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tv   Khalil Melliti Home Game  Al Jazeera  August 9, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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for around 3 days when i decided to go see a doctor at the hospital he suggested that i take a test. results which showed it to be positive and so good admitted immediately at the hospital the worst hit are 15 to 25 year olds or both sexes on my room in my room i came down with a high fever he suffered for several days until he was diagnosed with dengue fever we didn't realize at 1st he had an after a few days i came down with a high fever and after the diagnosis it turns out. the government recently launched now we're in this campaign and fumigation operation to control the spread of mosquito borne diseases if we think about the magnitude of the outbreak it's an outbreak and it's a lot to swallow. for isn't 2 previous years we're having. i think the gap is huge so it's large number of patients
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suffering an estimated 400000000 people worldwide suffer the painful debilitating disease every year doctors usually advice pain relievers rest and drink plenty of liquids health experts suspect that it is species of mosquitoes which carries the virus may have already spread outside the capital dhaka bangladesh is struggling with one of the worst outbreak of dengue fever in the past 20 years the situation is getting back to worse with the number of dead steadily increasing along with patients needing treatment doctors fear they will get even more busier during the holidays in few days. dhaka bangladesh. flooding in southern and western india has killed at least 30 people and force 180000 people from their homes on soon rains have cost several dance to overflow in maharashtra. state and the national disaster risk. force has sent change to help rescue efforts
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. in the u.s. says urgent action is needed to tackle african swine fever as the virus rapidly surprise their europe 10 nations have reported cases of the virus with particularly bad outbreaks in bulgaria and neighboring romania african swine fever is a highly contagious disease that affects and wild boar but not people and russia more cases are being reported of people being arrested and charged for buying lifesaving drugs on the internet campaigners say medicines legally available in other countries are categorized and russia such as cocaine and ron kaufman reports from moscow misha is 10 years old and this has been his life since he was 3 he suffers from bostons disease that's a degenerative illness that is fatal and begins in early childhood his mother tries to do her best to keep him as comfortable as possible it's a daily struggle there are all medicines available that could make his last days
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more comfortable those medicines which are available in many parts of the world illegal in russia elena has already lost a daughter to the disease in 2013 she says a daughter was in pain until the day she died elena didn't want her to go through the same so when doctors told her there were drugs available abroad she decided to buy the medicines on the internet from a reputable website she says she was unaware that the medicines were illegal she presume that because she could buy them so easily and did not need a prescription but there was no issue the authorities a ban certain medicines like the one she would have because they contain mood altering substances that could be abused when she went to pick them up the police are waiting and detained. around 5 pm i went to the post office to pick up my postle and when i was leaving i was approached by 2 people who were police and customs officers they told me about possible contained a prohibited substance they demanded to give an explanation of the medicines and
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they took the packet from me. after several hours i learned it was released but she's angry that she faced such treatment. the lawyer and the talk to from my local hospice to help me i was scared and i needed help they helped get me released the anger came afterwards because the system is not working at the same time i heard my son was vomiting blood i was so outraged at the system that prevented me from buying this medicine in the whole space that helped the style of play with the office dog a moment of relief as they worked to uncover more cases of pressure the authorities to make certain pain medicines more freely available for this. was a hospice made its own independent survey we also said they needed this legal medicine to send us information within a week we heard from 1300 families. russia's health ministry has said that it is looking into the legal issues surrounding the availability of these drugs is also said that drug manufacturers need to apply for licenses to sell those drugs
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within the country itself all of a campaign is it said they've been hearing this for years and not much has changed for the families of those with sick children this frustration only adds to the already difficult situation there and. the chinese tech company y. has announced a new operating system for smartphones that it says can replace its reliance on android harmony o.o.s. was great it's bypass a possible ban from accessing android and google trump ministration has impose limits on while ways access to u.s. technology saying it's a national security threat the company denies that. and
