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tv   Obesity Chinas Big Problem  Al Jazeera  August 9, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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left you know they just had to take whatever was left over you know i saw that actually the unemployment rate has improved a lot they're finding jobs the biggest problem is that they're barely above minimum wage so this looks like a shutdown plan we've got a ball over there. guarantee. i would be surprised if i walk out of it and live probably 10000 jobs in the furniture industry here to what extent did workers blame the trade deals for the economic problems at their face you hear a lot of it you know they hey wait a minute let's bring that industry back and do it in america. so a lot of resentment among workers here that the politicians let them down you know at the coffee shop that was that's all they are more interested in the dollar from wall street than they are the people that are making the furniture and the families they're raising in this country. during the 2016 presidential race donald trump's campaign targeted north carolina voters in hard hit and just really are living
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through the greatest steps in the history of our world the trumpet ministry will stop the jobs from leaving them and tried leaving north carolina. trump received 67 percent of the burke county and 73 percent caldwell county record levels of support for republican presidential candidates trump was saying stuff like bring manufacturing back they care about the little people support for trump and the stars are for america's past where evan invalides at near is classic car cruisin on friday night i think trust to a great people or whatever the his policies are working for your average american i think a lot of people will look at for a big change and trump is not a politician he doesn't look at things the way he typically called politicians look at the things you think people in this area support president trump in terms of his policy on immigration in america i think so i'd say 80 percent most of the people
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here or what you call locals they grew up and everything was literally white and that's where they want to be a country without borders is not a country. i mean if you look at it heaven has a wall and strict immigration policy held is not if you want to be here then you need to come in the correct white why do you think president trump did so well in this area in the 2016 election truck comments that let's make america great again can almost get our industry going let's get our main break we need to be making babies. when donald trump talks about american carnage as he did in his inaugural speech he is talking about places like caldwell county and lenore that resonates with those people because there's been an ending out of as a faction chops that you're seeing a whole decline in the whole senate culture that's going on there that's why you have these these really deep seated problems like increases in suicide and opioid
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use and out of wedlock births and it's not just those areas but all royal carolina and a lot of rural america. the appeal of right wing populism in small town rural areas left behind by economic change plays a major role in the hyper partisanship in america today but there is also a critical cultural dimension that became clear in elk in a town just an hour up the road we like small town values and we certainly appreciate in the cold the bible these things are still very important and we don't want. that to change stephen harris was born and raised in el can and is now a columnist at the town newspaper so this is an area where evangelical christianity is very strong he said president trump supports or appears to support the traditional american values or so important here you know
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we're seeing things that our parents would never dream of would happen in america such as abortion and same sex marriage. white even jellicoe christians represent 26 percent of the american electorate their troops most loyal block of support he has advanced their agenda on relations with israel judges abortion. rights folks on the other side think that not taking action on climate change is immoral that not allowing people to choose who they want to marry you know is immoral do you respect that they feel that they're standing on moral ground to do but if we do fall of the bible and its teachings that would be the best path to go and i would disagree that climate change is a moral issue it's an economic issue it's a battle over government control and taxes but it's
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a moral issue if it affects our children if the planet becomes uninhabitable i don't believe that will happen it's a big bet though it's a big bet if we don't do anything and it's a problem it is but you know we know that god is in control and will trust him for our future. the divide between white democrats and republicans is is really now between christians and people who are not religious at all in her book on civil agreement liliana mason argues that the sorting of the parties along religious lines also from his extreme partisanship in the us in the eighty's and ninety's we saw the religious right become involved in politics and they chose to unite with the republican party which means that now we wrapped religion into partisanship as well and evangelical christians haven't really been involved in politics before many a new group of people from heresies community felt religion was at the root of the
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visions in america there's a huge divide in urban areas and rule and a lot of it is based on religion you have great prayer in your schools it's like when i went to school you did the pledge of allegiance 1st line you can't do that anymore nobody respects the flag you know they've taken god out of their sign. nomic message also resonated in which was the textile mill that was the linchpin of the local economy you know he made promises of bringing jobs back everybody sorta equated him with me you heard different things coming in. monitoring this and being 1st things come around my own let's bring some tourists to help but i don't think it's going to completely. rule america struggles the president stokes partisan tensions with misleading claims about democratic support for illegal immigrants the democrat side. the free out free will free education
