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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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to be turned back into stay longer heidi to castro al-jazeera to the juarez mexico to britain now with the former finance minister philip hammond says he's confident parliament can block a no deal brock's it prime minister boris johnson has pledged to leave the e.u. by october 31st with or without a deal is refusing to rule out suspending parliament to make that happen which hammond says would cause a constitutional crisis the speaker of the house of commons says he'll block attempts to bypass parliament. as soldiers are helping to rescue a rescue and relief efforts in flood hit areas of india heavy rain is continuing to drench coastal regions to the west and south the number who have died has now risen to more than 200 nearly half of them in the southern state of carola around a 1000000 indians are sheltering in emergency camps fuel shortages a wide spread in districts that have been cut off from cities. farmers in
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bangladesh face a constant battle to keep their land from being flooded the low lying country home to the world's largest river delta is especially vulnerable to rising sea levels caused by climate change this time the child who reports from peerage pull some farmers are growing their crops by reviving a century old system of floating farms. low lying bangladesh is on the frontline of climate change its farmlands facing constant floods erosion and salinity to combat these farmers are using rafts which remains afloat for a period long enough to grow vegetables there's a lot of the crowd livers during high tide this area get flooded with little water remains during low tide this is why we're using floating beds to grow vegetables floating platforms offer up to an additional 40 percent of arable land creating opportunities for poor lentulus farmers aquatic farming
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a century old practice in bangladesh that almost disappeared is making a comeback with limited resources and threats of climate change people here are now starting to appreciate the importance of environmental a friendly traditional cultivation systems some of you know john can earn around $2.50 for days more am a man. in the us are gunning for 2 lasers on the seeds then keep them in a shaded area to mature literally plant them in the floating bad it's natural for us and sell them and ready in the markets farmers generally do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides using this method so there's a greater demand for them in. these plants and vegetables are from the floating beds farmers bring them to us by boat we think carry them again and boats and serious bazaars. this year floating seed beds have been used on 290 hector's a marshall an area there are around 50000 people involved directly or
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indirectly in this type of farming in the district. it's getting really popular and it's now practiced in at least 15 to 20 other districts making a good profitable one many poor bangladeshi farmers have now been given a financial lifeline by turning back the clock and relying once again on a traditional farming technique to protect their livelihoods.
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foresees out his job not saying thank you very much rain has delayed the start of the 2nd ashes cricket test so let's get straight to football liverpool and chelsea say they're pleased to be part of history as stephanie for part prepares to referee the super cup final in istanbul later on wednesday should be the 1st female rapper to take charge of a major men's final the 35 year old has already officiated games in the top men's league in france should be assisted by fellow french woman manuel and nicolosi and ireland's michelle o'neill the same trio that refereed the final of the women's world cup i think there is not a lot of difference because football is the same. only team splay differently but as a man not a woman that we cannot replicate the same game between women and men so for me it's
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the same because we're going is the same so what bodies the same is the same more so i would do the same that in woman leagues for us there is no difference between man and woman the referees the old referees them to go to the few low place they call us that even if there's. not the woman $150.00 or member free well the super cup is an all english affair with the winners of the champions league liverpool taking on the europa league champions chelsea managers frank lampard and you're going top both welcome the decision to use a female ref something they feel should really have happened sooner. i'm very pleased to be a part of this moment in history which is. very much to think we were very slow everywhere on this and now we are trying to make strides and we're all very pleased this i'm plays we're pleased that he said historical moment as one more step in the right direction i was like i'm really happy that we can be part of that historical
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moment thing because so many things in the world out there which we are still obviously not. smart enough to make the right decisions at that very very smart decision. i have reached the quarter finals of the asian champions league after a rather bad tempered last 16 tie against fellow country side to hail 11 after the 1st leg on saturday with the home side with 2 nil up after 35 minutes giving them a 31 aggregate lead however a 56 minute goal by adelson. alba hails from hope but that was snuffed out by when he guesses only go and it gave our sad afford to aggregate lead disappointment soon turned to anger as mahomedan tare was sent off eventually winning 31 on the night air into the last 8. less than 2 weeks until the us open a back back pain has forced serena williams to pull out of the cincinnati open it
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means she'll now of retired or drawn from all 5 grand slam events this season so very different day for sister venus who moved into the 3rd round 39 year old took a hard fought 3 set victory over defending champion kiki burton's in 2 hours and 19 minutes it's a relief to williams who came into this competition of to fall straight loss 2 time wimbledon champion patrick fit it was also left packing her bags the 6 seed went down and 3 sets to reus occurring that week securing her 4th top 10 victory of the season while the one of a joke of it won his 1st match since securing the wimbledon title back in july the serb has also the reigning champion battle past sam carey 7561 to reach the 3rd round which of federer has won more titles in cincinnati than anyone else with 7 on tuesday swiss remained on course for an 8 despite a rain interruption federer priest passed one. in straight sets. the world
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paragliding championships are taking place in north macedonia right now with 150 of the best pilots participating paragliding is a growing sport requiring years of finesse and skill. harding reports from crescendo in north donia. like colorful birds in the breeze these paragliders are competing against each other in the wind there are $150.00 pilots from $48.00 countries taking part in these world championships air sports have helped to provide a 50 percent boost to tourism in crucible next year the town will be an official world training site for me is there not only of us then it is a save sport professional it is a maybe the biggest issue of whether they ever did sport twice it's a weather dependent sport pilots rely on thermals or warm pockets of rising air to carry them through the course some go as high as 3000 meters and travel as fast as 60 kilometers per hour if you can't find
