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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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concerned by the recent rhetoric encouraging violence against yemeni institutions mr griffiths said there escalations of violence will contribute to instability and suffering in arden and will deepen yemen's political and social divisions the special envoy calls on all parties involved to abandon violence and engage in dialogue to resolve differences he also orders all those with influence to deescalate the situation and ensure the protection of civilians still to come here on al-jazeera 3rd time lucky puts a rico swizz in its 3rd governor in 6 days after weeks of demonstrations and legal wrangling over the different candidates also ahead why no deal breaks it could leave britain with severe food shortages.
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and there were still very stuck with this unsettled weather pattern across much of europe centuries in particular look at this last the as well of that weather particularly strong heading towards those eastern areas and a new system just waiting in the wings but we've had some very strong thunderstorms and we've had some landslides and floods and look at this this is in the northern lombard region of northern essay and this is the office of all 200 people evacuated from this town and you can just see what the force of that water with those winds has done to all those cars nobody was injured thankfully but this morning the full cost of more warnings across the alps the same most severe wind gusts and then as we head off into areas of ukraine the warnings here for again strong winds but also large and damaging hail very wet the system pushing across into western as of russia not a bad day in moscow today 24 degrees celsius and not bad really across much of the north and the west and sunny skies good to much as that you can see the system waiting in the wings and guess what by friday it really does port. across certainly
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impacting much of the u.k. the warnings in place here as well through friday for the potential for some flooding rains coming down on top of what we have had recently and sunny cloudy down across into northern france 27 in paris with the chance of those showers and another wet day warsaw with a high of 25. the weather sponsored by catalonia. in a country with high youth unemployment one organization helps turn school children into entrepreneurs work on tell us what i mean by their one fund raising empowering them to reclaim their futures we teach them how to operate this story in my ship was how to make it back in the old new york prosperous communities some of them invest the money into other businesses school from the. heart of the rebel education series on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera my name's peter dhabi let's recap your top stories for you can be and security forces have now arrested around 500 people as a crackdown in the disputed territory of kashmir enters its 4th day telecommunications and the internet remain blocked pakistan is expelling the indian ambassador and cutting back trade in response relations deteriorate. china's surprising stock market investors by announcing better than expected exports last month but imports remain weak and may worsen as the trade with the u.s. intensifies and after the u.s. treasury china quotes a currency manipulator one of the story dengue fever is spreading at a record rate in bangladesh more than 2000 people have been infected within a period of 24 hours in the capital dhaka the number of female bosky toes that
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carry dengue is 14 times higher than it was before the monsoon season began in june . hundreds of people have protested against the u.s. president in texas and ohio the state's with 31 people were killed last weekend in 2 mass shootings donald trump travel to the cities of dates and paso to meet the injured 1st responders and local officials rob reynolds is in el paso. president donald trump's visits to the stricken cities in ohio and texas took place largely out of public view he praised law enforcement officers for responding swiftly to the heavily armed gunman preventing worse carnage on the road talking about the job you've done as police as law enforcement is 1st responders the job you've done is a credible and he and 1st lady melania trump spoke privately with family members of victims and wounded survivors being treated in hospitals. in both cities
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public protests were held against trump in dayton the now familiar blimp depicting the president as a scowling baby flew over the crowd in el paso democratic party figure said trump was not welcome he's used our community as a prop representing yard described as septic teams your city a place to be here describe to people in my community panics immigrants ask people to leave it to me to take responsibility. senator cory booker who is running for the democratic presidential nomination excoriated trump's rhetoric at the african-american church in south carolina where an avowed white supremacist gunned down 9 black worshipers in 2015 the ant act of anti latino anti immigrant hatred we witnessed this past weekend did not start with the hand that pull the trigger it was sold from the highest office in our land we receive
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tweets and rhetoric help for words. all commit lee endangered the lives of people in our country before leaving washington trump dismissed his detractors my critics are political people besides the big boys medicaid they're running for president they're very low in the fall. as for the prospects of more restrictive gun laws president trump said he and congress would come up with something quote really good but gave few specifics he said a ban on assault style weapons like the one that sprayed death in el paso seems politically out of reach now people here in el paso and in neighboring cities across the border with mexico are preparing for another painful ordeal the 1st of $22.00 funerals will be held on thursday robert oulds al jazeera el paso.
