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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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tens of thousands of syrians have been forced from their homes and have moved towards the turkish border in the last week alone human rights campaigners say the offensive which began in april has claimed more than $900.00 lives a quarter of them children as human rights watch calls on the un to assign blame to those attacking hospitals the un's regional humanitarian coordinator for the syria crisis told al jazeera the situation is only getting worse. on a daily basis for the last $100.00 days as being strikes ground offensive on hospitals and schools and markets on this edition areas creating an absolute meet and have a look among civilian population we're very concerned we've had more than 100 incidents on schools and health clinics alone and that has a massive displacement in fact there's been more than 500000 displaced mens' that have taken place what is going on at the moment is really a failure of the political will the international political will to implemented
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really ceasefire a peaceful solution on the ground that would take into account the fact that there is millions of children and women and time at least caught up in between and that is really what is happening right now including that attack that we saw on friday. the syrian opposition coalition is calling on world leaders to stop the bombing in italy and what they call the systematic displacement of people living there but no one has come up with a formula for a solution and i'll just hear. well still ahead on al-jazeera food fuel and medical shortages one life in the u.k. is expected to be like 100 no deal bragg's it and bugs on the menu we report from mexico on the increasing appetite for insects.
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hello there mostly clear conditions across much of the middle east we're still seeing those the monsoon showers and thunderstorms across northern sections of pakistan can see here lots of clear skies the winds are strong at the moment either where we have got the rain is across northern sections of turkey $21.00 celsius on sunday with those showers and thunderstorms they could be heavy at times we could even see some localized flooding but by monday they're pretty much out of the picture and it should be feeling very nice the temperatures as you can see in the low twenty's and notice as hold as if i'd let you cross into a city 44 is your high temperature there on monday and then further to the south the winds have been picking up again little bit i lost a few as doha on sunday 42 celsius and in fact gone really is the cloud into the southwest again and there is just a chance of a stray shot on shore flow that into southern sections of amman so feeling fairly nice and solid for the next couple of days 26 celsius on a sunday and monday and time which is pretty good across into southern africa as well some showers likely in cape town on sunday 900 celsius and then 24 is the high
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temperature for you in the been on sunday and then to monday it stays at pretty much the same a little bit milder in capetown what we might see in the next couple days is maybe just a coastal shot into these more south eastern portions across the in madagascar. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. fighting both isis and us on. this 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father the son and the jihad. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines at least 63 people have been killed in a suicide bombing at a wedding reception in afghanistan the interior ministry says another 182 people were injured in the blast taliban has denied responsibility for the attack in the district of kabul. scenes of jubilation in the sudanese capital after power sharing agreement signed the deals agreed by the country's military council and opposition alliance. council consists of 6 civilians and 5 generals run sudan until elections are held. the us president says even designate the group of anti fascist
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haters normalization of terror donald trump warned the for while it was holding a counter rally in the u.s. city of portland oregon. demonstrators are expected to begin gathering in a few hours for another mass rally in hong kong but police have denied permission for them to march through the central city on saturday crowds turned out for and against the government and this would have been made found out it was a generational divide among those on the streets. how did they get it under the banner of say phone call to denounce recent violence during protest and to show support for the police here into mar park just to china is clear but there's more than just that the crowd is mostly middle aged or older part of a generation that grew under british colonial rule and want to protect their lifestyle david chu works in the service industry he is one of $200.00 government
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supporters from to same neighborhood one of the solar i absolutely don't accept the demands of the protest on the steps not what the general public wants not that the months can be managed they are all nonsense and excuses. the people here are calling on the police to uphold the law and order and play protest just for divison outburst of violence. and we all love hong kong we all part of china will firmly believe that so i don't want this place to be ruined and that's why i came back and support and do the rally i cannot take any violent demonstration that we can see as witnessed by so many young writers you know and that fifa stating he's killing my killing my feeling across home comes harbor and color t.v. son march with the pro-democracy protesters mostly young people who fear what they perceive as the growing influence of the chinese government in hong kong's affairs
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they feel their demands are being ignored and frustration is growing it should be said that if i chiefly for using to respond shall we must face myself very angry at a loss of emotion. in this society so i think that's why we come out is to let's just hope that they can respond to. part of the anger is also to his depletes whom they accuse of using excessive force but the protesters are under pressure for bringing chaos to. streets these divisions threaten to tear can't come apart between a generation content with the present and one that is worried about the future but at that hemy. the u.k. is likely to face shortages of food fuel and medicine if britain crashes out of europe without a break deal that's according to government documents leaked to the times newspaper
