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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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congresswoman's rejection of an israeli visa as a complete set up for she to sleep says israel imposed unacceptable conditions on her request to visit family in the occupied west bank israel had initially banned her and fellow congresswoman because of their support for the b.d.s. global boycott movement it is critical of israel's policies on palestinians so it's only been requested a visa on compassionate grounds to visit her grandmother. it was pretty traumatic to go through what i had to deal with with. something that they were asking. me you know like make them understand i don't think you're free is a very i know you are my dream manifest and i don't want to come back here you know come come here to come is my country my granddaughter so proud. has this report now from the family village where she met the congresswoman's grandmother. it's been over
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a decade since the year had seen her granddaughter there she the last she has visited the occupied west bank in 2006 the grandmother has been ready to welcome her she says she said she wanted to pick figs with her but that's not happening anymore. we would have loved her to come we started preparing her favorite meal everybody in the family and neighborhood was anticipating her visit. israel has granted that she did a permit to visit her grandmother for what they called a humanitarian visit during which a shouldn't be promoting boycotts against israel palestinian who are organizing the official part of the trip said they don't host personal visits she even decided not to come and appeal officials we've spoken to commended her decision so that her family. she should only come with dignity we refuse the israeli dictation policy or preconditions it's her right to come visit it's not a favor from anyone these sentiments what occurred by many palestinians with seen many of them posting on social media saying that that she does shouldn't come under
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what they call the humiliating conditions now if you read that is from her grandmother's house there are military checkpoints she could have seen them and shown them to the world that they are scattered across the west bank limiting palestinians access still ahead here on al-jazeera helping more misery on internally displaced people syria and its allies are accused of airstrikes on the camps and the mammoth job of saving elephants new moves to combat the illegal trade in ivory. hello welcome to another look at the international forecast very much business as usual across the middle east at the moment loss of dry weather clear skies lots of hazy sunshine little more cloud between the black sea and the caspian sea chance of one or 2 showers here over the next. it was as you can see it is warm sunshine all
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the way 31 celsius there in beirut 43 celsius the baghdad and full kuwait on sunday and it's a warm still as we go on into a monday 20 a sunshine not too much cloud over towards the east of the region as well into afghanistan pakistan a lot drier than all of life and also dry weather meanwhile across the arabian peninsula lousy clear skies perhaps see old shower just around the just mountains just around the southwest of yemen into the gulf of aden bright skies as we go on into monday here in doha temperatures will fall back to about 38 celsius mabel just for a little more humid than in a recent days maymont across southern africa. pretty much clear skies all the way hey a chance of a little to mr murtha around the southern kite but fats aside lots of warm sunshine temperatures getting up to around 24 celsius around the been and also into what john is but with a 23 the harare. you
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know with al jazeera and these are our top stories a historic day in sudan as the country's ruling military council and civilian opposition alliance signed a power sharing deal in the capital khartoum a landmark agreement will now be used to guide the country through a transitional period. tens of thousands of people in hong kong have been taking part in pro and anti-government rallies supporters of the government to using save hong kong together as their slogan there are also demonstrations on the other side of hong kong harbor in cancun. and heard the rebels in yemen have set fire to a natural gas plant in saudi arabia as the result of a drone attack the oil company around describes the fire the shape of field is limited though and says production hasn't been affected. right wing groups in the u.s. to begin a rally in portland oregon in less than an hour there's expected to be anti-fascist demonstrators in fact getting the 1st pictures through from there who would counter
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the march similar to the one in charlottesville 2 years ago the rallies been organized by a member of the proper ways described as a hate group by some civil rights organizations here we here we are. where you or all of you. it's why you are regular you are not welcome here. let's get an update from rob reynolds in portland what exactly is expected to happen rob. will come all as you mentioned some groups are beginning to gather in fairly small numbers now we're seeing people who are clad all in black some with bandanas covering part of their faces that would. usually indicate that they're members of the n.t. for organization you can see other people behind me who are a wearing body armor and helmets but the there are not hundreds and hundreds of people gathering around here in this waterside art in portland oregon the
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organizers of the rally from right wing groups white supremacist groups race and racist groups said that they expected up to 1000 people now we don't know whether that is going to happen it has been billed as a protest against the anti fascist group known as and teeth who generally turn out and sometimes brawl busy with the white supremacists and far right groups. some of the rallies here in portland in the past have turned violent now the mayor and police chief and city officials you heard the mayor moment ago telling people that they should just stay away the authorities here plan to smother the rally with many many police officers there are lots of them around here visible as well keep the 2 sides apart and hope to avoid any
