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tv   Sudan Al- Turabis Life Politics Rise To Power  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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1st. to free. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera pakistan's prime minister has warned that the crisis in kashmir could explode into a regional war indian administered kashmir has been under lockdown since india's government stripped the rich region of its statehood and revoked special rights granted to its citizens pakistani leader iran khan says he fears that angry kashmiris will attack indian forces and new delhi will blame pakistan and retaliate kashmir is split between india and pakistan but both nations claim it as their own
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the us says tough new sanctions will choke off financing for venezuela's president washington has frozen venezuelan government assets blocking all the u.s. companies and individuals from doing business with president nicolas maduro his administration and its supporters u.s. national security adviser john bolton has warned the sanctions will be imposed on anyone who supports qatar. president trump has taken a very strong move here imposing these sweeping sanctions putting a full block of full freeze on all assets of all parts of the government of venezuela in the u.s. and also imposing sanctions are setting the. situation to impose sanctions on any person or business that goes significant business with the government of venezuela so this goes well beyond anything we've done before and it really is a very strong move by the pros that i suppose has more now from. another executive
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order by donald trump imposing more sanctions in venezuela and this generates lots of uncertainty in a country that already struggling with an economic crisis about exactly what's coming next apparently there is a conference for democracy in venezuela composed of about 60 countries that are discussing venezuela future presidents there are countries like argentina brazil and the united states countries like russia for example are saying that they won't attend because that meeting is being controlled by the united states and right barry's where john bolton compared to venezuela with other rogue states he referred to iran north korea among others and right there he also it specify that bit about what this functions are all about banning american companies with dealing with venezuela seizing venezuelan aphids a warning countries like russia and china of doing business with venezuela among other things while all of this is happening up officially the one where you go to hear it said that this is not going to embargo that they start stanchions that
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medicines food and clothes will be allowed into the country by basically that this type of measures are necessary in order to promote change which is currently what the opposition is looking to and this country most of the analysts we have spoken to say that sanctions things generally do not work that they hurt the population they hurt the economy and the been the end of and. amends remain in place because poverty in the country makes the population more dependent on the governments that are in place and those are the example that they're telling us like north korea iran and cuba. rwanda is sending doctors to the democratic republic of congo to help treat ebola patients health ministers from both countries have held talks as fears grow over the outbreak that has claimed more than 800 lives and that the r.c. of also agreed to tighten health screening at their shared border troops have been deployed to restore calm in malawi's capital way after battles broke out between
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protesters and police rallies have been held across the country with protesters torching government vehicles and burning shops by law is that months of protests since president peter won a 2nd term in april demonstrators say the vote was rigged and want the head of the electoral commission to step down. toni morrison the iconic writer who won the nobel literature prize for her work exploring black identity in the u.s. has died she was the 1st black woman to receive the award in 1993 morrison's novel beloved in which a mother of the sides to murder her baby to save the girl from slavery won the pulitzer prize for fiction in 1988 her family said she died in new york on monday after a short illness those are the headlines al-jazeera world is next. sudan
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a country in almost constant turmoil since the 1950 s. . regime change coups street protests famine war political division and in april 21000 the toppling of president obama invest in. the army try
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to take complete control of the country but was forced to negotiate with protesters in. sudan's history is trouble 10 years after independence from britain just for nearly led to a military coup only to be deposed himself 14 years later. in 1989 on what is seized power in another cool triggering further change orchestrated by hassen a 2 dobbie. well educated matic he was an islamic thinker spiritual leader philosopher lawyer arch politician. he was never prime minister nor president
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but his influence has been vast. this is the untold story of the man some call the architect of modern sudan has a 2 dobby the man has mind has a mission. but. if you are my lama friend or a fellow. mineral called them all but. we're kind of very profane within a person and we're here for. the younger son had a typically conservative upbringing in 1000 thirty's. where his father was a judge. the family was sufi muslim but also had a maddest history. this was a religious and political movement that fought
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a war in the late 19th century against the forces of 1st the governor of egypt and then the british. english. for kal sophia lived here for sudan where he may to illumine or come up. like a boss if you don't have the number of carry the message in here or he or a lot. of you know already here a lot of the classic here lity to me as if we had their him and female actor. the family's values clearly sheep the young son. his father a religious judge paid particular attention to his son's spiritual education and encouraged him to learn arabic his work as a judge meant the family often moved home but this exposed the younger to darby to life in different cities and people across a down. was she a 3rd edition of the rugby world cup he alerted to the. your duality here.
