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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 223  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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a. partition my sumi belittle me with for you saw. lee for nearly morag out. there nearly to the artist let me. or. they said well i can ties here we can have. been bin laden or like a myth and then. a lot. of . our own in this with. the we feel about law. i mean.
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but drive home office with an. absolute number of. other sort of. well if you wait another hour to really been to the well in the heart attacks that me and others to read and. she has she with what i have for how to stay means. death you are to rag me for that but what can i wear my to set my demi has ever had to grab me who i know not god heard fixed. and if the fighting of it and semi. they haven't figured out of the new up it will get it done friday as in this really. hustlers in a gun we had a home in the field had a canoe slam you know kind of why you're the inability that the police were below that officer gun you or the beloved see the value of his he was a get up and try to come out of it hey and. you move now on your own you know oh i
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see the big article most of what the problem is now law well you know along the way your post. i love all you want to do i do not want to be the product if you are me of the balm of gilead you had that. i love you and i see a lot of baloney a hard god is good. you know its i love you but then i will i be stopped immediately. have i do the when i want how to live let me in with the shipping will add up with the kali the so the nia the whole secret behavior and the the how a lot of it the i'm a d.m. but i was in when we all the law the colleagues were a technological feel enormous how could you know i think a lovely idea out of the sheer moral vision even given the awful he would hear.
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through robbie was a thinker and politician all wrote about unity freedom the renewal of islamic thought. and ways of governing a modern muslim state. his writing on politics and government from an islamic perspective changed much contemporary thoughts about the role of islam in government. summing up as to darby's achievements is not easy complex unpredictable ambitious his influence has been felt far beyond sudan's borders in. africa the. limiting element the worried well you have to take the. product where harbor that one doesn't have that it was there as a result of the can be ridden on everything liberman
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a show about. blue model resentment. and living out there for her. work or a 1000000. other coverage of the men and one of them you feel. a. little kernel of. victory in moderation and so on to have as an al-qaeda. on this. day minute month in the nitty. month that. by 983 as robbie had achieved a remarkable turn around his old enemies the communists were propping up the new mary regime which needed the backing of someone with the ear of the people who better than the son of a religious judge with a deep understanding of islamic law. the american one behind anonymity and the idea of going to work on it that move or minute his wish. we were at for that look at
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them with a valid that they're in the for you the fleas lamine official poverty slam you who will all be a sheria you'll be her. alone i. can know that i live lost was the shot of the. way along i mean come as i will they will feel nothing else. but i filed my alien you know i really. met this out kid that i thought. about i wouldn't whatever. job and no xabi the give. me with. the 2 i love why you need. you know i mean publicly said i'm the kind of the diff i laid it out to. her kind of with the the finnessey are some of the clubs and the hook up for the name so i doubt that. well i mean me you have got to say middle.
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how do you know you love me. up and i know i've already been there from want to assure you that even humbled by this attic. or have. one here with a. very wary of. the reason almost a whole lot of other well islam and i hope for hell arm of them to be introduced what were called the september laws in 1983 large sectors of sudanese society among them intellectuals and politicians like sotherton maddie and mahmoud mohammed oppose them punishment was harsh for anyone who infringed them. stars might want him upon a lazy or a game some of them i mean we don't with the read that well i was going to do with
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the real. phil can only give. them. the dude a shot i am in. about who. will be awkward reader with that. as an attorney mark and if he's a little noble and you know the name alarm. made it mark coming read to a new senator. in the sly had police let me out a never yet b. as in many as in a tribe willing to leave the. towel in and. there's a lesson when one. is come by on us or you know. a
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daddy let alone come near. where you can feel about the sound but. that. was right and. a little bark or bodily. i had has an attitude of his influence was huge at one stage underneath me he was both attorney general and foreign affairs advisor he accompanied limited on trips abroad met foreign dignitaries and communicated with them in their own languages being fluent in english french and german the west began to notice us robbie and him a sense trouble ahead. useful us missing anything if anything the people. in the halls lawn would develop into a civilization. would realize it but either very taliban or al qaeda lower than
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a public park is ever the certification of our app for the law. which are on a lower than the ana. name anonymous i mean i'm one of the last with a lot. but a lot of real possibly the got about 30 and no less and really would only. 20 maybe . a few can see it in i mean. no and by ad hoc to. walk a little or a dummy to movies you know or if you look at them with the price of truck. good luck they are not a particle. who look they are not an article islamia feel. the toughie. i'm going to. i'm going to.
