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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2019 11:00am-11:33am +03

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stocks fall globally as china's currency becomes the latest flashpoint in the trade war between washington and beijing. santa maria and this is the world news from al-jazeera don't mistake restraint for weakness china warns hong kong's protestors that beijing does have immense strength in the lower house is due to vote on the bill dividing indian administered kashmir into 2 a day after its special status was revoked and made to last the new trend in fashion putting the environment 1st.
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stocks are taking a hit around the world to mid fears of an escalation in the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies china has been letting its currency slide raising concerns that they could be used as a weapon in the trade standoff with the united states on monday washington designated beijing a currency manipulator its 1st such move in 25 years china's official communist party newspaper responded saying the u.s. is deliberately destroying international order that u.s. announcement came hours after beijing let its currency we can fell 2.3 percent in 3 days since president declaration that he would be expanding tariffs from september the 1st and beijing says chinese companies have also stopped buying u.s. agricultural products as the trade war intensifies on monday wall street suffered its worst day in 2019 alan fischer with more now from washington d.c. . well donald trump said he was going to call china come see manipulator on his
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1st stay in office it's taken until now you certainly were expecting from the treasury sexist evolution some sort of ruling on whether or not he thought china was come simulator in october it's been brought forward just in the last few hours donald trump said on twitter that he believed china was manipulating its currency to try and gain an unfair advantage against the united states now when they made this surely they could have used one of 2 laws they could have gone with the 2015 law or the one that was drawn up in 1908 they decided to go with the 1988 there's a reason for that it's a slightly broader remit it gives them a wider option on how they can declare china to be come see manipulator what it means know is that stephen ition with donald trump's backing will go along to the international monetary fund and see china is essentially blocking the rules and you
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need to punish them but this is something donald trump has promised for a while and as you see we would in a trade war no we're also in a currency war earlier we heard from dan wang who was an analyst in the economist intelligence units access china's service says an escalation of this kind was inevitable over the spirit. the us want to eliminate its trade deficit with china but from this point on there are just a cost because china's waiting to take one mile or 2 that in its currency and that means we're. below 7 and that means in fact china and searching many of the u.s. companies will continue to import from china or we have extracted from last year that china would bridge this 7 exchange rate as a psychological is lie. anyone who think they can short chinese yuan in the future they're wrong perception because the central bank has signaled that it's
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willing to work all this in the teeth so the 7 operations that is inevitable but for it to float further like sound like 5 or 8 under central government would not let that happen. now china says it will take measures if the united states goes ahead with its plans to deploy intermediate range missiles in the asia pacific washington withdrew from the cold war era intermediate range nuclear forces treaty last week. we call on the u.s. to exercise restraint and i also want to make one point absolutely clear that. china will not stand idly by and we are forced to take counter measures should the u.s. deploy intermediate range ground based missiles in this part of the world and still with china there is a warning to protesters in hong kong that they will be punished in
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a rare news conference beijing's top office on hong kong policy said the mainland chinese government has quote immense strength the comments come after a citywide general strike turned into another day of violent confrontations between police and protesters on monday more from thomas in hong kong. they were not of the protests planned to choose day so this shouldn't be any violence on tuesday instead this has been a day of news conferences was about to be one in the play station behind me giving an update on the numbers of those arrested and how many take gas canisters for example the place up but in recent days there was a conference by representatives of the protesters earlier on tuesday and they were off whether they were concerned that china's army might get involved here they said they didn't know what was going to happen but if that happened the people of hong kong and the broader international community would not stand for it meanwhile in beijing a press conference by the hong kong and macau office of china's central government really calling the protesters here in hong kong thugs saying that they streamed
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violence would not be tolerated condemning the throwing of the chinese flight into hong kong's harbor let's have a listen to some of that now because leno has. a greater cause for concern is that some radical elements tore up the basic law and deface the national emblem on the 3rd of this month civil shamus thugs seized the chinese national flag from a pole in flying us into the sea this is a serious file ation of the legal and the national dignity. and a serious challenge to the red line of the one country 2 systems principle. yes one also gave a warning in the news conference saying don't take the restraint as weakness don't underestimate the central government and the whole chinese people's resolution as a great power was that only was he suggesting that the instruments of the central government the people's liberation army for example as a garrison here could get involved just across the border in mainland china in chains and the police there on tuesday released