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the un's leading body for the study of climate change is holding its 50th session in the swiss capital is this is a live shot now where officials have been to governmental panel on climate change autumn living their latest report and sent to focus on how land use contributes to the climate crisis. drought has left more than a 1000000 people on the brink of starvation in northern kenya many of the affected areas your phone communities and herders competing for water and pasture al-jazeera as catherine sawyer reports now from country. analysts and gerry and her family are heading to an area in nothing kenya where they've been told there's enough water and pasture for her livestock it will take them a day to walk there there's a drought in parts of kenya months of rain have just ended but weather experts say it wasn't enough and millions of people are likely to suffer wason in food and water shortages and it did not rain where we were so we had to come to speak to
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a settlement area where my animals can survive hiders from different parts of this region are bringing their animals to areas such as mylar weight has rained but frequent droughts as cassidy of resources often crosses conflict between hardening communities many of the conflicts begin from watering point cattle markets and grazing areas like this one and it takes so little to start a fight with can spiral out of control and trigger revenge by communities. these are elders from neighboring some. ethnic groups they started peace meetings after 10 years of fighting killed hundreds of people. father was killed while trying to break up a gunfight. who was then a teenager was also shot by a stray bullet he says fighting in some areas has wasn't because of the easy access to guns political interference and cattle rustling. roy went to court is dry they
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come here because it is green. and when they come here they steal our cattle and when we go there we steal their cattle in the cycle keeps repeating itself. it's a job of elders in marlow to ensure peace among neighbors every so often they come together at this highest point of the rift valley a neutral ground they discuss how to handle the large number of hiders arriving from other drought hit areas. we also started a peace market pockets and some neighbor. but those who live far from here are the ones causing problems we are also trying to talk to them those helping to keep the peace including the catholic church say those such meetings are a good start into ethnic fighting is common in some parts of northern kenya people are moving from community owned land to individual ownership so that's going to pose a serious threat because there'd be no more land to move with the lifestyle for now
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hardass coming to enjoy relative safety negotiated by their elders those from distant areas are warned against starting trouble one mistake may take the communities here back to a conflict they worked so hard to avoid catherine saw al-jazeera some kenya. now firefighters in peru are trying to stop a forest fire from reaching ancient ruins emergency crews have battled the blaze for 4 days it's threatening an inker settlement dating back to the 6th century puts rico's new governor has been sworn in the 3rd person to hold that job in less than a week the appointment of the justice secretary wonder vasquez follows weeks of political turmoil in the u.s. territory gabler's on the reports now from the capital someone. the confusion continues and so too is the rapid change of leadership one day baskets being sworn in is puerto rico's new governor she had previously said she didn't even want the
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job but his justice minister she's next in line of succession and was obligated to take it. i'm taking this job as governor at this historic moment without ever having any. desire to complete my mission to serve the people in the best way i can she replaces pedro. who took office on friday he served as governor for just 5 days before the supreme court ruled his swearing in unconstitutional because he wasn't confirmed by the senate massive street protests . predecessor ricardo to resign amid a scandal involving his bolder text messages and allegations of corruption so as the 3rd governor in 6 days was sworn in it was clear many puerto ricans still are not happy what do you think of the new governor. it is.
