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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 4, 2019 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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10 people are killed including a gunman in the us state of ohio just hours after a mass shooting in texas. and police in texas are investigating whether the shooting that killed 20 people in el paso was a hate crime. hello i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up protests up back on the streets in hong kong a day after police fired tear gas to disperse them. thousands more indian troops are deployed to kashmir as hindu pilgrims and tourist dollars and leave a security concern.
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right we begin with breaking news out of the u.s. state of ohio where a shooting has taken place police say 10 people have been killed including the gunman in an area in dayton's oregon district 16 people were taken to hospital with injuries yet the eyes also on the scene and investigating so far there's no indication of a motive. well this all comes on the heels of another shooting in texas police that the rest of the 21 year old white man suspected of killing at least 20 people the gunman opened fire at a shopping mall in the city of el paso which is on the border with mexico president has called the shooting an act of cowardice police are investigating the possibility the attack was a hate crime is the worst mass shooting in the u.s. this year as rob reynolds reports. heavily armed police moved through a shopping center in el paso texas after a gunman opened fire in
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a crowded area. in other parts of the mall shoppers were held in place while people tried to work out what was happening. you know where you're. going to be. hard you know where we're going to come from there and then there was what has become a common scene in the united states lines of people being led from the scene of another mass shooting. on a on a day that would have been a normal day for someone to leisurely go shopping. turned into one of the most deadly days in the history of texas. lives were taken. who should still be with us today. 20 an ascent people from el paso. have lost their lives and more than 2 dozen more.
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are injured. we as a state unite and support. despite reports of multiple shooters police say only one man is in custody and will face charges that could if he is convicted lead to his execution but needless to say this scene is a riff it one fortunately because of the nature of the situation the scene will be in play for a long period unfortunately the c.s. will remain at the scene until the scene is process properly for. evidentiary purposes to be gathered for later prosecution the state of texas will be the lead agency or into the prosecuting this particular individual. that has a nexus s. this will point in time to a hate crime the f.b.i. will be looking into that with the other federal authorities right now we're
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looking at potential capital murder charges for this individual he is a 21 year old white man who allegedly posted a racist rant online on an extremist web site just an hour or so before the shooting at an emotional democratic presidential hopeful beto all roark who is from el paso announced he was canceling further campaigning and heading back to his city and so i just ask for. everyone strength for passing right now everyone's resolve to make sure that this does not continue to happen in in this country u.s. president donald trump called the shooting an act of cowardice and promised the city and state any help the federal government could extend but democratic presidential candidates including o'rourke linked trump and his rhetoric to the shooting senator bernie sanders wrote on twitter we must reject this growing
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culture of bigotry espoused by trump and his allies the shopping center behind me is now the focus of an intense criminal investigation and as authorities gather the physical evidence they'll also be looking at the suspects activities on line trying to trace the roots of his rage rob reynolds al jazeera el paso. now a 4th straight day of protests is underway in hong kong crowds have been marching in the outlying suburbs ahead of a much larger rally in the center of the city later on saturday police fired tear gas to clear thousands of demonstrators activists around korea over a proposed extradition law and the police response to the protests $100.00 thomas joins us live from under so another day of protests on the streets and as what's been happening today. will embrace yet more anti-government protests i'm here in the center of hong kong hong kong itself and this protest is just beginning now and we're expecting tens of thousands to gather
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here already though there's been another protest in another part of hong kong in the new territories in the northeast of hong kong in america and there were probably seen tens of thousands of people marching down the street so far that one's been entirely peaceful this one is just beginning but these protests now happening day off the day of the day with no real end in sight i've been reporting on them for last 3 days because michael are we more protests on monday when there's also a call for a general strike across hong kong so none of this there and shows any sign of dying down and i'm jus there were confrontations with the police last night you're in the thick of it when i spoke to you but just to remind our viewers yesterday we also saw a pro china and pro police rallies as well. we did well the events that we were talking about last night there and when there was a big crowd that started off in the sense of callin a shopping area reform called that was an authorized protest about this one is in fact but then that morphed into something altogether different and more and more
