage is going up and with a least 10 percent of vehicles environmental impact in the assembly process manufacturing is going green to. companies like toyota g.m. volkswagen ford and honda are all stepping up eco friendly methods with 0 waste factories diverting millions of pounds from landfills reusing water recycling sludge and going solar powered and it's not just assembly take forward 85 percent of its cars are renewable recyclable or compostable everything from recyclable aluminum bodies and engine parts to slowly foam seats in fabrics made from 5000000 was cycled plastic bottles and this is where the ideas percolate the materials research lab at ford headquarters. do you born in michigan what would you say is
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the craziest thing that you guys work with do you think those are the who kind of group folks yes so these are cigarette filters it's a cellulose yes a tape fiber and so we're looking at that fiber as a reinforcement for plastics to be moleski stored of the lab back in 2001 was sort of foam oil was about $40.00 a barrel and so nobody saw a reason to use plant based materials even though there was an environmental improvement when we launched our soil base foams oil was above $150.00 a barrel and so suddenly what was a very poorly received idea was very well received instead of the petroleum base the foam and every seat in north america is made of michigan soil and now the lab is testing algae oil with its more global reach plastics researcher ellen lead gave techno the 1st public look at this newest experimental phone rang and have you had in search back then this one. and that acts like the egg and planned everything
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together and then i'm going to have you add the following pages which in our case is water i'm going to mix this up. and then we'll see the foam start to react. world. there goes bacon into a cake so you can see all the gas bubbles all ready for we use this to kind of evaluate our formulation how fast it comes out why is it important that this reacts fast how fast you can be made each part is really important for manufacturing because we want to be able to make things in a timely manner are we talking a matter of minutes per phone seat or seconds or less than a minute for does anything to make the plastics at least 20 percent bio based actually making the plastic stronger yes it does. these parts are later in ways i can show you one that is made from temp versus glass and it's about a 30. percent wheat reduction so if we continue to do this we will improve fuel
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economy as well ford says it's already diverted more than $30000000.00 pounds of plastic from north american landfills with materials as diverse as we grass coconut hair shredded jeans and millions of dollars of greenbacks a lot of people don't know as money isn't actually paper it's a blend of cotton and linen trying to grind it down into a smaller finer grunt research engineer giuseppe look hillary has showed me how it's done well it's crime some wanting to use a crime grinder there's a shuttle that goes inside and using magnets it turns the magnets on and off and it will move the shuttle back and forth between the 2 metal ends smashed the money using liquid nitrogen around the liquid nitrogen the liquid nitrogen all just cool the money down to a brittle so it's easy to smash and turn on the machine. oh yeah that. powder morning then it's melted in with plastic and formed
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into pellets you melt them down and then you formed them into things like this right and this is a coin trick that is a coin to your money money back into your vehicle what is this tomato favors these are actual skin leaves and stems from the tomato plants from hines's production they process millions of pounds of tomatoes every year and they have a lot of left over why is this a good product for you guys to use we can use this to reinforce our plastics to make them stiffer but then at the same time we can start in the lab is in the very early stages of testing the tomato responsibilities making samples bun melting and mixing plastic extruding it into pellets and molds for testing you would mention part of the test is actually the smell you know if they're driving a lot and they may not want to smell tomatoes because they make it every. so what's your big end goal for all of us we all. kids and we want to make sure that there's
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a green nice planet for them with materials that they can continually replenish i don't want them to depend on petroleum as their only source of materials. sitting between you guys is of course $10000.00 worth of cash but unfortunately it is old cash shredded would normally go to the trash but in this case they're reusing it making trees and this idea of closing the materials you know going as much as we possibly can towards 0 waste in manufacturing it's not just lip service anymore it's happening and it makes total business sense i think it's so interesting to see like that cross industry collaboration like catch up and ford motors that these aren't really 2 companies that i would think would work together in this way i mean i as a chemist i think a lot about it is a green chemistry like you want all of the by products of your chemical reactions to be used for their reactions and that's kind of like how i think about it but
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this is really created when your doctor crystal. jefferson in the past not only catch up on car interactions when i spilled ketchup and my car been there from the california coast all the way over to detroit we've covered a lot of ground today guys and some pretty interesting topics so thanks for that level up more for you next time on techno see this dive deep into these stories and go behind the scenes with al-jazeera dot com slash techno. expert contributors on twitter facebook instagram google plus and more. hello there is not a particularly sunlight picture across much of europe at the moment we're seeing time to see rain some strong thunderstorms on the more of that in the forecast as we start the beginning of the weekend now this is a bunch of clouds here and actually some warnings in place across is the region of
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europe as we continue through friday into saturday for more of these a strong thunderstorms not to waste time which is a little bit lower but it's not exactly cold but it is a very very unsettled picture where it is rather cool is that the into western russia moscow 17 degrees celsius is about 5 or 6 degrees below the average for this time of year meanwhile across the northwest but a break on friday look at this by saturday the rain and the back in the 4 call standing right there way across the channel on into northern and western areas over france on a 7 patients sunday so although i'd be particularly wet it will be a cloudy and pretty feeling quite humid to the high of 26 in london sunny skies safe madrid at 36 but that rain working its way further eastwards so we'll see quite a line of rain quite heavy at times and thunderstorms in there working the way through ukraine and again pushing up into western areas of russia so that 15 degrees is the best you'll see in moscow than we had down into northern africa it's fine and dry no sign of any rain here tom just typically around the low to mid thirty's to encounter on suffer day and then on sunday was the 36 in tunis.
