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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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all of empty talk. without calling for complete secession beatty's comments may ali fears of more internet scene fighting between members of the coalition i don't think we are seeing a proxy war between the 2 allies simply different priorities and i think in the end neither saudia arabia nor the emirates are unhappy i think after 5 years of fighting. convinced that they are not going to win the war against the hoti is they're not going to liberate son our it has cost them too much already so i think they are making do with simply they king or the south completely. security returns to aden and its residents go on with their lives it appears the 4 days of violence they experience may have completely changed the lay of the land and given them a greater say in their own future whatever they decided to be enter chapelle al
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jazeera. is the thoughts of. advocacy manager in yemen for the norwegian refugee council she told us the fighting is forcing foreign aid operations to shut down. our main concern was that the fighting paralyzed humanitarian operations aid organizations and they're stopped where i that affected by the violence or they were hiding in their basements because they were scared for their safety so what else it did was that the fighting cut off i told infrastructure so there was a pool to tank which was damaged which cut off the supplies the drinking water for the civilians. so really what they are fighting has done it's mean has meant is that it stopped the movement of humanitarian workers in i didn't but also the longer it went on for more it was also shutting down aid operation in other areas of the country we would like to continue to provide food fuel to shelter i was just
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an odd and recently and visited a camp and people are living in terrible terrible conditions and they need help so really our consent is if the fighting with it will shut down our operations not just in our dinner but the other areas of the south threaten the safety of os dolphin civilians and that's what we need to stop we need the situation to go back to normal so that we can provide the help that people need. plenty more ahead for you on this the news hour we'll look at the stark comic choices facing voters in argentina as they cast ballots in a high stakes presidential primary also high risk rescue the lengths they going to to save people from severe flooding in china and sport the austrian moto g.p. ends up being a 2 man race with a thrilling finish we'll see who won. now
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the conservative candidate in guatemala's presidential election has claimed victory after early results. a commanding lead over the center left contender and former 1st lady sandra john holeman we've been speaking to him all evening as we look to these results what more can you tell us about this well is it a claiming he is actually claiming victory. yes he was claiming victory he was already talking about what he's going to do in terms of organizing his transition team and we now have more than 90 percent of the votes counted and he's got an almost 20 point lead so it does seem difficult that he would win from this point on so let me just take the time to tell you a little bit about this man who got to muller's next president is a train surgeon he was head of the prison system in guatemala and during that time
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as head of the prison system he was accused and then acquitted of being responsible for the extra dudish you killing of prisoners who've taken over a jail for quite some time he's sort of. go to rip taishan is a bit of a hard hand in terms of what he wants to do now in terms of security he wants bring back the death penalty he wants to also restrict prison rights for gang members who've been put in jail rich can jew who visits for example in terms of the economy he thinks the investments going to be the answer for guatemala this is a country where more than half of the population lives in poverty so he's promising promising to bring foreign investment he's promising to bring more tourism and he says that by doing that he can create an investment and the investment will stop guatemalans from having to go north having to migrate to the united states this
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country since the biggest number of people to the united states so that's his plan and it seems like he's inching closer to victory as john homan in mexico city just keeping an eye on the results coming out of guatemala actually joining us on skype now from guatemala city. who's the editor in chief of the news and analysis website no modern it's nice to have you with us you will have heard what john was just saying there talking about the new president or the man who is claiming victory at least wanting to bring in investment believing that can change the country do you think he's realistic in that goal. many thanks for the invitation come i don't think it's realistic but the my lai not that attractive for investment that can. over think. we don't have a great expectational some him if you see the results we have already 90 per
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cent of the vote that he will be the next president but it has been the low was certain that my credit history only a. 3rd of 38 percent of the people participated in this election because the elections were were full of all mistakes. illegalities and he's not a man. to be a good c.e.o. of what the model. even so it looks like he will win this election and his biggest. issue i guess to deal with is migration isn't it i think john touched on it in his reports but central american migration through to the united states this idea of guatemala being some sort of buffer zone how does he deal with this very pressing issue. to do or don't even my point 5 percent of the
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what the mother of the left during the last 6 months 250000 people at least when he was asked during the campaign about a 3rd say remember throw one through both what you want that my luck he said that he didn't lose doubt about that then when he was asked again today he said that he will really go and try to learn more about it but you know we. continuation of the current government is very. organized crime and corruption and therefore we do not expect the situation to change in the country they don't have a team with no more for their experience in the public office soul so the usual we even towards or as bad as it is in there have for years we'll be element that is very important that the u.n. commission that we have for the last 10 years of work fighting corruption really
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will stop in one month. joining us from guatemala city thank you do appreciate your analysis just looking at some live pictures as well from guatemala city of some happy vote has there who have probably cause they voted for. the who has claimed victory but as matthew was pointing out to us that need turnout of about 30 percent the lowest in the democratic history so there will be those who will contest his well maybe legitimacy you could say as president but he is claiming victory at this point and a big job ahead particularly to do with migration and the economy for. we are also looking at early results from argentina's presidential primary vote which show the opposition candidate alberto fernandez is on track to wind down your following this one from point a general bring us up to date.