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violence in recent days several of the leaders of the organizations from all you mentioned the proud boys the leader of that organization has toned down his rhetoric after he said he received a visit from some f.b.i. agents so we'll see whether this lives up to its billing as a major event or not. rub president trump. has he gotten himself involved in this at all and sort of in the back of my head i can't help forgetting the remembering the words i should say you know very fun people on both sides. well those were the words of course that president from used just a little over 2 years ago following the deadly clash between right and right wingers and left wing anti fascists in charlottesville and yes the president has inserted himself into today's events come all tweeting early this morning
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a major consideration is being given to naming and teeth and organization of terror portland is being watched very closely hopefully the mayor will be able to do his job. is job properly it's noteworthy that the president is using his bully pulpit to attack the anti-fascists even though just 2 weeks ago a white supremacist killed 22 people in a. racist attack in el paso come all yes ok we'll talk to you again next hour then rob reynolds and poland. the u.k.'s opposition leader jeremy corbyn is rallying support for his plan to become caretaker prime minister to avoid a no deal brags that the labor party leader plans to replace boris johnson by defeating the conservative government in a vote of no confidence will german coburn's addressing a labor party rally in bolton it is near manchester in england snorts on your go go is there any significance in that particular locations on you.
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well what is interesting to note is that bolton even though it has been a labor roots hartland many years in recent times ever since the referendum it has been losing some of thought labor support and this is always an issue that jeremy coleman had to contend with even though he jure in the referendum campaign he campaigned for remain this particular place bolton voted to leave 2 thirds of the electorate that voted him they voted to exit the european union and that feeling he has not diminished this is still very much a place which is in support of a breakfast even a no deal for exit but even though it is located just quite close by the city of manchester which voted no one needs to remain so with that in mind there is really
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a consideration to be to be met that there has to be a different kind of talked about how to galvanize the support here in these labor heartlands which have been losing support either to the conservative party government or to the bracks at parties who want to see the heartbreaks about bracks it without a deal if it has to be that way as well so with all the sim mind how does jeremy corbyn try to advance forward with the kind of tactic well 1st of all even though he floated the idea of becoming a caretaker prime minister with the intention of ushering in a lection as well as a. that referendum that idea really hasn't been met with open arms certainly by the other opposition leader just within the liberal democrat party and certainly not with the m.p.'s of the governing conservative party who would almost likely rather keep up the status quo rather than see jeremy cope with that political nemesis in power as prime minister thank you for the update sonia in bolton. human rights
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activists are accusing syrian government forces and their russian allies of bombing the camps for internally displaced people 100000 syrians have fled the fighting in idlib and just last week it is syria's last rebel held province just a warning some of you may find the pictures in this report from. these people have already fled fighting in syria but tragically it's still caught up with them in this case at least 18 people were killed in a suspected russian airstrike on a camp for internally displaced syrians. the attack in the town of hasse killed at least 6 children their main goal bodies pulled from the rubble and putting a baby whose umbilical cord still attached to its mother elsewhere in the town of the white home it's volunteer force say another child was killed in a government strike which injured 20 others. this seems are a daily occurrence following the collapse of
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a cease fire agreements between government troops and rebel factions earlier this month. with a broken ceasefire in a so-called deescalation zone southern it live has seen many broken agreements and fierce fighting between rebels and government troops backed by russian airpower. together government forces have made their furthest advances north into. tens of thousands of syrians have been forced from their homes and have moved towards the turkish border in the last week alone human rights campaigners say the offensive which began in april has claimed more than $900.00 lives a quarter of them children as human rights watch calls on the un to assign blame to those attacking hospitals the un's regional humanitarian coordinator for the syria crisis told al jazeera the situation is only getting worse on a daily basis for the last $100.00 days is being strikes ground offensive on hospitals and schools and markets on this edition areas creating an absolute total
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i meet and have a look among civilian population we're very concerned we've had more than 100 incidents on schools and health clinics alone and that has a massive displacement in fact there's been more than 500000 displaced mines that have taken place what is going on at the moment is really a failure of the political will the international political will to implemented really a ceasefire a peaceful solution on the ground that would take into account the fact that there is millions of children women and families caught up in between and that is really what is happening right now including the attack that was on friday. the syrian opposition coalition is calling on world leaders to stop the bombing in its lead and what they call the systematic displacement of people living there but no one has come up with a formula for a solution and i'll just hear. india's defense ministry says a soldier has been killed along the disputed line of control with pakistan the
