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tv   Sudan Al- Turabis Life Politics Rise To Power  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2019 9:00am-10:00am +03

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take note at this time on al-jazeera. there's a problem and of the headlines on al-jazeera hong kong lady carrie lamb says weeks of antigovernment protests a damaging the vote of no more speaking to the media on tuesday the chief executive said hong kong a seriously wounded and warm the territory will take a long time to recover from the violent demonstrations. more than a homicidal violence no matter if it's using violence or condoning violence we push hong kong down a path of no return we plunge hong kong society into a very worrying and dangerous situation i believe that those who heard my words previously might have only half believed me but the situation in hong kong in the past week has made me very worried that we have reached this dangerous situation
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when hong kong opposition that is later claudia most has land failed to answer questions about the suspended extradition bill that protesters want and tie and withdraw. can we let him have basically you can. go to the paris or the who is actually running the show in hong kong and that is a shame because the prince who is asking. people to come to me to do work that what she things right the so examination all this it all according to baby sit down and she would not read the. journalistic suggestion that she may not be in charge now that's actually could be taken as insulting the suggestion for a new. leader. now operations are slowly resuming at hong kong international airport after protests shut down the travel hop on monday passengers have been
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queuing to check in less than 24 hours after demonstrations flooded the main terminal the protests forced the cancellation of more than $100.00 flights. and other news hundreds of protesters have defied security not valid and did administered kashmir as residents of the disputed territory celebrate the muslim holiday of demonstrators marched in the city of string days after india avoid the area's autonomy pakistan's government says it will ask the un to rule on what it calls the illegal annexation of the area by new delhi. argentina's conservative president or easter marker has vowed to win a 2nd term despite a shock defeat in sunday's presidential primary the pace so prominent as a result at $1.00 in more than 30 percent against the dollar. has more from born aside it is. after a day of emergency meetings 1st of all with the central bank chief then with his cabinet president 3 spoke to the nation appealing to the electorate to give him
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more time to implement the policies that he's been pushing for the last 3 and a half years policies that he said will get argentina back on economic track but these are policies that the electorate by a large margin rejected in the primaries why more than 15 percent they have put him to be putting their support behind the opposition or alberto for him and this his vice presidential running mate with former president cristina fernandez the kitchen out of the markets reacted strongly because they're scared they say of her implementing her coming back into power and implementing the policies that she's pushed for her 8 years in office between 20072015 policies that they say brought argentina into its present economic crisis high inflation rising poverty and lack of foreign investment the electorate now left with 2 very stark choices between an economic policy of the government that they believe doesn't work and the
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economic policy of the opposition which the more financial markets have made perfectly clear they don't want to work with the death toll from typhoon leukemia which is better as much of eastern china has risen to 45 rescue efforts underway with more than a dozen people still missing after the storm moved up the coast from shanghai towards beijing now saudi arabia says it's offering its full support to yemen's government after southern separatists took control of the city of aden crown prince mohammed bin sandman and king solomon have met leaders from yemen and the u.a.e. the u.a.e. is now urging dialogue despite backing the separatists well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us al-jazeera world is coming up next.
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sudan a country in almost constant turmoil since the 1950 s. . regime change coups street protests famine war political division and in april 21000 the toppling of president obama invest in. the army try to take complete control of the country but was forced to negotiate with protesters in. sudan's history is trouble
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10 years after independence from britain for a new 1000000 and a military coup only to be deposed himself 14 years later. in 1989 on what in power in another cool triggering further change orchestrated by half and a 2 dobby. well educated elite matic he was an islamic thinker spiritual leader philosopher lawyer arch politician. he was never prime minister nor president but his influence has been vast. this is the untold story of the man some call the architect of modern sudan has a 2 dobby the man has mind his mission. but.
