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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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well. look at me and continue to play the negro defense but what you mean by malcolm x. and martin luther king face to face. stocks plunge globally as china's currency becomes the latest flashpoint in the trade war between washington and beijing. when i'm come all santa maria and this is the world news from al-jazeera india the lower house is due to vote on the bill dividing indian administered kashmir into 2 a day after its special status was revoked a cease fire collapses in syria as the government claims turkey resumes military operations against rebels in the north west and made
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a new trend in fashion putting the environment 1st. stocks are falling globally as the world's 2 largest economies escalated their trade war china is letting its currency slide raising fears that one could be used as a weapon in the trade standoff with the united states also on monday washington designated beijing as a currency manipulator its 1st such move in 25 years china's official communist party newspaper responded saying the u.s. is quote deliberately destroying international order that announcement came hours after beijing let its currency weaken the one has tumbled 2.3 percent in 3 days since donald trump's declaration that he would be expanding tariffs to cover more chinese products that are coming from the 1st of september beijing says chinese companies have stopped buying you. yes agricultural products as well as
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this trade war intensifies on monday wall street suffered its worst state in 292 and we'll talk more about this in a moment 1st alan fischer reports from washington d.c. well donald trump said he was going to call china come soon manipulator on his 1st the office it's taken until no 5 you certainly were expecting from the treasury secretary of mission some sort of ruling on whether or not he thought china was a currency manipulator in october it's been brought forward just in the last few hours donald trump said on twitter that he believed china was manipulating its currency to try and gain an unfair advantage against the united states you know when they made their surely the could of years one of 2 laws that could have gone with the 2015 law or the one that was drawn up in 1900 they decided to go with the 1988 there's a reason for that it's a slightly broader remit it gives them why their option on how they can declare china to be come see manipulator what it means no is that steven ocean with donald
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trump's backing will go along to the international monetary fund and see china is essentially blocking the rules and you need to punish them but this is something donald trump has promised for a while and as you see we would in a trade war no we're also in a currency war our economics editor our bedelia is with us now to talk through more of this can we definitively say that china is a currency manipulator it is letting the currency slide apparently not by the congress it stands now congress set out 3 terms by which you could test whether china was manipulating its currency can only one of these does breach that test and that's the surplus it has with the united states in its more than $20000000000.00 on the other 2 tests it does not and the one of the tests is where the treasury has to determine whether china has been using its currency to to we can it.
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or to strengthen it to help improve its economic exports in this case it hasn't and it fails on to those tests basically at the end of the day so the interesting decision that comes as part of this trade war as we like to call it the fact that china is going to stop buying u.s. culture how significant is something like that how much does it again we use this word a lot how much does it escalate things for so you know trump has been saying you know he started this trade war because to support the farmers the farmers were the people he was going to help out in this in this trade war now. the chinese the americans are actually admitted you know the failed the farmers they've got a $16000000000.00 aid package for them right now and the chinese were stepping up and say listen you know if we're going to resolve this one of the things that we can do is buy more soya and other products from the u.s. but now because of this continued tension between the nations they've decided you
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know we're not going to press ahead with that now the chinese have been gaming this and trying to figure out how long go what can they do to make sure that they can get through this rather tense international crisis which they which is developing and they've determined that they can see this through until the president is out of office possibly. wars are things that are supposed to be won or lost is that does that cover trade wars as well you just see this type of thing which is just going to escalate further and further tit for tat it does because what we see now is that the president does not have an exit strategy from this he's thrown the kitchen sink at this trade war there's nothing he can do beyond this he can increase the terms to 25 percent to 25 percent on the $300000000000.00 but that's only going to hurt consumers and the stock markets have responded they've said we don't believe that trump has an exit strategy and they wiped off more than $700000000000.00 off u.s. stocks yesterday a good talking to thank you very much china says it will take countermeasures if
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the united states goes ahead with plans to deploy intermediate range missiles in the asia pacific region washington with drew from the cold war era intermediate range nuclear forces treaty last week we call on the u.s. to exercise restraint and i also want to make one point absolutely clear that. china will not stand idly by and we are forced to take countermeasures should the u.s. deploy into medium range ground based missiles in this part of the world and north korea is threatening more weapons tests after firing what the south says appears to be too short range ballistic missiles the launch happened in the south kwang hey province pyongyang's 4th missile test in the 2 weeks earlier north korea condemned joint military drills between the u.s.