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ministry is blaming pakistan for carrying out mortar attacks around the time of the jury several soldiers from both sides were killed 2 days ago meanwhile leaders in indian administrate kashmir have started to lift some restrictions imposed nearly 2 weeks ago when the region was effectively annexed but includes the reconnection of phone services in some areas but in one area dozens of people came out to protest on the restrictions were tightened again. in russia the communist party is rallying supporters in moscow before a council election next month which is banned opposition candidates saturday's that rally in moscow was authorized unlike recent opposition demonstrations and right police arrested hundreds and beat some with truncheons. children stuck on a migrant rescue boats are being allowed to land initially after the interior minister matteo salvini bound to political pressure but the fate of their parents and other adults on board is still unclear if fully bans humanitarian aid vessels
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from docking 5 european countries have agreed to accept the 134 migrants they were rescued near libya by the spanish aid group open arms which is after 2 weeks on board conditions are becoming unbearable. funny conservationists estimate 55 african elephants are killed for their ivory every day much of it ends up being trafficked through vietnam and campaigners are calling for tougher action as the illegal trade is discussed at the wildlife protection conference in switzerland more from him haygood. running wild and free for now at least while elephants aunt on the verge of extinction more countries could lose their herds altogether destruction of habitat complet with people over land and poaching threaten the elephant down a back street in hanoi the capital of vietnam the floor of a timber plant is strewn with elephant ivory the result of illegal poaching part from here but traded in vietnam where it's possible to buy pretty much anything
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using your phone. one man told an undercover investigator from a group campaigning against the illegal wildlife trade how he's able to open his container full of ivory inside a customs compound standing next to officials who are supposed to stop him campaigners say more needs to be done to tackle the traffickers in vietnam which has become the global hub for the illegal trade reading there are compelling reasons to use these noncompliance proceedings against vietnam so we're calling on all sides parties and world governments engine iran this month to begin these noncompliance proceedings against vietnam with a view that if significant progress is non demonstrated. that they should be slapped would treat suspensions vietnam is under pressure to reform its practices and has bowed to do more there have been modest increases in elephant populations
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in kenya malawi in uganda but losses in tanzania mozambique and the democratic republic of congo complex with people over habitat loss is a problem but so too is poaching that's despite the $989.00 international ban on the trade in ivory there are estimated to be about $400000.00 elephants in sub-saharan africa it's also estimated $55.00 african elephants are killed for their ivory every day that's $20000.00 a year. there is a long standing debate about whether i priest stock should be sold or whether that would provide a berber cover but the illegal trade campaign is a wildlife crime is worsening but more needs to be done before it's too late imo he would. this is all just 0 and these are the headlines
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a historic day in sudan as the country's ruling millett ruling military council and civilian opposition alliance signed a power sharing deal in khartoum a landmark agreement will now be used to guide the country through a transitional period more from him but morgan in. a deal signed today between sudan's ruling military junta and the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change is being hailed as a landmark and the beginning of sudan moving towards a civilian rule but some people in the opposition coalition are not happy the groups known as the sudan's revolutionary front have said that this deal is not complete and does not represent them and there's not include anything about were refugees and the displaced people sudanese communist party one of the biggest opposition parties has also said that this deal is incomplete and that they're of aleutian should continue and has called on people to continue with protests that headline tens of thousands of people in hong kong have been taking part in pro and anti-government rallies supporters of the government are using hong kong save hong
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kong together as their slogan counter-demonstrations took place on the other side of hong kong harbor in ca learn heard the rebels and yemen have set fire to a natural gas plant in saudi arabia in their latest drone attack the oil company around ko describes the fire of the shaper field as limited and says production has not been affected. right wing groups in the u.s. is set to start a rally in portland oregon in less than half an hour it's expected to be anti-fascist demonstrators to counter the march similar to the one in charlottesville 2 years ago the rally has been organized by a member of the proud boys a hate group as they have been described by civil rights groups in indian soldiers been killed along the disputed line of control with pakistan escalation happened with restrictions were eased in some parts of indian administrate kashmir and in russia the communist party is rallying supporters before a council election next month in moscow which is banned opposition candidates saturday's that rally was authorize unlike recent opposition demonstrations when
