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if they called me today. but what there is abuse by the head of this now permanent migrant camp still visits family and friends in the kashmir valley he'd also like to go back but says that's difficult. we ask the government one close for us to settle so from there we'll have self security and check on our old properties but if they tell us to just go back to our old place or this won't happen 5 5. tension is high here and many people say they'll wait and see what develops and pray life will get better as jamil al-jazeera district indeed administered kashmir. fighting is escalating in southern yemen between government forces and separatists backed by the u.a.e. has been fired and tanks are on the streets of aden as battles fred towards the airport 4 people have been killed and at least 9 others injured including a child gun battle started on wednesday after a funeral for a high ranking commander killed in the attack southern separatists accuse
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government forces of conspiring against and despite being on the same side of the civil conflict. in independence yemen analyst a resident scholar at the middle east institute she says the stakes are high for this new rift in the country. it's going to be very dangerous they are on the same side in terms of fighting the who the or a no northern opponent out however in reality they have not been getting along for months and the southern separates us forces especially represented in the southern transitional council have called repeatedly to secession and feel like the time is ideal to self-determination and to pursue it now so it seems that although they're fighting against a common enemy the time has come where differences amongst them are more important than just fighting that enemy and so what we see is something that was expected we've seen signs of it coming for many years actually the southern separatist
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movement have been calling for secession as early as 2007 and then very strongly in 2011 and then again when the war started the calls continued to grow and what the war did in the sense is it helped these forces gain arms and with these arms they're certainly able to push the government out whether they're actually going to be able to take control of the entire part of i've done so there are key key sites for battles for example if the southern transitional council is capable of controlling a area which is where the the president's forces are mostly and the government is residing there if they're able to secure these areas and if they're able to secure the. line and if they're able to get recognition from neighboring governorates then we can say that the southern transitional council has to control of odd that you know the problem is we're not entirely sure that they're strong enough to do that
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which means that this could potentially open clashes for days even weeks and so what the world is watching to see whether they're going to be able to calm this down and the next few days are really tell us what is in store for odds and what is a possibility for for how they're going to govern that city moving forward certainly the. internationally backed government has been between and. the majority of the government staff have been operating out of ident but the president has consistently remained in saudi arabia and so because of locally speaking in yemen a lot of the yemenis feel that the government has not lived up to their expectations have not delivered forces that have not developed the level delivered services at the level that is expected and so it seems that the southern transitional council is trying to push for a sort of agreement between the southern transitional council and the yemeni government that would look a lot like the peace partnership deal that the hope these managed to strike with the government back in september of 2014 which is
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a partnership where the government remains on the ground but the southern transitional council has the full authority of how to run the country elite special forces of kyrgyzstan have arrested former president. by of off the storming his home it's was the 2nd attempt to arrest him a soldier was killed during wednesday's failed raid some of his supporters were injured as they disrupted the operation near the council bishkek some by it was wanted for corruption and abuse of power so as the accusations are politically motivated. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including p.k. case found those been in prison for 20 years says his organization is ready to talk peace. act quickly on climate control or face critical food shortages that's the warning from the u.n. . and its board now and we'll sack and serena williams remain on course for a u.s.
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open rema. from the rajah's. i. jailed kurdish leader. says he's ready to talk with turkish authorities to work on a solution to stop the conflict between the turkish state and kurdish fighters according to a statement released by is lawyer july says the kurds do not need a separate state he's been in prison for 20 years or jail and founded the kurdistan workers' party or p k k it's launched the separatist insurgency against the turkish state in 19 eighty-four he's been in jail since 1999 parker has more from istanbul. the founding father of the p.k. k. has released a statement through his lawyers in which he said that he was very confident that he
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could resolve the conflict between the turkish state and kurdish fighters within a week he said he also said the turkish government needed to do what's necessary or slam is the founding father of the p.k. k. that began as separatists insurgency against the turkish state in 1904 he was jailed in 1909 and is currently being held in a maximum security prison on an island in the sea of marmara he's been denied a lawyer since 2011 but this year is seen as lawyers on several different occasions he also still exerts a tremendous amount of influence over the p.k. k. and its offshoot the y.p. gee what does all of this mean well there is a new context for these comments in the form of hopes of creating a safe zone in northern syria negotiations between turkey and the united states have been intense in recent days plans to create the safe so a tentative largely because of a fundamental difference of opinion over the why p.g.