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a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many would not have to die or stop responses on are really forcing an investigation you doubt billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the case. in. yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty 3 month old daughter valerie a died last week and crossing from mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we're committed to both the fish and the wife who
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is a sexual al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring in more award winning documentaries and lied news. captaining a leading youth team at 16 years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game on a jersey. on the road to democracy in sudan the military and opposition leaders finally agreed on a new way to rule. you're
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watching al-jazeera life and also coming up more than a 100 civilian deaths in a week now a cease fire is agreed in syria's last rebel held province. flooding the streets of hong kong protesters on the march again a day after civil servants defied a government call to stay neutral also ahead. what's being done to hold. the victims of war crimes just. sudan may finally be on the road to a new democratic future 4 months after the president omar al bashir israel was brought to an end the military service ruled since april and the main opposition groups have now reached a constitutional agreement it's expected to lead to the formation of
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a transitional government to run sudan until elections in 2022 the deal's not yet signed and the opposition coalition has just revealed more at a news conference a draft says the paramilitary a rapid support force blamed for a crackdown against protesters will be brought under the command of the armed forces solid ballasts as more. in the early hours of saturday an announcement that sudan's military giunta and the opposition coalition had agreed on how to govern the country they fleshed out the details on the makeup and functions of a transitional government until elections in 3 years in the new. i'm very pleased in the name of the african mediation and to respect to delegations to declare to the sudanese people and the international community that the 2 delegations have fully agreed on the constitutional project. was. the
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reaction was immediate on the streets of carter. announcing the deal african union envoy mohamed has on the but gave no detail about the contents of the declaration he said talks are continuing on how and when it would be signed. during the negotiations the military council ceded to demands for justice over the killing of at least 6 people including 4 schoolchildren at a protest earlier in the wake of 9 soldiers were detained was a victory for tains of thousands of sudanese who had marched demanding justice for the deaths now they get it if i get that and that it was certainly a horrible massacre we pray the situation improves and that the right of the students are not neglected blood for blood and punishment is a must was the protesters have been flexing their muscle since december. restoration started with the economy president omar al bashir was in the
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cross his the number of protests grew along with their demands until bashir was removed in a military coup in april general says off the military council the protesters demanded civilians take the lead in the transition they started a citizen outside the army he called his forcing military rulers to begin talks over how to share power. on june 3rd security forces raided that demonstration they killed more than 100 people and injured many more talks resume to months later mediated by the african union any theo pierre the 1st breakthrough came on july 17th leading to the signing of a political agreement between the military jointer and the opposition coalition they agreed on and live in person transitional council with representatives from both sides and a rotating leadership. the disagreements had remained over the wording of constitutional changes now with the details agreed and
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a signing imminent sudanese people have a roadmap to a more peaceful future shallot ballasts al-jazeera al-jazeera banned from reporting from inside khartoum but our correspondent has reported extensively from sudan he's with us here in doha so we've had this news conference from the transitional council people how do they do moving forward what they've said they will do. well the forces for freedom and change which is basically the opposition milliammeter for civil society organizations will be behind the porters they've just been speaking to the media and they've been outlining but only the agreement but also the possible rules for the transition or for 2 which is going to be a hybrid one between the transitional military council under civilian and some of the main responsibilities would be to draft a new constitution for the country create new opportunities for young people
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because majority of sudan's young you know drops water and have lots of jobs and then the other issue which is one of the most critical is reforming the military and journalists were. asking you know it would be the military itself that will be in charge of reforming itself and this has been the problem from the beginning and the answer from the officials who held the press conference was it's the best possible thing we have right now and we have to live with it slowly make progress from here on in ok in talking about reforming the military talking about job creation talking about elections in 3 years time the timeline here feels a lot longer than the protesters were aiming for well what the protesters wanted from the beginning was for us when the military wanted just 2 years. the feeling among the protesters was of this was not enough time to put in place the mccunn
