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expresses deep remorse said it's war time passed during an annual ceremony marking the anniversary of the end of world war 2 where he took his japan's 1st emperor born after the war he pledges to reflect on the past and hopes the tragedy will never be repeated off lights have been suspended at the only functioning airport in libya's capital after it was hit by shelling one person is believed to be dead at tripoli's and take airport after the attack by forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar that's come under attack several times during the past during their 4 month offensive that is. still ahead on al-jazeera living with the blackouts the frustration for people in what was once an oil rich venezuelan city. and a teenager leading the way on climate change now she said say on a u.n. mission.
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how i would say it's a very lively storms from around belarus stippled area actually a lot of clout here just making its way for the south woods and a swiss legacy of showers from the balkans pushing up towards the baltic states so see simply take down polls recently things should quieten down as we go through the next day or so but still a few showers in place and they just all the way up into that western side of russia 22 celsius for moscow 23 in kiev are into the thirty's again across the mediterranean 33 for athens form of that to madrid 35 let's get up towards the northwest where it's more like autumn blustery winds are rolling through thursday looks a dryer day for the british isles 21 in london c.p.i. for the cricket but the most of that because come friday looks like the showers longer spells of right they will roll back more wet and windy weather roughly across that northwest kona still a few showers over towards c.s. generally fought in dry still less glorious sunshine through the med still could
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have until late thirty's nothing to complain about low thirty's to across northern parts of africa 32 there in china's it's the low forty's the current around 42 degrees quite as hot as we go on into flight i still plenty hot enough a rough more comfortable 26 through bad. from mother to daughter an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique into an easy is rich tapestry. the threats.
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are watching al-jazeera let's make out the top stories right now and its prime minister says the removal of minister kashrus autonomy is to benefit the people of the region or interim he says his government filled a promise with the decision despite coming under criticism as kashmir enters an 11th day of a security lockdown. that algernon's has suffered its worst loss of the year and the 4th largest single day drop on record for the us market index closed $800.00 points or 3 percent lower that was driven by growing fears of a global slowdown. police had dispersed the territories the latest protests this time outside
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a police station officers fired tear gas at anti-government demonstrators who had been shining lasers at the building. the united states has accused sudan's former intelligence chief of torture and banned him from entering the country. for almost 4 decades and sudan's national intelligence and security service. public pressure forced him to resign in april 2 days after a military council took over an alstad long term president omar al bashir and secretary of state might pump a 0 announce the decision in a statement which reads this way the designation of solid and his family underscores our support for accountability for those involved in gross violations of human rights we join the sudanese people in their call for a transitional government that is truly civilian led and defers fundamentally from the bashir regime the government says it's expanding detention space along the southern border with mexico to whole central american asylum seekers images of
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people in overcrowded cells of blood to have a criticism of donald trump's hardline immigration policy ideas or castro reports from el paso texas. across from an el paso shopping plaza down a suburban street is a detention center for migrants this is now part of life along the u.s. mexican border that which is warm allies to isn't a protest against that which is normalized simply because it becomes an omnipresent the number of people who've been captured or turned themselves into the u.s. border patrol has trucked for more than 100008 month 272000 in july in el paso that's still 6 times higher than a year ago over the summer the government was criticized for keeping people under bridges and in overcrowded facilities but with emergency money from congress new detention centers are now being built u.s. customs and border protection says it's dramatically increased detention capacity
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in recent weeks in texas an additional $4500.00 migrants are being held in tent cities the government says that the people inside are well cared for and protected from the desert sun but the migrant deaths still continue 2 weeks ago a 33 year old man from el salvador died shortly after being arrested more than a dozen migrants including children have died in government custody in the past year and a half cruelty is the point all of this is meant to be a deterrent it is meant to be a deterrent is meant to be a punishment then there's the recent allegation that a border patrol agent in yuma arizona sexually assaulted a detained 15 year old girl the u.s. homeland security secretary says that is under investigation in the allegation that's raised by policy must be immediately reported to an independent investigative agency and they take that for action critics say the migrants are
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refugees and should be greeted with assistance rather than a rest and possible abuse the u.s. government says it's trying to enforce the law in a humanitarian. manner as more and more people are being detained. castro al-jazeera el paso texas. a canadian government watchdog has ruled prime minister justin trudeau violated conflict of interest and ethics laws when he tried to pressure one of his ministers to cut a deal with the construction firm watchdog found for dope broke rules by attempting to convince his attorney general to settle a criminal case against an engineering giant the prime minister must pay a small fine argentina's president has announced salary increases and tax cuts after voters turned against his austerity policies it's a mockery poll 15 points behind the center left candidate alberto fernandez and sunday's primary the vote serves as a preview for october a general election mockery says the package of measures would relieve the pockets