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and south korea describing them as hostile moves. now to other news in the un secretary general antonio has appealed to india and pakistan to exercise maximum restraint this is after monday where india said it was revoking indian administered kashmir as autonomous status a bill is being debated right now in india's lower house of parliament on splitting up the region into territories directly governed from new delhi. well i can tell you that we are following with concern the tense situation in the region we're also where of reports of restrictions on the indian side of kashmir and we urge all parties to exercise restraint i would add that over the past few days the un military observer group in india and pakistan otherwise known as on mortgage has observed and reported an increase in military activity along the line of control the indian government says the constitutional changes are necessary to integrate the region into india but opposition politicians say it's
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a dark day for democracy more from paul brennan. a wide ranging security clampdown kept people largely off the streets in indian administered kashmir on monday thousands of troops have been deployed and internet connections were cut to deter any opposition to the sudden revoking of article 371 it was certainly uproar in the new delhi parliament when the decision was announced by home minister amid shock. the opposition leader angrily accused the governing b j p of murdering democracy by revoking article 370. this isn't many ways a black day for indian democracy we have seen if not the letter of the constitution certainly the spirit of the constitution and the soul of indian democracy being shamelessly violated but those who've been elected to protect it article 370 allows the regional government to make its own laws except in finance defense foreign
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affairs and communications residents of kashmir live under different laws from the rest of india in matters such as property ownership and citizenship now the central government plans to split up the region into 2 parts kashmir and jammu and lead back which will both be directly governed by new delhi. reaction has spread along religious and political lines despite the security clampdown in jammu and small groups of hindus celebrate at the end of what they. described as 30 years of banishment. the kashmiri muslims complain bitterly about their rights and identity being stolen from them and they have been opposition demonstrations in indian cities such as calcutta and new delhi. the hindu nationalist party came to power in the elections in may this year with the hands to majority based on promises that it would remove these special provisions which the. muslims of india so there is a clear political polarized here with the ruling party trying to. vote
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bank. as part of the government security crackdown 3 prominent kashmiri politicians have been placed under house arrest 2 of them former chief ministers. kashmir is one of the most militarized areas in the world and both india and pakistan claim it is there as they've gone to war more than once of a kashmir since their independence from british rule pouring yet more troops into that contested region now may not necessarily be a recipe for calm paul brennan al jazeera has the team covering this story will be with come. about shortly that's pakistan administered kashmir we're standing in new delhi though with me affairs can you explain the process of what's happening in the indian parliament today. as you mentioned kemal that right now the bill to change the state of india administered
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kashmir into 2 federally administered territories is currently below the law currently in front of rather the lower house of parliament it's expected to pass fairly easily given the government's majority there but the important thing to notice says that it also passed the upper house on monday fairly easily that's because even though there is some opposition criticism and a protest against this a large part of the opposition is siding with the government on this as is the public this idea that all parts of india will be equal there won't be any special status or autonomy to anyone has gotten broad appeal and haul it to the political parties and the public as well and really this whole thing the way that this was accomplished though was really by legal maneuvering so it's widely expected that there's going to be legal challenges as soon as this bill is passed now as we saw in paul's package that indeed in mr kushner is still under lockdown phone is shut off the internet continues to be off people aren't allowed to assemble and they
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can't go out without curfew passes so a lot of people are staying indoors because they're afraid of what will happen but there's been a lot of so we get we're hearing from people there saying that a lot of people who were supporting india in kashmir kashmir is themselves they say they feel betrayed by this one glaring example is the former chief minister of the most recent one man who on twitter has repeatedly criticized the government's action and saying i quote that this action. this actually reduces india to an occupational force in jumbling mir and quote so passions are still running. ok thank you for that update 1st of its kemal higher in the south for about punk east on administered kashmir talks about lockdown on the indian side what's happening where you are. where it's business as usual and you can see the traffic it can moving around and the administration if the capital of pakistan he administered kashmir but they've been brought stephen and it's going to
