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yemen war profiteers on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martin dennis coming up in the next 60 minutes the trade war boils over the u.s. treasury declares china a currency manipulator and global stock markets feel the effect. india's house of parliament lower house of parliament is due to rubber stamp a bill that revokes a special status of indian administered kashmir. controls at the border health
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officials in rwanda meet to decide how to stop the spread of ebola from neighboring democratic republic of congo. in sport the world of cycling mourns the death of a young writer for the 2 year old dog lambrakis killed in a crash at the top of pollard. but 1st the arguments between the world's 2 largest economies are causing stock market volatility worldwide the main indices in tokyo and hong kong shanghai and sydney they all suffered losses in early tuesday trading in europe the markets steadied after posting their biggest today drop in over 3 is investors a concern that china is allowing its currency to slide and using the yuan as a weapon in the trade war with the united states and woman. day in the 1st movie
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its kind in 25 years the u.s. treasury accused the chinese of being currency manipulator is china's communist party newspaper responded by accusing the americans of deliberately destroying international order the value of the yuan has fallen almost 2 and a half percent in 3 days since president trump declared further terrorists on chinese imports from next month and in response china's commerce ministry said chinese companies have stopped buying u.s. agricultural goods all that calls wall street to suffer its worst day of the year on monday more now from our correspondent in washington alan fischer well donald trump said he was going to call china come see manipulator on his 1st the office it's taken until no you certainly were expecting from the treasury sexist evolution some sort of ruling on whether or not he thought china was
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a currency manipulator in october it's been brought forward just in the last few hours donald trump said on twitter that he believed china was manipulating its currency to try and gain an unfair advantage against the united states now when they made this really could have years one of 2 laws they could have gone with the 2015 law or the one that was drawn up in 1900 they decided to go with the 1988 there's a reason for that it's a slightly broader remit it gives them a wider option on how they can declare china to be come see manipulator what it means no is that steve mission with donald trump's backing will go along to the international monetary fund and see china is essentially blocking the rules and you need to punish them but this is something donald trump has promised for a while and as you see we would in a trade war know we're also in a currency war. right let's speak to jane foley now who's a senior exchange strategist with rob a bank she's joining us live from london as we just heard from our correspondent
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alan fischer it now seems as is this as if this trade dispute has escalated to economic warfare. well it certainly has a skated as it turns out about that but in terms of whether or not china really is manipulating its currency i think we need to step back and and look at what china really does do now the chinese renminbi of course is not a free floating floating exchange rate it is one which is managed by the people's bank of china on a daily basis but what china are effectively doing is that they're managing their currency to stop flows moving out of the chinese renminbi if they removed those controls to remember it would be far reeker as money moved overseas so yes they are manipulating it but they manipulate it to make it stronger not weaker said this is a i think one thing that perhaps president tom does not explain now clearly he
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would like the remembering to be nice and firm it would go against or go along with his wish to see the u.s. trade balance balanced it would suit the us a favor but china is an economy which has been hit hard by the trade war since it is an economy which is slow in and it's an economy in which there's been plenty of that stimulus particularly monetary stimulus now textbook economics would suggest that when you have a quantity which is slowing when there is a central bank which is easy the currency tends to fall so you could say that what we see here in the remember is an appreciation of management research which perhaps reflects china's fundamentals so the timing of them allowing it to slip below 7 yesterday was interesting arrives in the decision therefore to label china as a currency manipulator which does have a significant impact doesn't it markets i mean could that be just a ruse if you like to offer some sort of political justification for the imposition
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of another round of terrorists to be imposed on chinese goods in september. yeah i think the word politics is really pertinent harry there is of course the u.s. election next year it is very important i think for trying to raise domestic market to be seen taking a very firm stance on china so i don't think we can necessarily think these these 2 instances china of course has been aggressive to it did choose to allow the currency to slip yesterday just days of course after the u.s. did impose more chair of sound on china and it too this morning has used very aggressive language against the us suggesting that it is disturbing the world order so this is aggression on both sides verbal e. and of course that there has without doubt been an escalation that it isn't just about the u.s. and china there are lots of cut countries and currencies here which will be and have been caught in the crossfire at china for instance is the world's largest