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who are voting here are liking what tomorrow is compulsory so very large turnout in these primaries and giving a much larger than expected victory but often and this was always possible that he would win but he's won by something like 15 percentage points over the encumber president. with something like 47 percent of the vote i think even his most loyal supporters didn't expect a victory quite that big so they've been celebrating he's due to speak any moment maurice your mark he himself took the stage even before the official 1st official results were announced to talk about what he called a very bad election for his party obliging himself and his supporters to work even harder before the 1st round of presidential elections in october to try to convince the people that they were on the right track that his austerity measures his attempts to bring the economy under control were the right ones they don't seem to be listening to him they don't seem to agree with him so we have to wait and see
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later on monday exactly how the country reacts are the markets react to this but it does seem as though the finance has won a convincing victory in these primary elections his biggest issue is to deal with the economy don't you we're talking to our guests about guatemala and migration being the big thing there it's the economy in argentina. very much so and. came to office in 2015 he made some very similar prominent busy promises to what the well looks like the new president in guatemala there is making he talked about foreign investment he talked about bringing the economy under control he's got very little in the way of foreign investment poverty which he gained he promised to try to deal with is on the rise in argentina and perhaps the biggest issue here is inflation it's one of the worst in the world it's something around 50 percent annually it's worse than it was under
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the previous government cristina fernandez the kitchen that was something he said he would control and he hasn't managed to do that and that in his 4th year in office seems to be hitting home very hard and that does seem to be the issue which is at the heart the hearts of many arjen signs and they've made their views felt with these primary elections left over to an hour or 2 months to go until those elections it's very little time really from what is your market to try to turn things around to convince people that he can change in the times and is likely still to be very hard fought battle in these weeks that remain interesting to watch the elections isn't it in latin america that is done. now a true one of the world's most endangered species the mountain gorillas of central africa they are making a slow but from john returned back from the brink of extinction since 2010 the population has increased by a quarter to just over
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a 1000 stephanie decker has our report now from the verona mountains in rwanda which is leading the conservation efforts. were at the foot of the very good mountains and getting a briefing on how to behave around the mountain gorilla that's what everyone here has come to see and they've paid $1500.00 each to spend one hour with the great apes in their habitat you excited i am beyond excited this is international treasure that is being protected in rwanda and i'm so lucky to be able to experience it i can't wait and the cost is they put the concept when you think about it i think i think that's fair it limits access certainly to people who can afford it but i think by talking about what the guerrillas are providing for the communities that makes a lot of sense. this hike is not for the faint of heart it's beautiful
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but challenging terrain we trekked uphill for over an hour our guide augustan shows us how gorillas get their water. and keep the energy high. and then. right in front of us a family babies mothers and the impressive great big family man the silverback. the young ones are curious we have to move back not to get too close. others seem almost bored by our presence. then a display of power. we walk around to get another view it's incredible. to spout credit their bad acts just watching us watch these great apes facing extinction just
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a couple of decades ago and their super have used picked up on it chris. before we know it the hour is up and it's time to track back down so. thanks so. much. rwanda's tourism policy we're told is one of low volume high value visitor numbers are restricted and the prices high translates to $25.00 per minute for the hours spent with the gorillas tourist actually who come to see the girl as i understand why we've done that understand that it's all about conservation for discussions and you can even see it in the in the in the last recent systems that we did our strategy supposed to be done right away to do this we've seen a 26 percent increase in the number of individuals who are in the us so it's working both on the conservation side and on the tourism side it's
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a fragile success story critically endangered for years and now their status has been adjusted to endangered the latest census shows or just over a 1000 gorillas spanning rwanda uganda and the democratic republic of congo from just around $200.00 a few decades ago but that still doesn't seem a large number when you think that it's the whole world's entire population of these incredible animals. stephanie decker al-jazeera in the video. beautiful report that was still ahead for you on al-jazeera. tear gas and arrests in hong kong the police are out in full force as protest rallies across the territory. all because for. years say they're in desperate need of help and that they have been abandoned by the venezuelan government and in sport plates face serious punishment after several
