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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 11, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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the explosion in the eastern city of benghazi occurred moments before u.n. convoy passed through the area the un security council is meeting to discuss the convoy attack and the wider situation in the country i join others in condemning in the strongest terms today's attack on the u.n. convoy in benghazi we send our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims u.n. exists to help and protect people and attack against its representatives is an attack on the international community at large and we salute the work the un's millis doing in libya at the same time as the assistant secretary general said schools of libyans have also been injured safely the libyan representative can convey my country's condolences and sympathies to his country and to his people. over 50000 people took to the streets of moscow in the largest opposition rally the city has seen for years all than 200 people have been detained the protesters are
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demanding their immediate release along with demonstrators detained at 3 previous rallies they were demonstrating against the exclusion of some opposition candidates for next month's local elections set vassal reports on this now from the russian capital. was this huge turnout shows that the government's crackdown is not working despite massive arrests in the past weeks more people have gathered to demand that and to police violence and asked those detained to be released what started as a local election protest has turned now into a broader movement in curators childer term gerd or for the 1st season or for moscow government against its own people alexander salafi of is the only opposition candidate who tried to run in the moscow election news not in detention at least not at the moment before the rally we could only meet him at a public square because he's avoiding arrest by not going home he had been detained
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for 8 days after the previous protest to the authoritarian regimes so ours just because of their actions like this because they do everything vice versa they suppressed street cred. he tried to stop the spread of information this stuff that they tried to stop something inevitable something that you cannot stop a big victory to stop telling the truth so progress did attention of opposition leaders like ilyushin and alexina at not deter people from taking to the streets at the authorised rally protestors were urged to take part in a not or an authorized rally that's when police started to detain people and again part of the center of moscow is under lockdown people are being detained for be fully marching here to the city center it wasn't an authorized protest people are being brought in. one by one dragged over the floor sometimes with quite a lot of course we've been screaming and resisting and they're all being brought
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into the box while flooding you put in is celebrating his 20 years in power analysts say more russians when their point is to be heard. the citizens are demonstrating something brand new and you where for interacting during the protests and importantly their persistency it's not valued enough but for a political process like this it's the key factor so far the authorities have not backed down although less people were detained during the previous week but with tens of thousands on the streets and more protests expected pressure will only grow step al-jazeera. a woman has been found dead at a home in norway in connection with an early issue a mosque at least one person was injured in the incident at the islamic center in the dead person is related to the suspected gunman who is in custody. still ahead for you on the program kashmiris fear escalating violence in india and pakistan
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struggle for control over the disputed region and 2000000 muslims gathered present mount our fat where the prophet is set to have given his final psalm and. weather across much will straightly the south and southeast continuing to see these fronts come across the great bite and exam. but not just that we see snow at lower elevations 1st time in decades it to sydney has nearly seen the snow is generally out in the suburbs and what it's meant of course on saturday is quite a lot of flight disruptions the winds quite gusty as well sunday since little story but the wind should actually ease but a wet couple of days recently into melbourne hobart but it doesn't prove on monday for sydney 20 celsius in brisbane and a nice 23 degrees is your high and to some good sunny skies not a great deal of sunshine across both islands of new zealand the system is working
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the way across to the south island but actually an all clear you can see rain really for the next couple of days it's a little bit more sporadic in decries church so not a good day on sunday cloud quite breezy and again the chances of rain showers them on monday it is a better picture meanwhile and still afraid goal that rain very much in your forecast then heading up towards japan what we'll see here is fairly mix where the mostly dry mickleson cloud around town which is certainly fairly warm for this time of year but to the west of here through eastern china this is all tied to what has been typhoon like kima still very much of a storm in progress as we on head on into monday a with that rainy 33 in tokyo. rewind returns. right on the banks to ground 0. documentaries i would compare early. on in the future.