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if you are my lama fan you refer to. we're kind of a government in a person and we're here for. the younger son had a typically conservative upbringing in 1000 thirties cazorla where his father was a judge. the family was sufi muslim but also had a maddest history. this was a religious and political movement that fought a war in the late 19th century against the forces of 1st the governor of egypt and then the british. english. for kal sophia to play india for
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sudan where he may to illumine or. if you don't have a number of that of kerry the misery here or here or life well we'll already hear a lot of the classic here lity to me as if we had their him and from my act on. the family's values clearly sheep the young son. his father a religious judge paid particular attention to his son spiritual education and encouraged him to learn arabic his work as a judge meant the family often moved home but this exposed the younger to darby to life in different cities and people across a down while she a 3rd of the rugby who were. alerted to that. you do are living here 100. without fareed the back a lot. in my euro and
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a whirlwind or so we have for. 30 years maybe we'll. always have been middle of the. you heard later also given you the way you. have said went to home to secondary school. doesn't matter for the final year. of the limit is on a river so that mother's a plan to rest and we're we're here mother at the moment there's no one with the news or did the benefit of the mothers for some of them. but there's a time there was no year i left a lot of them my dad is a bit of bania and i was a year home i live in a cut a dollar. house on a robbery on
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a known gaffer know maybe some classmates would later become political colleagues or rivals or indeed bitter enemies as to be himself recalled in this 2012 interview but until he had their feet are united also blower do not sign know he eliminated with any of the great to. see of him. but you know what he had left here to skin a lot from others an o.e.m. someone to help with anything one cannot know game i want you know i had to lob work and i. thought i made over being an average american all b.n. for going to them on. your head here i mean i learned of her release of the wild homeworld by the. them and it appears so we have i have with. them become of you i like and purple our you know i mean is that we have them bury them. so i definitely learn all kind of isn't there
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a lot of the enter here or kind of. you know hanukkah. oh maurice every hour i could do just possible said i thought senator and for you there you can argue for alcoholics i mean but also to log. my forward to was let me. for who are 5th senate battle not had a target or can i lay here at the un cause of. the son of a robber from my hometown and in the hunt cambridge. it will be young mental women army other non mr brough knows it will mothers at her door and no more you read only up to him in a. for some of the bigger above however out of rob 1st of all there were more that mobile. late for hustler last year heard that cambridge win adorable all and he had the most amazing good than the idea and the
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us were divided one where i'd be center of. for the hudna game our viewers my bob the hudna government which you heard the fairness clause. figure out of or not it's done. or else why not how to get islamia name see you deserve me or had a hot seat. we saw how our product at the. met the surely by their a lot. more strong last year and i thought immediately of our quote of young men out of there are very hacking into the lives of me oh i say are you. is there is the head my fear i mean my money i'm might warm in a large amount of court on. a sort of hers if you look at how the girl some are
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here looking at a whole muslimeen like a mark on a target on a horse when your heart attack and even me feel why you had. me at a syrian and on product at the. disco somebody halakhah the head here so that he learned time so with a letter to be sure a little bit of him was stuck at the thought of daddy's and co has an awesome awesome a know how to get the really slimy would seem only powered by. combining student politics with academic study has an end to darby want to scholarship to travel to london where he earned a master's degree in law. newly qualified he returned to sudan and began teaching at the university of hard to there he met his future wife and mattie not only was she one of these brightest students she was also the sister of solder
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connected a man who would later become prime minister of sudan. or 3 i mean a high. level would lead to a sort of doctoral for horror for power and drama. that we'll refer to him in. sort of where they did then there would be all different orderings yeah we're going to just move a little and those of you know what influence it. let me up but. look out over a $1000100.00 f. a whole room with a girl you know we're going to the whole lois to go we're going to $100.00. new kind of movie i didn't know and you're. beautiful and you know and madison from see different but i don't. think you have to. buy you know what that's not you know. at that you can.
