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am. i. do see. where ever you. stand against india's decision to revoke special status. along with the woman you're watching of is there a life my headquarters here in doha also coming up in venezuela accuses the us economic terrorism following the financial sanctions aimed at present nicolas maduro government also. america is open for business as
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a trade war turns into a currency dispute double trump says the u.s. is benefiting from its battle with china. and the us president also gets ready to join people grieving after a shooting but some say he's not welcome. pakistan says it will put maximum pressure on india over its decision to strip indian administered kashmir of its autonomy prime minister iran can call for international intervention following india's moves to change the status of the disputed region assam a binge of it begins our coverage from was a pakistan administered kashmir. just. our fight will continue that's the message from these protestors and was after about in pakistan administered kashmir if you 100 gathered towards the anger against the indian government's decision to abolish its special status the himalayan region
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disputed the pakistan. may you are not this is. my appeal to the united nations to resolve this issue immediately otherwise we will go there to win freedom for our brothers. my opinion is to all muslims that if you have come out of your homes and stand the tasks members of pakistan's parliament in islamabad voiced their anger at india's decision to revoke autonomy and privileges for the contested muslim majority region prime minister announced on predicted that india will crack down even harder on the people he fears ethnic cleansing and call the ruling b.g.p. steps in line with the racist ideology you talked a little only kiryat plantar couldn't you yank election the manifesto this is not a decision that b j p have taken out of the blue it was part of their election manifesto all along it is in fact ingrained in their ideology to put hindus above all other religions and seeks to establish
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a state that represses all other religious groups. it was a heated parliamentary session where the leader of the opposition says that pakistan has 2 choices now either to hide or take decisive action but people on both sides of the line of control of heard fiery speeches before the feeling here is their bread and inside not knowing what is happening beyond these mountains in the indian administered side of the schmear reason means cut off from the outside world pakistan's military leaders say they will go to any extent to fulfill their obligation to the kashmiri people the facts on the army spokesman tweeted pakistan never recognize the indian efforts to be legalized to talk oppression of jammu and kashmir through article 370 or 35 a decades ago. pakistan and india have fought multiple wars over the territorial dispute there are fears that this latest group from india could provoke another. artist on administered kashmir city from pakistan but the decision to remove indian administered kashmir has autonomous
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status has received widespread support in india's parliament 1st camille has more from new delhi. for the 1st time in decades here allow the feeling optimistic hindu fled with his family from indeed administered kashmir in 1990 because of religious violence he's pleased with the indian government's decision to revoke the region's autonomy under article 370 but has his concerns if we are we are supposed to go back. home. what shall we. and shall we be served. who will look after us. and who wouldn't be. part of. india's home minister led tuesday's charge for change in the lower house of parliament where the bill passed easily thanks to the government's majority and support from the opposition members but
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many members of parliament say support for india in the kashmir valley has dried up following the government's revoking of the region's autonomy and splitting it into 2 federal territories even those who politically supported the indian government in the region are now lashing out this is not that i believe. there is a democratic and yeah. whatever you. feel your region . the students studying in your new delhi are worried they've been scrambling to find a way to contact their families and friends in indeed administered kashmir without much success i mean guns on that my parents even ok like they haven't i don't know if they've been alive. or not knowing what they're going to do. so i know what the problems but this is the highest this is the worst kind of situation that is happening. as many worry about their families in kashmir being
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cut off others are dreaming of a new beginning their fares jamil al jazeera new delhi well one of india's most well known female politicians the form of foreign minister. so raj served as foreign minister for 5 years she did not join prime minister narendra modi's cabinet in may because of health reasons soraya was known for her unwavering support for indians i can see this she had a kidney transplant in 2016 but died of a heart attack. tough new sanctions will cut off funding for venezuela's president the u.s. has frozen venezuelan government assets blocking all american companies and individuals from doing business with nicolas maduro government and its supporters trees of course more from caracas. long lines in front of the peruvian consulate in caracas most of those who come here are desperate to leave the country
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. is a retired engineer she has been waiting for months to get an appointment because she says she cannot continue living year. i have a pension of 40000 bolivar's that i can buy 2 kilos of cheese my son is in peru and i'm going to live with him but i cannot get their. stories like mario when years are frequent in venezuela these days as the country struggles with an economic crisis that has forced a millions out of the country for the united states and dozens of other countries worldwide who are meeting in lima peru to finish its political and economic change the united states and venezuela have historically had a strong bilateral relationship but that relationship started to deteriorate 20 years ago when socialist leader over travis took office and denounced what he called the united states interference in this country in the past month the situation has escalated even further the united states shut down its embassy here
