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of operating free in jerusalem and local community activists often targeted by these radio authorities for arrested harassment another you know the types of persecution so for palestinians in jerusalem there is there is a real issue about about leadership about be able and this is why it is often sort of particular spikes we did neighborhoods and you know events around the lexicon have the potential to provide why do communal struggle i mean i'll see a couple of years ago around around the it's a mosque compound in the back of the gates and you know it's hard to say whether the events today will escalate further along those lines and but yeah there is that there is a real problem with leadership but that goes of course more broadly with the national division that in fact the entire mess in jerusalem especially the palestinians are facing a difficult a very difficult situation of isolation fragmentation in the face of this concerted effort by the israeli authorities and settlers to to press home what they see is
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that as an advantage not just in terms of the asymmetry on the ground but also in terms of the trip administration's position effectively giving a green light for israeli colonization activities in the city ben thanks for coming on we do appreciate your time ben white there in london. the hard pilgrimage for millions of muslims in saudi arabia is coming to a close it's the world's biggest annual religious gathering performing the stoning of the devil ritual some willing to sacrifice animals to mark the beginning of each holiday on saturday more than 2000000 climbed the sacred hill of mount arafat they prayed and recited the koran. security remains tight in indian administered kashmir although some restrictions are being used to allow people to celebrate paramilitary forces continue to patrol the streets of surrender they were deployed before the indian government revoked the autonomy of the disputed region on monday telephone and internet connections are still caught a brief lifting of the lockdown on friday was met almost immediately with protests
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. to yemen where separatists in the south of taken effective control of aden the seat of the internationally recognized government a cease fire was called on saturday night but it appears to be broken by a saudi led coalition air strike the u.n. says at least 40 people have been killed in the last 4 days of fighting laura birdman lee has more. great battles of braced for 4 days in yemen 2nd 58 and since who the rebels took over the capital sanaa in 2015. aden has been the seat of the country's internationally recognized government now key areas including the president to palace have fallen to southern separatists analysts say their goal is to win back the independence the south lost in the 2 yemen sea knighted in 1990 this is what they have been no fighting for since 2007. that's about their. more than 10
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years now that since they have been demanding their separation. and their. chance at the moment though it is their and their lives. also the regional. national and international circumstances will be. their failure this is what is highly likely to happen the separation this flag represented south yemen when it was independent between 1967 until 998 group doctors without borders is calling the city a battlefield. after dozens of the soldiers were killed in a hooty attack on aug 1st sudden separatists accuse the internationally recognized and saudi backed president of failing to protect them and called for the government to be overthrown. many people have fled atan others are trapped in their homes
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including this aid worker we hear the sounds of mortar shells from time to time without knowing the source or the target to be hit some houses in the city are directly hit or fire fragments into houses or the cars for example a group of men sitting in a cafe history they were helped by a mortar shell the battling side who once part of a saudi led coalition they've been fighting hutu rebels in northern and western yemen for more than 4 years the latest violence threatens to open a new front in the 5 year war which just killed tens of thousands of people. 6 about a manly al-jazeera. still to come here on al-jazeera. questions are asked after a disgraced american finance here is found in his prison jail cell. and could an alleged war criminal become the next president of sri lanka we'll have the
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latest from colombo. hello again this hour do want to start here in north asia and give you an update on our tropical storm the kima as it has making way towards the north bring some very heavy rain across much of that area just in the last 24 hours some locations have still picked up well over $200.00 millimeters of rain and the rain is going to continue as we go towards the next 2 to possibly even 3 days so our storm is now entering the yellow sea and it's going to be weakening slowly but still a lot of rain expected out ahead of the system as well as over here towards the east affecting parts of north korea as well monday heavy rain is going to be the big problem and on tuesday the rain is going to start to ease the storm is going to start to weaken probably down to a tropical depression strength but still we are going to see him john yang with