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be more broad over the next few days pakistan's parliament. an emergency session this is a joint session of parliament that they've got ready underway the pakistani military chief. commander for a meeting in g.h.q. royal will paint pakistan's. response to the indian move. and of course tensions along the line of control also known at the line of that white running ready high because of the troop movement on the indian side the people on the pakistani side are concerned about the plight of their relatives who live in that rally they say that the heavy induction of indian military forces may lead to more bloodshed and violence. over its options saying that all options are open everybody head of course will be hoping that they send a radius and some breakthrough as far as talking or what do the outstanding issue
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they're invited to piers that india had already made its move and it will be important to see what kind of response from from pakistan. ok that's come out mean was off about thank you grab a break on al-jazeera when we come back a warning from beijing after the latest round of protests in hong kong and not just a pretty face the. inmates who went to extraordinary lengths to escape prison brazil. we've got quite a scattering of showers across northern parts of europe and by when you come further south in this glorious sunshine clear blue skies right through the med southern areas much of italy across the balkans want to cross towards the black sea
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further north that's where the unsettled weather is right that is coming out of the baltic states through that western side of russia just coming down across boundaries 3 poland all the way back down towards the out some lively showers a possibility here maybe even with a rumble 2 of thunder going to russia was just rattling their way across the british isles over the next day or so tending to push further eastward so broad skies coming back in from the atlantic still quite a breeze coming through shouldn't really be that windy at this time of year but there you go so much a weather further south we'll see some fathom right through austria czech republic just notice attempt just picking up at long last for moscow as had a 7 or 8 degree a rise in the sort of temperatures we were saying last week so some welcome warmth pushing back in plenty of warmth meanwhile across northern parts of africa algeria's getting up to 30 celsius up to around 2526 in repass over the next day or so meanwhile he really picking up again in cheerless could get up towards the mid forty's warm enough income to where the top temperature of $37.00.
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rewind returns with a new series. on the past about using this documentary i would compare it to. rewind the games with magazine city under siege. just. this one. shot 6 times on al-jazeera.
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top stories for you this hour on al-jazeera the u.s. has designated china a currency manipulator as the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies intensifies stocks of fallen across the world after china later its currency sink to and 11 year lows north korea's threatening more weapons tests after firing what the south says appears to be to short range ballistic missiles that happened in the south a province young's 4th missile test and less than 2 weeks and the united nations is urging india and pakistan to exercise restraint after new delhi revoked indeed and mr kashmir autonomous status pakistan says it will quote exercise all options in response to that decision. china has one protesters in hong kong that they will be punished this was a rare news conference beijing's top office on hong kong policy also said the mainland chinese government has immense strength the comments were made after
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a citywide general strike turned into another day of violent confrontations between police and protesters on. monday let's talk to enter thomas in hong kong can you take us through 1st of all under what the government in beijing or they 6 hong kong department has been saying. well 1st of all the representative davis summary of the events of the last few days and really was laying into the protesters calling them stocks committing violent acts he said that you ordinary people of hong kong had to let their voices be heard and fight back essentially condemn what was going on in hong kong it was very very odd how anybody who'd taken part in protests will be punished it was offering full support to the government to carry lamb and her efforts to use the enforcement to crackdown and he said that those involved will be punished let's have a little bit of what he has to say in a moment but let's raise a conclusion to what he said because i think that's very interesting he said don't
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take our strain essentially meaning china's central government's restraint as weakness don't underestimate the central government on the whole of the chinese people's resolution as a great power was that a veiled threat was he suggesting that the people's liberation army of hong kong could get involved with a garrison here in hong kong that all he wasn't suggesting they could come in let's hear a little bit of what he said earlier in that news conference can lead you. to a dish or a greater cause for concern is that some radical elements tore up the basic law and deface the national implement on the 3rd of this month civil shameless thugs seized the chinese national flag from a pole and flying us into the sea this is a serious file ation of the legal and the national dignity and a serious challenge to the reed line of the one country 2 systems principle and what about hong kong today everything back to normal.