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want to of you. they were the others. any of the other. over the nobody that was over there which was a suburb of illinois. you see whether. he was arrested and once again and despite holding high office he found himself in jail. in the streets there were widespread anti government protests against the high prices of consumer goods harsh living conditions and the perennial problems with the south. the defense minister announced that the army supported the people. was overthrown and exiled this heralded a new chapter for has an. example where the delhi high has
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a. lot. of the not. for the. as an idiot. who or. so and let it come to that again. and to do listen. to what you have been a sob and for tried a little bit of valinor. article slimmy after a brief transition in 1985 the military stepped back and allowed the new prime minister saw the can imagine to take office the following gear and match and be were old friends and related by marriage but this was no guarantee of either power or influence for the other performer the reader who has been home. was
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a man in a dependable real islamia harbor has been on our border because he'll do the mcconnell we're different of about what was about going to the menorah. were me some of the laws and feel of the un agreement and for. credit for then and so the man of honor moral one of the $100.00. who is yeah see what kind of c.s.e. and now you can be man and woman and yes that is yes if you want it well in my view would have to see as the i that the headache again i hear why the hell to be openly me why i love your enemy. and then after it and the c.c.'s the fella just said bunny leave me i'm with a mascot for so long my father would drag it was a shoo in give me money and me to come in the only him with a massive gun when up were his i was sure fifi. lacking a driveby the mother was
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a man but we've done and enough of a we will stop by and the young ones we will are but i'm wide with a lot of my that someone here but we don't want to see as the. guy that says that and seen it and that's that innocent don't know how do you see don't want to see it in the me and i'll put all that away on a shop should it wash up with. us posh. with. it i get a lot of that you know would be. a nice place on the back when it can end up being the journey to the top of sudanese politics had been a rough one as an el to be had risen from bright young lawyer to having a seat at the top table but events were set to take a dramatic turn catapulting into a new role that of right hand man to the president always in the future when my own
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. what do abut among me with the the suit. you know that the heat is really on across southern sections of the united states not just that in fact the warnings in place right across texas up towards missouri down across into georgia and northern sections of florida so fitting a lot warmer than these temperatures. feeling more like 42 degrees celsius it also comes with scattered thunderstorms generally in the afternoon hours further to the
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north it's a very unsettled picture as you can see we've got a frontal system sliding through canada and that is bringing the rain with this and also at times of course some thunderstorms a couple of days in toronto that system working its way on to as new york as we head through choose a new york maybe it's got a thunderstorm in d.c. and then l.a. a nice couple of days a warm day on tuesday the high the of 38 degrees celsius not looking bad across much of the caribbean the wynwood the leeward islands wanted to show but for the most part just cloud and sunshine and then also fairly clear through much of cuba across into haiti the dominican republic the rain really it was across the central areas down across into panama and pushing on towards nicaragua the usual showers and thunderstorms probably just cropping up later in the day really into southern areas of mexico so not a bad day mexico city and she's day $25.00 degrees celsius mostly fine and go to moderate 26 and sunny skies and have on a 32. rewind
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returns with a new series. based on the past about using this documentary i would compare it to a onion. rewind the games with faggots in city under siege think. it's funny. because when you actually shot 6 times on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. both from doha everyone i'm kemal santamaria this is the news hour from al-jazeera to be in india you have a region you which have been clear that you pakistan's foreign minister accuses
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india of a nazi like approach to kashmir putting away their weapons in yemen it's all quiet in the city of aden as separatists say they are committed to a cease fire. hoping for a stamp of approval will get the latest on what somalis presidential runoff between a center right candidates and a former 1st lady. and threw out. the topic by being here watch a lot of balls cost $25.00 or. so pakistan's foreign minister is attacked india's government for revoking the autonomy of indian administered kashmir accusing it of having a fascist mentality in an exclusive interview with al jazeera the minister says he's also just returned from talks with the chinese government and says they
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support pakistan's position over the disputed region. today in india you have a regime which has a fascist mentality that may not approve that they have is but out as has been telling you know this is a political wing of the out assess. and that is of great concern. innocent people being attacked killed raped mean and through the pellet guns you know losing eyesight you have seen this curfew. there's a communication blackout. journalism not being allowed in. the news is not filtering out the absolute confusion uncertainty one is hearing. on hearing of. non availability of medicines i do not know to morrow eat which is
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a very important day for muslims whether they will lift the curfew i demand that the indian authorities lift curfew and let the most memes. perform their prayers and do the sector 5 that they are supposed to do end by being obstinate and not accepting pakistan's offer of a bilateral engagement to resolve this issue through peaceful negotiations. miscalculated and i think this decision of the. revoking and bringing in the change to through change which has materially effected the status of. kashmir but security is still times in indian administering kashmir which is on the rick i mean occasions blackout for a 7th straight day restrictions have been partially relaxed for monday's
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celebration of the muslim festival of faith but commemorations happened as festival reports now from india invested cash. this gold market is less busy than normal for the eve testable there are moves of this region's autonomy including the restrictions here in germany on phone and internet services and the complete shut down in the neighboring kashmir valley a cell in the cell of a tory mood here going to locals they fear that the region losing its special status will be a disadvantage for them. here i have sold a few goats but most of the people have left for the kashmir valley because of this we are selling for much less it's really bad for business because of the shutdown everyone is suffering. that feeling isn't being shared across the muslim community to the east of here in the dark region shias are the largest muslim group and have been supporting the decision to split indeed administered kashmir into 2 betterly run territories the belief is that the doc smaller population led to less funding