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riot police arrested hundreds of people and beat some of them with truncheons back with the news hour in about 25 minutes inside stories next with image of june. will sudan return to civilian rule a power sharing deal between protesters and the army to sign and a council will temporarily run the country but who will hear in t.v. this agreement gets implemented and will sudan's army really give up power this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. it was a deal months in the making sudan's military and protest leaders have finalized an agreement that's intended to put the nation on the path to civilian rule just 2 months ago dozens of demonstrators were killed in a military crackdown now the 2 sides will have to work together to shape new institutions for a new sudan we'll go to our panel in just a few moments but 1st it morgan has more from the signing ceremony incredible. it's taken more than 3 months on and off the talks between the opposition coalition and is the forces of freedom and change and sudan's meeting minutes we didn't put that's it's time to put their final signatures on the power sharing agreement which was signed today here in sudan's capital what until now the agreement states that that mean it's really been ruling what the 1st 21 months of the transitional period while the opposition coalition will be rooting for the remaining 18 months before
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elections are held but the protesters on the streets are saying that they're cautiously optimistic they're saying that they're the ones who brought about this that this is changing government after toppling out from the president on what it was sheer and that they're the ones with the object. listen to the opposition coalition and that they have been protesting since december 1st a 1000000000 ruled so there's thing that they will continue with their revolution although in a different form they're saying now it's time for a political protest and that they will be keeping an eye on both the opposition coalition that are presenting them and the military council and there's think that based on the dance track record of implementing our sharing agreements in these deals they have to be very cautious but today they're saying that they're celebrating the fact that a deal has been signed that will eventually lead sudan to civilian rule and until anything happens they are going to enjoy that moment of victory even more going to al-jazeera for inside story the deal is the culmination of a struggle that began in late 2018 mass protests that were initially over austerity
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measures grew into calls for a change in government in april this year the military overthrew longtime leader ahmed bashir and replaced him with the ruling military council but the protests continued demonstrators wanted in the media transition to civilian rule and the dismantling of old institutions on june 3rd the army launched a crackdown one raid on a protest camp left dozens of people dead despite this we go she continued and the deal was reached a transitional government will prepare sudan for a full handover to civilian rule in a little over 3 years time. all right let's bring in our guests with us here in doha i will have an affinity is professor of politics at the institute for graduate studies and author of several books on sudan and khartoum an award winning filmmaker and activist from new york city man baldo is a human rights and democracy activist and senior advisor to the enough project
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welcome to the program abdul have let me start with you what happens next and how difficult or easy will this process be to get going. yes i think from now on maybe the idea that there is a power sharing is not accurate because what is going to happen is that there's going to be a civilian government which will have most of the powers to enact whatever it wants technically or at least theoretically and this government is supported by also a should be in 3 months a legislative council which of which 2 thirds majority is also from the forces of freedom and change so i think we could say already there is a an impending transition to a civilian government in the sense the council does not as was said in the
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introduction room for it to mass it only. it's only a few go ahead. it does it's be headed by a military person a doesn't rule. and the head of the council doesn't have any. any. supporting vote he's voted like anybody else so in this regard we're going to have a generally a civilian government of course many difficulties because the military would be entrenched in and the security forces in the military in the police and they insisted on having control of the ministry of defense and the minister of interior on the security forces. thought i would like or wish to say we should look at the positive side there was an interesting debate in latin america when democritus your
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wrists were accused the official thinking when they said democracy welcome to latin america and one of the leading field is that he said no way this is not wishful thinking if this is fought for we should. favor the finger digging for tradition. because the issues of will in the end about how democracy triumphs is not the issue of objective factors but also where if the people are willing and also the politicians or. wise enough and they act in a year to contemporary must show that we will get there. in the sense of to mystic that real the dynamics is going to kill from in the beginning of next months when
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the new government place over the dynamics in the country will change because no most of this is and will come from a civilian government has is what about you are you optimistic this agreement can work. i'm cautious i'm not that optimistic the next few days will make me decide see what i want i'm excited that we're going to have a prime minister civilian i do agree that this should not be our sherri this should be simple use the beginning of not completes but what really upsets us and what really makes me not that excited not so they're not innocent operational today is that humidity and growth for us should be in a courtroom and should be in. and not not needers on the council as a last minute problem can sudan move forward can we reach peace can we reach. overcome
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racism marginalize aisha and woman write all those things which committee occupying . the rest of the bix major cities in sudan and all of which is forces the rapid response force which actually committed the last massacre in june 3rd and massacres in dar for him it was part 2 so for us it's like how do you receive justice and justice is the 1st step towards reaching a democracy and after asperin see have accountability the have participation equality and the economy and all that can reach. economic stability in sudan knowing that one of the major issues we always had was that 70 percent of the country's resources is being used by the military so can we expect the military to abuse their resources to 10 percent so we can move forward so we have all these questions that we have and to up to me is like seeing committee there signing and and standing behind him. just makes me feel like this is not going to go forward
