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this is happening obviously of the backdrop of india's independence day on the 15th of august pakistanis are marking it as a black the across the country there have been quotas inside pakistan and outside of pakistan as well where obviously leaders have gone to high commissions and embassies of india one of one such large protest happened in london where the advisor to the prime minister also wrote the reason was that he told media that he wants to highlight the human rights violations that are being committed on the indian side of the border because it has been 12 days that india has not lifted its blockade on the kashmiri people pakistan insisting the 12000000 kashmiris are being held hostage by indian forces where they are not allowing any movement any congregation or basic telephone and internet services and child for her or has more from new delhi the indian government is not here to officially responded to the news of ceasefire violations however one indian news agency has quoted an unnamed
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indian official and said that a ceasefire violation occurred box on my limited the ceasefire across the line of control in the sector in general in mr bush me the agency adds that the official has told the agency that 3 forks of the soldiers were killed as the indian army retaliated but denied the killing of 5 indian soldiers if 5 indian soldiers have been killed there are some states the indian officials would have to respond and this could possibly be an escalation to what we are witnessing in the region right now and that is tensions between india and pakistan to quite high level countries have been high alert since the indian government decided to abrogate section $370.00 which is a special status that the state of jammu and kashmir had and gave it a certain autonomy. still ahead on al-jazeera dramatic pictures of her russian airliner forced to crash land in a field after striking a flock of birds and why
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a trade dispute between solana tokyo has roots in both the distant past and much more recent time. hello again it's good to be back we're here across parts of turkey the temperatures have been quite high over the last few days but things are changing and those temperatures are beginning to come down as well we're also going to see some rain across the region as we enter into the weekend so for incorrect spector a nice change even though they're still quite warm at 31 degrees but as we go towards friday notice we do pick up a few more showers here along the coast and we are going to see that time to drop a few down to about 27 beirut a nice day few with a temperature of 30 degrees well here across the gulf the morning humanity has been a big problem very uncomfortable across much of the area that's going to continue here on friday we also see low visibilities as well maybe even some fog in some
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mist in some areas so expect to see a high there of 39 degrees with very high humidity as well but as we go towards saturday a little bit better but the temperatures do come up to about 42 down along the coast the law is going to be quite a nice day for you with a temperature of $25.00 degrees while plenty of sun across the southern part of southern africa we are picking up a few cloudy conditions in the morning but that really breaks up in the heating of the day durban is going to be a one day few at 27 degrees but by the time we get towards saturday we do expect to see a southerly flow coming in some more clouds in the forecast there 21 degrees as your forecast high into a 24. the
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top stories on al-jazeera. has released an iranian oil tanker seized off its coast by british royal marines last month the vessel was suspected of violating. but the court ruled the restrictions no longer apply. israel has decided to block a visit by u.s. democratic congresswoman. this weekend. after the u.s.
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president said. it allowed the visit by the muslim politicians. there's been fighting across the line of control in kashmir between indian and pakistani security forces the indian army is denying reports that 5 of its soldiers have been killed there are also been reports of intermittent shelling. well the shootings come as a marked its independence day the prime minister narendra modi uses celebrations to argue that the revoking of kashmir is all tony will benefit everyone including kashmiris. from the. in front of the historic red fort india's prime minister made his annual independence day speech the 1st since his landslide reelection win and since his government revoked autonomy for indian administered kashmir something he says was long needed. in the past 70 years these arrangements have given strength to separatism birth to
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terrorism nepotism and in a way his work to give strength to the foundation of corruption and discrimination i can say it proudly that every indian can say one nation one constitution and. on the streets of the capital new delhi people celebrated the 72nd anniversary of independence from british colonial rule. they also were jubilant about changes which mere. is the meaning of. india and. then. a very good decision kushner people will see this message and feel to have independence india got its into been does years ago. but people in the kashmir valley say they had nothing to celebrate the mood in srinagar the largest city in india in mr kashmir is saumur as restrictions remain in force by security personnel and phone lines and the internet are blocked bold question
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you were facing a lot of difficulties we do not celebrate independence day everything is shut down you won't be allowed to go anywhere and everything is locked down. we don't have any freedom or anything we've been suppressed with the use of force. because constitutionally this policy analyst says although integrating kashmir into india has been the goal the previous governments the method being used now has destroyed kashmiri speak in india's government and i mean this because he said at the same independence day of a new just go. to push movies with words and not with guns same prime minister same location. that is. a legal challenge being heard by india supreme court could hinder the government's plans as with challenges from abroad china is backing pockets on the request of the
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un security council to discuss the situation in greece near but prime minister narendra modi basking in the adulation of most indians government leaders may soon have to take their justifications to the international stage. al-jazeera new delhi . the united states will have a new acting intelligence chief on thursday but retired admiral joseph mcguire's appointments may only be temporary he replaces dan coats who often classed with the president the changes have again exposed donald trump's contentious relationship with his intelligence community kimberly halkett reports. fractures in the relationship between president trump and director of national intelligence dan coats were sometimes exposed in public and in real time we have some breaking news the white house has announced on twitter last summer it was an american journalist who broke the news to coats that the white house had invited russian president vladimir putin to washington not the president coming here.