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for the right to vote there you know they should not tell you what is ours what we have and i think there should be very stringent awesome since to you. keep the year from taking am great sources are you concerned about the divisions in the country today. it's probably good workshop. but the day why is that people just keep digging in deeper into their positions it's just you're a democrat or you're republican and they're going to vote for that no matter what is or who are running there is a division one year to happen you will continue to escalate you have your economic classes you have your races it's the different religions and everybody believe in is them our way down and. i don't believe any president in history of this nation has been attacked more than donald trump. an evangelical leader who has been
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a vocal critic of democrats is the reverend franklin graham son of the adventurous billy graham who participated in president trump's inauguration we met with him at the north carolina headquarters of the christian relief organization he heads how concerned are you about the social and political divisions in america today on burden cerned it is ripping some sections of our country almost apart and it shouldn't be i don't think where it was divided as we were in the civil war when the nation was ripped apart. and i hope that never happens again but it could who knows and you suggested that president trump one because of divine intervention in unison that it was part of god's plan i believe that how it's going to explain that he won the election everybody was against him don't you think mixing religion and politics like that can fuel polarization in the country to suggest that a president was chosen by god well i don't think it's divisive i think it's just
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a fact and if you think this is divisive take it up with god why do you feel that you can give president trump a pass when he committed adultery when it was i mean why did he give the president trump a pass on the 1st that's not something that is current in his life that's not since he's been president like bill clinton but you criticize president clinton for the lying at the time and now president trump of course seems to lie regularly i don't i don't agree with you i'm not sure what lies you're talking about to be honest with you well i mean there's been fact checking about a lot of the president's comments who for what website or who fact checks the media and the media gives far more lives than what you're accusing the president of the line which when you're talking about fox or others i'm talking about all have a problem in this country are you concerned that many americans see president trump as a divider rather than a united i don't think is a divide i think he has a you and i in or he has certainly you're not. out of millions of people by name i
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mean people on both sides feel strongly that their moral positions are valid and that the other side is imposing on them how do you bridge that divide only god can do this i think of with all of us democrats and republicans what would what turn our faces back to god and ask for his help i think we can we can we can come through these problems very easily we have a constitution too in the constitution talks about freedom sure and has a moral foundation are you saying that the only morality that matters is the more audi of the bible yes. but not everyone interprets the bible the same way that a false mom narrative of religious nationalism and white evangelical is the seeks to make things ok as long as you're against gay people to get credit for praying to school against women's right to choose for god what tax cut they say that you're
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all right mollett reverend barber who launched the moral monday movement in north carolina is now spearheading the poor people's campaign a national call for a moral revival you've got $62000000.00 people working for less to $15.00 an hour some have to get food stamps a living color because they work every day they don't make a living wage something like their me people our health care a country cannot continue to stand with that kind of gross any quality so we're santas time for us to come together to fight for the heart and soul of this democracy. the extreme partisan environment in the us as people in charlotte are in that hosting the republican convention next year will be much different than when democrats gathered here in 2012 are you concerned that the political divisions today could lead to violence oh it did we'll. know that it will we are concerned it's going to bring something totally different totally different temperatures of america from 2012 to 202020 different temperatures of america.
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there's even worry that president trump will contest the election if he loses in 2020 i think it's a serious concern because he will think that he him and intimidate his way into staying in the white house as he was and he will be surrounded by conspiracy to you that democrats stole the election from him do you think america may be so divided today that it's no longer capable of safeguard in democracy by impeaching a corrupt president as envisioned by the founders i don't think richard nixon would be impeached and today's environment i think people would say especially rally around nixon you know along partisan lines i'm optimistic that these times are straightened out and and america will be only on an upward course in the future stephen harris's grandfather 5 generations back was gravesite was recently discovered was in the personal guard of the american revolutionary war hero george
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washington the 1st u.s. president do you think of president trump loses the election that he'll leave the white house. sure yes of course they will everyone has before including george washington and here he will what should the politicians be doing to try to overcome this vicious partisanship. start talking about what's good for the country and not talk about winning. at every hearing that we've seen so far the republican house members defend tromp the mechanism of impeachment only works if people on the president's party are willing to condemn him. and to vote to remove him which is what happened with nixon i haven't seen any evidence that republicans are willing to do that today. help protect trump as long as his voters are still supporting him this is something that actually george washington warned about and.
