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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2019 6:00am-6:33am +03

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the streets have been quieter but one of the prospects for this leading to a broader political agreement between the southern separatists and the government that would prevent an upsurge in fighting going forward i think that's going to be very difficult to events in the long term as long as the demands of discipline separatists are not being listened to and met we could have predicted this after all the u.a.e. has been supporting there is a rival political structure to the head to governance called the southern transitional council and answer cruciate thousands of forces across the south who are not directly aunts ripple to president heady so clashes will bound to emerge and indeed they have done already we already saw clashes in 2078 in adults and of course in 2018 when the prime minister was detained for a few days so this isn't unexpected and it definitely weakens the heady government
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if you remember back in april president and he had hoped to hold a parliamentary session in aden and his arguments but in fact that wasn't able to go ahead because the southern transitional council wouldn't allow it to me had to hold it and had remarked so it was only a question of time this all the sucking up indications at the moment from the southern separatists that they are committed to a ceasefire at the same time the united arab emirates is withdrawing or scaling down its military presence in yemen when of course we know that that's where their military and financial backing comes from does this mean that there might be a pathway towards some sort of dialogue. i think we need to disentangle those 2 points the u.a.e. drawdown of its military and yemen indicates more than anything that it is tired of the war in the north with the who sees it has all these local forces are treated on the ground who are in the south and you cannot help this use of an separatist ngs
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so in a sense it simply shifts the u.a.e. focus in the war from the north to the south but does it not also deprive the southern separatists of. support to that would be if they are to not just gain territory but kind of consolidated it in the face of saudi at power that is one way of looking at it but another way of looking at it would be that it also gives you a small deniability over being implicated in the southern separatist movement after all that has its forces in place and that the separatists are not just going to go away a lot has been shed even if the leadership level now the u.a.e. is in a position to paper over the cracks in the coalition with saudi arabia that doesn't mean that that's going to translate into their forces on the ground in able to mend their wrists elizabeth candle say research fellow in arabic and islamic studies at
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pembroke college oxford university thank you for joining us. washable still ahead on this news hour from london the polls are closing in the argentine election is being seen as an important test for president makary ahead of general elections in october we're going to be life in when is ours with the latest on that also looking at devastating storms across china india and pakistan chad left destruction in that way. and the austrian most a cheapie ended up being a 2 man race but it had a thrilling finish we'll tell you about it it's. our police in hong kong a fight tear gas and charged with battens at various protests gatherings across the country and in the territory in an attempt to break up demonstrations protests is used as a flash mob strategy of appearing at large shopping centers and train stations only
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to then disperse and reappear at a different location this is the 10th straight weekend of unrest in hong kong as well right now reports. another day of protest in doing all those predictably running street battles between protesters and police. this was the chim sort choi district of colu where protesters had laid siege to the local police station. police responded in. a group by roger tear gas those protesters fell back those not quick enough were arrested. some of them shouting out their names it identity numbers. we do know is a good day to let others know what had happened to them in the years. normally busy with shoppers and tourists some passers by got caught up in the chaos. i the day had started peacefully large protest marches against the government's
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controversial extradition bill which has been suspended but is claimed by pro-democracy groups as evidence of further erosion of hong kong's freedoms within china that my life is getting tougher in hong kong people are being ignored i'm up holding out her and me listen to what the people thinking now face protest across town lou was technically illegal but it didn't stop thousands from taking time. at the end most dispersed but others surrounded a police station and this is where many of the marchers have ended up a police station where the officers are now simply barricaded inside demonstrators in a wall that's gradually making itself down towards here despite warnings from police just. the inevitable clash happened. the crowd being
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dispersed with rubber bullets and tear gas. protesters have adopted a hit and run strategy moving in smaller groups for one to the next to create maximum disruption. now into its 3rd month the strain on all sides is clearly showing increasing anger and violence from a minority of protesters and from police signs of stress at being on the front lines week after week of what is a political crisis. the battle in chimps choice ended in angry confrontations between police. independent monitors and i don't know. journalists and local people. all locked in a seemingly endless summer of turmoil problem bride al jazeera hong kong. guatemalans of voting in a runoff election for a new president
