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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 17, 2019 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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why would one want to walk on. to that isn't if you know what price we're going to resolve what price is the this and that is what so and the united nations is urging zimbabwe's government to stop its crackdown on peaceful protesters state authorities have a duty to ensure people's rights to freedom of expression and to facilitate and protect the right to peaceful assembly in addition we urge the senate when reviewing the maintenance of peace and order a bill which is passing through the parliament now we urge them to protect the essential democratic freedoms of peaceful assembly and demonstration by ensuring the bills compliance with the zimbabwean constitution. the u.s. isn't giving up its chase of the iranian oil tanker held for 43 days and gibraltar the department of justice has issued a warrant for the ship's arrest but the ship is now preparing to leave gibraltar by
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sunday after supreme court judges in the british territory ordered its release a new crew is on board and the super tanker has also been given a new name it's now sail under the iranian flag after its registration was switched from panama under simmons has the latest from japan. heading towards this renamed reregistered ship $44.00 days after she was seized off the coast of gibraltar broad edification systems still saying grace was destination the mediterranean. as you can see there's nothing on the flagpole now the problem a flag has been removed apparently iranian flag will eventually arrive and down below there's no signage whatsoever to indicate what name this vessel has it is the exit and area it was grace warned but no sign of it now but navigation
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systems all of them indicates that it's still grey swan so in terms of maritime law this vessel really has no visible identity i think. if they do that. then midway through friday afternoon came and i looked there was a transmission from the radio system on the bridge to the port authorities asking for permission to leave that was granted but the anchor which was being in the process of being lifted suddenly went the other way and then came this radio transmission leading. sunday evening to. leave. that's. while this supertanker stand still the political messaging has been moving at a pace the iranian foreign ministry saying that it could sell its oil to anybody anywhere in syria needed boil and energy it wasn't going to syria in the 1st place
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it asserted but there was a response from the gibraltar government saying that look at the facts that have been evidence it was going to syria not to be put to the core was a written assurance by iran that it would not go there but what about the movements here would see local media is reporting that 6 new crew members they may be offices they're said to include the news are on their way to gibraltar and are likely to arrive on sunday which could fit the impression given by the radio exchanges between the port of the ship. and john hendren has more from washington d.c. on the legal action launched on friday by the u.s. justice department. the british government says it has ended this seizure of an iranian ship injured. that was alleged to be violating international sanctions but
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now the u.s. government has filed this in court here in washington d.c. this is a complaint that alleges that iran is violating u.s. sanctions after the united states pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal in 2018 the u.s. reinstituted a series of sanctions and added some others and the u.s. government is now saying that iran is violating bank fraud money laundering and aid to terrorism sanctions the u.s. instituted as far back as 1977 the united states government says that iran was using shell companies to disguise where this oil was coming from it used the u.s. financial system in violation of u.s. sanctions laws and it says that confidential informants have said that the oil on that ship was destined for syria that's a violation of u.s. and international sanctions and it says the iranian government used falsified papers to allege that in fact that oil came from iraq when it came from iran it
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also says that the iranian government turned off the transponder on that ship that would alert other ships as to where it was it various times so the u.s. government now wants to seize that ship and once it to be forfeited the big question here is will the british government help the u.s. by seizing this ship will interpol be involved with the u.s. government tried to seize that ship right now that ship has been freed off the coast of gibraltar and all of those open questions remain. also ahead of al-jazeera controversial u.s. congresswoman explains why she rejected israel's offer of a visa. cathay pacific flies into hong kong's political firestorm as the airline c.e.o. resigns over the protests control. and
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there are plenty of austin and thunderstorms across much of the southeast of the united states and another storm system working its way across much of the the great lakes on the upper midwest so again some rain on the chance of some thunderstorms it's a very warm day of course woman couple of days ahead something to dallas in texas that is 7 celsius on saturday 35 in atlanta we've got the rain pushing into new york with 27 and then what we will see out across the west is ash increase in the clouds fairly foggy conditions the next couple days into los angeles 26 celsius on sunday but a very nice couple days in san francisco case skies no sign of any fog but the rain is pushing down from the north so we've got kansas city few there $32.00 celsius on sunday and that likely to come with rain and some thunderstorms and scattered thunderstorms generally along the eastern seaboard and we had further to the south through the caribbean more cloud really in the picture that we have seen for the last few days the rain very extensive really all the way from panama right away
