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you would think so but it seems that president is practically old livia's to what's going on. was reported in america today doing the hiring which is their knowledge of time to be doing it i know this. but with his government being under so much pressure under bombardment and aden it's a very odd time for him to be thinking religious thoughts instead of political ones and i think is the minister of interior practically accused them of being in total harmony with the saudi led down because the saudis could have resupply the forces protecting the government the presidential palace and a then they could have also asked one of their or several militias that they been drawn in the south to protect the presidential palace but they did not do so
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so it seems it seems that really the their head then agend alliance with that also the admiral and i don't think about a war proxy or otherwise between the 2 are or could get you in our system wholly for. fighting it's bringing fresh difficulties for the humanitarian situation in the country sultana begum is an advocacy manager in yemen for the norwegian refugee council she says the continued fighting is shutting down foreign aid operations. our main concern was that the fighting paralyzed humanitarian operations aid organization in some nest off where either affected by the violence or they were hiding in their basements because they were scared for their safety so and what else it did was that the quiting codified infrastructure so there was a water tank which was damaged which cut off the supply the drinking water for the
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civilians. so really what they fighting has done is mean has meant is that it stopped the movement of humanitarian walked out in but also the longer it went on for more it was also shutting down aid operation in other areas of the country we would like to continue to provide food food to shelter i was just an odd and recently and visited a camp and people are living in terrible terrible conditions and they need help so really our consent is if the fighting resumes it will shut down our operations not just in our dinner but the other areas of the south threaten the safety of os dolphin civilians and that's what we need to stop we need the situation to go back to normal so that we can provide the help that people need. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including i'm now in the island of oahu off the coast of my.
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people here say they are in desperate need of help and that they have been abandoned by the venezuelan government. voters head to the polls to elect their next president in their runoff elections plus. in sports u.s. athletes face serious punishment after several podium protests at the pan american games in lima. israeli police move into a mosque compound in east jerusalem during a standoff with palestinians at one of the gates to the holy site dozens were injured when officers set off sound grenades and rushed people out the trouble began when rightwing jewish groups demanded access to the site on the muslim holiday of either lob herefore said reports from occupied east jerusalem. chaos and confrontation inside the arx a mosque compound on the 1st day of her. usually non muslims of access on muslim
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holidays but for a 2nd time this summer significant dates for jews and muslims have overlapped and for a 2nd time israeli security forces decided to allow in jewish groups having said they would only do so if they assess the security situation is favorable. toward. the extreme right wing government in the state is supporting the settlers to target the holy sites and to invade them in order to control and to judea zone they try continuously and repeatedly we jerusalem people are resisting and we will fight on against these practices. earlier on sunday tens of thousands of muslim worshippers had answered the call from the islamic walk the trust that operates the compound under your 40 of jordan to pray in and around other local mosques were ordered closed to maximize numbers the muslim officials aware. that right wing jewish nationalists had been demanding access to the site known to jews as the temple mount on t. shirt but of the day jews mourn tragedies in their history including the destruction
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of the 1st and 2nd temples perhaps the key question about today's events is why the israeli security forces decided to change their minds in the early part of the day i decided to ban on was the ins entry to the al aqsa mosque compound for fear of friction they changed that position and friction ensued anyway a police spokesman said the situation changed after they dispersed muslim worshippers using stun grenades tear gas and rubber bullets he denied that was a tactic to clear the way for jewish groups saying security forces responded after chairs and stones were thrown at them there has been an increasingly vociferously movement on the religious right in israel for more access to the site a change to the status quo arrangements in force since the start of the israeli occupation in 1967 you had a glick is a leading voice in that movement i asked him whether the decision to allow access was a political one by a government that wants to satisfy right wing voters ahead of september's election