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also shows ports could be jammed for up to 3 months but documents describe the effects as the most likely outcomes not worst case scenarios u.k. prime minister boris johnson says he's prepared to leave europe on october the 1st with no deal. meanwhile the u.k.'s opposition. has been rallying support for his plan to become caretaker prime minister and avoid the no deal briggs's the head of the labor party wants to hold a no confidence vote boris johnson and then the snap election so they go go has more from bolton. as mr corbyn addresses the labor party activists to members in the northern town of bolton he does face one of the biggest political challenges of his career and that was his idea that he floated about of the last few days that he wishes to become a caretaker prime minister take the country to snap elections and even campaign for another brics it referendum he says that this is the best way out of
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a no deal breck's it which could cost the country in much deeper term more than it is already facing however that idea has a big problem in and that is that it is on able to garner support with members of the conservative party the party currently in government members of that party who are against bracks and certainly against a no deal breck's it actually do not see that to happen the idea of having mr corbin is nick as a caretaker leader it does not appeal to their sensibilities they would always rather stick with the status quo rather than risk that also the other opposition party the liberal democrat leader joseph winston has said that she does not want to go into any kind of deal with mr colvin but is open to any of the names from the labor party there are 2 other names that have been cast in one from one senior politician from the conservative party another senior labor party politician but
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while this political wrangling is continuing the clock is still ticking and there is less and less time in which to formulate some kind of plan in order to prevent a no deal breaks it from happening and that is the risk that. all these politicians who are against such a scenario are battling against whether they'll be able to do that without doing a deal with mr corbett is another thing altogether. tensions have been high since india stripped indian ministered kashmir of its autonomy last week it cut off communications and imposed to security lockdown some of those restrictions have now been lifted 1st as more from new delhi this is what much of srinagar has looked like for nearly 2 weeks unable to move around the largest city in the region and communications completely shut down. indeed administrators say some phone lines in the valley were reconnected on saturday with more due on sunday we have also
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opened up by the internet. some functionality in at least 5. or. phone users and had buried reactions. i think it's a good thing that. people are facing a lot of issues. near and dear ones but for some the worst restriction is on freedom of movement. shakes i hear there has been teaching his niece and nephew at home since the shutdown began he says not being able to move around has been severe but. the kids are
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stuck in this school have been charged in 3035 years i haven't seen restrictions so . my sister is only 2 kilometers of b. and i don't know her situation. despite the promise of the lockdown being loosened some are protesting in other ways mirrors have set up their own barricades in this neighborhood to stop armored personnel carriers from entering they would have the money go to we've put up these blockades so the police won't be able to come here and risk they try to few times. the police are trying to come here but the people are resisting we've managed to keep them away many times acts of defiance even as the indian government says it will take a wait and see approach before lifting morpeth restrictions in the region there's jamil al jazeera new delhi the grandmother of a u.s. congresswoman rushy that says she's a grand old his decision to reject a visa from israel even fellow congresswoman have been denied visas because of
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their support for a global boycott movement was later allowed to visit family in the occupied west bank but she refused accusing israel of imposing oppressive conditions. the u.s. congresswoman's grandmother. it's been over a decade since the year had seen her granddaughter there she that she has visited the occupied west bank in 2006 the grandmother has been ready to welcome her she there she said she wanted to pick figs with her but that's not happening anymore. we would have loved her to come we started preparing her favorite meal that everybody in the family and neighborhood was anticipating her visit. israel has granted that she did a permit to visit her grandmother for what they called a humanitarian visit during which a shouldn't be promoting boycotts against israel palestinian who are organizing the official part of the trip said they don't personally visit she even decided not to
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come and appeal officials we've spoken to commended her decision so that her family . she should only come with dignity we refuse the israeli dictation policy or preconditions it's her right to come visit it's not a favor from anyone these sentiments were caught by many palestinians with seen many of them posting on social media saying that she does shouldn't come under what they call the humiliating conditions now if you meet that is from her grandmother's house there are military checkpoints she could have seen them and shown them to the world that they are scattered across the west bank limiting palestinians access. young minds stuck on a rescue boat off italy's coast have been allowed to disembark that's after deputy prime minister. bowed to political pressure 27 children and young adults were transferred to a patrol boat and taken to the italian island of lampedusa they were on a ship belonging to an aid group for 2 weeks along with more than 100 other migrants. the miners come ashore following a demand from the prime minister just