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viewed very much in turkey as a terrorist organization a threat to national security but seen by the united states as allies in the fight against isis or could this in some way soften the stance between turkey and the white b.g. all of that is unclear. trumps visited survivors of the weekend mass shootings in ohio and texas so if you want people were killed in daytona and the passo the u.s. president's avoided protests as though who say he was while come from denies shooting white supremacy proles explains. president donald trump's visits to the stricken cities in ohio and texas took place largely out of public view he praised law enforcement officers for responding swiftly to the heavily armed gunman preventing worst carnage all over the world are talking about the job you've done
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as police as law enforcement is 1st responders to the job you've done as a credible and he and 1st lady malani a trump spoke privately with family members of victims and wounded survivors being treated in hospitals. in both cities public protests were held against trump in dayton the now familiar blimp depicting the president as a scowling baby flew over the crowd in el paso democratic party figure said trump was not welcome he's used our community as a prop representing you are described as something teams your city a place to be here describe to people in my community mannix immigrants ask people to get you to take responsibility. senator cory booker who is running for the democratic presidential nomination excoriated trump's rhetoric at the african-american church in south carolina where an avowed white supremacist gunned down 9 black worshipers in 2015 aunt act of anti latino anti
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immigrant hatred we witnessed this past weekend did not start with the hand that pulled the trigger it was sold from the highest office in our land we receive tweets and rhetoric help for words. all commit lee endangered the lives of people in our country before leaving washington trump dismissed his detractors my critics are political people decide to say for medicaid they're running for president they're very low in the fall. as for the prospects of more restrictive gun laws president trump said he and congress would come up with something quote really good but gave few specifics he said a ban on assault style weapons like the one that sprayed death in el paso seems politically out of reach now people here in el paso and in neighboring cities
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across the border with mexico are preparing for another painful ordeal the 1st of $22.00 funerals will be held on thursday robert oulds al jazeera el paso. hours before trump arrived in el paso immigration agents in mississippi were carrying out what they're calling their largest raids in a decade almost 700 suspected illegal workers were arrested in a series of raids cultural processing plants trump announced an immigration crackdown in june saying millions of illegal aliens would be removed from the u.s. . well back to that story on those raids by immigration officials in the u.s. just as president don't trump was visiting el paso more on on this from a white house correspondent kimberly how is it really bad timing kimberly any explanation for. yet bad timing bad optics you've got the one the one
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hand the u.s. president trying to act as consoler in chief uniting the country saying that his rhetoric has not divided has not led to sort of emboldening the hate that was contained in that manifesto of the el paso shooter targeting hispanics but then on the other hand you have the trumpet ministration making headlines for these raids of illegal workers in one state over in the u.s. state of mississippi another southern state along the border with mexico now this is a concern in all of this is not just the optics but the motivations because what was happening in all of this is as these illegal workers were being rounded up and put boxes what the cameras were capturing where their children being left behind at daycare centers crying as they witnessed their parents being locked up and hauled away now the argument being made by the trumpet ministration is that this was well coordinated planned to the vans these warrants that were obtained to go into these
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7 different agricultural buildings where these workers were on the job essentially is that this had been done it advance it even had 600 different agencies immigration customs enforcement agents that had rehearsed this well in advance of the el paso shooting it's hard to understand though why the white house wouldn't recognize that this is not going to look good for the president call this off apparently they didn't or decided not to do it went ahead in the midst of all of this we did reach out to immigration customs enforcement to try and find out you know whether or not any of the employers were being arrested as. well what we're told is that there were no arrests of employers who were having these workers that were on the job for them at the time but what they did do is they rounded up and seize business records to build a case they argue for prosecutions later on the immigration and customs enforcement
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contact also pointed out to the fact there was a similar raid a year ago of a plant in the u.s. state of tennessee and that ultimately resulted in the prosecution of that employer who is now spending 18 months in jail so the goal of the administration they say is to try and catch these people that are allowing for these illegal workers to come in it many cases bribing them and exploiting them going after the big fish if you will but again the optics as we go back to the president trying to console as families are being divided certainly painful and that's what catching headlines here in the united states. from washington d.c. the u.s. has raised its travel warning for hong kong as protests is their plan yet another weekend of demonstrations a cd a chinese official overseeing hong kong affairs is warning the city is facing its biggest crisis and that it the chinese rule 22 years ago from abroad reports from hong kong. sweltering through its summer of unrest hong kong prepares for
