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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2019 6:00am-6:33am +03

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well every. time need a balance to bounce back after a shocking defeat in presidential primaries leads to a market meltdown. hello and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters and with me as a product also ahead of. the. protests after the present and you have minutes to push me against new delhi's decision to avoid the disputed regions autonomy. accusing protesters of damaging the rule of hong kong's leader once the financial hops recovery will take a long time and. the new u.s.
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rules aimed at limiting working class americans eligibility for green cards and certain chip. argentina's conservative president maurice are mockery has vowed to win a 2nd term despite his shock defeat in sunday's presidential primary financial markets in argentina reacted strongly with the peso afforded more than 30 percent against the dollar general schwann the has more from when assad is. the day after his shock overwhelming defeat in primary elections president said he would listen more he appealed to argentina's the patience for his policies to show results his address to the nation came after a day of emergency meetings firstly with the head of the central bank then with his cabinet and to live in the oh yeah. we've had a very bad day today we're poorer than we were before the primaries we've been hit hard but. dollar has gone up again with all the consequences that will have. the
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markets reacted to sunday's result while the government was still reeling the argentine base so lost one 3rd of its value against the u.s. dollar in the 1st few hours of trading stocks and shares in both wall street and one osiris took a pounding the argentine electorate has clearly rejected president mockeries neoliberal austerity measures while the opposition is offering solutions to argentina's problems but the financial markets are clearly said they don't like. that if the results of sunday's primaries are repeated in october and it would signal a clear 1st round victory for a birthday often and is. his vice presidential running mate is the former president cristina fernandez to kitchener and the markets return to her populism high spending on social projects and the allegations of corruption that still haunts her . it seems to me that i was in diners haven't learned much in all these years i
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think a hard god knows i was going to come back to the government which i think is bad news equally machree is a bad manager the economy a bad man economy who apply to graduate them but didn't. come believe devoted prefer crew a criminal a mob and didn't appreciate all the public work that's been done it's been a mad and i'm sad because this can be. the result was resoundingly across latin america the right wing president of neighboring brazil one of the return of a left wing government in argentina could lead to another venezuela. we don't want our rajan time brothers. that would happen if the results of the elections held yesterday i confirmed in the october vote. the size of the argentine government defeat is still being analyzed it is a difficult situation the voters' votes was a pocket and vester votes were for runs with the expectation of a canonical policy with a little over 2 months until presidential elections the argentine electorate must
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now consider which of 2 start clear opposing economic models will best result of the dire economic difficulties how to 01 osiris moving on to other news now and anger overshadowed the the festivities in indian administered kashmir as hundreds of people came out to protest against new delhi's decision to strip its autonomy they marched on the streets of the capital city and defying a security clampdown in place for more than a week priyanka got there has more from new delhi. it's the muslim holy day of eden street the largest city in india to administer me under the tightest security in a week. worshippers attend prayers but only in neighborhood mosques. a peaceful protest followed. these kashmiris are angry at the indian government's decision to reform their autonomy to. god in order there are 2
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days which are festive and sacred and that aid but this is not. we're just mourning in kashmir. the government says security restrictions are being eased in most areas in general and parts of. our policy is greater relaxation and great easing out so that people can come out and greet each other but at the same time we are keeping a watch on the situation if they are any mysterious elements who want to disturb peace we'll be tough with them. weren't you. in new delhi me students meet the best of the holiday far away from home d.c. they haven't been able to speak to their families for over a week. to gather for a feast but their minds are on the events unfolding back home. this is the 1st time
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that you know we have not been able to walk or talk to our parents or important which is not only. not only just lee important but culturally important as well we have not been able to speak or might have not spoken to my family for 7. more some cash midis and activists gathered in the heart of the capital determined to get their voices heard. there is anger and frustration among these new delhi stunned by the extent of the communication blackout that stopping them from reaching their families especially in the muslim holiday of the government says these are structured is a temporary but its impact can be felt on the daily lives of those cut off from the outside world. al-jazeera new delhi. pakistan's government asked people to tone down celebrations and solidarity with kashmiris and india kemal hai there has more. although it did in august on it is are not nor