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ok. that moment left americans wondering who was in charge of the sprawling collection of 17 intelligence agencies including the n.s.a. and cia there were concerns raised when trump named a political loyalist congressman john ratcliffe as coaches replacement seeming to value loyalty over experience with somebody strong that could really reign it is because as i think you've all heard the intelligence agencies have run a bar but ratcliffe got a lukewarm reception in the u.s. senate that would have to confirm him when his resume was found to be lacking he withdrew trampling the media as i felt that congressman radcliffe was vacated very unfairly i was reading the press critics say trump's demand for loyalty is eroding the ability of intelligence officials to properly do their jobs they're supposed to
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provide unvarnished assessments but that's not always what the president wants to hear engines will be much more reserved in their efforts to carry out these kinds of investigations both with respect to mr trump other politicians because it does open up this hornet's nest trump 2nd choice for d.n.i. named on twitter is retired admiral joseph mcguire a decorated navy seal who currently heads the national counterterrorism center now as acting director of the d.n.i. he inherits the an enviable task of delivering intelligence trump has often disagreed with. including whether north korea will abandon nuclear weapons as collating confrontation with iran and russian interference in u.s. elections what's unclear is whether donald trump plans to formally nominate joseph maguire to be the director of national intelligence or the post as temporary given
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trump's demand for loyalty and mcguire's reputation for offering unvarnished intelligence assessments can really help at al-jazeera the white house there's been a march in support of southern separatists who taking control of the yemeni port city of aden the southern transitional council called for the rally to show backing the independence of southern yemen separatist fighters backed by the u.a.e. seize the city last week it's created a rift in the so the emirates a coalition which has supported yemen's internationally recognized government based in. the us president donald trump is urging china's president xi jinping to go to hong kong and meet protesters to diffuse the crisis he made the comments on twitter after video emerged of chinese security forces near the border with hong kong beijing insists they're there for routine exercises china's ambassador to the u.k. has accused foreign forces of being behind the protests in hong kong about the.
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people in hong kong are aware of the troop movements across the border. but you don't get an impression that anyone is in a state of panic there is a certain general sense of anxiety because everybody is a certainty facing this place but that said china is sending out a message that message being we are here and we're actually very close add those pictures to do words of the chinese ambassador k. he said that this was the grievous crisis facing hong kong since the british handover in 1997 he also said that. he won't china won't allow protesters to bring home gold down into the abbotts and he also said that china is monitoring moves among certain protesters that he equated to gerry's 6
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e.u. countries have agreed to take in almost 150 migrants who have been stranded on a ship for 2 weeks they've been on the open arms charity vessel after being picked up off libya it's all these interior minister matteo salvini had blocked the boat from docking passengers will now go to france germany romania portugal spain luxembourg. prime minister reproaches me for my obsession with immigration and closed ports yes i'm guilty of having the obsession with the safety of italian citizens and the obsession with fighting human traffickers and n.g.o.s who are complet of human traffickers 60000000 italian spain me for this obsession not to be a beautiful soul they pay me to protect the borders for security for dignity and to honor my country if i am a good minister of the interior being as i am then so be it if i am not good and someone prefers to go back to the past just say it. thousands of south koreans have held an anti japan rally in the capital seoul it took place on the 74th anniversary
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of the end of japanese colonial rule and to japan protests have included renewed calls for an apology and compensation for for sex workers during the 2nd world war anger has been growing in south korea over the growing trade dispute between the 2 nations south korean president gladly join hands if japan wants to resolve the dispute through talks. more on a dispute which is as much about the past as the present. their songs about the brutality inflicted on what they called conflict remain liang see watches on as she listens to her own story and that's of the 10s of thousands of women forced to work in japanese military brothels during the 2nd world war this latest bronze statue has arrived from the u.s. and it represents comfort women from korea china and the philippines the circle here is completed when the gap is filled despite the artistic displays the comfort
