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stocks fall globally as china's currency becomes the latest flashpoint in the trade war between washington and beijing. hello from doha i'm kemal santamaria this is the world news from al-jazeera don't mistake restraint for weakness china wants hong kong protesters that beijing has immense strength. in india's lower house is due to rubber stamp a bill revoking the special status for indian administered kashmir and made to last look at the new trend in fashion that is putting the environment 1st.
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11 stocks have taken a hit all over the world amid fears of an escalation in the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies china is letting its currency slide raising concerns the one could be used as a weapon in the trade standoff with the us here are all the developments on monday washington designated beijing a currency manipulator its 1st such move in 25 years china's official communist party newspaper responded saying the u.s. is deliberately destroying international order the u.s. announcement was just hours after beijing let its currency further weaken the one has tumbled 2.3 percent in the 3 days since president donald trump declared he would be expanding tariffs on more chinese products on the way from september 1st beijing also says though in return chinese companies have stopped buying u.s. agricultural products as they trade war intensifies on monday wall street suffered its worst day this year more on all of this with alan fischer now in washington d.c. . well donald trump said he was going to call china come see manipulator on his
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1st stay in office it's taken until now you certainly were expecting from the treasury said just evolution some sort of ruling on whether or not he thought china was a currency manipulator in october it's been brought forward just in the last few hours donald trump said on twitter that he believed china was manipulating its currency to try and gain an unfair advantage against the united states now when they made this surely they could have years one of 2 laws they could have gone with the 2015 law or the one that was drawn up in 1908 they decided to go with the 1988 there's a reason for that it's a slightly broader remit it gives them a wider option on how they can declare china to be come see manipulator what it means no is that steve mission with donald trump's backing will go along to the international monetary fund and see china is essentially blinking the rules and you need to punish them but this is something donald trump has promised for
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a while and as you see we were in a trade war no we're also in a currency war. as our economics editor here at al-jazeera he explained earlier why china's decision could have an impact on the trade or. trump has been saying you know he started this trade war because to support the farmers the farms where the people he was going to help out in this in this trade war now. the chinese the american suffer actually admit it you know the failed the farmers they got a $16000000000.00 aid package for them right now and the chinese were stepping up and say listen you know if we're going to resolve this one of the things that we can do is buy more soya and other products from the u.s. but now because of this continued tension between the nations they've decided you know we're not going to press ahead with that now the chinese have been gaming this and trying to figure out how long go what can they do to make sure that they can get through this rather tense international crisis which they which is developing
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and they've determined that they can see this through until the president is out of office possibly to other news now and china says it will take countermeasures if the united states goes ahead with plans to deploy intermediate range missiles in the asia pacific washington of course withdrew from the cold war era intermediate range nuclear forces treaty last week we call on the u.s. to exercise restraint and i also want to make one point absolutely clear that. china will not stand idly by and we are forced to take countermeasures should the u.s. deploy into medium range ground based missiles in this part of the world. china has warned protesters in hong kong they will be punished this was another
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rare news conference from beijing's top office on hong kong policy where they said the mainland chinese government has quote immense strength and that its army will defend every part of its territory a spokesman said restraint should not be misjudged as weakness the comments come after a citywide general strike turned into another day of violent confrontations between police and protesters. the central government will never allow any challenge to the one country 2 systems principle to go unpunished it will never allow any turbulence in hong kong 3 said national unity in security to. the people's liberation army is a strong force that defends every inch of its sacred to retreat it's a force that is strong and reliable it is under the leadership of the commander of the communist party of china effect in accordance with the. let's check in with andrew thomas now covering events of course from hong kong 1st of all just more on