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very heavy rain in your forecast and some to their of about 31 degrees where across parts of china things are looking better for shanghai that storm is exiting so conditions are going to be more sunny for you winds are dying down as well across much of central china though those temperatures are up into the mid to high thirty's and many locations will haunt at 36 degrees there over here towards chengdu at $37.00 degrees plenty of sun continuing across much of the region but down here along the coast we are going to see some showers for hong kong with attempted there of 32 degrees in taipei at 36 for you. scholar and lawyer. thinker. and politician. radical and prisoner in a 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures in saddam's turbulent history. whose influence is still felt in events in
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the country today sit down i'll to robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera. the watching al-jazeera live from the heart your top stories the police in hong kong fired tear gas that anti-government protesters thousands of people are filling the streets to demand greater autonomy from china it's the 10th straight weekend a bomb rest. israeli police have injured dozens of palestinians inside the al aqsa mosque compound unrest began when right wing jewish groups demanded access to the site under the status quo agreement so-called they're all the only allowed in on
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certain days. the cease fire in southern yemen between separatists and government forces appears to have been broken that's after a saudi led coalition air strike hit an area around aden separatists took control of key positions on saturday. a former defense secretary accused of war crimes is hoping to become the country's next president around he's being held in colombo where go to buy a rajapakse as candidacy has been the last by his brother and formerly the sri lankan president mahinda rajapaksa to by rajapaksa has been accused of overseeing atrocities during st lanka's decades long civil war in elfin and as has more from colombia. rajapaksa oversaw the defense machine in sri lanka he was a former military man he had left the country during the war spent over a decade outside the country but came back with his brother took over as president and basically had to free him in prosecuting that war the difference was that he
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didn't have the kind of restrictions politically and you know in other spheres he could basically have a free reign he put in he's planned he's considered a good administrator i've now there have been accusations that the sri lankan military had sort of committed human rights abuses basically that war crimes were conducted during the war v.c. both sides would refuse to vote up or shadows following go top in rajapaksa but right now in terms of his sort of followers it's all about he being able to bring sri lanka back on track the u.n. secretary general has confirmed a car bomb attack has killed 3 u.n. employees in libya the explosion in the eastern city of benghazi happened moments before a u.n. convoy passed through the area the u.n. security council has meant to discuss that attack and the latest developments in libya i join others in condemning in the strongest terms today's attack on
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the u.n. convoy in benghazi we send our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims u.n. exists to help and protect people and attack against its representatives is an attack on the international community at large and we salute the work the un's millis doing in libya at the same time as the assistant secretary general said scores of libyans have also been injured safely the libyan representative coming convey my country's condolences and sympathies to his country and to his people. well since that attack on the u.n. in libya there has been more violence rocket fire has injured 3 people at tripoli's main airport best despite the declaration of in the troops the eastern warlord honey for half the says his forces will commit to a ceasefire for the next 4 days he launched an offensive in april against the
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internationally recognized government in tripoli. thousands of venezuelans have taken part in a protest against u.s. sanctions after new measures came into force this week the president nicolas maduro addressed supporters at the rally in caracas he says his country will resist what he calls the u.s. president's quote racist government talks were planned in norway this week between mr madoff and the opposition leader but my daughter has pulled out in protest. it's the my daughter has also really hundreds of his supporters the not big message of defiance against american sanctions however his critics say that message will do little to help venezuelans suffering form from severe shortages of essential goods those living on an island once dubbed a paradise reportedly trying to survive on just a few cents per month a series of reports many on toss island are finding it hard to feed their families . the island of toss in the lake of monaco
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a walk in northwest venezuela was once a tourist destination. now its residents are struggling and so people like pina are trying to help out we went with him to. house her brother george is 33 he's autistic he's also undernourished this will be his only meal today. i need help he has no bed to sleep we have no diapers his situation is getting worse every day nobody helps us he's been losing weight and we can barely feed our family and what complicates the situation even more is that your god has a problem in his throat but there are no doctors to diagnose him his source says there are many cases like his around the island and even though he's trying to lend a hand it's not been easy well. i don't have much but i started to ask people to