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women say they have yet to receive closure to their ordeal still waiting for an official apology from japan's prime minister. comfort women is a creation of the japanese they claim to want on their own voluntarily to make money servicing the japanese soldiers what an incredible life i'm $92.00 it's a perfect age to fight or receive an apology from the prime minister a sentiment felt by 88 year old kim jong un 13 years of age she was forced into labor by the japanese. mind you look at the fact they give us half a piece of bread to eat we were slow hungry we ate all the grass in a dormitory we lost our head we slept with our shoes on for fear of air raids above our heads we were slaves denies it i'm furious they must give us the truth and a parade. japan says it
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settled the dispute under a $965.00 treaty by offering south korea $500000000.00 but south korea just banned it the fun last year saying it was flawed. decades of distrust between the neighbors has spilled on to the streets these protesters want japan to apologize to the women there also demanding japan lifts its restrictions on exports of high tech materials vital for the south korean industry japan site security concerns south koreans think it's retaliation for the war time labor dispute but if it's not japan we're against but the government hasn't apologized to the forced workers and the 6 leaf victims instead it digs deeper into their rooms with their economic tall tree moves but refused to use japanese products. as south korea's celebrated 74 years of independence from japanese colonial rule president in called for talks to end the trade dispute
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a chance for the us allies to make amends with its past and present ah the. sort of disease or. the pilots of a russian airliner are being held heroes for saving lives by crash landing in a cornfield the overall airlines airbus hit a flock of seagulls shortly after takeoff from the airport in moscow all 233 people on board escaped 23 were taken to hospital with minor injuries. why patient safety especially david lerman says the crash has similarities with the so-called miracle on the hudson in new york 10 years ago it would have been pretty shocking but it didn't last very long and although i think a couple of people got minor injuries in the incident it was you know everybody everybody lived and if it be the closest comparison we have to an event like
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this is one almost that we 10 years ago when. a u.s. airways of us landed on the hudson river actually on a river but exactly one of the most famous incidents of all time actually for aviation again a couple of people got hurt nobody was killed and it was exactly the same cause it was both engines were hit by in this case it was a flock of geese and they the pilots lost power almost all power on both engines as happened in this case. hello again the headlines on al jazeera according to polls or has released an iranian oil tanker seized off its coast by british royal marines last month the vessel is suspected of violating new sanctions by shipping oil to syria but the
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court ruled the restrictions no longer apply. the vessel is no longer covered within the ambit of the e.u. sanctions and as a result the court has noted taken note of the fact that it is no longer covered and it's no longer covered there is no compunction for the ship to continue to be arrested the arrest therefore is no longer valid and the vessel can leave immediately israel has the side it's a block a visit by u.s. democratic congresswoman rashid omar this weekend the decision comes after the u.s. president said israel would show great weakness if it allowed the visit by the muslim politicians. there's been fighting across the line of control in the disputed region of kashmir between indian and pakistani security forces the indian army is denying reports that 5 of its soldiers have been killed there are also
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reports of intermittent shelling there's been a march in support of southern separatists are taking control of the yemeni port city of aden the southern transitional council called for the rally to show backing for the independence of southern yemen separatist fighters backed by the u.a.e. sees the city last week it's created a rift in the saudi erotic coalition which has supported yemen's internationally recognized government based in aden u.s. president donald trump is urging china's president xi jinping to go to hong kong and meet protesters to diffuse the crisis he made the comment on twitter after video emerged of chinese security forces near the border with hong kong beijing insists they're there for routine exercises. the pilots of a russian airliner are being hailed heroes after they crash landed in a cornfield but overall airlines flight was hit by a flock of seagulls shortly after takeoff from sioux koskie airport in moscow all
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233 people on board survived 23 were taken to hospital with minor injuries those are the headlines inside stories coming up next. could yemen fall apart as a country separatist in the south seas the city of aden and rally for independence how does this affect the frog's. coalition fighting the houthi is for more than 4 years this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. yemen has not always been one country north and south yemen came together in 1900 after years of conflict but it's been an easy union and the civil war is deepening the divide separatists from the southern transitional council the s.t.c. are part of the sandy u.a.e. coalition fighting the hoa fees but it's a dramatic twist last week they took over the city of aden the seat of the saudi backed yemeni government thousands of people waved the old south yemen flag during a rally to support the s.t.c. the government is urging the fighters to pull out. as we can see the war in yemen is not a single conflict but a multi-faceted power struggle the fighters backed by iran control much of the north including the capital sana saudi arabia the united arab emirates launched