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that's part of the show thank you very much serena williams will play an army or soccer for the 1st time since a loss is controversial u.s. open final where williams lost her heated round off their heated round with the on par both through the quarterfinals of the rajah's comp in canada 2nd seed osaka who seemed more interested in a photo walking on the cold coming through a hard fought match against poland czech eventually winning in 2 sets 76644 williams is a 3 time zones were just cup winner she also won in straight sets she was up against russia's a catalina alexander over i'm not for the 1st time in her career she overpowered her opponent to win 7564 putting her place in the last night against the soka. well
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as we mentioned the last time they met the soccer won her 1st major title at the u.s. open and was fair to say williams had a bit of a meltdown that was off the on par accused of being coached by her trainer she was eventually dock to get even accused him of being a thief and a sexist on to the next will be the quarter finals against someone you are familiar with serena williams what do you expect out of that one. you know she is like my tennis mom like she's someone that i grew up watching and i admire so much so i'm pretty sure a lot of people be watching that match and hopefully i can play well and answer. well i was at the men's event in montreal top seed rafa nadal ticking along nicely he is the defending champion at this rogers and he's now through to the quarterfinals also winning his 2nd match against argentina payout 66 for the school
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for the normal tennis party multiple french i can champion the time i broke a record when he's 379 series match breaking your tie with yes a bunch of federer for the all time that. there was some disappointment for her and sorry you're feeling so if you're only assam on his 19th birthday he was beaten by how to uncap channeled in 3 sets bought one consolation although he did look slightly embarrassed with that the crowd sang happy dust. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. ah ah. that's all your words was worried about playing 3 events in a row but it looks like he wasn't even play 3 days in a row this week he's in serious danger of missing the concert the northern trust are open in new jersey this rare highlight for him at the 1st hallway made one of
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his 3 buddies but the trouble was he also made 5 bodies and a double bar gig how many full hour of apollo 13 shots off the later. sometimes it's like that you know in the matter how much you try and pull it around it just doesn't add up to the number you want and it's happened before in the past and happened today and i'm sure happening in the future but hopefully not tomorrow. but all the trust is the 1st of 3 fed ex cup books kept going to leeds the fed ex standings that may likely start one on the power as really not cover the 2nd in the points list came out far in with a 6 under par round of $65.00 and older marshman just 3 bihari later merits as he cites the climb of the $15000000.00 prize on offer for winning the fed exed. there are the new english premier league season kicks off later on friday with european champions liverpool hosting newly promoted norrish at anfield the last season the reds racked up 97 points the best ever title of club 127 year history
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however it was still one points behind the eventual champions manchester city that's very very important even as the team who want to terms the last year. we have to we have to stay to tea who nobody wants to play against and not because the name not because quality with no because of the intensity we put in the game and that's what. the boys for and that's what we have to show to the 1st time in the season but ahead of that 1st time we thought we'd tell you about who we think will be the new signings to watch during the upcoming season 1st up how the 26 year old england center back moved from less the city to manchester united for $97000000.00 for that price he'll be expected to shore up a united defense that conceded $54.00 goals in $38.00 games last season will next is arsenal's new $72000000.00 winger nicholas pepe the ivorian arrives from little having scored $22.00 goals last season in league over that was 2nd only to someone
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called killian him back by evidence spent over $100000000.00 in the transfer window $35.00 many were spent on this man the forward event to strike at maurice candy 19 year old italian is role but he's also regarded of one of europe's best young players last season's champions league final assault on love boat french midfielder ballet from leo he impressed in pre-season creating an assist for lucas mora with its very 1st touch as a spurs play up and finally we have mahmood ask for him his son better known as treasurer guy nicknamed after the french well one of the 24 year old one of the few bright spots for egypt in the africa cup of nations scoring in the game against zimbabwe he's now moved to aston villa. well there is where the incoming so the premier league one of the outgoing players is romelu lukaku he's left majesty united for into italy syria and he says working with courage antonio contact was one of the main motivations for the move in the for me like i said it was that is
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the best manager in the world and somebody that can make. better all the time you can see. this record and also you want to tell the president stevens i'm going to support morocco for the confidence in me. to get me here as well the number the delighted to be joined this beautiful club ok we've got some amazing pictures coming up for you from the pan american games in lima fantastic camera angle of gabrielle and the cast sabra in the men's hammer is thrown 74.9 i mean it is giving chilly day 7th gold of the games 14 years i continued to dominate the area they've now passed the 200 medals mark thanks to performances like this in the pool this was the americans taking gold in a 41100 meter freestyle relay the u.s. now have more than 80 gold medals more than double the nearest challengers brazil in 2nd what about this for a bizarre turn of events in women's basketball argentina missing out on