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across to the yucatan peninsula and those showers pushing into southern areas of mexico as well mexico city not to about a 25 but certainly a cow details sunday in cozumel with the charms of those thunderstorms. storms across into have anna same story in kingston probably no says bob those sunday domingo dry conditions john roos well there across into much of haiti. millions of workers a big in slaved in the brigham's of india one i want to east explores how satellite technology is now helping to set them free. and this is different not to say whether someone is going for someone's favorite spot does matter we think it's how you approach an official and not that it is a certain way of doing it it's a conscious bods injects a story and cry out. welcome
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back you're watching our dessert time to recap our headlines now there have been more protests in kashmir over india's move to revoke the region's autonomy the u.n. security council has held an emergency session to discuss the crisis the closed door meeting hasn't led to a diplomatic breakthrough. riot police in zimbabwe have used tear gas and battens to disperse hundreds of demonstrators are still court ruled against a planned opposition protest 91 people have been arrested for rallying against the rising cost of living. and rainy and tankers seized by british forces last month is
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preparing to leave gibraltar by sunday supreme court judges in the british territory have ordered the release of the grace one a new crew is on board the ship will also be given a new name. the u.s. president is condemning a democratic congress woman's rejection of an israeli visa a complaint set up that said israel had imposed oppressive preconditions on her desire to visit her grandmother in the occupied west bank israel had initially banned her and fellow congresswoman from making an official visit because of their support for the global boycott movement requested a visa on humanitarian grounds to visit her grandmother promising not to make any political statement. he was a preacher man and to go there when i had to deal with this 3 hours from hitting me
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they were asking me. here do you know what my grandmother said i don't think you're free is a burger i know you are my dream manifest and i don't want something on your pizza you don't come here to come is my country my granddaughter and there's a router. we're also in jordan has more from washington d.c. on friday to leave put out a statement saying that her initial decision to accept of the song on humanitarian grounds in essence was undercutting the very reason why she chose to run for the us congress to stand up for the rights of those whose rights have been oppressed she said that she could not live with herself even though she very much had wanted to spend time with her 90 year old grandmother and with other members of her extended family this prompted an immediate response from the israeli interior ministry which accused the leap of a centrally trying to well play the visa application process for political gain
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here in the united states the israeli government recently enacted a law that bans those supporters of the b.d.s. movement or boycott divest sanctions movement from visiting israel or the occupied west bank but because of her status as a member of congress and because she had promised that she would not discuss politics while in the occupied west bank the interior ministry had decided on thursday to give to leave a visa to visit her family. to new york where an official autopsy has determined jeffrey epstein's death was suicide by hanging the u.s. financier took his own life in is cell in manhattan while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges guards were supposed to check him every 30 minutes due to a previous suicide attempt steen was previously convicted of soliciting
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prostitution from a minor thousands of women have marched through the streets of mexico city demanding justice for 2 teenagers who were allegedly raped by police officers i the allegations of led to outrage over the high rate of violence against women in mexico the 1st case involves a 17 year old who says she was raped by a group of policeman days later another teenager accused a police officer of raping her in the museum 6 officers have been suspended as part of the investigation. they have a virus has spread to a 3rd province in the democratic republic of congo the 1st 2 cases have been confirmed in south kivu doctors say 24 year old woman and her baby contracted a boner in beni north kivu considered the center of the virus outbreak then traveled 700 kilometers by bus to more anger south kivu where they were tested
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positive for ebola the chief executive of hong kong airline cafe pacific has resigned amid a controversy over staff involvement in mass protests cafes board said rupert hogg needed to be replaced because the airlines commitment to safety and security had been called into question china's aviation regulated demanded that star food joint or supported protest be removed from flights through mainland space. other global companies are also getting up caught our brother in the crossfire of hong kong's political crisis luxury fashion brands versus sanchez coach divan sheer been forced to apologize after chinese social media users posted pictures of the brands t. shirts that didn't properly designate hong kong as part of china a series of rallies are planned across hong kong for saturday meanwhile including
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one in support of the government on friday night thousands of students gathered in a central city park calling for the u.s. and britain to help with the fight for why the democracy teaches of organize their own rally on saturday one of the main protest groups planned a mass march on sunday the meters in hong kong. kong is gearing up for a weekend of many rallies and protests about 5 of them are scheduled you have people who will be on the streets because there's 2 point beijing but the bigger rallies would be the pro-democracy protesters sunday is a key day thousands tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people expected to attend that rally authorities have not given the permission for any marches citing the fact that there have been these scenes of violence unfolding on