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consumer of commodities so any country which exports into china and commodities or any asian country which exposed exports and into china will feel the pain of the chinese room and b. slips it will hurt their economy so we saw yesterday a lot of other currencies slipping into a lot of speculation other central banks may be caught up in this currency war and they will be forced to cut interest rates too so this is an instance between that the u.s. and china which could have very significant global implications very quickly jane does it look set to last for some considerable time yet or do you think that there can be a fairly speedy resolution to this. i don't think it speedy this is all part of the trade was we know that the trade will between the u.s. and china has been going on for some time and it's very difficult right now to to see a quick end to this all right jane foley talking is live from london thank you very much. there china has warned protesters in hong kong that those quote playing with
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fire will perish by it beijing's top office on hong kong policy says ageing has immense strength and demonstrations should not mistake restraint for weakness the comments were made after a citywide general strike turned into another day a violent confrontation between police and protesters on monday. the central government will never allow any challenge to the one country 2 systems principle to go unpunished it will never allow any turbulence in hong kong 3 said national unity in security. the people's liberation army is a strong force that defends every inch of its sacred to retrieve its a force that is strong and reliable it is under the leadership of the commander of the communist party of china effect in accordance with of the. let's go live to our correspondent in hong kong i should say in beijing scott heide lawyer scott it
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sounds very much as though the language coming from the chinese authorities is hardening. it is hardening a bit and you know what we've seen over the last couple of weeks now this is a 2nd press statement by the department here of the central government here in beijing in mainland china commenting on what's going on in the streets of hong kong obviously what's been happening over the last couple of days the situation is an escalated obviously they are still holding true to what they've been saying over the last you know again we had a press conference last week and that is that they're going to go forward and they're sticking by kerry lam for now and that hong kong is their territory and that they really need to clamp down on these protesters need to abide by the law and obviously yes the rhetoric has started to change a little bit but you know it was seen and we heard about this this press statement coming out today we didn't know how and to what degree it was going to move things forward not considerably but obviously yes what we're looking at right now is them you know again reiterating their position on the situation on the streets of hong
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kong and cools the chinese authorities will be at pains to emphasize to their population on the mainland that. these protests being tolerated should we say in hong kong there's no way that that can happen on the main. no yes exactly and that's something that when you when you talk about people who live on the mainland it would it really would even enter into the discussion if you will you know it's one country 2 systems and that's something that china has can underline every time the day the central government talks about the situation in hong kong that there are 2 systems what they have in macau and hong kong territories and then what happens on the mainland so those are 2 distinctly different things so you know there's no kind of of course that's a concern of theirs but there's no kind of blurring of the lines that that's what's happening in those territories and the rhetoric they've used again as we mentioned has has ratcheted up and how they're describing it and then the situation here in mainland china yes or no there's definitely
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a division line drawn in the sand that yes that's not going to happen here. over. scott high live in beijing. now china is saying that it will take countermeasures if the united states goes ahead with plans to deploy intermediate range missiles in the asia pacific region washington withdrew from the cold war era intermediate range nuclear forces treaty the i.m.f. treaty last week we call on the us to exercise restraint and i also want to make one point absolutely clear that. china will not stand idly by and we are forced to take countermeasures should the u.s. deploy into medium range ground based missiles in this part of the world or north korea has launched a 4th missile launch within 2 weeks seoul says it appears to short range ballistic
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missiles were fired from south wang hey province the north is condemning what it calls hostile joint military drills between the u.s. and south korea under a lank of is professor cookman university and he says north korea is firing missiles to put pressure on south korea. in government and south korean president to feel very very uncomfortable because south korean president is actually quite positive towards the moon and he said ministration would like to have some exchanges but the can not do anything about the commie because of the un sanctions. can not be engaged in economic cooperation so they want basically something symbolic and more scary as door need something like joint concert or football match or whichever they need money and south koreans cannot deliver it sort of deliberately increasing pressure on selves on the
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expectations there south korean government if you will few itself uncomfortable and we will be even harder for partial or complete lifting of the current economic sanctions target in north korea and if it happens. are going to hear a lot of nies of what's wrong but not no. we've got lots more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including why many democrats think donald trump's rhetoric is partly to blame for the mass shooting in texas at the weekend and in sports there's a football and creating these chaotic scenes as he returns out to please his the world's most successful footballer and this is brazil. now india's lower house of parliament is set to rubber stamp a bill that paves the way for indian administered kashmir to be completely