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and resources being allocated to it believing that will now change is giving them another reason to celebrate this evening. so that's in the indian administered kashmir we've also got priyanka gupta with this report from new delhi. for those has been walking for 3 hours from one pharmacy to the next he needs injections for his 70 year old mother she has cancer we should learn but as the injections are not available in the market the situation here is bad and nothing is available here. pharmacies in srinagar are running out of medicine doug. we don't have 50 percent of our stock if the curfew continues will run out of our medicines and 13 or 15 days. families like these are stuck at home because of security restrictions imposed by the indian government after travolta reaches autonomy last week 4 lines are down and internet is not working nobody knows what
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happened nobody tells us tv's are off everything is gone mobile phones are off. this is not life this is not the modern world this is all gone i mean we are living in. this editor of an english daily says she hasn't been able to reach a journalist in the valley since monday she's filed a petition in india's top court to ask the government to live for strictures on the media we don't know all the truth we are seeing a lot of different and very strikingly different words coming out which one is the. picture it's very difficult to say with certainty the government says the restrictions are temporary and are aimed at ensuring law and order in the region but the editors guild of india say it's concerned that they're making it difficult to report accurately from the region and people here say that that vacuum is being filled by mr porter and what
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they call fake news on the internet fact checkers of the quaint and indeed online news websites say they have found 13 instances of fake news flooding the internet in recent days so there is no communication we don't know what's happening so i think when you talk about propaganda other thing is it becomes very easy for anybody actually on board decide to just read or whatever they want to read think knew was be the kind of me was that they want people to believe it. back in srinagar through those finally manages to get one injection for his ailing mother but not all he will now have to look elsewhere for another day. as people and indeed it means to live under these unprecedented restrictions in these uncertain times. i just hear you daily. but it is trying to remove some of the uncertainty around essential supplies at least as it will ensure adequate stocks of food by opening russian stations throughout the kashmir valley. it was certain
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commitments commitments like that will ensure that they are declared stocks of food and essential come on the order d.s. will be available all around in the valley and their commitment commitment we have fulfilled well i said good that all the outlets. at national plex those will run and today and yesterday also all the outlets in. there were open and people would actually put chairs in the russian front from different locations. a little earlier i spoke to come nigh pakistan security analyst at the cato institute he says human rights activists are concerned about this ongoing dispute over kashmir the indian government has always maintained that an indian administered kashmir that whatever goes on there is a domestic matter but the reality is that what goes on there and has been documented now for the past $23.00 decades fight no one human rights organizations
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like amnesty and un rights 1st etc of the torturers beatings missing persons detentions pellet guns curfews eccentrics cetera and now what's going on is certainly an indication of a very hardline approach at the government is taking in question and even further is that because we have enjoyed very little autonomy but now taking away article 27 the rich gave at the schmear the power to make its own laws in government is essentially saying that this really does not have that right anymore and it's making them completely into a caged area so i wouldn't say that it's necessarily a nazi ideology or fast ideology but whatever it is it is certainly in line with him the white knight eulogy and it's a very strict approach which are pilots human rights constantly. we'll move to other news now in southern separatists in yemen say they are committed to
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a cease fire in aden with the saudi led coalition and these 48 people were killed in 4 days of fighting as the u.a.e. backed forces overran government bases and the presidential palace now the group was pitching itself as a natural partner to saudi arabia hoping to have a gracious say in the future and support from hell. despite the shards of broken glass and burned out reminders of days of fighting people in need in our speaking of hope that they are finally being heard but that was. once the cease fire started life returned to normal peace returned security returned and people cars and children started returning to the markets i mean this is the separatist forces who represent us agreed to the cease fire that was proposed by saudi arabia and the coalition forces and i hope that saudi arabia and the coalition can provide justice for the southern citizen. as his presidential palace fell to separatists control. or hadi yemen's internationally recognized leader was in saudi arabia where he
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spends most of his time as he met with the king how does own officials were publicly casting doubts about who the coalition is really supporting in yemen and aid through sells a baby the leader of the southern transitional council made his own pitch to the king from a new found position of strength. is that on a level which i can imagine we're ready to work responsibly with the leadership of the arab alliance led by the great sisterly nation saudi arabia in managing this crisis we reiterate our firm position to stand firmly with the arab coalition to fight a rainy an expansion in the region led by saudi arabia we renew our confidence in the kingdom of saudi arabia and declare our readiness to work with them and through them as an ally we have proven to be a strong ally that they can trust to work with on the ground for the last 5 years unlike others who are full of empty talk. c without calling for
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complete secession beatty's comments may ali fears of more internet seen fighting between members of the coalition i don't think we are seeing a proxy war between the 2 allies simply different priorities and i think in the end neither saudia arabia nor the emirates are unhappy i think after 5 years of fighting. convinced that they are not going to win the war against the hoti is they're not going to liberate. it has cost them too much already so i think they are making do with simply taking on the south completely. as security returns to aden and its residents go on with their lives it appears the 4 days of violence they experience may have completely changed the lay of the land and given them a greater say in their own future whatever they decide it to be.


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