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that chinese hong kong office news conference the. the wording is very strong. it is well he concluded those comments by saying don't take our strength really china's central government restraint as weakness don't underestimate the central government and the whole of the chinese people's resolution as a great power and in that press conference in beijing he really went for the protesters calling them thugs calling what they were doing extreme violence condemning the throwing of the chinese fly into the harbor here in hong kong as a very very high crime saying that he supported all the central government supported the efforts of carried out the chief executive here to crackdown on the protests to enforce law and order and giving absolutely nothing away in terms of concessions to the protesters now with that final comment don't take our restraint as a sign of weakness was he suggesting that central government forces could get involved
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here there is a people's liberation army garrison here in hong kong there is some speculation online which kerry that has not explicitly ruled out that chinese troops could come on the streets to keep the peace to keep law and order here and i was suggesting that any firing any bullets but not to impose some sort of martial law here well that wasn't the only news conference on tuesday i'm here at the place headquarters where there's just been a press conference to talk about that in a moment the 1st let's hear a bit from one of the opposition politicians because the protesters themselves some of their representatives have been talking to the media as well including him. these angers and confrontations really have nothing to do with so often. in a snort going against central government. distort the movement especially those anger among the young people towards the police abuse of
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power police brutality and their collusion with the try it's it's a total this almost distortion it is not the nature of the movement at all. so you center in the absence perhaps of planned protests today you've been talking about these news conferences the police having something to say . i have a list just beginning to finish now i have to duck out a little early but the place we're going through the events of monday because it was by some measure the most violent and tempestuous day the hong kong has had yet and i gave some statistics for example 800 tier canister gas or tear gas canisters used in a single day on monday well they use about a 1000 just over a 1000 in all the day use since the beginning of june up to yesterday monday so 800 in one day is a very very big number 148 people arrested on monday most of the men 9553 women as
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well ranging from 13 year old we were told to somebody in their sixty's a real spread of people arrested it was pretty kimo but a lot of commotion in the press conference at the beginning of the hong kong journalists helicon an impromptu protest at the police spokespeople in front of them banging their helmets to really say why is the police not doing more to protect us journalists while we're out on the streets because some journalists have borne the brunt of some of the police action and then there was a lot of talk as well about why the place is not cracking down on some of the and see protest protesters that pro-government people we saw yet again a dozen or so men wielding big sticks and really coming down hard in the new territories of hong kong on some of the protesters and the police were very very slow to respond to that sort of journalists are asking why are the place so keen to arrest the protesters who are doing much lower level violent things than some of these anti protest protesters some of these violent triad gang thugs as some of the protesters see it will choose day has been a quiet today there's been no further protest in hong kong and therefore no
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violence to spill into but don't for one moment come out think that this is the end of it or more protests planned for wednesday and further days this week and i think this could go on for some weeks yes and even the place for accepting that this is far from over andrew thomas with the latest from all sides there in hong kong thank you. on north korea is threatening more weapons tests following the 4th missile launch in 2 weeks the south says it appears to short range ballistic missiles were fired from south longway province separately the north is condemning what it calls hostile joint military drills between the u.s. and south korea now india's lower house of parliament is set to rubber stamp a bill that paves the way for indian administered kashmir to be completely integrated into india on monday a presidential to revoke the special tama status of indian administered kashmir now the talking about splitting into 2 regions directly governed from new delhi fence jamail how small the bill is still being discussed in india's lower house of
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parliament and is it expected to pass there fairly easily given the government's majority however the government was able to get it passed in the upper house on monday also fairly easily because despite the controversy a large part of the opposition as well as the public have been supporting this government move they say this idea that all the parts of the country will be equal no one has special status appeals meant to many opposition parties and the public at large now this was mainly accomplished through legal maneuvering and it's likely this bill the challenge almost as soon as it's passed now inside india to mr kush mere it remains in the law down phones are shut off the internet is shut off and many specially in the kashmir valley which is the muslim majority part say they feel betrayed by india even the ones who are supportive of the indian government the most glaring example is a former chief minister may move a move she's gone on twitter saying this many times and also saying that if this
