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when assess been done that if they're sort of i'm democratic minded because clearly the government of india realizes that there isn't much support within just went just need a full the obligation of logic of the 70 the suspicious to date is that the state has added protection of the status in the constitution scheme of things in india so clearly this is a very unpopular decision and they knew that and therefore in order to ensure that there is no widens on the streets of just one kashmir added just sort of the sort of order to get him. in the state to come the government took precautions in order to ensure that this decision does not by. right now what about the pakistani statement reiterating the fact because it is a fact that this region is recognized as internationally disputed region so this is the indian government well within its rights to be making administrative changes
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to an area that is under dispute i mean should they really be allowed to do that you know there are several things in this in this place and i think to begin with the pakistan has itself costs different changes to its possible interest me a cordon off an area so not an a.b.s. what instance is not of the pakistani part of christianity the pockets that i'm conscious of scheme of things number one number 2 the international community basically talking about the un to solutions going back to 148 the reality is that it today don't want to think that the un doesn't. up and dead engine went to shit any more to begin with the fact is that without the pakistani forces we have to draw from the pakistani population even if you go by the un resolutions that's not going to happen i'm not equal to me i think given where india is today have much of the international community given my to say if you beings evolved expect their
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displeasure about what happened but if the romney does not witness much why them's in the days to come they will do more or there is a likely to be too much pressure on being devastated or need in prime minister in the days to come if this does not become a full blown crisis for india and the international right but all the see is the getting noises moments coming from pakistan that they're not in the in the least bit pleased with these and then also suggesting that all options are on the table for them i mean how closely how dangerous a moment is this now between the 2 countries which of course are nuclear armed countries you know i don't know what you too much about this is leading to this becoming a standoff between india and ox that i want to be more about the streets of kasmir i worry more about what might happen to the people of this year that you that they do street whether there will be a why them so or block certain conditions that's my worry i'm not too worried about
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this becoming if we're drawing military crises between india i think that that's very unlikely to happen having on jacob thank you very much indeed for talking to us directly. right breaking news from syria now the syrian army saying it is to resume military operations against rebels in italy province in the northwest of the country then the holder is our correspondent she's incidents on the turkey syria border they know it wasn't that long ago what 2 days ago when there was some a tentative cease fire if you like what's brought this on. well like you mentioned on friday night conditional cease fire was announced and agreed by the warring sides approximately 3 days ago and in fact it has been quiet yes the warring sides were shelling each other on the frontlines but the syrian
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army or the military never released the statement mentioning these attacks in fact it is quite strange that in there is a statement today announcing the resumption of military operations in libya they are saying or accusing what they are calling armed terrorist groups and it live of attacking civilian areas so like i mentioned since friday night the syrian army has made no mention of any attack targeting civilian areas so now it is saying it is no longer going to comply with this cease fire it is also blaming the opposition for refusing to comply with the sochi agreement that agreement was reached between russia and turkey in september last year it calls for the creation of a demilitarized zone around the rebel controlled province of live which means the rebels would need to retreat 20 kilometers from the front lines now the mainstream syrian opposition said they would be ready to do this but only after getting
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written guarantees from the russian military yesterday the main group in a live feed a sham which many in the international community consider a terrorist organization says no we are not ready to do that we are not going to pull back from the front lines we are not going to in the words of those the head of the. leadership in his words we're not going to give the syrian government what they couldn't take militarily so right now a statement just released a short while ago the syrian military saying that they're going to resumption resume their military operations we have to remember those operations started in late april. intense bombardment targeting towns and villages across southern is live in northern how much killing according to war monitors more than 800 civilians 200 of them children so that ceasefire that was announced on friday night no longer exists and so therefore we can expect
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a resumption old the syrian government but by the russian campaign targeting what we understand to be a huge amount of civilian infrastructure like clinics hospitals schools and the like. yes martin that is what we saw over the past few weeks yes there were clashes along the front lines but the syrian government and its allies failed to take ground they took out a number of villages but they really didn't make any significant gains on the ground what they were doing was targeting civilian areas in order to pressure the opposition to surrender it is quite strange that we are we're receiving this statement now even though we all knew when the ceasefire was announced friday night that it was ambiguous and that russia and turkey the external players who support the local actors in italy didn't iron out the details of that cease fire there was