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people arrived again probably tens of thousands by my estimate of people dressed in camouflage they had hoods on they were carrying tear gas masks hides. helmets most of them they were expecting conversation with the place and certainly they got to ask the night wore on that they started attacking a play station in that area and the place eventually came out used to get at the crowd massively of all of them to exaggerate and it was quite localized but that does tend to be the pattern with these protests but as you say also on saturday the walls i wrote place government rally very very hard to get numbers on any of these things because everyone's estimates very very different for example the protest that i was at earlier on saturday the tasteful rally well the organizers say there were 120000 people who took part and that the police say it was 4230 fall difference in the estimates of numbers and then you look at the pro-government protest happening elsewhere in hong kong on saturday the organizers of that one say
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120000 people the police 40000 but it's likely that the place is even exaggerating that number because let's be honest those people coming out in support of the place i really try to get a steer on where the numbers are with these things is difficult from what i've seen here on the ground there are certainly more frequent and government protests and from what i've seen the numbers are much higher at the antigovernment protests but of course that doesn't necessarily mean that they've got the majority of hong kong on their side it may just be that they feel they have the wind in their sails and they're coming out more frequently than a silent majority are supporting the places supporting government and by extension beijing because beijing a big part in all based on their moral rumors that by using is not going to stand for this kind of crime. that much longer shinhwa the chinese news agency very close to the government in beijing put out an editorial i just read you a little bit of it it says that the central government will not sit idly by and let this situation continue so far all these protests have been handled by hong kong
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police and although they've used tear gas and that certainly is rubber bullets and i've certainly used facts on the hasn't been that many that haven't been that many injuries and certainly been no deaths and in a sense it's been handled relatively quietly but there are more and more rumors that the people's liberation army of china might get involved in this entire time there is a garrison of the chinese army here in hong kong the room is not all that's at the moment but chinese troops are also massing on the mainland side of the border ready to come in if necessary and the editorial like that from shinawatra suggest that that may happen at some stage i don't want to exaggerate to it may not be imminent it may not happen that so but that is certainly the sort of rumor that is flying around break me that this rally central hong kong another going on in the suburbs who knows where this one will end up the beijing. consulate not the right what's the right word the representation of beijing here in hong kong the building it's very very close to just a few 100 meters they're not authorize these people to walk to it but there are
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rumors that they may later on could get testy and then on monday this general strike calls for anyone who is fed up with the way the government is treating these protests and not responding to the press protesters them on at the same time 7 different anti-government protests planned for monday right across hong kong all right to enter thomas there in hong kong andrew thank you are just bringing some breaking news out of the iranian capital tehran iran's revolutionary guard say they have seized a foreign oil tanker in the gulf that they say was smuggling fuel to some arab states well for more on this let's bring in said begg from tehran i said so what more do we know at this stage about the shit that the iranians say they've taken. yes daryn this is a vessel that's accused of carrying around 700000 liters of fuel that's intended to a number of arab countries now it was seized near farci island that's between saudi
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arabia and iran the revolutionary guards say that they carried out this operation once they did quiet the appropriate permits from the judiciary that this happened on wednesday we know that 7 crew members have been detained all foreigners it's been taken to the southern port city of pushchair and it's significant because this is the 2nd of a similar operation that's taken place in the last month and it's the revolutionary guard in forcing law in the persian gulf and said stay with me for a 2nd because in more news out of iran the government's reveal that it turned down an offer of talks from the united states and a spokesman says that the foreign minister zarif was invited to the white house several weeks ago and that announcement comes just days after the u.s. imposed sanctions on zarif in them on the core of the u.s. action on foreign minister zarif is against all diplomatic procedures and is an unprecedented event in the history of diplomacy and that one government keep claiming to be ready for negotiations and then to put sanctions on a foreign minister of that country how well isn't it ridiculous he was invited by
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a senator to have a meeting at the white house then they imposed sanctions on him foreign minister zarif is responsible for foreign policy and any diplomatic path should pass through him or let's go back to i said big in tehran and i said so the iranians have been giving more details there about the diplomatic failures and the sanctions imposed on the foreign minister. well this is a confirmation we've been waiting for from a government spokesman earlier robbie this this meeting took place was sent to ron paul he was then mr zarif is then invited to the white house but what's also noteworthy is that whilst mr zarif was visiting new york the united nations there were certain restrictions placed upon him he could only visit 3 buildings now whilst this was going on he was invited to speak to donald trump u.s. president and this was turned down and that's because the iranian position is that they will not talk to the u.s. administration until the sanctions on iran are lifted those sanctions that were