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a. meanwhile more than 350 people are stranded on a humanitarian rescue boat off the coast of malta the ocean viking vessel is operated by 2 aid groups including doctors without borders but it hasn't been allowed to dock in ports in italy and malta those on board were rescued over the past few days bosses of libya. some of the world's most threatened species may soon be better protected a global summit is being held in geneva more than 180 countries are hoping to agree to legally binding protections for vulnerable species a recent un report on biodiversity warned more than $1000000.00 species of plants and animals are risk of dying out no often baby made famous after a few the earlier this year in thailand has died the sea mammal went into a shark after eating plastic that clogged her intestines and caused an infection
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there are only a few 100 do gongs left in thailand. it might not be a 1st thought for dinner but in mexico ordering a plate of insects is becoming increasingly popular and being mixed with ancient traditions all in the hope of entice ing new interest environmentally friendly cuisine manual appollo reports from mexico city. around the world there's a growing demand for insects as food and why not they're high in protein and have a minimal carbon footprint compared to many other foods but. it's worth considering the positive environmental impact we could generate if we all replaced one meal a week within sacks think about it it's a very healthy option. this kitchen in downtown mexico city specializes in edible insects and the restaurant owner. couldn't be more excited about the growing demand for bugs thinks from the mosquito they never come off the tree so they have these
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taste like the beets from the really nice. the recipes that alejandro is restaurant the house of tacos or a combination of ancient indigenous tradition and modern mexican flavors the end results are dishes like and larva grilled and garlic and so long true sauce or fried stink bugs served with a side of the taste is actually quite good but i handle says there is still a long way to go for insects to become a staple food instead of picking up the. grasshoppers. farmers are spending money on a pesticide it's the government is spending money on pesticides it's like they're losing money and they're losing i mean a possible income. for most people in central mexico eating bugs is totally normal and vendors seem to always have new recipes to offer but we were all selected and today we tried scorpions worms in an egg they were all very good. around the world
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the edible insect industry is projected to be worth 1200000000. in dollars by 2023 mexico hopes to provide an estimated 30 percent of the world's edible plants that. mexico is home to hundreds of species of insects that are both edible and nutritious some of it stranger than others like this scorpion but a little salt in lima. delicious. so whether you want to help fight climate change by eating less meat or you're just curious maybe bugs should be the next item you add to the grocery list but ended up in. mexico city. and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now at least 63
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people have been killed in a suicide bombing at a wedding reception in afghanistan the interior ministry says another 182 people were injured in the blast the taliban has denied responsibility scenes of jubilation in the sudanese capital after a historic power sharing agreement signed the deal was agreed to by the country's military council and opposition alliance a new sovereign council consists of 6 civilians and 5 generals it all runs for a transitional period until elections are held tens of thousands of people have been left homeless after a fire swept through a slum in the capital bangladesh began friday evening and that has made poor area the u.s. president says he may designate a group of anti fascist demonstrators an organization of terror donald trump warned and tea for while it was holding a counter rally in the u.s. city of portland oregon but he made no comment about the far right groups.
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here we go again we are. just close if you plan on using for one of these 70 isn't one for just regular we you are not walking in. the u.k. is likely to face shortages of food fuel and medicine if britain crashes out of europe without a break. that's according to government documents leaked to the times paper they also show ports could be jammed for up to 3 months the authors say the effects aren't worst case scenarios for the most likely outcomes. the law in kashmir has started to ease nearly 2 weeks after india's stripped the region of autonomy also india's defense ministry says a soldier has been killed along the distributed line of control its people in power
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now. the romantic crisis is now in its 2nd year more than $700000.00 and it's placed and stateless after fleeing military led massacres and mean and they still don't think it's safe to go home follow their plight with special coverage and reports on al-jazeera. it's well known that the united states exports billions of dollars worth of arms to its allies what isn't as widely understood is that many of the guns it sends into use in the middle east are sochi remissions manufactured in eastern europe so how do the supply routes function and waves of the weapons go in the 1st of a special trip cultivars to go into u.s. arms sales giuliana rufus has been to investigate.
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well there really were there are part. of there were 3 or no that. are new york market controlling the. june 2007 efraim given rowley a 21 year old arms dealer from miami beach is negotiating a $300000000.00 ammunition for the u.s. plan to go on. his albanian contact because the tributes is secretly recording the conversation he wants to prove to verbally knows that the seller has links with organized crime. problem i don't have a choice the u.s.
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government or. the united states needs weapons for its allies in the wars in afghanistan and iraq. the guns must be clashing across and other soviet style weapons it's what it allies are used to. speed is of the essence. a year after the coup with give the rolly. tribute sky is dead many believe the albanian mafia has silenced him to stop him from speaking up about a pentagon deal gone bad. tributes this desk gave rise to a scandal that was supposed to change how the american government buys weapons to arm its allies overseas but the question is has it we set out to investigate just how these weapons find their way into some of the most fragile states on.