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when she. sees a lot of people die they don't have their resources in a lot of resources got lost so she didn't do anything. i'm concerned. because she's. been. i mean she don't change anything that is a sentiment felt by many here some say they will not settle for this new governor. i think it's my duty i think it my duty and if i want change i have to be part of it puerto rico is an island of $3000000.00 people and a territory of the united states it's going through its worst financial crisis ever and it's still trying to recover from a devastating hurricane 2 years ago that left much of the island without power for
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many months the political uncertainty now is not making matters any better. but people will have to wait a while longer to pick their own governor elections aren't scheduled until november of next year gable's on do is eat a sandwich puerto rico the president of kyrgyzstan has ordered the government to take measures to maintain law and order for a failed attempt to arrest his predecessor a police officer was killed in the operation today in the form of president back. he says accusations of corruption and abuse of power are politically motivated dozens of people including 15 soldiers were injured as some of his supporters disrupted the arrest near the capital bishkek ukraine's president his russian counterpart vladimir putin to resume talks on a peaceful solution to the separatist conflict in ukraine's eastern donbass region of love to me as alinsky also called on france and germany to help broken agreement after 4 ukrainian soldiers were killed by pro russia separatists when 13000 people
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have been killed since the conflict began in 2014 after russia's annexation of crimea. from moscow. it was a long phone call between the ukrainian president and russian president and the 2nd time that selenski the new ukrainian president has called put in since his inauguration in may this year selenski told put in that the death of 4 ukrainian soldiers on in donbass on tuesday won't help to bring peace to this region zelinsky blames russian backed militias who are active in that area for the attack and mortar attack but the authorities in donbass have denied any involvement and they said there were no militias in that area at that time since 2014 more than 13000 people have died in the violence between the ukrainian army and russian backed militias in the east of ukraine and zelinsky has made it his highest priority since he became the president to bring peace to that area he has also suggested to bring
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back the so-called normandy group which consists of russia and ukraine france and germany and that's something both leaders have also discussed during this phone conversation and both leaders also decided to speed up the process of releasing prisoners on both sides there are still $24.00 ukrainian sailors in the attention in russia since late last year and they were basically charged with illegally and russian watrous and despite rather international pressure to release 2 sailors they're still in the attention here at the u.k. student drink industry is wanted major shortages of the country crashes off the to do you on october 31st as a disorderly pricks a could disrupt food supplies for months even fresh produce rotting imports join a whole has more from london. businesses shot supply chains interrupted jobs lost the chances of britain leaving the e.u. on october the 31st without
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a deal to regulate trade have become all too real warnings about the potential consequences from manufacturing to medicines now joined by the food and drinks federation so we know there's going to be disruption at the ports particularly across the short straights france where a lot of our food comes from and we know that that will have knock on effects that there will be some shortages of food in the u.k. in the weeks and months after. the food industry isn't alone and u.k. transport authorities attempted earlier this year to test the scenario of sudden customs checks leading to long queues at the main u.k. e.u. ports of trade an exercise that involved parking trucks at a disused airfield did little to allay fears but supporters including the new foreign secretary in canada drumming up interest in a trade deal this week say the short term pain of a heart breaks it worth it for the long term gains we want to expand our horizons
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and raise our level of ambition in the world and as part of that we want to take our friendship with canada and the canadian people to the next level in its 1st fortnight in office the johnson government has made clear that if the e.u. won't renegotiate the existing withdrawal agreement then a no deal breaks it is inevitable and as for those die industry warnings where the government seems largely to shrug them off never mind that lorry loads of fresh produce wouldn't last long sitting on a disused airstrip and retailers say even efforts at stockpiling dry goods will be complicated by the fact that warehouses are already filling up ahead of christmas most m.p.'s have vacated westminster for the summer recess but remember those late night knife edge votes in the spring well never far from their mind. it's now will be the battle to come between those who support the government's no deal threat and those who want to stop it in parliament that will be all the people are talking
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about and already you hear the reports about m.p.'s meeting to try and figure out ways they can stop the government taking us to no deal what we don't know because we've had so little time to watch boris johnson interact with parliament we only have one day before the recess is whether sufficient numbers of conservative m.p.'s will be willing to take that ultimate step of voting the government down to try and stop no deal and fraught autumn of politics lies ahead jonah how al-jazeera london . and if you're a from the t.v. why not check out the web site al-jazeera dot com for more on our top story the latest out of kashmir. this is al jazeera these are the top stories pakistan is expelling the indian ambassador and cutting back trade as relations deteriorate with its neighbor over the disputed territory of kashmir indian security forces have arrested around 500