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arjen times argentinians that is the country is in recession and one in 3 people live below the poverty line. the size of the government's defeat in sunday's primary elections surprised everybody in argentina but it shocked the government of president notice your machree it's taken them 3 days to respond mostly to the subsequent collapse of the argentine peso as against the dollar on monday which lost up to 30 percent of its value and also affected argentine stocks and shares in markets in both wall street and in one of cyrus. addressed the nation saying he was story for his brusque reaction on monday blaming the voters for voting what he said was the wrong party and not having faith in his policies he said he hadn't slept and he was still reeling from the size of the defeat on sunday among the measures announced an increase in child benefit in pensions an increase
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in the minimum wage a freeze on wages for 90 freeze on fuel for 90 days and in general more measures about to be announced in the course of the next few days this for starters to try to calm the markets now all watching and waiting to see how those markets respond to the government's response to what was a very convincing defeat in primaries on sunday waiting to see now what happens when they can recover in time for the presidential elections at the end of october venezuela's northwest was once the heart of the country's booming oil industry now the region has become a symbol of the economic crisis traceable reports in the city. and it too city has become a luxury for most people in america when northwestern venezuela a luxury this people do not have they say they only have 4 hours of electricity a day. with them cold storage died 4 months ago in the middle of
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a power cut. my daughter died of a heart attack because of the heat because of all the problems we are facing the government is not doing anything to help us we have no water or electricity but i will was once venezuela's oil hub but now it's people like you many venezuela are struggling in the middle of an economic crisis mike i was once known as the coldest city in venezuela because of the amount of her conditionings here it has one of the highest temperatures in the country and that's why people are not used to the situation they're bringing the so far as a matter of faith to sleep at night. it. has had 2 heart attacks when a power is out her daughter says she starts to choke. she starts crying like a child because she cannot breathe all our food is going to waste it's terrible for us a few minutes later power went out experts say electricity problems are the result
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of lack of maintenance but it's not just electricity the queues to get petrol in this country which sits on the world's largest oil reserves can go on for miles gasoline is almost free many. but a black market exists for those who don't want to queue up this man who does not want his name revealed says it is the only way he has to make a living represented the more you go or you all of us living off gasoline we get it from government officials who also need to make some extra money because with the salaries we have we cannot survive it's the only way we can buy food these everyday calles only adds up to the political tension between the government. and the opposition led by why though and there are war reese that an increase in u.s. sanctions could cost the situation to deteriorate even more. i don't think we're going to see political or economic change any time soon the conflict will increase with a radical opposition by the government and the opposition justifying economic and
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oil financial sanctions that are trying to break the government and for these people every day life is already very hard because they made the right you know i'm selling these bones because it's the only thing many can buy bones they can put it in a soup and get some protein. lack of food water and electricity enjoy life have people here are tired and angry and they feel that the government has stopped listening to their piece. or largest cities in the world has started a compulsory recycling program that residents and businesses in shanghai will face fines if they don't follow strict rubbish boarding guidelines china's government hopes the help reduce waste when hey reports. throwing household waste away in shanghai is a lot more complicated than it used to be rubbish has to be sorted into several categories including wet and dry it's not optional it's an order from the
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government and it seems to have caught on quickly. here that this garbage recycle rule is great for both the citizens and the country we're used to it as not trouble for us at all it's like when i'm cooking i automatically separate the kitchen waste and other waste it's a habit now at sit times people take their separate ways to bins that have been placed in communities around the city the contents are then collected and taken for recycling composting or incineration for power generation businesses also have to abide by the new laws if they don't they could be fined up to $70000.00 the motivation behind a program like this would be applauded by most but there was also a sense that the government has missed a step out and that not enough emphasis is being placed on educating people on how to reduce waste in the 1st place in 2014 china declared war on pollution that's made significant gains particularly with air pollution. but with rapid economic
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expansion came a boom in consumerism a growing waste problem which is the government's next target it wants a standardized nationwide rubbish sorting system to be in place in the next 6 years and shanghai is seen as the big test the city's residents produce more than $22000.00 tons of waste per day among the contributors is china's growing love affair with food delivery services which is now a $70000000000.00 industry experts agree that education could be improved but the new initiative is a significant step generous to coming from. a culture where people are still going see littering on the street. from. on the streets literally. putting stuff in the bin but in the right bin that's that's a big jump. for people right. the to school b.
