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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 233  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2019 8:32pm-9:00pm +03

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i want to stalk. war hysteria as india has done so pakistan is showing restraint and responsibility but at the same time it is proactive it is reaching out to the united nations security council other international forums and there would be additional measures which would do strict or punish what india has done the people of pakistan stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of kashmir as far as domestic politics is concerned at the various political parties obviously have their differences but when it comes to the issue of kashmir we all stand united and whether it's the prime minister the opposition leader or myself my speech in the national assembly we time and time again emphasized the fact that we are willing to stand together and stand united for the people of kashmir india says that it is proof that pakistan was harboring terrorists and groups which are a threat to the indian state how do you respond to that when india says that it is
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in response to what pakistan's. this is india's hobby horse this is. false wooden fabrication that they have been selling to the rest of the world yes there was a time when. the we called them freedom fighters they used to go across the line of control because they were being killed this was in the early 1990 s. but since then. i mean after particularly after 20032004 that practice came to an end and india has practically cede the border with the means. really afraid of north these 250 militants as the call them militants but millions of push me to come to the square and streets and chant the slogan very loudly go india go back leave. they have freed of this peaceful powerful
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political movement which rejects india's richt and occupation so what i'm saying here that this suits them to sell this narrative to the entire world which is what it about the threat of terrorism which was faced with pakistan also pakistan has faced that madness and it has. grappled with this madness and is succeeding in opposing terrorism and dismantling terrorist networks be a fairing that to die work. what attention from the across the deals that are being committed. in indian occupied kashmir the indians might undertake if forth like operation and then. sort of push to bent's and distort events and to harm you know this was a cross border terrorism you know the pull woma. to that stage trauma that they did
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in february they would try and create some kind of a situation to divert. attention and that is why we think that on that predicts they might do something stupid what they have done already that was. it's over the rash move in our view and. people tell the world that it's a responsibility the divisions that we see in pakistan do you think that could be one of the reasons why there hasn't been. a rallying cry so to speak for kashmir as pakistan wanted even your allies such as the united arab emirates has said that it is their ambassador says that it is an internal matter for india i'm grateful that the oh i see contact group is issued a statement i am i see that the prime minister is reaching out to world leaders i don't expect every world leader to take a stance but is important to to to reach out and to advocate for what is for what
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is going on why do you think that pakistan's version of events is not being heard don't go by india's explanations or interpretations because you would recall that when president trump had offered mediation india had said that it's a bilateral matter they didn't say that it was an internal matter that the german who dispute was and was a bilateral matter and here i ask when they took these unilateral measures did they ask pakistan the other party to the dispute or the people of jammu and kashmir let me tell you that the international response is evolving it is developing. china was quite forthcoming so was turkey i was in norway i find support within civil society swedish foreign minister has expressed her concern european parliament the british parliament some of the major british political parties they have sent communications to the united nations secretary general and the president of the
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security council it's great the international response to this according to many international observers has been muted at best the united nations secretary-general . both sides refrained from stinging the status of kashmir the american ambassador went out and said that it is an internal matter for the indian government so is the pakistani government running out of options diplomatically to try and come to some sort of a city not at all i think the options are just beginning in fact india by being obstinate and not accepting pakistan's offer of a bilateral engagement to resolve this issue through peaceful because he sions. miscalculated it's an evolving situation pakistan is watching the situation carefully and so is the world the statement of the sector general of the u.n. is a very balanced and
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a very correct statement he has said that this issue for be resolved under the u.n. charter and applicable security council resolutions i think that's a very encouraging statement the support offered to pakistan by china that they are with us all the way. is very encouraging and by mr man who is reaching out to world leaders i'm contacting different foreign ministers with our i spoke to the quickly for mr this morning he was based supportive very encouraging so it is building up and many countries. european countries when i spoke to the high representative of the european union. fredricka more greedy she was confused on the. humanitarian issue you know the the human rights violations it doesn't matter how many countries stand with us it doesn't matter who believes us what
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matters is what is right and what is right is that the 70 years the people of kashmir can promise that they will be able to decide their own destiny is for 70 years we've been told that the people of kashmir will have a referendum and they will choose we are and we are saying that allow for the people to exercise their democratic rights so if the world believes in democracy if the world believes in the freedom of choice then the world should support the people of kashmir the people of kashmir on the fright side of history. what gives you hope that it is not going to be the status quo this time around when you go to the un security council and your allies that something is going to change. pakistan has no choice and the people of jammu and kashmir have no choice india has altered the state to school. because it has invaded meat and it is trying to annex the territory and it is brutalizing the bush meat it was already committing crimes against humanity and human rights violations india is now taking them to
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a different level this is an existential threat i would like to say for both the people the people of pakistan and bushmeat we have no choice but to go back to the united nations security council and yes there is a reality polity but we want to do diplomatic diligence to alter that because nothing is a given. despite india's clout in the international community there's a communication blackout. journalism not being allowed in. the news is not putting out the absolute confusion uncertainty one is hearing from 40 years on a tearing of. non-availability of medicines my biggest fear is. the . the genocide. that can take place on the inside of coverage we have no evidence. open up open up us
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here did anybody stop you you went to the l.s.e. you made people you into and people will they allow you there because why don't you attempt and try after having been here go and make a request to the indian side and let them allow you to go to show you never got to meet the leadership over there will be a lot of you i doubt so you nothing to fear we have nothing to hide it seems that pakistan is running out of options on this i don't think that we are running out of options i don't think that that you can change the fate of a nation by changing what's written on paper the people living within kashmir they are more insecure today as they were before they don't know what's going to happen in the future not only the the citizens of kashmir in fact the cities the muslim citizens all across india the minorities all across india are suddenly more insecure it's not only kashmir that had special status that protected their land