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people there the crackdown has left people confined to their homes for a 4th day now india announced on monday it was taking away the region's autonomy priyanka gupta has the latest for us from new delhi. hundreds of thousands of people are completely cut off from the rest of the country and the rest of the world emergency services are badly affected even though hospitals are working and fire stations are working but there is no way that people can call these places and ask for ambulances to come if there is there are patients that need urgent care so we have spoken to several kashmiris from the ground our reporters there have spoken to them and they have been talking about how they have to travel on foot crossing different barricades and blocks to reach hospitals do it do to talk to doctors so that they can get basic medical care china releasing better than expected trade figures despite the intensifying trade war with the united states the us president
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donald trump says an additional 10 percent tariff will be imposed on $300000000000.00 worth of chinese imports as of next month the u.s. treasury has designated china as being a currency manipulator. then you fever is spreading at a record rate in bangladesh more than 2000 people have been infected within a period of 24 hours in the capital dhaka the number of female mosquitoes carrying the dengue fever virus is 14 times higher than it was before the monsoon season began in june. in southern yemen 3 people have been killed in fighting between government forces and separatists backed by the united arab emirates. others were also injured in the city of aden gun battle started after a funeral for a high ranking commander killed in a p.c. attack. hundreds of people have protested against the u.s. president donald trump in ohio and texas as he visited 1st responders and survivors of the shootings there 31 people were killed last weekend in the cities of dayton
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and el paso more news on the web site it's always there for dot com up next is the stream i'm back after that with 30 minutes of al-jazeera world news hopefully i will see you very soon. we. give to the people who will be attending the workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter is iraq. ok and i'm awake and you're in the stream today why are environmental activists attack we will discuss a new report that looks at the threats faced by the founders of the land and its resources how are environmental activists treated in your country you can tell us via twitter or in our live chat. everyone money was burned.
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from sometimes movement you are in the stream. last year at least $164.00 environmental activists around the world were killed and countless more was silenced from violent attacks intimidation or unfair. that is according to a new report by the u.k. based human rights group global witness the report examined 19 countries and found that most of the killings were of activists who spoke out against the mining industry people protesting hydro power projects and land disputes with business will also met with deadly attacks the report also highlights the threats indigenous communities in particular face from resource extraction industries. and the growing trend by governments to label environmental protect us as terrorists so when this episode will look at the struggles faced by environmental activists and ask what should be done to protect their work with us to talk about this via skype in london
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heather is senior communications advisor with global witness and sao paulo carlos riddle he's the executive secretary of the brazilian climate observatory a coalition of civil society organizations and in manila victoria. the un special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples she is an indigenous leader from the can people in the philippines welcome to the stream all of you i want to start with the expertise of some of our community members because our viewers know what they're talking about so the philippines noted in this tweet from leon here is the deadliest country in the world right now for environmental defenders and he explains in his view why his organization recorded a total of 223 filipino environment defenders killed from 2001 to 2008 he says 58.3 percent of them were involved in anti mining activity followed by
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opponents of agribusiness the presence of these extractive industries is by far the biggest driver of bile and against defenders but he goes on to say this is interesting victoria he says these brave martyrs stood in defense of more than 2600000 hectares of land and seascapes the majority of beings came from indigenous people and farmers resisting land grab so indigenous peoples and farmers this sounds like a big umbrella when we say environmental defenders who are we talking about when it comes to the philippines. well we're talking about 15000000 indigenous peoples and of course but maybe more than that a bigger number of farmers so they call they also. there are indigenous peoples are also farmers so so it's nation of 2 groups of people who are basically working the land depending on the land and surviving on. heather
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i'm just looking at the global witness report here enemies of the state question mark and what you did was take out just not the numbers and the rip reporting that you've seen of how many people have been attacked or died of being criminalized but you made it personal so that we as the international community could see what was happening i wanted us to do that all the way through the show said take us to guatemala a community that was protesting a dan tell us about that. absolutely. one of the key case studies covered in our part of it the story of neri and dimming esteban 2 brothers who were very violently killed and following that opposition that vocal opposition and peaceful protest a higher power and now that the people in that community to be killed linked to this and that community has been and continues to be intimidated threatened by
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violence you know this hydropower the project with it we're polluting the was they were destroying food crops fish carps and to be honest causing a huge impact on the indigenous community i lived in that area so it's really stark and i'm quite a horrible example of of the shock and of these kind of attacks which can start with criminalization and intimidation and threats and sort of and. horrible killings cos i'm just thinking about some of the situations of these local communities airing it's the industry's coming into that environment losing their environment and then the protesting it's not as if that activists all pompous it's because something has been done to them for instance mo kerry poisoning tell us about the communities that are suffering from the complacent. i'll give you one