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give me just one spoon of rice to feed them times are difficult for everyone nobody has much food to give away those who take care of their relatives with disabilities are suffering and cannot give much. his tools is also helping out at least 8 others in this island of around 10000 people many have already migrated somewhere else because of food and medicine shortages good told the water sanitation plant is broken and there is no gas or electricity. if we went to the house of my kailee just seen a mother of 5 she has no money to buy her children clothes or diapers even though her husband works as a fisherman she says they barely have enough to eat people here are desperate they don't have running water they don't have gas and this is the only food they have for the whole family the situation is so dire that they were forced to sell this
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window in order to be able to buy medicine for the children. michael lee says all government help has been gone for months the venezuelan government says boxes of subsidize food but they're not arriving fast enough. for the little food we have is because we were given one government box last week after 6 months the government is gone and if they have something they give it to people that vote for them we don't vote because we don't have an id. economy say the crisis in venezuela is caused by a drop in oil prices corruption and mismanagement of government resources. it's the 1st crisis that last so long in an oil producing nation it's the 1st oil nation with hyperinflation and it's the biggest collapse of an economy in a country that did not go to war the impoverishment in the country is brutal now with an increase in u.s. sanctions many fear the situation will deteriorate even more on saturday precedent
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or lead a protest against the united states the sanctions implemented by donald trump and opposition leader one way will. all of the smugness all of this brutality has been requested an openly supported by this despicable outlaw traitor to the homeland named one dog but in the island of course most people say the crisis began before the u.s. sanctions they're desperately waiting for a solution that will help them survive there is a war i'll just see here dos island venezuela. amasses been held in a mexican border city to all of the victims of the opacities shooting catholic bishops yet at what has presided over the service has been a week since the attack that killed 22 people and injured dozens more most of the victims were hispanic. questions are being asked over how an american financier was
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apparently able to kill himself while being held in a u.s. prison cell on suicide watch jeffrey epstein was found dead in detention on saturday he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges the f.b.i. is investigating his death she has returns he has more from washington. jeffrey epstein faced a maximum of 45 years in prison for the trafficking of girls as young as 14 to his homes for sex he pleaded not guilty after being denied bail last month the 66 year old had been found unconscious in a cell with marks on his neck and reportedly placed on suicide watch however there are conflicting reports as to whether he was on suicide watch when he was found hanged in his new york jail cell early saturday morning epstein worked in finance reportedly managing other people's food chains he presented himself as a billionaire and he lived an extravagant lifestyle but the source and extent of his own money is obscure his social circle was extensive and influential documents show former president bill clinton britain's prince andrew and donald trump were
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all acquaintances and before he became president trump called epstein a quote terrific guy he likes beautiful women as much as i do trump said and added quote many of them are on the youngest side however since epstein's arrest the president has distanced himself i was not a fan of yeah yeah and you watched people yesterday saying that i threw him out of a club i do want anything to do with it now is many many years ago it shows you one thing that ad think that they have along with allegations that he supplied young girls to his circle of influential men all denied by the man in question just on friday thousands of documents were unsealed from a legal case against one of his associates that alleged a young girl was forced to have sex with quote many powerful men including numerous problems american politicians business executives foreign presidents and a well known prime minister and other world leaders and quote epstein was 1st indicted in 2007 on similar charges that could potentially have led to him spending life in prison yet he served only 13 months in a private wing of
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a county jail in florida following a plea agreement under the terms of that deal investigations into his activities were ended and the extent of his crimes and who else was involved concealed the federal prosecutor who negotiated that deal with alexander acosta who subsequently became donald trump's labour's. secretary he resigned following renewed scrutiny of that plea deal it would be selfish for me to say this. about it. rather than if they are right now even after epstein is released as a registered sex offender he mixed in elite circles but in july federal prosecutors ordered his arrest again his house was searched and evidence seized it's expected that civil proceedings will continue against epstein's state and perhaps the truth of who epstein was will be settled hence the al-jazeera.