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we've got a much quieter today in hong kong no protests planned but shoes day off the violence that we saw with it was really the climax of the days and days of violence now a general strike that really pretty vicious and sunday different was the city i was in the middle of the take out for much of the day tuesday for the 1st day in a lot of days for another protest now that has been a news conference by some of the representatives of the protesters on tuesday and self representatives have tried to be sort of very democratic within themselves and not have any leadership but they were asked about their concerns that the people's liberation army might get involved they said time will tell we simply don't know but if it happens on kong people won't stand for it and nor will be the international community here in this building the central play station in hong kong we're expecting a news conference starting in about half an hour's time so we should get some update from the place as to how many people have been arrested and for example how
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many rounds of tear gas they buy in type over the disturbances that we got of course back in june so i looked at news conferences in beijing we saw that it had the place from the protesters as well but now we're not expecting any more bodies because there are no protests planned but don't think these protests are over there are more planned in subsequent days like this wait and i would expect them all but will have many more protests in weeks to come as well nothing specific from the central government in beijing there about what they will do a washable site that's in the last hour rule side the place in cheyenne sand which is just across the border in the mainland of china but you've released a video showing how shamed zen place would deal with riots and it's pretty full on stuff i think we've got a bit of it to show you here you can see them really cracking down there on these pretend protesters now i'm told by people both in hong kong who know about these things and people in beijing that there's no way mainland flakes would come into hong kong they say it's really about. mystic consumption showing the chinese people
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on the mainland that they would deal with things a bit differently if it ever happened on the mainland told that it's more likely that the p.l.o. the people's liberation army of china would get involved in mainland place nevertheless get more visual rhetoric if you like showing the people of mainland china as much as the people here that what's happening here is an exception it's not going to tolerate a lot and it would never ever be tolerated on the mainland fascinating stuff thank you andrew thomas in hong kong now a ceasefire in syria's rebel controlled a province has collapsed the government's resumed its offensive with airstrikes reported in the southern parts of the province syria's government is accused rebel forces of violating the terms of the truce and it's blaming turkey for not enforcing it that ceasefire was agreed income on thursdays and a photo with more from turkey syria would. the ceasefire has collapsed the airstrikes have resumed the syrian military is announcement that it would resume military operations in that rebel controlled province in northwestern syria came as
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a surprise really because the ceasefire seemed to be holding since friday night there have been no air strikes the warring parties have been shelling each other along the front of shelling at each other along the front lines but a far apart from that there was really no indication that we were heading to a collapse of the ceasefire in fact earlier on. on monday pro syrian government website quoted a military official as saying that the government would give the rebels until august 16th after the muslim holidays in order to comply with the truce so sudden announcement that this ceasefire is now over really raises a lot of questions and we've been speaking to people here in turkey turkey of course. it's a message to turkey this is how it is being felt here because in the syrian military statement they they blame turkey saying that its proxies on the ground are
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violating the truth no u.s. defense department delegation is in turkey for a last ditch effort to set up a safe zone in the northeast syria took president time but i want to say his country is running out of patience with washington and sunday he announced troops would be sent to an area in syria controlled by kurdish wife e.g. find out why he's been an important u.s. ally in the battle against i saw. a group that on chrissy's as a terrorist group. and the u.k. has joined the u.s. on an international maritime security mission to protect cargo ships in the strait of hormuz britain's been giving u.k. flying vessels in the region a naval escort ever since iran sees one of its oil tankers last month european nations have been reluctant to take part in the u.s. naval missions is they fear being dragged into a conflict with teheran tensions between iran and washington of escalated of course since the u.s. pulled out of the iran nuclear deal last year. the united states is also frozen all
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venezuelan government assets in a dramatic escalation of tension there it blocks all u.s. companies and individuals from doing business with president nicolas maduro his administration and its supporters the measure is the 1st of its kind against a government in the western hemisphere in more than 30 years u.s. president donald trump says the move is in response to a duros abuse of power now in the midst of a growing ebola outbreak health ministers from rwanda and the democratic republic of congo are expected to meet they are hoping to come up with a joint plea to present to the world health organization on the issue. briefly shut its border with t.l.c. after 4 patients in goma tested positive for the disease aid workers are warning of the outbreak is not controlled it could last up to 3 he is stephanie decker with more now from incendiary on the rwandan side of the congolese border where ministers are meeting on tuesday. these people are coming from goma in the