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most of the television networks that would normally be throwing entertainment programs a concentrated on the issue of the pakistani foreign minister also expanding. in the focus on the administration me of course they send their strong message id international community my state nor. crises. in pakistan right now nor just a political battle and a war of war that is going on between new delhi and it. by the humanitarian crises the people in indian administered kashmir have been in a state of lockdown for 7 days now they're running out of food and medicine as i reports indicate from. their situation indeed grave and the apprehension that once these people come out and their district attorneys are lifted that people are they
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going to win. on the streets which would lead to more bloodshed that is something the pakistani foreign minister had been warning about the fact that the pakistani military chief general come our job red bar draw also spend time with their troops celebrating or rather or preserving with frontline troops on the line of control that their white indian and pakistani military forces his message that people are. wrong. rather than. now if the cause of human rights lawyer georgetown university and he says india may have a step thank you nation set forth by international law. i think india in the movie government is going to have to back down a little bit i personally believe that you know their total communication and travelogue was meant to incite violent response from from kashmiris and
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thankfully the showed restraint in that regard i think it's going to be important for regional players like pakistan afghanistan and others to bring some sort of resolution to the united nations general assembly to see where the international community of nations stand on this issue and whether they stand on the side of justice for 12000000 who are on the heavy handed draconian side of the modi government in india the international law primarily governed by the i.c.c. which is the international covenant on civil and political rights says that every human being alive should be allowed the ability to freely trip travel but now international law does allow some government in extenuating circumstances to do crackdowns like this but it has to be justified by public order and so i don't think that india has met that standard i really think that the international community particularly the united nations general assembly and security council are going to have to visit some sort of resolution where they can you know try to send in international observers general journalists human rights watch amnesty
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international have all called on the indian government to back down on their clampdown of kashmir. now hong kong's leader says weeks of anti-government protests a damaging the root of all carry lamb said the territory it would take a long time to recover from the volatile demonstrations she also warned hong kong is pain being pushed down a path of number 10. meanwhile operations are slowly resuming at hong kong international airport after protests shut down the travel monday passengers have been queuing to check a less than 24 hours off to demonstrate his flight at the main terminal the protest forced the cancellation of more than $100.00 flights. i'm trying for the 3rd time to give an answer to that i can't. it's a bit rough when your luggage is one side and you're one side and you. know it's so it hasn't been funny i don't think if that 1st one comic came. on
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monday's disruption mocked another escalation in a crisis which has become the biggest challenge to chinese for decades beijing has described the latest protest as sprouts of terrorism problem pride reports from hong kong. as word spread on social media to target hong kong's airport thousands answered the call the roads around the terminal building quickly became jammed with many protesters completing the journey on foot. as they swarmed inside this was the result both departure and arrival holds completely overrun protesters have been in rage by what they say was the brutal clearance of sunday's illegal demonstrations by police and the wounding of a young woman shot in the eye with the so-called being back around them like a police shot the female protester in the eye this made everyone angry we don't understand why the police could be so brutally about
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a girl shame on police justice for hong kong people as part of their 10 week campaign against the now suspended extradition bell the protesters have been staging an adult sit him to tell visitors about them movement. but the numbers on monday brought outgoing passenger flights to a standstill. and arriving passengers were left to find what have a transport they could through the chaotic crowds and this is the airport express the train that runs from the terminal into cow looted hong kong and there is a real crush of people here now a mix of tourists who flowed into this chaos but also it seems a number of demonstrators who want to try to leave the terminal with rumors circulating that the police are about to move in. as evening arrived so the crowds of protesters standout with still no sign of police despite being warned to stay
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away from the terminal hundreds of passengers seem to have nowhere else to go and no one behind the check in counters to tell them my airline sin says that deflate is they're still going but you know it's not i told this war we can't walk out which is the kind to any tier 3 digit lead. as hong kong seems to slip further into crisis the chinese central government is following events closely aging is shot a lot of restraint but there comes a point you know at some point people start dying on either side least on the protest side and order cannot be restored and the city cannot function then you have a breakdown in civil society and china has promised not to let the city spiral out of control with a further warning on monday that's a critical moment has been breached probably bright al jazeera hong kong. still
