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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2019 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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the wilderness of cambodia under 3. pillaged for profit by illegal timber trade one to one east investigates the plunder of cambodia's forests. for now does either
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. following 2 fatal crashes and the past year boeing decided to brown the brand new 7 from 7 max but this wasn't the 1st time the wound with a new aircraft back in 2013 the 787 dreamliner back into trouble when the battery caught fire but as algis there was an investigative unit discolored much of the problem the just smoking batteries. rewind broken dream the boeing 787 on al-jazeera.
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set aside differences and bring back all the. and say no to chaos and violence embattled hong kong leader carrie lam faces an unprecedented general strike across the city. as their arms the whole raman from our headquarters here in doha this is what's coming up in the next 30 minutes parts of indian administered kashmir and the lockdown as the government sends thousands of troops over security fears in the disputed region also. hate has no place in our country u.s. president donald trump denounces chuma shootings in texas and ohio in which 29 people were killed. and turkey's president says his country's military will move into northern syria setting up a potential fight with america's kurdish allies. welcome
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to the program it's of $400.00 g.m.t. that's 12 noon in hong kong where a rare citywide general strike is underway mondays are usually busy in hong kong as you can see the streets almost empty design go over the government's handling of protests against a now shelled extradition bill and concerns about china's interests in the territory but he want the territories e to carry law to resign and she's accusing the protesters of trying to destroy home call. such extensive disruptions in the name of certainty months or are uncooperative enough men have seriously undermined hong kong's law and order. and are pushing our city the city we all love. and many of us helped to build to
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the verge of a very dangerous situation. thomas our correspondent in hong kong is live for us andrew road rail and air all seems to be all seem to be the targets of today's general strike has actually manifesting itself on monday. we'll look at there so monday morning a workday and. the area behind me is completely deserted and that's true of a lot of places in the same bt of hong kong it's very hard to know whether that is work has actively choosing to participate in this general strike or whether it is because they cannot get to work because what they demonstrate is the protest is the most vocal and active all of them have done is shut down the transport system in hong kong for example there are 10 m.t.r. metro lines across this city 8 of them are suspended at the moment what protests of that as i stood in the doorways of those trains not letting those doors shut not
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letting the trains move off so that shut down the metro system our producer who lives in hong kong she was supposed to be with us 3 hours ago she's not here she can't get to where we are in the center of hong kong that's one example roads as well as the put barricades up along lots of the main roads around hong kong and they have stopped cars from passing through now some motorists that got very very angry the video has emerged on twitter of one motorist pushing through eventually putting his foot down and driving through that barricade it looks as though he's hit one person on the way through so tempers only growing but that means that the roads in the center of hong kong are actually very quiet but all around the edges are extremely close with traffic so people simply can't get in interesting we haven't seen a ferry go across hong kong harbor packs outside then out on strike and the road is taking ferries rather than trying to that gives you some idea of why this city is as quiet as it is what that means in practice well not one share on the one saying stock exchange has risen on monday that is no idea of the economic impact be adequate as well more than $200.00 flights being canceled only one of 2 runways is
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operating there a major international airport that's because pilots are going on strike but more importantly traffic controllers by the childless are not turning up to what whether they are saying this sick or whether they're saying they can't get either way this is a city where there's very little it feels anyway economic activity going on at the moment and they sold follows yet another night of protest the violence with tear gas this time. different areas of hong kong i think how living on the northern side of hong kong where i was in the area of course. sunday night in one of the most upscale districts of one of the most sophisticated cities on. but in hong kong this is becoming the norm. protest his tactics have changed. rather than targets one building and wait for the
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police to clear them. move along their aim is maximum destruction across the city be like water they tell each other everyone. on sunday they marched 1st to china's liaison office in hong kong on route some hid behind umbrella's as they use spawn is to break apart fences gathering the metal foot barricades. finding pleece protecting their 1st targets they moved swiftly on. taking metro trains to the shopping district of kools wife a. then they built barricades used pliers to cut the wires of traffic lights and stopped traffic people over there disabling traffic lights that taking apart barry is this. particular grows with. the roles actually we try
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peaceful means and a bad person and he responds and so we try to increase may be increased pressure by our broken heroes and so the more people interrupt. and we try to do it just it was just brown message but you faithful that's the way they say in this room is that china might send in its on me. actually i am not afraid of honor but believe that's not going to happen the protest does have support even among those disrupted but in the end disruption here near the entrance to a cross harbor tunnel didn't last long. and he stayed one step ahead of the police will not as well as come to a head gets a good take us on the streets of hong kong there's a general strike planned for hong kong on monday and promises the protests that day will be the most widespread yet. we had the sort of chief executive hong kong
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speaking in our coverage and it really does pose the question about how the authorities are going to deal with this situation because at the moment it just to be just seems to be the only way they can deal with it is with tear gas and riot police. so he feels that way it was very instant press conference of kerry lamb in many ways for what he didn't say as much as what she did say now i'll take out a few bits for you she said that hong kong is on the verge of a very dangerous situation i think that choice of words is interesting because a lot of people fail here we're already in a dangerous situation so what is a more dangerous situation that we're on the verge of it begs that question she rejected calls for her resignation saying that at this time resignation of myself will not provide a better solution that's one of the key aims of the protesters is to force carried out the chief executive to resign she gave no ground then nor on any of their other demands has to be said she is standing very model of that she said holding the rule