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democratic republic of congo that is goma that you're looking at and this is how close the border is when it comes back to the same city the way it's described here in rwanda which is why the authorities here the government got so nervous when the border was discovered in cobo look at the amount of people that are crossing the border this is happening every day people will cross in the morning to work whether it's to pick up goods whether even children to go to school and then they will work hard during the day and what they're having to do now is they set up these stations to get people to wash their hands because of the way that the fire is transmitted and they're also taking their temperature you know women from the here and now the speaker in the background all that is telling people to wash their hands not to shake people's hands and also that if they feel guilty for the burning things like the right to go to one of the stations of the government house at all so we got it gives you a sense of the proximity of the 2 cities of ever having been discovered in goma and
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this is why the authorities here are taking it so seriously because certainly nobody wants the bar is just. a convicted drug dealer who's trying to escape prison in brazil disguised as his own teenage daughter you know to steal the used in moscow wig and glasses to fool the guard says he tried to leave the jail in rio de janeiro after visiting hours. officers became suspicious when he started talking and here's the moment where he was actually on masked extraordinary and now been moved to another prison as it happens. well now the availability of cheap fashion is led to a huge upsurge in production and consumption so it's a result of though in a culture of throwaway fashion with little thought for those actually making the clothes as well as the impact on the environment but as i would report on some people are already trying to come to a fast fashion. with a little skill and guidance anything is possible as a clinic to give old clothes
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a new lease of life and to counter the culture of buying to march to open it's extending the life of clothes and by that you're reducing landfill you're reducing waste and it's making an active stand against just going out in buying on and on an impulse because you want to wear something tonight passion is big business in britain and around the world the bail ability of fast cheap fashion with a short shelf life to reflect the latest trends has transformed the industry but it's also come at a cost globally the u.n. says the industry is responsible for more carbon emissions than aviation and maritime shipping combined a recent report found that here in the u.k. we buy more clothes a person than anywhere else in europe some things are worn just once and then thrown away and while there are increasing efforts to ensure that garments don't tend up in one fell global consumption of clothing is increasing so much so that
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consumption is predicted to rise by 63 percent by 2030 at a warehouse in london though they're trying to turn the tide with donated clothing being sorted to sell in a growing 2nd hand market we're still collecting the same thing that we've always collected that actually has an increase but what we are seeing a change in is the amount of clothing that was setting the last 5 years. of secondhand clothing within our shops has increased by $0.40. may though be down to the next generation of designers to make the difference graduates of the london college of fashion showcase their work using sustainable materials what happens here often ends up being replicated elsewhere so it's about really kind of valuing everything that goes into all of these questions. whether it's more. or
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whether even it's a synthetic use natural resource that we need to put a true cost on. campaigners want clothing like this is made to last until that message gets through the empire meant and the workers making this week's must have item for low wages will continue to pay the price and he would al-jazeera in london . but only for the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. has designated china as a currency manipulator as the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies intensifies stocks have been falling on markets worldwide after china let its currency sink to an 11 year low china also says it will take countermeasures if the united states goes ahead with plans to deploy intermediate range missiles in the asia pacific region the americans withdrew from the cold war era intermediate range
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nuclear forces treaty with russia last week we call on the us to exercise restraint and i also want to make one point absolutely clear that. china will not stand idly by and we are forced to take countermeasures should the u.s. deploy into medium range ground based missiles in this part of the world. north korea is threatening more weapons tests after firing what the south says appears to be to short range ballistic missiles launched from south long hey province was the 4th test in 2 weeks separately the north was condemning what it calls hostile joint military drills between the united states and south korea united nations is urging india and pakistan to exercise restraint to new delhi revote indeed in listed kashmir's autonomous status a bill is being debated right now in india's lower house of parliament on splitting
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the region into territories directly governed from new delhi a ceasefire in syria's rebel controlled a province has collapsed the government israel so resumed its offensive with airstrikes reported in southern parts of the province syria's government is accused rebel forces of violating the terms of the truce and it's blaming turkey phenomena forcing it this was the cease fire agreed in kazakhstan on thursday and china has one protesters in hong kong that they will be punished this was a rare news conference from beijing's top office on hong kong policy but they also said the mainland chinese government has quote immense strength comments come after a citywide general strike in hong kong turned into another day of violent confrontations between police and protesters on monday you are up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera inside story starts right now. we want to guarantee a salute given to the people who will be attending the minimal workshop we listen
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i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter how does their own. india's government says it's where we've drilled a special status of indebtedness to mia and doing the disputed territory is significant autonomy and putting it in direct rule by new debt he so what's behind this move and does it abide by the longstanding consensus this is inside story. hello welcome to the program. the disputed tapestry of kashmir has been divided between india and pakistan since that independence from britain both countries claim it.


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