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when the novelty wears off and the volunteers keeping an eye on the process and no longer there for now the government is serious about tackling china's waste problem and people have no choice but to follow the law when hey al jazeera shanghai. teenage climate activists is taking our campaign against global warming to the united nations in new york the 16 year old has set sail on a 2 week voyage across the atlantic on a 0 emissions yacht which is a company by her father and 2 crew members undergo a report some plymouth where. began her transatlantic journey. the preparation had been tough but greater through burke is now undertaking the journey of a lifetime at the soul of an english port of plymouth the racing yacht the ballots here to a professional crew and her father awaiting them all the challenges of the atlantic ocean for at least the next 2 weeks despite all the technology designed to make
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this a carbon neutral journey there is little luxury and even less previous e this teenager who has become a beacon for so many young climate crisis activists now prepared to brave the challenges of the open ocean in the hope that her message will be heard and understood right it didn't trip across the atlantic is expected to take 2 weeks she aims to be in new york for the next month's un climate action summit but the crossing won't be easy or is peak hurricane season off to new york the book says she'll travel by train and bus to canada and mexico she also plans to attend the annual un climate conference in santiago chile in december and told bird is doing this despite the criticism and vitriol she has experience from climate change deniers i'm not concerned about reactions what i'm concerned about is whether we
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we will do something or not whether the people in power will react and act with necessary force it's taken the determination of 116 year old schoolgirl to spark off a global movement. and work has been urging politicians do something more than say the right words but to put it into action as well all over the world message of taking action has resonated with young people like scarlet and francis their worry that the older generations do not understand the crisis the planet is facing. i don't have direct democracy they can directly control the composition of the legislature to get back rates across the economy. to decided to strike from school it was bowed and something we haven't seen before for example in the u.k. the parliament has declared to climate emergency but this isn't neatly binding there's no option proposed to be carbon neutral by 2050 target which is already too
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late according to the fire and. the vessel will also be collecting essential data such as measuring the temperature of the ocean to assess how much carbon is being absorbed but it is a journey for all with risk but with the effects of climate change already being felt across the globe it's one this teenager believes is worth making. al-jazeera southern england. our web site as al-jazeera talk calm take a look when you get a moment keep it here for a recap of the headlines. richelle carey these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera and its prime minister says the removal of indian administered kashmir is autonomy is to benefit the people of the region. governments fulfill the promise with the decision despite coming under
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criticism as kashmir enters an 11th day of a security lockdown. of freedom fighters for todd and for a free nation but because of article 370 and 35 there were issues but today i can see standing here at the red food with pride. one nation and one constitution the dow jones has suffered its worst loss of the year and the 4th largest single day drop on record for the u.s. market the index closed $800.00 points or 3 percent lower that was driven by growing fears of a global shutdown. on kong police dispersed the territory's latest protests this time outside a police station officers fired tear gas at anti-government demonstrators who had been shining lasers at the building south korea's president says he is open for talks with japan to end a growing trade dispute and
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a speech marking korea's independence from japan's colonial rule and warns global trade may suffer if the country weaponize a sector where it has an advantage all flights have been suspended at the only functioning airport in libya's capital after it was hit by shelling one person is believed to be dead at tripoli's mathilda airport after the attack by forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar are the united states has accused sudan's former intelligence chief of torture and banned him from entering the country. to serve for almost 4 decades and sudan's national intelligence and security service public pressure forced him to resign in april 2 days after a military council took power and ousted longtime president omar al bashir argentina's president has announced salary increases and tax cuts after voters turned against his austerity policies it's a mockery poll 15 points behind the center left candidate alberto fernandez and
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sundays primary machree says the package of measures would relieve the pockets of arjen titans so the headlines caper on al-jazeera inside story is next. al jazeera. and. stranded at sea 500 migrants looking for a new life in europe but those willing to take them in his deputy prime minister is standing tough on immigration and his winning support so is this the answer for the rest of europe this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. europe is again debating who should look after refugees and migrants have risked their lives to escape war and violence in their own countries more than 500 are stuck on ships in the mediterranean sea with nowhere to go to charity boats one french one spanish rescue them off the coast of libya the vessels are close to ports in italy and malta but never country will love them dock new york state has offered to take them in it's as deputy prime minister says the migrants should be sent back to libya mateo selvin and his father whitely party are winding high in opinion polls for being tough on immigration told his support for the governing coalition last week and wants to trigger a stop election. oh yeah yeah my parents we are going with the head held high to us