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isms they need in the new period of democracy in sudan but they seem to have come to a compromise of 3 years which actually means a way in for the protesters but again. the the challenges ahead assume huge and for the 1st time in the continent we are seeing a hybrid transitional or 40. made up of 4 civilians and military officials further down the line mohammed when we get to those elections in 34 years' time assuming there's no delays 11 of the problems perhaps for the protesters for the courts opposition is that they haven't i'm not being critical they have 0 political skills because they're a younger generation there's a demographic changes shift going on here but all they've known is the military all they've known is the regime as it used to be indeed and that's one of the biggest problem they will face but what they have in their midst are people who condemn
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expect more from all kind of bug rounds former ambassadors although they would some of them be associated with al bashir with him but again having fallen out with them and having changed. sides you know while he was still in power they will still be looked at with some sort of legitimacy so they will not be short of experienced people and that this one of that is why they wanted a longer transitional period to figure out all these problems and ensure that the transition as smooth as possible but again given the buzz of the country the challenges the country house economic political and even social as well as also the issue of justice what will be done to those who not only visited violence on the protesters but also. again which is kind of out some. people particularly in the western community have described as genocide like in darfur in the nuba mountains what the people are saying is that this should be no
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blanket immunity not for the generals who are in the traditional military council and not for government officials and they should face justice at a given time once things are in order thank you. a conditional cease fire is in place in the northwest of syria after a week of intensifying airstrikes on the province of it lib the truce was brokered during peace talks in kazakhstan the opposition says it will stick to the deal as long as the government doesn't violate its under simmons' reports now from north seoul top. in accordance with a communique that didn't use the word ceasefire syrian state media had already announced a conditional truce demanding the withdrawal of weaponry from a buffer zone or little if the syrian government blames the turkish for not fulfilling their role in the so she agreement last year. how the muslim you term
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this has not materialized on the contrary the number of terrorists in and lead has increased namely foreign fighter terrorists in and leave. the opposition despite reservations agreed to a truce but accused the regime of violating the so she agreement taking advantage of a withdrawal of fighters so they could launch what it called their cunning criminal attacks and their spokesman gave this war. right now there is no trust and there will be no trust in the future when it comes with glory the heavy weapons no heavy weapons will be withdrawn unless they're all the brits had guaranteed us. but russia says the biggest fighting group it brands as terrorists. h.t.s. must be eliminated turkey has an obligation according to a memorandum to do it if they cannot do it alone we can render them some help from us. that's why we're talked also today with the opposition. that if they're
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interested and if they need some help also from the russian federation to fight here and other radicals and in a glib zone then they can count on us who care we can do it. no one could measure the depth of distrust between the warring sides after more than 8 years of war hundreds of thousands dead more than 10000000 people displaced then there's the differences between the guarantors of these talks iran and russia on one side turkey on the other each with their differing interests nevertheless for so many traumatized civilians there's hope of some risk by from the bombing but no one needs reminding that deals done by leaders in high places have let the people of syria down so many times hundreds simmons' al-jazeera nursultan kazakstan.
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on the turkish syrian border and sent us this update a short time ago this is fire seems to be holding there are no reports of russian and syrian airstrikes targeting rebel controlled towns in southern adlib and northern how much no reports of fighting along the front lines we've been in contact with syrians living in those rebel controlled towns towns like modoc no man at the higher fancy horn that were repeatedly targeted over the past 3 months there is a feeling of relief but caution at the same time people do not trust the syrian government they believe that this is just a short term arrangement and it's just a matter of time before the bombing resumes that this is a conditional cease fire and the pressure is on turkey to fulfill its commitments under these such a memorandum this is what russia has been pressuring turkey to do for some time now that such a memorandum calls for the creation of a demilitarized zone that is supposed to ring the southern province of idlib it's the southern excuse me the southern edges of the province of idlib it's supposed to
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be free of weapons free of fighters turkey was not able to create these demand.


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