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a video showing how police on the mainland would deal with the riot now i'm told there's no question of mainland place ever coming here it's more likely the army would get involved so that video is more about domestic chinese consumption showing the people of mainland china how they would deal with anything on the mainland nevertheless it's yet more visual rhetoric than just because tuesday's day 3 of protests and violence don't want think that that's the end of it. now north korea is threatening more weapons tests following the 4th missile launch in 2 weeks the south says it appears to short range ballistic missiles were fired from south long hey profits separately the north is condemning what it calls hostile joint military drills between the u.s. and south korea u.n. secretary general antonio terrace has appealed to india and pakistan to exercise maximum restraint on monday india said it was revoking indian administered kashmir autonomous status and a bit is being debated right now in india's lower house of parliament on splitting
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up the region into 2 territories directly governed from new delhi jamail with more . the bill is still being discussed in india's lower house of parliament and is expected to pass there fairly easily given the government's majority however the government was able to get it passed in the upper house on monday also fairly easily because despite the controversy a large part of the opposition as well as the public have been supporting this government move they say this idea that all the parts of the country will be equal no one has special status appeals meant to many opposition parties and the public at large now this was mainly accomplished through legal maneuvering and it's likely this bill will be challenge almost as soon as it's passed now inside india to mr kashmir the remains in law down phones are shut off the internet is shut off and many specially in the kashmir valley which is a muslim majority part say they feel betrayed by india even the ones who are supportive of the indian government the most glaring example is
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a former chief minister. she's gone on twitter saying this many times and also saying that if this bill passes it will quote turn india into an occupational force in jammu and kashmir and quote. and we've also got the support from kemal haida he's in missouri for about in pakistan administered kashmir. an emergency joint session of parliament. and move by the next. day to tary now there have been protests across pakistan even. administrate there. have been protests people coming out in large numbers. dropping. its response to the move remaining the un has said that they have
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movement along the line of control and all the sides maximum restraint. now iran's president has shown support for his foreign minister zarif after the u.s. froze his assets and imposed a travel ban speaking at the foreign ministry house on rouhani ridge reiterated the need for the u.s. to lift the sanctions if it hopes to negotiate zarif said the u.s. sanctioned him because he declined an invitation for talks more on this without some joining us from tehran tell us more about what president rouhani said this morning well the address was broadcast live over state t.v. and president rouhani said that he favors talks with the u.s. but the sanctions imposed against iran by the united states must be lifted he also took aim at iran's enemies referring to u.s. hawks israel and what he called a regional reaction restates or regional reactionary countries as the
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triangle of evil he spoke about the 2015 nuclear deal and said how it was good for iran and they had been people from the outset that had been working to undermine and very much this is the president talking about this nuclear deal trying to salvage and trying to still sell it to the public here but he said that iran's policy is security for security straight for straight referring to the strait of hormuz peace for peace and oil for oil. saddam interested in looking at the pictures from this news conference that mr interested in the fact that the president has gone to go and sort of visit his foreign minister directly and make the sort of. public support for him. it's certainly red you'd expect the foreign minister to go to go and visit the president in this case is the president visiting the foreign minister and this is in the context of the sanctions against zarif imposed by the u.s.
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last week thursday the u.s. says that he's not a honest broker and he acts on behalf of the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei and this is the basically the establishment in iran getting behind their foreign minister and that the papers here have been carrying comment pieces and saying that this is essentially shows the failure of u.s. diplomacy and this is a victory for the reef and these skills and intellect but not only that to see a sense of national pride that the u.s. could not deal with the iranian intellect and logic also in another remove the major general of the oil could force bell could force deals with operations outside of iran mainly iraq and syria met with zarif now the meeting is not rare but what is rare is that the fact that it was made public again the different factions inside this country getting behind the foreign minister is president rouhani saying that the reef is the primary spokesman for iran outs in the world so outside of
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iran so essentially what the u.s. sanctions against zarif have done is made him one of the most popular politicians in the country that's a big get with the latest from teheran thank you and one more note on iran britain has joined the u.s. led maritime security mission to protect shipping in the strait of hormuz british warships of escort of dozens of vessels and seized a u.k. flagged oil tanker in the gulf last month other european nations though are reluctant to join the mission for fear of being dragged into a war with iran. when we come back the syrian government resumed its airstrikes in may the province off to the collapse of a cease fire and the inmates who went to some extraordinary lengths to a state prison in brazil.
