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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 223  Al Jazeera  August 11, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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it is very obvious starting from the coalition's position towards what happens in an ad and reflects the. the unclear intentions of saudi interventions in yemen it's not really clear how do they want to regain the legitimacy of the mini government while they are supporting the attack again as the internationally recognized government now the government which the saudi claims to hold regain its legitimacy has no capital ardan was the temporary capital is no longer exist now it's under the control of this d.c. . there are other factions that are not under the control of the internationalize government or actually they're simply affiliated to the international government but there is not much influence over them now we could see that yemen or the coalition has managed to divide yemen or to divide the camp that they are supporting now we have the s.t.c.
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in the south and not only this to see we have other southern or groups that we have no idea so far how this is see intends to include them it's either to include them or 6 of them that will be go i would go back to the to this to see but we could see in see now is that there is to see is the opera hand and i think the question is when the lot of unanswered questions is will they go ahead with their separation genda or will they go with doing a dialogue with internationalize government and make sure they're included in the peace process this is one of the questions that hasn't been answered but also if we look at the other sides we have the brotherhood and it's still a very contentious issues and its main issue of conflict between saudi and new way although with the support or with the saudi given a green light for s.t.c. to take over i don't i don't see there is much of conflict between you and cerruti there is a lot that we can protect it's. really. it's very complicated but there
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are needs to be a clarity on what is next now this is taken over are done who is going to run the country the government is now in exile the internet the state in the situations are actually based and i've been there has been a lot of shifts from after the call from to add on the question is now who is going to run this in a situations who's going to provide basic services who's going to pay the salaries of civil servants the international government to some extent has managed in the last of your months to provide these services or at least we have seen some sort of improvement the question is now what the s.t.c. be up to the challenge of taking this responsibility this is one of the questions and i know it was a not productive i'm sorry to interrupt i'm sorry interrupt that is i want to i want to i see for a nodding along so i want to get your response because it looks like you want to jump in but i also want to ask you you heard what osama is saying do you believe
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that the southern transitional council has the capability to take i've been. recently lot of interviews with the women and frightened south and they tell me that there are about 20 why. eating and demanding and so it's not only that and not only. that the southern movement but there are other and that's also asked to use an open article what would. be both. i wouldn't be surprised if happen and then your future because in my opinion the country is divided. on so if you look at the security apparatus that means the south and the north it's totally different i have some relatives in the south and derivatives and going to work they are empty the to you.
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rianne yemeni and the different parts because of this appreciate your many sense for frank loesser you cannot use the money that you use and the sat and the south that in the north and vice versa so what me and it's the country is already provided and this isn't the same. the fact that we need to address. a local perspective and before i go into that perspective i mean i think there is a huge emphasis on the international dynamics which really distract us how do we problems on the ground and i should applaud this panel and it's the same where you have many guest speakers and that really what we need is where i see there is a need to listen to yemen from their own perspectives and not and ignore there is the worry repeated over and over the war if you are
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a yemeni voice or the southern. women are being ignored that this is missing or even traction is very bad and it's more i don't think one of the things that are that's where you have that russia the u.a.e. announced in july that they were going to be drawing down their forces in yemen but you know there's been a lot of conflicting reporting about what exactly that means what do you understand that means are they actually just rebasing forces are they withdrawing completely will they still have troops in the south from your perspective what's going to happen when it comes to the u.a.e. presence in yemen my understanding is that they're doing redeployment and focusing on i think because of the on this collations that happened with iran in the region so they're doing redeployment and. gradually are being removed. at least ground
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troops from yemen. on the other hand we heard reports that saudi arabia is sending troops to into the country we heard about at least 2 batches of military troops going and unconfirmed report but we can see all. these kind of dynamics happening my guess is that. saudi arabia and u.a.e. in this conflict in the last 3 days did not try to interfere militarily to to stop one or the other it was a yemeni a many or south south fighting. and they did not interfere they they were more focused on a mediation process and they can understand why is that as basically saudi arabia cannot. continue to be into intervening in yemen without the legitimacy of of hadley at the same time they cannot go and fight against s.t.c. who are the ones who are doing the actual fight against who these are or at least
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dilute the military troops are doing the fight against russia that it is right i'm sorry interrupted by that you mean that you believe that the saudis don't have the military capability to take on that group i wouldn't i don't think that they want to go into another yet round of counsel conflict with any more yemeni troops one way or another i think the saudis and the u.a.e. their messaging whenever we speak to them and their diplomats have been that 2019 is going to be more into a political solution in yemen and they wanted to reduce their military presence this is what we designed they have been sharing with us. so i don't think if they are going there it's basically to hold a position to secure a location but not really to engage at least this is my own station of the conflict and what i can say see is that maybe this is my own into. addition is that