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italians to take this country by the hand for the next 5 years and we are not afraid to get up from our ministerial seat or from the senate those who were afraid every day those who are not afraid just once long live liberty longleaf italy long live democracy and. let's have a look at some of the measures championed by sylvia has also italy's interior minister rescue a shift repeatedly denied access to italian ports living a migrant stranded at sea for days ships carrying unauthorized migrants that term to dock without permission face fines of up to $1100000.00 boats can be seized and captains arrested italy has eliminated some humanitarian grounds for granting protection to my ears but asylum can be given to all refugees or victims of political persecution the international organization for migration says the number of migrants arriving in italy has dropped by almost 80 percent in the past 12
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months. let's bring in our guests from brussels catherine is secretary general of the european council of refugees and examples an alliance of more than 100 n.g.o.s working on the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in europe in high wycombe u.k. via skype john campbell amorous reader of apology us university of london and in berlin earlier a. political scientist and professor in european studies at stanford university in berlin welcome to the program catherine is there any chance one of the e.u. countries will let in this stranded migrants in the mediterranean. we have hoped that a preliminary agreement that has been negotiated will come into play this is an agreement that was put together by france and germany and mts 2 weeks ago it's something
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we've been calling for for more than a year now and that but it's based on the model of a coalition of willing european countries stepping in to allow disembarkation and relocation so that the current crisis in the mediterranean the 2 ships that are stranded illustrate the need for exactly this kind of agreement so that we don't have a crisis ship by ship every time a rescue ship arrives john as a crisis continues we haven't we. seen any positive reaction from a european country saying that you know what with think we should be taking them in hard to explain this hardline stance is because of the winds of the anti migrants sentiment in most of the european countries well it's under only partly to do with this going it's also to do with the electoral problems electoral issues arising around national elections across the e.u. particularly for example it's a rising in the u.k. risen spain earlier this year but it's also to do with the current concerns about
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the economic crisis across european union. really rick is that any chance that the germans all the friends would prevail over the italians and the greek of the martyrs who seem to be really tough on this issue of migrants well we have very different starting conditions in germany we have a societal discussion about living with foreigners being a multicultural society for a long time while in central and eastern europe for example we have very homogenized societies with something like 99 percent of checks and poles and for them it takes a longer time to get used to the fact that in the 21st century you don't live in isolated cultural homogenized spaces and there is a need to address things on a european level you need to leave the situation is not so much a question of they are willing and able to live with others but they have a government that serves on a way for
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a few europe that they created by themselves so it's not so much a question of what is the actual problem but how does the government instrumentalists fear and is it in their interest to keep the migration crisis coing catherine is italy's interior minister matteo salvini a factor in this whole crisis because the man is tough we know his approach and he seems to be gaining momentum and it's not is the reason why many other european countries are saying we cannot afford to do what multi any is opposed to so danny has clearly provoked this crisis on 2 levels firstly by preventing and disrupting search and rescue and preventing ships from disembarking in italy but on the 2nd level by introducing reforms in italy which are increasing pay put them the number of people in irregular situations and also increasing destitution unnecessarily and that's leading to onward movement so sending
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a oh it was predictable that's. veni would do this this was part of the electoral program during the campaign last year at the same time other countries are not without faute for a long time italy has criticized the european rules which main there's a disproportionate responsibility for the countries at the border and the reason that this government was elected in italy is partly because of the perception that the rest of europe doesn't do enough to support the countries at the borders jonathan says something has to do with the election campaign that is going now in italy do you expect the crisis to some how fade away after the stop elections if those elections are to be held you know this this will not go away catherine is absolutely right the issue is about perception of refugees and migrants entering europe and particularly more homogeneous communities. the politicians
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of some of these type or using this fear this misperception of refugees as if somehow these people are not human and do not have valuable lives as well derek are you of the view that this is something which is going to continue even after the snap elections in italy. well it certainly won't go away because 1st of all this is not just a single issue or root cause but we have a number of structural problems given the situation in africa and in the wider middle east plus an increasing pressure that comes from climate change that forces people to leave their homes and move further north so what we see is just sort of a the peak of the iceberg what is happening in the near future with migration from the south to the north and europe has to address those with