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ahead on the internet heavy rains hampering rescue efforts in china as the death toll from thai from looking a bronze plus. the threat is coming from the united states and its western allies who are pouring deafens into this region. iran's foreign minister blames the u.s. for vising tension in the gulf and an exclusive interview with al-jazeera. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast for here across the southern part of united states we have been dealing with the heat of the last several days but the good news is the heat is finally going to be breaking particular here in the central plains and that is going to start here on tuesday going. into wednesday but still very hot temperatures across much of the south dallas 39 degrees as your forecast high on tuesday dropping down to about 35 but
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here across much of the central areas we are back into the high twenty's maybe some low thirty's there but up to new york we are going to sing a nice and cloudy day for you with a temperature of 25 degrees well here across the eastern caribbean things have been quite dry we're not seeing much in terms of tropical weather right now we are in the middle of august but still nothing on site here in parts of the atlantic heavy rain across parts of central america panama city guatemala managua you're going to see some very heavy rain over the next few days that is going to continue as we go towards wednesday as well ground is saturated here so mudslides landslides could be an issue but up towards kingston it is going to be a nice day in jamaica with a temperature of $33.00 and then very quickly across parts of south america we're going to be seeing a nice day over here towards rio de janeiro maybe a passing shower pushing through but over here towards what is that is it is going to be a cool day with you with a temperature of 10. perception
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is validation we believe want to be seen but in one life time we cannot see everything. we would lie under the experiences of others and the legacies of previous generations. of that testimony we would know very little. with this documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera. and as a product and with the top stories on al-jazeera argentina's conservative president
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maurice your marker is valid to win a 2nd term despite a shock defeat in sunday's presidential primary the pace i plummeted as a result at one point for more than 30 percent against the dollar. hong kong's latest says the territory will take a long time to recover from the anti-government protests which she says are pushing it down the path of no return carry lands comments follow a protest but shut down the airport on monday and hundreds of protesters have defied a security lockdown and indeed administered kashmir as residents of the disputed territory celebrate the 8 holiday demonstrators marched in the city of siena good 8 days after india avoided the areas autonomy and stripped it off its special status . the death toll from typhoon to kenya which has battled much of eastern china has risen to $45.00 rescue efforts underway with more than a dozen people still missing after the storm moved up the coast from shanghai to us the capital beijing well scott hyde has the latest from joshing county which was
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was ted by typhoon lucky that. when then super typhoon came ashore early saturday morning here on the eastern coast of china it was the worst storm china had seen for years and what happened is that it hit the eastern coast very early saturday morning but what happened here in this community you know there are 5000000 people in china they were impacted by this storm system and why this community was impacted the most of any of those 5000000 that's because up along this valley now this is an area that's outside the evacuation zone over a 1000000 people were evacuated during this typhoon the people here were not because they're outside of that zone the storm wasn't supposed to come this far and it really didn't but what did happen is up the valley water started to pool a natural dam formed and then it broke and then flash floods came streaming down this valley and buried more than 20 people in a community just up the river
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a little bit and you can see here the community is still cleaning up and this is well after 2 days since the storm hit. what they're doing is they're having to clear these areas on the way up to where some of the biggest devastation is now obviously they're going to do this repeated times as they go up now they're telling us they just got here on monday you know it's a couple of days after the typhoon that's because they're specialist to do exactly what just happened now again there are many more kilometers of this work straight up the road that they have to do now in the meantime though further down the line there are still people missing about approximately 9 people they think are still buried beneath this rubble so the searching goes on and the cleanup goes on but obviously this is very beneficial for the rescue crews that have to get further up the valley. the trumpet ministration has rolled out another hardline policy aimed at reducing the number of people settling in the united states it would be harder for legal immigrants who rely on government benefits like subsidized housing and
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food stamps to obtain permanent legal status a white house correspondent kimberly hellcat reports. as migrants come to the united states seeking a better life those who come legally sometimes rely on government benefits food and housing but that assistance may now come at the cost of obtaining full citizenship on monday u.s. officials announced those who come to the u.s. must be financially independent immigrants who need help from social programs may be denied so-called green cards or the ability to obtain work permits and even permanent residency president transit ministration is reinforcing the ideals of self-sufficiency and personal responsibility ensuring that immigrants are able to support themselves and become successful here in america the announcement comes just days after officials arrested hundreds of people in the u.s. state of mississippi hughes to working illegally in food processing plants the u.s.