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the revolution is to continue and for me though seeing that the only up to miss him i have is that people there who she marries who are out in the street will continue and now that we have a legitimate government that the world knows that we are the legitimate government and ones are prime minister takes over power and the executive branch we can move forward but do expect more protests do expect more people going out in the street and asking for more rights we need to get to the point where does this happen and where we can move forward so them on which was just talking about the fact that one of the things that was bringing him a sense of optimism even though he has mixed feelings one of the things was bring him a sense of optimism is the fact that a prime minister is going to be appointed now this is the economist mohamad abdalla dog who's been nominated by the opposition faction and i want to ask you if you believe that this appointment will proceed as planned or if any complications could
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show up in the next few days. i don't expect competition. by a minister he the consensus candidate you have the. air but it's a good glass of the population and the government the recall of the experts use it brings to your majority of the economies but also their experience in that. across the country nobody liable to national. and. crucially important in. sudan's mission ships whose international conventions institutions in the us government like. prime minister here are a fairly kind of. we don't have a real powers the sum of somebody or our you know. a sort of figurehead
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of. it merely a puppet government it's a government of the of power and. the freedom agenda falsies of that. look at the position of the cutting it being an opportunity to has. to be lost on the far. question. s. because the issues of realty and each use of transparency appear to be aggressive it's a given that the army i'm going to support causes are responsible for all diversity crimes that mention a lot of our society and most of the resources of the company. you know a lot of transparency and accountability. of funds go have if you could pick up on a point that some amount was making when it comes to the accusations of atrocities
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that have been made against military leaders in sudan like general ham 80. now one of the things that made it difficult putting this agreement together was the issue of whether these military leaders would get immunity was that resolved and if these military leaders in this agreement do get immunity is there any way in which that could be revoked i don't think they should for unity the key issue i think yes i agree that this issue of accountability is a paradox because the. the the revolutionaries have decided that they want justice to be a top priority specially the should be a committee what should investigate the massacres we don't need to investigate the massacres we know who committed them and the other members who are in the military council. and issue has to be examined i think. there are
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2 more than one issue the issue which had to rightly pointed out which is there is currently a military occupation of khartoum by that up in. force up deployment forces and. raise a. issue of the influence of the military on the government i am ready to trade the influence for the. for the accountability if you move sister ups out of the cities and. if the. security forces are handed over to civilian government the way for example what happened with peter shea in. in chile and other governments that you could
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do. bargain. always transition to transition to democracy needed some kind of spark you have to give something that something of course when you get something that dynamics if you have a really civilian government the dynamics of civilian control will in time they get possible for you to engage in the in the justice issue but i have this particularly. if somebody as they said is ok by car talk and you want to try him in that capital of khartoum or you want to you have to have a war in this regard so you have to think about all these things in a very pragmatic positive way how do you get there. one of the problems we had is that some of the revolution would have been through kind of absolutely and say you have to have everything the government has to give in and
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leave and then they should come and we put them in prison try them and so and i thought and that should happen by itself and i have always argued that is not going to happen that way you have to negotiate now we have the go shoot it at one point reach this particular juncture the question is you also need some more negotiation to pass over the next steps and i think one of the important things is hero there will be many challenges challenges facing the the incoming cabinet and you have to look at not only the issue of justice is not the only thing you have to revive the economy you have to deal with the demands of the people on the street now khartoum is under water at the moment a lot of people have died already and. the government will need to look at this issue. i'm not a lot to him but a lot of areas in a jersey area and other parts of the country have been people have died and so we
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have to look at education as people need bread fearful need to feel. you need to work on on the economy and it worked pretty so i asked him i agree with. with the point that we have you have died in this house you heard i go have there speak about the economy from your point of view what are the immediate steps that can be taken to try to turn things around there. well way it comes to the economy i mean the main reason we think the economy's in the state is 2 things one corruption and lack of the ability to manage the resources sudan has a lot of resources be it animal agriculture or. material human resources but it's not has not been met correctly for a very long time but you need to be able to manage it we have to answer the deeper