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integrated into india all monday a presidential order revote the special thomas state has all the indian administered kashmir meanwhile the u.n. secretary general antonio appealed to both india and pakistan to exercise maximum restraint so i can tell you that we are following with concern the tense situation in the region we're also aware of reports of restrictions on the indian side of kashmir and we urge all parties to exercise restraint i would add that over the past few days the u.n. military observer group in india and pakistan are the ones known as on mortgage has observed and reported an increase in military activity along the line of control but the indian government says the constitutional changes are necessary to integrate the region into india but opposition politicians say it's a dull day for democracy paul brennan reports. a wide ranging security clampdown kept people largely off the streets in indian administered kashmir on monday
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thousands of troops have been deployed and internet connections were cut to deter any opposition to the sudden revoking of article 371 it was certainly uproar in the new delhi parliament when the decision was announced by home minister i'm not shocked. the opposition leader angrily accused the governing b j p of murdering 2. by revoking article 370. this isn't many ways a black defendant democracy we have seen if not the letter of the constitution certainly the spirit of the constitution and the soul of indian democracy being shamelessly violated but those who've been elected to protect it article 370 allows the regional government to make its own laws except in finance defense foreign affairs and communications residents of kashmir live under different laws from the rest of india in matters such as property ownership and citizenship now the central government plans to split up the region into 2 parts kashmir and jammu and land
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back which will both be directly governed by new delhi. reaction has spread along religious and political lines despite the security clampdown in jammu and small groups of hindus celebrate at the end of what they described as 30 years of banishment. that kashmiri muslims complain bitterly about their rights and identity being stolen from them and i have been opposition demonstrations in indian cities such as calcutta and new delhi the b j p all the hindu nationalist party came to power in the elections in may this year with enhanced majority based on promises that it would remove these special provisions which the a c. band of the muslims of india so there is a clear political polarization here with the ruling party trying to pander to its hindu vote bank. as part of the government security crackdown 3 prominent kashmiri
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politicians have been placed under house arrest 2 of them former chief ministers. kashmir is one of the most militarized areas in the world and both india and pakistan claim it is then us they've gone to war more than once of a kashmir since their independence from british rule pouring yet more troops into that contested region now may not necessarily be a recipe for calm paul brennan al jazeera. well we can speak to our correspondent who's in the sufferer about the capital of pakistan administered kashmir and the action taken by the indian government come out. in pakistan as well as in pakistan administered kashmir. and just a few minutes ago all of the progress on the military chief general. meeting goals they stopped. the august on the military
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forces by that kashmiris and that day were ready for all any eventuality it should be noted that senior u.s. diplomat for. rares and. of course the progress on the government talking about that push me to issue but there are other implications as you read it because you're not allowed to move by india had skated by law trying to process or to get it should be understood that it was back in 1972 that india and pakistan agreed framework under which they would discuss all issues including meet under the bilateral forum of their shame. now that india had moved. and next coach made similar dead and that means that by latrobe platform that india was talking about gone the important thing to see now is how this escalates did it and get involved just on the military in order to be spoken on the budgets on the
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prime minister will be talking to parliament dav and emergency session of parliament and he will also be giving a speech today so we'll be watching to see what he has to say but the situation obviously not getting any better. talking to us live from. the capital of pakistan administered kashmir and now we can to talk correspondent says shemale who's in new delhi the indian capital currently that the lower house of the indian parliament is considering this constitutional amendment but it's already been signed off by the president has it not. martin that's very true it is still being discussed in parliament as a matter of parliamentary procedure but it's expected to pass very easily the government has the overwhelming majority in the lower house but the interesting thing is that it passed even the upper house on monday where the government is in
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the minority because the government has been able to lure a large section of the opposition to join them in supporting this controversial bill this idea of uniting india that there's no autonomy elp parts are equal has been a big draw for the public and the opposition parties now the only controversy we may see here in india is once it's passed because this was accomplished martine with a lot of legal maneuvering if we could see support challenges once a bill goes through parliament and as i mean any explanation from the indian government as to why this administrative law here across take change has been accompanied by a serious military. pressure put on indian administered kashmir thousands of extra troops a lockdown no internet no telephones and indeed some senior politicians being kept under house arrest. the indian government always
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cite security reasons behind for these and just a short time ago one of the senior members of the governing b j p did say the claim that the senior leaders in kashmir that you mention weren't actually under house arrest they were just being moved and protected for their own safety although those people themselves have disputed that and have tweeted earlier that they do feel they're under house arrest and that's actually one thing is that many areas who were supportive of the indian government say they feel betrayed most recently is the. former chief minister of the region made to move 50 she had said that she feels betrayed kashmiris feel betrayed and that doing this makes india in her words in occupational force in the region and now internationally though we really haven't gotten much criticism against india and this move something though that pakistan is still trying to seek out fast jamail live in new delhi thank you very much now the health minister the democratic republic of congo and rwanda meeting
