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heigho the scene of the album mass shooting in which 9 people account is going to have to rub reynolds he's now passed so has them is it going really well so far it's being held completely out of public view for the most part lauren the president arrived with the 1st lady bologna and for up on air force one he was greeted by the governor and the 2 senators from this state all the more republicans he then was got into a armored car vehicle and was whisked away he's going to visit with as you said law enforcement officers of praising them and thanking them for their quick response to the capturing the shooter and probably preventing even more carnage here on saturday he's going to go to the hospital where some of the victims have been treated for their wounds and going to speak to emergency room personnel surgeons doctors and also as he did in ohio some of the wounded victims some of the family
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members of either wounded victims or people who have passed away now this city is gone through a lot to say the very least over the past several days and it's going through more as time goes on on thursday that's tomorrow with the 1st of 22 funerals are going to be held here in el paso and in cities in cross the border in neighboring cities in mexico the visit by president trump to this city has been quite controversial for a number of reasons one he's criticized el paso in the past as being a crime infested city a false claim that was refuted by the mayor and by other city officials with statistics showing that this is a very safe city he's also talked about an invasion of people from south of the border from latin america coming into the united states well that same sort of invasion terminology was used in the diatribe that.
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that police believe the alleged shooter used so many democrats said that president trump should stay away he came anyway he's here now hopefully we'll have more information for you in the hours to come lauren reynolds thank you very much indeed . so how can this half hour. a controversial gold mine project to ignite protests in northwestern turkey. and a call for peace ukraine's new leader appeals to the russian president to help end years of conflict in the east. and other still more of that west and very windy weather across more southern sections of australia the cloud continuing to stream in and it is bringing the rain with it but particularly strong into those southern regions of victoria melbourne
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for the next couple days rain in your 4 causes same into adelaide but also across into hobart expect some gusty winds and some rain showers it's a bit cooler into puff a lot of cloud just lining those coastal areas you might just see it but his party going to stay dry and in fact just a degree warmer there on friday meanwhile warm and dry in townsville 27 degrees celsius but call it in sydney on friday with a high of 18 across into new zealand or cleanse be prepared plenty of rain i'm afraid you know for cause for the next couple of days a little bit more sporadic across the south of christchurch probably not a bad day on thursday 12 degrees celsius but it's likely by friday you also will see some rain showers and certainly plenty of rain across into oakland to get in both cases and a strong and at times gusty winds that we had up towards japan we've been talking about tropical storm francisco it is now time graded it will continue though to work its way through the sea of japan so brazen fairly heavy rain as it does that and by friday by the end of the week it's usual sort of story across much of japan
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but we could see some rain across into $22.00 celsius that is the parter. america is divided like never before each side is so convinced that they are absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous everything has a wall and strict immigration policy smart people in power investigates the partisan politics eroding civil norms vital to american democracy are you concerned that the political divisions today could lead to violence or the strange death of american civility part 2 on al-jazeera.
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or mind of the top stories here now jazeera pakistan has expelled india's ambassador and cut trade with the country of a new delhi's decision to strip autonomy from the part of kashmir's administers the region remains in lockdown for a 3rd straight day. the u.n. says it's alarmed by the escalation of violence in the yemeni city of aden at least one person has been killed and 2 others seriously injured during clashes between government forces and backed militias. u.s. president donald trump has arrived in el paso texas where 22 people were killed in one of 2 mass shootings last weekend is meeting survivors of a tack as well as 1st responders and local officials. question rico's justice secretary wonder vasquez has been sworn in as they are as new governor it follows a decision by the supreme court to overturn the appointment of pedro p.l.u. easy which was deemed unconstitutional
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a move which cannot be appealed is expected to spark widespread protests. tests many pressure makers are opposed to vest as good as live in the capital san juan so tell us what happens now that he's in. well we're going to be watching the streets very closely to see if these massive protests start anew here there's a small one there you can probably hear behind me it is small but it's very vocal it's not right outside of the governor's mansion essentially what we have now here in puerto rico is a deepening political crisis but really uncertainty i would say because now we've had 3 governors in puerto rico in 6 days really unheard of here and this all came about after the previous governor petro peter luis's stepped down earlier on wednesday after the supreme court ruled unanimously 9 to 0 that he a super power unconstitutionally by not being earned by the state before that