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this is david peck who's he used to be did rowley's business partner the story of how the 2 young amateurs from miami beach turned into international armies broca's was so incredible that it became a hollywood blockbuster. they supplied the pentagon with 40 year old chinese ammunition that was stored in albania aboard really any business with the u.s. but what works with the chinese weapons when the us sanctions so they repackage the ammo to hide its origin. in 20 lesson to new york times expose a different oh you went to jail but the coos got away with house of mist. so you guys didn't really have a background in that you were just 2 young guys in their twenty's why did you get contracts to supply arms and union why did they give us the contract. well they gave us the contracts probably because we were very very competitive we were what
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they called the best value to the government. who says the wood oaks movie failed to tell the whole story he insists the pentagon knew all along that he and his partner was supplying some to chinese ammunition. his claim supported by documents that surfaced in court. they kept on taking deliveries i think like 3 deliveries a week of 4 aircraft loads of ammunition for like 4 or 5 months after they found out it was chinese. who says the pentagon was happy with the arrangements until the media got hold of the story how important was it for the u.s. army to get quick supplies operational necessity is a term that the military used when they wanted to say that they got to get this done one way or another and that meant that they were willing to overlook certain procedures and rules and safeguards that the administration had put in place. says
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it's this operational necessity that drives the u.s. government to employ private companies it allows them to be one step removed because a lot of these suppliers in central europe and. the eastern bloc may not have great reputations they may have supplied other people you know that have committed atrocities if they only deal with us companies who go out and then do their own deals and then the u.s. government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was coming from fast forward to 2015. americans supporting another war in the middle east but in syria it's supplying arms to rebels not to state forces. again the weapons as soviet style easy to use and so common in the region they're hard to trace if something goes wrong. when i still controlled territory expands
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u.s. supplies stepped up. i'm pleased that congress has now voted to support a key element of our strategy a plan to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists this is exclusive footage of what one of the pentagon secretive projects looked like. again the u.s. government uses private companies to train its allies we're going to examine the outside. these men are highly experienced new fighters mike doherty and francis no we you know. they were in bulgaria to train on subjects so weapons that would be supplied to syrian rebels it seemed like a straightforward mission. but it would cause no we you his life.
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friends know we you is survived by his wife and 2 young children. yes i'm giuliana she has agreed to meet us. we're joined by mike doherty knew we was training. he was present when no we was killed. i was about 5 or 6 feet away and as he approached the launcher he literally raised the round and as soon as he started to slide it in and it detonated. and that's when everything just went white for me and i instantly read all the shots errantly i was thrown into a concrete wall and you know the blast effect threw me back down against the ground and my hand was split down here and hanging in the other hand was had a big chunk of metal and then i just remember looking up and i saw our other colleague and his hand was hanging in his arm was use shattered or just tore up i started to to flip myself over to crawl and i start crawling towards and
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then i passed. the multimillion dollar pentagon contract to train and equip it was received by a company called purplish shovel but it seemed to be insufficiently prepared for the task. and mike say there were problems right from the start the awarding of a contract happened very quick and there were a lot of things that we we questioned why are we not doing medical why are we not doing threat briefs and things like that it felt very rushed i remember francis saying it just crashed and it wasn't we really didn't understand the scope of what we were getting into. my tells us the official investigation into what exactly happened in bulgaria seems to have stalled. it's still not clear what caused the
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missile launcher to malfunction. did the u.s. government's urgency to supply weapons mean safety procedures were ignored once more there was until i would say over a year later that we learned that the ammunition was over 30 years old and over the last 30 to 40 years where was a stored what were the conditions during that storage and were they doing the right things to ensure that it was properly taken care of and that we don't know my can as suing the company i was requested to travel to an interview was declined the company continues to receive u.s. government contracts it seems like the government just wants to put the layers over this contract for so people don't really know much about it so we can do things outside of the military that are maybe a little bit more shady and. meanwhile the convert supply of weapons from south eastern europe continues. observers have
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noticed that a small airport in riyadh croatia has become a major hub for the flow of arms to the moves of the middle east. we have come here to find out what type of weapons are sourced by the us government and how they are transported. because for. a total launchers you can spot a bulgarian rug missiles you can spot mortar shells. yelena is a member of the balkan investigative reporting network together with the organized crime and corruption reporting project they have spent 2 years tracking the pentagon's secret weapon shipments into syria we have set up a joint investigation this one was produced in serbia it's a chaotic a machine gun and up in the syrian battleground the us government publishes information about federal contracts online. yelena and her colleagues have used
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this database to calculate the u.s. government's expenditure on soviet style weapons. since 2015 until 2022 pending will spend or $2200000000.00 us dollars what do you know about the routes how weapons from balkan countries go to the middle east they go through turkey jordan provide qatar and saudi arabia so that's all u.s. allies u.s. allies exactly exactly yeah and i had been investigating a plane the departed from reactor airport 5 days earlier which she believes carried weapons to the middle east. you can see tongue fight where there are the words that this plane took several town and you can see places such as r r ion gotta exactly and also has flights number mark which is very specific for the planes that
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are actually transporting military goods. this is footage of the plane yellow not tracked it has been loaded with crates at least 20 u.s. military flights have left this airport in the past 6 months. and when we arrive at the airport we to see a play pool. this is one of the busiest airport to when it comes to players such as this one. is from the same airline yelena had been investigating various really is pretty not just in the middle of a traffic junction. they are about to take off.


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