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bill passes it will quote turn india into an occupational force in jammu and kashmir and quote and we've also got reaction from. that as in pakistan administered kashmir with kemal haida. an emergency joint. move by the. even. move. movement along the line of control and. drain iran's president has shown
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support for his foreign minister zarif after the u.s. . travel ban speaking at the foreign ministry itself hasan rouhani reiterated the need for the u.s. to lift sanctions if it hopes to negotiate so rhys's the u.s. only sanction a because he declined an invitation for talks. with an update from. well president rouhani as address was broadcast live over state media he said that he favors talks with the united states but the sanctions imposed against iran must be lifted he took aim at iran's enemies referring to us hawks israel and what he called reactionary states in the region as a triangle of evil he talked about the 2015 nuclear deal and how it's good for iran that they had been those from the outset that had been working to undermine said iran's policy is security for security straight straight to frame to the strait of hormuz peace for peace and oil for oil and also in
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a rare event the president have visited the foreign minister you expect the foreign minister to visit the president in the context of this of the u.s. sanctions against that we've that they put on him last week on thursday the u.s. says that he's not an honest broker and acts on. off of the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei but this very much is establishment getting behind the reef and telling the us that they can't sideline him in another remove the major general of the oil could force which is a faction under the revolutionary guard that deals with operations outside of iran mainly in iraq and syria visited the reef in the meeting isn't ready but what is read is the fact that it was made public and again these are the different factions within iran getting behind the foreign minister with president rouhani saying that the reef is the primary spokesman for iran outside of the country the u.s. sanctions though have made the one of the most popular politicians inside the country. in the news ahead why puerto rico's senate postponed
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a vote on nominating the territories new governor we will tell you what caused this explosion that forced the evacuation of thousands of people in siberia. some very heavy rain across much of the philippines it particular to the north across into say you can barely see under the clouds where the philippines all that castration what they did out across into northern sections of borneo wanted to shows again fairly widespread and at times very heavy in the southern sections of thailand and also across into vietnam and cambodia same story on thursday so we really. big totals adding up certainly into manila and it should be nice to carry into singapore we have got the clouds we could also of course see those often in showers and thunderstorms most care across australia every couple of that weather
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across into the fall southeast and that does mean because he's into adelaide certainly on wednesday 14 celsius a dry day in melbourne but that system is on its way to you said that is when you'll see the rain on thursday 11 degrees the best we'll see 7 celsius in hobart feeding cool a little bit breezy but that should mean rain in your forecast and then we head across towards new zealand a fine couple of days in christchurch has some clouds around and there's also some rain showers but probably not actually into the city at all clear and it should be fine on wednesday but then by thursday the rain had saved as you can see it's been quite a warm day 16 and 40 degrees in christchurch. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relies on education and treatment in equal measure on. the embody early you know disability yes we will be waiting until 3 year old 4 year
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more he will have this ability. and a normal weight for the next generation of antibiotics may just be way taking place at the bottom of the ocean maybe this could be as it is hope so too i revisited. the top stories for you on al jazeera this hour the u.s. has designated china a currency manipulator. to trade war between the world's 2 largest economies intensifies stocks have fallen across the world after china left its currency sink to an 11 year old note. china has also won protesters in hong kong they will
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be punished those comments made up for a citywide general strike turned into another day of violent confrontations between police and protesters on monday and in these lower house of parliament is to rubber stamp a bill that paves the way for indian administered kashmir to be completely integrated into the indian state monday a presidential the revote the special autonomous status of indian administered kashmir. the u.s. as far as an all venezuelan government assets in a dramatic escalation of tension there it blocks all u.s. companies and individuals from doing business with president nicolas maduro his administration and its supporters this measure is the 1st of its kind against a government in the western hemisphere in more than 30 years as president donald trump says the move is in response to abuse of power. a pet robot ellie is a venezuela national and a financial advisor who says these sanctions will affect everybody including countries that are doing business with venezuela well i think this escalation.