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today tuesday to try to work out a plan to fight the latest about the outbreak it's hoped that these discussions will lead to the adoption of a a joint appeal which can be presented to the world health organization stephanie deca is in the rwandan city to send me that's right on the bill into live d.l. kong. everyone is on edge this border guard is making sure these people join the queue. no one can come into wonder from the democratic republic of congo without a health check but monitoring so many people is a challenge temperatures are taken hands are washed people are scared. it is killing badly this lady tells us. you start bleeding in your head you get a fever and a cough that's why they tell you to wash your hands you know well yes
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a fear burleigh their blood comes from were headed to her eyes and mouth and from everywhere in your border it makes me on friday so i wash my hunt for people who are diagnosed with a bone in the border city of goma over the last few weeks it's escalated concern here in rwanda because the highly infectious disease has never come so close we are on the border between iran and the democratic republic of congo this is goma and just a few meters really right next door is the seine rwanda so this shows you just how close the 2 cities are and the problem is the mass movement of people thousands of people are crossing this border every day which is why health workers will tell you it's a real challenge when it comes to checking people temperatures they have to wash their hands it's very difficult to contain. rwanda's tighten screening and security measures along its border it's a health workers nightmare i think you saw the traffic it's pressure there. it's
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a huge number of people over 60000 per day and that is this screening is not easy you so we have the numbers but they're not sufficient enough to do this we need. it well as managed by say us we don't manage it by panic and fear so what do you have to do is to ensure that we do the right thing at the right time protect our borders it look at the masses the population tell them you've heard about a good sikh what to do. doctors in the d.r. c. say they're only discovering around 50 percent of the cases sharing their knowledge with their wanton counterparts here in the seine it's the 1st time the 2 sides meet to discuss how to fight the disease together experts report an increasing number of ebola cases and say much more needs to be done to be able to stop the outbreak spreading. stephanie decker al-jazeera the seine on the rwanda d r c border. the cease fire in syria's rebel controlled province has collapsed the government
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has resumed its offensive with airstrikes reported in the southern parts of the province syria's government has accused rebel forces of violating the terms of the truce and blaming turkey for not enforcing it the ceasefire was agreed in kazakhstan on thursday then a honda has the latest from in turkey close to the border with syria. aerial attacks have resumed on what is supposed to be a demilitarized zone the ceasefire collapsed late on monday the syrian military declaring the truce dead civilians have died since syrian and russian warplanes bombarding population centers in southern italy and northern how much the syrian military blaming the opposition and turkey for not complying with the truce there has been no comment from the turkish government but many here believe that this is just an excuse because the collapse of the cease fire was a message to turkey as it engages in discussions with the united states and the
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u.s. and the u. and turkey are discussing the possibility of creating a so-called safe zone in the northeastern corner of syria this is a corner under the control of the syrian kurdish armed group the y. p.g. a group turkey considers a terrorist organization but it is an ally of the us turkey wants to control a 30 kilometer deep zone to to protect its. borders and according to turkey to allow refugees to return this undoubtedly though would give turkey more influence in syria increase the areas under its control because its local allies really control a significant portion of northern syria we have been speaking out to russian observers who are saying that russia at the end of the day understands turkey's security concerns about the y p g but all syrian territory should return to state control so really it just shows you how the russians and the turks
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disagree on what is happening in the north east of syria and it live has been their battle ground so the fate of these civilians who have really suffered so much in the past 3 months now rests in the hands of these 2 stakeholders turkey and russia and whether or not they're able to revive the cease fire and an american defense department delegation is in turkey for a last ditch effort to set up a safe zone in north eastern syria excuse me the turkish president bedouin has said his country is running out of patients with washington on sunday he announced troops will be sent to an area in syria controlled by kurdish wife it is what he has been an important u.s. ally in the battle against isel but i'm curious sees it as a terrorist group. in a couple of minutes we'll have the weather with jenny harrison and also coming up on this al-jazeera news hour why poza rica is new governor is facing
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a fresh legal challenge of a whether he should get the job or knox. and hair raising quite literally old dusty inmates who went to extraordinary lengths to escape prison in brazil. and in sports the new york yankees blast their way into the record books raffle will be here to explain. hello there it is all about a tropical storm is not one not 2 but can you believe it 3 that we're actually looking at and talking about you see the 3 masses of clouds and there we go for the symbols on if you see what we're talking about 1st of all to the north really impacting much of south korean else that has been impacting japan so we'll stone francisco and then we have this tropical storm like kima and actually sort of