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podium protests. at the pan american games in lima. hello the nazi about a picture across much of eastern china we've still got some showers and thunderstorms in the full cause that you see in the last some pretty good case guys not it does mean though we'll see more rain into hong kong some thunderstorms at times that you celsius on monday but again not a bad picture across the philippines we'll seeing some carry conditions still that rain across leaves on and also taiwan some showers in the 4 calls for you now by cheese day it becomes a little bit more widespread again those same regions are impacted but the rain not as heavy as you have seen but it's fairly widespread for the tools west you can see
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through much of it and also counting the tools the sounds so really much of southern thailand cambodia and also vietnam will be saying the same that we've got more clear skies across much of borneo and some are show again in the next couple of days quite a lot of chatter around but generally it is dry the rain as i say is for the tools and also it is likely to be a fairly wet couple of days in bangkok time which is in the low thirty's celsius and that cloud really just pushing its way further south across the money hadn't seen it but plenty of activity across into india. edition this is where we're seeing some of the heavy rains in the next couple of days. across central regions but as we go through monday and she's there the rains very extensive again through the west and in particular through nepal and the northeast of india. sponsored by town. in an exclusive series of documentaries i was born into a very ordinary japanese family and just 0 shows 5 different stories that i am just so excited to focus on anything else right now from 5 different countries it was
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really great. most importantly. with one journey no one in my family has ever been to mecca this is the joyful location the road to has an al-jazeera. from mother to daughter an ancient craft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique in tunisia has a rich tapestry. the thread.
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there on the news here at al-jazeera these are our top stories making exclusively to al-jazeera pakistan's foreign minister has accused the indian government of a fascist mentality over its revocation of kashmir's autonomous status the leader of yemen's sudden separatist says they are committed to a ceasefire in the port city of aden and are willing to work with the coalition of largely taken control of the city after 4 days of fighting. and the conservative candidate presidential election has claimed victory early results. commanding lead over the center left contender and former 1st lady sandra told us. dozens of people been killed in severe flooding and storms across asia in china typhoon they came and left at least 36 people dead monsoon rain in pakistan and india has killed
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160 and displaced on the another 165000 this report from reuters. china has already seen 9 typhoon so far in 2019 but according to news agencies typhoon lekima is the strongest in years. city province rivers became raging destructive. rescuers engine young county made high risk efforts to save people from being swept away one was nearly swept away to. a 1000000 people have been moved from their homes. the storm is weakening after making landfall but it's now headed to shanghai china's biggest city devastating weather has lashed other parts of asia to this is karate in pakistan some people directed their anger at the government. there only when we're trapped because of
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the rainwater that collected outside it's even entered our homes the authorities aren't bothered at election time they come to our doorstep asking for a vote but now they're nowhere to be found. we haven't had any electricity in the last 48 hours rain water has collected and in some areas it's too much we can't cook the government doesn't care if people suffer or die. among the dead in the monsoon rains for 7 who were electrocuted and 3 killed by a roof collapse. there were dozens of deaths in the indian states of carola in karnataka as well if. people could only watch as houses were destroyed by the water along with the many people pulled alive from the floods were those it was too late to save. the 10s of thousands moved to relief camps can only wait before it's safe to return and find out what's left of their homes or chalons al-jazeera. let's look
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at hong kong where police have fired tear gas and charged protesters with batons in an attempt to break up the demonstrations across the territory protesters used a flash mob strategy to appear at large shopping districts and train stations on sunday then dispersed and reappeared at different locations this is the 10th straight weekend of unrest in hong kong brian has a report. another day of protest ending all those predictably in running street battles between protesters and police. this was the chimps are choi district of kaolin where protesters had laid siege to the local police station. police responded in force. under a barrage of tear gas most protesters fell back those not quick enough were arrested. some of them shouting out their names and identity numbers ha. we are easy to say to let others know what had happened to them in the years.
