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our foreign minister is the spokesman for the minute he held a joint news conference with this and it's concerned about what happened in the united nations security council pakistan sees that as a defeat for the indian foreign ministry and india's push to. have an internal bilateral issue that the united nations security council meeting up to 54 years is testament that this is an international issue this is an issue where the united nations security council not just one but multiple resolutions so a very different story from the pakistanis on this issue but something that is off concern to analysts on all sides in that time and again said that india is a false flag operation an operation something off the sort which would allow the indian government to come and attack by confronted in the mirror something that we heard from the prime minister as well as the foreign ministry spokesman has been saying that box will not be taking any steps on the line of control with jeopardize
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issues but it is sending reinforcements for deterrence and it appears that there is something which is brewing from the indian side which they will blame on pakistan and carry out across the border operation. thank you. ok let's unpack one aspect of what's going on in kashmir for you already touched on it here in the news on my kind of has more now from new york 1st u.n. security council meeting on kashmir for most 50 years. russia's representative pointed out he was born in the year the security council last minute to formally discuss what was listed on the agenda as the india pakistan question i was going to 71 so. i don't know we'll see sometimes it's better not to touch upon certain issues the meeting lasted just over an hour and in the absence of any joint statement china's ambassador outlined the position of his country
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alone because schmidt used to should be resolved to properly through peaceful means in accordance with the charter development security council resolutions and bilateral agreements this represents the international. community's consensus the indian ambassador quick to argue that china was claiming consensus when none exists insisting that any resolution lies not in international mediation but in bilateral discussion as set out in the similar agreement reached with pakistan in 1982 we're ready to edges these issues in a manner that states who have normal approaches to international ties should address them. and in our case we are committed to the same legume it it's now for pakistan to make that commitment to stop terror to start ducks
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pakistan's ambassador made clear her country would continue to press for greater u.n. involvement claiming the meeting itself as a victory in this process the fact that this meeting took place is testimony to the fact that this is an internationally recognized dispute. there was an effort to stop this meeting from convening. and we are grateful to or 15 members of the u.n. security council for the green to having this meeting. in recent days protesters gathered outside the u.n. building demanding greater international involvement in the crisis and calling on the u.n. to enforce its own resolutions on the kashmir dispute the lack of consensus in the security council a bleak response offering only the possibility of another 50 year wait before the matter is taken up again mike hanna al jazeera united nations plenty more still to
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come for you here on the news including calls for an end to the fighting in did live in syria as 14 people were killed in an air strike. the u.s. says he was a warrant to seize an iranian oil tanker off the coast of just brought so we'll have a live update. and in sports world number one because u.s. open defense is in doubt will explain all in the sports news. france is calling for an immediate end to the bombardment of the last rebel held province in syria a suspected russian air strike in italy province on friday killed at least 14 people russian warplanes are supporting the offensive by the syrian president bashar al assad's forces that for months campaign has killed an estimated 935 syrians many of them women and children 100000 people have been forced from their
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homes let's talk now to panels mom says he's the united nations assistant secretary general and the regional humanitarian coordinator for syria he joins us on skype from london panels months as you know people on the ground in this area just just talk us through what they're experiencing what they're seeing. what is really happening in this story is going to hearing from that human 10 workers on the ground is a situation which is totally unacceptable on a daily basis for the last 100 days being 1st strikes the ground offensive on hospitals and schools and markets on this edition areas creating an absolute total meet and have a look among civilian population we're very concerned we've had more than $100.00 incidents on schools and health clinics alone and that has a massive displacement in fact there's been more than 500000 displaced mens' that have taken place many areas disrupted human tendency since cannot reach people from
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where they are need but also entire towns and parts of the villages not being deserted because people are scared and are running away for safety to escape the military offensive that has been continuing months of i hope that will be enough and won't be because national communities will be lazy and most importantly really want to see is the station of hostilities taking place in the ground the basic rule of war to respect civilians has to be respected on the ground ok just to be clear what we're talking about here today on this program specifically is the death of at least 14 people as a result of a russian bombing raid but your saying as well that there is also that is dovetailing if you will with a ground campaign which is specifically targeting the likes of schools and hospitals. absolutely i think this latest incident on fridays actually. part of the numbers that it is that have taken place now in particular since the