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waiting out the wings what is right now tropical storm 11 point out usual storm a will become a tropical storm and in fact in both cases of these they have the potential to become typhoons now this one 1st of all the key mccarron you've got winds at about 90 kilometers an hour it is even to the northwest it will probably be making landfall thursday into friday probably late on thursday you can barely see a taiwan underneath all of this rain meanwhile this other system which as i say has actually yet to be named this will continue to move steadily tools the north for the most part staying of course away from any areas of land but continuing to strengthen so again we'll keep a very close eye on that but now that said up to the also a japan is being feeling the effects of this tropical storm francisco in the last few hours it is because beginning to a report its way into much of the south korea and then it will move quite rapidly again good news any still move not really have a lot means of his best time to reduce those rains and you can see certainly by thursday just pushing along this more north east coast so again we'll keep an eye
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on that and keep you updated other. sponsored by qatar and. scald and. thinker. and politician. radical. prison in a 2 part series called just 0 world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures in saddam's time in history. his influence is still felt and events in the country today sit down i'll to robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera. i was reason france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. by them both isis and also. the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable simony. the father the son and the jihad
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part one on al-jazeera. to take a look at the top stories here the al-jazeera news stock market values in asia have fallen as the arguments between the world's 2 largest economies intensify china denies u.s. treasury accusations of being a currency manipulator. the united nations is urging india and pakistan to exercise restraint after new delhi revoked indian administered kashmir is autonomous status a bill is being debated in india as the house of parliament on splitting up the
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region into territories which will be directly governed by new daddy. china has warned protesters in hong kong that they will be punished the comments were made after a citywide general strike turned into another day of violent confrontation between the police and protesters on monday. though iran's president has shot has shown sunni support for the foreign minister john zarif after the u.s. phrases assets and imposed a travel ban speaking at the foreign ministry has some rouhani reiterated the need for the u.s. to lift sanctions if it hopes to negotiate zarif says the u.s. sanctioned him because he declined an invitation to go to the white house for talks i said babe has this update from the iranian capital tehran. well president rouhani as address was broadcast live over state media he said that he favors talks with the united states but the sanctions imposed against iran must be lifted he took aim
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at iran's enemies referring to u.s. hawks israel and what he called reaction estates in the region as a triangle of evil he talked about the 2015 nuclear deal and how it's good for iran that they had been those from the outset had that had been working to undermine it he said iran's policy is security for security straight for street to frame to the strait of hormuz peace for peace and oil for oil and also in a rare event the president have visited the foreign minister you should expect the foreign minister to visit the president in the context of this of the u.s. sanctions against of odds of a roof that they put on him last week on thursday the u.s. says that he's not an honest broker and he acts on behalf of the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei but this very much is establishment getting behind the reef and telling the u.s. that they can't sideline him and another remove the major general of the oil could force which is a faction under the revolutionary guard that deals with operations outside of iran main in iraq and syria visited the region the meeting isn't really but what is read
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is the fact that it was made public and again these are the different factions within iran getting behind the foreign minister with president rouhani saying that the reef is the primary spokesman for iran outside of the country the u.s. sanctions though have made zarif one of the most popular politicians inside the country. now the u.k. has joined the u.s. on an international maritime security mission to protect cargo ships in the strait of hormuz britain has been giving u.k. flagged vessels in the region a naval as school since iran sees one of its oil tankers last month european nations though they've been reluctant to take part in a u.s. led naval mission as they fear being dragged into conflict with tehran tensions between iran and washington of escalating since the us pulled out of the iran nuclear deal last year. egypt says a car that blew up outside a major cancer hospital in cairo was carrying explosives to be used in a terrorist operation 20 people were killed in the blast on sunday night alexia
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o'brien reports. the aftermath of what initially appeared to be a car accident that egypt's government now believes was far more sinister than any one of the i was shocked and all cars behind me were on fire all the people at the back died do not let anyone tell you anything else everyone died mostly they were children security cameras captured a car driving the wrong way down a cairo street and moments later just off screen the car collided with other vehicles outside a cancer hospital. the interior ministry says there were explosives in the car to be used in a terrorist operation. such as i am from below there was a sound of an extremely loud blast it was no way 2 cars crashing the car must have been rigged with explosives it was to the extent where on the other side the apartments were shaking they were taking people out and the other people were