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a campaign against the hope is to restore the internationally recognized government of the borman so hearty by the u.a.e. is also backing armed groups who want southern yemen separated from the rights of the country the southern transitional council says it has a mandate to push these forces out also in the south there are al qaeda linked armed groups and the yemeni branch of eisel. let's bring in our panel joining us from new york lot of cinema and director of affairs of foreign affairs of the southern turns a signal council in new york in geneva is elizabeth kandel senior research fellow of the perm college of the university of oxford who recently visited southern yemen from gothenburg sweden a journalist and editor in chief of the sun our review thank you all for joining us missile from out of the government of the into the internationally recognized
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government of president al that also had he says that what they asked to see forces did in. was a military coup well 1st i would like to thank you for having me and. thank your guests and all those who are watching. of course the internationally recognized government is going to say that this is cool where it's unfortunate. is recognized government is not providing any basic services or. minimizing tayyar sort of corruption. it's unfortunate that it's only talking about the. recent activities whereas the 44 years after the. brae sion from the southern governor there is still instability as plenty of chaos there as. terrorist attacks. the internationally recognized
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government is also hijacked by radical groups or who have at least strong ties. just because they are internationally recognized also have a duty to the people the duty to the to the civilians whom are experiencing harsh lifestyles while they're enjoying a lavish lifestyle outside the country in riyadh and and elsewhere trying to actually run this country from abroad through social media prop platforms and why fight i see your point elizabeth you've heard what a lot of us said basically that the reason why they're fighters interfered is because the government has failed the yemenis but they could be in the south yes that's right and that's a lot of troops and what's just been set the south has very legitimate scree fences
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going back decades the country hasn't been run while the south has suffered it's very understandable that they should wish to take matters into their own hands however what wasn't mentioned was that there and go as an independent state it is not just that the southern transition council wants to clear out terrorists and corrupt elements from the head of government as it has so far framed it ultimately the leaders do want an independent state so it's quite clear that the government of yemen can't countenance that because that would be the end of yemen as a united country awful how do you see what happened in. is that is this is there any general sentiment among people in yemen particularly in the north of this was the beginning of the disintegration of the country. in the north the the reaction. to the front line from the people on the ground.
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many of my family members and then you're right they call me actually and actually what's going on in the south there is absolutely media blackout so a lot of people in the north of the don't know what's happening in south of yemen but the northern leadership. with the i think they're a bit in a very they're concerned by what's going on there is no a strong stance from them but. i think a lot of not only with these a lot of. religious didn't see that what's going on and i've done a way of trying to emphasize the southern. seat and whatever peace talks comic peace talks going to happen so go for get that during all the peace talks that you actually hashim that's covered in sweden there was a lot of margin and i think going on to the other so i think that what's going on
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in ivan is one desperate waiting trying to see that we share and whatever the political sense in the going to happen and. the general. just want to get some sense of clarity here there's been today still ongoing a pro independence rally in. perspective as s.t.c. moving towards declaring independence of the south. yes the ultimate goal is to. address all the witnesses and the aspirations of the southern people this is the entire basis that the s.t.c. has its legitimacy on the ground at least. the southern people today have gathered from all governorates directorates to all state one thing. they want to remove. any government that stands in their way and there are you know achievements