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end of april what we sow and scale ation of the conflict and its collection where we still score civilians on both sides of the property being in fact that and difficult as humanitarian work as we have with a massive response on the ground so i axes protection of civilians protection of staff. including paramedics ambulance nurses and they say unskilled and of course finding which remains an issue for us. we need urgently there is or supposed to be able to respond to this nasa catastrophe that is unfolding day in day out with much attention by the international community at the moment this self-contained campaign this this micro picture if you will of the broader conflict that really kicked off on april the 29th april the 13th end of april let's agree on that are we saying that that will generate another wave of a humanitarian catastrophe you've just used that word i don't wish you to use it
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again if it's not accurate but is that kind of what we're discussing. it's i'm afraid it's already happening you know we have had now way police 500000 displacements this will go this place multiple times within italy italy. province of it libya is the most. populated venerate in syria more than a 1000000 people live there in fact more than half of the people who are displaced syrians came from other parts of the country to italy so. there is extremely high in the movements we have seen it's primarily people heading for the no 0 or towards a direction of the turkish border so the implication is not just for italy but it's of course it's for turkey's for a lot of over europe it's the dynamics on the ground are really very very well oring and we don't want to see further escalation the humanitarian crisis is
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already unfolding as we speak ok you using the word escalation there 10 days ago on this channel we were talking about the so-called peace process in a stand up not the u.n. process in geneva that's kind of dead and buried and gone away we're talking about a stand they were talking about it live they were talking about deescalation zones the reality is escalation not deescalation how does that work. interesting deal the degree meant that it was reached you know it's time now and meet the budgetary guarantors on the 1st and 2nd of august unfortunately it lasted just 3 days so the ink hadn't really fully dried on the paper of the agreement that was reached when we saw yet another escalation that has taken place in a nice continuous now everything's going to fit when it's all over again so. it's really vital for government that they are going towards countries of influence
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to be able to do the right thing to be able to bring all sides of the continent together to a way for ways that will ensure their safety and the protection of civilians what is going on at the moment is really a failure of the political will the international political will to implemented really if this fire of peaceful solution shown on the ground it would take into account the fact that there is millions some children and women and families caught up in between and that is really what is happening right now including that attack that we saw on friday ok we'll leave it there for the moment panel smom sauce there in london thank you very much for. the hotel fire in ukraine has killed 8 people at least 10 others were injured some critically in the blanks imports of the police are investigating the cause of the blaze overnight at the tokyo star hotel and possible breaches in health and safety regulations the communist party in russia is rallying supporters before
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a council election in moscow next month which has banned opposition candidates saturday's running in the capital was authorized unlike recent opposition demonstrations when riot police arrested hundreds and beat some people with truncheons an estimated 50000 protesters rallied in support of the banned independent candidates last week. the u.s. president is condemning a u.s. democratic congresswoman rejection of an israeli visa as quote a complete set up she's rashida to lead she said israel had imposed oppressive conditions on her desire to visit her grandmother her family in the occupied west bank israel had initially banned her and fellow congresswoman omar because of their support for the global boycott movement b.d.'s that opposes israeli policies labor quested appeaser to visit her grandmother promising not to make any political statements. there was a preacher managed to go through what i had to deal with this was something that
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they were asking. him you know like the grandmother said i think you're free as a bird was my dream manifest and i don't like something you feel you don't come here to come is my country my friends are so proud of. relatives in palestine say they support that decision. with the rule of law in this you know for she does visit to her homeland is under conditions we reject that it's where she does right as a palestinian to come and visit her family in country. jordan with more from washington. on friday put out a statement saying that her initial decision to accept of the song on humanitarian grounds it doesn't was undercutting the very reason why she chose to run for the us congress to stand up for the rights of those whose rights have been oppressed she said that she could not live with herself even though she very much had wanted to