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governor it was ricardo seo who stepped down amid wide strip but protests he's stepped down because of some vulgar chats that were released where he was making fun of the puerto rican people also allegations of him being tied to corruption so what we've seen here is just an incredible last month but really last 3 days here 3 governors sorry last really $45.00 days we've seen 3 governors in 5 days so much uncertainty here at a time that this island really doesn't need it and how does all this affect ordinary people's lives. yet doesn't remember that puerto rico's an island of 3000000 people it's a u.s. territory so it relies on its funding really from washington d.c. the mainland and washington has said they could hold up hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for puerto rico until this political crisis is resolved and puerto rico right now is going through one of its worst financial crisis ever and
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it's just too. years removed from hurricane maria that wiped out this island financially and otherwise left the island without power in some parts for more than a year it's still recovering from that the island and the people and so they really do need to get this political crisis resolved very quickly a lections aren't scheduled in till november of next year 2020 and so this uncertainty in the longer that it goes on the more that it will affect the finances of this island and really the people here and that's why it's so difficult cameras on the thank you very much indeed. our drought in zimbabwe has left millions of people on the brink of starvation forcing the president to declare a national disaster the u.n. says more than 2000000 people in rural zimbabwe need emergency food aid now the government estimates another $2200000.00 people in urban areas also require food
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aid by next march a total of $7700000.00 could be affected as many high off of zimbabwe's population the world food program has launched a $330000000.00 appeal that will be used to provide food water and cash handouts was about was also grappling with an economic crisis and the impact of a devastating so i clone earlier this year how much us are reports. gideon to has lived there my district all his life aged 74 he says over the years the rains have become more and more erratic drought induced by the el nino with a patten has cut zimbabwe's maize harvest by hoth and reduced water levels in dams and rivers to watergate oh god what did i did you miss that we don't eat in the morning and in the afternoon we eat only at night we eat as little as possible so that the food can last longer. president has declared this latest drought a national disaster and the united nations once more help to prevent
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a humanitarian crisis is raised its appeal to international donors to $331000000.00 we're talking about people that truly are marching toward starvation if we're not there to help them 2300000 people in this country by this fall. it will be substantially higher $3600000.00 people because a lean seeding season is coming upon us then by early next year we're looking at $5.00 give or take a 1000000 people those numbers mean about a 3rd of the country's 15000000 population will need food aid. some of the money raised would be used to buy food provide clean water and give cash had also vulnerable families but raising all the money needed could be difficult as competing with other crises around the world such as syria yemen and south sudan.
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making an already dire situation even worse. devastated parts of maine the claim province in the east of the country earlier this year heavy rains flash floods and strong winds destroyed crops leaving thousands homeless and hungry the cash strapped government says it is buying grain from other countries to replenish stocks where the government are doing our part we're doing a lot of work merely sitting back and working for our colleagues from broadview in others to bring something of ourselves in with. ministry looking after social protection problems. but many zimbabweans already frustrated by rising inflation and a weak economy feel they government isn't doing enough. getting dollar is one of them he only has a few bags of maize left if we completely runs out he says he's praying for rain or humanitarian aid to reach them whichever comes 1st how to meet us al-jazeera them zimbabwe china says hong kong is facing its 1st severe situation since the handover
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from british rule in $997.00 increasingly violent protests have been going on for months in the financial hub on wednesday the pro-democracy movement staged a markedly different kind of demonstration a laser show hundreds gathered at the harbor front space museum aiming their lights on the dome shaped building during recent protests both police and protesters have used intense beams of light against each other. the philippines has declared a national dengue fever epidemic after more than 620 people died this year well 146000 cases of the mosquito borne illness have been recorded so far this year after the government banned the vaccine it followed the deaths of dozens of children who'd been given the vaccine as part of a nationwide immunization program. ukraine's new leader has called on the russian president to help bring an end to fighting in eastern ukraine one of them is lenski
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urged resume putin to resume peace talks one day after 4 ukrainian soldiers were killed by pro russia separatists also called on france and germany to help broker an agreement for the donbass region only 13000 people have been killed since the conflict began in 2014. or maybe i just had a phone conversation with russian president vladimir putin i called him immediately i see that this doesn't bring us closer to peace i beat you to influence the other side so that they can stop the killing of our people. steadfast and has more from moscow. it was a long phone call between the ukrainian president and russian president and the 2nd time that selenski the new ukrainian president has called put in since his inauguration in may this year selenski told put in that the death of 4 ukrainian soldiers in donbass on tuesday won't help to bring peace to this region vilinsky russian backed militias who are active in that area for the attack and mortar