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a latest opinion poll shows center right candidate and a 100 jemma today ahead of the former 1st lady sandra torres this is gemma 4th bed for the presidency now the new leader is likely to face major challenges coping with a deal signed with the united states to turn guatemala into a buffer zone or a so-called safe country to stand like gratian john homan is in neighboring mexico and joins us live from the capital now is general expected to win this latest bid for the presidency i think it's pretty close as you said he was edging it over his rival sundra towards slightly impose going into this he's the more conservative of the 2 candidates but really there is not universal enthusiasm for eve or of them between them this is their 5th run for the presidency between the 2 the gym a team particular has been nicknamed the attorney candidate and this is probably a time also to mention someone who's not in that 2nd round and that's filner the
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former attorney general for the country and she actually supported an anti corruption commission backed by the united nations that was having a huge impact on the political class and on the economic class she was more or less the only one of the major candidates that supported that and she got kicked out of the race. and of course a key issue in this election is a very unpopular a deal that the government less signed with president trump and mean in many ways they they didn't feel like they had much of a choice but nonetheless just tell us about opposition in the country to the stale . with opposition from those candidates as well and i think they they see that they need to voice their own happy of doubt that to the electorate but neither has rejected outright those fears that if they do then the united states
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administration could just level tariffs against guatemala and that would really hurt the country it does have to be ratified still by the congress but there's other concerns in the country security a lot of people worried about violence it's not as bad as in honduras well so with all the other countries in that part of central america but that's still a worry for people also of poverty more than half the country lives in poverty almost a 1000000 children suffering from malnutrition and that's one of the things that's really affected the fact that guatemala is the country that sends most migrants to the united states guatemala itself so this is really a vicious circle a political elite inequality in the country poverty and none of those issues seem to be what they're going to be dealt with any time soon especially the impunity and corruption from this election thank you very much from mexico city john heilemann also following developments closely in argentina where polls have closed in the
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presidential primary vote it's seen as the 1st concrete measure of asia's sentiment out of the presidential election in october opinion polls predict and narrow margin between president and his main challenger but a friend and as candidates have made promises to improve tina's economy daniel shaima is following us now for us and when his ira's said daniel how important are these primaries and how much of a net miss test is it for important elections in october. or they are a huge test mostly because with the candidates already chosen by the various coalitions and parties this vote is a huge indorsement for those candidates and as you say a litmus test gauge of what the public feeling is likely to be when the results the full results are out early on monday morning here the markets are likely to react depending on which way things have gone with they're likely to get more of the
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austerity measures the i.m.f. sanctioned policies of president mary snow macri or the more socially inclusive but costly measures of the opposition led by alberto fernandez so that's what they're watching and waiting near the polling station behind me closed just a few minutes ago a couple of late arrivals who found their way barred to vote there 2 or 3 minutes past the past the hour but now is a party about 3 hours of nervous pacing by the candidates before the 1st official results come out the opinion polls in the days leading up to this vote had the 2 main candidates very very close to a 3 percent difference so really not a not enough. margin of error there and it's a really too close to call but this being the 1st really official opinion poll is what people are watching and waiting to see now before the vote the official vote at the end of october and how significant is the role of the former president cristina fernandez to come in this contest. well
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many hurrying herself included trying to play down her role there saying that she's merely the vice presidential candidate very much a number 2 to alberto fernandez many hard times don't really believe that she's a huge figure on the argentina political sea president for many years before came to power she's recently been touring the country promoting a holter biography many saw that as a police political campaigning so this is a huge figure there are corruption allegations against her she calls that a political campaign and denies those allegations but it is a stain on her on her campaign so many people feel it was a maneuver on her part to put out birth often and is former cabinet chief in her hospital administration which preceded her business to kitchener. as the being candid hurt but yet it's very hard to convince the population she will not be
