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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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you know not just the border areas but also here in the capital the challenge with containing the virus is exactly the fact that you have to trace back who ever the patient has come into contact with and these part of the d r c is remote it's an area that's been neglected for years by its own government it's an area that is been through it with fighting between militias it is very very difficult to do that so this is why you have agencies and government officials in the d.r. see being very frank saying that this is a massive challenge that they're only really identifying 50 percent of potential patients and that this could last for 2 to 3 years the u.n. food agency has reached a deal with the who theses that could our food aid to reach parts of yemen the agreement follows a partial suspension of aid to the capital sana'a after claims that the hooty is diverted food reaching thousands in the water own country who feels denied the accusations saying food sent to them spoiled pakistan's prime minister says
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tensions with india over kashmir could blow up to a regional crisis the country is accused of using illegal cluster bombs in the attack that killed several people in pakistan administered kashmir new delhi has deployed troops to indian administered kashmir after issuing an alert over possible militant attacks thousands of people are leaving the region some are accusing the indian government of preparing to broaden its control come out harder has more now from islamabad. any prime minister. meeting all national security committee of the cabinet by all the chief. united nations security council should take note of. that developing in the region pakistan had blamed india for sending tens of thousands of troops into indian occupied kashmir. standard india may go for another day on the other
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hand india had denied that. and under the geneva convention focused on war and the international community taking note of this. there was the prime minister saying that time for now and the us president should mediate but india has said all along that it is a bilateral issue that has to be between islamabad and new delhi. surround chaldea is professor and dean at the jindal school of international pheasant india he has more on the indian perspective. so there is a lot of jihadist activity and lot of a fundamentalist groups that are itching to attack non muslims so i think there is a problem here we are trying to resolve and at the same time i must say that india does have a plan as you mentioned i think they want to integrate and a similar question here fully into india because kashmir has had
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a special status or narconon me with any other long time under the indian constitution under the new and newly reinvigorated leadership of prime minister narendra modi after the elections they're looking at you know taking preemptive measures to sideline the separatists and the secessionist and to use security as well as other developmental needs of train you know integrate kashmir better so i think that's the long term plan what we are seeing now at the border what you're hearing from your gut is going to be some about that they are you know preparing for war all these innovative theatricals and i think what will really happen in the long run you know be a cleaner assimilation of kashmir and junia which is i think just a modis long term goal. sudan's ruling military council and the opposition have signed a power sharing agreement that could bring the country closer to a more democratic future deal which will be in place until elections in 3 years time was brokered with the help of the african union and it's been met with celebration illustrates as maddow right now reports. after months of violence and
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protracted negotiations the people of sudan finally hubbard wrote to a peaceful future. at a ceremony in khartoum general mohammed tom dunn the deputy head of the military genter and be a protest leader signed the declaration. dear honorable citizens today we turned a page a very difficult page in our country's history that was full of conflict and fighting we agreed to move forward to build a new state in the transitional phase the greenman provides for a joint civilian military council to oversee the formation of a transitional cop in a parliament to govern for a period of a little more than 3 years until elections can be held a formal signing in front of foreign dignitaries is to take place on august 17th in khartoum the following day the generals and protest leaders are expected to announce the members of the new ruling sovereign consul opposition leaders are
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promising to investigate past injustices and crimes committed against civilians in sudan so. the priority during the transitional phase will be transparency and the investigation for all the crimes for the sake of justice in order to put on trial the perpetrators who killed our muscles we have to have pace because without pace we can't have democracy based on today's declaration the transitional government will be committed to finding justice for all it's a sentiment echoed by the ethiopian mediator. this day will be highlighted in sudan's history as a disturbances of civilian democratic rule that i'm still build a state of law and equality and a state that doesn't marginalize its citizens the agreement is also a huge boost to the african union's mediation efforts under the montreal african solutions to african pull ups. of reactions to it signed it will swift a will in the whole of the present both sides shook and triggered celebrations on