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rewind the games with ferguson city under siege. just. as with every shot 6 times on al-jazeera. just a reminder of the top stories now the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen has called for an immediate cease fire in the city of aden it has threatened to use military force against anyone that violates it it follows the takeover of government military camps in the port city by separatists backed by the united arab emirates and in just the past few minutes the separatists the separatists have agreed to the
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saudi coalition's call for a cease fire in the city of aden. at least 70 people have been killed and dozens injured after a fuel tanker exploded in tanzania just northwest of the capital to people are trying to recover fuel from the vehicle which had overturned when the blast happened. and the f.b.i. is opening an investigation into the death of u.s. finance it jeffrey epstein he was found dead in the new new york jail cell where he was being held on sex trafficking charges. hong kong swat team fired tear gas a protest as early as today prompting demonstrators to flee after they started a fire outside a police station protest as also staged a demonstration of the city's airport to greet arriving terrorists weeks of protests a punch to hong kong to its biggest political crisis for decades more now from bright. permission for this protest had been refused
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but with thousands of demonstrators arriving in the town of typo's near the border with mainland china there was no way they were going to be stopped. it's part of the strategy to gain more support for the campaign against the government's now dead extradition back protest as a rang gri but the bill has not been formally withdrawn they say china is trying to gradually erode hong kong speak to us to learn a number of stores in the town had closed fearing the same kind of violence that has maad the ends of otherwise peaceful protests but some stayed open to offer free drinks and snacks to the protesters one of the few shops that supports the whole camp and it was. really ok and you're not afraid of that other party trying to crack and as the march ended several 1000 protesters advanced on the town's police station where they came out against
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a cordon of police thousands of protesters have made it this far and built this barricade the police line is just another 100 meters further on and there was a standoff everybody was expecting that there would be some sort of clash but then word. amongst the protesters that they were pulling back and just as soon as they arrived here they have now. it's all part of this movement's hit and run tactics designed to have the biggest impact across hong kong. splitting up into smaller groups some protesters went to shopping districts others blocked roads and intersections like this one in shot in another town that has seen violence with police. protestors hastily assembled barricades to block the traffic before police arrived to drive them off. the protest to scatter to
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cause disruption elsewhere as this weekend of civil disobedience trying to. rob a bride al jazeera own car. indian administered kashmir has been placed back under a 24 hour security lockdown after protests earlier on friday tensions have been high since new delhi revoked the region's autonomy earlier this week and people living in the area finding themselves caught in the crossfire as violence escalates along the line of control between indian and pakistan administered kashmir as. a serene and picturesque landscape just a few kilometers from the line of control between india and pakistan administered kashmir but for those living here. the their reality is very different. mohamad isaak was hit in the back by a stray bullet 2 months ago it's a risk base by many people here who are caught in the crossfire between indian and pakistani forces but they say they can't leave there was
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a giant i'm sure we would we go bullets hit here all the time when the situation gets even a little bad bullets start flying but there's no option to leave my elderly parents are here our positions whatever we have is here will live or die here. down the road there are more signs of conflict 2 years ago this village was evacuated for months after it was hit by shells but people have returned and built reinforced concrete bunkers going to metres or more underground in case the firing escalates again and this time they say they will leave but you've got to. we'll move the elders and the children from here but we'll stay we have the bunkers we call to leave all lands and animals because we're dependent on them. many here are forced to choose between life and livelihood this village is only about 3 kilometers from the line of control separating indian and pakistani administered kashmir despite
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the recent tensions most people here are deciding to stay if cross border firing intensifies but others who left before are scared to risk coming back. about a dozen kilometers from the border this school has been home to some villages for more than 2 years after facing gunfire they're not afraid of a little rain but they are scared of going back to their homes i am going to go. there was so much shooting our homes were destroyed. but there's no water no rations. my kids travel far for school life is hard. distant gunfire breaks the serenity locals know the danger of living here but many say trying to decide whether to leave or stay is like choosing between a rock and a hard place as jimmy el al jazeera indeed administered kashmir. pakistan's government has formally ended trade with india after downgrading diplomatic relations people living in the disputed region of kashmir saying they are now fraid