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no time limit except for the fact that the syrian army conditioned it to the implementation of such eat but there was no timetable attached to that condition so we can only assume at this point we can only assume that something went wrong in behind the scenes negotiations either between the 2 main players russia and turkey because at the end of the day we keep talking about the government we keep talking about the opposition but it's these 2 countries really who will decide the fate of it live so maybe they couldn't reach some sort of an agreement particularly on creating this demilitarized zone right ok then a whole different now thank you very much indeed zain the hollywood breaking news affecting northwestern syria. lots more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including hate has no place in america more on the u.s. president's reaction to 2 mass shootings that killed $29.00 people. coming up in sport with joe the tennis player who couldn't lift his trophy because of
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a bad back. home call my general strike has turned into another confrontation between police and protesters the police have been firing tear gas to break up crowds that were blocking traffic earlier the city was brought to a virtual standstill by the demonstrations protesters are angry at how the government and police have handled weeks of protests triggered by a controversial extradition bill many with the territory's leader kerry lam to resign but she's accusing the protests is of trying to destroy hong kong. such extensive disruptions in the name of certainty months or uncooperative movement have seriously undermined hong kong's law and order. and are pushing our city the city we all laugh many of
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us helped to build to the verge of a very dangerous situation where hong kong's opposition politicians say kerry lamb has lost legitimacy to continue in office by kerry land has practically tell the hong kong and international communities that she has done nothing wrong and that it led to a she and her government are morally bankrupt and her use of diversion tactic claiming that the people's demands have changed mall into something else that certainly that is seriously a lie. all right let's go live now to robert wright our correspondent who's there in hong kong it's the evening time now rob but what we've seen today is a widely heeded call for a general strike coming from many different sectors of society what appear.
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that's right there was a strike it's reckoned that hundreds of thousands of people probably heeded the call they did affect things like flights because around a 3rd of hong kong's air traffic controllers phoned phoned in sick didn't turn in for work so lots of flights were cancelled and as you mentioned there martin as so often happens on days like today it has ended in more scenes of violence there was several rallies were called throughout hong kong which were largely peaceful but then towards the end thousands of people go away there's a hardcore remains who wants to have a go it seems that the police would build barricades police move in and then depending on who you believe either the protesters started or there's heavy heavy handed policing tactics and it's just the protesters who defend themselves but the outcome is streets like this once again once again this is the one tyson district
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of hong kong the calhoun part of hong kong which is probably saw the worst violence of the day there was a running battle between protesters and police and what often happens in these in these fights is that as the protesters take over streets they very quickly get to work digging up as many bricks as they can which very soon becomes i mean ition being hurled at the police lines and this was the intersection where there was the worst fighting of the evening for a couple of hours police held this but then they were driven back under that hail of bricks and so on they. fired a little off a lot of tear gas also rubber bullets and so on as they were chased back to the police station now the police station is just down this road about 100 meters further on from here but between here and there there are these residential blocks these are police housing married quarters for police and disciplinary services and for quite a while there was an awful lot of protesters hurling an awful lot of stuff at the
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windows that they could reach and you would have to say that for any families inside tonight would have been absolutely terrifying to rob the bride live in hong kong thanking. thousands of people have attended a candle lit vigil in el paso texas to honor the 20 people who were killed in a mass shooting at a shopping complex on saturday it's the worst attack in the u.s. so far this year a 21 year old white man is facing multiple criminal charges and in ohio a large crowd gathered there in dayton's oregon district to mourn the deaths of 9 people who were killed in another mass shooting that was on sunday police say the gunman was among those killed 16 others are in hospital. but the president's response has been on twitter he said we cannot let those killed in our paso texas in dayton ohio die in vain likewise for those is seriously wounded we can never