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without fareed the. euro. with or so we have for. 30 years believe you will. always have in medicine here there is a malaria her litter or was all giving you is the way your mouth. is the way i just over him with the creatures. has said went to him to secondary school. girls unlawful of santa maria. of the number that is on a river so that her mother's a planter was then aria. another of them what mothers know mitt romney is or did the brain of one of the mothers for some of them. but there's a time there was no year i left a lot of them my dad is a bit of bania and was
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a year homa live in a car the dollar. we have in the home was on a robbery on a non dafur no maybe. some classmates would later become political colleagues or rivals or indeed bitter enemies as to be himself recalled in this 2012 interview but in 2 he had. also blow do not sign know he eliminated with any great to. see him. but you know what yeah they're here to skin a lot with us and i am someone to help with anything women will not know i want to know why a lot. of our middle being an average american will be ever going to their own. however i may learn of her. the world home more and better the way i see them and i carry as you so we have i have with. them but
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humble if you are like in the. you know i mean is that we have them bury them. so i definitely learn all kind of isn't there a lot of the internet here or kind of. you know yanick with almost every album i can could do just possible said i what senator and for you can argue for i've got a lot of rain but also got to love it. now for what the was let me on. for who are 5th that i'm not heard of. can i lay here at the un cause of. the son of a robber from my hometown and him to hunt game but it's. a hit would be young at that horrible when the army other not mr brown now that old mother is at her door nor you read any i'm in a. lot of. love lot of rob
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there was the mobile. late for hustle our last you heard that cambridge minute i got older. well he didn't tell me they didn't. list the garden what i'd be santa. for the hudna guy mafia was my bob. the one the government gives you heard the fittest the last. one out. know how to kiss me a name. sure you do and for does owe me a lot of the whole. we saw how our product at the. met the surely by their field a lot. more strong last year and i thought immediately of our court of iran i mean our military hacking into the lives of. you.
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is there is the head to my view i mean the moment i'm might warm in a large amount of court on. a sort of has a hill of how the girl some are here looking at a whole muslimeen like a mark on a target on the horn muslimeen your heart at that i needed me feel why you had. me a syrian and own product at the. disco somebody allocation for the heater so that he learned time so we left there because surely livability was stuck at the thought of that either and go has an awesome awesome i know how to get the really slimy would seem to me only. by. combining student politics with academic study has an end to darby want to scholarship to travel to london where he earned a master's degree in law. newly qualified he returned to sudan and began
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teaching at the university of hard to there he met his future wife and mattie not only was she one of these brightest students she was also the sister of solder connected a man who would later become prime minister of sudan. or 3 or manheim. they are all liberals the. 4 who are horrible for power and drama they are the real deal 30 min you know. sort of where they did then there would be all different orderings yeah we're going to just move a little and those of you know well and brings it on the 4th floor. let me off but . i have a little know how to remove the. cover the whole lowers to go we're going to $100.00 for a new kind of woman i didn't know and you're. beautiful and you know and medicine
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from see different but i don't. think you have to. buy you know what that's not. how you can be. will have a lot to be well condominium below and i think she'd be the best for my you get. some with law so where there is a lot i do think that where there was a lot of money. what. i live in will get the house down with. yeah but i nearly did. me the. model allows you to.
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influence. a bad. they are i saw to for the seal. shall i let eternity a short deny the big one so what's the real. stuff but i'll be the suck of it came here let me take him out of it it's let me see him with a cover a lot of the mass and yet as i was. at him a bit you see danny in. it as i was allegedly here at that it cut of. one issue completely dominated sudanese politics the many ways in which the southern part of the country differed from the north the economy religion and even the climates many in the south also felt prime minister
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ibrahim government and how tomb ignored their aspirations it was time to confront these problems and this presented as to be with an opportunity. revolution was in the air kind of not sort of adults will know most of our muslim going to sudan where the story live in the one looked at this with the. front of our book the drug problem is simple and properly. similar so that we know who the should really go from. here the heart of love and the hard cold war did then on the little you know. time element of a. president rather what kind of agreement was in milan who. were
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kind of them and president of and. for women a lot so i could have. well america when you're full of abuse of a bill would remove a bit of this too real. value. not bush or he'll let you give you a lot of. fear of card you did try to do that with democrats yes he is very good how these are. and i wish he was yes he well he certainly has 3 now there's a whole kind of karima here who are scary than islamia given your support and had the. girl has an atari kind of tee shot at lety yeah but to lob a little credit for a bad. sort of doctor would lead to kind of what. who
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are not simple. when one. for the house of them was. york. city. to lobby. for. more lease. for you i mean a. lot of authority feel also this one or she. hasn't already can. that has a part of an already well how do you still has to rally when asked how many who've . come on how do you come up with a home. why we are. the only. let in. so little pub or. with what the mirror sort of fear you had i don't know.