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mr nathanial last week told the police you do what you think is right i'm not going to get involved and if you say unlined that he did it for political reasons you are lying to your crowd it has nothing to do with the decision was made at percy by the office of the police palestinians those see this as intensely political the senior p.l.o. politician hamas accusing israel of recklessness and aggression designed to provoke religious and political tension this holy site is once again a flashpoint and a focal point in the conflict are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. now the hajj pilgrimage in saudi arabia is coming to a close for millions of muslims it's the world's largest annual religious gathering performing the stoning of the devil ritual animals have also been sacrificed to mark the beginning of the the law on saturday more than 2000000 climb the sacred hill of mount out of they prayed and recited koran. and people in indonesia marked
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the start of the last how with morning prayers in the new series the world's most populous muslim nation thousands gathered in the capital jakarta on the 1st day of the holiday. the u.n. secretary general antonio good tires is condemned a car bomb attack that killed 3 united nations employees in libya the explosion in the eastern city of benghazi happened moments before u.n. convoy passed through the area the u.n. security council has met to discuss that attack and the latest developments in the . since that attack on the u.n. in libya there's been more violence rocket fire is injured 3 people near tripoli's main airport despite the declaration of a truce during the ied holiday walled after it said its forces would commit to a ceasefire for the next 4 days he launched an offensive in april against the internationally recognized government. has more from the capital tripoli. it seems that the ceasefire agreement proposed by the united nations support the
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mission in libya and accepted by both warring factions in southern tripoli is not very firm as random rockets landed on sunday in densely populated areas and injuring a number of innocent civilians also airport the only operational airport in tripoli authorities there say that random rockets landed and it damaged part of the runway and they had to temporarily suspend until further notice we know that it's been quiet on sunday on the front lines except one axes as military sources with the government of national called say that they they received the rockets fired at the behalf those forces in where they will be area in southern tripoli meanwhile the say that have those forces are mobilizing more troops ammunition and military vehicles coming from have to as military bases in area and
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sent to libya towards have those forces locations in southern tripoli it seems that this temporary ceasefire agreement is not very firm as it could be breached by. either one of the all of the warning factions at any time funerals are being held for dozens of people killed in a fuel tanker explosion in terms of the on saturday hundreds of mourners have gathered in the city of morrow to pay their respects at least 70 people died in the accident and dozens of others were injured many of the victims have been trying to collect fuel from the vehicle which had overturned. a former sri lankan defense secretary accused of war crimes is hoping to become the country's next president a political gathering was held in colombo. candidacy was announced by his brother and former sri lankan president mahinda rajapaksa both figures have been accused of overseeing atrocities during sri lanka's decades long civil war. has more from.
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ending months of speculation the former defense secretary has been. as a presidential candidate. is basically told the gathering that he is. actions rather than words is capable of taking on the challenge. today what is needed for this country is leadership with a vision for the future someone who has a plan for development someone who can implement those changes have a principled and corrupt political leadership. those who believe in. it as he has the official. for the party but there are those who have misgivings misgivings. with all the allegations against him.
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this country's leader a decision at the pause in a few months. now there's been more violence in the early hours of monday in hong kong local media for the shows riot police chasing protesters into a metro station in a largely residential district they fire and b. top a large group of demonstrators as they tried to get on an escalator inside the station follows a day of confrontations across the city in which more than a dozen people have been injured earlier protesters surrounded police stations and set up barricades as they moved across the city and has the latest from hong kong. we've had a another day of the typical hong kong protests they start quite peacefully almost an accountable type atmosphere as you mention that the protests that were taking place today are not allowed to have taken place they didn't have permission from the police nonetheless thousands of people turned out police were nowhere to be seen they just basically allow people to take over the streets they they have their
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own marshals of the marching along that seem to control the traffic but then as predictably perhaps again the ends in these violent clashes the protests we've been following in particular this has been on the cow cow loon district of hong kong from an area called champs basically thousands of people marched all the way across the calhoun peninsula to this place which is trying to show one that now when they people reached here thousands of those simply went home but there was always in these protests a hard call that advanced on the police station that's in this area they advanced as they have done many times before build a barricade put up the umbrellas to get closer and closer to the police station basically trying to get within throwing range and they were using not only a few rocks this time but also models being fired from catchable type devices there are. different types of devices being used and police did respond in force there