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and goals and they are acting on a nothing to lose basis now as mentioned earlier the you know basic services are not even being provided institutions are not active at all. earlier do you have any timeline for the proclamation of independence do do you have a plan where you would say by next november or december we will declare an independent sovereign state no no we don't have a timeline the southern or the southern transitional council. holds dear regional security as high importance as well so we are consider ourselves as strong active and main partners in this coalition that is are fighting off the iranian backed these on all fronts so we prioritize the regional security
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as well as our in the aspirations of these are your people have been missing demands of regional implications and this is going to be my question to elizabeth this is something which is weird extraordinary happening now in yemen i would like you to further. explain this to us you have a coalition which is led by saudi arabia the u.a.e. is part of that coalition of the saudis i think they are in favor of a united seems to be in favor of this this which wants to break away from the north we're talking about diametrically opposed agendas here. we are i think what keeps them both together is the overarching struggle against iran which is perceived to be backing who sees and indeed is vocally backing the who sees and so that has enabled them to plaster over the cracks in their coalition with regard to their and goals but you make an important point these recent clashes wouldn't have happened had not the united arab emirates funded and helped to form the southern
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transitional council and alongside that recruited sauza and of soldiers across the south who are now able to back up its agenda so although the leaderships of both saudi arabia and the united arab emirates will be able publicly to patch over the cracks it's very unlikely that that will translate into the respective forces on the ground the head forces versus the s.t.c. forces being able to mend their rifts and indeed we're seeing both of those forces now harden their attitudes today are for. you must have seen what's happening in the social media over the last few days basically this is raising a divide among the yemenis some would tell you there's just a myth grievances of the people of us all of you have all those other is to see in particular is being used as a proxy by the emeritus to further implement their own agenda in yemen. like that
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but 1st i want to add something and is it about i think one of the maybe the many threat to yemen's unity is not the best you see is not because of their movements not u.a.e. it's actually the incumbent the incompetence of the internationally recognized the yemeni government we have to understand that this government has failed on so many numbers in trying to address the conflict or the fighting with the movies or even trying to embrace what's going on in the south right after the liberation. so i think it's very very important to address are the weakness and. that any management. they have any government and that's something that you the national community has to be at the instant to because they keep think this government with no you know end game harder for the government trying to get the country together but speaking about the. basically the human rights violation of
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the put ideation going on between the that inside the south i think it's very. alarming that in the name of separation there are a huge crisis of human rights by they should go in what inside the the north of the south so as we speak there are many reports of rest and the sense of opposition to s.t.c. anyone who is trying to mobilize or speak against the of the southern transitional council is met with by then so and the french. and that's you know kind of like a cool piece of the what that president has been a lot of you see here in the name of unity used you need the southern movement would be depression we seem. to see a continuation of not close your mind and since your fear is
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a soft is. christian. you spoke of the pro independent sentiment in the south a one voice one you know that everyone knows that you are also divided within yourselves you have the f.c.c. on one hand you have the how do i mean for the want to be part of this whole thing they want they would like to have their own independent state people of the other men still loyal to president obama so how do you have a lot of a different agenda it's a disintegrated south within itself so that's actually not very accurate. unfortunately that is what you know all all all who stand against the independent south would say that we are fact of actions we are fractured but the. goal for all these sort of speak factions of art of the independent state they only deferred on the aft on to get the independence day as far as the.
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money and you seem to forget that in 1986 thousands of people were killed in the south because of divisions between people of people of vala. yes there have been you know the differences in the past that does not make us in any way subhuman and we still have our aspirations we have our human rights self-determination of course all these matters can be resolved through a referendums and as you have seen today and many have already announced leaders of other other factions have announced their support to what the southern transitional council has spearheaded as of now for taking away at least radical groups that work under the international and eyes the umbrella as i also want to add a comment regarding the u.a.e. involvement u.a.e.