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in care act after and announced harsher economic sanctions to go out of office in the past the u.s. imposed sanctions on venezuelan individuals linked to muddle the us government and don't buy the base or venice way less state oil company accusing them of serious human rights abuses drug trafficking and corruption now they're taking things further by seizing venezuelan assets in the u.s. and banning u.s. companies from doing business in this country so basically one way to summarize this to a business for example. is it you want to do business in venezuela or do you want to do business with the united states and i think for any international corporations whether they're u.s. based european wherever they need to be to the boards of directors and shareholders they ought to be asking their management if it's worth risking for a trickle of income from the illegitimately dural government if it's worth risking
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their business in the united states if the government and the opposition are holding talks in barbados to try to find a way out of the crisis but in the end we are acting on all necessary battlefronts to achieve a solution to the crisis which is what all been insulin's want the kingdom of norway's mechanism continues because what we are generating are the conditions for a real solution to the crisis but the government says that the latest sanctions are a full economic embargo and blames the us for the consequences it will have on the population. it is hypocritical to say that these so-called sanctions that these executive orders protect the purchases of medicines because it is only possible to buy them through transaction banks you have to pay for it but you can't because you can't use the international financial system but for the thousands of people who continue to struggle to find a way to survive and mentor the crisis can't come soon enough.
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the f.b.i. will investigate him a shooting in the u.s. state of ohio saying the gunman had an interest in violent ideology investigators will try to find out what influence 24 year old caller bets to open fire in a popular nightclub area in dayton on sunday night he was wearing body armor and killed 9 people including his own sister in about 30 seconds there were also investigated anyone helped him or knew of his plan. we have uncovered evidence throughout the course of our investigation that the shooter was exploring violent ideologies and based upon this evidence were initially initiating an f.b.i. investigation side by side with the dayton police homicide investigation to make sure we get to the bottom and we explore everything and we try to understand the best we can why this horrific attack happened well survivors from lima shooting in el paso all speaking about their experience president trouble plans to visit the
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city in texas but there are mixed feelings about trump's trip the colas woman representing the district has refused an invitation to meet the president she'll be attending a protest instead brunell's has more from el paso. in el paso each day brings new stories of courage under fire at war to a mayor is only 9 years old but on saturday he likely saved his mother's life. in wal-mart a person started shooting my mom for those she couldn't move so i grabbed her hand and we ran outside and hid behind a truck. on tonioli zora day came face to face with the gunman and was shot in the foot at the list my nephew who made fun of me. with the details but who's. foregoing mitch. in that whole nobody ever told me. 3 people president trump plans to visit el paso as well as dayton ohio on wednesday
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the local democratic party chairwoman has a message for him stay away unless you tell me to acknowledge that his language played a part again just having been witness to this massacre on saturday i don't think that there's any need for him to tom and i think the collapse of the only cause more damage to talk immediately doesn't trump has made restricting immigration the center of his political platform he has described mexicans as criminals and rapists he referred in obscene terms to countries whose people seek to enter the us and grinned at a rally when a supporter suggested shooting migrants holding says trump's words matter his language has consequences and we saw what those consequences would be that he said bad. immigrants aren't invaders and that's the exact same language that the shooter
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used in his essay that he wrote explaining his reasons for coming so since the beginning of the year the trump reelection campaign has posted more than 2000 immigration themed ads on facebook using the term invasion university of texas el paso scholar daniel check on says words like that are packed with negative meaning to invade you know a country or region is to take it over to dominate it to be invaded by you know by another army is basically what you're saying they want to come in they want to take over they want to take what's ours but the el paso. look and party chairman says trump's words are not racist and that he is welcome you know past i think the president coming here to show that he's got concern i think is outstanding there's a lot of people in this community that support him certainly many in this city will welcome with courtesy others however they feel it is he who is invading them rob
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reynolds al-jazeera el paso. well still ahead here on al-jazeera outrage after pictures of 2 texas policemen all the whole spike leading a handcuffed black man down the road. and the death of a nobel laureate we look back at the life of an old and champion of black america stories after the pike. hello there frémont a rain across eastern sections of the united states the 1st well down into florida we're seeing some fairly strong thunderstorms and that line of cloud that is really tending to cling to those coastal areas so again thunderstorms but really on wednesday it's all about the northeast of. new york down into washington d.c.