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of escalating tension there as a rare access to villages which divide the area as reports now from the line of control in pakistan administered kashmir. these explosions are what kashmiris fear the most. disastrous. when mortars and artillery shells hit the area. both sides exchanged fire regularly across the line of control that divides india and pakistan . these images were filmed on the pakistani side just days before india revoked partial autonomy in the part of me to do overseas. and both sides have suffered when tension increases between the 2 militaries one child was killed and others were injured in needham valley in the latest shelling from the indian side pakistani soldiers to cluster munitions are used and hundreds of unexploded bombs are scattered over an area approximately 10 kilometers wide. but many homes were hit which from artillery rounds. of was
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a year or 2 particular care if we didn't see anything we just heard the sound of our house was filled with smoke my grandmother called for a vehicle and then they took us to hospital the pakistani military did not allow us to film in the open because it says there is danger from to posts like this one on the indian side behind me is the district of troy the proximity between pakistani and indian administered kashmir and how people are caught up in the violence in another village near to korti crossing there is an uneasy. being close to the frontline people here are under an ever present threat. they are trying to teach their children to forget their fear from the last time they were hit by mortar shells. that are here we live in danger our children are always scared we don't have the shells to hide in the night we can't sleep every time there are shelling our children's education is affected because they can't get to school for weeks along the line of control like this one have begun to appear villagers here have
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been telling us that they have built these on this is in case shells begin to drop from the indian side they want indian forces to stop targeting civilians and remind the pakistani government to live up to its promises to provide better security in the. because their term. they can begin shelling at any time as they have done before all of these bunkers were built with our own money and the government gave us nothing despite promises for compensation and funds to build shelters for the disputed kashmir region is one of the world's most dangerous flashpoints between nuclear armed rivals the ridge on the right is in india and the one on the left is in pakistan it's on to around 2000000 people and multiple un resolutions already exist on the issue but the latest crisis has again highlighted 72 years of failure in finding a solution for kashmiris tom and jerry down to 0 at the line of control pakistan administered kashmir. belt more than 2000000 muslims climbed the sacred hell of
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mount arafat in saudi arabia on the 2nd day of the hatch a parade and recited the koran before performing the stoning of the devil ritual programs later sacrificed animals and all this marks the beginning of the. policy. at south korea the countries are in the last of 3 hiking trails along the demilitarized zone on its side of the border the government hopes enosh them will promote cooperation with north korea catching up as diane has one body thought ok we're going into the 3rd and last hiking trail along the demilitarized zone that separates north and south korea is now open to the public was once marked by fences and landmines along this highly militarize border public access was restricted for decades until now it's just a. little aside that has been forbidden to the public is now open for the 1st time
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i believe this symbol of division will become one of peace thanks the program is part of an agreement signed in september by the 2 korean leaders that seeks to ease the decades long military standoff with the north would say leaders hold summits continuously and now more than ever people aspire to peace hyper unification can be peacefully achieved unlike other tourists to give the general public and president access to a demolished guard post in the demilitarized zone or d.m.z. it was set up after a split between the north and south but tensions have remained high since the truce ended the korean war in the 1950 s. but despite efforts to build trust the provocations continue north korea recently launched a string of new short range missiles and rockets an apparent warning against what it calls hostile joint military drills by south korea and the united states as all your north korea is one of the most isolated countries in the world for many
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visitors it's a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into the secretive communist state for the 1st leg of the d.m.z. peace trail was opened in april the 2nd in june while this program hopes to bring peace there's still a long way to go towards normalizing ties between south and north korea katia locus of the young al-jazeera. yes something unusual wildwind has been filmed in amsterdam whipping up deborah and water and causing severe damage to trees and buildings this video was taken on friday showing the world and moving across the water to land dutch police say they received several calls about damage strong winds are continuing over the weekend. but just a quick look at the headlines before we go yemen 7 separatists of agree to the saudi led coalition call for an immediate cease fire in the city of aden it had