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the streets however ask anyone and they would tell you that they expect that some protesters would break away there is a bit of anxiety that we could see again tear gas and scenes of violence here in hong kong but really at the end of the day you have the resilience of these protesters they will continue making their voices heard getting them as loud as possible until they get what they want. now the gun control debate in the u.s. often polarizes people in rural and urban areas in small towns gun ownership is common whereas in big cities there are concerns about crime and mass shootings the u.s. also has a patchwork of gun laws that varies widely from state to state. has been to needles a small town on the california arizona border. needles california sizzles in the mojave desert where summer temperatures top $49.00 degrees celsius
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and the meandering colorado river provides a little relief it's a conservative gun toting trump supporting town at the liberal trump loathing california where new more restrictive state gun laws have recently gone into effect that's rankled local so much that the city council took the unusual step of declaring needle's a sanctuary city we kind of want to get their attention with the sanctuary city. the shooting range is just across the river in arizona where gun laws are much more lenient californians who want to purchase ammunition here are subject to expensive restrictions under california law gun shop owners say the rules don't make sense because if there's a will there's a way if they want to get it they will across the u.s. states that have tightened up their gun laws in response to crime and mass
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shootings find their efforts effectively neutralized by neighboring states with lax gun rules the teenager who killed 3 people at the gilroy california garlic festival in july used in a k 47 style semiautomatic weapon purchased legally in nevada he wasn't old enough to buy one in california the research is pretty clear that states with restrictive gun laws have any rower gun homicide rate however that doesn't stop people from still traveling interstate with bar arms taking and weapon that's legal in one area to another state were illegal because we don't have border from state. officials in needles want an exemption from state laws so that residents can buy bullets in arizona they say it's too inconvenient to buy ammunition in the nearest california gun shops which are hundreds of kilometers
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away they also want pistol packing neighbors from arizona to be allowed to carry their weapons openly when visiting needles which is prohibited they don't want to unload they don't want to leave their weapon at home the color here and eat. the messy patchwork of state laws is another reason why gun control advocates say congress needs to change gun laws on a nationwide basis robert oulds al-jazeera needles california. a member of one of the most famous american acting families peter fonda has died the 79 year old was best known for starring alongside dennis hopper in the 1969 road classic easy rider.
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this is our desire time to take you through our headlines there have been more protests in kashmir over india's move to revoke the region's autonomy the u.n. security council has held an emergency session to discuss the crisis a closed door meeting hasn't led to a diplomatic breakthrough. right police in zimbabwe have used tear gas and battens to disperse hundreds of demonstrators after a court ruled against the planned opposition protest $91.00 people have been arrested for rallying against the rising cost of living state authorities have a duty to ensure people's rights to freedom of expression and to facilitate and protect the right to peaceful assembly in addition we urge the senate when reviewing the maintenance of peace and order bill which is passing through the parliament now. we urge them to protect the essential democratic freedoms of
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peaceful assembly and demonstration by ensuring the bills compliance with the zimbabwean constitution. the u.s. president is condemning a democratic congress woman's rejection of an israeli visa or as a complete set up rushy that said israel have imposed oppressive preconditions on her desire to visit family in the occupied west bank israel had initially banned her and fellow congresswoman from making an official visit because of their support for a global boycott movement so loeb requested a visa on humanitarian grounds to visit her grandmother promising not to make any political statements and women have marched through the streets of mexico city demanding justice for 2 teenagers who were allegedly raped by police officers the allegations of lead to outrage over the high rate of violence against women in mexico there's the headlines the news continues after 101 they stay with us.
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the well and . so no matter when you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. they are the voiceless and vulnerable forced to work against their will millions of people are condemned to lives of slavery he didn't in remote areas behind factory walls and in brick kilns where abuse is common it's not an advantage of thought but for lining the economy like need again you've got ability now the fight against slavery is going into space we're able to say to the local n.g.o.s here is a brick kiln that we believe has all the earmarks of slave labor $101.00 east explores how technology is giving slavery no way to hide.
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that. there was a war. was won. the fight against slavery has a new weapon. she said she's going to live and that. you get shot is a lawyer working for volunteers for a social justice or vs j a local n.g.o.s fighting to free families from slavery is that another warning in effect is that a quarter of the. over 30 years. the s.j.