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was tear gas and also quite a few rubber bullets and then after that in this particular area of town loon police really did come out in force to hold squads of riot police took to the streets very much just stamping their all star team wants more on this place that they are in control. still ahead on al-jazeera the polls are open for just over 2 more hours in argentina an election that could help decide the country's next president. the performers pushing experimental fear. of all. they're straining and moto g.p. ended up being a 2 man race find out who came up on top after a thrilling finish. hello
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again we are seeing some clouds pushing into pakistan and that is bringing some rain here for karate and we had some localized flooding just in the last couple days across much of this area monday will continue to be a rainy day across the region but by the time we get towards tuesday things are getting a little bit better and a little bit drier with attempt to there of 32 degrees for baghdad though it is going to be a hot day we do expect to see 48 as your forecast high well here across southwestern saudi arabia as well as into yemen a lot of clouds had been in the forecast and with those clouds we have seen some rain across the region from mecca 34 millimeters of rain has fallen last 24 hours now that doesn't seem like quite a lot but that is actually half of the yearly rainfall that they would normally see and this is what the program ridge has been looking light over the last couple days here in mecca with some very heavy rain pushing through much of the area now that only lasted really one day before it all dissipated but still quite a lot of rain in 24 hour period from mecca though we do expect to see attempts are on monday a 40 degrees maybe making its way to 41 as we go towards tuesday and then down here
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across the southern part of africa the temptress have really dropped for durban we're talking into the low thirty's earlier but as we go towards monday we do expect to see a time fewer 19 in johannesburg a nice day with a temperature of 22. if you're looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on but what is this grace is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to bankers of those smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be high and the story moves. he told me we might go to the
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planet we had died last week crossing mexico if you don't stay with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can move according to the mission life is a section al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you food when documentaries and lie. come back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now security remains tight in india that minister of kashmir though some restrictions have been eased paramilitary forces are on the streets of srinagar after the indian
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government revoked the disputed preachments autonomy on monday. yemen's government is condemning the u.a.e. and saudi arabia after the sudden separatists took over large parts of the interior minister says the u.s. supplied the separatists with hundreds of armed fearful of a major push on saturday. violence is intensifying in the early hours of monday in hong kong local media frenzy shows riot police chasing protesters in the metro station more than a dozen people have been injured in confrontations. returning now to our exclusive interview with the farm and sort of start about the crisis in kashmir sharma is strongly criticized india's decision to revoke kashmir's autonomy he told the sound binge of aid he has the full support of china. i don't know tomorrow either which is a very important day for muslims whether they will lift the curfew i demand that the indian authorities lift curfew as lead to the muslims. perform their
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prayers and do the sacrifice that they are supposed to do is create the international response to this according to many international observers has been muted at best the united nations secretary general. both sides refrained from stimulus state of kashmir the american ambassador went out and said that it is an internal matter for the indian government so is the pakistani government running out of options diplomatically to try and come to some sort of a sort of not at all i think the options are just beginning in fact india by being obstinate and not accepting pakistan's offer of a bilateral engagement to resolve this issue through peaceful because he sions. miscalculated and i think this decision of the free walking and bringing in the change
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constantly change which has materially effected the status of. kashmir. has. given the purity. of august on my view to take the case to the security council because it is already on the agenda. pending agenda item on the security council and we expect. and we will argue that this step has. there are concerns peace and security. in south asia and we're concerned about the genocide that we feel can take place perhaps is taking place right now because we have no idea what's going on in the in the occupied kashmir right now and they lifted the curfew for a few hours you saw thousands of people protesting on the streets so it's an evolving