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farewell address he actually said if we become too partisan we divide ourselves against our own nation and it will harm us if we put too much power into the party truly sacrificing the national greater good for the partisan victory. to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists people in power investigates how the us supplies soviet style weapons to its allies through private companies the us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end off being pointed at us soldiers yes absolutely pick it up that's me 2 months after the professional america's gone the secret pipeline to syria on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks.
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up. with detailed coverage no one is willing to return home to rearm are without sort of paper security guarantees from around the world the challenges facing the new prime minister and negotiate a new bricks that day a deal the e.u. says cannot be renegotiated. scholar and lawyer. and politician. radical and prisoner in a 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures in saddam's turbulent history. whose influence is still felt and events in the country today sit down i'll to robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera.
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setting the discussions police in cape town has struggled to reduce debt in a gallon by examining the headlines now under president putin russia is making a push to engage explore in abundance a world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire me but. it's almost 2nd nature and i also know what they see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. mir and le doc a new era has begun india's prime minister defends the decision to remove autonomy from the disputed kashmir region as a move generates more anger in pakistan. hello
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i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up fears of a new front in yemen's war us forces backed by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. turned their guns on each other. from one crisis to another migrants flee venezuela only to be caught up in violence in neighboring colombia. and eat less meat the warning from the u.n. is climate change takes its toll on land around the world. india's prime minister has strongly defended his decision to take away the autonomy of the disputed kashmir region there's a lockdown in place in indian administered kashmir to preempt any violent protests against the move when the runner modi says bringing the area under new delhi is control will bring peace and prosperity got out of their book. to the millions of the public the stream has now come true in jammu kashmir and lead dark a new era has begun now all the citizens of the country have their rights and they
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will practice their rights i'm going to say to the people and my countrymen i congratulate you but across the border there's been an angry response pakistan has downgraded its diplomatic ties and suspended trade with india a train service running between the countries has also been put on hold and the united nations expressing alarm at the plan down is calling on india and pakistan to refrain from taking any steps that would affect. the secretary general is also concerned. over reports of restrictions on the indian side of kashmir which could exacerbate the human rights situation in the region the secretary general calls on all parties to refrain from taking steps that could affect the status of jungle and kashmir well priyanka gupta is in new delhi she has more under and promote his address to the nation. he's come up with a bouquet of promises from economic opportunities to opening the region for tourism
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more jobs for people and also inviting bollywood producers to come and make films he's handled as a historic decision and said and blamed 70 ad 35 the 2 constitution approved provisions. which the government of india revoked on monday and also split the region which was finalised by a resounding vote in the 2 houses of the majority of m.p.'s supportive of the opposition. as a huge position invoking the national leader was. also maybe leaders of the past talking about how they dream of a unified country. come to fruition we were wondering when exactly is he going to speak to the media and if it is on the ground can actually listen to what he say because there right now under a severe security crackdown they don't have access to lives they don't have access to television they don't have access to basic amenities like food and medicines
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well for those living in india now to minister to life remains uncertain says to me a report from john a district in the south of the region. indeed administered kashmir has been cut off from the outside world mobile phones internet and landlines are all down in the kashmir valley where soldiers are enforcing a curfew for people here life suddenly become tougher. as you can see the shops are all shut here and we having a hard time getting food and there's no transportation we're facing a difficult time here. i had to take a patient to the hospital but they aren't allowing us to travel they've put i have a restriction here created a militarized zone and 1st fully imposed a black long to us the indian government has revoked the region's autonomy but the situation is not the same everywhere 5. this is. the hindu majority part of easy to administer to smear like the demographics the views here are different than the rest of the region life in this part remains fairly normal with exceptions here in
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general public assembly has been restricted and mobile internet has been disabled along with some phone connections well these are not nearly as severe as the total shutdown in the neighboring kashmir valley the difference here is that by and large most people support the government's new measures for indian administered kashmir. these are hindus used to live in the muslim majority kush near valley but fled religious violence 30 years ago some are living in cramped homes and can only dream of the ones they left behind. to see what the condition is of the economy today. but what that the head of this now permanent migrant camp still visits family and friends in the kashmir valley he'd also like to go back but says that's difficult they want to. be also the government one place for us to sit on so from there we'll have self security and check on old properties but if they tell us to just go back to our old place or this won't happen 5 5 4. tension is high here