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hello there if it is summer sunshine you offer them advice is definitely to head to the matters because that is where the clear skies all the sunshine elsewhere look at this a very unsettled picture a lot of clouds and with that cloud some rain but i'm just ready for some quite strong thunderstorms at times when they choose a stretching all the way from stockholm through warsaw down tools vienna just about trying to book arrests a little bit cooler still in moscow 18 degrees celsius cloudy should really see any rain but the next system working its way across the more northern sections of the u.k. but that rain also pushing into the southwest of the u.k. trying to trade london should be dry on tuesday and $22.00 in paris cloudy but again it should be mostly dry even some cloud pushing into northern sections of portugal and spain and that might also bring some rain showers on wednesday a better day generally across much of the on wednesday that system is on its way further towards the east but it does mean that the rain is more widespread through
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much of scandinavia you can see here through a sweden norway down through demo right way down across the line of the alps raining here at thunderstorms too high of 23 but some my sunshine athens with a high of 33 degrees celsius and sunny warm and dry across north africa a warm few days ahead 39 in tunis on cheese day warming up to 42 as we had to wednesday. sponsored by catalona. adored by millions for challenging social issues head on what women don't say is mexico's longest running. as the program celebrates its anniversary the producers revisit one of their most powerful storylines. and discover how the show has affected the women who inspired it in the 1st place. now i have a voice sank back to mexico on al-jazeera.
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here with al jazeera these are the top stories this hour the u.s. has designated china a currency manipulator as the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies intensifies stocks have plunged across the world after china currency sink to an 11 year low. we want protesters in hong kong they will be punished comments made after a citywide general strike turned into another day of violent confrontations between police and protesters on monday. i mean not today from surging india and pakistan to exercise restraint after new delhi revoked indian administered kashmir is what thomas said just a bill is being debated right now in india's lower house of parliament on splitting
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the region into territories directly governed from. now a ceasefire in syria's rebel controlled elite province has collapsed the government's resumed its offensive with airstrikes reported in the southern parts of the province syria's government accuses rebel forces of violation of the terms of the truce and blames turkey for not enforcing it but this was the ceasefire agreed in kazakhstan on thursday more from. the on tap now the turkey syria border . the ceasefire has collapsed the air strikes have resumed the syrian military is announcement that it would resume military operations in that rebel controlled province in northwestern syria came as a surprise really because the ceasefire seemed to be holding since friday night there have been no air strikes the warring parties have been shelling each other along the front of shelling at each other along the front lines but a far apart from that there was really no indication that we were heading to a collapse of the cease fire in fact earlier on. on monday.
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syrian government website quoted a military official as saying that the government would give the rebels until august 16th after the muslim holidays in order to comply with the truce so sudden announcement that this ceasefire is now over really raises a lot of questions and we've been speaking to people here in turkey turkey of course. it's a message to turkey this is how it is being felt here because in the syrian military statement they they blame turkey saying that its proxies on the ground are violating the truth is also u.s. defense department delegation in turkey for a last ditch effort to set up a safe zone in northeast syria president reject time has said his country is running out of patience with washington on sunday he announced troops would be sent to an area in syria controlled by kodesh y p g find the y. p g an important united states ally in the battle against eisel but it is
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a group that ankara sees as a terrorist group. the united states has frozen all venezuelan government assets in a dramatic escalation of tension there it blocks all u.s. companies and individuals from doing business with president nicolas maduro his administration and its supporters this measure is the 1st of its kind against a government in the western hemisphere in more than 30 years u.s. president donald trump says the move is in response to court abuse of power. meanwhile donald trump has condemned racism and white supremacy following the mass shootings in texas and ohio that left 31 people dead has also called for legislation for stronger background checks for gun use democrats though i say it just doesn't go far enough kimberly harkat a white house correspondent reports from washington. it was his strongest
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condemnation yet of the racial hatred president donald trump says field at least one of the weekend mass shootings in the united states and the toxic rhetoric that it times trump himself has been accused of in one voice our nation must condemn racism bigotry and white supremacy truck called the white man who police say opened fire on a crowd of predominantly latino shoppers in el paso wicked. and is trump intended to console victims in the state of ohio where 9 people were killed early sunday he confused with the tragedy occurred with another ohio city may god bless the memory of those who perished in toledo earlier monday trump suggested on twitter that stricter background checks for gun sales tied to immigration reform was a way to combat the rise in gun violence those points were absent from trump's remarks