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situation pakistan is watching the situation carefully and so is the word but there's also concern and on the pakistani side as well i've spent the day at the line of control dogged ordinary kashmiris who feel that pakistan perhaps has not done enough and that is something that was shared on the parliament floor by the opposition is that where the prime minister said that you know he likes on cannot go to war how would you if you've taken the decision to come and spend even them how what would you tell them that was south satisfy them that pakistan is doing all it can of the kashmir begin with why my hair. to give a message of solidarity i represent the government of pakistan and i am here with the permission of the promise to pakistan i discussed it with him last night and he said by all means you must go and show solidarity he himself is coming to to address the assembly on the 14th of august we have declared the 14th of august which is our independence day to be
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a day of solidarity with the kashmiris on both sides of the elysee and vive announced the 15th of august is going to be a black day observed by a committee isn't pakistanis all over the world in every capital they will be standing shoulder to shoulder with their beady brothers and sisters. what are your biggest fears and what is the hope that you have that pakistan's version of events pakistan's what pakistan's point of view is is going to be heard and it will prevail my biggest fear is. the. the genocide that can take place on the inside of course which we have no evidence of. open up open up us here did anybody stop you you went to the elysee you met people you into and people will they allow you there why did you attempt and try after
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having been here. and make a request to the indian side and let them allow you to go to sri never to meet the leadership over there with the allow you i doubt and we are concerned about the while issues that are taking place because today in india you have a regime which has passions mentality that nazi approach that they have is that our assessment tell it is you know this is the political wing of the r.s.s. . and that is of great concern about a son innocent people. being attacked killed raped maimed and to the pellet guns you know losing i cite. in argentina taking part in presidential primaries that are expected to give an early indication of what's to come in october's general election the 2 major parties have
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already chosen their candidates incumbent president maurizio my crazy up against opposition to fernandez argentina is in a recession and inflation is high. daniel joins us now live from one aside is so daniel we know the actions are coming october the 27th. this is most to give us an indication any indication emerging yet. no not yet people are still voting as another couple of hours until the polls close the voting here is obligatory the last time these primaries were held 4 years ago something like 7576 percent of the population voted so they act as a kind of official opinion poll as you know very clear idea of who is likely to win to do well in the october elections so i mean opinion polls the unofficial opinion polls have been giving out often and is a slight lead over the incumbent president about your machree but such
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a small margin is not to be relevant so they are running pretty much neck and neck people will be watching the results today very carefully the markets are likely to respond people will begin to get used to the kind of president they might have after oct nov if there's a 2nd round of voting so they are significant people are voting on mass here very peaceful day so far but we're not going to get results for another few hours yet and former president cristina kirshner's in the running. back this might. find the question charges. well she's never really gone away money so mackey has been in power for 4 years so really it's a bunch of faces which a very very familiar to the argentine electorate the president they've already got cristina fernandez to kitchener who governed here for 8 for many years as the vice
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presidential candidate to out but often and is no relation he was the chief of staff of her predecessor hospital and who was the president in the kitchen and then the 3rd candidate in these elections what about the anya was the former finance minister under nesta kitchener's government so a whole bunch of familiar faces people the argentine electorate know very very well as you mentioned many corruption charges against cristina fernandez to kitchener she has obviously denied all of those charges against her saying that they are politically motivated she still enjoys a great deal of support the big question is is she the operator is she controlling things from the vice presidential position it's up to alberto fernandez if he does extremely well in these elections to prove that he is his own man and not being controlled by her because many will be voting for cristina fernandez rather than alberto fernandez although he is the presidential candidate so i say things very familiar to the argentine population but also some substantial changes likely to
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happen today from today on words and so those elections in october all right thanks so much for your update bandanna walsh wineland. voting is under way and want to model where people are choosing a new president in a runoff election opinion polls suggest the former 1st lady sandra daughters is the head of center right candidate. john heilemann has more. who was in the air at the last quarter modern elections the groundbreaking united nations back commission was blowing up the corrupt politicians the president himself had food. in the streets around march for change and for a moment it looked like they get it running many past food for years hopes you but die your anti corruption commission has been slowly dismantled both candidates are talking the talk. but i'm going by corruption what about.