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this is down to 0 these are your top stories the police in hong kong are trying to drive protesters off the streets they fired tear gas the rallies which have not been authorized the city is now in its 10th week on west bank to the civil service demonstrating of the international court to make arriving to us aware of their campaign. is that the police have been accused of using tactics which are inappropriate being heavy handed the protesters say it's a town right brutality and not seem to have made the situation worse and brings more people out onto the street but then you get people on the conservative pro beijing side that said look these are thugs these are people who are ruling hong kong's future come on get tough with them you've got the tools to go out there and show them who's boss and i think maybe we have seen a bit of the latter on this particular day israeli police have moved into the al aqsa mosque compound in east jerusalem after
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a standoff with palestinians at one of the gates to the holy site at least 37 people have been injured although shippers have now left the area the trouble began when right wing jewish groups demanded access to the area. a cease fire in southern yemen between separatists and government forces appears to have been broken after a saudi led coalition air strike hit an area around dayton and separatists took control of key positions on saturday the u.n. says at least 40 people have been killed in the 4 days of fighting. for mr lankan defense secretary accused of war crimes is hoping to become the country's next president around is being held in colombo where go to buy a rajapakse as candidacy has been announced by his brother and formally these 3 lincoln president mahinda rajapaksa go to buy a rajapaksa has been accused of overseeing various atrocities during sri lanka's decades long civil war the hard pilgrimage of millions of muslims in saudi arabia is now coming to a close it's the world's largest annual religious gathering performing the stoning
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of the devil ritual some will later sacrifice animals to mark the beginning of. on saturday more than 2000000 people climbed the sacred hill of mount arafat lots more news on the web site al jazeera dot com up next it's inside story richelle will keep you company in the coming hours i will see you very soon. could the saudi led coalition in the yemen soon fall apart forces loyal to saudi arabia and those backed by the u.a.e. have been fighting an eye then that's a significant turn in the country's war so what does it all mean and how might it affect the conflict this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm homage enjoy him the war in yemen looks like it's taking another drastic turn one that could change the makeup of the country as we know it today and shape how it functions in the future in a complicated turn of events and despite being part of the same coalition fighting who is the rebels forces loyal to the united arab emirates and those loyal to saudi arabia appear to have turned on each other fighting has been going on for days killing dozens as a battle for control of the southern city of ivan intensifies the u.a.e. backed southern transitional council once the yemeni government out and that's got the united nations concerned caught in the middle as usual are civilians as andrew chapelle reports. as some residents of aden remain trapped in their homes to try
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and stay away from street battles they're finding little protection at least 4 people were killed in southern separatists shelled this residential area north of the city and a day of fighting with the presidential guard. the u.a.e. back separatists and the saudi backed government troops are believed to be targeting each other with heavy weapons in a power play for the city. the u.n. secretary general is calling on the parties to engage in an inclusive dialogue to resolve their differences and address the legitimate concerns of all yemenis and he says the conflict in yemen can only be resolved through a political solution. on friday the commander of the presidential guard brigadier general sadat was filmed visiting the city center as was honeybun brake the deputy chairman of the southern transitional council who visited wounded troops in hospital honeybun break has become
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a central figure in the rebellion on august 1st the who attacked a military parade and a day. killing scores of new recruits many are all you're facing here shortly before his death was a top commander of the security belt a u.a.e. trained paramilitary force at his funeral there was an exchange of fire between the s.t.c. aligned fighters and the presidential guards honeybun break then accused hardy's forces of playing a role in the attack and on wednesday called on southern separatists to march on the presidential palace and topple the internationally recognized government of president monsour hadi felt that i've been at how he and the security forces are supported by the u.a.e. which announced its withdrawal from yemen last month how does government has accused him of fomenting sedition saying this will only serve the who sees they remain in control of the capital sana despite more than 4 years of war by the saudi u.a.e. coalition residents there received some good news on friday the world food program
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has reached a deal with the who tees to resume food aid next week pease said. we will resume food distribution following the festival for the 850000 people inside a city who have not received food russians from devotee of p. for the last 2 months. the past few days have raised fears that yemen's war may be evolving into something even more complicated with rival factions vying to control its future and or ship al-jazeera. the southern transitional council mentioned in that report is something we're likely to be hearing a lot more about as the situation in yemen changes the s.t.c. was formed 2 years ago and is loyal to and supported by the united arab emirates its president is i that was. it receives financing and training from the u.a.e. and says it rules much of the southern territory of yemen the s.t.c. has been fighting to force out the government of president of the double months old
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had the and is believed to be pushing for the separation of southern yemen from the rest of the country. all right let's bring in our guests from gothenburg via skype a phenomenon that is chief editor of sun not review from bristol with some 5 a little hanny is deputy executive director of the sanaa center for strategic studies from auto via skype russia whom is director of peace track initiative welcome to the show let me start with you and the war in yemen is so complicated and so fractious now you have forces that are loyal to president had the and backed by saudi arabia in effect fighting separatist forces that are backed by the u.a.e. so does this mean that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are essentially at war with each other in southern yemen well i mean i wouldn't surprise. me and i've been the demands for and tendons.