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threatened to use military force against anyone that violates it as follows the takeover of all government military camps in the port city by the separatists who are backed by the united arab emirates at least 70 people have been killed and dozens injured after a fuel tanker exploded in tanzania just northwest of the capital to douma people were trying to take fuel from the vehicle which had overturned when the blast happened libyan watling 5 to says his forces will observe a cease fire during the 4 day eagle of the holiday starting on saturday the internationally recognized government in tripoli had already accepted a u.n. request for a truce for the festive period after us forces launched an offensive to take the capital tripoli in april hundreds of people have been killed in that fighting. meanwhile the un secretary general antonio terrace has condemned a car bomb attack that killed 3 employees shortly before have to cease fire announcement the explosion in the eastern city of benghazi occurred just moments before a u.n. convoy passed through the area the u.n. security council is meeting to discuss the attack and the wide
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a situation in libya. i joined others in condemning in the strongest terms today's attack on the u.n. convoy in benghazi we send our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims the u.n. exists to help and protect people and attack against its representatives is an attack on the international community at large and we salute the work the un's men is doing in libya at the same time as the assistant secretary general said scores of libyans have also been injured safely the libyan representative can convey my country's condolences and sympathies to his country and to his people and the f.b.i. is opening an investigation into the death of u.s. financier jeffrey epstein he was found dead in the new york jail cell where he was being held on sex trafficking charges officials say his death was an apparent
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suicide you're up to date with all of our top stories this hour that's it for myself and the team here in london coming up next on al-jazeera it's time for rewind. in one light we cannot see everything with our own. without testimony we would know very little witness documentaries that open your eyes. hello and welcome again to rewind on melissa purana since we launched al-jazeera english more than a decade ago we have tackled many difficult and sensitive stories across the world
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today we rewind into august 2014 when the frontline series traveled to ferguson missouri and the midst of street on rest following the police shooting of a young african-american michael brown was just 18 and a mom when he was shot by a white police officer after being stopped while walking with a friend and hours after the shooting the residents of this mostly black area of service and took to the streets to protest against the killing and to demand that the police officer should be named the police responded by flooding the area with armed officers and riot gear and military style equipment by the time night fell the streets of ferguson looked like a war zone it was the beginning of more than a week of street protests which divided public opinion in the united states and within days sebastian walker and his fault lines crew were en ferguson to see for themselves the nature of both the uprising and the police response from force lines
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and august 2014 has ferguson city under siege. fergusson missouri. the spot for what would become davies street protests was the killing of an unarmed african-american teenager. in the days that followed the police responded to the demonstrations with massive force. such as it was because of course is the message you little kill if necessary. an autopsy would show the brown was shot at least 6 times twice in the head. he was the 4th black man to be killed in the united states by police in the span of a month the street protests and police tactics brought ferguson into the national and international spotlight things quickly spiral reports of gunshots fired from the crowd
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a state of emergency was declared the national guard was deployed and the u.s. attorney general launched a federal investigation into the killing faultlines was in ferguson to witness how michael brown's killing sparked something bigger exposing tensions that had been bubbling beneath the surface for years always the. i felt i felt. that. this is the area ferguson's residents are calling ground 0 the epicenter of the protests. when we arrived it was the 4th day in a row that people were marching on the street just a few blocks from where michael brown was shot. and. the police had still not released the name of the officer involved and people were angry the.
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mistrust of the police here runs deep while more than 60 percent of ferguson's resident. so black 50 out of its $53.00 police officers a white. african-americans account for nearly 90 percent of police stops such as under arrest. the demonstrators made it clear they would remain peaceful and requested the police to do the same. route of. the fight over but for no reason that we could see the mood shifted very quickly. so the police are now bringing out these heavy armored vehicles you can see it's a lengthy truck this is something that's designed for basically conflict zones to
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fight in places like iraq and afghanistan this is an extraordinary display of force to be honest i mean these guys on to the team there's more riot police arriving behind them this is a crowd of just a few 100 people and it's being completely peaceful the news our guys on top of these vehicles are actually training a high powered weapon examination the crowd. the police refused to explain why they needed such heavy weaponry. why they're bringing this equipment in fact some of you know want to bring in ahmed pickles. it wasn't hard to see why the crown would see the police presence as anything other than inflammatory. would you like. machine gun. you don't think this.