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government says it's also targeting employers who hire such workers but so far none of the employers in the mississippi raid has been fined or arrested we just finished an investigation very similar in tennessee over $150.00 arrests 18 months ago where we now have an individual employer who's got a year and a half cents in federal prison for this effort we're in the middle of a criminal investigation this case will be pursued the raids have sparked protests in the united states critics say the raids are part of president trump's effort to marginalize minority populations this is ministration has directed d.h.l. to to conduct these raids as part of what i believe is this administration's campaign of terror. which is to make holes whole populations of people afraid to go to work the white house argues congress passed bipartisan legislation in 1906 to
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prevent immigrants from exploiting public benefits but the laws were enforced as congress has been an able to reform immigration law the trump administration says it's seeking to attract only the most self-reliant applicants the benefit to taxpayers is a long term benefit of seeking to ensure that our immigration system is bringing people to join us as american citizens as legal permanent residents 1st who can stand on their own 2 feet who will not be reliant on the welfare system especially in the of the modern welfare state which is so expansive and expensive frankly the new immigration policy will take effect in october but it's almost certain to face legal challenges in the courts can really help at al-jazeera the white house saudi arabia says it's offering its full support to yemen's government off the southern separatists took control of the port city of aden calm prince mohammed bin
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salmaan and kings on mon have met leaders from the u.a.e. and yemen the u.a.e. is now urging dialogue despite backing the separatists who launched a major offensive at the weekend assad the erotic own mission has been fighting yemen's what the rebels for more than 4 years. iran's foreign minister has accused the us of leading a military buildup in the gulf that could destabilize the region and an exclusive interview with al-jazeera jobs every says more warships in the strait of our morals will only lead to more and security. reports. as the u.s. maintains the pressure on iran tension is on the rise american and british vessels have been deployed in the gulf as the u.s. calls for an international military coalition to secure the strait of the hold was one of the wells busiest shipping. but iran's foreign minister javad zarif told. the naval build up could destabilize the entire region this is
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a tiny body of water and the more poor and noble vessels you have in this body of water the less secure it is for everybody. based on experience presidents of the united states important neighbor pleat in the persian gulf has never produced security america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail it all started last year when u.s. president donald trump pulled out of the landmark 2015 year clear agreement with iran saying it was a bad deal he then reinstated sanctions targeting to her around and countries trading with it. the sanctions were soon felt in iran is economy is struggling and inflation is soaring iranian officials remain defiant accusing the u.s. and its allies in the middle east of plotting to undermine that country. iran spent
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last year 16000000000 dollars on all of its military with almost a 1000000 people under arms we paid $16000000000.00 the united arab emirates with it totaled $1000000.00 population indigenous population. spent $22000000000.00 saudi arabia spent $87000000000.00 now if you're talking about threats coming from countries in the region the threat is coming from the united states and its western allies who are pouring weapons into this reader making it a tender box ready to blow up where with the nuclear deal it may not hold the e.u. has established a mechanism to bypass the u.s. sanctions but iran is calling for more its leaders ward if the sanctions continue there will resume enriching uranium beyond the limit agreed under the terms of the 2015 deal runs and germany say they won't join the u.s.
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led naval build a move some see as an attempt by the 2 countries to give diplomacy a chance. and you can watch passions full interview with the phone talk to al-jazeera at 1630 g.m.t. on tuesday. even in northern syria marking the 8th holiday against a backdrop of increasing violence government forces have been bombarding targets in northern hama and southern edge lips since last week's shortlived cease fire and that's in stark contrast to festivities the syrian refugees living insecurity and southern turkey that is in the back of reports many still want to return permanently to their homeland. it is a time of solemn sacrifice. in a country that suffered 8 years of continuous war food supplies in syria's italy province of precious meat for these animals will be shared among the community.
