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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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police clashed with protesters at the city's airport after a sit in cancelled flights for a 2nd day. on life from the headquarters and. also ahead radiation levels spike 16 times in a russian city after an explosion at a rocket engine testing site. the lockdown intensifies anger in indian controlled kashmir overshadows the muslim holiday of. a possible breakthrough in treating
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ebola scientists say a trial of 2 drugs has shown high success rates. fellow protesters have cost the police at hong kong's international airport as demonstrations forced a 2nd day of cancellation of hundreds of flights activists held a man they suspected of being an undercover police officer right police are attempting to enter the airport but have been pushed back and hong kong's chief executive says weeks of protests have seriously wounded the city the u.n. high commissioner for human rights michel. used to review whether law enforcement officials use the weapons in ways banned by international law let's bring in rob mcbride he's joining us on the line from hong kong so it seems to be a very fluid situation at the airport right now. absolutely
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a very scary situation during this so. basically within the last 20 minutes half hour or so everybody at the apples was pretty much settling in for what they thought was going to be a 2nd night. of protests the last we. have to you or i think. still coming in the. protesters say monday night. david numbers during today but the police to the very low profile the fact that within the police the the demonstrators themselves not be said pretty old denies being well behaved muscling them. allowing. in fact let me call them down for. a full council a couple of caring like a the process of putting around a lot because i think about just beside the. check in but they are now
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the cause they actually cleared up the. people with the. police vehicles allies i think what's happening here. is that i think that somebody who can be demonstrated to lead isn't the couple that was detected he was immediately grabbed and being helped by several i was now he would. be a demonstrate what he was doing that he had to find identification on him they say things like that they just take them with another couple. that hasn't been verified and then people started to cheat on his behalf the security officers do still operate to get the asphalt in the still being heated by the demonstrators they were slicing when the season was a hot knife through a drive to standing by but then apparently like. the focus to a fight police center right. steering will be level 3 it seems just they probably
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work it will be incumbent upon offices. fellow offices but all the things that is. given the ball of power that you. would be seen as a very provocative act is not the only thing as a protest is not reacted well there has been scuffles the protest has been using lukacs constant. thing barriers the barricades are those that happen clustered with police one officer would say to try to arrest one of the demonstrators. and robin. robin into the economy the police tactics that have really been called into question particularly over the past few days on sunday evening. that flight there has been the protest is a bully being fired up by what they seem. much call aggressive fighting police taking a punch bowl. toughest on the break. because
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no thank you agree the so-called no league. probability which we thought very much in evidence i don't. think the really develop betrays you. being a young woman who was hit with the eye by one of the. calls that really has. people trying to get they have become acid not really contribute you must say. they're reaching 20000 people which led to yesterday's closure 3 of the asshole. thing a complex about that. place the united nations high commission on human rights complaint but typically about. to bind faces everything the
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result of. possibly affected her being grabbed by the. possibly somebody who was regarded as a cycle possibly. in the process got one of the things that is really a great product is the. link between the police allege that you want to go out and have all the secretaries in the protest now it seems they believe they have found one of the so-called terrifies the protesters believe there is really. fired up protest busy. now in the early hours. here. at the gap for people to be remembered hundreds. like that like being cancelled they came to the airport expecting
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to get away they have been trying to get information from the from their own lines but have wait to see what happens then a lot of the incoming flights for the writing. the night wednesday morning into hong kong. through all of the. hail mary. and rob just give us an update on how much disruption this is actually causing at the airport and if you're hearing whether planes are landing or not. well the last of the plane would be arriving about now but the plane will be coming it would already over the atlantic the last of them would be coming in now and then what typically happens is that the whole down pretty much of the night for early voting slices about 5. days going into tuesday yes the war going on president asked for cloture had the people setting
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up the at full of joy in the afternoon abundances completely unexpected play call one tonsil social media let's take. a good sense of what the fault was. and i think most people especially after and i don't think we can. believe that it wouldn't get much of a response but at the progress yesterday was quite clear that 10 people would be on 3 days to get the. whole thing close and then all happens after that is what the walk but there is a surge of people who rushed to get the last train home if you like at the subway system here. a lot of the people live far away from the both there often tend to be on the big demonstrations i rushed at the last. monday night going into
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today. that people did leave a small groups of protesters still retained the night of the apple. very quickly the apple was rung again today boarding and that's what we want to get out with the expectation i think this week would be. the 9th time. when. the numbers of protesters would. like to be great the way. clear away a lot of. the check in desks up and running again ready or ready for its check it was. difficult to see. how. often surprises we will wait to see if. there