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a more comprehensive approach and not just with small coalition of the willing more border protection ideas of single countries or the european commission. catherine speaking about a comprehensive approach this is obviously a very divisive issue among the countries but how can they tackle it when they disagree about everything about the reform and about the asylum system. well it may still be changes on 2 levels in the short term we have an ongoing humanitarian emergency in the mediterranean with the death rate the number of people dying per tented crossing increasing all the time so that has to be dealt with through the reasons of humanitarian imperative and for that reason we argue for any country that is willing to be part of a coalition to resolve that to get on board and those negotiations has been taking place over the last year so it's not impossible it's something that should be
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a priority after that we need long term changes and long term reform and that has to be a decision that is taken collectively so there we would propose for a restart of the discussions on the so-called dublin regulation which is the rule that governs the country that is responsible for dealing with an asylum application and i were god that we should be careful not to overestimate the popularity of the far right in most countries in europe they remain a minority and even in italy salvini is not the most popular politician prime minister kong today has higher poll ratings so what sound really benefits from is the sense of crisis so the longer these situations are treated as a crisis the more the far right benefits he also benefits from generating public hostility he even benefits from things like creating destitution among asylum
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seekers and refugees in italy because then the public turns against people so it has to be dealt with in in a calm way however hard that may be because the continual crisis framing. propose the far right to increase power so if john if the e.u. is to move forward you have a set of issues to be tackled. how the dublin regulation you how the asylum system what do you think should be the starting point for the well clearly it's the common asylum system but it has to be linked to a different approach to africa and the middle east it has to be linked to rethinking current policies for example the e.u. trust fund for africa and the kind of programs that have gone before this because there have been they have been formed are designed in the europe's interest and the key interest is to stop migration what's happening in africa and middle east in
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many other countries is we have a rising population there the larger percent of which is young people and they're leaving because they see no future in their own countries so what we need to do is we need to rethink european investment in africa. rethink our development programs and provide or help to provide african countries so that their youth have viable sustainable futures and their own country and in addition there needs to be some form of legal migration channels which has been promised by europe for many many decades which is not materialized. and the the greek and the italians have been saying that the burdens so to speak should be spread fairly among all the countries as a start up to the southern countries of the arrival points of the migration trend that should be sorting most of the burden how can that approach move forward now.
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when the good thing about the european union is that it's not a function limited single issue organization but a form of into dependence in which the request for a solidarity is expressed in different ways but if we're going on for example ask for more support in security towards russia germany ones to relocate. refugee used as an act of burden sharing in the fuel of asylum seekers and others simply want money and by putting all these things together the chance that we combine what has been said before about addressing the root causes protecting the border organizing a reader. also a form of resettlement of those who applied for asylum and have been rejected because that undermines the credibility of the legal system no matter how tempting will be reformed and such a comprehensive approach has
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a much better. chance to be accepted by countries with very different interests cathing europe has been we are divided over a deadlocked over the proposal to bring them in that's remembrance. is this something that is now a turn and that everyone is willing to move beyond it. well i think the relocation program was not a successful as it should have been but still 27000 people relocated primarily out of grace and that means there's 27000 people who aren't in situations of detention and suffering the humanitarian consequences of europe's policy on the islands and grace and so it would be wrong to call that a to failure i think what we need now is a revival of relocation mechanisms with the countries that are willing to be part of those mechanisms just so that we can. have a situation where ships rescue ships are able to dock and those are very much short
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term measures what's needed in the long term is a reform of the regulations themselves so that responsibility is shared more evenly among the member states and not just based on where somebody arrives which will always create a sort of geographic chance that the largest extent of responsibility would lie with the countries at the borders so there is work to be done on a number of different levels and i think there are opportunities now with the changes in the institutions in brussels with certain political changes and the sense that some of the fantasy ideas of outsourcing all responsibility to other regions really are not going anywhere just how do you see the possibility for a consensus in europe about these issues when you have italy for example italy for example where salvini has been introducing. very heavy handed approach to migration
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to the point where he is paving the way for the right to extradite migrants and also revoke their italian citizenship isn't this something that was just going to continue and divide you well it's certainly a possibility but if you look at this spanish approach over the last 18 months there's no except for more migrants than has italy. and the number of total migrants has dropped from about 220000 of his peak in 2015 to 10000 so what we have available to us is a chance to consolidate resources movie your resources closer to where it's needed to deal with migrants and refugees and and help people really in need of help this isn't a gap here and out there that could be utilized to provide assistance to recognize common humanity rather than to demonize migrants. then rick but then when you have as the u.n. refugee and by was agencies are saying you have the number of people trying to