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be well kind of money and be i mean i think she'd be even better i mean when my you get i saw. a film with a law somewhere that is a lot i do think it did where there was a lot of money and. what i love of all the i get the. more good the house down with the. yeah but i need to talk a. little. model allows you to. forget. about and be. they are i saw to for the seal. shall i let
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eternity a short deny the big one so what's the real. stuff but i'll be the suck of it came here let me take him out of this lemon i'll see if i think of a lot of the also and yet as i was. at them a bit did you see danny in. it as i was allegedly here at that it cut of. one issue completely dominated sudanese politics the many ways in which the southern part of the country differed from the north the economy religion and even the climates many in the south also felt prime minister ibrahim government and how to ignore their aspirations it was time to confront these problems and this presented with an opportunity. revolution
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was in the air kind of not sort of adults will know most of our muslim going to sudan where the story live the only one looked at this with the. front of our book the drug problem is that when properly. similar saddam we know who at the should really go for. a heart of love with a horrible horrible i did then on obviously you know. wasn't a druggie what kind of agreement was a 1000000 who. were kind of them across a little bit of a. problem and i lost i could have. well america when you're full of a beautiful view and remove
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a bit of the story. tomorrow you. will not bush or he'll let you give you a lot of. fear of card you did try to do that yes he is very good how these are. and i wish he was yes he well he certainly has 3 now there's a whole kind of karima here who are scary than islamia given your support. girl has an atari kind of tee shot at lety yeah but to lob a little credit for a bad. sort of doctor with a little kind of what. who are not 700. 1 warrior. for the house a little more. city in. the lobby. for
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. bullies. who are for you i mean a. lot of authority feel also this one or she. hasn't already can. that has a valuable or well how does one has a when asked how many who've. come on miss. home. why we are your. so worked up over. we want that we are sort of feel. your head i don't know. how than others also have a husband. because he has trouble for. the
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one who knows we really did that. sort of top of the list public and we got to 7 feet as i do but. yeah i need to keep a lot of other people are married o'connell she could hear me take my on. how to get a law patella the woman i'd want to knock on my you know her use of that would be that he would also be at a general for the epidemic of you so that i was out of it yeah but on the thought of. going alone i don't give yet i can make out then i will say about a half of the assault case that went with that the guilt i thought if you are sold on does not. so the plans i'm up would with the fall of the hybrid government in 1964 has an ultra left his university job to devote his now considerable skills experience and energy to politics. he aimed to create
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a new political force in sudan which he called the islamic charter front the name was carefully chosen and it cast its net wide to gather followers from across to dance different factions or dialogue with. the story. he was ready for his 1st political battle his party the islamic charter front contested the 1965 parliamentary elections as underdogs the feast well established opposition particularly from the communist party as well as from several other
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right wing groups having been a popular figurehead in the october revolution has an all too obvious personal vote was huge. pressure has added to that if it dire for there were 3 years. has a lot about. our lisa and for me or had been for her. a class and a. problem on. the oma party won the most seats followed by the democratic unionist party and the communists. to robbie began forming coalitions in order to confront the communist party. as an m.p. he began to work from within and his legal expertise enabled him to get elected as head of a committee to draft a new constitution for sudan. he was already emerging as a controversial figure. sitting
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in the. us that will lead to to be another hot what the. many were outraged by the students comments but he took a different view he channeled the anger into an attack on his sworn enemy the communist party where some saw despair as to be opportunity. with. his off alone because. you know very. little bell of the muslim eye on what the media is to will it have
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a. film. what. if you have us of a should need. or. want to say you are. i said to run he's got feedback on what we can for larry says he. can't fathom but a shopper so that he sold it to someone i saw with thank you. i mean no never i am but lamont and his bashir his bum when he didn't more walking the 100 nobody disputes with them. yeah. you got with a lot. on them and make decent yabby i've got a d.d.
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distort. me and you leave his machinery a moment way i don't see. on the mouse a lot of hell it has been through every. kind of falling from. the saw the. coughing enough the norm. i will hold my bag and come by limit as i walk on by the guy limb of the. car highly his be sure. you know who can get the holy liberally what you i didn't do so lick a major hell be his one. be the colombia listen what kind they go liberally. with but the whole.
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war for the other has a hold there for bigger fusel see it in more believe it in. we're going to try to be of him a lot you know the kind how do you. i love the. look in the wall kind of how do i live before king well lisa come lately a serious tone of the demi is the moron with yes yes you know. well there have. been a home mania. for me. to look. at the house and what honestly thought i'd be interested in monaco. so on. and. so danny.
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has said as to darby had taken his 1st political scalp has proven himself a master manipulator and a force that could not be ignored however the communists refused to take their defeat lying down and vowed to return by any means necessary. for god here i want to. assure you. is that so the valley of the old tub after me have a stroke and. my man the common man not yet in them but if i don't even like. if you are looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what is this gross is
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a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to make the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks. down. with detailed coverage no one is willing to return home to reanimate without sort of the ship papers and security guarantees from around the world the challenges facing the new prime minister. negotiate a new brics a deal in 90 days a deal the e.u. says cannot be renegotiated. to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists be people in power investigates how the us supplies
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soviet style weapons to its allies through private company spend the us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was coming from so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end up being pointed at us soldiers yes absolutely pick it up that's going to not soften the professional america's gun secret pipeline to syria on al-jazeera.
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and all of those were prominent are the headlines on al-jazeera hong kong's lead to carry as wakes of anti-government protests the damaging the rule of law speaking to the media on tuesday the chief executive said hong kong and seriously wounded and warned that the territory will take a long time to recover from the violent demonstrations. no matter if it's using violence or condoning violence you push hong kong down a path of no return will plunge hong kong society into a very worrying and dangerous situation i believe that those who heard my words previously might have only half believed me but the situation in hong kong in the past week has made me very worried that we have reached this dangerous situation.