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normally busy with shoppers and tourists some passers by got caught up in the chaos . i the day had started peacefully large protest marches against the government's controversial extradition bill which has been suspended but is claimed by pro-democracy groups as evidence of further erosion of hong kong's freedoms within china the man her life is getting tougher in hong kong people are being ignored was done to get any sense of people. thinking now face protest across town lou was technically illegal but it didn't stop thousands from taking time. at the end most dispersed but others surrounded a police station and this is where many of the marchers have ended up a police station where the officers are now simply barricaded inside demonstrators
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in a wall that's gradually making itself down towards here despite warnings from police just. the inevitable clash happened. the crowd being dispersed with rubber bullets and tear gas. protestors have adopted a hit and run strategy moving in smaller groups from one skirmish to the next to create maximum disruption. now into its 3rd month the strain on all sides is clearly showing increasing anger and violence from a minority of protesters and from police signs of stress at being on the front lines week after week of what is a political crisis was. the battle in chimps choice ended in angry confrontations between police. independent monitors. journalists and local people. all locked in
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a seemingly endless summer of turmoil abroad al-jazeera hong kong to libya where rocket fire has injured 3 people near the main airport in the capital tripoli that is despite the declaration of a truce for the holiday the internationally recognized government based in tripoli accepted the cease fire request from the u.n. mission in the war khalifa haftar also committed his forces to a pause in hostility he was of course the one who launched the offensive to seize tripoli back in april. israeli police have moved into alex a mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem following a standoff with palestinians at one of the gates to the site dozens were injured when officers set off some grenades and move people out joel began when right when jewish groups demanded access to the compound on the muslim holiday of a. very force that has more. chaos and confrontation inside the mosque compound on
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the 1st day is. usually non muslims of barred access on muslim holidays but for a 2nd time this summer significant dates for jews and muslims have overlapped and for a 2nd time israeli security forces decided to allow in jewish groups having said they would only do so if they assess the security situation is favorable. towards him or thought if the extreme right wing government in the state is supporting the settlers to target the holy sites and to invade them in order to control and to judea zone they try continuously and repeatedly but we jerusalem people are resisting and we will fight on against these practices. earlier on sunday tens of thousands of muslim worshippers had answered the call from the islamic walk the trust that operates the compound under your 40 of jordan to pray in and around other local mosques were ordered closed to maximize numbers the muslim officials aware that right wing jewish nationalists had been demanding access to the site
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known to jews as the temple mount on t. shirt but hour of the day jews mourn tragedies in their history including the destruction of the 1st and 2nd temples perhaps the key question about today's events is why the israeli security forces decided to change their minds in the early part of the day it aside it's a ban on was thems entry to the al aqsa mosque compound for fear of friction a change that position and friction ensued anyway a police spokesman said the situation changed after they dispersed muslim worshippers using stun grenades tear gas and rubber bullets he denied that was. tactic to clear the way for jewish groups saying security forces responded after chairs and stones were thrown at them there has been an increasingly vociferous movement on the religious right in israel for more access to the site a change to the status quo arrangements in force since the start of the israeli occupation in 1967 yoda glick is a leading voice in that movement and i asked him whether the decision to allow