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a medal after having to forfeit their game against colombia because i brought the wrong color kit the mistake could lead to the resignation of both argentina's team leader and head of basketball development so is paul more like an. iraqi here peter darby is that with more on the other side of the break already were. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents
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and this is mean. by them both isis and us on. the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable simony. the father the son and the jihad caught one on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty remarkable too to about earlier died last weekend crossing from mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports that commit according to their tradition life has a section on al-jazeera as teams on the ground to bring in more award winning documentaries and allied news. i've been looking at your instagram account and. this is a dialogue when donald trump announced his candidacy for president after that
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everyone has a voice best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational callus mother nominee join the conversation get twitter and. on down to 0. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth doesn't lie with that's what the. protests in pakistan administered kashmir is indian soldiers maintain their clampdown on the streets of. watching al-jazeera live from
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a headquarters here in doha also coming up new defiance in hong kong thousands of protesters sits in at the airport in hong kong as the chief executive carrier complains of the economic damage be. fighting in southern yemen stokes fears of new divisions within the saudi u.a.e. coalition. a beach in troubled waters will report from the czar's is resorting to the tragedy is playing out for michael holmes. top story the pressure is ramping up on india over its moves to clamp down on the disputed region of kashmir it's the 5th day now that the india. administered area has been on the lockdown with telephone and internet services blocked pakistan's foreign ministers travel not to be ging to seek support against india's move to
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revoke kashmir as well thomas states this protest has already been out on the streets and must suffer about some pakistani administered kashmir and as friday prayers come to a close huge crowds are expected to rally in the capital islam about we have correspondents on both sides of the story priyanka gupta is standing by for us in delhi but 1st let's go to islam about and my colleague so how big are these protests so far. behind me that people have started gathering. right now in pounding rain my dad had been paying their credit for all of the projects we have seen family children the elderly and a lot of the millions coming here. very close to hearts and minds of the. interesting development the pakistani foreign minister mehmood qureshi it already
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meeting the chinese. that meeting we did now underway august on of course will be marketing giant i support which do head. or what india nearly moved to abolish article 70 what do i need will be trying to do is to mark their support just before the foreign minister dies down in beijing a. diplomatic speaking out of it. being out of a. meeting or days that they're ready. because china and pakistan are. the. it's concerned about the fact that tensions between india and progress down.
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on the foreign ministry on the other hand. will be unaffected no matter what happened on the military front. condemning and rejecting. an indian made. by the indians would be made even stronger for. 7th of february earlier the. game do more conflict indeed interesting development in the crowd behind me getting larger and larger a lot of the people are still in the. pounding rain the red improve. there is another rally taking place not far away from. the moment many thanks let's
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talk to print the good news and for us priyanka there must come a point going to day 5 of this now there must come a point when the indian authorities signal ok we're going to loosen the grip on the bit of kashmir that they control. well for the time being peter it seems like restrictions have been eased in parts of india missed me to allow us to go to their neighborhood mosque to offer friday prayers have been barred to go to the main mosque in their towns or in the city of god which is the main city in the region there's a tight security presence across the view that mr though the government tearing new delhi wants to preempt any violence any clashes that might happen there have been reports of sporadic clashes in the past. specially in the evening as the curfew slowly relaxes but there's still no word on the complete information blackout that
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the nearly 5000000 people in the valley are suffering from the phone lines are still down families have to queue up for hours to get any connection with cup in the few phone lines that are that remain open around government offices and the airport area so. there are hundreds of thousands of people living in several parts of india and mr bush we were completely cut off from the rest of the country and the rest of the world in the past hour peter we heard for the ministry of external affairs who say that the spokesman said that certain precautionary measures were taken to ensure law and order is maintained that these steps are only temporary a spokesman also want to sign against internationalize the issue we've heard from kmov that the pakistani foreign minister is in china to meet his counterpart in fact the indian foreign minister is also expected to go to china or in the next