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which is a cool swarm this time of year 32 degrees and then we're also going to see the city even down into dallas sort of a line of rain showers really pushing all the way from the upper midwest through the great lakes down into southern areas of texas and then by thursday we may even see some rain into denver which is probably quite welcome this time of year 31 celsius is the high and a very wet day in kansas city and we could have some thunderstorms there with your high of 30 degrees celsius but it continues to kid away from the funnel the so draw into washington d.c. then we head across into the caribbean not a bad couple days ahead across much of cuba but we have got quite a bit of cloud through haiti dominican republic and wednesday not about day generally across southern the yucatan peninsula the rain is further to the south and the east but it does tend to become much more widespread on thursday really all the way from panama as you can see right the way then up into southern portions of mexico so 22 in mexico city and 32 and a sunny skies in cozumel. eradicating
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prissie in cambodia. education i'm treatment. on. the employee early you know disability yet we'll be waiting until 3 year old 4 year more he will have this ability. to get and didn't know wait the next generation of antibiotics just really taking. this hope so but to revisit it. you're watching also is a reminder of our top stories pakistan says it will use maximum pressure on india
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after new delhi is decision to strip indian administered kashmir of its being told of the crime is a wrong call a price war and the situation could lead to every journal war. the us says new sanctions against venezuela will cut off financing for as of the close major america has frozen all venezuelan government assets blocking us companies and individuals from to business with the rights of ministration. and the f.b.i. will investigate a mass shooting in the u.s. state of ohio saying that the gunman had an interest in violent ideology 24 year olds call about skilled mind people including his sister as a popular nightlife area in dates of some. years president told trump on shrugged off a as a protected trade war with china he says investment is flooding into america and the economy is strong trump made the comments a day after the u.s. treasury accused china of currency manipulation a white house correspondent kimberly health kit. a strong economic position
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that's the claim the trump white house made amid an intensifying trade war turned currency dispute between the united states and china america's job for business america is open for business it's been a week of back and forth between the world's 2 largest economies funday the us treasury accused china of currency manipulation following a sharp drop in the u.n. against the american dollar for filling a campaign promise made by u.s. president donald trump. the drop comes following more u.s. tariffs on chinese goods last. week 10 percent on $300000000.00 products effective september 1st china retaliated announcing it state run companies would stop buying u.s. agricultural products inflicting further strain on u.s. farmers but on twitter president trump argues the u.s. is benefiting from the economic tit for tat massive amounts of money from china and
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other parts of the world is pouring into the united states companies are also coming to the u.s. in big numbers this is a transformative president. who is going in many places where prior presidents and both parties have feared to tread and i think part of that has to be trade. but the trade war has hurt american farmers already the u.s. government has put in place to aid packages to compensate for the billions in lost sales for products like soybeans and pork to china and we hope to see fewer acts like this which serves no one's interests we also hope u.s. sticks to the facts and solves the u.s. china economic and trade issue more rationally and practically rather than move further along the wrong path that the white house says it's still working with china to negotiate what it calls the right deal it expects more talks with beijing
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in september kimberley health at al-jazeera the white house. they police chief in the u.s. state of texas has apologized after 2 white officers on horseback let a black man down a street by a rope photos of the arrest of sparked widespread outrage galveston's police chief says his offices showed poor judgment and should have waited for transport units well in a statement the chief called it an unnecessary and barrus meant for the detainee but he also called the officers actions a trained technique and best practice in some scenarios he added that the officers had no malicious intent and that it won't happen again and she returns he has more from washington d.c. . 43 year old donal neely is bipolar he's homeless he's had several run ins with the police they know he's mentally ill in fact his family have been looking for him for some time to try and bring him back home he was arrested for criminal trespass