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meanwhile operations are slowly resuming at hong kong international airport after protests shut down the travel on monday passengers have been queuing to check in less than 24 hours after demonstrators flooded the main terminal the protests forced the cancellation of more than $100.00 flights hundreds of protesters have defied a security lockdown and ended in the midst of kashmir as residents of the disputed territory celebrate the muslim holiday of demonstrators marched in the city of st anger 8 days after india revoked the areas autonomy government says it will ask the you went to rule on what it calls the illegal and accession of the area by new delhi. argentina's conservative president a researcher market has evolved to win a 2nd term despite his shock defeat in sunday's presidential primary the peso plummeted as a result at $1.00 in more than 30 percent against the dollar the results suggest that mark we will face an uphill battle than october's presidential election. saudi
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arabia says it's offering its full support to yemen's government after southern separatists took control of the port city of aden crown prince mohammed bin sandman and king solomon have met leaders from the u.a.e. and yemen the u.a.e. is now urging dialogue despite backing the separatists who launched a major offensive at the weekend the death toll from typhoon the chemo which is battered much of eastern china has risen to 45 rescue efforts are underway with more than a dozen people still missing after the storm moved up the coast through shanghai towards the capital beijing well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us al-jazeera world continues next. by the mid 1960 s. has an hour be had become the rising star of the denise politics networking building alliances and seeking opportunities to outmaneuver his opponents these
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included the communist party which would be purged in 1971. these were desperate times in sudan which some believed called for desperate measures. sharon that the whole you will have to get him. and move on your story happily. killer my city. by the end of the 1960 s. has an islamic charter front looked likely to gain a parliamentary majority so the communist staged a military coup installing joffe an immediate of the sudanese socialist union as prime minister. travis power and freedom were in jeopardy because harry there are here in the home and. he's also the valley of the own tribe but when you have
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a. well my man the coming in that year and whatever i do it like his be sure and whatever can get done and do what you would dodo or indoor you would forgo so you know nice the hotel necessary don't go alone. well. i thought. sure you're gonna. be like you know you. are working with. him i have an internet gonna be. a hell of a poem surely a female officer can not only are we are on what you are on reality or a female and mighty mouse someone who can in fact bellow another going to fail be. the other must be on the let it. bother you that up can it be definition.
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of is it was a walk around and call the enemy i mean there in as i lot here mostly would be the . the whole if you want a little. bit is about the uk we're going to see the hottest new york. i mean i love the google also like you know what if you come to los altos or buy that senator yeah sometimes it that actual whether. it be not the actually on the economy was going to not be was not afraid of serving prison sentences for him writing books and planning his next political moves were a welcome distraction during his months sometimes years behind bars. and it. says you know how decision mr mayor how you know we had to he would deny me pierre
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to go to what are you sure that worked and only a letter to him with a number. so you mustn't come up now in this or that and. i mean i'm a lot a wimp who little could do a little still. if you fall on his guitar. that even. with a little money eleanor i looked a lot of money i can make them a hard one and neither was thomas like there's a layer there like i walked in one eye so but at least email you was yardwork and like in how the how do i shall. cut what the moment. tony and. it looks like behind me there will be more to come out on your i should like and your more later. than most i was up. by the top of
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a mountain on an icy and out of one a lake to go along. with the solid b. and i. mean if you look at the us is that the get. go one of the. is about what his ability. the islamic charter front and its successor the national islamic front had branches of support outside sudan these were led by ultra darby's brother in law saw the can maggie who'd been in exile in cairo by the mid 1970 s. this broad coalition served as an opposition to mary's leadership but revolution was never far away as to robbie's opponents the communists were determined to seize
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power. if they succeeded to robbie would be imprisoned again if they failed it would be to his advantage for all of this you feel about going to sleep while. we saw you walk. walk down a couple to live in that 170. little machine. from california many are lame i mean look look at that he was by his bashir so little can talk to his shirt collars and. illegal they must handle being made in the country. with telling. you not to see. by that in the media on the cover of your missy by the way i don't have a michelle or an a plus a lot it. no matter what we see in a model or how good
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a guy is though. with a lucky enough donnegan out of that i mean the one with. the mother had the studio at the middle of the here to live on so that he knew the hubble the more they on it on a whim and if you look at you know a lot of. me too i mean. a singer passes and he wins it on and money were nominated for q i knew katie it is cotton is a disorder shabby so to shut me up it has any have a gauge i wouldn't has. the kind of to figure out a let the. feel. what had it and also what that someone was. someone of the soul. i would support them back in action a love letter sent me. this
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revolt ultimately failed to dislodge me mary so not for the 1st time has an end to robbie found himself in prison again the nationalist time it fronts redoubled its efforts towards a further coup. i want to tell you. how c.s.e. the pound is going to work. but at the t. but the. cotton islam. because up to we left libya with that in the d.b.m.s. cartmel assad one in the one the fucking i love and my heart and yet that is how. i thought why did your son not. one of them the man what he. wanted you to. see to somebody. you know
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if you saw. the havoc again was to have. one of the dark and walked shall be uncool look at our level in love with me maybe for that. hour that moved at that idea. what is that it yeah sort of how often it. no one has thought of ali no no no it was on none of want to be some you know. we're not going to tie their stock of on the model lady and if you look at a letter sent to you. with a new one i. know a lady slams out to understudy for lane. and it had this is this is let me in with the in my head if i'm on. the subject of the stock. the biggest. stork.