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after securing the sounds and stabilizing it. they would do the same in n. and north at least in one day down where they would not interfere but they will their local. actives will lead the fight without interference from savages already away i say. we've been expecting to hear in the last couple of days from yemen's president. that has not happened what do you think that means. the 1st before talking about haiti's usual or the always presence in such kind of situations it's really important to highlight thought of the what happens in arden and other parts of the country is always or the upper hand on it when it comes decision making is the coalition's and although there was not saudi troops intervening yesterday or the 2 days past it's actually under their green light
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they could stop the war they could continue they managed for a few hours to stop the battle and then the but to resume and that would raise a lot of questions of why did saudis shift disposition when it comes to how the and this goes back again to the same idea that is there's a hard the does how they have their leadership capabilities to talk to the people we have expected them after the new news or taking over i've been and this would like him to speak to the people see what is happening at least share with us what is what does that mean he did that when these took over. in the past and he went to iran and he said is now belonging to the states and it's under my control he hasn't done this this time i don't know maybe he likes the confidence that he wouldn't be able to control i don't any longer maybe the coalition is restricting and but that is that's not something new from heidi maybe of the. the question though is
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if the quality of supporting had to fight these on what ground with a fight who are these now and i think that is a very important questions how is the fight against toast is dynamic will change now will there be one unified leadership fighting for these well even though being in the south have the priority to support that agenda we find through the discourse of the s.t.c. in the last few days they've been claiming that they are still under the. president's legitimacy and they're going to be supporting that but it doesn't seem like that on the ground given the fact that they were fighting the the the troops that are under the control of have is not only this they have also defeated them so the question is now what is the coalition's goal in fighting in in in in. this is a think this is the most crucial thing if the whole of the of the equalities
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intervention human is to defeat and regain the legitimacy we could see that what the coalition is doing is doing the other it is going the other directions they're not supporting the legitimacy they're not actually making any progress as a guinness toadies rather they're making more fragmentations within their camp. i want to turn attention for a moment to the continuing humanitarian catastrophe that has been going on in yemen for so long that obviously now you have what is essentially a war within a war that's what's happening in the south now i used to report from yemen a lot and even in 2012011 you already had skyrocketing malnutrition figures you already had a dire humanitarian crisis even before this conflict right now with what's going on in ogden you have civilians that are trapped in the crossfire how bad is the situation there and how bad is the situation on the humanitarian scale in the rest of the country it's not an exaggeration that the united nations. what's going on in
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your men or if you can science to ation is the worst and largest humanitarian catastrophe that they united nations peace since it was established 2nd world war so by by 2020 the situation is not who we need we have. 30000000 people almost and in famine so that gives you an idea of how. i think this is the largest big that would. play chess after the holocaust it will be it's like a head and light quarter 1000000 human years even as we speak today and i add that there are many reports about some neighborhoods and. a few who are in the city is running out of fuel so that means the transportation bill he says the. prices will skyrocket so it's very very important to
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find some sort of solution to mitigate the humanitarian situation i cannot describe to you what could happen for a population that at the same time is increasing and facing all who's going to and these it's a lot of civilians are heavy price for you still if. it's all right we've run out of time so we're going to have to leave it there offense to all our guests of iraq nasr with some of her house and russia at home. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me mohammed and the whole team here i for now.
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it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the country has assigned each other and we've been told that we constantly hear this is the largest demonstration that's been held by will direct you g.'s since over 700000 right here are some of the nicest rules of the planet earth here for them to think that they could be but that is. 0 into the show from recipients of the new crystals gold coast to the you know. the secular. if you
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want to learn what the world might look like very soon got hungry and hungry as in an extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. since mass immigration story we had paunch clashes between the cultures and the problem is that the culture of that is few cars should say to grading us is or is not comfortable with european culture this is not like food fascists. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and of global try. this is very very uneventful kulai towards the precipice without resistance we are past the danger has already happened. it was then just 10 years ago. now this is it. china has one of the world's highest or basing rights but many
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a take up the fought against for military style white to radical surgery one o one east investigates as the chinese battle to get in shape on al-jazeera. from mother to daughter an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique in tunisia has a rich tapestry. the threads on it just 0. i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera places. conger moving against anti-government protesters thousands of people are filling the
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streets to demand greater autonomy from china it is the 10th straight weekend let's go to rob mcbride who's been covering all of this from hong kong so rob what's happening now. that's right we have just running street battle basically right through the tallest heart of the cow loon district here in hong kong is called choice it is normally full at this time of the with their visitors tourists shoppers but instead of that we've seen police arrive in force and drive out a whole bunch of protesters who are laying siege to repeal e station here now the police of the protesters way down the street as they did so they moved in made a number of arrests the protesters have backed off it remains to be seen whether the police will move on to clear them further but they do seem to have taken a very robust response to the demonstrations that we have seen here today let me