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forget them and democrats and come together and get strong background checks perhaps marrying this legislation with desperately needed immigration reform we must have something good if not great come out of these 2 tragic events let's go to our white house correspondent now kimberly halkett kimberly's if i understand that rightly president trump is trying to link what he wants to get from the democrats on immigration with the dangling the possibility of some kind of reform when it comes to gun ownership. yeah the president in a series of 3 tweets certainly did make the correlation that there is a need not only for sensible gun legislation but also immigration reform this has to do part because the manifesto of the shooter the alleged shooter in the el paso shooting certainly did feel. rather long diatribe against illegal immigrants as
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one of the things that he says was a motivator for the shooting so there is the correlation there of so we're watching very carefully as the president addressed the nation starting sometime after 14 g.m.t. we believe we understand from the president's tweet not just the one you read there but also another one where he targets the media centrally for what is also happening the divisions both political and economic in the united states seem to be contributing to rage the president blaming the media saying that it needs to be unbiased or the problems will only get worse gives us a glimpse martín into what we expect to hear from the president in about 45 minutes time these concerns and how he believes they need to be addressed right and very much is the president trump has yet to condemn categorically the kind of hatred that was a spouse in that only line posting allegedly by the man who carried out this attack
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in el paso and furthermore he seems also to be giving credence to his demands of these complaints against immigrants i mean several hispanic people were killed in the attacks in texas. yeah the attack in texas was majority population hispanic we have to remember as we pull back from this there have been 3 mass shootings in the last week in the united states to over the weekend particularly deadly but it was just the last week we were also talking about a mass shooting in california as well the president on sunday said in his words hate has no place in the united states we're going to take care of it more has to be done particularly targeting seriously mentally ill you have to remember that when the florida shootings took place about a year ago at a parkland high school that the president called for what he said were sort of sensible gun legislation we did see some effort in the democratic controlled house of representatives to do that they have since pulled back on that from the white
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house saying that the democrats went too far with that legislation it didn't go anywhere in the senate and this is particularly upsetting to house democrats particularly veronica escobar a congresswoman she has been speaking on national television in just the last hour or so words have consequences and the president has made my community and my people the enemy he has told the country that we are people to be feared people to be hated. the president and in the eyes of the democrats is are the democrats allege that the president essentially has emboldened white nationalists that what we saw in el paso is a product of some of the accusations that the president has been making against immigrants who entered the united states illegally so there is a lot of concern right now a lot of sorrow and republicans are cute saying democrats of politicizing
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a tragedy it just underscores not only as we've repeatedly said the deep divisions in this country martín but the confusion over how to resolve the issue of these ongoing mass shootings that seem to control occur weekly now in the united states are often now complete thanks very much for that and of course will come but today to when president trump does make his comments thank you. now there is time for the weather with everton here thanks martine well i bring good news and bad news the bad news is we've got 2 tropical storms in the western pacific but the good news is that one of those tropical storms may well help to ease the flooding rains that we have across the philippines but with me on this you can see this swathe of cloud right across the philippines that's been producing some really heavy rain for the past 4 or 5 days across a similar area we go just to the north of manila $148.00 millimeters of rain in 24 hours are missing those kind of totals or more so for the last 4 or 5 days more
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heavy rain will continue across so central and northern parts you can see the deep shading on a chart there for a choose day going into wednesday very little change but if we follow that line of cloud out into the open waters you can see this massive cloud here just to the northeast of the philippines that is actually tropical storm leukemia and that's going to make its way further north was as it does so it will help to pull that rain away from the philippines it'll head towards taiwan's we're going to watch out here also the eastern side of china north of that there's another system this is francisco now that's going to produce some very heavy rain in the short term across southern parts of japan so some big downpours coming into q she will gradually make its way up towards south korea as we go on through the next couple of days some parts could see around 200 millimeters of rain in a short space of time magazine. thank you very much indeed still to come here on the al-jazeera news our money talks we explain our china has ramped up its trade
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war with the u.s. by letting its currency tumble and we'll tell you which english premier league club showed the money that's coming up joe in sports. the saudi u.a.e. warn yemen has led to thousands of deaths and left millions hungry what role has the u.s. played in the world's worst humanitarian crisis on this is the entity that has the right to begin and end wars robert malley a top advisor on the middle east to president obama talks to al-jazeera. rewind returns with a new series. paints on the past about to see a documentary i would compare the onion. to.
