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to declare its interest in retaining some degree of control over those territories for the mutual benefit of the arabs of the british would be all those boundaries that britain would be willing to accept the hash like claim to arab kingdom with british support hussein thought that the british promised to include palestine in his kingdom. and the british later denied that their promised team palestine they denied outright but. all the every does is that they have promised him palestine. is the idea. with only a certain limit maria let's show you for saying i don't mind the level. of all the thing these miles and so we. filmed a little more how to belittle the men in the world in the in these very that i did
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feel that. yeah you can leave out also they're going to require a libyan number of. significantly in the same month that the british promised parts of greater syria to sharif are saying they told the french that any agreement relating to the borders of an arab kingdom would not be finalized without their consent. they knew how strong the french interest in syria was. on the 1st of october 915 the french ambassador to britain paul campbell wrote to his prime minister we need to beyond to tell him that london had requested a french representative to draw the borders of an arab kingdom with syria. in this document the french ambassador suggested hans want george peacoat would manage the general consulate in beirut for over a year and knew the syrian issue better than anyone else. aloft also just
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because the diplomat sit down diplomat here diplomat comalies a. 100 you know him security but events. his all clear will get off so. bear the loss of the stuff i mean you do. not think i don't know them. in the diplomatic. it says on the song kids don't so much they couldn't as yet it is something that john mom and as. the diplomat less sits at the desk it's a d. plus the bus composter even so close good. evening. when the sun candles. a few weeks ago i was almost sure your the night you were going to place your feet enjoy warm the french representative pico you had his 1st meeting with the british in london on the 23rd of november
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1915. is delightful to see you again i mean you know everybody you know they started their negotiations about their respective shares of the ottoman empire once the war was over. british come along with an array of people from all the different ministries to take an interest the war ministry the foreign office the colonial office. and they all sitting on one side of the table and peter was on the other side of the table have us were defined for the 1st well boundaries your government just as we must of course have the whole of syria and all of it of course down to the egyptian border but if you're pinko you must realize is there are other claims in this area. to pap's perhaps the best to him and you could form a kind of enclave but certainly nowhere today. despite the
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numerical advantage p.k. just sits there with his arms crossed and says i'm not interested in you or your plan it doesn't we we call possibly accept something along the lines that you're talking about moving further east we must have the learn and north of this line and across here including most a motion. the tar not of the video yet the whole area around 20 years ago the belayer to most of included the baghdad ambassador district or you should just think they should be separated now it's impossible to consider the situation of 20 years ago affecting the situation now so monsieur pico if you have palestine and syria and half iraq in mosul will you be satisfied i think i can persuade my government then we have reached an impasse. the uncompromising positions of both sides at that 1st meeting cause the british army
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intelligence officer in cairo to write it is obviously hopeless to attempt to arrive at any reasonable agreement with the french so long as pico is their representative. course they reek of it. says mean the settle commuter policy really since he is a key basque something has a populist shows are really who taught you know it divine the goods he. he left. plays on. the nikkei it lit deserve a 3rd of what they were both on the bend the big. news like our face because typically also on the bell the big do get it idea of the 2 are so markedly 12 were larkham also potentially 32 are in this you know if it. doesn't get it
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talking exist apart it's about mona good time around because the more these ethics is going their bellies into nanda it won't dissing the author at least wait till d.p. do. so mark your government has been adopting extreme positions over a territory which you must recognize france has special claims to but in the meetings i attended no one seemed to give a sense of meter and yet considerations i feel the. decisions have to be made so that we both know where we stand when turkey is conquered as inevitably it will be. the speaker i feel sure that within these walls we can find a way through the issues and my government has given me the power to make the necessary decisions i too have been given the freedom by my government to make the necessary decisions and you must realize that we have very definite needs in the territory
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which some of my countrymen consider to be french by rights ever since the crusades do you remember who won the crusades yes but today the ira observed few said they didn't although these talks were secret the russian had already made their demands what we must do now that we have agreed the russians can have the northern areas of turkey including the straits is to discuss the southern and eastern areas so that the interests of both great nations can be established for the decades that will follows and of or the start then with the provinces of syria that center on damascus and aleppo. who made their own. a desert should they. do food. then say you couldn't before. well you know roofs.