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and many people say they'll wait and see what develops and pray life will get better as jamil al-jazeera district indeed administered kashmir. pakistan says it will pursue all options against india short of military action. is looking at political. diplomatic. and legal options. might put them here we are not looking at a minute we are not. has the latest from is not about. prime minister narendra modi has spoken i never did like need to a wall got strong reaction now from. the pakistani foreign minister speaking before the media said that india would inducting 900000 troops into the rally making everybody a wardrobe present and then saying that destroyed for the read of the people of
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kashmir the pakistani prime minister always. read that we're going to be reporting another day. and a genocide by that and more the government. saying that this was unacceptable strong language coming out from foggiest on the relationship between that do not get any better and despite the fact that a foreign minister said that pakistan would not be looking for a military confrontation he also warned that india may go another false flag operation and blame it on target don so indeed the situation getting from bad to worse and no one had knowing how this is all going to play out. see as of a new battlefront in yemen's comes like the growing as fighting intensifies in the south between government forces and separatists but by the united arab emirates mortars have been fired and tanks are on the streets of aden as firefights spread
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towards the airport 9 people have been killed at least 9 others injured under subpoena reports. as gunfire is heard in yemen's port city of aden for a 2nd straight day a rift continues to grow between the local forces of the saudi u.a.e. coalition after dozens of their soldiers were killed in a hooty attack last week southern separatists blamed the internationally recognized government of president hadi of failing to protect them and called for hotties government to be overthrown. with fragile negotiations taking place to bring an end to yemen's war the united nations is calling on the parties to stand down where we're very concerned about the ongoing violence that we're seeing in. this something that the special envoy himself has stated. it is important for everyone to recommit themselves to a political process hardy's government has support from saudi arabia the southern
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secessionist led by a true selves a bady are backed by the united arab emirates while the emirates he's announced their withdrawal from yemen last month they've trained and left behind 90000 troops made up of fighters from southern communities and the coastal plains that opens up the prospect of a new front line between a u.a.e. backed horse against the saudi backed government. it's going to be very dangerous they are on the same side in terms of fighting the host the or annoying northern opponent out however in reality they have not been getting along for months and the southern separate us forces especially represented in the southern transitional council have called repeatedly to secession and feel like the time is ideal to self-determination and to pursue it now so it seems that although they're fighting against a common enemy the time has come where differences amongst them are more important than just fighting that enemy. the area where the fighting is taking place is the
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highest point in the city and near the presidential palace and even though the building is largely empty it's still considered the seat of government without a resolution to their longstanding demands so that separatists may decide to try and take their seat at the negotiating table if one isn't given to them in the chapell. the un's human rights chief says warn that new u.s. sanctions on venezuela could make life worse for millions trying to get food in the health care michelle bachelet says she's worried the measures will severely affect people already struggling with shortages this week the trumpet ministration band americans and doing business with venezuela's government froze its assets in the united states the move triggered demonstrations in the capital caracas. well some people escaping the political and economic crisis in venezuela are getting caught up in drug related violence on the border with colombia that's according to human rights watch which says armed groups are committing abuses
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against civilians. reports now from. 4000000 venezuelans have fled the economic collapse blackout and out of control inflation in their country most crossing into neighboring colombia and while the colombian government is receiving them with open arms some are being killed or recruited by criminal groups in the country's border regions it's one of the main findings of a report presented by the international watchdog group human rights watch a document focuses on the increase in violence in the border region since the signing of the peace deal with 2016 delays in the implementation of a peace left a void that's being filled by smaller armed groups who are unleashing a new wave of drug related violence the type of abuses are frankly. atrocities. we have been able to document cases of disappearances
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executions. sexual violence. forced recruitment of minors. minds are renewal of war that has forced some 40000 people to flee their homes in the region while business women and children are forced to work harvesting coca leaves. 14 years old and they scrape coca leaves there are children as young as 8 who scrape coca the government response to the violence has been military increasing the number of troops in the region and local residents say that this is actually worse. accusing part of the armed forces of being complicit with illegal armed groups farmer says that it is has been unable to return to cut because of the presence of armed groups he's working in a restaurant and he says the lawlessness means.


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