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a thermal you're forced to land the pilots are tracked by g.p.s. and have to fly along the course cortinas to get points for taking risks and breaking out of the pack and of course for finishing 1st this is one of those unique sports where men and women compete against each other c several of the countries have both men and women on their team the top ranked female athlete who is also competing here is ranked 12th among the men france is a powerhouse largely because of pilots like meryl both their best to just go the team either not if i inspire other goals quite a few women bias by me especially. the best the most respected in the world she couldn't be here fortunately she's one of those who inspires me. paragliding is more mental than physical many who are competing are in their thirty's forty's and fifty's and are as fit to fly as the teens i think i did well you feel good about
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it yeah i had a bad start quite slow but i managed to catch up and then i pushed hard. but finding the time and the money can be one of the hardest things about paragliding for this growing sport not even the sky is the level. we're hearty al-jazeera crucial in north macedonia former heavyweight boxing champion tyson fury has revealed his latest opponent fury will fight unbeaten sweet auto valene in las vegas in september if he wins that bounties than expected to take on w.b.c. champion wilder in a rematch next year and he had a message for the other heavyweight champ and you restrain your. under rule as only going all out to be under arrest what on time i mean back 7 days a week and 6 times on that show any time any place anywhere but now where i am completely and finally a surfing tale where competitors battle it out to be top dog this is the world's dog surfing championships in california and it's been going on for the last 4 years
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almost 40 pitches to pass in the event which raises money don't charities like the surf the competition was rough but french bulldog sheree was crowned queen of the way it's all right that is all useful for now and really a pictures back to martin thanks very much indeed that's over this hour jazeera news hour stay with us michelle will be in the chair in just a moment. in an exclusive series of documentaries i was born into a very ordinary japanese family 0 shows 5 different stories i am just too
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excited to focus on anything else right now from 5 different countries newsroom. but i want to support them the most with the one journey no one in my family has ever been to mecca this is a joyful occasion the road to has an al-jazeera. for the last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every to kill us of plastic waste they collect the school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. millions of workers
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a big in slaved in the brigham's of india one i want to waste explores how satellite technology is now helping to set them free on al-jazeera. 0. with every. pakistan marks its independence day as prime minister of iraq on declares a day of solidarity with kashmiris.
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commercial carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up china slams what it calls terrorists like actions by protesters as on kong airport gains an injunction to stop them from disrupting operations. iran's leader warns outsiders their help isn't needed when it comes to protecting the gulf. and the family of a jailed saudi activist says she's been offered a deal in return for her freedom. pakistan's prime minister is dedicating the nation's independence day to the people of kashmir iran kaunas addressing the assembly on the pakistani side of the disputed region he delivered a scathing attack against italy after revoked the autonomy of indian administered kashmir khan comparing the indian government's ideology to nazi is a governor in srinagar says restrictions on freedom of movement will be eased after india's independence day that's on thursday but he insists phone lines on the
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internet will remain cut off he also admitted that some people were injured in the protests but some of the edge of a joins us live from his office in pakistan administered kashmir some really harsh language from emraan caughan a summons tell us what else about what he said. came out to an audience in speaking to both sides saying that. he is i think criticism from both home and abroad who say that probably pakistan should have done more to fight their case and saying that he is going to be the ambassador for all kashmiri that he is going to take their case to the international community as you said he likened the mentality that off the indian government to that of naziism saying that the people who are carrying this out cannot be treated as equals and people who are part of
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a respectable community. hold still a part of his campaign that he is taking not just within pakistan. going to the united nations security council we've heard in the last 24 hours the foreign minister for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council because pakistan wants to hear what it called an illegal an extension of a disputed territory in violation of united. but what we heard on the floor speaking directly to politicking really building behind me here saying that pakistan is concerned about what will happen once the curfew is lifted. everybody is scared because we don't know what is going to happen modi has played his last cards and i think it is going to be very tough on him internationalize the kashmir matter more the world is looking at kashmir and it's up to us pakistan to respond i'm going to take responsibility i will be the ambassador to raise the voice of
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kashmiris in the world so some of when we talk about the. curfews and things like that what do we know about how this has been affecting people and when there may be some changes to this. very little to be exact because the indian government has continued it's in lockdown for the day to day. phone and internet services remain locked up people have to stay indoors because they're not allowed to congregate and there were some districts ease of restriction that we saw during the muslim festival of the people who were allowed but no protests were allowed and as you said that there have been some people who tried to congregate and the police came down hard on them so it is a very difficult situation because people on this side of the mind of say that well 1000000 of their family members relatives and people who they have ties to are being held hostage by the indian government be spoke to
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a father whose daughters went off for summer holiday and he says he doesn't even know they're alive. he's not been able to get in touch and it is a difficult situation from what we're hearing on the other side are running out of food rations people especially those urgent medical assistance i have been have been of this lockdown and i've been able to come out these restrictions are somewhat intermittent once i was in this day and people cannot live without and they are still being blocked in indian administered kashmir. thank you china's condemned protests at hong kong's airport as near terrorist acts after 2 men from the mainland were beaten by demonstrators on kong's airport authority says it's now secured.


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