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on saturday and it was decided by the officers that this was the best way to deal with him because there wasn't a vehicle to transport or that is how attach a rope to the handcuffs and then leaving for 2 blocks by horseback be police say this is a normal routine measure that they use in volatile situations crowd control for example but of course this wasn't a volatile situation and now we have this apology from the police who say that they realize the mistake was made that the officers they showed poor judgment but but the police chief says that as far as he's concerned there's nothing malicious about it as far as we know no disciplinary action is being taken against the officers but of time of heightened discussion about how white supremacy imbues us society at a time when we've long been looking at how the police deal with both african-americans and actually the mentally ill black people more likely to be killed by the by police officers than white in fact a study came out just on monday from the national academy of sciences
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a black man has a one in 1000 chance of being killed by a police officer the mentally ill have a 16 times more likely chance of being killed by a police officer than the known mentally ill person there's a lot to unpack in this photograph at this particular time that's not to say it's necessarily anything out of the ordinary but the difference is in this day and age these images go viral and that discussion then can ensue. hilary shelton is the director of the national association for the advancement of colored people's washington bureau he doesn't believe it's an isolated incident. they're treating it as if it's just some kind of anomaly but yet as we listen to those in the local area talk about how police officers and the relationship between communities of color to go where we see is someone that has a longstanding set of problems they're treating it as if it's just this time this place and with this person but what we've heard is that these kind of things happen quite often and as such what will be done to prevent this kind of activity from happening again not just the punishment of these police officers have been so
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outrageous in their handling of another human being but how we make sure the police officers treat anyone this being suspected of a crime in a very respectful way this is something we're going to have to look at we've heard them talk about no new policies we've heard no discussion about training we've had no discussion about oversight and prevention how do we make sure this doesn't happen what are we telling other police officers to learn from this awful mistake if indeed that's what they see it being. robbers in mexico still gold coins worth more than $2000000.00 from a government coin many factual 2 men broke into the mall near a branch of throwing a security guard to the ground and taking his gun the daylight robbery was the latest high profile crime to hit mexico city where crime has been increasing. we look at states has warned turkey it's willing to prevent any unilateral incursions into syria saying such a move would be unacceptable it comes as the turkish president the one announced he
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would send troops about 30 to 40 kilometers east of the euphrates river which is now controlled by kurdish fighters the kurdish y p g a u.s. ally in the battle against isis considered a terrorist group but ankara has said he was losing patience with washington over setting up a so-called safe zone in the area in northern syria sort of an increasingly. it's already top priority to train the terrorist one in northern syria turkey cannot feel safe as long as the structure of the south which is growing like a cancer cell and is increasing with the heavy weapon itself is not eliminated if we don't do what's needed today we would have to do it tomorrow by paying a bigger cost god willing we will bring our operation so a different face very soon as health ministers of rwanda and the democratic republic of congo have reached an agreement on how to fight the about break after meeting in the senate on tuesday the ministers have agreed to tighten health
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screening at the border and improve the sharing of information now the united nations and european union have voiced concern over a new italian law talking charity rescue boats in the mediterranean the law gives the government in rome more authority to block ships trying to bring migrants ashore alexy o'brien explains. calling for the safe harbor the spanish rescue vessel open arms remains off the coast of italy carrying more than 120 migrants it picked up from the mediterranean sea. italy's refusing to late at dock and is threatening a $50000.00 fine if the captain tries. to go it off but since the italian parliament approved a new law on monday targeting open arms could face a fine of up to $1100000.00. there were protests