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attacks but the authorities in donbass have denied any involvement and they said there were no militias in that area at that time since 2014 more than 13000 people have died in the violence between the ukrainian army and russian backed militias in the east of ukraine and zelinsky has made it his highest priority since he became the president to bring peace to that area he has also suggested to bring back the so-called normandy group which consists of russia ukraine france and germany and that's something both leaders have also discussed during this phone conversation and both leaders also decided to speed up the process of releasing prisoners on both sides there are still $24.00 ukrainian sailors in the attention in russia since late last year and they were basically charged with illegally and russian watrous and despite rather international pressure to release 2 sailors they're still in the tension here
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a controversial gold mine project has sparked protests in northwestern turkey environmentalist say the mines operator is doing irreversible damage to the environment need parker reports make has mountains in chemical a province. out. in the cows mountains protesting the. vast wilderness often called the lungs of turkey. the area's rich in plant and animal life it's also rich gold leading to this scar of the landscape. maybe this this crime will stop. our only hope it is a crime it is a crime yes cutting a living thing killing a living thing is a crime is the work of the canada based gold mining company alamance gold and its turkish subsidiary dough burger according to these environmentalists 195000 trees have been cut down to make way for this mine 4 times the approved number there's
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also a huge amount of concern about the potential use of cyanide to separate gold from it or the material that could end up polluting the soil and the water supplies was oh the turkish government rejects the pollution fears major projects such as this have helped fuel the economy in recent years. near to the mine a protest camp is taking shape it's highly organized with power and regular supplies of food and water all given by the local municipality run by turkey's main opposition party the c.h.p. they're preparing for a long fight think about people in turkey who are reliant on the speech for nature. there are lawsuits religious year making use of the forest making use of the trees so why why do you do this or that that you give them in this drawing this
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land is the turkey's got the vietnam and the word is losing that finger everyone should care about what's happening here. the chief executive of gold called the protest politically motivated misinformation john mccluskey said in 6 and a half years the whole focus of this area will be to replant and in a decade maybe a bit more than that it will look like a forest again he also said that cyanide leakage during gold extraction is impossible to convincing these environmentalist otherwise would be no easy task not far from the mine is mount where according to legend the god zeus watch the trojan war now environmentalists look down on a very different fight one for the natural environment. some demonstrators support saplings to replace felled trees one at a time in the hope of returning life to this area hoping to that their protests grows new park al-jazeera and the cows mountains. armed robbers in mexico have
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stolen and more than $2000000.00 worth of gold coins from a government coin manufacturer 2 men broke into the government branch on tuesday filling their backpacks with coins after throwing a security guard to the ground the thieves who helped by the fact the vault had been left open daylight robbery is the latest high profile crime to hit mexico city where norris ness has been increasing. are mine and on the top stories now which is era pakistan has expelled india's ambassador and cut trade with a country of a new day his decision to strip autonomy from the part of kashmir it administers the region reins in lock down for a 3rd straight day the 2 countries have battled over kashmir since independence leaving the territory divided by
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a ceasefire line opponents have reacted with disbelief but many kashmiri hindus who fled during the unrest around 30 years ago hope they can now return home the u.n. says it's alarmed by the escalation of violence in the yemeni city of aden. at least one person was killed and 2 others seriously injured during clashes between government forces and you a backed separatists fighting happened near the presidential palace the been reports of saudi fighter jets in the skies above the port city shops have been closed for the day because of fears that there would be clashes during the funeral of a high ranking commander. when . they attacked us we are peaceful and they are firing bullets the mysteries and 5th column while we were holding the funeral of
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a heroic martyrs may they rest in peace and he's 14 people have been killed and almost $150.00 injured it is so sad bombing near a police building in the afghan capital kabul to talk of detonated his truck or to a security checkpoint outside the complex setting off a huge explosion the taliban were quick to claim responsibility for the attack. question because justice extra one of us chris has been sworn in as the island's new governor it follows a decision by the supreme court to overturn the appointment of pedro p.l.u. easy which was deemed unconstitutional a move which cannot be appealed is expected to spot widespread protests u.s. president donald trump has arrived in el paso texas where 22 people were killed in one of 2 mass shootings last weekend he's meeting survivors of the attack as well as 1st responders and local officials she turned out passers had to have targeted the hispanic population living in the border town there's the headlines to stay