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how than fathers also had a husband. because he has trouble for. the one who knows we really did that. sort of top of the list how i could be got to do 7 feet as i do but. yeah i need to keep a lot of other people in comedy ok i know she could hear me take my on. how to get a law patella the woman had what an open mind you know her use of that would lead her to the well so be it a general or the other damage because if so then i was out of it yeah but on the thought of. it going to learn i don't give yet i can make out then i will see a gate here 1st the thought case i think. that the i thought if you are
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sold on what. so the plans i'm up would with the fall of the hybrid government in 1964 has an ultra left his university job to devote his now considerable skills experience and energy to politics. he aimed to create a new political force in sudan which he called the islamic charter front the name was carefully chosen and it cast its net wide to gather followers from across to dance different factions. with. even. the story. he was ready for his 1st political battle his party the islamic charter front
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contested the 1965 parliamentary elections as underdogs the feast well established opposition particularly from the communist party as well as from several other right wing groups having been a popular figurehead in the october revolution has an all too obvious personal vote was huge. pressure has added to that if you die or if there were 3 years. has a lot of. our lisa and for me all had done for her. at class a. and but one month. the oma party won the most seats followed by the democratic unionist party and the communists. began forming coalitions in order to confront the communist party. as an m.p. he began to work from within and his legal expertise enabled him to get elected as
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head of a committee to draft a new constitution for sudan. he was already emerging as a controversial figure. out of. 16 in the. us that will it ever be a matter of how to walk the. minimum be a bubble. many were outraged by the students comments but he took a different view he channeled the anger into an attack on his sworn enemy the communist party where some saw despair as to be opportunity.
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with. his off alone because. you know very. little bill of the muslim eye on what the media is doing that have. the theme that he feels. what. if you have the most need. or. want to say you are. he's got feedback on what we can fairly says he. can't fathom but the shops are that he sold it to someone so what they can. mean no mirai but lamont and his bashir his bum when he didn't walk in the 100 nobody disputes with them.
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yeah. you got with a lot of homosexuals and them and make decent yabby i've got a d.d. distort me and you leave his machinery a moment where i was only. on the mouse a lot of hell it has been through every. kind of help from. the saudi. enough to do him better. i will hold my bag and. i limit that as i walk on by the name of the guy lim of the. car. has been sure. you know who can get the liberally what you i didn't do so lick
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a major hell be his one. be the columbia listen what kind they are go liberally. go where the others haven't got no water for the other has a hold for bigger fusel seat then more they leave it in. but all men on the road be to him a law ne kind. i love bob. like you know. where is this yes to me is be more on the near. her you know. well other than her yes who are mean i don't mean. for me. to look to that a dad and want to see as your mcinnes thought i'd be interested in monaco. so on.
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wanted though. so danny. has said as to darby had taken his 1st political scalp he's proven himself a master manipulator and a force that could not be ignored however the communists refused to take their defeat lying down and vowed to return by any means necessary. for god here i would have felt. like a sure you're going to a woman like me. is that so the valley of the old introvert would never have the stalking. my man the common man not yet not in them whatever but i don't even like .
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america is divided like never before inside is so convinced that they are absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous heaven has a wall of strict immigration policy elders smart people in power investigates the partisan politics eroding civil norms vital to american democracy are you concerned that the political divisions today could lead to violence. or it will the strange death of american civility part 2 on al-jazeera i think it was to find out whether it's that one thing that's very red is better we think it's how you approach an individual and that it is a certain way of doing it you can't just inject a story and fly out. in a country with a high youth unemployment one again i say asian helps turn school children into entrepreneurs who can tell us what i mean by their wide fundraising empowering them
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to reclaim their futures we teach them how to operate destroying my ship was how to make the best mates and build more prosperous communities some of the invest the money into other businesses school for life uganda part of the rebel education series on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going or what what is this gross is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as
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a capital artist we are trying to obey to the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera pakistan's prime minister has warned that the crisis in kashmir could explode into a regional war ended and minister kashmir has been under lockdown since india's government stripped the region of its statehood and revoked special rights granted to its citizens pakistani leader iran conses he fears angry kashmiris will attack indian forces and that new delhi will blame pakistan and retaliate kashmir is split between india and pakistan but both nations claim it as their own. the u.s.