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from being bought out from by about people living in other states other indian states believe that as well so this undemocratic attack on the people of kashmir will have severe consequences it will have severe consequences on india and india this choosing to move away from a 70 year secular democracy to pose a fascist extremist and that was government today in india you have a regime which has the passion splinter tittie you know that nazi approach that they have is that all of us has been telling you know this is the political wing of the r.s.s. . and that is of great concern to pakistan innocent people. being attacked killed raped mean and to the pellet guns you know losing i think. we say that this is a disputed territory so who has an x. the we haven't is there
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a fear that this could lead to an escalation where it would go to a point of no return to nuclear states we think of war is not a solution it's through suicide vest and would be interruption our response even favorite was defensive in nature we were not aggressive so we are going to conduct our case diplomatically. politically and we will look at the legal options we would see besides a security council what option to be is that your concern that these 2 nuclear neighbors could go to war because you would be essentially on the front lines if that happens the anything can happen there can be miscalculations but before miscalculations india has taken escalate 3 steps in february this year indian prime minister had threatened pakistan with the use of nuclear weapons and at that time we had said that if he doesn't know what he's talking about by if he takes that
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step then that would mean a nuclear armageddon. and a nuclear winter north. but for the entire world and there would be outflows of refugees and there would be a global recession and so on there are many consequences that would be there for the entire international community i'm a great believer in democratic peace theory i don't believe that democracies go to war but i also know the neither india nor pakistan are a functioning as practicing democracies at the moment it's an extreme situation it would leave lead to works. extreme reactions i hope that would not happen because pakistan as i said earlier believes and the people of jammu and kashmir firmly believe that you cannot have a military solution to the gym with your dispute you will have to explore political
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and diplomatic avenues president of pakistan administered kashmir thank you very much for talking to other there thank you it's been a pleasure to talk. it's
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my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the cartels are fighting each other and we've been told that we can still hear this is the largest demonstration that's been held by one directly g.'s since over 700000 of dear some of the martyrs who was at the front of her fear or they think the big blast that
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hit. al-jazeera english proud recipient of the new york christopher was broadcast of the year award for the 2nd iraq. i'll be looking at your instagram account and reading texans the apples fall behind the scenes this is a dialogue when donald trump announce his candidacy for president everyone laughed at them everyone has a voice the best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational callus mother nominee to join the global conversation on your thoughts to twitter and on down to 0. 67 words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster for another. the pledge to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration the change
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the middle east bound for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth was that i would love for this job. hello again peace it will be here in doha with the headlines from al-jazeera 10 members of sudan's newly created sovereign council have been sworn in general abdel fattah will serve as chairman or had been the head of the military that took power a few months ago when the army pushed out the longtime leader of al bashir. protesters in hong kong have gathered in front of the british consulate to appeal for the release of a man detained in mainland china earlier china's foreign ministry said simon chain
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an employee of the u.k. consulate violated the law and will spend 15 days in administrative detention china's foreign ministry spokesman urged the u.k. to stop stirring up trouble and on call. this u.k. consulate employee is a hong kong citizen he is not a u.k. citizen in other words that means he's chinese so it's entirely in internal matter for china so with regard to the recent series of mistaken comments the u.k. has made regarding hong kong china has openly expressed its stern position we want to once again urge the u.k. to stop making indiscreet remarks and stop stirring up trouble on the hong kong issue it has got hardly has more from beijing. the ministry of foreign affairs here in beijing on wednesday confirming that simon chang is in detention something that's called public security administration detention down in shin gen that's a border town just across from hong kong we know that part of this detention is 15
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days they can be extended there's no indication that that's going to happen just yet but a maximum is at this stage 15 days so that should be a couple of days before simon has been released by the police ministry of foreign affairs spokesman saying any details about this specific case need to come from the engine police themselves and kind of passing that off to them now what's interesting he went on to say that he is a chinese national simon chang so this is an internal matter and he said that they've been irresponsible comments coming from the united kingdom and officials there about this case and that they should just essentially saying mind their own business now this is kind of an ongoing theme with how the chinese administration has been handling with hong kong situation in these protests over the last several weeks that there's been international western meddling so obviously feeling this is an opportunity to make that comment about the situation with this detention the leaders of uganda and rwanda are expected to finalize a new deal in angola it's aimed at reducing tensions between the 2 comforts malcolm
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webb has more now from the ugandan capital kampala. tensions reached a head in february this year amid a sea of accusations and counter-accusations from people in the governments of rwanda and uganda that each was spying on the other followed a series of high profile murders here in uganda over the last few years that included a senior police officer as well as other government officials some people in the intelligence services here believe that the government of rwanda was responsible meanwhile some people in the government of rwanda have accused you canned of hosting and helping exiled dissidents who want to overthrow the government it's important to understand that both president 70 and president. military men who both came to power by successfully leading armed rebellion and overthrowing their predecessors and both live to some extent in fear that one day somebody will do the same thing to them today's meeting is the 2nd is being mediated by angola's
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president. was a meeting in july which both sides tabled their grievances we didn't hear much more from that meeting suggesting that not much progress was made today we're waiting to find out if some agreement will be reached if things will deescalate and if they get to no border will reopen resuming usual trade between the 2 countries the nigerian president mohammed to go how do you have sworn in 43 ministers of his new cabinet it's almost 3 months since the 2nd term and 6 months since he was reelected . the case of a british flag oil tanker seized by iran a month ago is making its way through the country's court there has been speculation that the stand and petted could be freed after gibraltar or u.k. territory reduce an iranian tanker however the iranians say the 2 cases on no link up next al-jazeera well to shakira my syrian friend also uses.
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