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with us an al-jazeera people in power is coming up next time you can catch up also on our web site how does it all come. after 25 years of affording the world's waste china through the global recycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure of the greenest skies is resulting in change we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al jazeera. america series just your 90 minutes any point in recent history politics undermined by process divisions consensus was done to. treat so what we can call one more see together. where to put this. in the 2nd 2 special
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reports. has been to invest. former special counsel robert muller recently appeared before the u.s. congress to answer questions about his investigation of president trump and russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign president has repeatedly claimed your court found there was no obstruction that it completely and totally exonerated . that is not what you report said is it. correct it is not what the report said. the report did not include he did not commit obstruction of justice that is correct
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for many democrats there are strong grounds for impeaching donald trump but with republicans remaining firmly in his corner it's becoming symbolic of america's partisan divide it's starting to look like you're having desperately tried and failed to make a legal case against the president you made a political case instead you put it in a paper sack lit on fire dropped it on our porch rang the doorbell and ran i don't think you will review a record that is as thorough as fair as consistent as the report that we have in front of us history is repeating itself i would say the trumpet ministration is contrast competition with what happened in the nixon administration john dean is a former white house counsel whose 973 testimony helped seal the fate of president richard nixon in watergate he also appeared before congress recently and sounded a warning about partisan division in incivility there's too much polarization in the sunset in the questioning sitting here and the shots that get taken that
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witnesses president trump exacerbates political polarization in the u.s. but it is the result of a social sorting process between the parties that began with the passage of civil rights legislation in the 1960 s. it's culminated in the formation of democratic and republican parties made up of distinctive racial ethnic and religious groups we are at inclusion of basically a 60 year political journey and it's a disaster. because the parties have divided over fundamental visions of the national character the drug man is a senior fellow in the political reform program at the think tank new america the republican party basically sees the true national identity of america as in the past a time when america was a white christian nation it's a traditionalist vision and then we have another party democratic party as a very different vision of america it's a more secular place it's more progressive and it celebrates diversity so the
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fundamental problem today is that politics is no longer about battles over resources but about battles over what it means to be an american yeah the 2 sides are casting each other as fundamentally un-american so pal could you possibly compromise with them. this clash over values has led to the sorting of the parties along geographic lines in the 2016 election trump won decisively in the 2300 counties that make up small town in rural america but in cities hillary clinton beat trump in a landslide. continuing our investigation into toxic partisanship in the us by focusing on north carolina as a microcosm of the nation we headed for charlotte the decision in this state. some areas of the state's very you know it's hard hard for democrat to get elected some and now the cities it's very hard for a republican to get elected and in a metropolitan area is a group of people that tend to be highly educated more moderate and liberal in their views twite a black belt in the war is becoming whiter and older and areas are becoming more
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diverse 8 percent of north carolina's population is foreign born 51 percent from latin america i know low benton crueler who owns this bakery immigrated from columbia in 1000 years ago when trauma decided to run for president as one i got involved with we had democratic party. and then latino. all 59 percent of north carolina's latino population is u.s. born but there are about 100000 undocumented immigrants in charlotte didn't think change once trump was elected yes a lot of families you know. father some modest away from their kids in charlotte illegal immigrants were being deported with the help of the local sheriff was working with federal immigration and customs enforcement ice under a program called 287 g. so benton corin a group of local activists helped elect a new sheriff basically expand the reach of ice and deputized his local
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sheriff's deputies to place foreign nationals entering mobile proceedings the 287 g. we well aware of what the problems were with that and how women were suffering and afraid to go places children were not attending school out of fear that something would happen during the school day before the sheriff's election in may 2018 activists hit the streets with a score card highlighting the differences between the incumbent erwin carmichael and his challengers the american civil liberties union also ran radio ads carmichael's challengers mcfadden and they pledged to stop working with trump's deportation for gary mcfadden a homicide detective for 27 years one becoming the 1st african-american sheriff ever in charlotte and his 1st day in office he ended his department's involvement in 287 we already had communities with mistrust you know no matter what happens in a community the community says you do not tell the police and to 87 g.