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melted together it was a strange situation dozens of people were killed or injured patients being treated at the cancer hospital had to be transferred because of damage to the building i almost got according to the ceiling of the hospital were collapsing and i went out of the room. and people were running everywhere and shouting and people were collecting. president. tweeted his condolences to the victims adding that his government is determined to confront and eradicate what he calls brutal terrorism. because forces are already battling armed groups in the sinai peninsula and have been several attacks against civilians in egyptian cities in recent his last month british airways temporarily suspended flights to cairo citing security concerns the government doesn't seem to believe that the hospital is the target it was more an issue of explosive materials and properly secured and was that needed prematurely
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but it is of concern of course that this much explosive material was brought into the center and the scale of the explosion last year is the fact that there are reports that bodies were documented and i'll suggest that it was a quite a substantial amount of explosives egypt's prosecutor general's audit and investigation into what happened on sunday night but for now this kind of a street has become a crime scene and except brian al jazeera. that many democrats in the united states is saying that president trumps divisive rhetoric is partly to blame for the mass shooting in texas this is fretted gunman posted a racist manifesto online shortly before the attack in el paso where the death toll has now risen to 22 rob reynolds reports from a city in mourning. white crosses candles and flowers stand in a growing memorial to el paso's dead and injured this city already reeling in the wake of an apparent racist rampage has suffered another body blow unfortunately
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these ones have been devastating and major. and we are deeply saddened to be here today to have to tell you that 2 patients have passed. one elderly woman it ended up passing away. middle of the night and another patient patient just recently passed away names and faces of the victims of saturday's shooting emerged one was a 15 year old high school soccer star another a woman in her eighty's jordan and andre are chando were gunned down as they shielded their infant son who survived other survivors were coping with trauma u.s. army specialist glendening oakley carried children to safety after the shooting broke out i was just focused on a kid that i did good at a variable that were large. as hard as i lost they were
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part of the city has adopted the slogan el paso strong and businesses faith leaders and community organizers are stepping up to help a group of funeral directors announce they would offer arrangements for victims including at least 8 mexican citizens were going to be giving them all the services completely free without cost we could do transfers to mexico and that's going to be with their gesture will save families thousands of dollars in expenses in a speech at the white house on monday president trump denounced white supremacy and racism but many people here in el paso say words are not enough we really need to repudiate these hate speech and this demagoguery where we are having a skate go on immigrants as though they're somehow the problem that's going on and i'm sometimes a community shaken to its core but coming together in unity against the forces of
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hate rob reynolds al-jazeera el paso. well as you just heard many critics of the president believe that the words he has authored after that attack have not gone far enough his our white house correspondent can believe it. it was his strongest condemnation yet of the racial hatred president donald trump says field at least one of the weekend mass shootings in the united states and the toxic rhetoric that it times trump himself has been accused of in one voice our nation must condemn racism bigotry and white supremacy truck called the white man who police say opened fire on a crowd of predominantly latino shoppers in el paso wicked. and is trump intended to console victims in the state of ohio where 9 people were killed early sunday he confused with the tragedy occurred with another ohio city may god
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bless the memory of those who perished in toledo earlier monday trump suggested on twitter that stricter background checks for gun sales tied to immigration reform was a way to combat the rise in gun violence those points were absent from trump's remarks instead the president put forward 4 proposals including committing resources to help the f.b.i. counter domestic terrorism identify red flags to stop gun purchases by high risk buyers or for mental health laws to include involuntary confinement and enact the death penalty for hate crimes. probably violent video games and the perils of social media for fueling mass shootings in the united states mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger not the gun the proposals been met with disappointment from democrats who have for years sought much stronger gun control measures blaming republicans like senate majority leader mitch mcconnell for blocking legislation
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that means we have got to make it so. so uncomfortable but. they have something last february the democrat led house of representatives approved firearms restrictions requiring background checks for all gun sales. currently private gun sales are excluded from that requirement the legislation stalled when republicans in the senate pushed back there is little hope that the latest proposals put forward by president trouble get any traction not just because of the partisan divide in congress when it comes to gun legislation but also because congress is in recess and is not expected back to legislate until september can really help that al-jazeera the white house and the united states has phrase an old venezuelan government assets in a dramatic increase in its campaign against caracas it blocks all u.s. companies and individuals from doing business with president nicolas my daughter's
1:43 pm