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is not. only was not only involved in south yemen u.a.e. involvement was in many entirety fronts so no they do not have the southern transitional council as a proxy in the area and know the the southern transitional council they've had no promises from u.a.e. for an independent of the southern transitional council only speaks for the people chosen by the people to protect the people and the recent events even the u.a.e. has called for deescalation of the i've been. called for deescalation but you know at the same time they are the ones who are backing financing and arming the security belt which is a group of militia organizations operating in different parts of the south it is a bit i would like to ask you this question about the succession this movement of a pro independence move in the south they have joined the unity in 1900 it would
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bring about prosperity and justice but then they say off to 99 to what happened was marginalization of the people of the south they were undermined the voices were battered by the political establishment and by the elite predominantly. from the north of the country and now they say it's about our right to break away because we don't think this is a good thing my question is do you think the international community is willing to give them in the bender's of the choose to morrow to vote for independence i think the international community does sympathize with the kinds of problems that you've outlined that have genuinely occurred in the south they have very legitimate grievances however i do not believe that the international community will favor a split yemen simply because of the problems that you outlined earlier which are that the south is not united amongst itself yes the s.t.c. does have the loudest voice and it's predominantly supported in aden and its
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surroundings but that does not hold true for the rest of the south yes many people came to very large demonstration to show their solidarity with the s.t.c. yesterday but there are millions of people inside the south and they didn't all show up and i think it's important to ask when the f.c.c. spokesperson has just dissociated the u.a.e. from the s.t.c. it's important to ask who is funding the s.t.c. because that will tell you a lot of the answer is the u.a.e. i'd also like to mention that there are groups in the east of yemen and specifically also in headroom out who have their own secessionist ambitions they may not be realistic but they are there nonetheless and they do not wish to be part of a separate south africa have we reached the point where. you can see the future of yemen as being divided into 234 no one knows.
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i think history notes the funeral back to the story even with not you know i think in the sense that we know today. i think but. let me tell you that i think as a human personally i think that. all of the amenities to think of what you want in the future if that's rendition in line for the sound of the north east to think of what will govern us and and political system that they want to have maybe it's the minded many it's united yemen but yemenis have to decide for themselves and i'm pretty lucky with foreign intervention not just with the u.a.e. is doing is absolutely going to make that you know tragic 3 lot and and. this is not this the city should know that more than anyone and if
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not have a clue then i couldn't couldn't he and the snob with absolutely have that is the impact and for their future so but for me yemenis have to decide together what type will you charity and they want. that's. independent of any funding influence of the emirates manipulate your agenda but let me ask you this you say that one of the biggest problems one of the biggest reason one of the main reasons why you are interfering mentality in the south is against the islam which is a predominantly muslim brotherhood affiliated political party and this law has to be an existential threat or the muslim brotherhood exist as a threat for the emirate is there isn't this a clear indication of the carrying water here for the emirate is it doing nothing about the unsing the term. that is incorrect. the
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u.a.e. is only part of a saudi led coalition and i was all called upon by the legitimate government so on so and then to hear the call them regarding to what. elizabeth mentioned because of the southern people who are in hundreds of thousands to belittle those calls saying that not all of the south yemeni people which does not make much sense that in any rally that the entire population would attend in a rally that does not ever happen nor will it ever happen in any circumstances but because of this sudden people are to reinstate there and there are pretty 90 state. based on the events that happened after the failure of the project that turned into an all out occupation now and in the end
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the fact that there are factions in south yemen and nobody is saying that they do not exist we're just simply saying that the goals of all factions is an independent state but the only differed on the at to reach that independent state as far as the southern transitional council has been trying to fill in deep void for the internationally recognized government as far as even basic services or even security here security is actually the international recognized government and they have done a very decent job while the internationally recognized government had done a hijack decent brotherhoods a massive loss because you remember international human rights organizations have been talking about the massive clampdown the the killing of many many innocent civilians in the south of the country of they've been blaming the security both of if i would like to move beyond the. domestic politics in yemen
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a move towards the regional implication some say that the reason why the u.s. pretty much. willing to control the south is because they look in the gulf of aden a bubble meant. an alternative that the strait of hormuz if it gets blocked one day yes that's a possibility i do not have a direct line into the u.a.e. so i obviously cannot speak for them but it certainly follows a pattern of activity across the region 8 and could be an important port it's yemen's most important port and we also know that the u.a.e. has taken control of ports and shops and in had remarked and also in at one point in 6 and across other areas of the horn of africa somalia eritrea so it does make sense that it's part of a broader potentially trade and commercial most commercially motivated exercise and not just about fighting who sees up in the north i should also say that it does