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the streets of the couple. it's a real born barbaric and continent that civilians and military officers come together to form a joint transitional 40 it's likely to face some difficulties but having with the recent months of violence challenge some say is in some mountable force a done. al-jazeera. the right hand man of poll part the leader of cambodia's maoist marriage regime has died aged 93 no one trailer was sentenced to life in prison last year by a un backed court he was convicted of genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes chair was one of the ideological architects of the khmer rouge the cambodian regime which oversaw the deaths of as many as 2000000 people between 175900 79 they died from starvation disease overwork and execution. the funeral
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of mogadishu. man has taken place in the somali capital osman known locally as engineer yourself meaning the small engineer due to his previous profession that was among several government officials injured in an attack on the city's government headquarters last month he was transferred to a hospital in doha but after several days of treatment died last thursday. coming up behind. him if we lost our great brother we the government and the people must continue doing the hard work and the service that he was doing until we reach a stable somalia we say goodbye to our brother and pray for him the president announced that 3 days of mourning will be held the man's family friends the government and everyone will participate. at least 31 people are dead after 3 ferries capsized in the philippines police say harsh weather conditions caused the boats to overturn in waters between you know your city and k.-mart's island at
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least 3 people are still missing $62.00 other passengers and crew were rescued a group of 40 migrants rescued by a charity ship have landed in malta and will be taken in by several countries under a deal brokered by germany the migrants were rescued from a small boat on wednesday off the libyan coast they were picked up by the charity ship around curdie operated by the german and geo c.i. they were initially taken to the port of lampedusa in southern italy but were banned from docking there by italian authorities. to edinburgh now where the world's biggest arts festival is underway almost $4000.00 shows from $63.00 countries will be performed this month often political this year fake news is the subject of a number of performances challenger went to see how artists are interpret our so-called posts truth world. beginning with
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a bang the edinburgh fringe festival a month of arts and culture capturing the guys and holding up a mirror to society. the show conspiracy is a study in how facts can be unpicked if you sound convincing enough imo so why a comment is inspired by the statistic that 60 percent of britons believe in at least one conspiracy theory the idea sort of 1st came to be i was comforting president realizing that we had a conspiracy theorist in chief in the white house but like a sort of instigator but i think as we've discussed as we've dug into it more it's become it's become bigger and it's not just about the sort of people who we think might be soft on lying on reddit. you know much spouting things about the moon and actually we all in all of us have this propensity for wanting to believe in something that perhaps doesn't seem immediately real audiences in edinburgh seem
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not drawn to performances about how truths the manipulated and capitalized on. those men bega form a news producer plays an ambitious journalist in his sold out show fake news with the audience play his in terms you will be hated on 3 things editorial accuracy style of writing and herschel marketability what i wanted to do is to show people what the media is really like what a news room is really like exactly how it operates kind of warts and all but show people that it's not some sort of there's no conspiracy theories eric you know it's not there's no agenda that is being pushed it's not some sort of people in an ivory tower who are disconnected from the public it's ordinary people trying to do their jobs trying to do the best they can it's a cautionary tale and a jet to exploring how journalists can make innocent mistakes these festivalgoers will be able to explore every facet of faith. with friends from false information
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to genuine error through to foreign interference one so even teach audiences how to dismantle false claims with logic so that all sin wells infamous radio play or of the world also gets an update for the digital age. the drama allegedly caused mass panic in america in 1938 but its effects were exaggerated like so many examples today just fake news born from fiction charlie angela al-jazeera edinburgh a french inventor has crossed the english channel on a jet powered hoverboard frank is a pattern departed from songs at nick carraway and reached dover in just over 20 minutes but he had to stop for a few paul brennan reports. emerging from the early morning mist flanked by helicopters frankie's apart and his jet powered hoverboard reached
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over just after 7 30 am local time. it was an extraordinary sight and a remarkable achievement. the french inventor reach speeds of 160 kilometers an hour flying just meters above the waves. 110 years after louis blair is famous crossing of the english channel a new name has now been added to the record books. i'm feeling happy and so happy for my my family my friends and my gym is just an amazing moment in my life you know it's just. now i can take some rest. there was a palpable tension as a part of took off from song no callee in france a previous attempt last month that ended with him falling into the sea this time though the mid-channel refueling stop went smoothly as a part has swept in past the famous white cliffs of dover. having waved him off from song supporters wife had waited nervously for news when the phone call from