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just give you a quick look around here this is as i said the shopping district one of them a shopping district of hong kong all of the shops shuttered and just a few minutes ago this was a awash with protesters fleeing from the clouds of tear gas they were being fired by police. the protesters themselves were throwing stuff back at the police visited a number of them have been arrested and once again we've seen very violent clashes at the end of the series of protests that have taken place in hong kong that were technically illegal they did not have the permission to march but thousands did turn out and march 1 of those protested protests ended in a siege with a another police station a couple of kilometers from here that's similar they had a battle we drove the protesters off there has been. violence here and we are hearing about other clashes over on hong kong island itself and we wait to see
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whether police move on from here to clear the rest of the protesters from this part of hong kong ok robin wright but this story that continues to develop in hong kong thank you israeli police have moved into. a mosque compound in. after a standoff with palestinians at one of the gates to the holy site at least $37.00 people have been injured trouble began when right when jewish groups demanded access to the site under a status quo grandmother only allowed in on certain days harry fawcett has more. it certainly seems because there was an attempt to do it all in jerusalem islam worship is not from the site but we did get reports of people who were once leaving at least one site one being allowed back inside and potentially they were trying to reach the number 0000000000000000000000 honest indians ahead well of this decision their thoughts are the only thing jewish activists. and therefore make it easy for them but it does seem that there is
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a significant number of that still and people who have heeded the call from the islamic want them to stay there a ceasefire in southern yemen between separatists and government forces appears to have been broken that's after a saudi led coalition air strike in the area around aden the separatist took control of key positions on saturday the u.n. says at least 40 people have been killed in 4 days of fighting. before mr long and defense secretary accused of war crimes is hoping to become the country's next president rallies being held in colombo where go to buy a russian pos because canada c has been announced by his brother and former sri lankan president hendra pasta. security remains tight in the indian administered kashmir although some restrictions have been eased to allow people to celebrate it oughta or military forces continue to patrol the streets but shrunk our they were deployed before the end the government revoked the autonomy of the disputed region on monday. pilgrimage for millions of muslims in saudi arabia it is coming to
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a close it's the world's largest annual religious gathering there performing the stoning of the devil ritual some will later sacrifice animals to mark the beginning . as are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera al-jazeera world is that next.
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sudan a country in almost constant turmoil since the 1950 s. . regime change coups street protests famine war political division and in april 21000 the toppling of president obama invest in. the army tried to take complete control of the country but was forced to negotiate with protesters in. sudan's history is trouble 10 years after independence from britain just for an immediate a military coup only to be deposed himself 14 years later. in 1989 on what is seized power in another cool triggering further change
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orchestrated by hassen a 2 dobby. well educated elite matic he was an islamic thinker spiritual leader philosopher lawyer arch politician. he was never prime minister nor president but his influence has been vast. this is the untold story of the man some call the architect of modern sudan has a 2 dobby the man has mind his mission. but. if you are my lama friend you refer to. we're going to vary from within a person and we're here for.
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the young person had a typically conservative upbringing in 1930 s. castella where his father was a judge. the family was sufi muslim but also had a maddest history. this was a religious and political movement that fought a war in the late 19th century against the forces of 1st the governor of egypt and then the british. english. for kal sophia lived here for sudan where he may to illumine or come up. like a boss if you don't have the number of carry the message in here or he or a lot. of you know already here a lot of the classic here lity to me as if we had their him and female actor.
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the family's values clearly sheep the young un. his father a religious judge paid particular attention to his son's spiritual education and encouraged him to learn arabic his work as a judge meant the family often moved home but this exposed the younger to darby to life in different cities and people across sudan. was she a 3rd edition of the rugby. you do are living here. without fareed the. euro. with or so we have for. 30 years believe you will. always have in medicine here there is a malaria had litter or was a woman in you is the way your name. is the. technician's . house and went to home to secondary school.
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girls unlawful of santa maria. of the number that is on a river so that her mother's a plan to withstand a real. mother with them what mothers know mitt romney is a did the benefit of the mothers for some of them. but there's a time there was no year i left a lot of them my dad is a bit of bania and i was a year home i live in a car the dollar. we have in the home was on a robbery on a non gaffer no maybe. some classmates would later become political colleagues or rivals or indeed bitter enemies as to be himself recalled in this 2012 interview but in 2 he had their feet are united also blow dumisani we eliminated with any great to. see evan. but you know what yeah they're here to skin
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a lot with us and i am someone to help with anything women will not know i want to know why a lot. of our middle being an average american will be ever going to them on. your i mean i learned of her sort of wild home more and better the way i see them and i carry as you saw me if i had with. them but humble if you know i like and. you know i mean is that we have them bury them. so i definitely learn all kind of isn't there a lot of the internet here or kind of. you know yanick with almost every album i could do just possible so i don't know what senator in philly they can argue for i've got a lot of rain but also got a lot of it that was no. matter what the was let me on.
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for who off with that a lot harder. than i lay here at the un cause of. the son of robert from miami and in the hunt game but it. would be young at a little when the army other not mr brown now that old mother is at her door nor you read any i'm in a. lot. of lot of rob there was a mobile. late for hustler last i heard that cambridge when a daughter got older. well he didn't tell me is a good idea in a list of god what i'd be santa of a santa for the hudna guy mafia was my bob the one the government gives you had the fittest glass. bowl not.


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