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by for that. matter any of that. technique. as attorney general. to attain power at all costs. was behind. this throughout the year. and it has some of the. throughout the year to.
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feel one of their it looked at the cold war and. i was in. i was in field. i was in field and. i was in. the martha. ready. for when you're the. only. wow out over and over to how they said at the well i can tell you here we can have
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are by far the more liberal created or live in economy our our bob in bin laden or like him with a man alone mcgarrity why are mccain on. a par career could be good in all of our ninnis without a look og hope a model for the animal we are human with a so we feel a lot lot. that going on out there mohammed abdul my 7 hour passing i mean mama khalid almihdhar female sleep but drive home hallmark is so done we do not know on the good alone of course we can top story this number of. other key purposes of the c.b.s. separation that. if you were not for a really been to the well in the heart attacks let me another story and. she has she with more i will have a harder time you know. if you were to have
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a few that have worked albermarle fact my demi has said he took abby who i know not god has it fixed. and if the firing of it and i semi sealed they haven't figured out the new up it will return for friday i mean this really give me any hustler the economy how lahoma and that if it had a can exploit me and i know who can what they hear the unit believe that the police will be let off or so can you so it is a bit rough to see that but if you listen to that and try to come out of it hey. you move on you can you know i want you to be going to kill both you i want to cut the meat now a long. long long way your putting. it on your body you want to be i do not want to be the power to be with the army and the bomb and kill you if you had a good. i love you would like to see a lot of plutonium. wow that is yeah that could be you. know if i love you my
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belly will add to the who do you do down. by design now about how to let me in with the should be able at that at the college or so that mia although he got he and that the house or a lot of acclaim at the in between men killed allowed out of the car leave a pack i added the theory no one had to innovate take a lot away on our other shift malediction you to get them off he went he had. to lobby was a thinker and politician who wrote about unity freedom the renewal of islam it fought and ways of governing a modern muslim state. his writing on politics and government from an islamic perspective changed much contemporary thoughts about the role of islam in government. summing up as to robbie's achievements is not easy complex
9:47 am
unpredictable ambitious his influence has been felt far beyond sudan's borders in. africa the sort of i mean if you can limit the limit they're worried because you have to take the. product where harder the punishment or that it was as a result of the can be written on it as if. i had a show about. blumenthal resentment. i'm a liberal therefore how lowbrow of crowd in the uk would probably live for a few reputable liberman and one of them you feel. milliken are or are ours in. victory well and out in moderation and i mean so and i've done it up either i want to show you this isn't.
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by 983 as robbie had achieved a remarkable turn around his old enemies the communists were propping up the new mary regime which needed the backing of someone with the ear of the people who better than the son of a religious judge with a deep understanding of islamic law. we're going to do. well let's look at the well. for you this. will be a fresh area. alone i. know that if i leave the last of the. army coming when they feel nothing else.