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cross to europe has dropped by 80 percent isn't this a car that could easily be used by the far right by the by salvini in particular to say you know what it's because of our hardline stance that we are fixing this problem forget about e.u. resolutions well that's the nature of our populists campaign that you don't need to care about the facts you can always do if the numbers are high demonize things and if the numbers are low you can claim that this is just because of your hard stance and to be fair to be tried very different approaches to europeanize migration policy the previous government did the exact opposite with the nostromo to help people in need wherever they could and were left alone and were told by countries that were not directly affected that they should stop this because it chose to increases the burden on european states but there is
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a chance how this could be you solved in the near future and this has a lot to do with money we are discussing the 7 years multi annual financial framework until the end of next year and the moment money is in what have you always have a way to compensate the different burdens in forms that is attractive to everyone no matter if it's hungary's or one government that is demonizing refugees or countries that are directly affected by people in the mediterranean kothari the issue of refugees migrants shape the narrative in europe particular into 1000 of 121314 with the hundreds of thousands of people crossing into europe now europe is not the same you have breaks it and you have that the rise of the populists of the far west and we're talking about the need to fix the problem of migrants when you have could not be the same again isn't this something this is going to definitely have been a huge impact on the issue of migrants in the near future. well
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firstly i don't think we should talk about the problem of migrants because the real crisis within europe is the demographic crisis and if europe doesn't actually accept new populations it really will have problems and that is true for every country in europe even those that are most fervently against accepting new populations so i think what we've seen is that the extreme right has been able to exploit the situation that was provoked by the conflict in syria which led to quite a large number of people seeking protection in europe however even during that situation in 2015 the numbers of people arriving in europe were far less than the numbers seeking protection in other countries in other regions and europe could and should have managed so i don't think we should present this is something that was
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impossible for europe the crisis is something that was generated and exploited by particular political leaders so that may continue on the other hand we also have to remember that the extreme right has always been part of europe's political landscape unfortunately. i'm both those parties and those leaders come and go but we don't want to see as mainstream politicians technocrats officials and others absorbing the myths the misinformation and the mis presentation including the misrepresentation of public opinion that we have from the extremists so it's partly about strategy in terms of dealing with yes the situation of making it a win win but also in terms of dealing with these political forces in a way that doesn't actually strengthen them. and all not i would say salvini will fortunately not be with us for ever so we also hope within italy to
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have a return to a more balanced approach. on other of the very pick of of the migrants crisis europe explore different possibilities like giving incentives to north african countries to police the border trying to address issues in sub-saharan africa has that policy fades yes it has failed it's largely been premised on on enforcing borders and preventing injury in to europe there has been money given that it's not been given me appropriate levels or for the appropriate use of genuine development and less we rethink our approach to it and our international commitments to international development then then we will continue to see people seeking to enter one way or the other into europe or north america for that matter so we need to rethink we need to think our way out of the problem that the answer is a simple no or that or the creation of offense all that happens is that misery gets shifted elsewhere or that people drown in the mediterranean is
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a complex problem it needs better thought. john has been talking about the need to with think the approach and one of the problems that the international community is facing is instability in libya and the irony here is that the itself is divided about how to move forward and how to solve the political crisis in libya . well this is just one problem among many problems in which the e.u. is divided or countries are differently affected which you don't find a comprehensive approach whether you use peaks with one voice and a lot of problems are even deeper root of them to go back to the colonial history that puts the blame on some countries but certainly not on all countries which causes a different discourse about is it our problem do we have to address it who's going to pay for it and that makes it extremely complicated but to go back to the
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question about has it something to do with the upcoming recession or the economic situation i don't think that this goes hand in hand that if we are doing well economically than we have a more humanitarian approach we can observe the exact opposite that for example in the united states the klu klux klan and the spirit of racism was strong when the country was as prosperous as never before and we also have a situation in germany where we have a much longer time span of prosperity and still the identity of the doj from the right being islamophobia and racist groups find support up to 12 percent of the german parliament this is going to be my last question to katherine please cathy less than a minute do you think it would be possible in the near future to change the public sentiment in the europe and bring it back to those years when i was really receptive to the idea of providing help to those migrating to europe.