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spend time with her 90 year old grandmother and with other members of her extended family this prompted an immediate response from the israeli interior ministry which accused the leap of essentially trying to well play the visa application process for political gain here in the united states the israeli government recently enacted a law that bans those supporters of the b.d. as movement or boycott divest sanctions movement from visiting israel or the occupied west bank but because of her status as a member of congress and because she had promised that she would not discuss politics while in the occupied west bank the interior ministry had decided on thursday to give to leave a visa to visit her family ok let's get you a live update on what was one of the headlining stories this time yesterday the u.s. continuing its pursuit of an iranian oil tanker held for $43.00 days off the coast
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of the u.s. department of justice has issued a warrant for the ship's detention but the vessel is preparing to leave to buy sunday after the supreme court judges in the british territory ordered its release a new crew is now on board on the supertanker has also been given a new name it will now sail under the iranian flag after its registration was switched from panama under simmons is a correspondent joining us live from gibraltar so andrew it's on again it's off again where is it right now. it's where it's always been and could hear just. some activity only in the past hour you'll see when we get to it but a new name emblazoned on the stern of this ship. on the registration is beneath that cash room which is island the biggest island
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off shore from the iranian mainland so now that is there but the flag is not in place as you can see the flag pole has no flag it was just a this may seem like a detail but it's said that's done before this supertanker set sail there's another thing you mentioned earlier new crew well though there are also new crew of paul but that doesn't have a new skipper the skipper originally on board has had is possible to him and he doesn't want anything to do with his operation he's getting out of here he's prepared to do a 100 over apparently but what we're hearing is that we've heard on radio communications confirmed effectively there is now a plan in place to set sail on sunday sunday evening possibly with 6 new crew members there likely to be offices including a skip will not happen that's unclear but this is the situation now as you say no action there was a short time ago but no action right now it has its new naming. and
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at the moment the all the navigational systems and the identity is still watched the just being checked now still great still grace wall in terms of any tracking system you might use ok and the u.s. wants to action this warrant to have the ship detained again i mean who would do the actioning of that would that be the the gibraltar also roxy's working in conjunction with the u.s. . well that's what the department of justice had hoped would happen when the court hearing was taking place on thursday there was an attempt at trying to get extension to the detention order but now there's another development in that the u.s. justice department has gone through a district court in the us the district of columbia court had a warrant issued for the seizure of the tanker not only that for all of the
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cargo 140000000 dollars worth of light crude oil. powers act to date some time back but effectively that is they say there is total proof that the islamic revolutionary core of iran had been involved in the u.s. financial system illegal acts that this action can be taken u.s. marshals have been served with all the details of this warrant but what does this have in the way of any possibility of action here well it's unlikely because the super supreme court judge in gibraltar had said that it's not in this jurisdiction what gibraltar was doing in the u.k. was in forcing european union sanctions on syria in this situation this is a totally different affair so what it was thought would be that there would be a process which could reach the supreme court through a separate body here but it's complicated and it's the weekend so it's unlikely
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according to the sources we've spoken to take place in terms of maritime laws when this vessels in international waters could be bought in boarded by u.s. forces that's an open question yet to be clarified no one is putting any actual light on that but so many surprises in the twists and turns of the crisis over this supertanker no one could really predict. that stage thanks very much. rescue and relief efforts are ongoing in flooded areas of india heavy rain is continuing to drenched coastal regions in the west and the south the number killed has risen to 244 nearly half of them in the southern state of carola 1200000 people are now sheltering in emergency camps. in a moment we'll have your weather for you with everton to join us here on the news and also still to come here on al-jazeera. sudan's leaders prepare to sign that
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historic power sharing agreement after months of unrest we'll take you there live in a couple of minutes. calls for tougher action on poaching as it's reported $55.00 african elephants are killed for their ivory every single day. and in the sports teams tiger woods is struggling to keep it together at the b.m.w. championships here we'll explain all she'll explain who is ahead in about 20 minutes. or they were saying some rather lively weather into northwestern parts if you compare with us in india of course that city some run unusually wet and windy weather has been piling in across the british isles it's now extending down across northern france into the low countries making its way into scandinavia things will