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questions of the biggest issue you have that has always been the creation of sudan the sudanese identity so for us to be able to feel like the whole country's part of this. not just people who are from the center so for us to get the whole country together and to get at the population the woman part of this we need to answer what is our identity and to meet to be able to have that question we have to defeat the political islam. political that is. also in these identity to be just an arab identity for so for me to actually move forward we have to quickly and very decisively answer that question what is it in these identity how do you create an identity that includes all sudan and includes a woman's right to become part of the economy and the workforce so for me before we do that we're just going to be a reform we're not going to be a revolution for us to have a revolution and this happened in the city this isn't it was very clear that the
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whole population was behind what was happening in darfur then decide what is happening in nuba mountains and blue nile people actually started to understand each other and it made for mation started so for us to continue that and to make it a. set of having racism as part of what is happening which was happening all dream we need to move forward and this is the 1st step to actually improve our economy and everything we need to manage our resources and to do that we need to have real identity who will act as guarantors for this agreement. well we have all the witnesses who have. the primary goal not a lot of closely because you got the 2 of them was shown on the systems of the. control government that momentum flow. between the military council
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and the freedom and your forces. on. your. emotions on this you're the chair of the nation. today this is the bend in the international community today that the united nations and the members of the security guards all we said to leave. my missions of going you know and to lead in the resolution of the problem immediately and this and. to go to sort of a comparable house rather than clear. and i think. i hear what have we speaking of the african union the african union of course suspend its or has membership in early june if you think they will reinstate it and when might that be. a no i think they will have they will probably mediately now
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reinstated because it was conditional on returning to and for the process of 50 and over for democratic. transition. that the families actually don't want to live anywhere but i would be the best got. is the people themselves i think. the moves we have seen has always been drove out of popular pressure. the transitional council was very adamant for example that council that it didn't want any to make any concessions and actually said it has. abandoned all sides remit is signed in the past when you saw the number of people on the streets. in july they. understood that you can go ahead and.
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the the unity of the people also the clarity of. of vision and and and also there is a. you have to not pushing the i think what happened for example in the experiences in egypt and other countries is that people have underestimated the enemy and how overstimulated their own forces. and then they lost so we don't want this to happen that people should focus and should be rebuilding and should look forward not backward this is a very important. spot point about the issue of identity i think the issue of ideas although it's important it cannot be resolved politically it's an issue what we can resolve politically is a democratic system which allows people to debate issues of identity i will not
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issue a decree by the government to say that we are arab or who are not arabs. that won't work and bad leaders can't create i did a problem where none exists for example america today donald trump has created a problem of identity although there was in the past 1st an acute problem of identity in that country. so i think our priority should always be democratic governance and good government. i want to ask you there's many people in sudan who believe that the trial of former president bashir may be a sham what do you think. yeah i think i think it is one of the people who think it's a sham one of the people is not just going to be here they say that it's actually the biggest issue it could even be bigger than the him self. there is not
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enough people in jails we did not have enough information on who still what why they're not being tried and all that there is one thing within. the treaties that were signed and it was the actually the one before the last and that one actually specifically said that people should be tried and even in international courts and to me i really am one of the people who really believes that the right way to try our may be here is actually to try. to pursue a lot of reasons we i don't think we'll have a good enough trial within sudan and part of it is because but i was there and these there and obviously up to now on able to go forward the one good thing also is now when we have civilian government is the trial the real trials can start now that we have people we trust and hopefully the justice system we create is going to be a secure lives read is going to be good enough to actually try the rest of the state
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and give us our rights and take away put people in prisons and accountability and so we really i don't think trial all of those trials were real i think the trial started wides our general attorney is in place and he has power to actually get these people try to sue them and we only have less than a minute left i just want to ask you very quickly where do things stand for the islamists in sudan right now they're headed by so many side will they be sidelined going forward. well the owner was she to get a great job and i was sidelined islamist you hiding them undermining realty and therefore i don't see the islamist movement see this time of clarity on that jury and what to do with all these developments therefore i'm not really worried about islam is not going i.z. . all the shit they would be some get us who have you know and there are.
