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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2019 7:00am-7:35am +03

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the most widespread yet thomas is there. the indian government has imposed a an indefinite security lockdown in parts of indian administered kashmir and prominent local politicians have been put on the house arrest and public rallies banned phone lines are reportedly down and internet isn't working schools and colleges a shot thousands of troops have been deployed in recent weeks citing security concerns. u.s. president donald trump has responded to 2 mass shootings saying hate has no place in america 29 people were killed in the attacks in ohio and texas the shooting in el paso near the mexican border is being investigated as a case of domestic terrorism libyan media reporting that 40 people have been killed in airstrikes by forces loyal to warlord after the victims were attending a wedding in the town of mosul in the southwest of the country turkey's president. says he's sending troops into an area controlled by kurdish y p g fighters in
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northern syria the y.p. g. has been an important to u.s. ally in the battle against eisel but turkey sees it as a terrorist group. iran's revolutionary guard says they've seized an iraqi oil tanker that was smuggling fuel in the gulf they said the vessel was intercepted near iran's a fasi island carrying 700000 they says a fuel all 7 crew members have been detained but iraq has denied all and in the vessel it is the 3rd seizure by iran and less than a month and the gulf well those are the headlines on al-jazeera al-jazeera world is coming up next thank you for watching.
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you've been ordered in the going to be more than bought a form subject them to. the head of it or them better either for the money i had if we allow money out of the family or the better because a lot says your lot we want out. limoges good name kids family take shape make it your man a home human jimmy and lanham lunesta janet sad to know. what i know how to be sad when a double shift. a little. a word of dishonesty need to lead oh we'll always that you're my lad if you mean for the sin we lead. must clean the sad little head into the sadness. i don't know charlie i have to tell you my name is mamma and i know i caught it in it. about e-mail so that says a god is between how to make something is cause like but i seen an orchestra in the
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orchestra and you backed by the sunni and you are charlie chart and we know your family so we will we love to enjoy in this orchestra and you can meet the other by sunni and maybe from different countries mohammed it's nice to meet you mike i'm charlie as you know and i live in los angeles i'm so glad that you contacted me so this is sounds like such a wonderful opportunity come up to palestine to perform with my my fellow musicians and probably some relatives as well you know. my father and my uncles all grew up in jerusalem and it's just such a treat to be able to go back finally thank you so see see you soon i think ok sounds great and but are they ready yet
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ready. so i might it have just one day and. dismantle orchestra finest in your living to win. no no well yeah but then again i'm here you did the beach at the family mess and before lafayette. hit you had to literally it was a quick look at the quote. i think. you were there to get me to get out. what do you come down and get me i'm not going to. thank you for going to it with elements of the color on about us a little bit live when but it's gotten a little. look at me like.
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that it was happy to be the 1st couple left the boat. and the right side of your definite. i mean. other than the. love. of it.
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i was born here in the united states my dad is from palestine he came over in 1950 and lived here and started his family here and we've lived always in southern california i'm a professional violinist and i. i do music for movies soundtracks and commercials and record projects i received an e-mail from an orchestra that i work with here in los angeles they had forwarded to me a correspondence they received from tim party from the palestine national orchestra on the edward sait institute looking for me i'm not sure how he'd discovered me or knew that i was living here but they forward me the e-mail and it was kind of quizzical that somebody was looking for me from that part of the world professionally not it wasn't a family member or something like that so it was quite interesting and intriguing when i got this e-mail and when i learned what it was all about i was very excited to hear that they were trying to bring people from around the world back to to create music.
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mostly orchestras that i worked with in my career have been in los angeles and it's about your ability and how you perform on your instrument doing a project like this was it was more than just being able to play your instrument it was communing with with people and in a way almost family. playing music with them and many of them from all over the world from europe and south america and then in the states and and being able to put it assemble a group together like that was it was really something it felt it felt like something very important was happening and especially through music music is such
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was. 6 my name is mary m. to maddy my father is palestinian and my mother is japanese. i grew up in japan and i studied in the united states and i live in paris now i certainly listen to all different kinds of music i like rock and. and popular music as well but very since very very early age i must say since around 3 or 4 i tend
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to fight very specifically with classical music and as soon as i started actually singing classical music myself i immediately knew that this was the way that i can express myself the most and the most fully always very important for me to sing in palestine and also with palestinians abroad as well too because i love i love palestine i love palestinians and i love being in this in this culture and a part of it my background as a palestinian and as a japanese those are the strongest of course that's part of my head.
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currently how i feel that my background has helped me immensely. is a big part of who i am so i grew up listening to a lot of classical music certainly songs by my aunt danielle but also my father listened to a lot of bach and mozart at home all the arts played a huge part of my daily life since i was born i would just like to say that i all was thrilled to be here so thrilled to be always welcomed back they say you know they say welcome home to me when i'm here even if it's been even if it's been a few years that i haven't been back and even if i'm so ashamed that i don't speak arabic but they are but my family and friends always say welcome home and that is how i feel so i really am grateful for that.


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