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placed on iran after the u.s. union that truly pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal now the u.s. put sanctions on mr zarif himself on thursday they say because he is not an honest broker and he is a representative or he acts on behalf of the supreme leader here ayatollah khomeini now the spoke government spokesman also reiterated the support that mr zarif has within the country from the armed services from the revolutionary guard and the supreme leader now what this shows is that regardless of the internal political differences in iran the establishment is firmly behind mr zarif and what they're telling the united states is that they cannot sideline the country's foreign minister in any future negotiations or at a as a break there in terror as a thank you. pakistan has expressed serious concerns over india's decision to send thousands of additional troops to indian administered kashmir in this is the move is to stop attacks by fighters it believes pakistan supports new delhi has ordered hindus attending an annual pilgrimage on tourist to leave the area but pro
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separatist politicians are accusing the indian government of preparing to broaden its control has more now from islamabad. although there are no fresh reports of further escalation along the line of control that separates board indian and pakistani administered kashmir the pakistani military spokesman had accused india of using cluster munitions days that were fired by indian artillery along the watched range of the line of control and reach 2 people including a 40 year old boy well cared for 11 more wounded the pakistani foreign office also issued a statement rejecting the indian claims that pakistan was responsible for doing why nations and hording. now saying that this is a breach of international conventions and that the huge of cluster munitions are what they're brilliant for brayden. remain also
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endorsed and encouraged by the international committee of the red cross now pakistan saying that this is indeed a grave escalation it warns the international community to take note of this and also the pakistani opposition party is warning that india is playing with fire the leader of the opposition shahbaz sharif has called for an incantation of parliament to discuss the ongoing situation in kashmir including the french deployment for their troops into that rally. process concerned that day may be another explanation along the line of control the time when the u.s. president had offered mediation india on the other hand of course has rejected any all of that mediation saying that this is a bilateral issue that has to be solved between these 2 nuclear neighbors. and social pressure on al jazeera when we come back we look at how democratic republic of congo's neighbors to tackle the bullet as the virus spreads to
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a buddhist city. and we're on the road in argentina where mobile apps are helping other living in a struggling economy on stay with us. welcome to look at the international forecast of say some rather nasty weather into the philippines recently big area a cloud here the monsoon rains the monsoon trough there producing some huge downpours for some manila 102 millimeters of rain and for the main airport just to the south of manila see twice as much rain coming down here in just a 24 hour period so there has been some flooding across a loser on central parts of the philippines seeing further spells of heavy rain i'm afraid doesn't look too good as we go on for monday and the date on into choose day that wet weather staying very much in place certainly worth keeping
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a close eye on this one the main showers they do if they were a little further south as the south of the equator it is generally fine and dry base a fair weather cloud there because a good part of malaysia not too much cloud into indonesia not too much cloud to across australia set in the northern half of australia though some cooler air just making its way towards the southeastern corner with high pressure in charge least the winds not too brisk for the time being 161516 celsius the melbourne and adelaide perhaps a touch warmer there for perth could see some wet weather just making its way across southern parts of the way on shoes day and wet weather too for tasmania. that dogged by millions for challenging social issues head on what women don't say is mexico's longest running cell. as the program celebrates its anniversary
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the producers revisit one of their most powerful storylines. and discover how the show has affected the women who inspired it in the 1st place. now i have a voice sent box mexico on now to 0. welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here at al-jazeera at least 10 people have been shot and killed including the gunman in the u.s. state of ohio 16 people were also wounded in the shooting in dayton's oregon district yet they are also on the scene and investigating. an actual thing came just hours after a gunman opened fire at a shopping center in el paso texas killing up these 20 people 21 year old white man
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has been arrested police say it may be a hate. and iran's revolutionary guard say they've seized another foreign oil tanker in the strait of hormuz accusing it of smuggling feel to arab states 7 crew members have been arrested in the ship's been taken to bush airport iran is still holding a british tanker it captured last month which is accused of colliding with a fishing boat. but the u.s. defense secretary has accused china of aggressive behavior in the pacific region speaking in australia said china's military and economic activity is a destabilizing the region he pledged the u.s. and its allies would not stand by and allow this to happen. we firmly believe no one nation can or should dominate into pacific and we're working on long side our allies and partners to address the region's pressing security needs we also stand firmly against a disturbing pattern of aggressive behavior the statement destabilizing behavior from china this includes weaponize in the global commons using predatory predatory
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economics and debt for sovereignty duals and promoting state sponsored theft of other nations intellectual property and the indo-pacific power should not determine position and debt should not determine destiny the united states will not stand by idly while any one nation attempts to reshape the region to its favor at the expense of others and we know our allies and partners when out either. now but a trade dispute between south korea and japan has led to more rallies in seoul it escalated on friday when japan removed south korea from its list of preferential trading nations south korea says it's now considering scrapping an intelligence sharing that bryant has made. the former site of japan's embassy is often the focal point for protests against japan. after the removal of south korea from tokyo's list of preferential trade partners this protest was especially passionate