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combating the disgusting corruption will be a priority need of plans to renew the anti corruption commission's mandate sunda the tortoise and i love 100. have other priorities. she says she'll bring back the social aid that made a popular stir slaty and send the army on to the streets to combat gangs he's a conservative who's promised training credit for farmers and 9 faced on crime a move to or isn't but they're far from popular and both have checkered pasts curtis was accused of illicit funding for her last presidential campaign gemma was acquitted of it should you dish to killings while head of the prison system whoever wins will take an extra baggage left by outgoing president jimmy morales he signed a deal with the u.s. that migrants crossing the country mainly from honduras and el salvador would have to request asylum in guatemala rather than continuing to the u.s. if the deal is ratified it could mean tens of thousands of new arrivals in
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a country where already more than half the population lives in poverty. but which has less on it for many reasons like high malnutrition rates inequality and corruption allegations in the health system what a mullins themselves lave the country that shows it can't guarantee those rights to the hundreds of thousands who would ride the the candidates keen on the deal with the u.s. but neither has rejected it outright part of governing guatemala for whoever wins will mean getting along with the power to the new. right john heilemann joins us now live from mexico city and john you explained in your package there none of the candidates really popular but why. well it isn't the 1st time that these candidates have run a total of 5 times actually between them so they're nothing new one of them mr jim up that has actually been dubbed the eternal candidate so there is that there's not
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a sort of an outside voice here that vote for any part of the establishment and there's also someone else that we didn't get time to talk about in the piece and that's down there that's the former attorney general of guatemala she actually was a very popular candidate but she was barred from running now she was actually in favor of the u.n. backed anti corruption commission which had had such success in guatemala that got hundreds of charges against members of the political and the business elite but she wasn't allowed to run she had to fled flee the country after that so perhaps we're not looking here at the 2 most popular candidates but simply the last 2 that are standing. you also explained some of the major issues in your report there how are they weighing in on voters' thinking at this point. well there's a real sort of vicious cycle going on in guatemala right now and each of the issues has to come to bear with one of the others this is
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a country which is actually the biggest economy in central america but that money isn't being divided equally more than half the country poverty and great inequality $1.00 of the worst sort of statistics of inequality in latin america and that in turn is affecting another issue and that's migration not just that deal with the united states but the fact that this is the biggest group the country that since the most migrants guatemala itself to the united states and they're going because of poverty for example almost a 1000000 children in the country are suffering from malnutrition a lot of them in those rural areas and that of course comes back to the great inequality and that comes back to the corruption and this year that commission that now seems set to finish in september so a lot of issues in the country that aren't necessarily going to be dealt with as a result of this election john or when they're from mexico city thousands of
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venezuelans of taken part in a protest against u.s. sanctions after new measures came into force this week president nicolas maduro addressed supporters at the no more trump rally in caracas he says his country will resist what he calls the u.s. president's racist government talks were planned in norway this week between madugalle and opposition leader one way doe but we do know is pulled out in protest and president duras also running hundreds of supporters with an upbeat message of defiance against u.s. sanctions but his critics say that message will do little to help venezuelans suffering from severe shortages of essential goods those living on an island once dubbed the paradise are reportedly trying to survive on just a few cents a month. the stories about reports. finding it hard to feed their families. the island of toss in the lake of magic i was in northwest venezuela was once
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a tourist destination. now its residents are struggling and so people like pina are trying to help out we went with him to anyone silas house her brother george is 33 he's autistic he's also undernourished this will be his only meal today. i need help he has no bed to sleep we have no diapers his situation is getting worse every day nobody helps us he's been losing weight and we can barely feed our family and what complicates the situation even more is that your god has a problem in his throat but there are no doctors to diagnose him his source says there are many cases like his around the island and even though he's trying to lend a hand it's not been easy well. i don't have much but i started to ask people to give me just one spoon of rice to feed them times are difficult for everyone nobody
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has much food to give away those who take care of their relatives with disabilities are suffering and cannot give much his hooves is also helping out at least 8 others in this island of around 10000 people many have already migrated somewhere else because of food and medicine shortages we're told the water sanitation plant is broken and there is no gas or electricity. we went to the house of my kelly just seen a mother of 5 she has no money to buy her children clothes or diapers even though her husband works as a fisherman she says they barely have enough to eat people here are desperate they don't have running water they don't have gas and this is the only.


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