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another weekend of protests a short way across the border in the mainland city of shenzhen a meeting of pro beijing business and political leaders is told to support the beleaguered hong kong government its intended all 4 year spirit conveyed by the central government is to stop the violence and end the chaos violence is not good for hong kong at all. hundreds of protesters have been arrested in increasingly violent clashes with some now facing prosecution for the serious offense of rioting that many lawyers believe it's politically motivated. no political prosecution of thousands of lawyers staged a protest how they are asked the department of justice immediately charge the protesters while the suspected triad gang members filmed beating up protestors last
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month still haven't been charged with the what was the and it's. not the us this. was the department of justice says it's above any political interference but the suspicion is it's fast tracking the prosecution of people on rioting charges to keep a lid on the violence although for many that does nothing to resolve the underlying problems here like trying to buy an apartment in the world's most expensive property market working in financial services will laois relatively lucky and could one day by his own home many he went to college with can't they don't and that much so in that case it might take. decades for them to save up of the deposit for the lump sum when you pay for 4 for the flat for him and the hundreds of thousands who've been protesting peacefully there's the deeper discontent with inequality and
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the political system which doesn't offer the true democracy to address it we're we've been driving people like myself or you know my peers taking it to the streets and protesting against the government is it is the fact that we see not just the difficulty but the fact that we see you know there are growing imbalance in the system it's a system under increasing strain not sure how many more weekend up here balls can bear bryant al-jazeera hong kong. well still ahead an al-jazeera struggling to cope thank you see the spreading that's a record right in bangladesh. and it's called the latest from the transfer deadline day in england is one of the details most feared strikers is known to do.
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and that quite effect across much of the middle east we have been talking about the small winds the last few days still very much in evidence blowing through much of iraq down on into kuwait and the monsoon rains are back as well across into pakistan heavy a in the north we could see a stray. and across the 31 celsius on friday 35 in kabul temperatures not really changing and for the next couple days 33 degrees celsius and we have goal 31 degrees celsius across in baquba now further to the south there should all winds having quite a nice impact on the weather across into doha helping certainly with the humidity and a bit of cloud you can see it just popping up 3 more central areas over friday but by saturday it has further tools east so northern sections over iran you could see some class but it's unlikely we will of course see any showers we could just see a stray shot into the lala with that on shore flow not bad with a high of 40 degrees celsius than we had down into southern africa time which is of
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course not as high on the satellite you can see another line of clouds really just passing by that south coast so on friday there is the outside chance of a shot 15 degrees look at the time was there an 18 celsius on friday quite a bit of cloud and then by some play back up to the average with a high of 24. captaining a leading used team at 16 years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. but the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game on a jersey you know. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really
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wonder what was going on but what is this growth is that a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to make the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be so realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching our jazeera time to recap our headlines now the united nations says it's concerned by the restrictions currently in place in indian administered kashmir by security clampdown has been in effect since the territories
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autonomy was revoked by parliament on monday prime minister narendra modi has defended the changes though ailing them as the start of a new era. in southern yemen 4 people have been killed in the 2nd day of fighting between government forces and separatists the un is warning for urgent deescalation almost 700 suspected illegal workers were arrested in a series of right. in the u.s. state of mississippi on wednesday it happened just hours before president trump arrived in texas to visit a hispanic community suffering from the weekend mass shooting. the u.n. issued a warning saying global food supplies are at risk if people don't change the way the planet's resources are used experts behind the new report are calling on governments and consumers to protect land to ensure food security cattle opposer they are reports. in many parts of the world land is being overworked and