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. this is them declaring economic war and firing the 1st shot while you was on the campus of my heart goes out to the japanese to have politicians who act like this. it's a deepening dispute borne out of decades old animosities supported by those old enough to have experienced japanese colonial occupation in the last century. along with young people born in this century. many south koreans have been boycotting anything japanese avoiding holidays to the country causing airlines to cancel flights refusing to buy japanese goods helped in this tech savvy society by apps that tell you instantly which goods to avoid a government level the mood is palpable. from the frosty like this recent meeting between foreign ministers. to the heated talk about this exchange between japan's
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foreign minister and the south korean envoy to south korea says it will retaliate by taking japan off preferential trade partners as this dispute deepens with the leaders of the 2 countries. willing. to back down. japan's prime minister shinzo wants to see his country become boris certain in dealings with its neighbors and the trade restrictions against south korea are popular at home. his counterpart moon j.n. of south korea was carried into the presidency on a wave of people power popularity after the forced resignation and impeachment of his predecessor. south koreans change their government so there's a heightened sense of pride that they are shaping their democracy and awaken democracy can't take japan's recent actions sitting down that's why we're seeing this expression of anger. the economies of both
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countries are likely to be harmed in this tit for tat wrangle but for now settling old scores seems an irresistible force. robert pride al-jazeera soul. 25 people are dead after 3 ferries capsized in the philippines and they say bad weather caused the boats to overturn in the waters between illinois city and the modest island at least 6 people are still missing 55 other passengers and crew were rescued. now aid workers are warning that the bonus outbreak in democratic republic of congo could last up to 3 years countries in the region are trying to stop the disease from reaching their borders mozambique is setting up disease checkpoints along its border with malawi rhonda briefly shut its border with d r c on thursday after 4 patients in the eastern city of goma tested positive for the disease others are going through tests for possible infection stephanie decker has more now from
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the rwandan capital kigali. it's a health workers nightmare a busy border crossing thousands of people in close contact and constantly on the move they have to deny me go no you're going to get this medical worker tells people to wash their hands the kind of thing on the. health checks and hygiene measures of titan between the democratic republic of congo and rwanda ever since multiple cases of the abode of virus were discovered here in goma the congolese city of more than 2000000 people. people are washing their hands as a precaution due to the outbreak of disease the tell us it is spreading through their homes that's why they are asking us to wash water mixed with medication. the virus is paul through body fluids including sweat there is a vaccine that has been used for quite some time the world health organization says it has a very high success rate and you only need one shot but there's
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a problem when the. vaccination is not approved for mass use it's usually given to those exposed to the virus and it's also given to the doctors and health workers as they are handling those cases to protect them from contracting the virus there is still no officially approved vaccine on the market but we're told this one is expected to be officially approved at some stage there is also a lot of confusion around the virus and a lot of suspicion of foreign help workers here in eastern d.r. see. it's a remote region that has been neglected by the government and torn apart by years of conflict. it would have been better if our leaders and those who are concerned would give us more information they have not informed us where we can get this vaccine so that all of us can go and actually get it but all of us need to be vaccinated. this is the 2nd worst outbreak on record more than a 1800 people have died of the virus in the d.r. c. over the past year but the fact that it is now reached
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a border city is what's causing. the problem to the government here in rwanda to close its western border for a few hours on thursday as it beefed up its health screening procedures on the problem with this virus is once you identify someone infected by it you then need to trace back all the people they have come into contact with test them vaccinate them and potentially quarantine them it is a highly infectious disease and containing it is a real challenge. now delivery apps are thriving in latin american countries the digital platforms are helping people find jobs but many end up working long hours without benefits stories of explains. a regular sighting when a site is delivery workers waiting outside restaurants pharmacies and supermarkets willing to deliver to you whatever you may need. if you got a look this has been living in one of site is for 4 years he's from venezuela and
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says that thanks to this job he can send money back home every week. i am thankful to argentina for giving me a home i worked as a day from monday to monday it is nonstop buses allows me to make a living. and everybody is not alone as there are thousands of people in when a society is for making a living like this these days as delivery apps have become a showpiece for the up and coming tech industry this new delivery applications generate much needed jobs in a country like argentina that is going through an economic crisis by labor unions complain of poor fave a lack of ensuring coverage for workers at bay faith putting employees had risk. and that's why a judge suspended the apps on friday he demanded companies should pay for safety gear for those who work for them. it's not clear when the ban will belief did.