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instead the president put forward 4 proposals including committing resources to help the f.b.i. counter domestic terrorism identify read fly. mags to stop gun purchases by high risk buyers or for mental health laws to include involuntary confinement and enact the death penalty for hate crimes. prop lamed violent video games and the perils of social media for fueling mass shootings in the united states mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger not the gun the proposals been met with disappointment from democrats who have for years sought much stronger gun control measures blaming republicans like senator majority leader mitch mcconnell for blocking legislation that means we have got to make it. so uncomfortable. that they have something last february the democrat led house of representatives approved firearms restrictions requiring background checks for all gun sales. currently private gun
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sales are excluded from that requirement the legislation stalled when republicans in the senate pushed back there is little hope the latest proposals put forward by president trump will get any traction not just because of the partisan divide in congress when it comes to gun legislation but also because congress is in recess and is not expected back to legislate until september can really help at al-jazeera the white house but many democrats saying donald trump's divisive rhetoric is partly to blame for the mass shooting particularly in texas the suspected gunman posted a racist manifesto online shortly before the attack in el paso where the death toll is now 22 reynolds reports from a city in mourning. white crosses candles and flowers stand in a growing memorial to el paso's dead and injured this city already reeling in the wake of an apparent racist rampage has suffered another body blow unfortunately
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these ones have been devastating and major. and we are deeply saddened to be here today to have to tell you that 2 patients have passed. one elderly woman and a passing away the middle of the night and another patient patient just recently passed away names and faces of the victims of saturday's shooting emerged one was a 15 year old high school soccer star another a woman in her eighty's jordan and andre are chando were gunned down as they shielded their infant son who survived other survivors were coping with trauma u.s. army specialist glenda oakley carried children to safety after the shooting broke out i was just focused on a kid that i did good at a fair bit that went on. hard last night they were
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part of. the city has adopted the slogan el paso strong and businesses faith leaders and community organizers are stepping up to help a group of funeral directors announce they would offer arrangements for victims including at least 8 mexican citizens who are going to be given them all the services completely free without os could do transfers to mexico and that's going to be with their gesture will save families thousands of dollars in expenses in a speech at the white house on monday president trump denounced white supremacy and racism but many people here in el paso say words are not enough we really need to repudiate these hate speech and this demagogue. every where we are having a skate go on immigration as though there is somehow the problem that's going on in our society a community shaken to its core but coming together in unity against the forces of
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hate rob reynolds al jazeera el paso. well in the midst of a growing ebola outbreak health ministers from rwanda and democratic republic of congo are expected to meet hoping to come up with a joint play to present to the world health organization last week rwanda briefly shut its border with the sea after 4 patients in goma tested positive for the disease i had worked as a warning if the operating isn't controlled it could last up to 3 years stephanie deca with more from. on the rwandan side of the congolese border where the ministers are going to meet on tuesday. these people are coming from goma in the democratic republic of congo that is goma that you're looking at and this is how close the border is when it comes to practically the same city the way it's described to us here in the one day which is why the authorities here the government got so nervous when they heard it was discovered in cobo look at the amount of people that are crossing the border this is happening every day people
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will cross in the morning whether it's to work whether it's to pick up the goods whether even children to go to school and then they will work hard during the day and what they're having to do now is a set up these stations to get people to wash their hands because of the way that the pharmacist transmitted and they're also taking their temperature you know i'm not from the here but now the speaker in the background of all that is telling people to wash their hands not to shake people's hands i don't say that if they feel guilty september the burning to things like fever to go to one of the stations of the government has set up so we gather it gives you a sense of the proximity of the 2 cities of ever having been discovered in goma and this is why the authorities here are taking it so seriously because certainly nobody wants the virus just out of nowhere once and throw it away. many shoppers are now buying into the idea of disposable fashion the trend is also raising concerns though for factory workers and the environmental impact the industry is
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having world wide in person efforts are being made to try to change attitudes towards buying sustainable clothing more from him i would. with a little skill and guidance anything is possible at a clinic to give old clothes a new lease of life and to counter the culture of buying to march to open its extending the life of clothes and by that you're reducing landfill you're reducing waste and it's making an active stand against just going out in buying on and on an impulse because you want to wear something tonight passion is big business in britain and around the world the bail ability of fast cheap fashion with a short shelf life or to reflect the latest trends has transformed the industry but it's also come at a cost globally the un says the industry is responsible for more carbon emissions than aviation and maritime shipping combined a recent report found that here in the u.k.