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pulling his strings from behind the scenes. thank you. dozens of people have been killed in severe flooding and storms across asia and china ties super typhoon lekima has left at least 36 people dead while monsoon rains in pakistan in india have killed 150 and also displaced 165000 more or italians reports. china is already see 9 typhoon so far in $29.00 team but according to news agencies typhoon lucky man is the strongest in years in hangzhou city j.j. province rivers became raging destructive torrents rescuers engine young county made high risk efforts to save people from being swept away one was nearly swept away to. a 1000000 people have been moved from their homes. the storm is weakening after making landfall but it's now
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headed to shanghai china's biggest city devastating weather has lashed other parts of asia to this is karate in pakistan some people directed their anger at the government but. i don't have mine we're trapped because of the rainwater that collected outside it's even entered our homes the authorities on ball that at election time they come to our doorstep asking for a vote but now they're nowhere to be found but olympiada gordon they are very light near we haven't had any electricity in the last 48 hours rain water has collected and in some areas it's too much we can't cook the government doesn't care if people suffer or die. among the dead in the monsoon rains for 7 who were electrocuted and 3 killed by a roof collapse. there were dozens of deaths in the indian states of carola in karnataka as well if. people could only watch as houses were destroyed by the water
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along with the many people pulled alive from the floods were those it was too late to save. the 10s of thousands moved to relief camps can only wait before it's safe to return and find out what's left of their homes chalons al-jazeera. on the program. dozens of people are injured in clashes between israeli security forces and palestinians at the al aqsa mosque compound also. i'm pretty sad knowing the island of oahu off the coast of mike i want you people here say they are in desperate need of help and that they have been abandoned by the venezuelan government. and ins for us our police face serious punishment up to several podium protests in the pan american games in lima.
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hello there are various other weather pattern across much of europe not also about of course across the south through the mediterranean but still the systems keep coming across not to the north on the northwest in particular we've seen some really vigorous storms some very strong winds a lot of damage reported across parts of the u.k. with trees down and also some areas under water as these rains really have been very heavy at times but more very heavy rain throughout monday again across the u.k. that big storm system there on its way now on through much risk on the neighbors ahead to the start of the work week and then you'll see here a lot of the alsa got some more thunderstorms in the forecast they could be strong at times as more warnings in place for those and again look at this very unsettled into northern front so keeping those temperatures low as well not slow time which is the cross and remain illegal $35.00 celsius in book arrest as about 6 degrees above the average for this time of year but still very unsettled across the central areas and again pushing through much of poland into western areas of russia so tom
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it is not too bad but it really does come with clouds pretty strong gusty winds and again some heavy. it's all rain and to the south across northern africa it's dry mostly fine what you will notice is 10 which is notice as hot as they have been says certainly on choose day a much more pleasant 35 in tunis and we should see about 25 degrees celsius in robots.
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al jazeera was there what a story breaks but it's also good to see what happens next situation on foot if fired by the barriers for a model the barricade at the border $73.00 that we need to hear the movies now is we will about change people have gone cause the fear barrier the mission of the national army is to search the entire boiled complex the knowledge of their stories about telling it from the people's 1st but did what they think is happening in their culture. a quick reminder of the top stories this hour now speaking exclusively to al-jazeera office sounds foreign minister has accused the indian government of
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a fascist mentality over its revocation of kashmir's autonomous status yemen's interior minister says more than 400 ahmed vehicles from the united arab emirates were used in the past few days of fighting in and in southern separatists now effectively control of the port city the seat of the internationally recognized government and police in hong kong a fired tear gas that demonstrates as on the 10th weekend of anti-government protests. well in other news we're following closely israeli police have moved into the last compound in east jerusalem following a standoff with palestinians at a gate to the holy site dozens were injured when officers set off stun grenades and rushed people out the trouble began on the muslim holiday went right when jewish groups demanded access to the site the al aqsa mosque compound essential to the israeli palestinian conflict has been a regular flashpoint as both sides a claim to its jewish worshipers refer to it as the temple mount which is built on top of in the western wall is the holiest site where they can pray for muslims the
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compound in occupied east jerusalem houses the double of the rock and the law school which represent the 3rd holiest site in essence and the state of jordan is in charge of the al aqsa mosque i force it reports now from occupied east jerusalem . the chaos and confrontation inside the oxer mosque compound on the 1st day of eat out her. usually non muslims are barred access on muslim holidays but for a 2nd time this summer significant dates for jews and muslims have overlapped and for a 2nd time israeli security forces decided to allow in jewish groups having said they would only do so if they assess the security situation is favorable. towards. the extreme right wing government in the state is supporting the settlers to target the holy sites and to invade them in order to control and to judea zone they try continuously and repeatedly we jerusalem people are resisting and we will fight on