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example that young will not mean indigenous groups this is found in the north or amazon brazilian amazon. is to make sure that there are 20000 legal minors within their legs. boys running dog. the reverse were you by using mary and some of the healthy institutes in brazil west to make that more than 50 percent of the young no money population is contaminated with america really do they use of 4 of this substance for gold mining and we're speaking about 20000 people by illegal establishing this. i'm also thinking about indigenous people who are so often in there in areas where there is mining there's hydro electricity. extraction and i wanted to share with you one story and how the indigenous community there are trying to fight that so we go to brazil for that and
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an indigenous tribes and in this case you'll hear from the locals the hell they're managing when there's logging in the area have a look. but when i got together and organized a team to protect the territory we were worried and are worried about future generations and about the isolated tribes that we have never seen our grandparents told us that there were people there and that they need protection also they said that these people need us they need the forest and we need the forest for the issue most to see the forest. victoria are you finding its indigenous communities that are suffering the most from the lands being encroached upon. yes i do find that especially because we know. people that they have been meeting in different parts of the world at the ones who really are. the kinds of development that we
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see like my knee as well as expansion of cultural. and also big infrastructure projects that are usually pushed by the government so. these are highly wallner of oil and in a big person they just. the ones who are killed as well are subject to fall screaming those charges and brought to a pretrial detention for many years so this is the picture that i've seen and i think that it's because of the fact that they were defending this land before and now with increasing decrease of land which will be exploited they are now. want to share this comment with out on you tube from someone watching this is a lizabeth who says environmental issues seem to be connected to class and race issues as well like in brazil growth scenario encouraging miners to invade
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indigenous lands in brazil and claiming it to make these cultures modern so that's one take right there because you saw that earlier video from brazil but i want to move to a different part of the world and still keep this on indigenous communities because of course it's not just brazil want to share this coming from david gilbert he's a political politest talking about what communities in indonesia face have a listen. in places like indonesia and sumatra in particular the risks that indigenous peoples and smaller family farmers face as they seek to defend their lands forest and waters are very grave their industrial agriculture is especially violence and coersion to force people off the land in industry existing ecology state military work with agribusiness mercenaries and militia to murder a few of these people every year and thousands more are arrested but still these people these defenders of protectors are joining up by the hundreds of thousands in
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unions and social mobilization organizations on the continue their struggle and tell these commodities are produced in a way that's free of bloodshed so how can he in that video on a hopeful note but in the comment he says that these communities are facing murder mercenaries and militias these are dangerous circumstances what recourse do they have especially when it comes to indigenous communities and the risks they're facing. yeah i mean i think it was i mean particularly inspiring to see. him from from the clip before from the indigenous community in brazil around how dabbing extremely active on mobilizing to protect not just their community but the communities around them and they feel the responsibility of that and i think. the really important thing here is that land environmental defenders are not just fighting for their own protections and fighting for all of you know when they protect the forests in that part of brazil and helping save the planet from climate
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breakdown which is a huge issue as we know i so i think that's the 1st thing to say that you know not only are they facing these huge threat in the face of protecting their own land but they are also protecting the environment for all of it as and i think that in order for them continue to fight with success and you know we have seen in some cases numbers have fallen that might obscure the fact that there are still huge threats against london environmental defenders but you know people like victoria. of london to environment to defend themselves campaign groups and geos all of these people have been campaigning so hard and raising awareness and now it's up to all of us to stand with defenders and amplify their stories on that to kind of link into the sort of important intersectionality you talked about before and make sure that we're telling their stories and that where holding businesses and governments to
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account so that they don't have to do that high on their right cos when you think about it it's outrageous that people living in their own country all know a lot. from outsiders and companies and industries coming in and. it's outrageous that that would even happen can you explain why. well at the edge of the to the up because this pressure the lack of law enforcement of the lack of the presence of the government of on the grounds of for example in many details lands on public lands in brazil and so it's the the duty from the federal government to protect those lands to prevent to that these lands i think they did by illegal miners like legal or worse and believe whenever this happens they should go there and and take this people out off of those lands.


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