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quieten down in places as we go through the next couple days and the good news for the cricket loads in london 21 celsius the south to 18 celsius further east we got some cooler wetter weather just around ukraine that western side of russia but some heat between 26 celsius there in warsaw where so whether that windy weather will slide a little further south which in the east with as we go on into sunday still warm in warsaw could touch 29 by this stage still the cool side further east i'm not seep out over towards the west much drier blustery showers still a possibility across parts of the british isles having said that and then as we go on through sunday and on in say monday things starting to quiet down things looking a little more optimistic as we go on into the early part of next week the west whether that will push its way down. the good parts of france into that western side of germany ahead of that there's plenty of warmth around but for the best of the warmth the best of the sunshine but no further than the met. the weather
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algorithm on a. welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour on pizza delivery here in doha your top stories tens of thousands of people in hong kong are taking part in rallies today just as both for and against the government are out on the streets in numbers india's defense ministry says the soldiers being killed along the just beauty line of control with pakistan on the ministry's blaming pakistan carrying up. tanks around the tunnel for a jury has been a reaction to the incident yes from the pakistani side. france is calling for an immediate end to the bombardment of the last rebel held province in syria
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a suspected russian airstrike in italy province on friday killed at least 14 people . sudanese leaders are preparing to sign an historic power sharing agreement after months of unrest the military and opposition coalition are expected to sign power sharing declarations into law that will establish a 3 year transitional government and who make decisions the agreement follows months of protests and killings since the military overthrow of the longtime president omar al bashir now under the deal a ruling so called council will be established to be led by the military for 21 months and by civilians for 18 months the opposition coalition is due to choose a prime minister early next week carol morgan joins us live here on the news from khartoum just take us through what will happen in the coming few hours.
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well peter a lot of dignitaries from neighboring countries have been arriving to come in with this signing this power sharing agreement which is to come have to months of negotiations the head of the transitional military council effectively the head of the country has just arrived at the signing which is just right behind me just a few minutes ago we're waiting for the opposition coalition representatives to also arrive we're also waiting for other heads of states to arrive but people on the streets have already started celebrating although they have been cautiously optimistic they're saying that they are months of protests have been for a civilian government and not one that is being met by the military so there's thing that they're going to be continuing to monitor this deal to see how it's being implemented and that they ready to hold both sides the opposition coalition and the transitional military council accountable and till power is handed over from the military to a civilian rule but right now we have the interest arriving more people expected to come in the shower arrive in the coming few minutes and the site it should be happening within the next hour to start
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a new phase for sudan for those people who were protesting for so many days so many weeks on the streets is there also perhaps a sense of relief it was exhausting for everyone involved in this. yes indeed peter we've heard from a lot of activists think that this is the time for them not to call it in and not to relax but this is the time for them to be to take a step back and reconsider how they are going to continue with this revolution how are they going to basically bring to form their for their their form their fight of resistance they're saying that this resistance should not come to an end so we're already seeing neighborhood resistance coming around the country organizing debates to make them aware of what the deal is about what the rights of the people are with regards to this deal and they're saying that they will continue to want to they will continue with their revolution and that they are hoping that the opposition coalition will also stay. to their words and also be because they will be their main or their own but they'll be the seat of the power they were here having 2
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thirds of the legislative assembly so they're saying that they're keeping an eye on the opposition coalition they're keeping an eye on the military council and that what they're going to do right now is stick a little bit of a break and then change the way that they've been protesting and the way that they've been holding their revolution it will come back to a suspect in the coming hour or so in the meantime thanks very much ok let's take a look at how sudan reached where we are today protests over rising bread prices started in december of last year and quickly turned into calls for the former president omar bashir to resign he was accused of pushing up food prices and creating fuel and cash shortages through his mismanagement of the economy al bashir is also wanted by the international criminal court on allegations of crimes against humanity war crimes and genocide the protests were often deadly and rapidly in early april thousands of people took to the streets daily and finally stepped down demonstrations continued until last month calling on the military to hunt rule 2