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against these practices. earlier on sunday tens of thousands of muslim worshippers had answered the call from the islamic walk the trust that operates the compound under your 40 of jordan to pray in and around iraq sir other local mosques were ordered closed to maximize numbers the muslim officials aware that right wing jewish nationalists had been demanding access to the site to jews as the temple mount on t. shirt of the day jews. more tragedies in their history including the destruction of the 1st and 2nd temples perhaps the key question about today's events is why the israeli security forces decided to change their minds in the early part of the day i decided to ban on was the ins entry to the locks a mosque compound for fear of friction a change that position and friction ensued anyway a police spokesman said the situation changed after they dispersed muslim worshippers using stun grenades tear gas and rubber bullets he denied that was a tactic to clear the way for jewish groups saying security forces responded after
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chairs and stones were thrown at them there has been an increasingly vociferous movement on the religious right in israel for more access to the site a change to the status quo arrangements in force since the start of the israeli occupation in 1967 you had a glick is a leading voice in that movement and i asked him whether the decision to allow access was a political one by a government that wants to satisfy right wing voters ahead of september's election mr netanyahu last week told the police you do what you think is right i'm not going to get involved and if you say unlined that he did it for political reasons you are lying to your crowd it has nothing to do with the decision was made percy by the office of the police palestinians those see this as intensely political the senior p.l.o. politician hamas accusing israel of recklessness and aggression designed to provoke religious and political tension this holy site is once again a flashpoint and a focal point in the conflict are
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a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. the annual religious pilgrimage to mecca known as the hardship is drawing to a close for millions of muslims and saudi arabia is the world's largest religious gathering with more than $2000000.00 people estimated to attend each year pilgrimage is mandatory for all muslims who must perform it at least once in their lifetime. in libya rocket fire has injured 3 people near tripoli's main airport this despite a declaration of a truce during the holiday internationally recognized government based in the capital accepted the cease fire a quest from the u.n. mission in the country libyan war $25.00 to also committed his forces to a ceasefire for the same period in launched an offensive in april to retake tripoli from the un backed government one would have to why it has more now from tripoli. it seems that the ceasefire agreement proposed by the united nations support the mission in libya and accepted by both warring factions in southern tripoli is not
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very firm as random rockets landed on sunday in densely populated areas and injuring a number of innocent civilians also airport the only operational airport in tripoli authorities there say that random rockets landed and it damaged part of the runway and they had to temporarily suspend until further notice we know that it's been quiet on sunday on the front lines except one acces military sources with the government of national called say that they they received model rockets fired about half those forces in where there will be an area in southern tripoli meanwhile the say that have those forces are mobilizing more troops ammunition and military vehicles coming from military bases in area and central libya towards have those forces locations in southern tripoli it seems that
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this temporary cease fire agreement is not very firm it could be breached by. either one of the all of the warning at any time. shrank as former defense chief as launched his bid to become the country's president. rajapaksa vowed to restore security and stamp out extremism he made the pledge alongside his brother and former president mahinda rajapaksa an alpha man is explains now from colombia. a new chapter for the rajapaksa. brother of a former president and himself the next defense secretary now the candidate for the sri lanka party expected later this year. i love my country i'm proud of my country and i have a vision for the future of this country. to give leadership to all sri lankans and
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bring peace happiness and prosperity to the motherland and. good rajapaksa led the military to victory over the tamil tigers 26 years of civil war he was given a free hand by his brother then president mahinda rajapaksa to do so. but accusations of human rights abuses and walker aims leg his to. many tamils in the north and east are still looking for answers about their missing relatives or those abducted under rajapakse as watch some complain of intimidation and harassment when they tried to speak up sherry in savior who has worked with these communities says his candidacy for president is causing concern he seems terminated of dissent yes so in that context like an aunt people are a bit worried about i mean in any kind of dissent will not be tolerated so this