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with money you have. no food. for. your review and. so you see it's indispensable the arabs have been in syria to have some direct access to the mediterranean somewhere along the syrian lebanon and the way to total french control that would be impossible but that would mean positions would be split into between and often a softer syria. simply cannot be. political and military a bit strange would be impossible in such a divided territory. i'm not convinced but. it is nevertheless try to make that object. by dividing light it's good. from. a bit of funny you should be. in either party
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a big deal. or no one had. you have know how to get heavy. but you know. with a funny it's also a miniature should be sent. it was your. configured to walk. off on me. did not. well a while mandala respect all the enough to start teaching the better you get on it it will not be possible to persuade my colleagues to accept a line is found not says that that would exclude coats of all regions like the whole run from a sphere i see but for france to control territory that far south make it very difficult for our plans for railway line from the coast to baghdad i must insist on these points. and co cook. we could not possibly let you have cook
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from my own travels in the air i know that this province contains the only elements of the population which will make it possible to colonize ation of iraq my idea sykes this is hardly in a spirit of conciliation let me explain why we must have the territory we requested in nov and mr putting. on play a mock signs is off pico don't believe i suppose this president but he seemed almost something he is steam kosik though do continue it when he put the. mood to continue a double oven i must feel shivers and then it don't come so awesome that at that instant so as to apply he still he can go to his own let alone do motherhood he's pretty full is a little problem so the put is you who thrown the ball you cannot destroy this well if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control my government would take the same view french polish time would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows.
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and so. now we can draw a map. so when sikes left the cabinet meeting. on 16th of december 915 to go and meet pico he had a problem because he had to reconcile 2 conflicting sets of demands the set of demands that pico was making for syria and lebanon and the other set of demands that sheriff of st had already made and which the british had already effectively accepted for both covering the same territory so he in pico came up with a map that made
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a distinction between 2 types of land in the middle east land that britain and france would absolutely control which was colored blue for france and red for britain and a hinterland the in a region which was called area a an area b. where the arabs would have. somewhat ptolemy but in which each of the big powers the great powers would have the right to advise or influence with the further complication that the territory of what was to become palestine was designated for an international zone where basically russia britain and france are able to agree who could lay greater claim to the holy lands just to further that decision down the road by painting it all proud. in january 1916 the french and british agreed to ignore the borders of any future
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arab kingdom. their new borders were enshrined in the deal we now know as the psychs pekoe agreements. sikes to his line from acre to could cook so the south of anatolia eastern turkey the syrian coast and the roots were put under direct french control. basra and baghdad were put under direct british control. and damascus were put under french protection and were called area a. the rest of mr petain mia and the south of greater syria were put under british protection and called area b. . but palestine including jerusalem was designated as an international zone in brown. all those like speaker was never implemented
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it formed the basis of future negotiations and the post autumn in middle east resembled the areas of influence it created so the map has different colors different letters but ultimately what really matters is the line in the sand that runs from the coast to the persian from here. it is yes. the national. fates x. people. while they're not quite as mean. don't really need to know the arab men. called from us it was the. woman in the. shabby larby from the who let it. be funny in a funny way the british felt that the system that the arabs so viewed as
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a betrayal. was in keeping with the terms of what they'd agreed with the hashemites because they were still considering the territories if there is informal british and french influence as kingdoms to be ruled by arabs and there was even one mention of the sharif of mecca sites because agreement to route things out but ultimately for the arabs 6 fico was double dealing and it seemed to be giving territory that had just been conceded to the hashemites by the same man correspondence to the french. here in st petersburg in the russian foreign ministry the secret sites pico agreements between britain and france was approved by russia. that deal was finalized in correspondence dated the 16th of may 19th.
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influencing diffused church of millions of people in the middle east. over a 100 years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw a map in the 2nd episode we explore the lasting effects of this agreement that there is a regional set to sikes because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with the. psychs pekoe lines in the sand on on just the.
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hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast well the fire threat is still very high here just to the west of the caspian we have seems a very dry conditions over the last week and we are looking at the increase risk of wildfires across much of this area for about koom expect to see a very warm temperature for you of $32.00 degrees very dry across much of this region but down towards the south from baghdad we're still dealing with the heat they are talking about he way still in effect across that area with a temperature of 46 degrees here on wednesday dropping down to about 44 so a little bit better by the time we get towards thursday well here across the gulf the minute he is back in we are going to be seeing some very uncomfortable conditions here in doha as we go towards the end of the week we do expect to see $39.00 degrees as are expect high but as we go towards thursday it is going to get even worse it's going to be very uncomfortable with the temperature of $38.00 but feeling more like 43 to 44 degrees here the morning relative humidity is going to
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be quite high across the area over here towards abu dhabi it is going to be 37 but it is going to be quite a nice day at 27 degrees there and speaking of very nice days cape town is seeing some very warm conditions over the next few days 27 degrees is expected high here on wednesday and for durban plenty of sun in the forecast with a temperature of 20. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. sudan's generals prepared to share power with civilians in
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a council which will lead the country to elections. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i last seen dennis also coming up. form of african treasure a cardinal george pell returns to prison after an australian court upholds his sex abuse conviction. refugees and migrants embraces a rescue ship finally docks initially after being stranded at sea for 3 weeks. and where in argentina for a look at a stage show that's in lightning audience is in total top this.


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