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net the radio is now working for an ip he received a heart transplant 6 years ago and says this is the only place where he can work because most companies won't hire him he works every day and makes about $500.00 a month. we work for the companies because it's the only thing we can find but they make us pay for helmets clothes backpack to take things in the end you make very little money. a few weeks ago at delivery a worker was run over by a car in the message one of the company workers asked him to take a picture of the product he was carrying the man responded he was unable to move and the text message with the company went to fire all because it had stains of blood. labor unions insist workers are being exploited because they're underpaid and have no benefits. we are trying to get these new apps to respect the
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law we are not against them or new technology but we need them to be responsible for the people that work for them they treat the delivery workers as collaborators and they're not if they work with a company someone should be responsible the companies insist the apps are meant to help people get extra cash using digital platforms like uber but 11 america it has become a main source of income that attracts mostly vulnerable people with little chances of standing up to defend their rights. and finally a french inventor has managed to cross the english channel on his turbine powered hot board in just over 20 minutes. there is frank he's a potter fluid speeds of up to 170 kilometers per hour frost the 35 kilometer straight 40 year old carry enough fuel in his backpack to fuel have aboard for about 10 minutes popping half way to refuel from
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a waiting boat landed safely on sunday morning near denver on britain's something just. all the news of course on our website there is the address al-jazeera dot com that's al-jazeera dot com. time for a quick check of the top stories here on al-jazeera and more now on our breaking news from the u.s. state of ohio police say 10 people have been killed including the gunman in an area in dayton's oregon district 16 people were taken to hospital with injuries the f.b.i. is also on the scene investigating so far there's no indication of a motive and that shooting came just hours after a gunman opened fire at a shopping center in el paso texas killing at least 20 people 21 year old white man has been arrested police are investigating the possibility the shooting was a hate crime iran's revolutionary guard say they've seized another foreign oil
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tanker in the strait of hormuz accusing it of smuggling fuel to arab states 7 crew members have been arrested and the ship is being taken to bush airport iran is still holding a british tanker captured last month which is accused of colliding with a fishing boat. and iran's government has revealed it turned down an offer of talks from the united states a spokesman says the foreign minister zarif was invited to the white house several weeks ago in ounce when it comes just days after the u.s. can find sanctions on serif in them on the core of the u.s. action on par mr zarif is against all diplomatic procedures and is an unprecedented event in the history of diplomacy and that one government keep claiming to be ready for negotiations and then to put sanctions on a foreign minister of that country how well isn't it ridiculous he was invited by a senator to have a meeting at the white house then they imposed sanctions on him foreign minister zarif is responsible for foreign policy and any diplomatic path should pass through them. protesters are out on the streets for another day of rallies activists around
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green over a proposed extradition law one the police response to the protests on saturday night police fired tear gas at demonstrators thousands have been running for the 9th weekend in a row. and pakistan has expressed serious concern over india's decision to send thousands of additional troops to indian administered kashmir india says the move is to stop attacks by fighters it believes pakistan supports new delhi has ordered hindus attending an annual pilgrimage and tourists to leave the area but pro separate as politicians are accusing the indian government of appearing to broaden its control but those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after sept walks an expectation that's awful. but.
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simply because he has no meanings. it's hard to our sovereign brothers and. sisters in the us. so these i sincerely believe. me or you got the most the best or if an academic. coming up right it's.


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