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play into a security agenda for the s.t.c. event as sorry for the u.a.e. helped by the s.t.c. because it is in the south that al qaida and indeed islamic state in yemen have been most active and so that does make sense after a member not to work 201112 that the calls for unity in yemen the national the national dialogue all that seems to be over now with the latest developments do you see in the future the possibility of for the key players the size the suspension is in the south. in the central part of the country the who thiis in the north to come together set aside their differences and talk about the future of yemeni of yemen or is it more of a wishful thinking. you're right in 2011 specially with the national conference there was a sort of realignment of the national debate and actually
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a lot of southerners so that you can see that you said. that there is this then with some of. the southern question but i think yemenis need and eager are sort of the nuts on monday that could come when you know the people for peace and unity and trying to recruit side all these grievances and trying to put the pieces together somehow. it's absolutely wishful thinking it's it's we need america i think otherwise the fragmentation will continue and no i wouldn't be surprised to see maybe 3 young men not not women 2 young men even that you would want. from elizabeth cohen the other sort of man thank you very much indeed i really appreciate your time with
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a dialogue when donald trump announce his candidacy for president after all after them everyone has a voice for the best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational charismatic nominee who can join the conversation in your thoughts get twitter and the amount is iraq. the growing up in the united states i learned that the 1st amendment is really key to being a good thing. the challenge is going to be not men and women to the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story to me is that we just don't tell you what the content of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. millions of workers a big in slaved in the brick humans of india what i want to waste explores how
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iranian oil tanker detained for 43 days is released by the gibraltar courts. israel bans u.s. congresswoman clayburn omar from visiting. pakistani and indian forces exchanged fire across the line of control dividing the disputed region of kashmir deaths are reported on both sides. i maryam namazie and london with the top stories from europe including italy's prime minister says 6 european countries will take in migron stranded at sea off lampedusa despite its interior minister trying to block the boat from docking. and i'm leah harding with your sports the u.s. women's soccer team are preparing to go to court if they don't get paid the same as the men's team the 4 time world cup champion say they've had enough.
2:50 am
fellow and iranian oil tankers seized by british marines last month off gibraltar a coup. the sailing again within hours the grace one has been detained for $43.00 days but on thursday afternoon a court ordered its release well it's just gone 8 pm and the tanker still lies a sort of distance off the coast of gibraltar but a crew is being ready to sail it out of the u.k. territory it was seized on july the 4th after being accused of violating e.u. sanctions by shipping oil to syria iran denied those allegations calling the seizure an act of piracy let's bring in andrew symonds who's joining us live from. despite that last minute u.s. request to keep this ship detained it's been set free just talk us through what happened down through. well 43 days on a decision was made here the chief minister's office here in the center of
2:51 am
gibraltar to actually apply for the lifting of this detention order now when the legal representatives went into these supremes caught short distance away there was another aspect of all of this that application as it was termed at the time from the united states department of justice to extend the deferential order rather than lift it now that was not a formal application the supreme court judge threw it out immediately that it was no formal application made and it didn't apply to the proceedings anyway because this was a this was a case that revolved soley around the breach of sanctions he use sanctions over the syrian war which was that will be. no longer a pick up all because of assurances from the iranians that the grace one was not bound for syria that would not take place now it would go to
2:52 am
a mediterranean port that's all we're hearing from the iranians and so i spoke to the chief minister this is what he had to say. and he did maybe one of the most successful sanctions busts in history not just in the context of the serious sanctions set by the european union because we've deprive the assad regime of $140000000.00 at today's value of crude oil and what would you say oil ended up in syria after all look it's taken time because we needed to have an assurance in writing that we could rely on which we now have we have not assured it's on the letterhead of the islamic republic of iran and that is an assurance that i imagine a state with the representation that the united nations is not going to going to want the whole world to see it does not keep to. i think that's why we are able to place reliance upon the show and in writing because if the whole world now sees
2:53 am
iran not to keep to its written commitment i think it will say a lot about the regime and so i think the regimes and titles to have its word respected and then we'll see how the whole thing plays out going forward so is that it then for the us is requester what's the u.s. is position after all this. well as far as the chief minister is concerned he says the really this is not relevant it was a late application came and started on wednesday night there was conversations with the attorney general's office early on thursday morning there wasn't time to make any case and as far as the government's concerned an independent body will now look at whether there could be any legal move made here in gibraltar but it's likely to be too late so i mean this tanker grace one is preparing to leave various are holed up and that is the reason for that is that the crew is no longer one full body