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of law is the way out of this situation and she said as well that what is happening at the moment is putting at risk the one country 2 systems situation the hong kong enjoys now the protesters want to put that at risk of course because they want is 2 countries 2 systems this is about democracy and self rule but china hong kong separate from china but what carrier lamb is warning that is rather than get 2 countries 2 systems you might get one country china and one system and that was a very veiled threats at the press conference you also talked about how the police and other security agencies would deal with a situation we've only seen the place what those other security agencies mean is she suggesting for example that the people's liberation army of china could get involved here that would certainly have been the rumors flying around online and elsewhere kerry that was off directly about that she said no more than that she is following the rumors herself on. line which doesn't necessarily suggest he's
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rejecting that idea entirely nor does it mean that she's endorsing it there will now be a press conference by the place every day going forward that reflects the growing we can see of these protests and the fact really but not a day passes and increasingly it was like not an hour passes in hong kong when there isn't some part of this city in affective lockdown and chaos as protesters take over the streets to day basis will hit hong kong's economy pretty hard indeed we will continue to monitor what goes on in hong kong with you andrew through the day andrew thomas force in hong kong. now there's another flash point in asia that we're keeping a very close eye on and that's india where its prime minister is holding a cabinet meeting this hour the situation in indian administered kashmir is likely to be discussed the government has imposed an indefinite security lockdown in parts of the region prominent local politicians have been put under house arrest so when
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lines are down and the internet is not working priyanka gupta has the latest. parts of kashmir under lockdown thousands of indian troops monitored checkpoints neighborhoods and squares and moves soldiers are arriving schools and colleges are shot overnight mobile internet is blocked politicise ins are appealing for calm. they are mello would say i appeal to the people of the state to meet in the dark but they should maintain peace and happy since it is very necessary we should not take any step that would disturb us in the region. by sunday india put 3 prominent politicise under house arrest 2 of them former chief minister is it's also banned public rallies this former leader says he doesn't know what's in store the uncertainty prevailed for much of the week students from across the country in
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kashmir were packed into trains to wrists and pilgrims were ordered to leave the indian government says their intelligence reports about possible attacks on the annual pilgrimage but some think they could be something larger in the works in terms of the very dramatic move such as ordering a mandatory evacuations of of tourists and closing schools down putting local leaders under house arrest to me that suggests that something is much greater as a play than a mere terrorist threat there have been terror threats and near many times before and for and the indian authorities do not act like this so i really think that there's something broader at play it seems like india is trying to head off possible on rest which suggests that india could be planning to make some sort of major moves such as revoking kashmir is autonomous status something that's unacceptable for many. countries article 35 a in article
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370 is our basic constitutional right we have made an agreement with india the basis of these articles and now they are trying to derail only vocals articles this is an injustice to us because they're not going to tolerate the should just. meters one of the most militarized regions in the walls came to by both india and pakistan over the past few days tensions are high between the 2 nuclear powered neighbors as he treated accusations of attacks on each other islamabad is accusing india of using bandpass to bones new delhi says pakistan is standing fight is to stage attacks across the border the valley is on the edge fia panic over how little is known about what's to come priyanka group the. prime minister has warned that tensions with india over kashmir could escalate into a regional crisis while hide a report from the pakistani capital. on
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a prime minister. committee of the cabinet by all the. united nations security council should ignore. developing in the region blamed for sending. troops into. another on the other hand. and under the geneva convention on war and the international community. of their fears . the prime minister. and the u.s. president should mediate but india had said all along that it.
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well christopher is the director of strategic and international relations asia calling it consultancy specializing in india and south asia and he says a resolution that appeals to all sides will be difficult to reach. from the kashmiri point of view it's there in my article $37370.00 which gives them special status essentially autonomy although that's been severely guy unit if they if they don't fiddle with that and they say you can have this special status that will appeal to the people in the kashmir valley but it wide appeal to people in india nor sello people in general in kashmir from the general in the dock region that montgomery and kashmir to be a fully integrated would be india it's a real conundrum there are 2 different sides and there's not one commonality between the 2 positions but the challenge for india is there in the superior position i have the way with only canonically and militarily in paramilitary to impose their will and there's
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a lot of popularity with sighing to the kashmiris you've got to toe the union line not popular with the kashmiris themselves but you have all the other. well still ahead here on al-jazeera fake news of the french 1st performance and as a brit tackle some checking in the so-called truth world. and though they're mostly fine picture across much of the middle east we have seen some of those that monsoonal showers in the crotch of the last few days it would attract showing up here on the satellites and we can't rule out the chance of an off the thunderstorm but for the most part to drive across pakistan the same into kabul $36.00 celsius on monday one of the bits and pieces of rain scattered showers
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that vary widely scattered across turkey for the next 24 hours by choosing a should be mostly dry 27 the high in ankara and very hot further to the south 45 in baghdad and also in kuwait city and that's how much is a similarly high further to the south most to care along the southern coast maybe just a stray shop in the southwest of yemen and again throughout the entire region we have got the wind fairly strong at times is blowing down of c. from the north $45.00 celsius in doha on cheese day but the wind helping a little bit with the humidity that we have for the south southern africa as a front sliding by that south coast but it's not really bringing any rain 15 degree .


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