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are running again. in time for a morning. that's because the situation is continuing there are people who. police are trying to make. people. possibly. for a couple of. days to have probably. tried to. do the situation with the release of. calls or whatever. but it's. certainly. ok rob macwrite with an update from hong kong thank you let's keep with this and to joshua long he's also joining us from hong kong he's the secretary general of them a fee so that's a pro-democracy organization thanks for your time with us on al-jazeera just give
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me your initial reaction in your assessment to what's going on right now at the airport where we see protesters and police facing off in scuffles in class and. but it's not a way out the can people might not be fully. agree on or the behavior of protester but how hold on government official just the behind riot police and do nothing and keep silence is the most difficult situation we are facing we just hope people around the world to understand because still for you action we have to get back to our own government is the time to stop progress brutality when one of our young lady join the protest in permanent blindness that's why destroy might continue and we know the clash this happening but how will the concord and transformed international city to a police state it's really terrible what do you think the protesters are going to
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do next because this is the 2nd consecutive day of demonstrations that we're seeing at the airport what do they do next instead of asking what will protest to do next where the hong kong riot police life threatening weapon just like all fire on hong kong activists have shot them. strongly will be specially when police in the past just hold the guns and point to is the whole point was to have people what kind of an insurgency and cases might be generated by russia b is strongly afraid. but again back to my my question i understand what you're saying about the police brutality but what is the strategy for the protesters going forward because what we're seeing right now is also major the threats and to want to phases biggest airports is this the correct strategy. the most peaceful demonstration in hong kong
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international after all is just people peaceful is on the ground to employ and to avoid. compared to having clash and have bringing forth being. called police station and fact quote had happened today at airports is more moderate busy and peaceful and the clashes so i hope you understand it if peaceful and orderly and rally outside the home government office is useful and effective no one would love to organize and hundreds for a rally at the base. and punk and causing leaders to respond to it speaking of the leader is that how much do you think this is all worrying already is there and they're looking at the situation with with concern. the whole beijing authorities realized that people just asking for the fundamental
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rights enjoyed by western country people since last century we just talked to our own consular but now the document a phone call just allows riot police to hold a gun point 5 results activists have permanent blindness is that blaming activists in the capital of basic versus goliath i hope the world could show they call uncertain on how the clash happened in hong kong should be solved by politico's system reform and scotland just continued their political prosecution all right we'll leave it there we thank you just wrong for thinking to us from hong kong. well take a short break right here on al-jazeera and we'll be back in just a moment stay with us.
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hello there's still a few showers across eastern sections of china all the province on fusion a little bit better than we have seen of late there are still those scattered showers around but shanghai should be mostly dry on wednesday and then what we have got is more rain across into taiwan and still down into the northern philippines but maybe by about thursday minelli you should still see this kind of thunderstorms but hopefully a little less of them but the rain is still along for calls along the coastal areas that you want is your high in hong kong on thursday that we head across towards india there is just no letup a tool in these monsoon rains very heavy again as we go through the next couple of days and in fact the india met department has put the most vigilant warnings all the way from west bengal right there across into madhya pradesh some very heavy rains wednesday across into port 25 degrees celsius is the temperature for the next couple days the rains very heavy again along the west coast all the way down the west in mumbai what a thursday but carol
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a state really has been impacted again this year at the worst state of all in terms of the photo waters and the impact it has had and this is the 2nd consecutive year running such a price. say 33 degrees celsius but the rains a very much in the forecast all the way through to pull down into the northeast of india and also across into bangladesh again 29 in our pool on thursday. rewind returns with a new series of. dates from the past to down to 0 documentary. or are you going to rewind. we've grown by become really a new. we could. hold a number for you know 2 states today it is still barely possible on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera this hour anti-government protesters are clashing with riot police at hong kong's international airport after protests there led to flight cancellations for a 2nd consecutive day protesters had been peacefully gathering there for 5 days but fights have broken out as officers attempted to disperse them. russian doctors who treated people injured in a nuclear accident last week have been taken to moscow for medical examination on thursday a rocket explosion at an offshore naval testing site near you know about 700 kilometers northeast of st petersburg at least 5 people died radiation levels and
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nearby severed ovens spiked to 16 times the normal levels no official explanation has been given the naval facilities a test site for ballistic missiles used by nuclear submarines stop loss and has more from moscow. only 5 days after this mysterious explosion in the north of russia in the area of congleton we now know that the weather agency has measured radiation levels up to 16 times higher than normal in the city of suffered since where exactly this testing nearby took place the highest measurement was actually at a kindergarten so of course there's a lot of suspicion and also conspiracy theories going on here in russia about what exactly has happened the government has been very tight lipped the only thing that we heard from the vice presidential spokesman was that people should just trust the information that's been conveyed to them by the russian authorities and also about