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says tough new sanctions will choke off financing for venezuela's president washington has frozen venezuelan government assets blocking all u.s. companies and individuals from doing business with president nicolas mahut ministration and its supporters u.s. national security advisor john bolton has warned the sanctions will be imposed on anyone who supports. president trump has taken a very strong move here imposing these sweeping sanctions putting a full block a full freeze on all assets of all parts of the government of venezuela in the u.s. and also imposing sanctions or setting up the. situation to impose sanctions on any person or business that goes significant business with the government of venezuela so this goes well beyond anything we've done before and it really is a very strong move by the president. is sending doctors to the democratic republic
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of congo to help treat ebola patients health ministers from both countries of health talks as fears grow over the outbreak that has so far claimed more than 81800 lives go on that and that the r.c. of also agreed to tighten health screening at their shared border. toni morrison the iconic writer who won the nobel prize for her work exploring black identity in the u.s. has died she was the 1st black woman to receive the award in 1903 morrison's novel beloved in which a mother decides to murder her baby to save the girl from slavery won the pulitzer prize for fiction in 1988 her family said she died in new york on monday after. more on all the stories on the al-jazeera news hour that's in less than half an hour coming up next the al-jazeera world thanks for watching bye bye.
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by the mid 1960. had become the rising star of the denise politics networking building alliances and seeking opportunities to outmaneuver his opponents these included the communist party which would be purged in 1971. these were desperate times in sudan which some believe called for desperate measures. sure are sure that the whole you will have to get them as mad. and move on your story happily. in killer my it is our city. by the end of the 1960 s. has an islamic charter front looked likely to gain a parliamentary majority so the communists staged a military coup installing joffe an immediate of the sudanese socialist union as
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prime minister. elton rabbies power and freedom were in jeopardy because harry there are few in the home and of course haka. is there so the value of overloading all of the old introvert whenever the stalking. my man the commencement night year and whatever but i don't even like his be sure and with the mocking it done and all you would dodo or indoor you would forgive all your so you know nice. the hotel necessary on. every well. i would have thought well if we are to assure you i'm going to a woman. i would with. all of my hands and into love gonna be. a hell of a poem surely. cannot hold me i'll be on what you are on brianna. and mighty mouse someone or other that gonna fail be.
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they let it. bother you that up come and be there for. that. he said was a walk around the enemy there were a lot here who mostly would be. the holy see you in a little. bit is about the sudan. we're going to see as you don't have a single officer. here come to los altos by the senator yeah senator to pressure whether. it. be on the evening to not be was not afraid of serving prison sentences for him writing books and planning his next political moves were a welcome distraction during his months sometimes years behind bars. and it.
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says you know how does susan miss of you how you know we had to hear would deny me pierre to go to her car are you sure that worked and only to him with the number. you. knew you knew you. so you must become a baron is a good one but i mean i'm a lot a wimp who little could do a little. guitar. with a little money eleanor i looked a lot of money i. tell my heart or another must i must live as they are the look i walked. yeah i mean warn us about at least e-mail your was you know about welcome back and how the how do i show. that moment. for me and i'm.
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going to fall behind me there will be more to come out on you i should like and your more later. than. that of on and on and i see a lot of on a lake going to go along. me if you look at us is that the get. go one of the. is about. to islamic charter front and its successor the national islamic front had branches of support outside sudan these were led by ultra dobby's brother in law saw the can maggie who'd been in exile in cairo by the mid 1970 s.
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this broad coalition served as an opposition leadership but revolution was never far away as to robbie's opponents the communists were determined to seize power. if they succeeded to robbie would be imprisoned again if they failed it would be to his advantage for another family and his later while. we certainly want. more than a couple to live in that what it is i mean. a little company seen. from company maybe elaine who i never could not hear that he was violent his business and the lady can talk to his shoppers and then he limped out with. a muscle we need in the can i leave her alone. with telling. me to see
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by the media on the cover of your missy by the way i don't have a michelle like it. no matter what we see in a model or how critical is that. with a lucky enough donnacona of the. mother had the video of the little the hear the announcer the nina the harbor the more they on it on a whim and you look at you know a lot of. the senior pastors if he wins in alabama who now but they are for q i'm looking at this carton is on the saw the shabby so shabby up and has it again. i wouldn't have. the kind of to figure out a letter that he. had written also one that the world was.