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against the so-called security decree which allows for the arrest of captains who ignore orders to stay out of italian ports and the immediate seizure of their boats the european union says it's analyzing the changes to see if they compatible with e.u. laws while the un's refugee agency warns the decree could put already vulnerable people and even more danger n.g.o.s play an invaluable role in saving the lives of refugees and migrants attempting the dangerous sea crossing to europe their commitment and humanity should not be criminalised more stigmatised the decree is seen as a victory for deputy prime minister. and his far right league party he says rescued migrants can only land in italy if an agreement is already in place with other european countries to look after them. in june the german captain of a say watch rescue ship was briefly detained for breaking an italian naval blockade
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trying to stop her bringing a group of migrants ashore. italy's one of the main mediterranean entry points for people fleeing conflict and poverty in the middle east and north africa. the u.n. says nearly $4000.00 have landed in italy so far this year after the treacherous crossing. they use been funding the libyan coast guard to help them turn around migrant boats but the bombings of a migrant detention center in libya last month raised concern. open arms says the people it's rescuing tell stories of rape and other violence in libya for now they remain stuck at sea. and al-jazeera. toni morrison has died at the age of 80 york. and her work. she was the 1st african-american to win literatures ultimate prize the nobel in
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1903 breaking barriers along the way when i think there can a call for writer. has got to be the nobel prize but what toni morrison really did was create space to discuss racism sexual abuse injustice and love through the experiences of african-americans she became a global cultural icon and an inspiration to every would be writer the reason she turned to writing rather than reading and editing is that she saw a literary landscape that had a gap that wasn't telling a story that she wanted herself to read she shared with us lives that had not been previously shared morrison was the ultimate working single mom while raising 2 sons and working as a book editor and professor she published 11 novels 8 books of essays and a series of children's books she won the pulitzer prize in 1988 for beloved
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a novel about a mother's decision to kill her child so that she would not be enslaved morrison was a bestselling author many times over but as she noted in a recent documentary her work was also feared this is the collection. nicely because it might incite. some partially set. as fast as morrison wrote the honors poured in including the presidential medal of freedom in 2012 circumstances may not have been ideal but the words that came out. were magical toni morrison's prose brings us that kind of moral and emotional intensity that few writers ever attempt. the song of solomon the beloved tony reaches us deeply using a tone that is lyrical precise distinct and inclusive she believes that language arcs toward the place where meaning might lie toni morrison always
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insisted the black experience in america is as universal as every other experience and she used the well written well edited word to underscore that point toni morrison author mother icon dead at age 88 roslyn jordan al-jazeera. do what you know is there with me still robin a reminder of our top news stories pakistan says it will use maximum pressure on india after new delhi's decision to strip indian administered kashmir of its autonomy prime minister iran karn has warned the situation could lead to a regional war. that are united india went against the 17 resolutions of the united nations security council she went against the united nations general assembly
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resolution and they went against the agreement they have taken a decision in which they want to change the demographics of kashmir. the u.s. says new sanctions against venezuela will cut off financing for president nicolas maduro america has frozen all venezuelan government assets blocking u.s. companies and individuals from doing business with ministration. the f.b.i. will investigate a mass shooting in the u.s. state of ohio saying the gunman had interest in violent ideology 24 year old call about's killed 9 people including his sister at a popular nightlife area in dayton on sunday. we have uncovered evidence throughout the course of our investigation that the shooter was exploring violent ideologies and based upon this evidence were initially initiating an f.b.i. investigation side by side with the dayton police homicide investigation to make sure we get to the bottom and we explore everything and we are trying to understand
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the best we can why this horrific attack happened the police chief in the u.s. state of texas has apologized after to want offices on hold spike led a black uncomfortable and down a street by a rope photos of the arrest of sparked widespread outrage galveston's police chief says his offices showed poor judgment and should have waited for a transport unit president trump or shrugged off fears of a protected trade was.


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