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just compounds the problem because of fear that you will be deported or you'll be targeted by do you think a lot of folks got caught up in the deportation process who shouldn't have been because of 287 yes a lot of people got caught off a small driving with no license seatbelt violation as long as you got into the criminal justice system he will part of the dea. poor taste in process ice responded to mcfadden's decision to end cooperation by mountain an aggressive enforcement effort in charlotte accusing him of being soft on crime so i think the fish that you see that there is a one out of here is dangerous because fadden and other sheriffs of north carolina's largest urban counties are now battling legislation pushed by republicans that would force them to cooperate with ice or be removed from office do you think there's any way to compromise with people who favor aggressive vice enforcement absolutely not how do you compromise on taking the father out of the
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home in leaving a mother with her children destitute with no support there's no way to compromise is no possible models they're doing the same thing that they did in slavery they just picked another group of people to do it now you can keep it constantly growing by making people disposable when you get tired or using the name brand name the enemy and you send him back to mexico or central america like republicans in washington d.c. republicans in north carolina representing grohl districts have been accused of fueling partisan tensions by pushing policies on immigration and other issues opposed by urban residents puppy and legislature in north carolina says big putting the cities because the cities are more liberal and more democratic and they're conducting policies that like what's driving that their fences on immigration very sharp difference about whether it's good for the country to have a lot of people coming in from latin american countries or it is somehow they are
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eroding americans authenticity in some cases it is economic competition what do you think is at the root of the urban rural divide so we have one half of the state that's dynamic and it's growing fast the young people are leaving the small town the royer has to come work in raleigh or charlotte because that's where the jobs of the future are and the other half you have a dying north carolina the royals are really struggling with economic decline. and of course you're going to have a huge harben world abide if that's that's the case. to better understand the economic cause that there are people to buy we headed west to the foothills of the appalachian mountains it's an area with conservative leanings rasmussen. for most of the 20th century could also find humming textile mills and furniture factories in small towns here every rival the industry in the american midwest but nearly 19 eighties all began to change.
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so how long have you been involved in economic development or about 30 years chuck mosley witnessed firsthand the decline of the textile and furniture industries in the burke county town of val d.s. and the surrounding area we had 7000 people that will be here during the day and i'm a little down but now we've probably got 2000 people that work in our town and so that's quite a difference this is the wall bench and plant and they down about 81 or 82 they they were one time raved about 5th in the world and i was reading business what kind of impact did that have on the economy here and major impact because that was our number one source of income for valleys in the neighboring town of the northern caldwell county also lost thousands of jobs in the furniture industry due to imports from asia and the outsourcing of production to the region we were so focused on furniture and on textiles people were trying to do anything else so when those jobs left you know they just had to take whatever was left over you know i
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saw that actually the unemployment rate has improved a lot they're finding jobs the biggest problem is that they're barely above minimum wage so this looks like a shutdown plan we've got all over the area here guarantee. i wouldn't be surprised if i walk out of it and live probably 10000 jobs in the furniture industry here to what extent did were. the trade deals for the economic problems that the phrase you hear a lot of it you know if they hey wait a minute let's bring that industry back and do it in america. so a lot of resentment among workers here that the politicians let them down you know at the coffee shop that was that's all they are more interested in the dollar from wall street than they are the people who are making the furniture and the families they're raising in this country. during the 2016 presidential race donald trump's campaign targeted north carolina voters in hard hit and just really are living
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through the greatest steps in the history of our world a truck that ministry will stop the jobs from leaving them and trouble even north carolina. trump received 67 percent of the vote burke county and 73 percent in caldwell county record levels of support for the republican presidential candidates trample saying stuff like bring manufacturing back they care about the little people support for trump and the stars are for america's past where evan invalides it mirrors classic car cruise and on friday night i trust you are great people or whatever but his policies are working for your average american i think a lot of people will look for a big change and trump is not a politician he doesn't look at things the way he typically called politicians look at the things you think people in this area support president trump in terms of his policy on immigration in america.


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