administration and his supporters the measure is the 1st of its kind against the government in the western hemisphere more than 30 is president trump says the move is in response to quote my daughter's abuse of power. that puts rico's constitutional crisis continues the u.s. territory has no leader and politicians have delayed the vote to confirm a new governor it senate will now wait for the supreme court to decide if the man who came into office on friday is eligible to take up this this comes after a scandal and weeks of protests forced out his predecessor gabriel is on to has more from the capitol someone. chaos that's how one senator described the political situation in puerto rico after more than an hour of debate the senate decided to cancel their confirmation vote of pedro pierre lucy an interim governor and let the supreme court decide his fate when he began hearing the case on tuesday appear
1:44 pm
louis c. was sworn in friday night but the senate filed a lawsuit with the court saying he's illegitimate since he was not confirmed by the senate the government is paralyzed waiting for a decision the longer this political crisis goes on in puerto rico the more it could have backed the average every day puerto rican people let's remember puerto rico is an island territory of the united states and already washington has said they could withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to the people here until this crisis is resolved it's a huge crisis puerto rico is right now in the middle of its big as a bankruptcy. we have a huge financial fiscal crisis but then we also have the aftermath of hurricane rita so there are many families thousands tens of thousands of families that are still waiting to recover towns small towns in the middle of the mountains and about
1:45 pm
a whole mess we don't have a government we have a governance crisis the sun set on another day a government filled with uncertainty lawmakers unable to solve it and a governor many views is illegitimate gabriels on al-jazeera san juan puerto rico. now a convicted drug dealer who's trying to escape from prison in brazil disguised as his teenage daughter silva used a mask a wig and glasses to fool the girls as he tried to get out of jail in rio de janeiro after visiting alan's offices became suspicious when he started talking that's the moment when he was. the. silver is now being moved to another prison. where it once and throw it away to keep clothes mean many shoppers of buying into the disposable fashion culture the trend is also raising concerns over factory workers as well as the environment is emma hayward's report. with
1:46 pm
a little skill and guidance anything is possible at a clinic to give old clothes a new lease of life and to counter the culture of buying to march to open it's extending the life of clothes and by that you're reducing landfill you're reducing waste and it's making an active stand against just going out in buying on and on an impulse because you want to wear something tonight passion is big business in britain and around the world the bail ability of fast cheap fashion with a short shelf life or to reflect the latest trends has transformed the industry but it's also come at a cost globally the u.n. says the industry is responsible for more carbon emissions than aviation and maritime shipping combined a recent report found that here in the u.k. we buy more clothes a person than anywhere else in europe some things are worn just once and then thrown away and while there are increasing efforts to ensure that garments don't
1:47 pm
tend up in one fell global consumption of clothing is increasing so much so that consumption is predicted to rise by 63 percent by 2030 at a warehouse in london though they're trying to turn the tide with donated clothing being sorted to sell in a growing 2nd hand market we're still collecting the same thing that we've always collected that actually has an increase but what we are seeing a change in is the amount of clothing that was setting the last 5 years sells of secondhand clothing within our shops has increased by $0.40. may though be down to the next generation of designers to make the difference graduates of the london college of fashion showcase their work using sustainable materials what happens here often ends up being replicated elsewhere so it's about really kind of
1:48 pm
valuing everything that goes in so you know all of these questions. whether it's cost whether it's. or whether even it's a synthetic use natural resources and we need to put a true cost. campaigners want clothing like this that's made to last until that message gets through the empire moment and the workers making this week's must have item for low wages will continue to pay the price and he would al-jazeera in london . performers at the edinburgh festival bringing the troll moore affair past to the stage they're sharing their deepest darkest secrets with the audience through song and dance charlie angelo reports. monsters lurking briony killing a show about how she lost her mind her partner almost. an experience she relives every night in front of hundreds of people using cabaret and comedy. the hour was what was her show is funny heartbreaking
1:49 pm
and it sold out she says it helps to heal socks for me. and i got to process it you know by making off oh yeah that's how i've always thought that would be myself so yeah i feel like i figured it all out i guess. now it's so far away it's it was in some ways it's quite nice i go. into that horrible side and then i can come off to say. that. yes it's good it's good therapy for me never was made to me. confessions can also make for great quality at the edinburgh fringe no subject is too personal or too brutal to talk about acrobatics helped this performer illustrate the highs and lows of her childhood by domestic abuse but the festival organizers realize that
1:50 pm
while they can be there p. takes some material. can reside. here a friend central this year we're offering a lot more services to support artists of reformers to just be really minded as well as being a wonderful creators on my to live space and it is also is also tough for those artists who are digging deep into their own emotional journeys to share those with other human beings to help cope with the frenzy of the friends the festival is offering meditation workshops talks with psychologists i now have mental health is on hand to support any artist who feels overwhelmed whether they've suffered for that all it's all made out of the suffering. with energy wit and compassion these refreshing and intensely personal pieces of what shed light on experiences often to the dark. ages or. still to come here on the edges or a news out of the schools news including hanging up
1:51 pm
a spikes one of the all time greats of australian athletics announces her time.