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civilians more than a 100 protesters who've lost their lives during the push for democracy in sudan joining us here on set. the offending a professor of politics at the institute for graduate studies he previously served as a diplomat at the sudanese foreign ministry mr al-a fendi this is very complicated simple question can it work. we hope so i think this is what over the world has been waiting for. and there appears to be some hopeful sign that things are changing for example with their disease office was very open and the ceremony itself now was being attended to by to preserve it from gutter and tear which shows at least that the grip of the sodium are actually. cartel on the sudanese politics has been at least temporarily eased so all of the changes taking place we are hoping that we are hoping that things will. from today
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start. moving forward of course there are difficulties which are. inherent in the. agreement itself because the the frequent change coalition is a serious thing that one of the major priorities to investigate. the recent 2 massacre was again a spur test is now everybody knows that who those who have ordered these massacres and supervise them are members of this so-called suffering council so. as going to be questions about how i think they have insisted in the agreement that it should be on unity for them ok during the. period and this is the period given that the course is the accommodation that the protesters have made in
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their own minds i guess if they are prepared to accept people still in effect running the country who are so closely associated with the bad old days. they are not running the country in the sense that all the power now should go to the civilian government rather than the so called suffering council is supposed to just sort of a star or a presidential. nominee a presidential council like when you have the queen in england or have the president in germany so they do not have that executive power but on the other hand they control the security forces and they control the ministry of defense and the minister of interior and and and they tell us what's to stop them using the military then to their own advantage what's to stop them misusing the military if they still control the military even if this is just a period of transition. that's a that's a $1000000.00 question and i think they i would think that they would use the
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military that's why i think they should have been a more clear. agreement about transitional justice all other to transitions like in south africa or anywhere else one of the cardinal issues that should have been agreed is what if the modality of conduct returns you know justice. and how you clear deal with with grievances how you could deal with people accused of now if you if you do not do this. what you should be doing and what i think going through them and change people are trying to do is to dismantle all. through this man through the security forces intelligence forces to restructure the police to restructure the justice system. in every step of this way is going to be honest ok but how do they also
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deal with or do they deal with at all if they can something like. the smallest charge that was laid at the feet of the previous regime was mismanaging the economy is alongside war crimes and genocide and all the usual things that gets you in the crosshairs of the international criminal court mismanaging the economy they've got to try something with the economy but on the one hand you've got the protesters representatives who are political novices they've never had real political power so they're quote bad bad politicians inexperienced politicians and on the other hand you've got people that were aligned with what went before who weren't interested really in being politicians so how do they turn the economy around i think everybody has an interest in the economy turning around so in this i think at least there should be some kind of unity everybody all the new they want
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a better economy because otherwise the future will be back on the streets and of course it's this is easier said than done because it's very likely that there would be so many demands and so my height and that whatever the government will do will not satisfy the people but least in this they would be together i think everybody was a bit ok and everybody will work in that you know. there's a detail of corruption and how to deal with it and that's also not an easy thing ok mr elephant we will leave it there many thanks. the coalition in yemen has ordered separatists or took over 8 in last week to withdraw their forces from the port city the u.a.e. backed separatists have repeatedly said they will not leave but reports suggest they have left some areas now the capturing of the city created a rift in the coalition which is supported yemen's internationally recognized
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government based in aden. but i mean this director of his for the foreign affairs of the southern transitional council in new york he says the something separatist forces are the only group who can protect the interests of the people over. the southern transitional council and these in the southern forces do not. only answer to yes they are a partner in the saudi led coalition in fighting the iranian backed through these and as well as fighting the extremists but they do not answer but to the demands and the will of the people i mean de-legitimized government can ignore the popular will but the s.t.c. who is on the ground has to come it was compelled to act so the.


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