2:46 am
as americans to wise. and then. look to the names of the good lity. but lisa is woman that looks so because 30 years of so you go it is bound to undermine the most and all right we have run out of time so we are going to have to leave it there thanks so much to all our guests at the well have been offended. and so the man baldo and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me how much of. my friends.
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for the last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. well if we cannot have
2:48 am
palestina my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control french polish time would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows over a century ago britain and france made the secret deal that changed the shape of the middle east and so. now we can durham. sikes pekoe lines in the sun on on just. this is al-jazeera. color from doha everyone on come all santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. but the celebrations. as the opposition
2:49 am
alliance signed a landmark deal with the military for a transition to civilian rule also in the news more mass protests in hong kong but this time they are on both sides of the territories political divide and a new delhi says it's partially relax the locked in the disputed region of kashmir . and i'm maryam namazie in london with the top stories from here including dozens of young migrants on a rescue boat off the coast and given permission to be taken ashore after 2 weeks stranded at sea. so when you ears began in sudan one many are hoping will finally are sure in some stability after months of unrest and violence the military and the opposition leaders they have signed a power sharing declaration into law it establishes
2:50 am
a transitional government and outlines who will be making the decisions sudanese people have been demanding a civilian led government so this deal creates a sovereign council in the meantime meantime big 3 years it'll be run by members of the military and civilians this has been fraught with difficulties for so long now the agreement follows months of demonstrations and killings following the military's removal of the longtime president on this report from him morgan in touch him. that deal signed today between sudan's ruling military to and the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change is being hailed as a landmark and the beginning of sudan moving towards a civilian rule but some people in the opposition coalition are not happy the group's known as the sudan's revolutionary front and said that this deal is not complete and does not represent them and that's not include anything about were refugees and the displaced people sudanese communist party one of the biggest opposition parties has often said that this deal is all incomplete and that the
2:51 am
revolution should continue and has called on people to continue with protests and till the deal is amended but the opposition coalition and many people on the street seem to believe that this is a new beginning for a sit down. come about the right to be higher the result of the protest movement was to call for a better life for the people but demanding civilian rule today's the day of the signing of the agreement a star day for sudan and hopefully the agreement will meet all the processes demands that the revolution was based on. them we hope to sit down to move forward so that we can be proud of our country forget about the guns and move towards peace freedom prosperity and unity we also hope to open new job opportunities for our young people. but the upcoming transitional government has a lot of challenges people have been demanding justice and accountability especially today when the head of the deputy transitional military council stepped out of the signing signing and people met him with chants demanding justice and
2:52 am
accountability there's also the issue of the economy people are saying that they want a transitional government that will be formed to improve the economy to improve the infrastructure of the country as well as the health and educational services a lot of things for the transitional government that is going to be lasting for 39 months and it's not clear if they will be able to achieve that in the 39 months and if there will be a civilian rule handed over from the military in the 1st place the true wind a little and look at south sudan actually reach this point the protests against rising bread prices actually started in december last year but quickly turned into calls for the former president omar bashir to resign had been accused of pushing up food prices creating fuel and cash shortages by mismanaging the economy and don't forget he is also wanted by the international criminal court on allegations of crimes against humanity war crimes and genocide the protests grew rapidly early april we are now and thousands of people demonstrating every day it eventually led
2:53 am
to bashir stepping down protests continued until last month calling on the military to hand rule over to civilians. not forget also more than $100.00 protesters have died during the push for democracy. let's hear from mohamad al-ameen now a journalist based in sudan we spoke to earlier he told us despite the deal of my not actually need to justice for any of the people killed during the protests it is one of the most important point and actually of the weakest point of this agreement because. actually this agreement is very forgotten and it implementable because it calls and there is a power in the hands of the military council and they and the and the issue of the of the rights of the of the big theme will being killed and tortured and all other kinds of violations during the past 4 months not only during the. actual a lot of violations we committed and one of it is only the dispersal of the of the
2:54 am