1:52 pm
time to missiles he's now his rattle thank you very much martina bowden flightless that after a crash during stage 3 of the tour of poland they had been heavy rain during the 150 kilometer stride when the organ lambright truck crashed the 22 year old with a promising climber who was riding for the 2nd year as a priority for the multistate out saying number was named as the most promising youngster in jones told a front warm up event he started he ended the phone to get
1:53 pm
a look because of a 22 year old cyclist a belgian citizen from explained reasons lost control of the bike week down onto a roadside ditch where he has a concrete culvert with his head an ambulance arrived very quickly in the crew resuscitated this man been accompanied by a police car the man was transported by ambulance to hospital via unfortunately he died. no injury is force one of australia's most successful athletes to retire less than a year before the target 2020 a limp exactly pearson is a former olympic and 2 time world champion in the 100 meter hurdles the 32 year old said after a string of costly killie's and a hamstring problems it's time to hire a person fights against him on the olympic title in london 2012 and world championships in 20112017 but she now working to be defending her title of the worlds in next month's. every time i want to go i thought of what he doesn't want
1:54 pm
to say. i don't think i could take any more injuries and i have huge doubts for the next year for me to be able to continue at the level that i expect of myself and also what the country state of me when i go to the lympics meanwhile in new zealand another 14 a retirement former kiwi cricket captain brendon mccullum has announced his retirement from all forms of cricket the 37 year old wicketkeeper batsman had stopped playing international back in 2016 but still played in various t 20 leagues around the world. you know yankees baseball team of blasted their way into the record book thanks for eve hard runs against the baltimore orioles on the way to a 6 victory it means they've now hit 32 hard runs this season a baltimore stadium can be yards that's the most moved by visiting team at one single venue in the same season for us that they argue have played 8 games there so far and so have 2 more coming up on tuesday and wednesday and it wasn't just the
1:55 pm
yankees batting that was impressive. it could be a partnership. or what was i don't judge out stretch out in the field. and he said you don't fall for this having made a stunning catch that went viral earlier this. tennis and some big name exits in the 1st round of the road just cup in canada maria hsia are part of it with one of them the russian one of the said but eventually lost to an it beats a 23 year old from a star you want to be told we're going to play are the collar swallows novarro venus williams in the 2nd round. another multiple grand slam champion the top seed only care about is also out the german for the world number 116 of the 1st said but lost to the on rent russian. strength to face the. rescue. and in the men's tournament while the confusingly in montreal staggering
1:56 pm
care continues his comeback from injury turning on the back can to be both kerry and beagle dimitrov 6 will fit for me except for him having to channel. 18 time grand slam champion ruffin to downplay his 1st match at the rogers all wednesday ahead about he speaking about how he hopes it's not one day it's the past roger federer as mark of 20 grand slams of course i would love to have more than him but the honestly i. he's not my my view is not my approach about this is that now if that happens fantastic but my point of view is just to producing chances to the big competitor even the most important event something that happens maybe i am able to all the people winning problem one thing would turn it around and then if there's one gold for brazil in the men's singles at the pan american games in lima in peru the 22 year old is ranked 212th in the world bit of chile in the final minutes taking the match 2 sets to one but it
1:57 pm
really gave up the game a year ago he described this victory as the water start moment of his career brazil are now 3rd in the medals table with 23 goals. meanwhile in the men's basketball argentina won their gold medal match against puerto rico argentina who were a limp dick champions in 2004 winning very comfortably 88 to 64 year argentinians winning their 2nd gold in this event having in pan american champions back in 1995 . now the world's most successful footballer danielle van has returned home to brazil to play for south power as you can see a couple of people turned up to greet him at the airports and you'd be forgiven for maybe missing out as in that crowd sarah we've made it was lazier for you there is the 36 year old defender is the world's most successful footballer in terms of trophies winning the cup america last month for brazil was his 43rd major on that's more like. thank you very much indeed that's all for this hour jazeera news hour
1:58 pm
don't go away don't come out and be in the seas in a moment. america is divided like never before each side is so convinced that they are absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous heaven has a wall of strict immigration policy elders smart people in power investigates the partisan politics eroding civil norms vital to american democracy are you concerned that the the political divisions today could lead to violence or it will the strange death of american civility part 2 on al-jazeera. for the last 2
1:59 pm
years the students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. through a shared passion for elephant conservation colleagues have become friends but with civil war descending they must now protect themselves from escaping deep into the rain forest or back to the western world. for the elephants surviving the poachers
2:00 pm
is a lifelong challenge now to then must out last a rebel militia and a from pod a witness documentary on al-jazeera. pakistan's army chief says the military will go to any extent to support the people of kashmir as new delhi revokes special autonomous status for indian administered kashmir. elephant 0 however on come out santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera the trade war boils over the us treasury declares china a currency manipulator and global markets are feeling the effects. controls at the border health officials in rwanda are a meeting to decide how to stop.


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