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these radiation levels he said that all the state agencies are working to make sure that the people are safe but of course a lot of people still remember what happened in chernobyl in 1986 there was of course a different scale of radiation there but also then there was an information blackout and that's exactly where people are really worried about this is sufficient of course increased because the stories by the government has changed in the last 5 days initially the ministry of defense said there was no radiation then suddenly the local authorities admitted there was a short but quite high spike of radiation and then the the levels went back to normal initially there were 2 victims only to worth $75.00 scientists died at the site and then only on sunday the authorities sort of confirmed that there was a small nuclear powered engine that exploded there's also a lot of speculation about what exactly was being tested there and american
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observers have said that this is the this skyfall the new missile that the lighting to put in the boasted about last year saying that this could reach every corner of the planet because it is nuclear powered actually the presidential spokesman reacted to a tweet by donald trump who said that they have the same. technology but actually more advanced the kremlin sad that that that's not true that the russians actually have the more advanced technology because so then we can actually say that this whole incident even though it's probably a very dangerous incident for public how is also part of an arms race that's going on and will maybe and probably increase even between the united states and russia since the intermediate force as a nuclear treaty expired and was was was basically abandoned earlier in august. timothy musos the director of the turnover and fukushima research initiative and he
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says the lack of information released by russell means it's impossible to assess the health risks caused by the explosion. very little information is being given out there's no indication of the stanton magnitude of the contamination we don't even know what radioisotopes what radioactive materials were released as a result of this is accident and so without that kind of information it's impossible to you know to assess the the risks and the hazards of such accidents you know in control. we saw the release of vast amounts of a wide variety of radio isotopes and they're still there they're going to be there for hundreds to thousands of years until we have some sort of a thorough map of the isotopes that were released and you know where they went how much is on the ground certainly the amounts that are in the air or seem to have dropped down from from the research reports but we don't know what was deposited on the surface and hell long they'll be there so there's so many unanswered questions
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at this at this stage that it's really impossible to tell what the long term consequences are and unprecedented security lockdown is keeping many people in doors and parts of indian controlled kashmir for a 9th day the muslim holiday of eid was overshadowed by anger over india's decision to revoke the region's autonomy effectively addicks in the territory hundreds of people defied the security clampdown a march in the capital stringybark telephone lines internet and television networks have all been blocked since last monday our correspondent fazer mail has more from jon moon indian controlled kashmir. almost no major international news outlet has been reporting on the situation on tuesday from the questionnaire valley however the associated press is reporting a strict lockdown for the 9th day in a row and that some residents in some areas are running out of essential supplies both the biggest indian news media outlets have been reporting top government officials and their press conferences for example german kashmir principal
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secretary wrote consul has said on tuesday that restrictions had been relaxed in various parts of the region and that here in germany it was almost and it was actually entirely. the restrictions we are selves have noticed that phone and internet restrictions remain in place here on monday the largest city in india and mr mir saw the tightest restrictions since the beginning of the lock down when india stripped the region of its autonomy and on tuesday india's supreme court has said that we expect normalcy but nothing can be done nobody knows what is happening and one has to rely on the government and quote adding that this whole issue was a sensitive matter. new details are emerging about the latest fighting in yemen over the past few days military sources have told al-jazeera the u.a.e. reinforcements were seen supporting southern separatists fighting the saudi led coalition in the port city of. separatist fighters have taken control of the city after launching a major offensive at the weekend it's lee's deputy prime minister is insisting on
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an early election as the senate meets to set a date for a vote of no confidence and prime minister. but salvini has called for the vote saying the ruling coalition has broken down leads the far right lead party which shares power with the 5 star movement it's. produced elections i think it's because they didn't work well and they fear they won't go back to parliament we ask for a vote as soon as possible then it will be down to the tail institute choose a government which needs to govern and do things for 5 years because in the past month knows discussions insults blocks no to the high speed train no to justice no to the olympics no to the autonomy's no to reforms italy cannot afford more nose therefore i'm happy that so many are for an election is soonest possible. venezuela's supreme court has stripped the unity of 3 opposition politicians accused of treason there among 18 people facing charges of rebellion against the
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government a battle for control of venezuela between the president and the opposition leader. has been playing out since january well scientists say they're a step closer to finding the 1st effective treatments for the ebola virus after a clinical trial in the democratic republic of congo a row 90 percent of patients who were treated early with the drugs survived the w.h.o. declare the outbreak in the international emergency in july the epidemic is the 2nd worst on record with more than 800 people killed so far neighboring countries have been on high alert for months. health officials agreed last week to impose travel restrictions to prevent further spread of the highly contagious virus like alexander is a spokeswoman for the world health organization and speaking to me earlier she said these results should give hope to those affected by. there was