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rewind begins with ferguson city under siege. it's. just. this is one. shot 6 times on al-jazeera. or the top stories here at al-jazeera india's government has scrapped parts of the law to give significant ill ptolemy to indian administered kashmir the region is said to be split into. special protections removed pakistan has condemned the move hong kong wide general strike has turned into another confrontation between police
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and protesters police have been firing tear gas to break up crowds that were blocking traffic earlier the city was bought brought to a virtual standstill by the strike action. and breaking news syrian state media is reporting the army is preparing to resume operations in italy where a ceasefire was in effect the syrian military is accusing turkey of not complying with the truce by carrying out attacks on civilians. the libyan media is reporting 41 people have been killed in. by forces loyal to the war after the attack reportedly targeted a wedding party in the town of. that's in the southwest of the country dozens more people were injured more than a 1000 people have been killed since after us forces launched an offensive in april to take control of the capital tripoli live now to mahmud up a wired correspondent who is in the libyan capital tripoli says
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a wedding party 42 people killed these must have been all civilians. we'll they're all civilians the victims that's according to local authorities in. about 100 kilometers to the cells from the capital tripoli and to. officials in models they say that they are they are blaming the united nations support the mission in libya for its silence they say that this silence has in a way or another given have to make a pretext to move forward and commit as they call more crimes as you know martine that the tipple fighters which are the majority of inhabitants of the. town in the cellars they have been rejecting what they call the military at all they have to
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his forces in the south of libya since last february that's when have to his forces launch a military campaign and the sales of libya to take control of a strategic locations there including the oil fields and airports including air bases and military airports in the south of libya on the other hand have to his forces are accusing the tibble fighters of recruiting there to bull cousins from chad which the tibble fighters are denying we know that since last thursday sporadic fighting broke out between tipple fighters on the one hand and have to have forces supported by local armed groups in the area on the other hand. and since then the bullfighters say that there was a social gathering that followed a wedding in the town and there were many people from the minority gathered
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in that place when drawn loyal to the world who for have to launch its civil air strikes killing get tens of them and injuring get tens others and now the congress of tableaux that's like a local council that are presenting the minority in libya has issued a statement condemning what it calls a heinous crime and it also blaming the united nations support the mission in libya for its silence meanwhile the government of national accord in tripoli has called on the united nations support the mission in libya to open an investigation into what it calls a crime against humanity martine thank you very much mahmud up to wear head reporting live from tripoli now july it was the warmest month on record for the entire planet according to scientists at the european union's copernicus climate change service who say it continues an alarming up with trend in global temperatures this year and it's accompanied by
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a major ice melting greenland al-jazeera science and technology editor mariana honda explains. global temperatures in july i usually hot but never before have they climbed this high scientists at the use copernicus climate change service analyzed temperature data from across the world and observations from satellites and ground stations they say july was the hottest month albeit by a small margin rising from the previous record in july 2006 days scorching record temperatures and hate waves in europe the united states and the arctic coincided with a major ice melt in greenland data from scientists at the danish me to a logical institute shows melting on almost 60 percent of greenland's ice sheet that released 197000000000 metric tons of water into the atlantic ocean in july we actually now see a. signal of. climate c.