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couple of days where there might is expected to express its consultants about the decision of the indian government remember both countries claim parts of the disputed kashmir region asked their own. thank you. well people in indian administered kashmir a living. reports now from districts in the south of the region. indeed administered kashmir has been cut off from the outside world mobile phones internet and landlines are all down in the kashmir valley where soldiers are enforcing a curfew for people here life suddenly become tougher. as you can see the shops are all shut here and we're having a hard time getting food and there's no transportation we are facing a difficult time here. i had to take a patient to the hospital but they aren't allowing us to travel to have a restriction here created a militarized zone and 1st black law on to us the indian government has revoked the
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region's autonomy but the situation is not the same everywhere 5. this is just the hindu majority part of the administered the smear like the demographics the views here are different than the rest of the region life in this part remains fairly normal with the exception here in general public assembly has been restricted and mobile internet has been disabled along with some phone connections all these are not nearly as severe as the total shutdown in the neighboring kashmir valley the difference here is that by and large most people support the government's new measures for indian administered kashmir. hindus used to live in the muslim majority kush near valley but fled religious violence 30 years ago some are living in cramped homes and can only dream of the ones they left behind. the condition of the. head of this now permanent migrant
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camp still visits family and friends in the kashmir valley he'd also like to go back but says that's difficult. we also the government one place for us to settle so from there we'll have self security and check on old properties but if they tell us to just go back to our old plane. this won't happen 5 5. tension is high here many people say they'll wait and see what develops and pray life will get better as jamil al-jazeera district indeed administered kashmir. afghan taliban has responded to the unrest in kashmir with a spokesman urging both india and pakistan to refrain from taking steps that could pave the way for violence and complications in the region and usurp the rights of kashmiris having gained bitter experiences from war and conflict we had peace and the use of rational pathways to solve regional issues. the us and south asia and on this of the university of westminster he says the taliban through its statement is
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trying to ensure the situation in kashmir remains a separate issue to afghanistan and who don't imagine that taliban will be asking 2 countries to form a rational part of it that's the warnings about the situation to show you that even wanted to kill activity while it is it money and asking will in the end pakistan to maintain peace and if they should reflect the state of the people of jammu and kashmir which is wish to be governed by indian occupation the living unduly harsh conditions and what the pointed out and taliban of let make it very clear that they do not want afghanistan to be used as a proxy between india and the father in a way they are saying to people of the question. of india and pakistan that they should keep their vision focus and don't look and keep on and on that. ok let's take you live to an ongoing story that we're covering here today on al-jazeera hong kong airport because a mass sit in is underway inside one of the arrivals halls thousands of people occupied part of the main terminal to take their message against the government to
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people flying into hong kong it's the 2nd time protesters have occupied the airport in less than a month hundreds have been arrested since citywide demonstrations began more than 2 months ago the testers want an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality the complete withdrawal of that controversial extradition bill and the resignation of hong kong's leader kerry lamb well the chief executive ms lam held a news conference in the past hour or so accusing the protesters of being reckless . they did not mind destroying hong kong economy they have no stake in the society which so many people have helped to build. and that that's why they resort to all this violence and obstructions causing huge damage to economy and sort of daily life off of people so i am indeed very worried about this situation and that's why i appeal for calm calmness and rationality to help us to overcome this
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situation. brad has more from hong kong. incredible scenes here this friday evening at hong kong's international airport where this protest is suddenly swelling in numbers and now completely taking over the arrivals hall at the this ad terminal if i can just ask paul to just give us a bit of a top shot here there are 2 main arrival holes here in the terminal a and b. with a large section in between and all of these areas are now completely filled with mainly steam games but also all the protesters many of them wearing masks this nobody has given any permission for this protest to happen but you are simply not going to stop thousands of people from coming into the terminal and sitting down on the floor and that's what's taken place and the whole idea of this is to educate people arriving on flights about why.


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