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has freed thousands of people in northern india from slavery. today they going to a raid at taco bricks. for the kilns distinctive footprints can be seen clearly from space using station satellite technology. what we can think of a fiction naif. typical of 50 to kill accounts dr doreen boyd is an associate professor of a shit at the university of nottingham and she points out the telltale signs of slave labor. what we're looking at full. building typically you know a family will be living in order to the degree. you can feed to smoke from the chimney that shows us that this is an active carol and both of labor being use all
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of you think give us an idea of the perhaps the prevalence of flavor weight activity bonded labor for example happening in the killing. of the nuts and some of the food they're going to come along with. i'm going to go into the big concerns is to me 1st fruits. from a covered congress backgrounder human condition that we're going to. the degree that i do not a diplomatic yeah above we're going. to talk on the ground here in honor of this new fact that hamas and his wife led me to debbie a bone to work is at the kill. about it and i'm going to get to some other some of that roots are mother never mind about oh are. you going to going to grant this because. very sobering
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talk about modern slavery kevin bales is one of the world's leading experts on modern slavery whole families are in slave to do this work to. cut the mud make it into bricks and the very dangerous work of firing the bricks as well. i had spent several months in brick kilns and i had worked out very precisely the exact economics of the brick business and particularly the slave based brick business and that was important to understand where were these bricks going when they were being produced how did slave holders make a profit we still however even after all that we're going to was done had no idea of how many recounts there were where they all were and so forth. he decided to fight slavery by joining forces with fellow academics like dr stuart monash i'm an observation specialist so using imagery from all bits around the planet
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a social scientists came to see us and this. is great that we've got this interest you focused on this observation. would you be able to see slavery. and so we said we don't know what the slavery looked like and for us at the stage it was completely new and i showed some satellite images that i had found of slavery spaces i showed them pictures that i had taken on the grounds of people in slavery in those same spaces and begin to say why don't we do at least a pilot test which we did on the sugar bones unesco world heritage site in bangladesh looking at. fish processing camps that used child slaves and in that short pilot we discovered 5 unknown process in camps and here's the latitude and longitude you really ought to do something about it. following the success of the pilot study they tend their attention to one of the biggest uses of slave labor in india according to anti-slavery international. the reason we thought
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it with the book it's surely choose to the number of. them. and the number of people that work in the film so they tend to be working under forced labor so if we can actually map where these are how people then we could face if we focus on another type of flavor of activity. the slavery from space projects brings together earth observation scientists geographies social scientists engineers and computer specialists they watching 4000 miles from the raid unfolding at the brick kiln. it's estimated that up to 23000000 people are held in debt bondage in india and a 3rd of the children working for up to 9 hours a day come under. the school.
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chandra gotay has 4 children aged between $9.20 they all work at the brick kiln with her to try and make their minimum quota of bricks. the younger 2 often work at night so they can sometimes go to school during the day to get a better job. in the treasury. the s.j. suspects 14 adults and 10 children are being forced to work as slaves here including pommelled kumar and his family as i want to live that it is not what i had done i got their job done but. going a man. takes a hard go. but if you got any america are going to talk a little. bit this autobahn to get on. their mothers. that.
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is triggering a lot of back up without fire. in the 1st. place some of the guys are going to run the man in red is chandran sing a jem'hadar contract he brings the libraries from the villages in pradesh to the kilns turn i'm going to i mean could. that ever we're going to put anybody but. the taliban and we can learn again you're going to be going to you know it's much harder to be able to go about them going to target to know and you gave me william meaning accommodating. to got to be so it's a legacy i'm talking about we're told by some of the perfect i'm going to. go to the living place today and there's a whole above question from last night i'm going to go. out of principle with.
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the them i'm not one of those it was not. what i am. at present. in the part of the company if it was not my shop that's not a new baby. by the minute but i'm going to. brick kiln arna is have a legal responsibility to make sure that children go to school instead of working in the kill when they are needed i mean i never thought being a got. ya got that money that i got even if our welfare got me gonna get me and i thought of any of these a serious accusations against the kiln punjab cooma. he finally arrives at the kiln with a politician friend of the 1st. woman to come to her country. because
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never once thought i was a. recruiter there remain a brain go to do it and then both of them her number. i'm back on a 3 minute. round of them. tell them about this i've been through with their. morning architect. they're going to determine better under selling you just very much the. indian national law requires that kiln owners have contracts with their work is that they paid fairly and the records are kept of their payments. they hated b.s.j. jai seeing wants to make sure the owner of the kiln has he's paperwork in order. or they're going for nuclear. weapons in the. millions and. these day brings legal cases against employers who use slave
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labor and reports them to authorities they try to get certificates from the employers that prove that bonded work is that i don't owe any money. over time. and. know not only will your pardon just leave. your home it's not. without vs j's intervention chandra bodys family could be enslaved for life when she or her husband dies their children can be compelled to continue the bondage that if i had a bad back i could basic i get paid as a detaining. people and that it. will be up by saying a bit painting out about it by house on the net about it i got what do i need to drag and need to get home but i did get
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a wise one. ensuring their freedom is not that simple the matter still has to be heard in court going to. the adults in 10 children ascent to pack their belongings into 2 trucks. with their future uncertain their families are taken to the district courthouse. satellites have long been used to map environmental change but using them to track slavery is a.


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