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a global warming the arctic is actually warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world and now there's a very clear signal that this warming is actually driven by too much carbon dioxide in the year or so as this year 2 increases. temperatures around the world are going to see more of these type of heat wave. these heat wave the vents are behind large wildfires since early june wildfires in the arctic pumped out more than $100000000.00 tons of greenhouse gases that's equivalent to belgium's carbon dioxide emissions in a year climate scientists say there is still time to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels the u.n. body dealing with the warming planet the i.p.c.c. has pushed
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a simple message for governments businesses and individuals to drastically cut emissions by making this one. from burning fossil fuels like oil casts and coal to clean green renewable energy but since the i.p.c.c. issued that call back in 2015 carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has continued to rise it now shrouds out planet at a level not saying and the last 800000 he is. right now with his big defray of embassy near climate scientists at the funded competitors climate change service behind this research is joining us from reading in the u.k. thank you for joining us how worried do you buy these findings where we just look at the month of july not just look at one month isolation so yeah like about 19 well i would say are warm and so if you want to be warmer there's
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a pretty good line of all of them of the record. but after all that hard for you. by what. global temperature how big freezing they are increasing i mean it will continue to improve it will then greenhouse not to mention. it's a little bit like what we are mountains there was young i was there was a long time it really was i was i went to war because you want to bring our own. wishes it is a virus was that i read into the record it all i'm also on the record my. boss remarried. without having to freak out that was global temperatures will continue to increase right which which is obviously it's dangerous that is dangerous isn't it for the world in many communities what is the action that needs to be taken now today this week. well i think.
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i've already stated. i don't know much of that although all in all. we have to rely. on not only you know reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also why we're. going all the way well. right. thank you very much indeed unfortunately the line wasn't terribly clear but thank you very much indeed for talking to us here. thank you. so iran's foreign minister says the united states government has sanctioned him because he refused an offer to go to the white house and talk earlier this month jabbered zarif made the comments at a news conference in tehran. they impose sanctions on a minor government employee like me what does it mean to impose sanctions on a foreign minister it means the failure of dialogue the failure of diplomacy it
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means they disagree with talks our security and stability has never been force and it is not sales. more from our correspondent bank. well it was a very passionate and animated foreign minister the press conference went on for back 2 hours and he took questions from local and international media in fact this was his 1st public press conference with the media since the u.s. face sanctions on him last week on thursday the u.s. says that he's not an honest broker and that he acts on behalf of the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini but the reef says that these sanctions won't affect him because he has no assets outside of iran but today he also added this matter. they impose sanctions on a minor government employee like me what does it mean to impose sanctions on a foreign minister it means the failure of dialogue the failure of diplomacy it means they disagree with talks our security and stability has never been caught and
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it is not. he was also asked about dialogue with regional countries here specifically the united arab emirates and saudi arabia he mentioned the conflict in yemen and what that shows is how vested everybody is in that conflict he said if saudi arabia and the u.a.e. were to revise their policies in yemen and choose negotiations over conflict that iran was ready to talk basically saying take a step back from yemen and we will sit down and have a dialogue with you and possibly restore ties you also mentioned the blockade and he said that it was unacceptable that regional countries were present this blockade on that there and also for to discretion on a fellow member of the gulf cooperation committee so a very passionate today is still out there putting his message out despite the u.s. sanctions against him and in fact the establishment here in iran has rallied behind the foreign minister. yemen's who the rebels say they've launched a series of drone attacks against saudi arabia targeting and now drone airports as well as the king holiday peace in the air base in the southwest saudi safe t.v.
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has confirmed that the air force intercepted a number of drones launched by the huth is accusing them of trying to strike civilian targets china has escalated its trade war with the united states in response to president trump's threatened sanctions the central bank stopped propping up the yuan thereby allowing it to fall to its lowest level against the dollar says 2008 the people's bank of china blamed the trade war for the u. ons weakness its decision rattled markets and is likely to inflame tension between washington and beijing the u.s. president tweeted his reaction to that incident saying china dropped the price of their currency to an all almost historic low it's called currency manipulation he added that beijing's actions are a major violation which will great the weaken china over time is economic editor
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added early explains how the currencies drop could benefit china if donald trump imposes more terrorists next month the chinese are weaponize in the exchange rate to manage this to help manage the economy so if these new sanctions come into play then the chinese economy will contract by not point 2 percent but additional not point 2 percent and that means that by lowering the currency by 10 percent they can mitigate this impact so that's their plan this is this is because they haven't got enough trade goods which they ascend which they buy from the u.s. which they can sanction anymore so this is this is what they've left with the currency the chinese would argue this is not been a policeman what they allowed is the.


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