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a trial where 4 drugs were being trial for trucks are being used in patients as they came into the treatment centers there were the 4 drugs that seemed the most promising and the body that analyzes the data saw that 2 were particularly strong were having those really good outcomes as you said that 90 percent of people who came in within the 1st 3 days for treatment were surviving and that's amazing for ebola usually it's the other way around 90 percent of people who don't receive treatment will die so we are now that much forward knowing that 2 of these medications that exist in the world are very helpful for combating in bhola and now we the research can go forward to find it to learn even more about these treatments but for now all the patients and every patient who comes into a treatment center will be receiving one of those 2 medications just back on the issue of survival rates so the best survival rates happens when patients receive treatments are saying in the 1st 3 days of contracting the virus so what you're saying is that the risk of survival remains low for anyone who has contracted the
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virus for longer than 3 days it's not from the time of contracting the virus it's from the time that the symptoms start to show when a symptom start to show that means the virus is strong in your body symptoms being a vomiting headache feeling very unwell so the virus can take 567 days before you start to have those symptoms and that's only when you're infected and if people as soon as they start to have those symptoms are able to access care then they have the better chance of survival. well we'll update you on the breaking news story we've brought you this hour and the clashes we've been witnessing at hong kong's airport where demonstrators have forced the cancellation of almost all outgoing flights for a 2nd straight day these are the life pictures we're getting from hong kong airport itself let's bring in rob mcbride he's joining us on the telephone from hong kong rob what updates are you getting on the situation there you know it seems to be
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a very very very situation that they're very very. extremely cherry jewellers we see that now kind. rob are you still with us all right apologies that was rob mcbride that was about to give us an update from the situation in hong kong so what you're looking at right now is are the live pictures coming to us from the airports and just a few moments ago in fact in the past hour there were clashes between demonstrators there as well as the police and all of this has of course forced the cancellation of almost all out going flights for a 2nd straight day. well antibiotics have saved hundreds of millions of lives around the world but they're increasing availability has led to over use and
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that has made many of us resistant to these formally vital medicines now in kenya researchers say some antibiotics are simply not working reports from nairobi. this is a laboratory in nairobi run by kenya's medical research institute scientists are investigating jobs and bacteria that cause diseases with a special focus on antibiotic resistance this problem initially was only in hospitals but now we're finding a lot of people who are getting fit in the community but by the time they get into the hospital they are very very sick. researches have concluded antibiotic resistance has been increasing for a number of reasons misuse of medicines including taking too much or not enough taking the wrong drugs also bad environment conditions at best infections in neighborhoods and hospitals and poor handling all packaging of antibiotics. jacqueline simian is not aware of all those things. has been feverish is vomiting
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and has diarrhea it's a typical case of a sawmill a disease that kills $45000.00 kenyan children every year and resists most antibiotics in the market she took layla to a neighborhood chemist which in itself is a mistake in the company i took her to the chemist because she was getting worse i got some medicine this one and another one but she is not improving they did not test her they looked at her and i told them the symptoms and they give me the medicine there many chemists or pharmacists operating without license this woman told us not to reveal her identity she has no formal education in medicine yet thousands of people depend on her to help them when they fall sick. i did not finish nothing school but in 2013 a friend of mine taught me about medicine for 5 months i then walked with another pharmacist here for a while and when he had to leave i took over the chemist. doctors say i'm qualified
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to contribute to the problem and here's why i'm going to kenya and i'm going to give the family says fictitious symptoms and see what medicine he gives me. the chemist i visit is registered and in a busy part of the neighborhood some of the symptoms i list suggest you all infection back to pharmacists don't question me much or even ask for any test results or doctor's prescription i told them that i have either and my blew up to me pay me i didn't call them the medicine that i want some of these drugs can only be described as a. back up to see me home as mother continues to medicate her hoping she'll get better soon and that even if she gets better whatever she's suffering from will not for katherine. i will be and just to give you a quick update on the situation in hong kong you're looking at the live pictures right now from the airport there were protesters clashed with police demonstrations
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forced a 2nd day of cancellation of hundreds of flights out of the airports and we also understand that activists there held a man that they suspected of being an undercover police officer there he is these are the latest pictures we are getting from the riot police so did attempt to enter the airport but reports say that they were pushed back at some points and the chief executive authority is there for hong kong kerry says that weeks of protests have seriously wounded the city and the u.n. has also been weighing in on the situation the high commissioner for human rights is urging all 4 to review whether a law enforcement officials have used weapons in ways banned by international law so that's an update on hong kong more at the top of the hour.
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well move. move. as the u.s. maintains the pressure on iran tension is on the rise in the gulf raising concerns of a full blown military confrontation. the trump administration is seeking an international coalition to secure the strait of homers which is one of the most important shipping routes in the wild but iran is skeptical to her ron has dismissed the naval build up as a move that my destabilize the whole region and is calling for u.s. vessels to leave the area america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail the crisis all started when president all donald trump unilaterally it pulled out of
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the iran nuclear deal last year and reinstated sanctions targeting to herat and countries that trade with it.


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