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misused and it's increasingly being swallowed up by the effects of global warming heat waves and droughts are turning once for thailand's into deserts that's the latest warning from scientists i think the takeaway message is that the way we use land matters because it impacts the climate and we also should use land as a solution the un's intergovernmental panel on climate change says global warming and poor land use practices are having devastating effects entire communities have lost their crops livestock land and livelihood small scale farmers who depend on grain to grow their crops i left guessing about when the whether the rains are going to come. whether they'll be enough so it's really an urgent message to governments. the report calls on governments to promote small scale farming and to
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significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions it also urges consumers to do their part by reducing meat consumption the way we produce food and what we eat contributes to the loss of nature ecosystems and declining both diversity. it's estimated that one 3rd of the food produced for human consumption about $1300000000.00 tons goes to waste every year the u.n. panel says limiting the amount of voice would free land for reforestation and crop growth. oh warning to stop pushing land to its breaking point and a call for governments to pay attention katia will piss of the young al-jazeera world turner is senior vice president of global strategy group at conservation international he joins us by skype from arlington virginia good to have you with us quite an alarming report there by the u.n. agency what needs to change in international farming or agricultural habits in
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order to avoid the sort of scenario we're being warned about. it will be real clear well what we're seeing in this report is that it's what we do to protect and restore our lands and this generation is really going to affect whether our children know their service planet suffer and it's really highlighting the impact that it's agriculture food production and our use of brand have on ecosystems and in turn how those he visits and affect our climate. what needs to change is really highlighted in this report. because this report isn't just a we're used to hearing single you know individual stories or opinions what this report from the i.p.c.c. is is a synthesis of years of research hundreds of studies by dozens of researchers and the it was sift through and find out the things that are when winds that can be positive for the climate and land without the 2000000 packs so i just want to know
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what are the wind wins of these humans here so some of the ones that are really getting highlighted here are the protection and restoration of the forests and other natural ecosystems we know that forests right now hold more carbon than our entire atmosphere combined think about that that's it's an enormous quantity of carbon in wood in deep soils that have accumulated or in some cases centuries if we continue to allow that c o 2 to go into the atmosphere we will not be able to succeed in addressing climate change and at the same time we are undermining the ability of ecosystems to absorb 02 from the atmosphere so if we protect and restore those ecosystems it can be a massive school addressing climate change it's all the technology we have that can actually remove c o 2 that's already in the atmosphere at scale i don't need to look at just to clarify what is restoring those ecosystems practically mean.
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restoring out of so where you plant in our story go systems matters and that's one of the things we see in this report so in particular taking place is where forests have been clear in the past and where that cleared land is not actively being used for productive agriculture we succumb degraded lands and there's millions of square kilometers of peace around the world it replant forests that allow them to regrow or grasslands and rangelands in these places then we can sequester massive amounts of c o 2 the report says without compromising our current security ok but sorry to jump in again the planting forest is is is something that a lot of groups have been advocating for for a very long time and it obviously hasn't been happening at least fost enough of these sort of recommendations practical yeah i think there's a good example that we just signed ethiopia in the past few weeks where you have the prime minister of the country advocating enabling his people to
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restore in this case it turned out to be hundreds of millions of trees to plant hundreds of millions of trees in less than time in doing that in the service of fighting climate change and ensuring the resilience of their population and there are reports there it remains to be seen if those trees are able to be protected in bro over time but you can just let nature riches of off the millions of years to use photosynthesis to turns you into wouldn't the carbon that's like live and live if you allow that to happen it can be a massive force in addressing climate change in the story in ethiopia it's see it's improving on what's happened in the past and it's a positive sign that there could be a race to the top with the new kinds of information coming out of this report and seriousness of. thank you very much of a very helpful inspiring that thanks so much will turn of the. one of the consequences of climate change is
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a rise in drought conditions the lack of rain in kenya has pushed more than a 1000000 people closer to the brink of starvation catherine sawyer reports from some brute county where there's friction between herders who compete for water and pasture for their livestock. analysts and jerry and her family are heading to an area in nothing kenya where they've been told there's enough water and pasture for her live stock it will take them a day to walk there there's a drought in parts of kenya months of rain have just ended but weather experts say it wasn't enough and millions of people are likely to suffer wason in food and water shortages and it did not rain where we were so we had to come to speak to a settlement area where my animals can survive hiders from different parts of this region are bringing their animals to areas such as my weight has rained but frequent droughts as cassidy of resources often crosses conflict between harding communities many of the conflicts begin from watering point cattle markets and