. last june so. now the question of of the accountability is one of the. one of the country issues that should not be addressed by this hybrid hybrid military civilian. authority because actually the criminals the militias. of the bushies. they were committed these crimes and they are now. they are now part of the of the of the of the of the virginity council who will lead the country as a transitional period so it's actually a kind of creating a kind of unity to this council or otherwise to the military component in this council or otherwise they will be telling when we're going to work the situation and maybe men and problems i'm going we're going to be. back time in between
2:55 am
the 2 sides the civilian and the military the ripple movement and other political parties who are actually part of the scene they were also rejecting the agreement that may be boycotted. the new government so this is also another obstacle because because of the issues of the justice the issues of the accountability and you know the people which actually they are representing the majority of the people in the war areas in the world. and this is and this also going to carry with it is that the issue of the accountability and justice was done to other news in terms of tens of thousands of people in hong kong have taken part in both pro and anti-government rallies supporters of the government gathered around tom our park in the central district save the hong kong together is their slogan counter-demonstrations took place on the other side of hong kong harbor in march as a demanding government reforms and more democracy and as night fell there was
2:56 am
a tense standoff with police in hong kong densely populated manchaca district. protesters threw eggs and pointed lasers at a police station but quickly dispersed once officers took to the streets we'll hear from what uphill hamid in a moment at a pro-government rally 1st andrew thomas at the anti-government one. these right place that only been here about 15 minutes and yet already they're getting back into their vehicles to go to whatever protests spring up next this is the tactics of the protest as they bring big numbers thousands to a location like a play station one play station is just down the road and they gather outside like a little noise and some of them very few but some throwing eggs at the play station as well the police come out to the entrance of their play station and make their way to return and threaten tear gas before they actually deploy it the protesters move on and suddenly quickly the police come out in vans like days but as soon as they're either protesters just disperse into the metro system into buses by foot
2:57 am
going on to the next place it's a cat and mouse game these protests and police chasing is around hong kong. organizers say about 470000 people at the end of the rally. that number is probably a bit lower but still it was a large showing here now most of the people we spoke to said they were coming here to denounce the violence the banner of this rally was save hong kong and support the police most of the people we spoke to also said that they felt that the police has been unfairly represented over the past few weeks there is a sense of worry a sense of anxiety about these outbursts of violence that have been unfolding on the streets of hong kong one woman i spoke to said this is the youth did have grievances but they have to find a different way to express that we do not want this violence because you don't know how much it can snowball where it could leave so you did have that sense of worry
2:58 am
about the future now there is certainly a sort of generation gap between the 2 sides most of the people who were here by and large were maybe for 30 years old upwards a sort of working middle class and working class people whose feel that they have a good life and that there is much to lose if they see can the situation continues here in hong kong be was obviously soup or towards mainland china we saw a lot of chinese flags there was a chinese anthem at the beginning of the rally and then there were a lot of speakers for example from the business sector representative of the taxi drivers and went on stage to denounce how much they had lost since this wave of protests started back in june so certainly a huge difference between the 2 sides and one thing that really stuck with us is
2:59 am
that people came up to us to say please say the truth show both sides show that there are 2 camps here in hong kong at the moment and but the most important is for the violence to stop and then after that we can try to solve the problems. india's defense ministry says a soldier has been killed along with disputed line of control with pakistan the minister is blaming pakistan for carrying out mortar attacks around the town of jewellery several soldiers from both sides were killed 2 days ago while leaders in indian administered kashmir have started to lift some of the restrictions they imposed on me 2 weeks ago when the region was affectively that includes the reconnection of phone services however in one area dozens of people came out to protest the restrictions were times and more from new delhi with. we spoke to an official in ministry of defense in india and he said that one indian soldier was killed today in what he called ceasefire violation committed by
3:00 am
pakistan he said firing began this morning and is still going on still going on and he said the day before the pakistan. yet another cease fire violation was incorrect he described it as. now in addition to that indian officials today have also said that the restrictions in. most of the restrictions that have been. also. where the conditions are still very poor as far as connectivity. some movement has been. a line which is where they. live but many areas still all reeling under a very heavy impact of these restrictions that have been imposed by the government there is a hope that over the weekend things perhaps will get easier but the indian government has again reiterated that it would be a step by step approach recalibrate.


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