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just one of the so not mean i would support them but. in the letter summary. this revolt ultimately feel to dislodge numeri so not for the 1st time has enough to not be found himself in prison again the nationalist time it fronts redoubled its efforts towards a further coup. out of c.s.e. the pounds skinny. but that the 30 but the lamb alaska the list cotton islam was up to 11 libya with it than the. one in the one definite i love and my heart thank you at that hamlet. i don't know what or so not. a lot of them the one what if somebody wanted you to. see to somebody.
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you know if you saw. the havoc again was that. one of the dark to look shall be uncool look i will i fell in love with me maybe for she looked. at that for she may well be that it was a lot of how open it. and the last of all enough and no no it was all none of all the same you know. we're not going to tie the stock of on the model. and if the. with the new and. an old lady slams out to understudy for the. and it had this up i had this is islamiah with my head if i'm on the ship but still
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think how the stock. the biggest. stock. buy for the. money at the. technique. as attorney general. to attain power at all costs. was behind. this throughout the year. and it has some of. this throughout the year to.
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one of their it looked at the cold war and. i was in. i was in field. i was in field and. i was in. a.
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i know a lot of. while but i literally had the hump or whatever and live over to how they said well i can tell you here because i saw them a little created. bin laden or like him with ellen. mccain on the bill maher. but. then all of colonists with. we. we feel a lot lot. going on out there with mohammed abdul myself and now passing a mean homo mahalo role model but driving home harlem office with than we do not. get a loan of cash we. well if you wait another hour really been tossed about and the fact that it is that me
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and others to read and. she has seen with what i haven't had a crystal i mean this. death you are traveling through that have walked out of my sight my demi has ever had to grab me who i know who knock on her bed fixed. if the side of it and for me. they haven't figured out of the new up it will get it done on friday i will miss really young hustler the mcconnell held a home in the field had a country slam you know kind of what they are the inability that the police were below that office or gun. or the beloved city but if you listen to that and try to come out of it hey. you move on you're cool no no i think the vatican both you want to hug me. well you know. i love. my wife isn't a problem to be with you are mia the bomb
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a community you had that. i love you and i see a lot of baloney a. god is good. i love you but then i will add to the media. by using when i was totally let me in with the shipping will add up all the cali the so the nia hall will be glad to hear. that the howell model of the day i'm a d.m. but we haven't seen him in cleo the last harley's were a technological feel enormous shock that you know i think a lovely idea out of the ship while the shindig the awful the way here. and to the lobby was a thinker and politician or wrote about unity freedom the renewal of islamic thought. and ways of governing a modern muslim state. his writing on politics and government from an islamic
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perspective changed much contemporary thoughts about the role of islam and government. summing up as to darby's achievements is not easy complex unpredictable ambitious his influence has been felt far beyond sudan's borders you can. pick an addict or if you can imitate a limit the worried ok with that they can be. trying to wear harder the person doesn't have that it was a lot of the can be ridden on everything live them in a show about. boom or resentment. a minute before. work a 1000000 records in the mint and one of them you feel. a. little . victory in moderation and so on to other than al qaeda.
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once. a minute month in the nitty. month it can be said that. by 983 as robbie had achieved a remarkable turn around his old enemies the communists were propping up the numeri regime which needed the backing of someone with the ear of the people who better than the son of a religious judge with a deep understanding of islamic law. the american one behind anonymity and the idea of going to work on a that move or minute his was sure it would. be well that father that look at them with a valid that that entity for the phillies lamine official poverty islamia home a little bit of a sheria. yeah alone i. know that
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if i leave the last shot of the city if i lead if i get along i mean come on i will feel nothing else. but i filed my alien you know the way lee. wouldn't. charbonneau xabi the give me but. i love why you need. to be in public release alone the kind of the defile he vowed to. hear the kind with the. c.i. some of the clubs and the hook up for the neighborhood out. i mean any of you had better. how do you know. my not i've already been there homeowner sheria that one hummer up there they said it. well. here with
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a. and so you have a. very aware of. the reason almost a whole lot of other well islam. from hell arm of al to be introduced what were called the september laws in 1983 large sectors of the dinny society among them intellectuals and politicians likes article maddy and mahmoud mohammed oppose them punishment was harsh for anyone who infringed them. stuff when come upon a lazy or a dim sum of the reforms of the money we do with the read that life is going to do with the real. phil can only give. them. a dude shot i am in. the surgical. about who. will be awkward there with that.