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access was a political one by government wants to satisfy right wing voters ahead of september's election mr netanyahu last week told the police you do what you think is right i'm not going to get involved and if you say on line that he did it for political reasons you are lying to your crowd it has nothing to do with the decision was made percy by the office of the police palestinians those see this as intensely political the senior p.l.o. politician hamas accusing israel of recklessness and aggression designed to provoke religious and political tension this holy site is once again a flashpoint and a focal point in the conflict are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. as muslims across the world celebrate the many displaced syrians i say they're unable to enjoy the festival forced to flee their homes some in the out of my camp here in aleppo as countryside say just brings back memories of family members they have lost. they will be 3 days
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of national mourning in tanzania for the 70 people who died in a fuel tanker explosion funerals have been held for some of the victims of president john walker 40 has visited people injured in saturday's blast cut it up with. overwhelming grief. the tanzanian city of moral goro mourns the death of dozens of people killed in a fuel tanker explosion coffins lined the funeral venue as families bury their loved ones. back to muscle and you know with the to the kyak he was about to leave the area but then the explosion happened and he tried to escape but it was too late he was already on fire burning and screaming. the vehicle overturned on saturday crowds of rush to collect leaking fuel moments after an explosion of bodies scattered on the ground many burned beyond recognition the government says d.n.a. testing will be offered to love. him but we have enough doctors and d.n.a.
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specialists so our team will make sure they do whatever it takes so that family members can identify the relatives and bury the. survivors were flown to hospital in dar es salaam for specialized treatment many have severe burns on over 80 percent of their body. when the fire started i began to run away but i got burnt when a man tripped on top of me i was able to push him off but then a 2nd person fell on me. president john mughal foully visited the injured and declared 3 days of national mourning. and he. we have seen the patients some are doing very well but most important for us is tanzanians is to pray for the sick and for those who lost their lives. the explosion is the latest in a series of similar disasters that have killed dozens of east africans in recent
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years distraught families are now trying to cope with the pain as they say their final farewell. to the young. russia's state communications watchdog has asked google to stop advertising what it calls illegal mass events on its you tube video platform on saturday tens of thousands of russian staged the biggest opposition protests since 2011 demonstrators demanded the release of people detained at previous rallies where they called for free and fair elections but the watchdog says the failure by google to prevent the spread of information about the mass protests will be seen as interference in russia's sovereign affairs also ukraine's criticize the russian president vladimir putin for his visit to crimea on saturday the foreign ministry statement described the trip as a blatant violation of you case or ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity
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putin was attending a program the motorcycle clubs annual festival on the peninsula which russia annexed from ukraine in $24.00 team. a former sri lankan defense chief has launched his presidency bid got the biologic packs of man to restore security and to stamp out extremism made the pledge alongside his brother the former president mahinda rajapaksa you know fernandez as more from colombo. a new chapter for the rajapaksa is good out there rajapaksa brother of the former president and himself the next defense secretary. now the candidate for the sri lanka better win a party expected later this year. i love my country i'm proud of my country and i have a vision for the future of this country. to support unity to give leadership to all kinds and bring peace happiness and prosperity to the motherland.
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good rajapaksa led the military to victory over the tamil tigers and in 26 years of civil war he was given a free hand by his brother then president by him the rajapaksa to do so. but accusations of human rights abuses and walk rheims league his. many tamils in the north and east are still looking for answers about their missing relatives or those abducted under rajapakse as watch some complain of intimidation and harassment when they tried to speak up sherry and savior who has worked with these communities says his candidacy for president is causing concern he seemed terminated of dissent yes so in that context like you know people are a bit worried about i mean any kind of dissent cannot be tolerated rajapaksa seems to be aware of such concerns telling the party convention on sunday.


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