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grazing areas like this one and it takes so little to start a fight with can spiral out of control and trigger revenge by communities these are old is from neighboring some buru ad pop quarter ethnic groups they started peace meetings after 10 years of fighting killed hundreds of people many clueless its father was killed while trying to break up a gun fight. who was then a teenager was also shot by a stray bullet he says fighting in some areas has wasn't because of the easy access to guns political interference and cattle rustling as i think of. when to quote is dry they come here because it is green. and when they come here they steal our cattle and when we go there we steal their cattle in the cycle keeps repeating itself. it's a job of elders in. to ensure peace among neighbors every so often they come
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together at this highest point of the rift valley a neutral ground they discuss how to handle the large number of hiders arriving from other drought hit areas. we also started a peace market pockets and some booze who neighbor live in cohesion but those who live far from here are the ones causing problems we are also trying to talk to them those helping to keep the peace including the catholic church say those such meetings are a good start into ethnic fighting is common in some parts of northern kenya people are moving from community owned land to individual ownership so that's going to pose a serious threat because they've been no more land to move with livestock for now hardass coming to my enjoy relative safety negotiated by their elders those from distant areas are warned against starting trouble one mistake may take the communities here back to a conflict that what so hard to avoid catherine saw al-jazeera some kenya.
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malawi's constitutional calder's began hearing a petition challenging president to. reflect reelection rather remain. narrowly defeated opposition lose the land chuck wear or. has this update from harare in neighboring zimbabwe a court proceeding started late on thursday afternoon because the attorney general who's representing president military commission wanted a postponement he said receive some files late they are too many and he needs time to go through them he also said his legal team also needs time to speak to some polling agents together evidence judges in a postponement was a not unnecessary opposition party say mase election was rigged they say they have evidence which shows some of the numbers what tampered with to favor president with erica people in the ruling d.p.p. party deny the allegations
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a ruling will be made within 12 days angry opposition supporters in malawi have been protesting for weeks in the major cities and towns and some of those demonstrations have been violent some shops were looted and property was destroyed they say the one thing hit of the electoral commission jade answer to resign immediately they say she's incompetent is a the way she handled the election was unprofessional they are threatening to things they say in the coming days in the coming weeks if the matter is not resolved they are going to protest demonstrate outside airports border posts and key government institutions until they say the person they feel won the election is declared the winner. doctors in bangladesh say dengue fever is spreading at a record rate more than 2000 cases have been reported in the last 24 hours alone coverage andriy is the latest from dhaka. maglev they're struggling to cope with one of the worst dying if they were outbreak in the past 20 years the number of
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dead steadily increasing so is the number of patients seeking treatment the hospital sources say they're having to cope with the huge number of patients seeking to get it needed because of dengue fever one of the hospital which has 400 bad told us that on an average is that getting 200 patients a day the authorities are come sunday fear the situation could get worse because a warm weather and intermittent rain as well as because of the number of people that going to go across the country due to the holidays millions of people from dhaka city are going to travel in different parts of the district this could carry the virus dormant in the body and could infect other people through the mosquitoes that the government had started a campaign that set up a different cells to set up a cleaning campaign as well as must your education program situation probably will get worse before it gets better. now puerto rico has a new governor the 3rd in less than a week the swearing in of justice secretary won the vast keys follows weeks of so more in the u.s.
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territory. ports the capital san juan. the confusion continues and so too is the rapid change of leadership. is being sworn in as puerto rico's new governor she had previously said she didn't even want the job but his justice minister she's next in line of succession and was obligated to take it. a so my god i'm taking this job as your governor at this historic moment without ever having any political aspirations but now with a firm desire to complete my mission to serve the people in the best way i can she replaces pedro pier louis c who took office on friday he served as governor for just 5 days before the supreme court ruled his swearing in unconstitutional because he wasn't confirmed by the senate massive street protests. predecessor ricardo rowe c.e.o. to resign amid a scandal involving.


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