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no i shall be the killer. but. why anything. i mean public release alone the kind of the. kind with the the. for the. bad. for me for you had better than. mine i've already been there from one of the shia that human hummer. or have. a fear with a. very wary of. the reason almost
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a whole lot of other well islam. from hell arm of al to be introduced what were called the september laws in 1983 large sectors of sudanese society among them intellectuals and politicians likes article maddy and mahmoud mohammed oppose them punishment was harsh for anyone who infringed them. stars might want him upon a lazy or a dim sum of which there is some sort of money we don't with the read that life is going to do with the real. phil can only give. them. a dude a shot i am in. about who. will be awkward reader with that. as an attorney mark and if he's a little noble and you know the name alarm. made a mark coming read to
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a. senate. subcommittee but are not. in the supply had and islamiya a can never yet be as in minute as in a tribe willing to leave the. towel in and. there's a lesson when one. is come by on us or you know. a daddy let alone come near. or you can feel what a sound but. that. was right and we mad as about. a little buck or bother to let the lamb to whom. i have has an attitude of his influence was huge at one stage underneath me he was both attorney general and foreign affairs advisor he accompanied limited on trips
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abroad met foreign dignitaries and communicated with them in their own languages being fluent in english french and german the west began to notice us robbie and him a sense trouble ahead you're missing anything if anything the people. interested in hall's lawn would develop into a civilization would realize it but i believe taliban will hire longer than the public how is ever the sufficient are up for the law. which are on a lower than the ana. and i'm a communist i mean one of the laws with the law. but the lobby of us agreed that idea but that the are no lies and gullible dolly. and emitting. i mean.
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no well. what could leno or daniel museum or if you look at them with the price of. an article islamia. i'm going to. want to. they were the others. here and there were a lot. of other nobody that was over there which was a suburb of illinois. you see in order to look at 000 grams i was young. and to be was arrested and once again and despite holding
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high office he found himself in jail. in the streets there were widespread anti government protest against the high prices of consumer goods harsh living conditions and the perennial problems with the south. the defense minister announced that the army supported the people. was overthrown and exiled this heralded a new chapter for half an hour to be an example where the delhi high has a missing. before a lot. of the not. for the. as an idiot. can easily who are. so unlucky come at that again. and the do listen. to
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what you have been a sob and for tried a little bit of valinor. article slimmy after a brief transition in 1985 the military stepped back and allowed the new prime minister saw the can imagine to take office the following gear and match and be were old friends and related by marriage but this was no guarantee of either power or influence for the other performer the reader who has been home. with a man in a real islamia harbor has been. or because you live there mcconnell and i were different of about what was about going to the menorah for about a month. were me some of them one has and feel of their own agreement and for one credit for then and so the men of the inner moribund were hard. to lobby with yeah see what kind of c.s.e.
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and now you can be a man and woman and yes that is yes if you want it well in my view would have to see as the i that the hairy again i hear why the hell to be in your poems we me what i love your enemy. yes said the only man with a massive. drug it was a shoe in for an american in the room with a massive gun when up well as i was 15. the model was a man but we've done and enough of a wee. bit on the. warden with a lot. of money but we don't want to. see it on. a shop. or shop with. us posh with. if i get. lucky.
9:57 am
and the nice place i went to. the journey to the top of sudanese politics had been a rough one as an l to be had risen from bright young lawyer to having a seat at the top table. but events were set to take a dramatic turn catapulting into a new role. of right hand man to the president. of the field when my own. what do abut among me with the. hello again welcome back we're here cross parts of afghanistan and pakistan we've seen a lot of rain pushing through but most of it has been down here along the coast where
9:58 am
the monsoonal showers in karate have been deadly as this system pushed through causing a lot of flash flooding across much of the area now things are improving here in crotch you we are seeing drier conditions few temps are there of 31 degrees here on tuesday as we go towards wednesday really not seeing too much for change there but over here towards baghdad it is going to be a very hot day for you with a temperature of 48 degrees well here across the gulf we are seeing days of humidity days of dryness and that is going to be playing out over the next few days as well when we sing doha about $41.00 degrees here on tuesday that means humidity is kicking back in by the time we go towards mid week also as we go towards wednesday the temp to comes down but the ability comes up going to be seen about $39.00 to greece there at 26 i'm a scot at about 30 degrees for you and then very quickly as a big way down here across parts of southern africa we have seen a lot of problems across much of the southeast coast with some winds as well as some clouds tempers have come down for durban they were basically getting to 30
9:59 am
degrees early in the way were down to about 19 degrees there johannesburg at 22 and on wednesday we'll be seeing durban at 21. i've been looking at your instagram account and reading takes into the atmosphere behind the scenes base is a dialogue when donald trump announced his candidacy for president ever laughed at them everyone has a boy's best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational charismatic nominee join the colobus conversation in your thoughts get to where am. i now does iraq. 0. and.
10:00 am
more protests in hong kong this spying warnings from the trees lead the demonstrators are damaging the rule of law. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the. protests. in indianapolis and kashmir against this decision.


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