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dover came the relief and the joy were overwhelming. now as i was devoid out here don't go it's cool he made it so it's over we did it and i'm happy because it's a lot of work. it was hard but i'm happy for him because it's been really hard lately and now we're going on holiday i'm happy so thank you. if you could. so how does hava board is powered by 5 jet turbines and fuelled by kerosene which he carries in a backpack it is a complex craft and difficult to control but the inventor has been awarded a $1000000.00 development ground from the french army and there is now international interest in exploring why the uses for the technology paul brennan al-jazeera. still to come on the news hour in sport
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a cyclist hoping to make it back to a total loss after a horror crash it'll be him with more. rewind returns with a new series. and brand new dates on the past about using these documentaries i would compare the pool with onion reality and on the future spot the hollow. rewind the games with faggots in city under siege for 6. this. is one way every shot 6 times on al-jazeera a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many did not know how to die like this or stop these parts is really for sale an investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi
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arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case is interesting to watch as the amounts of money involved yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera. and one of the poorest regions of mexico in sex tourism is drawing in thousands of people they come to visit a forest to witness a rare light show put on by fireflies traction is breathing new life into a struggling community. has more for not coming just east of mexico city.
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at a campsite in central mexico dozens of tourists are starting to gather just before dusk they're here to witness a rare natural wonder that takes place every summer in a forest just outside the town of nana kmita. it starts with a miniscule flash of light then another and then another before long the forest begins to burst with light as thousands of fireflies take flight as it was there was a great biodiversity of flora and fauna here among them species that are made of such as far. as we are very look at account of this unique microclimate that is home to such an important species this dance of aerial bioluminescence last for about one hour every night between the months of june and august as male fireflies desperately compete for the attention of a mate for visitors hoping to be completely surrounded by fireflies the really only 2 rules it is quite as possible and turn off all the lights seeing that pulsing swarm of neon dots in the forest really is an experience like no other and mexico
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is one of only a handful of countries where you can see that spectacle for yourself. echo is visiting from a neighboring state he and his friends have set up camp for the night they're among an estimated $50000.00 tourists who visit the 80 square kilometer firefly sanctuary every year and what i mean. i came here thinking i would see a few fireflies 20 or 30 at a time maybe i didn't imagine i would see so many i'm very impressed but. it's hard to imagine this unique and pristine habitat was once threatened by excessive logging. while lumber is still big business in this community residents here have discovered they can generate more revenue from a single season of firefly tourism then an entire year of cutting down trees and that's good news for mexico's most in chanted forest mounted up and. not coming to
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mexico. to haul a sport now has peta. lord thank you very much lewis hamilton has extended his lead in the formula one world championship with victory in the hungary and grand prix he started food with red bulls max for stuff put on pole for the 1st time in his career and was immediately moved up the 2nd of the making contact with his teammate faulty botanists on the one stop and lead for most of the race but his tires degraded too much and as much as he tried to hold them over have also eventually passed him to take the lead with 3 laps remaining. he crossed the line 1st to win he's gone for the of the season extending his charitably to $62.00 points it's the 7th time hamilton has won in hungary and he now also moves to within 10 of michael schumacher all time career record of 91 race wins. very grateful for the day in. and and really for the team for continuing to believe in me and continue to push and to be out there very race to be able to push like that and tearing in the
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rain all the way yeah we were just not fast but. yeah i tried everything i could on that hard try to just stay alive but a fortune was just not enough. they were great scenes in the preceding formula to race make sure america son of the 7 so i may have one champion michael clinch these maiden victory on the f.t. circuit the 20 year old had started from pole position at the hungama ring make one the formula 3 championship last year and is a ferrari academy drive em with no one says like this it might not be too long before we see him following his.


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