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we buy more clothes a person than anywhere else in europe some things are worn just once and then thrown away and while there are increasing efforts to ensure that garments don't tend up in landfill global consumption of clothing is increasing so much so the consumption is predicted to rise by 63 percent by 2030 as a warehouse in london though they're trying to turn the tide with donated clothing being sorted to sell in a growing 2nd hand market we're still collecting the same thing that we've always collected that actually has an increase but what we are seeing a change in is the amount of clothing that was selling 7 last 5 years sells of secondhand clothing within our shops has increased by $0.40. may though be down to the next generation of designers to make the difference graduates of the london college of fashion showcase their work using sustainable materials what
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happens here often ends up being replicated elsewhere so it's about really kind of valuing everything that goes in so you know all of these questions raised. with the . weather even. use natural resources we need to put true cost. campaigners want clothing like they're made to last until that message gets through the empire meant and the workers making this week's must have item for low wages will continue to pay the price and he would al-jazeera in london funny convicted drug dealers trying to escape prison in brazil disguised as his own teenage daughter this is called disinfo using a mask a wig and glasses to well try to fool the guards as he left the jail in rio de janeiro after visiting hours officers were suspicious when he started talking watch this this is the moment the unmasking of the man who has now been moved to another
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prison. this was truly an act of desperation by the prisoner but he's serving a 73 year jail sentence and has received an additional 25 years on another charge he was desperate to get out through the front door but thanks to the expertise of prison guards on duty they were able to stop this from happening. top stories for you on al-jazeera the u.s. has designated china a currency manipulator as the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies intensifies stocks have fallen across the world after china let its currency sic sink to an 11 year alone. china's also one protesters in hong kong they will be punished this was a rare news conference beijing's top office on hong kong policy said the mainland chinese government has quote immense strength and its army will defend every part of its territory the spokesman said its restraint not be misjudged as weakness was
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comments come after a citywide general strike in hong kong turned into another day of violent confrontation between police and protesters going on to me that the central government will never allow any challenge to the one country 2 systems principle to go unpunished it will never allow any 2 of humans in hong kong 3 said national unity in security to. the people's liberation army is a strong force that defends every inch of its sacred to retreat it's a force that is strong and reliable it is under the leadership of the commander of the communist party of china effect in accordance with the. united nations is urging india and pakistan to exercise restraint after new delhi revoked indian minister kashmir's autonomous status a bill is being debated right now in india's lower house of parliament on splitting up the region into territories directly governed by new delhi india iran's
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president has shown support for his foreign minister zarif after the us froze his assets and imposed a travel ban speaking at the foreign ministry husain rouhani reiterated the need for the u.s. to lift sanctions if it hopes to negotiate zarif says the u.s. sanctioned him because he declined an invitation for talks and a cease fire in syria's rebel controlled provinces collapsed the government's resumed its offensive with airstrikes reported in southern parts of the province syria's government has accused rebel forces of violation the terms of the truce and is blaming turkey for not enforcing its up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera the stream is next. sure has one of the world's highest are based in iraq but many a take up the farmers against for military style white let's go to radical surgery one o one a steve instigates as the chinese battle to get in shape on al-jazeera. at
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least 31 people are dead this weekend after 2 mass shootings in the united states both attacks were carried out by american citizens today also on the strain why isn't the u.s. taking more to stop white supremacist violence i'm femi oke and you know the drill they send us your thoughts via twitter a lifeline huge. just as ago president donald trump addressed the nation about the attacks the shooter in el paso posted a manifesto online consumed by racist hate in one voice our nation must condemn races.


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