2:54 am
because the skipper and 2 other officers are refusing to go any further they have their passports in hand they intend to leave after there's been a handover made on board the tanker and so we spoke to a lawyer all about this he said that they were illegally arrested in the 1st place they may seek damages as a result of that he's as far as he's concerned they should never have been held for 43 days and the tanker itself as you say is still at anchor just off the coast here but it's very likely it will leave. friday night. and set sail as i said earlier to a mediterranean port daryn ok anderson thank you. let's get the iranian perspective. well the foreign minister zarif has tweeted then remember the
2:55 am
united states with sanctions imposed sanctions against him just over a week ago and devolves to reset having failed to accomplish its objectives through economic terrorism including depriving cancer patients of medicine the us attempted to abuse the legal system to steal our property on the high seas he went on to say the piracy attempt is indicative of the trumpet demonstrations contempt of the law now also the iranian ambassador to the united kingdom has been talking and what he said was that iran had over the last 40 days had a series of dialogues at a political legal and technical level with the british to resolve this act so yes they are pleased but they're still sticking to their guns saying that this seizure of grace one was illegal so they are pleased and expressions since that last minute u.s. intervention to try and seize that vessel iran will see that as a victory for them and a defeat for the united states also this goes some way in easing some of the tensions between iran and the united kingdom it does leave the issue of the british
2:56 am
flagged vessel that's been held by iran but this is a way for both countries to save face because because the united kingdom will say iran went through the legal process is in gibraltar and i suspect the issue of the stand in peril will be brought in front of the iranian judiciary here so that iranian authorities can say that their legal processes have been fulfilled and we could very well see that british flagged vessel released in the coming days or a week or so all eyes are now on the port city of bun the robust where that british flagged vessel is being held. in jordan has more from washington d.c. . the trumpet ministration has alleged for more than a year now that iran is not acting in good faith that it is not a good member of the international community that it is intent upon spreading what the trumpet ministration calls its malign influence around the world primarily because of its efforts to develop a nuclear weapons program but also because of its past interference in other
2:57 am
countries internal affairs whether it's in lebanon whether it's in yemen whether it's in gaza the u.s. is very disturbed by what it considers iran's behavior certainly in the case of the grace one the u.s. in this matter apparently was very concerned as were members of the e.u. that iran was trying to break the oil embargo imposed by the e.u. on syria because of that country's behavior in its own civil war however we don't yet have a copy of the application whether it was a verbal or written from the u.s. to the court in her and so all of this can just basically be seen as not surprising but absent confirmation from the u.s. government we now have to question whether this was in fact a legitimate request coming from the justice department lawrence brennan as adjunct
2:58 am
professor for admiralty an international maritime law at fordham university school of law he says it's unclear what the u.k. offer to use will get in return. public comments have been that there was no quid pro quo iran effectively admitted that it sees in him piro in retaliation for the seat of grace one of the crew members grayson apparently has been really for today that's a man a problem i don't know how the iranian owners are going to deal with it. if the iranians fail to release them or want to stand in peril and her crew then that will not put them in good standing in the international community there were allegations of a small maritime forth again that could have been resolved with a simple letter of undertaking or promised by the script owner and its interest to pay the claim if there was in fact damage done by that step to an iranian. longer
2:59 am
standard pirogue remains. held in iran the more bad will and appearance of hostage holding that will the world will see the region seeing plenty of hostilities at sea over 40 years and more and that that's part of the complexity this is one of the steps is it a factor that could reduce yeah but iran's has made multiple statements indicating that if it does not want warships of any other nation involved in the area that's a violation of freedom of navigation it's a response to allegations threats made by iran and conduct by around the past 90 days that of quick tips at risk have caused damage hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to neutral ships and its cargo so there needs to be deescalated but it can't be your lateral and it's iran's turn to step forward and either begin by
3:00 am
releasing the crew in the ship in the cargo on stennis imperio and then make a difference of that prima navigation rights in the strait of hormuz the gulf of oman and in the persian gulf will be slowly and carefully respected. israel has blocked a planned visit by u.s. democratic congresswoman rashid. omar the politicians who are both muslim plan to visit israel in the occupied palestinian territories this coming weekend prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the visit would harm israel earlier the u.s. president donald trump said israel would show great weakness if the visit was allowed to go ahead harry falso is following the story from west jerusalem but this isn't comes as there were final preparations underway for this visit the 2 young u.s. congresswoman would you apparently to visit hebron bethlehem ramallah and occupied east jerusalem there was a.


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