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well 1st the majority of the population in europe is still strongly supportive of offering protection to refugees so this is something that's often lost in the debate there are there is a segment of the population and those are the people voting for the extremists trying to prevent all migration including refugees and those who need protection and i think it's a matter of those mainstream parties commentators leaders trying to retain some sense of rationality humanity and accurate presentation of the debate and that may not completely change the picture some of these issues are almost like perpetual struggles but the battle to present this in the appropriate way has to continue catherine and john campbell are a broker thank you very much indeed and looking forward to seeing you in the near future to visit the story of migrants and europe and thank you too for watching you
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year. an estimated 100000 lives cruelly ended over a century ago. a distant past not to the descendants of the sawtooth. a tale of colonialism and racial supremacy unravels in the quest for justice and recognition of the sacrifices of tribal people to maybe. the skulls of my people a witness documentary on al-jazeera. a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts we need more on finding professionals a top priority is to water weight the new generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing tare students to become the agents of change taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities level education inspiring science timeline at this time on all just. the latest news as it
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breaks. with detailed coverage no one is willing to return home to me on my own without sort of the ship papers and security guarantees from around the world the challenges facing the new prime minister and negotiate a new bricks that he'll in 90 day a deal the e.u. says cannot be renegotiated. one man's firm one wants to do shit and his prime minister says the removal of kashmir's autonomy will benefit the people of the region and as independence day address.
4:49 pm
i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from toha also coming up video emerges a china holding military trials trust just across the border from hong kong as protests continue and the territory. fears about the state of the u.s. economy see asian markets take a tumble. plus a teenager leading the way on climate change and now she's set sail on a u.n. mission. and his prime minister narendra modi says the removal of any administered kashmir us autonomy is to the benefit of the people of the region and as independence day interests he said the move is to ensure the ideal of one nation one constitution which will foster growth. of freedom fighters for todd and long for a free nation but because of article 370 and 35 b.
4:50 pm
there were issues but today i can see standing here at the red food with pride. one nation and one constitution. in new delhi so there weren't really any surprises in modi speech but how did he address revoking the autonomy of the region without actually consulting the people have the region. well absolutely no surprises them prime minister's speech essentially the indian prime minister nuri the or the yet again said that he had done something that no other political party no or a lot of other political leaders beg your pardon that managed to do so brandishing a strong man strong prime minister image yet again however it's interesting that one of the previous indian prime ministers are to be watched by also from the same party as from minister move the part of the agenda party have not revoked this
4:51 pm
article and taken away the state's limited autonomy he'd not done it because he'd understood that the union's policy towards me is going to be winning hearts and minds so even a leader from prime minister's party had not done bought the interesting thing as you mention in your question is that as this decision has been taken the political leaders of the valley have been arrested and the people of the state in no manner have been consulted or at least that's what they're telling us that they have not been consulted at all before the government of india took this very important decision so prime minister modi has said that this move will spark a development will bring about development is that correct will that in fact potentially happen. that's another interesting question there because nobody has a clear answer to it this is the prime minister's assertion what we do know is that economists dress a very well known economist here in india has said that the rally was performing
4:52 pm
already really world better than the national average in many indicators such as life expectancy also dr rather kumar she was one of the interlocutors assigned by the congress party in 201011 to find out how to have a lasting solution between the union of india and the state of kashmir she has said that although all parties in me had made it harder to give long term leases to some of the investors some of the industrialists. which would have helped businesses to go there she disagreed with the manna in the manner in which the indian government has gone about revoking article $370.00 in that this is not the way to go about providing development to the kashmir valley and overall to the state of jammu and kashmir jungle forces a very different perspective on all of this and is quite supportive of the decision of the government of india what we do know is that in october there will be a global investor summit or at least one that has been announced it is not clear
4:53 pm
whether the people of kashmir will come out supported whether the restrictions would have been lifted because the prime minister today did not say a word on when the restrictions on the valley are going to be lifted will this summit happen at a time when people continue to be in a lockdown when connectivity is still there is no internet or hardly ever and if the people of kashmir are going to support and welcome these investors or will they be out in the streets protesting these are all questions and that will be a great test of prime minister's decision right off of or alive for us in new delhi thank you. kind of sell military drills on a sports stadium just across the border from hong kong the new verse took place says anti-government demonstrations continue in the territory china has called for the sort of the law to be used to restore order and hong kong or cry it is live there for us so the images that we're saying these paramilitary forces really what
4:54 pm