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must be a reflection of the position that the united states had into it and also the european union that in the norway mediated conversations that dial negotiations did not generate an outcome there would ratchet up sanctions so this by itself was already an indication that the agreement or that those conversations came to stalemate on the remaining of what my little remaining bar before an election so there's an apparently an agreement on presidential action but not on what happens of either the between now and the presidential election. the white doll government wants model to exit immediately and have the elections be conducted other than this decision government and clearly mother who wants to stay until the election so this escalation is that credibly sharp. ratchet of the
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pressure that would be put on them as well or will affect everybody secondary sanctions will affect also countries 3rd countries that are doing business with that as well. he was president donald trump has condemned racism and white supremacy following the mass shootings in texas and ohio and the 31 people dead he's also called for legislation for stronger background checks for gun uses the democrats say it just doesn't go far enough from a white house correspondent kelly oh yes. it was his strongest condemnation yet of the racial hatred president donald trump says fueled at least one of the weekend mass shootings in the united states and the toxic rhetoric that it times trump himself has been accused of in one voice our nation must condemn racism. bigotry and white supremacy truck called the white man who police say opened fire on a crowd of predominantly latino shoppers in el paso wicked. and is
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trump intended to console victims in the state of ohio where 9 people were killed early sunday he confused with the tragedy occurred with another ohio city may god bless the memory of those who perished in toledo earlier monday trump suggested on twitter that stricter background checks for gun sales tied to immigration reform was a way to combat the rise in gun violence those points were absent from trump's remarks instead the president put forward 4 proposals including committing resources to help the f.b.i. counter domestic terrorism identify red flags to stop gun purchases by high risk buyers or for mental health laws to include involuntary confinement and enact the death penalty for hate crimes. from playing violent video games and the perils of social media for fueling mass shootings in the united states mental illness and
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hatred pulls the trigger not the gun the proposals been met with disappointment from democrats who have for years sought much stronger gun control measures blaming republicans like senate majority leader mitch mcconnell for blocking legislation. last february the democrat led house of representatives approved firearms restrictions requiring background checks for all gun sales. currently private gun sales are excluded from that requirement the legislation stalled when republicans in the senate pushed back there's little hope of the latest proposals put forward by president trouble get any traction not just because of the partisan divide in congress when it comes to gun legislation but also because congress is in recess and is not expected back to legislate until september can really help get
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al-jazeera the white house. now puerto rico's constitutional crisis continues the u.s. territory has no leader and politicians have delayed the vote to confirm a new governor the senate will now wait for the supreme court to decide if the man who came into office on friday is eligible for the job this is after a scandal over late text messages forced his pretty sister to resign more on all of this with a bill is under in san juan. chaos that's how one senator described the political situation in puerto rico after more than an hour of debate the senate decided to cancel their confirmation vote of pedro pierre lucy an interim governor and let the supreme court decide his fate when he began hearing the case on tuesday appear louis c. was sworn in friday night but the senate filed a lawsuit with the court saying he's illegitimate since he was not confirmed by the senate the government is paralyzed waiting for
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a decision the longer this political crisis goes on in puerto rico the more it could have backed the average every day puerto rican people let's remember puerto rico is the island territory of the united states and already washington has said they could withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to the people here until this crisis is resolved it's a huge crisis puerto rico is right now in the middle of its big as a bankruptcy. we have a huge financial fiscal crisis but then we also have the aftermath of hurricane rita so there are many families thousands tens of thousands of families that are still waiting to recover towns small towns in the middle the mountains and and and about a whole mess we don't have a government we have a governance crisis the sun set on another day a government filled with uncertainty lawmakers unable to solve it and a governor many views is illegitimate gabriels on al-jazeera san juan puerto rico.