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space may be there were taken or her little bit of space for not just alone the civil society members but as public in general in the north and east or like all areas where the new medical minorities i'm living so in that context that space where that is going to shrink rajapaksa seems to be aware of such concerns telling the party convention on sunday that the diversity of communities in sri lanka is its strength. it's taken one term for sri lankans who voted rajapaksa president out of office to look at his brother as a potential leader the reason according to one political commentator now is with the current government which has not fulfilled people's expectations the premier of that democracy perry mun has for one month here's a little prayer for a combo democracy in north america for whatever i got up to now we're possibly fight. back you know our political careers return to being mobbed up in
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a gunfight the new candidate gives supporters some insight into his views on the country's sovereignty security and the environment presidential elections must be hailed by december 8th. those campaigning for go to our bare rajapaksa say he's a terminator and will stamp out corruption and fraud but won't be an authoritarian leader that something sri lankan voters will have to decide whether to believe or not when they choose then express didn't. just 0 colombo. well to venezuela where the president has called on his supporters to resist what he calls the u.s. president's racist government at a rally in caracas nicolas maduro also denounced the latest u.s. sanctions against the latin american nation they will impose this week and freeze all venezuelan government assets in america the u.n. human rights chief says the new sanctions will worsen the crisis for millions of people. meanwhile on the island of tires residents struggling to survive with
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shortages of basic goods and health workers once dubbed a paradise the country's economic crisis has left many of their living on as little as a few cents a month to raise about travel to the island to meet families struggling to make ends meet. the island of boss in the league of monaco a walk in northwest venezuela was once a tourist destination. now its residents are struggling and so people like pina are trying to help out we went with him to see if anyone silas house her brother george is 33 he's autistic he's also undernourished this will be his only meal today. i need help here's no bed to sleep we have no diapers his situation is getting worse every day nobody helps us he's been losing weight and we can barely feed our family and what complicates the situation even more is that you are going
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to has a problem in his throat but there are no doctors to diagnose him. his source says there are many cases like his around the island and even though he's trying to lend a hand it's not been easy well. i don't have much but i started to ask people to give me just one spoon of rice to feed them times are difficult for everyone nobody has much food to give away those who take care of their relatives with disabilities are suffering and cannot give much his hooves is also helping out at least 8 others in this island of are around 10000 people many have already migrated somewhere else because of food and medicine shortages we're told the water sanitation plant is broken and there is no gas or electricity. if we went to the house of my caylee just seen a mother of 5 she has no money to buy her children clothes or diapers even though her husband works as
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a fisherman she says they barely have enough to eat people here are desperate they don't have running water they don't have gas and this is the only food they have for the whole family the situation is so dire they were forced to sell this window in order to be able to buy medicine for the children. michael lee says all government help has been gone for months the venezuelan government says boxes of subsidize food but they're not arriving fast enough. for the little food we have is because we were given one government box last week after 6 months the government is gone and if they have something they give it to people that vote for them we don't vote because we don't have an id. economy say the crisis in venezuela is caused by a drop in oil prices corruption and mismanagement of government resources. it's the 1st crisis that last so long in an oil producing nation it's the 1st oil
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nation with hyperinflation and it's the biggest collapse of an economy in a country that did not go to war the impoverishment in the country is brutal now with an increase in u.s. sanctions many fear the situation will deteriorate even more on saturday precedent or lead a protest against the united states the sanctions implemented by donald trump an opposition leader one way though. all of the smugness all of this brutality has been requested and openly supported by this despicable outlaw traitor to the homeland named one guy dog. but in the island of course most people say the crisis began before the u.s. sanctions they're desperately waiting for a solution that will help them survive there is a war i'll just see here land venezuela a shooting at a mosque in the norwegian capital is being investigated as
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a possible act of terror on saturday a gunman opened fire on the alert islamic center in oslo before being overpowered by a civilian only one person was injured police say the suspect a pistol far right an anti immigrant views he has also been charged with murder after his 17 year old stepsister was found dead in a separate location. if you work hard there. are looking. for. more you need. well in tanzania president john magaw foully visited victims of a fuel tanker explosion that killed at least 70 people on saturday the government has declared 3 days of mourning as funerals were held for some of the victims. diane.


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