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and i'm who are they and 80 people and and. but today absolutely right there is that saudi and new way back and what's going on in the fighting but i mean i don't see that there are an urging in that burgeoning rats i think they are. have. an interest in the war unfortunately it's not fair you know they're not being transparent with their. roots and this war they say that they are going after the. bad that are not of the economy and the security interest for both parties and there seems to be like you know like as. i spoke at agreement between them. in which then you a snake is part of the tour of. why and then.
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we do the standards because of. our serve in between the. get it yet but they're young the war the longer the war. and the war and the different interests use what impact it would have and yemen russia as we mentioned before it's very difficult reporting on the nuances of the multiple conflicts that are ongoing in yemen could you help explain to our viewers specifically what the differences but see between the southern transitional council and this group or this militia known as the security belt. they are loyal to the it's not a militia it's an official. faction security faction that's by the order of had the president are. under the anterior ministry but the division is
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between among the those factions within are them who are who have an action that is as set proclaiming the reclaiming the south state and those who have the project for a united federal yemen. as she said as well this was not an expected we've seen already the same their likes conflict dynamics that happened last year in january where the presidential powers were was surrounded and there there is this and crazed. calls for because they are the de facto a controlling to this out and. they have they feel like they've been excluded from the peace process is they've been calling to be included and the peace process to discuss the south issues specifically however their cause have been ignored we as
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women we have also conveyed this cause to this security council we have warned that the south had not addressing the celt issue is a ticking bomb and what we have been seeing in the last 3 days is exactly what we've been warning from and the reaction of the international community is always reactive not proactive to prevent. blood and conflict and state of engaging with them peacefully to discuss their demands they are pushing them towards this. kind of. behavior which is more violent. now generally in terms of saudi arabia and u.a.e. i think it's not there is not not a conflict but maybe a. different set of priorities and the saudis are more they see that they need to 1st support the government of yemen to end the coup which is happening in sana'a by
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the hoses and this is also with the government have been conveying to us in terms of excluding the south ernest at this stage when we are when we called for their inclusion they have always told us that it's not time to include women or any 3rd parties basically implying the south or north because they want to keep the discussion in terms of the peace process to me limited to. basically our. discussion that's what's happening in the north ignoring their all to get if you insist and what is happening in the south i'm sure you heard russia as well as a for a talk about the fact that neither of them is surprised by what's going on that the signs are always there but i'd also like you to address the fact that when it comes to ogden when it comes to the south the separatist movement is something that's gone on for quite a long time now correct yes it is actually what happens in arden today for presence is going to represent a radical change in the in this conflict it's. different layers of complexity and
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it is very obvious starting from the coalition's position towards what happens in an ad and reflects the. the unclear intentions of saudia interventions in yemen it's not really clear how do they want to regain the legitimacy of the many government while they are supporting the attack again as the international recognized government now the government which the saudi claims to hold regain its legitimacy has no capital then as the temporary capital is no longer exist now it's under the control of this d.c. . there are other factions that are not under the control of the internationally those government are actually there simply. affiliated to the international government but there is not much influence over them now we could see that yemen or the coalition has managed to divide yemen or to divide the camp that they are supporting now we have the s.t.c.
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in the south and not only this to see we have other southern or groups that we have no idea so far how this is see intends to include them it's either to include them or 6 of them that will be go i would go back to the to this to see but all we could see see now is that this is the opera hand and i think the question is when the lot of unanswered questions is will they go ahead with their separation genda or will they go with doing a dialogue with internationalize government and make sure they're included in the peace process this is one of the questions that hasn't been answered but also if we look at the other sides we have the brotherhood and it's still a very contentious issues and its main issue of conflict between saudi and new way although with the support or with the saudi given a green light for s.t.c. to take over i don't i don't see there is much of conflict between you and sooty there is a lot that we can project it's really. very complicated but there
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needs to be a clarity on what is next now is to see is taken over are done who is going to run the country.


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