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despite the lack of sheep the ongoing conflicts and the continual grim argument that we don't want to forget our lives commitment. says the collapse of a short lived ceasefire last week the killing has continued. activists say rockets of barrel bombs have targeted villages in northern and southern lebanon. the syrian government backed by its ally russia is advancing on the last part of the country in rebel control. it's an all too familiar scene rescuers trying to reach the site of a recent bombardment and another victim since april more than 800 civilians have been killed including hundreds of children 400000 people are homeless russia and turkey the countries that brokered last week's failed cease fire are unable to restore it. a few hours north of it labor in the turkish city of. eat holiday is
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being celebrated with ease and abundance the city has welcomed 500000 syrians it hasn't always been easy for turks new arrivals to live side by side but unlike other turkey cities. was quick to realize that many syrians are here to stay and has done an awful lot to integrate them for many syrians especially the young this is the only home they've ever known. but even here in the safety of turkey the syrian conflict costs a long shadow. and suffer fled syria 4 years ago with her son after her husband was captured by i still feel some. said innocently when i remembered the past. my husband assyrians you just eat any more you won't be able to celebrate it s. not his full. turkey office hope and opportunity for her son but end stuff
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still moves among her memories turkey will never truly be home while the war rages on me the 2 will syria neve barca al-jazeera. venezuela's supreme court is seeking to strip the immunity of 3 opposition politicians accused of treason a quarter sentence request to the national constituent assembly the politicians are among 18 accused of instigating rebellion against president nicolas mother little's government now the italian senate will meet on tuesday to set a date for a motion of no confidence in the government interior minister matteo veiny said last week that the ruling coalition a broken down it's thought salvini who leaves the right when league party is hoping to capitalize on his rising popularity with an early election at the moment he has power with the 5 star movement which he accuses of holding up plans for regional autonomy and new infrastructure. but apart from the fact that so many
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ran away quickly and did not leave immediately aeration in parliament even started a government crisis outside parliament which is very serious a constitution foresees any kind of crisis is opened inside all of it because all citizens have the right to know and for this reason there are debates in the chamber not at the beach so let's try and get to the prime minister and interior minister mr acting to the chamber. and there's a prominent of the headlines on al-jazeera argentina's conservative president has vowed to win a 2nd term despite a shock defeat in sunday's presidential primary pay so prominent as a result at $1.00 of more than 30 percent against the dollar. on monday in the face of the adverse results for the government which was favorable for the opposition regrettably we've had
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a very bad day today we're poor today even before the primary elections this is impacted us greatly the dollar again continues to go up with all the consequences that brings we all know that i've given instructions to our economic team to study and prepare all the necessary measures to. look after the argentinian people. on kong's leader says weeks of antigovernment protests are damaging the rule of law carry lambs that the territory will take a long time to recover from the violent demonstrations she also warned hong kong is being pushed down the path of no return meanwhile operations are slowly resuming at hong kong international airport after protests shut down the travel hub on monday beijing has described those protests as sprouts of terrorism passengers have been queuing to check in less than 24 hours after demonstrations flooded the main terminal the protests forced the cancellation of more than $100.00 flights the death toll from typhoon leukaemia which is better than much of eastern china has
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risen to 45 rescue efforts underway with more than a dozen people still missing after the storm moved up the coast through shanghai towards the capital beijing now hundreds of protesters have defied a security lockdown and indeed administered kashmir as residents of the disputed territory celebrate the holiday demonstrators marched in the city of st angered 8 days after india revived the area's autonomy and stripped it of its special status the move is seen as an effect of annexation of the area by new delhi pakistan says it will take up the matter at the united nations security council well those are the headlines on al-jazeera what this is coming up next thank you very much for watching. you know the stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the way . al-jazeera.
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to me why when the week. in week 2 like the. movement which come early to tell me when we come. to the new.


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