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is peaceful. here has it been like this the last few days like this for years. for years this kind of policing yes this is been like this for years. but the anger over the way peace was handling the situation group. only. the police are saying we're going to leave the area we're going to get right back now from the police line the gas is coming down now. there's more gas coming over here. we're going to get out of here now. daschle firing canisters of gas at us as we're running away. to take. care here.
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is about as feeling nothing like her moses was driving down the stretch it was going to be a solid module every time our light you'll see i didn't know how innocent why do you think they started firing gas why they started firing them because they're trying to get us decide to riot all the time they're trying to think cold you know 1st the rights. when the. police are now using in the audio instruments to try to disperse the crowd this is a crowd control you can see the protesters are still in the streets and they're saying the lead not going anywhere. they seems like they're throwing flash bombs now there's the explosions going off
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we're not quite sure what the police so far in but keep coming down to we're going to get out of here. in a matter of hours on the streets of ferguson had gone from peaceful protest and calls for justice to scenes out of the conflict and. there's a lot of places box favors the crowd had to stand up to every word of explosions from black crash bang grenades another one got up out. as the military vehicles advanced rubber bullets were fired. at so anyone on the streets including media was in the line of fire. off the days of laundry staying silent missouri's government finally showed up in ferguson promising changes. today i'm announcing that the missouri highway
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patrol under the supervision of captain ron johnson who grew up in this area will be directing the team that provides security in ferguson yet governor how many rigs plain and major of the presence that we saw on the streets yesterday i mean that was on personnel carriers about 100 police in military style uniform high powered rifles being trained on the crowd i mean who is in charge of making those decisions and on they're going to be held to account for mistakes that you clearly think have been made i think that those yesterday and i should i do more small kevin johnson i appreciate this and they're very there's a responsibility looking forward meant to a new face for the police commander captain von jones who was born in the community . the scene on thursday was very different from the previous night to take gas and military vehicles this seems to be fewer police and those who was
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there the streets with the protesters. the change in approach seems to lift the mood. good that atmosphere was short lived at home. the next morning ferguson's police chief finally announced the name of darren wilson the officer who had killed michael brown but almost in the same breath he also released this video footage. it allegedly showed brown stealing cigars from a convenience store in an unrelated incident his grieving family was incensed. and their behavior here. the motives for releasing the video and its timing were immediately questioned did you know that he was a suspect in a case or did he not and you you say you can sign. safety but it seems like you let the son of a job officer say i'm going to read you a statement him michael brown's families beyond outraged at the devious ways the police chief has chosen to disseminate piecemeal information in
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a manner intended to assassinate the character of the sun once the response that we have given you everything that we have now and everything that we can give you so that's from from our police department we have you have all everything we've got there's nothing else like looking at anybody and that's exactly the finding of the release of this video michael brown's family held an impromptu press conference outside the police station in response to something that people try to determine. what the real problem is condemning what they branded as an attempt to criminalize him and justify the officer's actions so whatever that took place there had nothing to do with an individual getting down on his hands and knees raising his hands in the air you saying don't shoot this is the universal call for eyes to render and i can hear my cousins voice right now is that speech saying don't shoot. down at ground 0 later that evening news of the videos released that spread.
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people want and weak. but instead of trying to diffuse the tension by minimizing police presence the vehicles were out once again. it didn't take long before things started to happen. soon a small group started smashing store windows ok well this looting starting now you see people i reckon it was like ok ok i get. this guy out of here. but then another group of young men quickly moved in to stop looting why why are you standing there. sousa google there is a group as a group. want to snow.


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