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as an attorney mark and if he's a little noble and you know the name allow. me to mark i mean you read to a new senator and yourself. in a sly hat and islamiya a can never yet be as in men as in a tribe really to leave the. towel in and that there is a lesson when one. does or you learn even more of. a need that they let. come near. where you can feel about yourself but. be sure that it was right and there's about a little bark or bother marsat. i have has an attitude
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abby's influence was huge at one stage under nimitz he was both attorney general and foreign affairs advisor he accompanied limited on trips abroad met foreign dignitaries and communicated with them in their own languages being fluent in english french and german the west began to notice as to robbie and him a sense trouble a heads up when you read it with missing anything anything stupid. interested in all its law would develop into a civilization and would realize it but i'd have any child on a little higher lower than a public park exam at the sort of a shop i have for the law. i shall run it up with on the honor of. would. know but i'm a communist i mean i'm one of the last was your lot. but the
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lobby of the city got about 30 and no less and kollywood ali. 20 maybe. i mean. i. know well and. walk up a little way down little more 0 or if you look at them with a passive. article islamia feel. the. i'm going to. i'm going to. want to. they were the others. that we have another. over the nobody that
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was over there it was a suburb of dillard. you see in order to look at 000000 girls i was young. and to be was arrested and once again and despite holding high office he found himself in jail. in the streets there were widespread anti government protests against the high prices of consumer goods harsh living conditions and the perennial problems with the south. the defense minister announced that the army supported the people. was overthrown and exiled this heralded a new chapter for has and. her missing. for a lot. of the not. for the. can easily who are.
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so unlucky kind of the most a gun. in a sob and fatah a little not a valley no gather the article islamists after a brief transition in 1985 the military stepped back and allowed the new prime minister saw the can imagine to take office the following gear and matty and robbie were old friends and related by marriage but this was no guarantee of either power or influence for the other performer the reader who has brought home. variables was a man in a deep well of the real islamia harbor has been. or were because of them or mcconnel they were different of about what was about to the menorah for brahma. would be some of them were his and feel of their own agreement and for. credit for
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then and so the women of the inner moribund were. c.r.c. work on the c.s.e. and now you can be a man and woman and the moon is that this yes if you want it well in my view would have to see as the i that the headache again i hear why the soul to be in your poems we me why i love your enemy. and then after it and the c.c.'s the fella just said bum leave me i'm with a massive market with drug it was a shoo in give me money to lend me a gun in the phone ring with a master going up where that is i was sure fifi. lackey at the rugby is tomorrow is a month but we can and enough of a we will stop by and the young ones we were a warden with a lot of my does the money but we need them one the other. one me up to i'll see that they're going to sue donald how do you see done or just see it in the me and i'll put all that away on
11:57 pm
a shop you'll surely wash up with. well that didn't last posh with will be. if i get a lot that you know would be. a nice place on a beach that bought one of going to be the journey to the top of sudanese politics had been a rough one as an l to be had risen from bright young lawyer to having a seat at the top table but events were set to take a dramatic turn catapulting into a new role that sort of right hand man to the president always in the future when mao. what do abut among mean with the suit.
11:58 pm
hello there mostly fine and dry across much of australia high pressure still the dominant weather feature there but across the southeast we are still saying this line of cloud it is one system off to another so bringing rain to into adelaide on wednesday should be dry in melbourne but i'm afraid that rain is heading in your general direction and will probably reach you by about thursday 12 degrees then non-self again with a chance of some showers and then perth 17 degrees and we've got quite a bit cloud around his coastal areas and again that could just bring with it one or 2 as that across towards new zealand again going to mix of class and clouds here on the satellite it's not a bad day in all cleaned on wednesday we've got more clouds certainly down across
11:59 pm
the south and into christchurch beach to stay dry and as we head off into thursday we have got some rain funeral come with a high 15 but again a fine day in christ church 13 celsius is the warmest you will see then we head up towards japan and the korean peninsula now we've been watching this tropical storm francisco by wednesday really pushing on through the korean peninsula it will continue to push out into the sea of japan as we head through thursday was slightly clearing across much of japan 34 celsius in tokyo 35 in a saka and actually clearer still across most sudden sections of korean peninsula with 33 is the high. captaining a leading youth team at 16 years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the
12:00 am
sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game on a jersey you know. this is al jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes pakistan warns that tensions in the disputed region of kashmir could escalate into a full blown war the u.s. says tough new sanctions will choke off the financing for venezuela's president but caracas accuses washington of economic.


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