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nearly 17000 people in siberia have had to leave their homes after a russian military depo exploded on monday 12 people injured one still missing after these powerful blasts tore through the munition side near the city have a chance a russian military says it is sending 10 heavy transport planes and helicopters to extinguish the blaze. now in. regrowing a bolo outbreak health ministers from rwanda and democratic republic of congo are expected to meet hoping to come up with a joint please to present to the world health organization last week but want to briefly shut its border with d.l.c. to 4 patients in goma to some positive for the disease aid workers are warning if the operates not controlled it could last up to 3 years stephanie deca with more now from descend you're on the rwandan side of the border where ministers are meeting on tuesday these people are coming from goma in the democratic republic of
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congo that is goma that you're looking at and this is how close the border is when it comes to practically the same city the way it's described here in rwanda which is why the authorities here the government got so nervous when it was discovered in kosovo look at the amount of people that are crossing the border this is happening every day people will cross in the morning to work whether it's to pick up the goods whether even children to go to school and then they will work hard during the day and what they're having to do now is a set up these stations to get people to wash their hands because of the way that the farmers transmitted and they're also taking their temperature you know in the here and now the speaker in the background of all that is telling people to wash their hands not to shake people's hands and also that if they feel guilty sometimes for the burning man things like fever to go to one of the stations of the government has set up so we got it gives you a sense of the proximity of the 2 cities of having been discovered in goma and
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this is why the authorities here are taking it so seriously because certainly nobody wants the virus just. wear one some throw it away cheap clothes mean many shoppers are now buying into the idea of disposable fashion it's a trend or is a concern so for factory workers and the environmental impact it's having worldwide in britain britain efforts are being made to try to change attitudes. with a little skill and guidance anything is possible at a clinic to give old clothes a new lease of life and to counter the culture of buying to march to open it's extending the life of clothes and by that you're reducing landfill you're reducing waste and it's making an active stand against just going out in buying on and on an impulse because you want to wear something tonight passion is big business in britain and around the world the bail ability of fast cheap fashion with the short
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shell ply patil reflect the latest trends has transformed the industry but it's also come at a cost globally the u.n. says the industry is responsible for more carbon emissions than aviation and maritime shipping combined a recent report found that here in the u.k. we buy more clothes a person than anywhere else in europe some things are worn just once and then thrown away and while there are increasing efforts to ensure that garments don't tend up in one fell global consumption of clothing is increasing so much so that consumption is predicted to rise by 63 percent by 2030 at a warehouse in london though they're trying to turn the tide with donated clothing being sorted to sell in the growing 2nd hand market we're still collecting the same thing that we've always collected that actually has an increase but what we are seeing a change in is the amount of closing that was selling the last 5 years sells of
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secondhand clothing within our shops has increased by $0.40. may though be down to the next generation of designers to make the difference graduates of the london college of fashion showcase their work using sustainable materials what happens here often ends up being replicated elsewhere so it's about really kind of valuing everything that goes in so you know all of these questions. even this isn't that use natural resources we need to put true cost. campaigners want clothing like they're made to last until that message gets through the empire meant and the workers making this week's must have item for low wages will continue to pay the price and he would al-jazeera in london from a convicted drug dealers trying to escape prison in brazil disguised as own teenage
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daughter. silver using a mask a wig and glasses trying to fool the guards as he tried to leave jail in rio de janeiro officers became suspicious when he started talking. and then as you will see takes the mask off surprise it was now been moved to another prison. top stories for you on al-jazeera the u.s. has designated china a currency manipulator as the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies intensifies stocks of plunged across the world after china let its currency sink to an 11 year low china's also warned protesters in hong kong they will be punished this is beijing's top office on hong kong policies saying mainland chinese government has immense strength and that its army will defend every part of its territory that comes after a citywide general strike turned into another day of violent confrontations between
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police and protesters on kong's opposition politicians are accused beijing of distorting the truth and what the protests are really about. these angers and confrontations really have nothing to do with so often t. issues it is not going against the central government so through this toward the movement especially those anger among the young people towards the police abuse of power police brutality and their collusion with the triads is a total this owner's distortion is not the nature of the movement at all the united nations is urging india and pakistan to exercise restraint after new delhi revoked indian administered kashmir as well thomas status a bill is being debated right now in india's lower house of parliament on splitting up the region into territories directly governed from new delhi iran's president's
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shown support for foreign minister job at the reef after the us froze his assets and opposed the travel ban speaking at the foreign ministry house on rouhani reiterated the need for the u.s. to lift sanctions if it hopes to negotiate there is says the u.s. sanctions him because he declined an invitation for talks with donald trump and the 17000 people in siberia have had to leave their homes after a russian military depo exploded on monday 12 people were injured one is still missing after a powerful blast tore through the mission site near. martine's at the news hour in half an hour coming up on al-jazeera right now the cure revisit it. captaining a leading used team at 16 years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming
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a professional footballer. my tunisia home game on a jersey. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera.
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in. the health care law is a been trained up to the fact that attempts. to test for it. so in somewhere could be an organism that's producing the next one to walk. over the last 20 is more than 14000000 people have been cured of leprosy on the number of new detective cases this fall and dramatically but in the last decade progresses stock mated threatening our chances of completely eradicating the disease i'm dr louise killing them on heroin combo dia to see how a.


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