is the significance of this do we know yet. people are still trying to judge just how important these pictures might be but what they seem to show is the amassing of maybe up to 100 also military vehicles possibly some of them being led around a sports stadium in the city of shenzhen that which is just across the border here from hong kong of course in the last couple of weeks or so we've been getting better yes reports from southern china about increased military activity vehicles being seen on the roads and so on but these pictures which are being released by 2 western news agencies filmed it seems surreptitiously around the stadium. do seem to be significant because it's such a large mass of vehicles we also had the past week also of course you'll recall pictures being released by official sources in china of paramilitary riot police
4:55 pm
from the mainland and also soldiers from the mainland seeming to practice riot drills with with the other soldiers some of them dressed in black t. shirts which is the t. shirts of the movement here of the protest movement and also orders being given cantonese now it's not known when those pictures were taken with what parts of china it was taken whether it was just a part of propaganda from mainland china to scare the protest movement here in hong kong not to push it too far but these pictures certainly from western independent news agencies that have been filmed in the last day or so and we do know that they have. i come from chen's end which as you say is very close to the border here we show so rob is there any sense of fear on the hong kong side. it's difficult to work out the significance of these pictures do we think that the chinese people's liberation army is going to be sending columns of trucks full of
4:56 pm
soldiers armored vehicles across the border imminently no we don't think so but china has warned that it will not allow hong kong to spiral out of control so is this china preparing to live up to its pledge if it has to if it judges that the situation has reached that level yes that probably is it probably would have to prepare china is back kind of country that for china law and order stability is of paramount importance so it would be prepared to put in place the military that would have to do to to make sure that hong kong doesn't spiral out of control as it has said. has to be said that we haven't reached that level yet 2 days ago yes the airport here was closed because there were thousands of people sitting in the airport terminal now it is operating again so be it we haven't reached the stage where the police can't control the streets at the end of these protests which yes
4:57 pm
are getting more violent you tend to get the police using more tear gas more non-lethal force to clear the crowds and the crowds do generally tend to disperse many of them to catch the last subway train home so there is yes things are in a fairly chaotic state but they're not completely out of control all right rob and private they were this from hong kong rob thank you. the dow jones has suffered its worst loss of the year and the 4th largest single day drop on record for the u.s. market index closed $800.00 points or 3 percent lower asian markets also tipped in the wake of u.s. losses it was driven by growing fears of a possible recession and united states and best friends have made a major shift in the bond and gold markets which are seen as safe havens during times of market instability pedicle hand as more from washington d.c. . so what had the stock market in such a panic that something called the inverted yield curve sounds complicated but it really isn't this is all about treasury bonds that's basically when you're given
4:58 pm
the us government your money and you expect to get some interest in return in a healthy economy the longer you loaned the government your money the more money you expect to make basically a higher yield but what happened on wednesday is the yield for a 2 year treasury bond it actually went higher than the 10 year treasury bond and why is that a big deal well over the last 50 years it's been able to accurately predict every coming recession not it's not immediate it's usually 12 to 18 months after that yield inverts but it was enough to send stocks plummeting by $800.00 points now the president is taking to twitter he's trying to blame the chairman of the federal reserve jay powell power for his part has seemed to really resist the president's blame and really has not done what the president wants which is he wants to see a massive reduction in the amount of interest the banks pay to each other and they can pay the banks south korea's president says he's open for talks with japan to end a growing trade dispute and a speech marking korea's independence from japan's cloning. and warns global trade
4:59 pm
may suffer if a country weaponize is a sector where it has an advantage he says seoul will gladly join hands of tokyo wants to resolve the dispute through dialogue and just. a country that developed 1st should not hinder the ability of a country that is currently developing to continue growing we hope that you will play a leading role together in peace and prosperity in east asia will contemplate the past the bright misfortune to its neighboring countries. japan's new emperor has expressed his deep remorse said its country's wartime past during a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the end of world war 2 there he too is japan's 1st emperor born after the war he pledges to reflect on the past and hopes the tragedy will never be repeated the emperor's words come as around 50 japanese politicians marked the anniversary by visiting a controversial war memorial the yasukuni shrine commemorates japan's war dead but also on our several convicted war criminals a minister shinzo
5:00 pm
a visit in 2012 angered japan's neighbors this year he sent a ritual offering. all flights have been suspended at the only functioning airport in libya's capital after it was hit by shelling one person is believed to be dead it sure policeman take airports after the attack by forces loyal to warlord cliff tar that's come under attack several times during the 4 month offensive. still ahead on al-jazeera the emergence of more tent cities along america's southern border how it's creating space for a growing number of detained migrants. i'm wayne hay in shanghai we will tell you about the latest in the chinese government pollution.
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hello again and welcome back well i do want to start this hour here in northern where we have seen our trouble storm krosa make landfall in.


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